Top 10 Attractions, Las Vegas – Our Guide To All The Best Attractions In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is well known for being an adult’s playground. And there is a mountain of things to do when visiting the City. Apart from just drinking eating and gambling our guide to the top 10 attractions, Las Vegas will showcase our top things to do in Las Vegas.

Vegas really is the home of entertainment and there is no excuse for not finding something to do in this great City, We compiled a list of 10 things but this could easily be 100+ To the point we have left out some of the more obvious things and focus on the really great and slightly different things to do in the City, we have also lumped a few together just so we can fit more into our top 10!

Bellagio Las Vegas from Eiffel Tower


We all know gambling is a big thing in Vegas, you don’t need a list to tell you that, so we will leave this off in favor of less obvious things. Hotel/Casino Tourism is another big thing we don’t feel the need to mention. One of the most popular things to do in Vegas is simply to visit various hotels on the strip. This may seem a little curious but really the hotels are so highly themed you can think of it more like visiting a theme park. But again It’s not one for this list as pretty much everyone will have a look around some of the hotels at one point. Drinking is also very high up on most people’s lists…but It’s not on ours again just because it is so Obvious. Unless drinking is intrinsic to another activity which is the case on a few of our items. and Finally chilling out by a pool is probably going to be right up there for most but If you really need to be told about that…Well. Let’s look at some of the other things you may not have thought about.

We also have a list of 21 FREE things to do in Las Vegas, so if you are looking to save a little money on your Las Vegas Attractions this could be the guide for you!

1 – Downtown

Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas

We absolutely love Downtown and the Freemont Street Experience. It is easily our number one thing to do in Las Vegas, after getting drunk and gambling that is. It costs a whopping NOTHING and is a real hark back to how Vegas used to be, but in a very fun Disney-style fashion, without any of the unsavory elements of the past.

The bright neon lights of the old casinos and the incredible modern light show make for a fantastic experience and the hustle and bustle of the street really does add to the feeling of something unique. It’s what Vegas was supposed to be.

Honestly, we think everyone should plan a downtown trip into every Vegas break as it’s just something so unique. We also love gambling in the old casinos, the table limits are really low. The only concern would be for newbies as the dealers and players can be a bit brisk with people who don’t know 100% what they are doing!

Read our Full Guide here

2 – Get High!

Linq High Roller Observation Wheel

No, Not like that! Las Vegas has an amazing Skyline and walking the strip taking in all the amazing hotels and Casinos is incredible, but nothing quite beats getting up high and taking it in from a decent elevation. There are loads of ways to get up high and take in the City from above, let’s take a look at the best.

The High-Roller

  • Basic Entry – $23.50 Day – $34.75 Night
  • Happy Half- Hour (Open Bar) – Starting at $60

One of the best views in Las Vegas. The Highroller is the World’s 2nd tallest Observation wheel. At 550 feet it towers over most things in Las Vegas and gets you up nice and high, right in the middle of the Las Vegas strip.

Day or night the View from the top of the wheel (well from about halfway up actually) is really one of the finest in the City. You look down over Caesars Palace the Bellagio Fountains, and Las Vegas Boulevard.

The Ride takes around 30Mins and while there is plenty f time to take everything in, it can seem to whizz by in a flash! This is especially true if you take advantage of the Happy Half Hour, an option that provides an open Bar in your pod and your very own Bartender, serving up all you can drink during the 30 minutes ride!

Read our High Roller Guide here

The Stratosphere

  • Sky Pod – Observation Deck – $20.00
  • 3Rides plus Entry – $39
  • Sky Jump – $129

If you want to get REALLY high the only place to head is the Stratosphere! The Tallest Building in the City, in fact, it’s the tallest building west of the Mississippi! Basically, it is TALL!

The view of Las Vegas from the Top is less wonderful than the High Roller, on account it is so far out from the main Strip, it does give simply fantastic views of the Las Vegas Valley and the Spring Mountains to the West. You will not be disappointed.

There is a lot to do at the Top too, 3 Crazy Fair Ground rides provide the thrills, There is a great Bar (Free entry to the Observation Deck if you buy a drink!), and a stunning revolving Restaurant. And if you really get bored you can get down really fast with the Sky Jump, which lets you leap off the building and plummet to a safe landing via a controlled descent wire!

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Helicopter Tour

We have a whole section on this below, but really the ultimate view of Las Vegas is always going to be from the air!

Eifel Tower

  • Entry $21.50

The Eiffel Tower Experience is a little maligned in Las Vegas, we hear a lot of criticism of it, and we are not sure it’s that just. The two issues are, that it’s only half the size of the Real Tower, and the Observation Deck is enclosed in Wire.

Both are true, but if the tower were any taller there would be serious issues with planes departing McCarran and besides, once you are up there, it’s plenty high enough.

The View is in our mids at least as good as the High Roller and FAR better than the Strat. There is the issue of the Wire Cage, but really without it, it would be very exposed. This is no plush Enclosed Deck, it’s wild rickety, and windy! It is the only Deck, Worldwide, where we feel a little unsteady on our feet!

There are also plenty of gaps in the Wire, enough to get a good lookout of or poke your camera for shots like this

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Bellagio Las Vegas from Eiffel Tower

See it’s not bad at all, you really shouldn’t listen to the internet parroting! However, if you don’t fancy the Tower the Eifell Tower Restaurant is a definite highlight. Not so high but with simply amazing views over the Bellagio fountains. Food is high-end French Cuisine and every bit as amazing as you imagine!

Your Hotel Room!

The Best Way to get a great view is from your Hotel room. All the others we have mentioned give a fleeting glimpse of the skyline, 10-30 Mins max of taking in the wonder of the City. However, if you bag your own Hotel Room with a stunning Strip View, you can loiter there as long as you like. Enjoy a bottle of bubbles above the Bellagio Fountains, Watch the lights of the Strip change from Day to Night, or get up early to see the desert sunrise over the shiny glass mountains!

For many, your room is nothing but a place to rest your head, but f you bag a wonderful view is can really transform your trip. it really feels very special, and makes you feel like you really are smashing this Vegas thing! The Best part is this need not cost the earth, we paid less than $100 a night for the below view!

View From Planet Hollywood

Best Rooms with a View in Las Vegas

Rooftop Bar

Finally, there are several Rooftop Bars, Restaurants, and clubs, where you can sip a cocktail, dine in splendor, or party the night away high above the sparkling lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

We list the best Las Vegas Rooftop Bars and Clubs here

3 – Grand Canyon / Hoover Dam

Grand Canyon

A quick look on Any map and the only thing really near Las Vegas is the Grand Canyon. This leads many to believe visiting the Canyon from Vegas is easy and start planning it into their trip.

Unfortunately, Maps are a little deceiving and the Canyon is actually quite a long drive from Vegas. However, that should not stop you from visiting, just be aware you are in for a long day.

The Grand Canyon West was constructed to help alleviate this by opening up part of the Canyon that is a lot closer to Vegas to the tourists. The issue is this part of the Canyon is not quite as spectacular as the South Rim. Narrower, Shallower, and less varied colors mean some are a little disappointed with the West Rim. However, it’s a really fun place with loads to do, The Skywalk, Zip lining, Helicopter landings river tours, all things that are not allowed at the South rim where the Scenic Beauty is all that is on offer.

West Rim vs South Rim

For a quicker fun day out the West Rim is great. Look at it as a day out from Vegas, but for those who have dreamed for years to see the canyon, then you need to hunt out the South Rim and the Grand Canyon National Park. There are trips that get you there in a day, but that’s a hell of a day! We really recommend overnighting nearer the canyon so you can take it in properly and maybe catch a sunrise/sunset! Better Still make a Road trip out of it!

View Our Guide to Visiting the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas Here

Or read our FULL Grand Canyon National Park Guide here

4 – Dinner and a Show


Shows are huge business in Vegas. Most hotels will have some show in one form or another. We always make time to catch a show when In town. We are not really show people but it is all part of the Vegas experience and very rarely feel let down.

Cirque du Soleil has several shows running in Vegas at any one time, as of August 2017, O, KA, Zumanity, Michael Jackson One, and The Beatles Love are all performing in Las Vegas. Cirque shows are an incredible spectacle and anyone who has not witnessed one should certainly seek one out. The Abilities of the performers really have to be seen to be believed. If that’s not your thing, and really unless you have seen one you probably don’t know, don’t worry, there are plenty of other shows.

There are Music acts that have residencies in Vegas playing shows almost every night or you could try a magic show. There are Burlesque and Strip shows for a more adult theme, but expect spectacular grandeur rather than seedy.

Check out what’s available here

And Of Course, a good dinner is a must to proceed with any show, Las Vegas has some really incredible Dining Locations!

Best Fine Dining in Las Vegas

Best Steakhouses in Las Vegas

5 – Shopping

Caesars Palace Las Vegas

When Caesars Palace first opened the Forum Shops mall most people were fairly dubious about people’s willingness to shop while in Vegas. Fast forward a few decades and they are now America’s highest-grossing Mall, taking more than even Rodeo Drive.

It didn’t take long for competitors to take note and now there is an incredible amount of malls and shops on the Vegas strip. If you want to shop, Vegas has to be one of the best places in the world. The malls are mostly indoors too, and air-conditioned, so a great way to escape the furnace outside!

Bargain hunters will be delighted by the selection of Discount outlet villages. Here you can bag top brand names at fantastic discounts, think up to 70% off in some cases! Well worth a morning trip to take home some fantastic bargains. These, however, are not air-conditioned so try and avoid midday in summer.

The Premium Outlets Las Vegas North is probably our Favourite Shopping Mall in America

Best Shopping Malls in Las Vegas

6 – Red Rock Canyon / Valley of Fire

Lambo at Red Rock
Oops, how did that Lambo get there!

Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire are both incredible rock formations formed out in the Mojave desert. We lumped them together as they are very similar experiences however quite separate and remote from each other.

Red Rock Canyon is a very large impressive canyon with …well red rocks. The canyon walls tower up to 3000ft about the valley floor. A loop road runs through the canyon allowing visitors to enjoy all the stops and vistas along the way.

Valley of fire is a smaller collection of rock formations but just as dramatic and probably more striking. However, there is more hiking involved. Unlike Red Rock Canyon where a loop road takes in most of the sights, you will need to hike off on loop trails to see the best formations. Don’t plan to do this with high temps in the summer and take plenty to drink. It can get dangerously hot.

Both the above can be done as part of guided tours Red Rock CanyonValley of Fire if you don’t want to drive yourself.

7 – Helicopter tour

Las Vegas Ariel

Rather indulgent but seeing Vegas from the Air is an incredible sight. Helicopter Flights from Vegas are far more affordable than you might think and can easily be the highlight of a trip, even a lifetime! Simply experiencing a helicopter flight is an amazing experience, but to fly low around the Strip hotels really is something to amaze even the most un-amaze-able person.

If that’s not enough there are trips out to the Grand Canyon where you can not only fly over the canyon but also fly in and land for Champagne picnics at sunset. These really are once in lifetime memories!

Read Our Full Guide to Las Vegas Helicopter Tours here

8 – Museums

Las Vegas Mob Museum

No one comes to Vegas to go to stuffy museums. The people in charge know this, however, so Vegas museums are quite different from what you get in most cities, and well worth your time. There is only so long you can sit by a pool, right?

Mob Museum

Did you know the city was built by the Mob? Well, now you do. If you want to know more this museum tells the history of organized crime in the united states. House in the old Las Vegas courthouse, it’s a fascinating look at how the Mob shaped America’s past.

Neon Museum

Vegas has been through a lot of change and this museum houses a lot of the history that would have otherwise been condemned to the scrap pile.


An incredibly grizzly experience and only for a certain type of person. This exhibit could easily offend or shock mainly people. But for those with a strong constitution and an equally strong sense of curiosity, this is a remarkable exhibit featuring actual preserved human bodies.

Titanic Exhibit

No one really tells you why there is a Titanic exhibit in the middle of the desert in Las Vegas, We would but we really don’t know. But there is and it’s well worth checking out. Learn the history and see actual items recovered from the Titanic.

Animal Attractions

There is also an array of animal attractions on offer, we can’t quite go as far as to say they are a Zoo but you get the idea. There is a Shark Tank and Aquarium, snd the Natural history Museum for some less active creatures!

We have our full list of Las Vegas Museums and Animal Attraction here

9 – Go Fast!

Vegas is Loud, Bright, and ostentatious. So it goes hand and hand with Supercars. So what better way to compliment your trip than with a blast in a real-life Ferrari or Lamborghini? You can either hire a car to just cruise down the strip or take one out on Las Vegas Motor Speedway for an exciting supercar experience to really see what they can do!

Take a look at Our Guide to renting an Exotic Car in Las Vegas

10 – Shoot Something

Gun Ranges are a thing in most USA Cities but as with most things, Vegas takes them to the next level!

You can easily and quite cheaply get your hands on a huge array of military hardware, such as Uzi’s, M16s, AK47s, Desert Eagle .50’s or even a Magnum. Indoor Ranges let you squeeze off rounds to your heart’s content.

Being out in the desert however allows a few more extreme munitions to be fires off, you can blow up a Car with an RPG, fire a Mini-Gun from a Helicopter and even crush cars with Tanks!

Vegas Eh!!!

Full Guide to Las Vegas Shooting Ranges

BONUS – Death Valley

death valley

10 things are never enough so we give you our bonus thing to do and it’s a cracker. Death Valley. One of the hottest places on the planet and the lowest point in the united states (actually 232ft BELOW sea level) it truly is a natural wonder. Death Valley is a place everyone should have on their to-see list. It is easily achievable on a day trip from Las Vegas. It’s a long hard drive through the scorching desert but well worth it for some unbelievable vistas and sights.

Check out our Guide to Visiting the Burning Desert!

Saving Money

Hopefully, that has whet your appetite somewhat, but as you can imagine with SO much on offer things can get out of hand money-wise! Doing even a selection of the above would cost several hundred dollars per person, Landon top of food, drinks, and gambling losses, it all really adds up. Vegas is designed to get you in and get the $$$ out of your pockets, it’s really good at it!

However, there are ways to save tons of cash while seeing and doing more!

We list these in our Las Vegas Money Saving Guide but in short, the best way to save on Las Vegas Attractions is with an attractions Pass:

Las Vegas Passes

Our Favorite way to save money in any City is with an Attraction Pass. These can save you hundreds of dollars and open up the City, allowing you to see more and pay less.

Las Vegas Attractions Passes

My Vegas

My Vegas is MGM’s Free Loyalty Game. You play free casino slot games, which convert to loyalty points that you can cash in for REAL prizes. Hotel Rooms, Food, Drinks, Shows, and Attractions. It really sounds too good to be true but it’s a real and bonafide Program that lets you bag tonnes of free or BOGOF things in Las Vegas!


There is always a ton of stuff on Group On. If it’s not on a Pass or we Don’t have a My Vegas Reward, the next port of call is Group-On. Always check offers before you go.

Have Your Say

Let us know your favorite things to do in Las Vegas? Have you tried any attractions off our list? Do you agree they are must-do’s? Is there anything we missed off? Just drop us a comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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