What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in January? – Las Vegas Weather in January

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in January? With Vegas being considered a year-round destination Winter is no barrier for nearly 3 million people to head to America’s adult playground. With much of America plunged into the frigid depths of winter the Mojave desert winter is actually still mild in comparison. Here is a rundown of the Las Vegas Weather in January, how it might impact your trip, What things to do during the month, and if January is a good month to visit Sin City.

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in January

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in January

January is one of the coldest months to visit Las Vegas, the winter chill can feel quite severe in the evenings, and even during the heat of the day temperatures rarely get anywhere near T-shirt level, let alone pool weather.

However, being the Dessert the skies are often clear and the sun is incredibly warming even in the depths of winter. On occasions, temps peak well into the ’70s (20s), and the ice and snow back home are forgotten! But the crystal clear dessert Skies that produce that warmth ensure the temp’s plunge in the evening.

Rain is infrequent, the average of three rain days is misleading and the actual number ranges from 0 – 10 days producing up to 50mm of rain. On the whole rain in January comes from large national systems that push through the State, these are hard to predict and some years concurrent systems push through others non. Really it’s a bit of a gamble but most people experience very few rainy days in January.

The norm is pleasant but, not hot, sunny days with really brisk evenings. However, Vegas is not immune from the Harsh winter conditions experienced elsewhere. Temps right down to below 10°F (-10°C) have been recorded and snow is not unheard of! Expect the mountain tops of the be snowcapped (in fact this is possible right through to April) and on rare occasions, once every 3 or 4 years, snowstorms blow right through the strip!

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What is it Like Visiting Las Vegas in January?

We actually love Vegas in January. The cool air means you can actually get out and get things done, unlike the heat of the summer when all thoughts simply turn to staying cool and avoiding the Sun.

For the most part, night or day the temperature in Vegas is a perfect 70°F (21°C) because you are indoors in the temperature-controlled casinos where everything is perfect. The cooler night temps hardly affect you at all apart from transiting from casino to casino.

The days are much shorter but Vegas is a 24-hour city and the early nights barely affect anything.

Hotel Prices in January

January Example Rates

There is some bad news here as to make up for the dip in visitor numbers many big Conventions head to the City. On these dates, hotels are block-booked and prices can soar on Convention dates. If you can avoid these dates hotel prices are really low, some of the lowest of the year.

If you are finding prices really high on your proposed dates chances are a convention is in town (see below). Consider shifting dates and you may find prices plummet!

What are Crowds like in January?

For many, the cool temps and lack of pools are a big turn-off. People’s finances are still recovering from the holiday spending and people’s focus turns to healthier thoughts as new years resolutions kick in. This all leads to one of the quietest months to visit Las Vegas.

It is worth mentioning however, Vegas is still busy. Crowds in Vegas tend to vary from Busy, to VERY busy, to absolutely jam-packed! There is no Quiet time, especially at weekends, but January is about as good as it gets outside of the big Convention dates (see below)

Will it Rain in Las Vegas in January?

Rain is unlikely. The desert climate is still in effect and rain is rare. January gets an average of 3 days of rain, but this varies wildly from 0 rainy days up to around 10. The Climate is not conducive to rain so there is very little localized rain. However, rain moves through the area as part of large national weather systems.

Sometimes the mountains break these up before they affect the valley, and sometimes not. Predicting this long-term is not reliable so we can never really say if Vegas is in for a dry or soggy January. Due to the fact the rain is caused by large weather systems, it is normally prolonged, not the short sharp showers of summer. So you can expect to lose a full day. But it NEVER rains indoors (well almost never!) and vegas is still a great place to be even in the rain.

A full washout is highly unlikely and you will almost definitely get a few dry and clear days on every trip!

Big Storms do hit during January and flooding has happened as deluges inundate the City, these are rare events, however.

Again, despite its desert reputation, precipitation does also fall from time to time as Snow. All winter you will find the mountain tops covered in snow, but this can extend right down into the valley. It’s quite an incredible sight, as you watch the snow settle on the pyramids, and sphinx of Luxor or witness a New York Snowstorm or a flurry over the Bellagio Fountains! Snow is rare nowadays and if you do get a flurry consider yourself lucky!

Will the Pools be open in January?

There is a persistent myth that pools close down over the winter in Vegas. The truth is most hotels do not completely shut their pools down. The Pool season is more related to the Pool Party Season, where big-name DJs play to large crowds of party-goers at Vegas’s legendary pool parties.

However, in January the pools that are open will be very quiet, and possibly not have a pool bar open. The water is normally perfectly fine for swimming but getting out on all but the warmest days is, erm, brisk!

The pool areas are still nice places to be for the midday hours when the temps are at their warmest and the sun is high in the sky. Lounging around soaking up some Vitamin D is still a very nice way to relax. However, we find actually getting into the pools too chilly for most of the month. But it depends on how brave/drunk you are!

What is there to do in Las Vegas in January?

Caesars Palace

#Apart from the pool scene, Vegas activities are little affected by the cooler weather. In fact, some things are even better without the heat of Summer.

Visits to Valley of Fire, Hoover Dam, and Red Rock Canyon are far more enjoyable without the fear of heatstroke! you can hike the incredible natural rock formations and not run the risk of collapsing through heat exhaustion.

Exploring the Strip, Casino hopping, visiting the Las Vegas Sign, or shopping at the Premium Outlets, can all be enjoyed much more out of the burning summer sun. Remember the skies are still likely to be clear and conditions beautiful just not burning hot!

Other outdoor activities such as Ziplining, Zoos, and anything outdoors is still very much on the menu. While all indoor activities in Vegas get an obvious green light! As we mentioned before, indoor areas are kept at a pleasant 70°C year-round.

Events in Las Vegas in January

New Years Day – Vegas will still be busy for the first few days as the hangover from the New Year’s parties clear. So we suggest avoiding the first week (unless you are already here for New Year’s Eve). After this hotel prices plummet and Vegas sees some of its quietest periods.

Conventions in Las Vegas in January

January is a bad time for avoiding Conventions, but there are gaps and an otherwise quiet city means the effects are not as bad as at other times.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – 2nd Week in January – Las Vegas’s biggest Convention and a good reason to avoid the City in early January. Hotels will price gauge, restaurants will book up, Traffic is hellish, and casinos are flooded out of conference hours (2021 has been moved to Digital/online)

SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade ) – Late Jan – Smaller than CES but still a good lump of people (60,000) hitting the City, a good one to avoid.

Other Conventions (Las Vegas Convention Calendar)

Avoiding Las Vegas Conventions! – see here for specific Convention dates.

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Have you visited Las Vegas in January? What was the weather like for you? Warm and mild or brisk and bracing? Did you get any extreme weather such as snow and flooding or just a little drizzle? Whatever the weather on your trip let us know in the comments. And if you have any questions on January’s weather just fire away in the comments.

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