12 Best Las Vegas Hotel Pools – The Best Pools in Vegas!

Vegas is a 24-hour party town. whether you are clubbing, hitting the casino’s or just maxing out on the shows, nightlife in Vegas is awesome. But these late nights take their toll. You may have paid a fortune for that awesome room but you don’t really want to spend that much time in it, not when you can be stretched out by a pool catching some much-needed sun! However not all pools in Vegas are created equal, and getting by the right pool is essential to some people.

Our 12 Best Las Vegas Hotel Pools 2023 Guide will separate the wheat from the chaff and show you where to go for the best pool experience. When pools in Vegas are good they are very good and there are lots of them. They all offer a unique selling point so look for the pool that suits you best, rather than focusing too much on the list order.

Choosing a Pool

Best Las Vegas Hotel Pools

For the most part, the best pool in Vegas is the one you are staying at, and as such get free access too. Even the worst pools are ok really if you are just looking to relax in the sun for a bit. But if serious pool time is high on your list of things to do then it can be worth picking your hotel based on the pool. Fortunately, most of the pools on our list are attached to some of the best hotels in Vegas.

The only reason we would visit other pools to our own hotels is if we are in a real budget hotel that does not have a pool, which we don’t overly recommend. Or we are booking a cabana, or if we are hitting one of the pool parties going off up and down the strip each day.

We have included entry prices for the pools but these are always for non-Guests as guests always have FREE use of the hotel’s pool…Well, it’s included in the “Great Value” resort fees we all love paying!

When is Pool Season?

There is a bit of a myth about Las Vegas’s pool season. People are under the impression that over the winter the pools all close down. This is not the case and as long as the weather is reasonable most hotels will have a pool open year-round. In the cooler months, they are far less used and the weather can be far too cold for sitting by a pool but they are usually available if you require them.

Pool season refers far more to the Pool Party Season. This starts to ramp up in March and winds down in late October. But the actual pools are usually year-round. The bigger question is do you want to use a pool if the temp is in the low 50’s?

Las Vegas Weather guide

Pool Party’s and DayClubs

A lot of pools also host Pool Party areas or Private Adult only Day Clubs. These are open to the general public and offer paid entry to access the exclusive areas of the pool DayClubs will usually require you to book a DayBed, Cabana, or Lounge Chair, whereas the Pool Partys offer a cover fee to access the Party just like a nightclub. You then have access to any pool amenities such as the Bar and any Free longers and obviously the pool.

The pool parties are a lively affair featuring a live DJ and lots of dancing a partying, basically, it’s a big Nightclub in a pool, and is seriously good fun. The Dayclubs are a little more relaxed and offer private relaxation away from children. Some are what is considered “Toptional” should you wish to work on your all-over tan! As such Photography is usually banned.

With most pool Parties and Day Club areas, you will also get access to the main pool areas so if you want to ride the MGM Lazy river or the Wave Pool at Mandalay that is no issue. Even Pools that are listed as “No Public Access” will allow entry if you pay the cover charge or rent a Cabana, Daybed, or Lounge Chair.

Best Las Vegas Pool Party’s

You can do Pool Party Tour as Part of the Las Vegas Go Pass

Renting a Cabana, Daybed, or Lounge chair

If you are staying at a hotel, or if the pool allows outside guests entry, you will have full access to the hundreds of free sun loungers, Towels will be provided by the pool and you just help yourself. however. On busy days getting a good longer can be impossible, on really busy days getting any lounger can be a big ask. Like at all-inclusive resorts, people will be queueing up at the pool entrance 30+ Mins before it opens to run in and bag the “best” beds. On top of this, as all towels are provided by the hotel if you leave your beds unattended for an extended period of time they will be reclaimed (we are in full favor of this) So your prime spot you picked out at 9 am will be gone if you leave it for several hours.

The solution to all this is choosing reserved seating. Essentially booking a lounge chair just for you for the entire day, to come and go as you please. On top of this, they will be in a prime position and be an upgraded, more comfortable chair.

Or if you really want to splash out you can get a Daybed. This is a large double or kingsized bed entirely for yourselves, perfect for couples or families as you now have your own space and a host to get you anything your heart desires. What’s more these actually often work out even better value as the price is per bed.

For the even more extravagant option, there is the Cabana, This will be a small tent or other structure reserved entirely for you and your party. These will normally include a TV, Fridge, Safe, Cooling Mist, and your own Private sun Lounging space. These are the ultimate in luxury privacy and will have you feeling like a VIP all day.

As we said above with any of these options you do not have to be staying at the hotels so you have the pick of the pools. We have even booked Cabana’s/Daybeds for somewhere to relax during Layovers.

Anyway enough Guff…onto the Pool List:

12 – Palazzo Pool Deck

Palazzo Pool
Pallazo Pool by Cygnusloop99 on CC3.0
  • Best For Relaxing
  • 5+ Pools
  • Cabanas – $400-$700
  • Features – Heavily shaded, Access to all Venetian pools as well.

It is a Suprise to see anything by the Palazzo so far down any list as this is one of our favorite Las Vegas Hotels and rates pretty highly on almost any scale. But the pool…leaves a little to be desired. It is hard to put your finger on what it is lacking, as it is an excellently appointed pool deck. It just seems to lack the magic of certain other decks and feels a little too quiet.

The Proximity to the huge Palazzo towers means the sun can be a little hard to come by and the pools are often in the shade. This can be a blessing and a curse depending on your preference, but we like basking in the sun, at least more of the time than not. The pools are all shallow plunge pool types, just for cooling off in.

While there are hundreds of sun longers they can be at a premium even though the pools tend to be quite quiet and relaxed and if you are looking for peace it can be a great spot. The CAPRI pool bar is a new restaurant that offers pretty good selection of food for a pool bar. There is a good selection of Cabanas and Day Beds available to rent.

The best feature of the Palazzo pools is you have access to the Venetian pools including the Tao Beach. Which rank much higher on our list. So if you are planning on the Palazzo, don’t let the slightly sub-standard pool affect your decision as you get the Venetians pools too.

11 – Golden Nugget

  • Best For Sharks
  • Location – Downtown
  • Pool with Added Shark Tank
  • Non-Guests – $25-$40 Entry
  • Features – Did we mention the Sharks?

When heading Downtown we don’t normally think about pools, it’s cheap food, cheap gambling, and experiencing Vegas the old way. But Golden Nugget really did a number on their pool deck and created a fantastic space where the centerpiece is actually a shark tank. The tank sits pride of place in the center of the pool allowing you to swim alongside the sharks while in perfect safety.

There is also a Waterslide that runs straight through the middle of the tank! This is exactly what Vegas is all about, ridiculous over-the-top fun! Is it worth lugging your swimming gear all the way downtown? We are not sure but this one makes the list for sheer uniqueness.

10 – Garden Of The Gods – Caesars Palace

Caesar Palace pool
  • Best For Posing
  • 7+ Pools
  • Cabanas$150-1000’s depending on date
  • Day Beds $100+
  • Lounge Chairs$25+
  • Price – $20 Non Guests
  • Features – Very Large Pool Complex.

Caesars Palace, Garden of the Gods is an iconic and incredibly grand pool deck that is rated very highly by a lot of Vegas pool Goers. But we don’t quite feel the love others do for the complex. It is a huge pool area and gets great sun most of the day. There is just about every imaginable amenity available too. The pools are varied from quiet and relaxed to family-friendly or strict Adult only clubs areas. You can even take some poolside Spa Services or play Blackjack right from the pool.

The Snack bar is a little basic but you do not expect much from poolside dining. Drinks are definitely on the high-end drinks in Vegas ($10 Beers, $25 Large Cocktails) and it has a very silly name, Snackus Maximus!

Daybeds and Cabanas are the haunts of Bachelor and Bachelorette groups. The Cabanas are pretty standard with free soft drinks, chips, TV, fruit plate, and host. and can house up to 8 people.

Overall the pool just lacks a little something for us, it’s more a place to be seen rather than actually enjoy. Selfies by the fountains and showing off in your $1000+ Cabana are the order of the day. When busy, sunbeds are very hard to come by, to the point of renting one is almost a must. It is not that it is a bad pool, it is just up against some still competition and the Roman theming almost comes across as a concrete wasteland rather than a Roman temple…almost.

Read Our Full Review Here!

9 – Voodoo Beach – Rio

  • Best Budget Pool
  • 5+ Pools
  • Cabanas – $
  • Day Beds – $
  • Lounge Chairs – $
  • Price – Free Entry
  • Features – Order from any Hotel Restaurant from Caesars rewards app

Being off-Strip is a major negative for most hotels. People want to be in the middle of the action and being off the strip is a bit of a pain, and as such people tend to look only at strip hotels. It also means that hotels off-Strip offer incredible incentives to get people to them, such as Rio’s All-Suite rooms, Great prices, and, oh, their incredible pool!

Voodoo beach is all about fun. A quirky tropical design sees the 5+ pools all given aquatic themes and shapes. Palm trees and waterfalls are the order of the day and everything is just fun and relaxed.

The Crowd is very young and fun-loving and this is amped up by the bottomless drinks packages available. A day at Voodoo Beach is likely to be a high-energy day! The pool gets sun for most of the day and with the drinks, all paid for you can just soak up the party vibe.

The Rio really does have a lot going for it, it’s just a shame it’s off-Strip, but then if it wasn’t it probably wouldn’t be as good?

8 – Drai’s Beachclub – The Cromwell

Drais DayClub
  • Best for All-Day Partying
  • Daytime Club
  • Bungalow – $5000 (Minumum Spend) 20 Guests
  • Cabana – $3000+ (Minumum Spend) 10 Guests
  • DayBeds – $1500 (Minumum Spend) 6 Guests
  • Price – $20 Women $30 Men (Higher with big acts)
  • Features – Live DJ’s and club atmosphere during the Day.

During the week Drai’s beach club is an average Hotel pool for an average hotel. Being rooftop makes it a little better but it’s not exactly mindblowing. However, at weekends, it converts to an ultra-hip rooftop Beachclub. If you are looking for somewhere to keep the party going 24/7 this could get you through those long boring days.

Cabana prices are pretty reasonable during the week but at the weekend beach club, they go through the roof and cost $1000’s. This reflects the kind of clientele that frequent here and it really is a place to be seen. While these prices are pretty crazy they are minimum spends and if there is a large group all spending hard on bottle service it can get covered pretty quickly. If it’s a Bachelorette Blowout it can be worth the expense for a one-off.

But entry is only $20-30 with no reservation and that is a similar cover charge to most nightclubs. Expect nightclub prices on drinks too. In fact, Drai’s really is just a typical Glitzy Vegas Nightclub, By a pool, during the day!

Beach-club Calendar

7 – The Venetian Pool Deck and Tao Beach

Tao Beach
  • Best for refinement
  • Cabanas – $1000- 2300
  • Day Beds – $50-700
  • Price – No Public Access – Tao Beach $20-$50 depending on the event and Surge Pricing
  • Features – One of Las Vegas’s best Day Clubs – Relaxing and refined pool deck

For a while, The Venitian Pool had always been the main pool area for both the Venitian and the Palazzo. The Deck was large and open and got far more sun than the smaller Palazzo area and felt much less cramped and more what you expect for a high-market hotel. However, the Venetian Pool has undergone a major renovation making this pool deck even more spacious with 4 pools spread across 2 acres of land! Now Including 3 Infinity Pools, a splash pad, and in-pool loungers, this is now the ultimate pool party place.

The Other plus point of the Venetian Pool Deck is the Tao Beach Club. One of Vegas’s hottest Pool Parties. It has remained open during the renovations and hosts really great pool parties often featuring TOP DJ. It’s not cheap but one of the best Pool Parties in Vegas

6 – Aria

  • Modern Luxury
  • Cabanas – $350-700
  • Day Beds – $150-250
  • Lounge Chairs – $25 -100
  • Price – No Public Access – Liquid Pool Lounge – $30-50
  • Features – 3 Large Pools, Private Pool Bar, Hot tubs

The Aria is the epitome of modern Vegas. It’s all clean lines and modern minimalism that oozes luxury and sophistication. This is naturally extended to the Pool Deck where the Unique Elliptical layout of the pools feels elegant and modern. However, they have not gone overboard with the minimalist design and the deck is also well planted giving a natural and tropical feel. The design is very well thought out making maximum use of the space. The whole experience is very showy and plays to the “look at me” crown, which is not a bad thing in vegas. It is very insta-friendly.

We would probably not choose Aria because of the pool, it isn’t that great, but the hotel itself is very elegant and refined and is right up there as one of our favorites. Having a very good pool certainly helps with that appeal, it’s not something to rave about but if your trip is to include a good number of hours relaxing by the water then Aria’s pool is a very nice place to be. Drinks are expensive but no different to most Vegas pools Beers are $10 and Cocktails are $20 for a 16oz.

5 – MGM Grand Pool and Wet Republic Ultra Pool

  • Best Party Pool
  • Lazy River, Fun Laid Back Vibe – FOOD AND BEVERAGE INCLUDED!
  • Cabanas – $700 – $1000+
  • Day Beds – $300-550
  • Lounge Chairs – $50-80
  • Price – Mon-Thurs Adults $30 Kids Free – Wet Republic $10-$50
  • Features – Excellent Party

Full MGM Grand Pool Review

There are three stand-out features of the MGM Grand Pool.

First, It’s a really great pool area. It’s wonderfully tropical in feel and has a great party Vibe. There is an awesome Lazy River that meanders around allowing you to soak up the sun on a tube with a cocktail in hand. There are 3 Large pools set in lush tropical grounds featuring waterfalls and fountains hot tubs and plunge pools. It really is a great space.

Second, Day Beds and Cabanas give you 50% of the price back in Food and Beverage Credit! This makes them some of the best value in Las Vegas. The whole point of having a Cabana is to experience the kind of luxury not available in regular life. Having a Sizable Food and Beverage credit to burn through really helps you live the high life and order freely from your dedicated host. It is a wonderful experience!

MGM Pool

The Final Point is Wet Republic, this is probably the hottest pool party in town. With the likes of Tiesto, Calvin Harris, and Martin Garrix performing most weeks it easily tops the roster in terms of performing talent. The huge 53,000 ft pool area is home to the wildest and best pool parties anywhere on the strip.

The Downside is all this brilliance is not a secret and the MGM Pool is busy busy busy. While this provides a really fun bustling vibe it can make the deck a little grubby at times and anyone wanting time to themselves may struggle here. This is easily solved by booking a cabana/daybed/lounge chair though.

4 – Mandalay Bay Beach

Mandalay Bay Beach
  • Best of Everything
  • Actual Beach!
  • Cabanas – $300-1500
  • Day Beds – $300-500
  • Lounge Chairs – $110
  • Price – Adults $20- 30 Kids $10
  • Features – Wave Pool, Lazy River, Beach area

Full Review of the Mandalay Bay Pool Deck

We really like the Mandalay Bay hotel, but the problem it has is it is just SO far away from everything. Staying here requires a taxi/Uber to just about anywhere! Fortunately for those staying here, The Hotel recognizes this so ensures on-site amenities are top-notch, and this includes the pool! The Mandalay Bay Beach is a seriously epic pool!

The Center Piece is an actual sandy beach that is lapped by the crashing waves created every 30seconds or so by the giant Wave pool. This is the heart of the pool area and where most sun loungers and people are to be found frolicking in the waves. There is also the shallow kid’s pool where you can avoid the waves. On top of this, there are two Lagoon pools that are more secluded and quieter and then there is the Lazy River. Tubes are available to buy and you can float away to your heart’s content.

On top of this, there are the Delano and Moorea Beach clubs. Adult-only retreats with Daybeds and Cabanas where you can get away from the crowds but still have access to the awesome beach pools. There is also the Daylight Beach Club which hosts the Pool Parties from $20-$50 entry depending on act and date.

It really is one of the best pools in Vegas, a complete all-in-one solution. There are only really two downsides are the fact it’s right at the end of the strip. The Mandalay bay would be one of our top recommendations for a hotel if it were not for the location. The other downer is the fact these pools are here to cater for both the Mandalay bay AND the Delano, both mammoth hotels so these pools can get rammed! It is a big pool area, the biggest in vegas but the sheer volume of people can still swamp it. The flip side is when quiet it can feel like there is almost no one else there!

We still have to rate the pool very highly as it really is one of the most fun, unique and impressive pool decks in the world, but the competition in this town is fierce.

3 – Bellagio Pool

Bellagio Pool Las Vegas
Bellagio Hotel Pool by Studio Sarah Lou on CC2.0
  • Decadent Italian Feel
  • Cabanas – $450 – 3000
  • Day Beds – $175 – 225
  • Lounge Chairs – $85 -100
  • Price – No Public Access
  • Features – Five separate European-themed areas.

The Bellagio knows exactly how to do decadent stylish luxury. So it’s no surprise to see this pool area high up the list. The deck is transformed into a palatial European courtyard, seemingly lifted directly from the Italian Lakes. Almost nowhere else in vegas feels so grand and it seems to pull off the trick we feel the Ceasars pool fails to.

Planted with Cypres trees and Ornate hedges, Tiled with decorative Granite and Marble tiles, and accentuated with Elegant Fountains and azure blue pools, you really feel you could be on the edge of the Medertaraian or amongst the great lakes of the Italian mountains. It is one of those places that is almost uncriticizable,

If anything it’s a bit boring, this will no doubt suit some people, and anyone looking to relax is going to find the Bellagio hard to top, but if you are looking for something more than a place to relax and indulge yourself then the Bellagio may not be for you. But really, that is more a case of looking for something to complain about, it is not trying to be all things to all men, but a perfect opulent retreat, and this it does perfectly.

2 – Wynn / Encore Pools

  • Pure Luxury
  • 5+ Pools
  • Cabanas – $500-3000
  • Price – Hotel Guests Only. Beach Club $25-50
  • Features – Huge joint Pool Complex, Adult only Pools, and European pool

It’s hard not to love the Wynn/Encore, and the fastidious attention to detail of these top-notch Las Vegas retreats is expanded to the pool offers. Here more than anywhere else the Towel game is put to bed as there are ample free beds available for all. The Grounds are modeled in an upmarket European style and offer unparalleled luxury.

The European and Adult only pools are tops optional and free to use, but obviously no kids and no photography. The Gardens are on another level to most and are manicured to perfection. The usual “tropical” planting is replaced by a Mediterranian style, bursting with color, scent, and sophistication. It really is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon, relaxing and unwinding.

There is an odd little quirk to the Hotel pools at the Wynn/Encore. All Encore Guests are able to use both pool complexes but for some reason, only guests staying in Tower Suite rooms or higher are able to use the Encore pools. The Encore pools are more intimate so it may just be a way to keep numbers down but it seems a harsh restriction on Wynn guests when the hotels are generally so intertwined. The simple solution is to stay at Encore.

Food is exceptional, but pricy and drinks too are at the high end of the scale, and when that scale is Vegas pool drink prices that scale starts pretty high, to begin with! $15 for domestic beer and $28 cocktails are to be expected. But then you are staying in one of the best hotels in Vegas, you didn’t expect it to be cheap, did you?

1 – Mirage Pool

Mirage Pool
  • Best Tropical Getaway
  • Tropical Paradise
  • Cabanas – $300 – 600
  • Lounge Chairs – $35-70
  • Price – Hotel Guests only
  • Features – Large Lagoon Style pool, Waterfalls, Heavy Tropical Planting, Dolphin and Lion Habitat.

Full Review of the Mirage Pool Deck

This is probably controversial, but it is our list and if we want the Mirage to be top it will be! Our explanation? Well, it feels a bit like Hawaii, and even a bit like Hawaii is better than not Hawaii at all!

The Pool really is a tropical Oasis and this is right up our alley. Lounging around while the palm trees sway and the birds sing in the tree, with the white noise of the waterfalls serenading you into that blissful coma. It is the closest you will get in Vegas to relaxing on a blissful Hawaiian beach.

The pool is often very busy and sun loungers can be at a premium. However, the Cabanas are set aside in their own little jungle habitat and the Reserved seating is off in the Private Oasis pool area. So getting some privacy is possible but expensive, although you can find the odd sun lounger off on its own on a private spot, these are usually in the shade.

Other than the stunning tropical grounds the pool is fairly standard, drinks are averagely priced, food is regular pool grub and it can get a bit too busy, but after a hectic morning rampaging the strip, it’s the perfect place to unwind as the long afternoon draws on. The pool gets sun all day and stays warm on cool days but remains cooler on the hottest days the desert throws at you. It is our little bit of escape to a Polynesian paradise from this crazy City.

Unfortunately, as Hard Rock International has recently bought the Mirage Hotel, renovations are coming to transform our beloved Polynesian-themed hotel into a new hard Rock Hotel and casino. Details on what the new hotel is going to look like have so far been scarce, including details on the Pool deck. If you want to experience this tropical paradise in the middle of Vegas, we suggest you book fast and soon!

Honorable mentions

Cosmopolitan Pool

A lot of people would probably claim this should have made the list and tbh we had a strong debate about it and we are not sure what it is about the pool that puts us off. On the face of it, the offering is really strong. It is a nice setting, upmarket and luxurious, very similar to the rest of the hotel. But there is just something bot the layout that doesn’t quite work. It’s still a great pool and would defiantly be 13th on the list but we didn’t want to do a top 13!

Flamingo Pool

The Flamingo is at the lower end of Las Vegas hotels but we secretly LOVE it. The pool is no exception. it may not quite cut our top 12 list but it’s damn close. The funky Tropical Landscaping is far more pleasant than you would expect from a hotel at this price point and factor in the cheaper drinks and fun relaxed vibe it really is a winner.

Planet Hollywood Pool

Planet Hollywood Pool Review

Planet Hollywood’s pool deck is pretty awful, it’s a concrete yard with a few beds and small rectangle pools at each end. Drinks are at the high end of the spectrum and food is pricey and average. There isn’t really much to love. However, this leads to a slight positive in some regards. It is really quiet most days and Daybeds and Cabana’s are REALLY cheap. We bagged a $75 Cabana recently for up to 8 people. There wasn’t much included, just a huge fruit platter and a bucket of Water Bottles. But it’s a great little slice of luxury for very little money. It also has the wave-rider surf simulator, which looks like a fun way to injure yourself!

Have Your Say

What is Your Favourite Las Vegas Pool? What did you like about it and what was not so good? Have you had any really bad experiences at a Las Vegas Pool? Have you tried going as a non-Guest? Just let us know in the comments if you have anything to say? Maybe you think our list is way off? Or we missed your favorite pool out…Just let us know. And as ever if you have any questions just fire away.

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