USA Road Trip Guide – Our Guide to Planning a USA Road Trip

Visiting a Major US City is an incredible adventure. One that’s hard to beat. One way would be to visit two …or three US cities in one trip!


Flying in the USA is cheap and easy, but there is no better way to see the USA than your very own Iconic USA ROAD TRIP!

America was built on automobiles. The car is ingrained in the culture and nothing is more synonymous with the USA than being out on the open road. Cars and car hire are a way of life in America and completely accessible for anyone visiting. Driving is cheap, easy, and convenient. it’s how most Americans get around. It may not be necessary for some cities but if you are wanting to get out of the cities and onto the open road it’s almost essential.

While the average American is horrified at the rising cost of fuelling their cars anyone from Europe will be aghast at the cheap “Gas” prices over there.

While your road trip doesn’t need to be 2,500 miles Route 66 Epic (but it could be). It is highly recommended to get out and hit the road in some way at least. There is just so much to see and experience while driving across the USA, It’s an essential part of any trip.


So Hire that Mustang and Saddle up, or maybe just a midsize Chevrolet with a few essentials packed, and hit the Black stuff for a truly unforgettable adventure.

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