Getting Around Maui without a Car – Guide to Maui’s Public transportation

Maui is a relatively small island but it is also pretty sparsely populated, only the island centre of Kahului is actually built up to any extent. This means getting anywhere on the island will involve a bit of a journey. We strongly advise anyone visiting the island to hire a car. It is by far and away the best way to get about and see the Island. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to hire a car. While this makes things a bit more challenging it is no reason to stay away from Maui. Here is our guide to Getting around Maui Without a car.

Getting Around Maui without a Car


Maui has a very simple layout and navigating the island is very simple. there are only a few major roads connecting the different areas if the Island so even the most basic map will easily guide you where you want to go.

Hire Car

Road to Hana

We know this is about getting around without a hire car but we just can’t stress enough how much having your own car on the island helps. As stated the island is very simple to navigate and driving conditions are very good. Island driving is very laid back and sedate, no one rushes anywhere. In fact, we personally find it all a little frustrating. So if you can at all hire a car we really suggest you should.

Read our Guide to hiring a car in the USA

Having a car allows you the freedom to explore not really possible any other way. While you can get anywhere you need to without the joy of having a car is you can get to and find places you didn’t know you needed to get to.

For anyone planning to cook a few of their own meals even if it’s just some steaks on the Condo complex’s grills then you’ll need a car for grocery shopping. You can also save a small fortune by buying a few cocktail ingredients to make your own rather than paying $15 for a mai tai!

Car hire isn’t cheap on the island, nor is gas (for Americans that is, visitors from outside the US will be shocked how cheap it is) but then it’s not prohibitively expensive either.

Of course if that really just isn’t an option, for whatever reason, read on as there are ways around it. You may also find this guide useful for when you have a Hire Car but it needs to stay safely parked up at the Hotel/Condo…We are thinking luau nights, or hitting a happy hour hard!


Maui Bus

The island does not have a massive public transportation infrastructure. Really It’s the bus or nothing. There are fairly limited bus routes available, but they do manage to cover the majority of the islands inhabited areas. Another result of the lightly populated nature of the island. When there are only a few major roads there only needs to be a few major bus routes.

Prices are very cheap a one-way trip is a mere £2 and an all-day pass only $4 Not much on Maui can be considered cheap but the bus service certainly is.

In the past, West Maui was a bit if pain if you wanted to go past Kaanapali as it was two services so a trip from the Airport was 3 buses, fortunately, this route from Lahaina to Kapalua is no a single bus so getting from the Airport to Napili or Kapalua is a lot simpler.

Route Maps can be found here 

The full schedule can be found here

While the bus is not everyone’s idea of a Luxury exotic get away it does provide a cheap reliable service to get you where you need to be. If you are planning on using for evenings out It’s important to check return times as they don’t always run very late.

They don’t take too kindly to you taking a large amount of luggage either, any more than one case and we would consider using alternate means. Really even if the bus Driver doesn’t mind lugging that much on the bus seems too much like hard work to us! Surfboards are banned too which probably annoys locals more than Tourist.

Maui Bus routes


Note: For pricing for here on in we have used Airport runs to Kaanapali and Wailea as examples, these are fairly typical and give a good idea what it costs for certain distances. Expect to pay more than the Kaanapali Price if you are heading up to Napili/Kapalua, West Maui or less than the Wailea Prices if you are staying in Kehei. 

Of course, Taxi’s are available all over the Island but in more remote places they are pretty few and far between. Taxi ranks don’t really exist on the island apart from the airport, and as such the only real way to hail a taxi is by ringing, A pain for us as we don’t have a US Mobile. We tend to use the concierge service at our hotel/condo to book us a taxi then organise with the driver for pick up later. As we only use Taxi’s for evenings out this normally works quite well. However, at very busy times such as 4th July, for example, it can be very tricky indeed to get picked up!

On top of this Taxi’s are not cheap. Probably the most expensive taxi’s we have used

Any Taxi company will happily arrange a pick up from the airport to your hotel, or vice versa. Expect to pay around $80-90 to Kaanapali or $60-70 to Wailea. We find using a taxi company based in the area you are stating tends to work out cheaper. Don’t use a south Maui company for an airport pickup if you are staying in West Maui for example.

Maui Taxi Numbers

  • CB Maui Taxi Service (Central) – (808) 243-8294
  • Maui Airport and Taxi (Central) – (808) 877-2002
  • West Maui Taxi (West) – 808-661-1122
  • A South Maui Taxi (South) – (808) 874-1866


Uber now has a presence in Maui and this can save considerable amounts over traditional taxies. The problem with Uber on Maui is the cell service is not always what it is on the Mainland. While a traditional taxi you can always call from a bar or restaurant’s phone With Uber if you are caught without reception then you are stuck, this is more of an issue in the more remote parts of the island.

Expect to pay around $50-60 to Kaanapali or $30-40 to Wailea



As far as getting to and from the Airport there are a number of shuttle services. And this would be our second choice option (after a hire car). They do represent a big cost saving over a private taxi.

We are not always fans of Shuttle services as they can take far longer than they should as you need to wait for the van to fill up and then stop at seemingly everyone but your hotel first. But in Maui where most people are going in either one of two directions, they really work ok. And the savings are significant. Under $25 per person will get you to Wailea and $35 for Kaanapali.

Go Airport Shuttle

Airport Shuttle Hawaii

Roberts Hawaii Shuttle



For the most part, walking is out of the question. even closely located communities are pretty far apart. The lack of densely populated areas makes the island seem so much wilder and tropical but it means to get anywhere it’s a good journey, Walking is limited to enjoyment (hiking) and getting around individual towns.

Sorry if this seems obvious but for a lot of US City’s we actually recommend walking as one of the primary methods of getting about. But on an Island such as Maui, it just doesn’t work.


A great way to get out and about without a car is to take an organised tour. These show you the best the island has to offer and can really help get you out of the resort. While Maui’s resorts are truly paradise it is always good to get a change of scene even if the original scene is pure heaven.

Many tours exist to get you out and see just about anything Maui has to offer. If you want to see it Chances are someone will offer a tour. While this is certainly not a cheap way to see the island it will get you first-hand knowledge of all the best sights and locations on the island.

<<< See Available Tours on Viator >>>

Road to Hana / Haleakala

Road to Haleakala Crater

For some even with a Hire Car, The long winding Road to Hana can be too much and the steep twisty ascent up Haleakala is just too far out of their comfort zone. Again tours can be organised to get you to these slightly more out of the way destinations, while you sit back and enjoy the ride.


Let us know your experiences of Getting around Maui without a car? What method did you use? Taxi’s all the way or did you try the bus? Let us know if you have any questions or if you want help getting somewhere in particular.


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