Top 10 Attractions, Las Vegas – Our Guide to the Top Attractions, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is well known for being an adults playground. And there is a mountain of things to do when visiting the City. Apart from just drinking eating and gambling our guide to the top 10 attractions, Las Vegas will showcase our top things to do in Las Vegas.

top 10 attractions las vegas


We all know gambling is a big thing in Vegas you don’t need a list to tell you that, so we will leave this off in favor of less obvious things. Hotel/Casino Tourism is another big thing we don’t feel the need to mention. One of the most popular things to do in Vegas is simply visited various hotels on the strip. This may seem a little curious but really the hotels are so highly themed you can think of it more like visiting a theme park. But again It’s not one for this list as pretty much everyone will have a look around some of the hotels at one point. Drinking is also very high up on most peoples lists…but It’s not on ours again just because it is so Obvious. Unless drinking is intrinsic to another activity like is the case on a few of our items. and Finally chilling out by a pool is probably going to be right up there for most but If you really need to be told about that…Well. Let’s look at some other the other things you may not have thought about.

1 – Downtown

Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas

We absolutely love Downtown and the Freemont Street Experience. It is easily our number one thing to in Las Vegas, after getting drunk and gambling that is. It costs a whopping NOTHING and is a real hark back to how Vegas used to be, but in a very fun Disney style fashion, without any of the unsavory elements of the past.

The bright neon light of the old casinos and the incredible modern light show make for a fantastic experience and the hustle and bustle of the street really does add to the feeling of something unique. It’s what Vegas was supposed to be.

Honestly, we think everyone should plan a downtown trip into every Vegas break as it’s just something so unique. We also love gambling in the old casinos, the table limits are really low. The only concern would be for newbies as the dealers and players can be a bit brisk with people who don’t know 100% what they are doing!

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2 – High Roller – Observation Wheel


Observation wheels are always a great way to see a City from a unique angle. Las Vegas has plenty of different opportunities to see the skyline from up high though. not least the view from your hotel room. So an Observation Wheel may seem a little unnecessary. Of course, Vegas does things differently to most places so not only are you drinking in the view but you are also drinking in the ALL inclusive Bar that’s loaded in the pod for you (along with cocktail waiter/waitress).

The 30ish minute ride is normally good for 3-4  drinks and the server will do a good job of getting you all drinks. It’s a fun lively experience (it can be too lively depending on the pod or your personality) so don’t expect quiet contemplation to accompany your view.

There is a no bar option, which is obviously cheaper but really unless you don’t drink at all we much prefer the drink Pods. As we are drinking night time obviously goes better but the view in the day is equally breath-taking, we just aren’t sure we want to down 4 rum and cokes at 2:00 in the afternoon, day rides are considerably cheaper though!

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3 – The Stratosphere

Stratosphere Hotel

Situated at the extreme top of Las Vegas Boulevard the Stratosphere towers above everything in Las Vegas. Being set slightly away from the strip gives fantastic views of the whole strip that can’t really be seen elsewhere. In fact, the view of the whole valley is quite staggering from up there.

The Observation platform features a spectacular bar along with a high-end revolving restaurant. There are also some rather mundane fairground rides, however, the positioning of the rides makes them anything but mundane as you are hurled over the edge with nauseating drops to the ground many meters below! For the Truly brave (Stupid) there is the Sky Jump. Where hardy soles plummet to the ground on a decelerated line, hopefully intact. Hands up, we haven’t plucked up the courage for this one yet!

We think the $20 fee for access to the observation deck is a little steep, So we normally take the Elevator to the AirBar for happy hour 2for1 cocktails ($8) with a hell of a view and then get free access to the observation deck.

4 – Grand Canyon / Hoover Dam

Grandcanyon skywalk

The end of the Grand Canyon lies approximately 70 miles (although its 120miles+ to drive) from the Las Vegas Strip. So obviously something as magnificent as the Grand Canyon being so close is going to be a big draw for tourists. As such a visitor center has been built featuring the famous Grand Canyon Skywalk. A glass walkway that runs out over the canyon.

This part of the canyon that is most visited by tourists is not known for being the best of the canyon. for that, you will need to make a much longer pilgrimage to the Grand Canyon National Park. Here you will witness the Canyon in all its glory.

That said the Canyon at the Hualapai Visitors center is not to be dismissed. It’s a much shorter trip and the canyon is still very impressive. And the facilities far better and the Skywalk is quite an experience. This part of the canyon is also far less restricted than the others allowing for things just not possible in the National park. Like Helicopter flights down into the canyon.

We included Hoover Damn in this as most tours will include a stop at the dam, and the route out to the canyon also passes the dam so it’s well worth a stop.

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5 – Show


Show’s are huge business in Vegas. Most hotels will have some show in one form or another. We always make time to catch a show when In town. We are not really Show people but it is all part of the Vegas experience and very rarely feel let down.

Cirque du Soleil has several shows running in Vegas at any one time, as of August 2017, O, KA, Zumanity, Michael Jackson One and The Beatles Love are all performing in Las Vegas. Cirque shows are an incredible spectacle and anyone who has not witnessed one should certainly seek one out. The Abilities of the performers really has to be seen to be believed. If that’s not your thing, and really unless you have seen one you probably don’t know. There a plenty of other shows.

There are Music acts that have residencies in Vegas playing shows almost every night or you could try a magic show. There are Burlesque and Strip shows for a more adult theme but expect spectacular grandeur rather than seedy.

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6 – Shopping

Caesars Palace Las Vegas

When Caesars Palace first opened the forum shops Mall most people were fairly dubious about peoples willingness to shop while in Vegas. Fast forward a few decades and they are now Americas highest grossing Mall, taking more than even Rodeo Drive.

It didn’t take long for competitors to take note and now there are an incredible amount of malls and shops on the Vegas strip. If you want to shop Vegas has to be one of the best places in the world. The malls are mostly indoors too, and air-conditioned, so a great way to escape the furnace outside!

Bargain hunters will be delighted by the selection of Discount outlet villages. Here you can bag top brand names at fantastic discounts, think up to 70% off in some cases! Well worth a morning trip to take home some fantastic bargains. These, however, are not air-conditioned so try and avoid midday in summer.

7 – Red Rock Canyon / Valley of Fire

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of fire are both incredible rock formations formed out in the Mojave desert. We lumped them together as they are very similar experiences however quite separate and remote from each other.

Red Rock Canyon is a very large impressive canyon with …well red rocks. The canyon walls tower up to 3000ft about the valley floor. A loop road runs through the canyon allowing visitors to enjoy all the stops and vistas along the way.

Valley of fire is a smaller collection of rock formations but just as dramatic and probably more striking. However, there is More hiking involved. Unlike Red Rock Canyon where a loop road takes in most of the sights, you will need to hike off on loop trails to see the best formations. Don’t plan to do this with high temps in the summer and take plenty to drink. It can get dangerously hot.

Both the above can be done as part of guided tours Red Rock CanyonValley of Fire if you don’t want to drive yourself.

8 – Helicopter tour

Las Vegas Ariel

Rather indulgent but seeing Vegas from the Air is an incredible sight. Helicopter Flights from Vegas are far more affordable than you might think and can easily be the highlight of a trip, even a lifetime! Simply experiencing helicopter flight is an amazing experience, but to flow low around the Strip hotels really is something to amaze even the most un-amaze-able person.

If that’s not enough there are trips out to the Grand Canyon where you can not only fly over the canyon but also fly in and land for Champagne picnics at sunset. These really are once in lifetime memories!

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9 – Museums

Las Vegas Mob Museum

No one comes to Vegas to go to stuffy museums. The people in charge know this however so Vegas museums are quite different from what you get in most cities, and well worth your time. There is only so long you can sit by a pool?

Mob Museum

Did you know the city was built by the Mob? Well, now you do. If you want to know more this museum tells the history of organized crime in the united states. House in the old Las Vegas courthouse, its a fascinating look at how the Mob shaped America’s past.

Neon Museum

Vegas has been through a lot of change and this museum houses a lot of the history that would have otherwise been condemned to the scrap pile.


An incredibly grizzly experience and only for a certain type of person. This exhibit could easily offend or shock mainly people. But for those with a strong constitution and an equally strong sense of curiosity this a remarkable exhibit featuring actual preserved human bodies.

Titanic Exhibit

No one really tells you why there is a Titanic exhibit in the middle of the desert in Las Vegas, We would but we really don’t know. But there is and it’s well worth checking out. Learn the history and see actual items recovered from the Titanic.

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10 – Go Fast!

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder sm

Vegas is Loud, Bright, and ostentatious. So it goes hand and hand with Supercars. So what better way to compliment your trip than with a blast in a real-life Ferrari or Lamborghini? You can either hire a car to just cruise down the strip or take one out on Las Vegas Motor Speedway for an exciting supercar experience to really see what they can do!

BONUS – Death Valley

death valley

10 things are never enough so we give you our bonus thing to do and its a cracker. Death Valley. One of the hottest places on the planet and the lowest point in the united states (actually 232ft BELOW sea level) it truly is a natural wonder. Death Valley is a place everyone should have on their to see list. It is easily achievable on a day trip from Las Vegas. It’s a long hard drive through the scorching desert but well worth it for some unbelievable vistas and sights.

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Let us know your favorite things to do in Las Vegas? Have you tried any attractions off our list? Do you agree they are must do’s? Is there anything we missed off? Just drop us a comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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