The Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck Las Vegas, Is The Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck Worth It?

The Eiffel Tower experience is much maligned in Las Vegas. Over just about any other attraction we hear the “experts” slating the Eiffel Tower Experience Las Vegas. It often features on “Things not to do in Vegas” Lists and “Worst Tourist traps guides” etc… Many people are really put off for those reasons. However, we regularly hear glowing reviews from actual tourists and people who have visited the attraction.

So which is right? Are the experts justified in their criticism? Or are they just pedaling myths about the experience, never actually having set foot up there themselves! Or are the Giddy tourists just being tricked by a rubbish, overpriced, second-rate attraction? We set the record straight and show you if the Eiffel Tower Viewing deck is worth it, what to expect during the experience, how to save money, as well as letting you know a little more about the tower.

Eiffel Tower Experience, Las Vegas

The Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck Las Vegas
  • Attraction: Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck
  • Location: Paris Hotel and Casino
  • Type: High-Level Observation Deck
  • Price: Adult – $25 – Youth (4-12) – $22 – Child (<3) – Free
  • Duration: 15Mins (minimum)
  • Height: 460 ft (50 Stories) 
  • Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.5 Stars

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The Eiffel Tower Experience is basically a ride up to the Viewing Deck at the Replica Eiffel tower Situated at the Paris Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. The Viewing Deck is an open-air Deck very centrally located on the Las Vegas Strip. It boasts panoramic views of the City and directly overlooks the Bellagio Fountains.

The Observation Deck sits at 460ft and the tower itself is 540ft, This is half the height of the original tower in Paris. It is not like Vegas to be modest and indeed the original plans were for a full-scale tower over 1000ft tall. Unfortunately being a little over 1 mile from Mcarrans nearest runway meant plans had to be dialed back, which is a heck of a shame as a full-size tower would be mightily impressive right in the middle of Vegas.

It is still a great sight and adds real flair to the strip, especially at night when the 30-minute Light shows light up the tower in all its glory.


First off is the Height. The Tower gets some real stick as it’s only a miniature replica. Less than half the size of the original, this tiny tacky replica is not worth the time you would waste going up there!

You can’t see anything. The Upper Deck is surrounded by Wire Mesh and you can’t see out or take any decent photos

The view is rubbish. The Tiny Tower is surrounded by taller buildings and this severely restricts the view. If it were taller maybe it would be ok but you just don’t have the height to see over the nearby buildings.

Urghhh things are not looking good for the deck! Probably best end this here and move on, right? Yeah, well not quite, most of the above is true, hence why these myths perpetuate, but they are not the whole story!

View fro Eiffel Tower Bellagio Fountains

Let’s bust the height myth, Yes it’s half the size, we all know this, but really this does not make it small. It is the 13th largest structure in Las Vegas, and towers above the strip. And while from the ground it does look a little mini, this is due to the fact most things in Vegas are pretty huge. Trust us, no one goes to the top and thinks hmm… if only I were another 500ft higher!

The Wire Mesh cage is a little disappointing. But honestly, it’s better than a lot of observation towers that are behind Glass/Perspex, certainly from a photo point of view as Glass just reflects the light and is frankly a nightmare!..take the Highroller for example! While the wire mesh obstructs the view slightly, there are multiple windows in the mesh, the perfect size to poke a camera out of and snap unobstructed shots from all sides of the Deck. The mesh could actually be removed, as there are above waist-high barriers and this is all that is needed really to stop people from falling, however, the mesh is in place for a reason, which we come to later.

Finally the whole “surrounded” by taller buildings is rubbish! The View from the top is magnificent! One of the best in Vegas. It towers over the Bellagio fountains and provides fantastic views both up and down the strip with fantastic perspectives on most of the hotel complexes, the foyer of Ceasers Palace, Planet Hollywood, The Cosmopolitan, the MGM, The Mirage, Mandalay Bay, and others off into the distance, And of course stunning views of the Paris Hotel and Pool deck itself.

It may be partially true some of the buildings are taller than the tower, and others nearby obstruct the view. But, and it is a BIG but, the buildings obstructing the view ARE the view! These are what you have come up here to look at! If they were not there all there would be is a sea of parking lots and cheap strip malls! It is quite simply a load of old drivel made up for clicks. We could continue to describe the view, but frankly, pictures will do a better job!

Know a better view in Vegas? let us know!

Eiffel Tower at Night

Things are EVEN BETTER at night. The Sparkling Lights of Las Vegas really come alive, and the Fountain Shows at the Bellagio shine even brighter once darkness has fallen. It really is one of the Best Views in the City and far better than the High Roller, which rarely gets the same criticism, in both Views and lack of horrible reflections!

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So, is the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck worth it?

Well if you want one of the Best Views in Vegas, yeah we think so, and unlike a lot of Vegas attractions, this one is not REALLY that expensive. $27 is not a huge amount of money. Yes, the experience is short, a quick lift ride to the top, and then waiting around 10 mins for a Bellagio show, then back down, you are lucky if this takes 30 mins of your day. But the view really is worth it.

There is one big issue with the experience though, and it is certainly worth mentioning. It is actually pretty scary up there! If you are 100% ok with heights then this is no issue, but for those with even a moderate fear, it is pretty rickety up on the deck and the exposure is pretty intense!

We LOVE observation Decks. Every City we visit the first thing we do is head up high to take in the City from above. The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Building, OUE Los Angeles, Stratosphere, Chicago Skydeck, Coit Tower in San Fran, the list is endless, we just love the perspective of being high up in one of the tallest buildings around. However, The ONLY sky deck to elicit fear in us is the Eifell tower in Las Vegas.

View from Eiffel Tower High Roller

It really isn’t too bad, but the deck feels a little less secure than a rooftop of a concrete building, it feels more like a metal gantry perched on top of a metal tower, the lack of structure just making things a little precarious. Anyone with a more severe fear of heights will be well cautioned to steer clear.

This is the reason for the wire mesh, the deck would just be too exposed without it. The mesh provides some level of containment that helps make visitors feel a little safer, with a more open arrangement the exposure would just be too much for many.

This isn’t really a downside, as we like the more visceral feel, but there just is the risk that it might be too much for some, and you are going to be stuck up there for 5-10 mins waiting for the next elevator, not fun if it’s overwhelming and unlike most sky decks there is no interior area where you can feel more secure. Be sure you are ok before stepping out of the elevator.

When is the Best time to visit the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas?

Ahh, the eternal question in Vegas, Day or night? As ever BOTH views are stunning. The main thing to see is the Bellagio Fountain Shows, so early morning is not a great time as the fountains will be off. But the Bellagio looks splendid from above during the day, the azure blue/green set against the majestic hotel.

At night the bright lights switch on and the glitz and glamour of Vegas really come out to play. The fountains are amazing at night but you lose the view of the Las Vegas valley with the spring mountains off in the distance and the endless desert rolling over the horizon.

It is a tough choice as we really love both views, Naturally, the answer to this is either to do both or head up for sunset. You will still get the mountain view as the sun dips down then watch as the city come to life. This does mean spending a good hour up there and expect others to have the same idea!

Pricewise the ticket is the same Day or Night!

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View from Eiffel Tower Paris Hotel

Really the price is actually quite a low one for Vegas and discounts are hard to come by.

Students and Local residents can receive 50% off and there is a Military discount of $10 with a valid ID. and the same for Seniors.

For everyone else, the best way to get a discount is to use an attractions Pass. The Eiffel tower is included on most of the popular passes, including the Las Vegas Go Pass and the Explorer Pass.

We have a full Pass Comparison here to help you choose the best and see if a Pass is right for you. Or you can book now instantly through


Have Your Say

What do you think of the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck? Is it an overpriced Tourist trap or a real gem of a view in the heart of Vegas? What do you make of the Wire mesh? And did you find the experience scary at all? Let us know in the comments below and if you have any questions just fire away.

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