Best Fine Dining in Las Vegas – Michelin Star Restaurants in Las Vegas!

Looking for that ultra splurge on a special occasion, or just looking to celebrate a big win at the casino? Maybe a huge promotion! Whatever the reason, if you have the cash to burn and looking for the ultimate culinary experience, a fine-ding dinner is the ultimate way to indulge. Las Vegas was once known for cheap all-you-can-eat garbage, and iffy Less-than-Prime rib dinners, has become one of the hottest dining locations in the States! Every hotel has its own Signature Fine Dining establishments and Top Chefs have flocked to the City.

This makes finding the Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Las Vegas an Arduous Task. Most people look to the Michelin Guide to weed out the best, but the Vegas Edition is hideously out of date. So to help you find the Best Fine Dining in Las Vegas we have pulled together all of the best restaurants in town into one place so you can find your ultimate Dining Experience.

Best Fine Dining in Las Vegas

First of all, there are NO Michelin-Starred restaurants in Las Vegas! The guide arrived in the City in 2008, handed out its coveted stars, and beat a hasty Retreat a year later! It awarded 13 Single Stars, 3 Two Star Ratings, and a single Three Star Award! Some of the winners have now closed their doors, others have opened who may well get stars should the guide return. We take a look at the best Restaurants in Town, Stars or No Stars, and help you pick out the perfect spot for a very special dinner!

Why did the Michelin Guide Leave Las Vegas?

The Guide left after the Financial Crisis of 2008 when tourism in the City took a nose dive. Demand for high-end dining dried up and the guide no longer thought it worth publishing for the City. However the scene made a dramatic comeback, but the guide never returned. Of course, 2020 was also a hellish year for Restaurants across the world, but 2021 is looking up and people are flocking back to Las Vegas’s best restaurants.

Michelin Star Restaurants in Las Vegas!

Other Guides

Forbes is more tolerant than Michelin but also more up-to-date and active. They rate restaurants in most cities in America and keep a great up-to-date record of excellence. A 5 Star Forbes rating does not mean as much as a 3 Star Michelin, but it’s a pretty incredible honor.

We also like to look at the 50 Best Restaurants in the World list, but this does not include any Vegas Locations, but some of Vegas’s chefs do appear on the list from time to time.

Fine Dining Guide

Every Restaurant we list here is what is considered a fine dining restaurant. These are not regular types of eateries and normally utilize a Tasting Menu Concept. This will be many small dishes brought in sequence for you to sample the style and creativity of the Chef. The idea is to surprise and amaze and diners need to be receptive to trying potentially odd things.

Fussy eaters can really struggle with dining like this, as can people who are not looking to spend hundreds of dollars on one meal! But for those familiar with the fine dining concept Vegas is a real hotbed for fantastic restaurants and menus that will blow your socks off!

Plan Ahead

The best restaurants in the City book up well in advance. Make sure you secure your reservations as soon as possible.

Check The Dress Code

Some Restaurants require, trousers or a collared shirt, some even a jacket! n the whole Dress codes are not too rigorously enforced in Vegas, but they do exist, and turning up to dinner in flip-flops pools shorts and a wife-beater will not get you entry!

Consider Table Water

We know these restaurants are not for cheaping out, but wine pairings are formidably expensive, and even just ordering a couple of, probably wrong, glasses of wine can set you back a good chunk of cash. We often indulge in one cocktail and ask for tap water to accompany the meal, you will be offered bottles but it all just adds to the already heart-stopping bill.

Take Notes or Pictures

Of course, you want that perfect “insta shot”, but that is not what we mean. You will be bombarded with dishes and information about them, and by the end, you will have likely forgotten most of it! Taking notes as you go or snapping the dishes can be enough to jog the memory as to what you actually ate. You can snap the menus, but remember sometimes these places do not even supply a menu just the dishes as they come out!

You are paying hundreds of dollars for this, at least have a shot at remembering what you ate!

Ok, Let’s Get into the Restaurants…

Joël Robuchon – 3 Stars – MGM Grand

Chef of the Century Joël Robuchon’s namesake Restaurant is the pinnacle of Las Vegas Dining. Ultra Exclusive, with only 12 tables in the dining room and astronomically priced at $425 for the prix fixe Tasting Menu, it is one of the most expensive restaurants in the World!

The Food is described as French, but the meticulous presentation and mind-bending flavors mean it is simply unique and can only be described as Joel’s own Cuisine.

It s pretty certain that the restaurant would have held onto its stars had the guide continued to rate Las Vegas’s Restaurants, and the quality innovation and utterly divine tastes all remain, as you would expect from one of the most decorated Chefs in the world.

If a $1100+ bill sounds like madness to you, then this is not the place for you, Try L’Atelier Joel’s more attainable establishment. This is for those who simply want the finest meal imaginable and are willing to pay the price to get it.

Is it worth it? No … do we care?… Also no.

Signature Dishes –

Le Caviar Imperial – Very Expensive and Prized Cavier, served in the most striking fashion, utilizing Joels Signature Dots!

L’OEuf de Poule – A soft Boiled egg, deep fried in a Potato Spaghetti

Le Sphere – Stunning Blackberry Dessert that is too good to eat, and too tasty not too!

Picasso – 2 Stars – Bellagio

Picasso, situated in the Bellagio, the Picasso dining room is one of the most stunning spaces we have ever seen. Large Arced Windows proved stunning views out over the Fountains and Las Vegas Strip. While intricate marbled Mosaics, draped white linen, and stunning floral displays make it feel airy and palatial.

The food is what really matters, however. Naturally, for a 2 Star Restaurant, it does not disappoint. A French restaurant with a Spanish twist, due to the Chef, Julian Serrano, hailing from Spain but mastering the Art of French Cuisine.

Maybe in 2008/9, this was a two, bordering on 3, star Restaurant but we feel now this is maybe over-generous. It still deserves a one-star, and that means it’s a truly excellent place to eat, the playing field has toughened up and the Picasso has not innovated in the way rivals have. We are pretty sure the judges would have downgraded this location if the guide had continued.

But don’t let that put you off. The Picasso offers mindblowing culinary excellence and the prices are a fraction of what you would pay at Rubicon or Guy Savoy. The Picasso lets you dine in Michelin Style without having a nosebleed when the bill arrives. The prix fixe menus range from $122-132 per person, with additional supplements for Premium Choices. The MENU DÉGUSTATION comes in at “only” $152 at the time of writing (2023)

Signature Dishes –

Sauteed Steak Of “A” Foie Gras – It can be a little controversial but Foie Gras this good is irresistible.

Roasted Maine Lobster – A deconstructed lobster served with Flying Fish Caviar!

Pan-Seared U-10 Day Boat Scallop – These are Some of the biggest Scallops available delivered to the restaurant in less than a day from the boat, making these Jumbo Scallops seriously delicious!

Restaurant Guy Savoy – 2 Stars – Caesars Palace

For many, Guy Savoy was hard done by here and his phenomenal restaurant deserved the 2 Stars, it is certainly at a higher level than Picasso, and really every bit as good as Robuchon. Unfortunately, it is every bit as Expensive! The Tasting Menu comes in at $555, but that does include a Wine Paring so, bargain?

There is also an Alacarte option but this is barely any better, in fact, we prefer the prix fixe as ordering a single dish with a $130 price tag …or a $95 appetizer boggles the mind. You know what else boggles the mind, the Food! Every bit as good as the sister restaurant in France. Guy is one of the finest chefs In the world and his Las Vegas Location is his TWIN flagship restaurant so no corners are cut. This is the FULL Guy Savoy experience.

This means you are getting a 3-star gastronomic experience. Why did the guide only award two stars? We think it’s the overall package. The Location and interior leave a little to be desired. The Paris restaurant is set in the historic Monnaie de Paris, on the banks of the Seine River surrounded by suits of armor. In Vegas it’s a side building, overlooking a loading dock. It’s not a bad setting, just anyone familiar with the Paris location (Or Roubucons flashy Vegas location!) would instantly knock a star off! A 3 Star rating is about the whole package!

However the second the food lands on the table the minutely disappointing dining room will be forgotten. This is food of the absolute highest quality. Real art on a plate stuff that is painful to dissect, until it hits the mouth. Expect plenty of lavish twists such as scented mists, Micro flowers, unexpected flavors, and other classic French techniques. This is not Molecular Gastronomy, but Nouvelle cuisine taken to its highest artistic level!

Signature Dishes –

Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup – Not the most lavish sounding dish really but an absolute taste sensation! Guys Favorite dish for a long time!

Seared Foie Gras on Brioche and Black Truffle – A real marvel of presentation and flavors.

“Sealand” A5 Japanese Wagyu Beef, Lobster – Wagyu Beef and Lobster…Say no more!

Alex – 2 Stars – The Wynn

Permanently Closed

Widely considered one of the best restaurants in America, The Alex at the Wynn closed its doors in 2011. The “Iron Chef” Owner and Executive Chef opened his stunning Molecular gastronomy Restaurant at the request of Steve Wynn and astounded diners with his stunning concept Tasting Menus. One of the finest ever to grace Vegas but Sadly no more. The Chef went on to open a stunning Tapas Restaurant but that too has gone and Alex No Longer has a presence in Vegas.

One Michelin Star Restaurants

13 restaurants, made the initial cut in 2008/9, however, 5 of these are no more, unfortunately. Some were Victims of the economic downturn of the era, and some just due to changing tastes and priorities of Chefs and Resorts.

  • Alizé – Palms – Closed
  • Bradley Ogden – Caesars Palace Closed
  • Daniel Boulud Brasserie – Venitien – Closed
  • miX – Delano – Closed
  • Restaurant Charlie – Palazzo – Closed

8 of the One Star Restaurants remain open, and while some are every bit as good, we wonder if some of the others would have survived this long on the Star list?

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Still One Star? – Defiantly!

As we mentioned in our 3-Star Robuchon section, His flagship restaurant is pretty pricey. Over $1000 for a meal for two is beyond most people, even if you could afford that, justifying it is much much harder! We just can’t help but think about what else that money could buy?

So if you really want to sample Joel Robuchon’s cuisine but can’t pony up over a grand there is a solution and that solution is L’Atelier.

This is Joel’s cut-price restaurant. Here you can get a taste of what Joel is all about without the eye-watering price tag. But let’s be clear about what we are saying here, this is ANYTHING but cheap, it’s just not as expensive as Robuchon or Guy Savoy. The 8-course Discovery Menu is around $188 while there is a 3 and 4-course Prix Fixe at a mere $98 and $128 respectively including Amuse Buche and Dessert. You can also go to Al a carte and there is even a $58 pre-theatre menu. Bargain!

Only the most discerning of guests would be able to tell they are in anything but a 2-3 star restaurant. The culinary skill is exquisite and the dish presentation is as good as it gets. Slightly cheaper ingredients and a few fewer whistles are all that separates L’Atelier from its big brother.

The open kitchen is a pretty rare concept for a restaurant such as this and it’s great to see the Chefs prepare the meal.

Overall, despite the One-Star rating, we would go as far as to say this is possibly the best restaurant in Las Vegas, that won’t cost you over $1000 to eat at. We would definitely choose this over Picasso!

Signature Dishes –

Les Tartes – A selection of near-perfect Tartes of various flavors.

Turbot fillet with baby leeks and buttery shellfish sauce

Langoustine carpaccio with lemon vinaigrette

é by José Andrés – Cosmopolitan

é by José Andrés

Still One Star? – We think it’s a two!

é by José Andrés is a unique Vegas Dining Concept. 8 diners are seated around a live cooking station as the chefs prepare the meal. While this all sounds a bit Benihana we can assure you it’s anything but.

Prices are expensive, $290+ for the tasting menu and that is your only option, with $130 for the wine pairing, plus tax and tip and you are breaching the $1000 mark! But the experience is mindblowing as the Advent Guarde Molecular Gastronomy Meal Delights and mesmerizes you at every turn. This is almost a magic show, with the culinary morsels the magic tricks. Your senses are constantly played with the unexpected around every bite.

The restaurant constantly innovates and improves and we are sure this would now be two stars at least. Jose’s other Flagship establishment (in Washington) managed this status and we see no reason here for é to have not done the same!

While the menu is constantly changing and every meal is a new experience some dishes are timeless and come up again and again. After all the Meal is 21 separate courses!

Signature Dishes –

Cava Sangria – A White Sangria Sphere that bursts in the mouth with stunning flavor.

Wonder Bread – An inverse Sandwich of Apple Meringue Foam (Bread) with Foie Gras and Strawberry

Stones – Sheeps Milk Cheese covered in Iberico Ham and Cocoa Butter Shell, Shaped like a Stone!

Cotton Candy Empanadas – Amazing little “pastries” made live from Cotton Candy and filled with Foie Gras.

Aureole – Mandalay Bay

Still One Star? – Maybe

Aureole is a great little eatery and we can definitely see why in 2008 this was a One-star Restaurant, But we are not sure Aureole has moved fast enough to keep up, and we are not sure what the Judges would make of the Happy Hour???

The 6-course Tasting menu is very modestly priced at $125 with a $65 Wine Pairing. The Food is Ultra Modern American and features American/french Classics cooked in a very modern style. The menu draws its inspiration from the Wines of America and the star of the restaurant is the Giant 4 Story wine tower.

Only in Vegas!

Signature Dishes –

Filet Mignon & Maine Lobster

Diver Sea Scallops

Peanut Butter Heaven

DJT – Trump

Still One Star? – Unlikely

Maybe back in 2008, the Restaurant was different but nowadays there is no way this is getting a Star. For one, not many Michelin-starred restaurants feature Burgers! The Menu is pretty standard meat and veg dishes and absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.


Still One Star? – Probably

Micheal owns another Michelin-Starred Restaurant in San Francisco so it is reasonable to assume he will have maintained his star in Vegas too, especially as he did lose it, before winning it back so he is well aware of what that takes.

We also see no reason why not, his namesake restaurant in Vegas is quite stunning. This Seafood orientated Menu offers tastes of the finest Seafood. The Tasting Menu is $168 with a $98 wine paring and takes you through Michaels Classic Dishes, alternatively, he offers an ever-changing seasonal menu.

There is the chance to order some amazing fresh Fruits de Mare, but we are always drawn to the Tasting Menus!

The Downside is the menu is very seafood-heavy, so if you are not a fan look elsewhere! And this is one of the only high-end Bellagio Restrunats without a Fountain View.

Signature Dishes –

Ahi Tuna Tartare – Translucent and glowing like Turkish Delight!

Michael’s Lobster Pot Pie – Deconstructed Lobster on Pastry

Grilled Portuguese Octopus

Le-Cirque – Bellagio

Still One Star? – Maybe…Maybe Not?

Le Cirque earned itself a star in the 2008 and 2009 guides and would in all likely hood have added another by now. The restaurant was the sister restaurant to the historic French restaurant Le Cirque in New York which unfortunately closed its door in 2019 due to soaring rents.

This leaves the Las Vegas Le Cirque as the flagship restaurant Focussing on classic french Cuisine and delivering dishes that would be too good to eat if they didn’t taste so incredible. The Stunning setting, matched with the incredible service and out-of-this-world food makes Le Cirque a real destination restaurant, and well worthy of more than a single star.

The Restaurant also has several other Awards including a 5Diamond AAA and 5Star Forbes Award.

The 8-course tasting menu is an eye-watering $388 (+168 for Wine Pairing) but there are several cut-priced options such as the Pre-Theatre Menu for $138 or the La Tentation Menu for $288

Signature Dishes –

Hawaiian Kampachi – Stunning presentation of the Hawaiian Kampachi (Yellowtail) served cures with edible garnishes, pretty as a picture and delicious to boot.

Truffle Rissoto – WE love Truffles and the Truffle Rissoto makes no attempt to ration the quantities, the small portion of Rissotoo almost has more Truffle than Rice!

Chocolate Ball – Le Cirques Signature desert in the Chocolate ball and is filled with theater. A bit cliche nowadays, the Chocolate share Melts when the warm sauce is poured onto its shell.

Nobu – Caesars Palace

Still One Star? – No Chance!

Nobu, Las Vegas managed to sneak a star in the 2008 and 2009 guides. Back then Nobu often appeared in the guides but as of late has all but vanished. This could be for several reasons. One: Nobu has changed very little over the last few years while many rivals have torn the scene up or upped their game. Meaning standards are much higher. Second, with time, standards can erode and what was once an ultra-fine classic Sushi Dish now is a little rough around the edges. And thirdly, maybe the Guide just got a bit (more) Snobby. As Nobu’s empire grew, the guide just looked at it a little less favorably.

We can never know if Nobu would have retained its star had the guide continued but we highly doubt it. Still, Nobu is a really fantastic restaurant. The Las Vegas Nobu is not our favorite location. The interior is a little dark and drab, and the atmosphere a little flat. Of course, this is compared to other Nobu’s such as our all-time favorite, Malibu. Really it’s still a pretty great place to dine, it’s just not as fabulous as some of our other Nobu Experiences.

The Food is every bit as fantastic. The Nobu Menu can be intimidating, with lots of small dishes at very high prices. The wait staff are fantastic though and can really guide you through the menu and what to order.

The Omakase set menu is $150 with the Signature at $225, obviously large sums of money for a meal, but the experience is something else as you are taken on a culinary journey through Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s mind. The Nobu Experience is not as cutting edge as it once was with many imitations now available but it is still a phenomenal experience.

If you are looking at spending a little less the Al A Carte menu allows you to enjoy a lavish lunch for around $50-60 per person.

Signature Dishes –

Black Cod Miso – This is one of the dishes that put Nobu on the culinary map. The sweet, salty, umami Glaze compliments the perfectly cooked cod in an incredible way. These hot-style dishes were quite new to Americans who really only associated Japanese food with Sushi.

Rock Shrimp Creamy Spicy – The Creamy Rock Shrimp are incredibly moreish. Little nuggets of joy smothered in an amazingly simple but delicious sauce…we make these at home now!

New Style Sashimi – The tends to be several slices of raw sashimi with hot oil or broth poured over it to just sear the outside, and provide extra flavor.

Nobu has a lot of imitators now!

Wing Lei – Wynn

Still One Star? – Skeptical

First of all, like most things at the Wynn the Dining room is simply stunning. Like walking in a grand palatial banquet, adorned with bold flora patterns, Chinese iconography, and even a giant golden dragon. It’s a really beautiful location.

Food-wise we are a bit torn. It is probably one of the finest Chinese restaurants we have dined in, but then the menu is all a bit too familiar. What is less familiar are the rather staggering prices attached to seemingly basic Chinese Staples. $35 for General Tso’s Chicken, $45 for Schesuan Prawns, $7 for Rice, and $188 for Peking Duck! On top of this portions of your chosen dish are not exactly generous!

However it is pretty fair t say whatever you choose, you are likely to experience the best version of this you have ever tried! On top of the wonderful presentation, the taste and balance of flavors are just about perfect and far far better than you find at your local Chinese restaurant.

The Highpoint is the Stunning Peking duck presentation, It is incredibly expensive, but this is Peking Duck at the royalty end of the spectrum, the type presented to emperors and dignitaries of the highest honor. There is a set menu at $168 or our preferred option of the Peking Duck Menu which is $108 pp and comes with several duck dishes on top of the initial Imperial Duck presentation.

It is a wonderful restaurant but we are not sure the Judges would still be wowed by the presentation anymore. This feels like a restaurant not moving with the times and simply taking tried and true Chinese cuisine and just polishing it. This is not what MIchilin Judges look for and we feel it would have been demoted.

But if you are looking for some of the best Chinese food available in the states then don’t let that put you off, dining here is an absolute pleasure and the setting and presentation have a real wow factor still. And while “we think” it may have lost its star, Wing Lei still picks up top honors in plenty of other dining publications!

Signature Dishes –

Imperial Peking Duck – Peking Duck with all the trimmings, but not as you know it!

Michelin Starred Chefs in Las Vegas

One good way to spot a Michelin-quality restaurant without the guides operating is to look at Chefs who have stars in other locations and see what they have brought to the Las Vegas Culinary Scene. This is not a Guarantee as often Chefs Open Restaurants based on their name that are not up to the standard of the Michelin Starred establishments they operate elsewhere. Let’s take a look

Gordon Ramsey

Our own compatriot does not live up to his hype in Las Vegas! When Gordon does his thing he is one of the best chefs in the world. At one time he held more Michelin Stars than any other Chef in the world, and while he has lost many of these he still holds 3 stars at Restaurant Gordon Ramsey in London. However, he has not tried to bring that style to Las Vegas. Instead, his offering is more Casual Dining than Fine Dining and could be considered a little bit of a cash-in.

Nothing wrong with that really but this article is all about Fine Dining and his 5 Las Vegas Restaurants do not fit that bill.

Gordon Ramsay Steak – A typical Vegas Steakhouse, Decent enough with great hunks of beef but nothing to call Fine.

Gordon Ramsay Burger – A burger joint isn’t getting a Michelin Star

Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips – Nor is a Chip Shop!

Gordon Ramsey Pub and Grill – Or a Pub!

Gordon Ramsay’s Hells Kitchen

The Hells Kitchen location is as close to a fine-dining experience as you will get from Gordon in Las Vegas, but it’s miles from a Michelin rating, it might sneak a bib-gourmand, but even that is unlikely as they do take price into account.

We do not mean to be too harsh on Ramsey, there is nothing wrong with his restaurants they are just not a fine dining experience, they are not meant to be, it’s just with his other culinary achievements some people expect all his restaurants to offer that level of culinary zeal!

Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck has earned many Michelin stars over the years and has two restaurants in Vegas that have earned Stars in their other locations.

Spago – Bellagio

Spago Beverly Hills earned Wolfgang his first two stars and put him on the map! However, when the Judges visited Vegas they did not award him any stars. The guide has since rescinded his Spago Stars and we feel it’s unlikely they would have done the opposite in Vegas. So we do not consider Spago a likely candidate.

It is a wonderful restaurant though, and nowhere as pricey as the other Starred restaurants on the list. It’s definitely an upmarket bistro kind of place and not what most people would consider Michelin dining. The menu is quite different from the Beverley Hill’s location which is more making to real fine dining.

Cut – The Palazzo

Cut in both Bevilly hill and Singapore both hold Wolfgang’s only current Michelin Stars, and while the restaurant was open in 2008 in las vegas it was likely still finding its feet. This is definitely Wolfgang’s best shot in Vegas.

Puck calls this a Steakhouse but it’s a long way from the normal type of Steakhouse found in Vegas! We really feel this is a restaurant worthy of a star and even if snubbed it’s certainly worthy of any meat lover’s custom!

Thomas Keller

One of America’s best and most well-known chefs. The man knows a thing or two about earning and keeping Stars! He holds 7 in total, 3 at his legendary Napa Restaurant the French Laundry* (2005-present), and another 3 at Per Se in New York (2006-present). Finally his cut-priced bistro Bouchon, just down the road from the French Laundry earned him his 7th Star, and it was this restaurant that he took to Las Vegas…

*also won the best restaurant in the world 2 years in a row 2003-4!

Bouchon – Venetian


Thomas’s style is Classic French and there is little more French than a Bistro Style restaurant. And Bouchon is about as classic a French Bistro as you can get. The Vegas location is almost a carbon copy of the Napa outlet and serves just about perfect french cuisine right by the pool at the Venetian.

Dining here is not about spectacular event dining this is just wholesome french food you could happily eat every day. Toast à l’Avocat (yes, you know what that means), Steak and Frites, Muscles au Safron Croque Madame, Tarte Citron, and Creme Brulee. The Bouchon Restaurants are a long way from the 3 Star experience you would find at Per Se or the Frech Laundry, There the food is simply beyond imagining, and here it’s every day wonderful!

Bouchon opened in 2004 in Las Vegas so could have been awarded a star but wasn’t, we are unsure of the reasons as the restaurant is every bit as good as the Napa Location, sometimes the judges can just be a little Churlish! So while this is not technically a Michelin-Starred restaurant we think it deserves one. Out only real irk with the Las Vegas Restaurant is its location, in the Venitien, if it were in the Paris Resort, it would make perfect sense but to go to Venice for a French Bistro is a little odd, but hey, this is vegas, we are actually in the middle of the desert so…

We actually prefer Brunch at the Bouchon. Dining Al Fresco by the pool mid-morning is a wonderful treat and really suits the style of the restaurant.

Bouchon Bakery

Definitely, not a Michelin Starred Restaurant, but worth mentioning, is Bouchon Bakery located in the Grand Canal Shoppes. This is the Frech Bakery/Patisserie owned by Keller and is quite wonderful for an ultra-light and flaky Croissant or Pastry.

Pierre Gagnaire

Twist – Waldorf Astoria

waldorf astoria las vegas twist plate

The 3 Star Chef Pierre Gagnaire is less well known in the States but is a formidable talent. His Namesake Restaurant in France has held 3 Michelin Stars since 1992! His Twist Restaurant at the Waldorf Astoria came too late to receive Stars in Las Vegas and is his only Restaurant in the States. It’s hard to guess how the Judges would have viewed it.

We consider it one of the best in the City and probably give it a 2 Star Rating. The concept is Frech Fusion and is quite affordable for a menu of this caliber and expertise. It is one of the City’s hidden Gems really as the Big Celebrity Chefs garner so much attention.

A four-course tasting menu is $140 with a Six Course setting you back $205, expensive but for Vegas Fine Dining reasonable. We don’t like mentioning this as it’s not very fine-dining-esque, but there is one heck of a view from the 23rd floor of the Astoria!

Overall this is a fantastic restaurant that is a little out of the limelight and just focuses on bringing you fantastic food. Well worth considering if you are looking for something a little different!

New Restaurants

With the Guide pulling out from Las Vegas in 2009, some restaurants never got the chance to be judged. Vegas never sleeps and new restaurants open all the time. Some of these could easily win Stars We take a look at some of the best options that have opened since the guide withdrew from the City.

Edge Steakhouse – Westgate

Edge Steakhouse Las Vegas

We actually Rate the Edge Steakhouse as the Best Steakhouse in Las Vegas! And this one has Michelin Star written all over it. We don’t always put too much faith in Tripadvisor but the Edge actually sits as the Best Restaurant in Las Vegas!

It is far too new to be included in the original ratings and Steave Young has since formed the restaurant into the Carnivores heaven it is now. The $100 tasting menu or $92 Dry Aged Prix Fixe will take you on one journey into the wonderful world of the best meats the country has to offer.

Our favorite Steakhouse and our favorite Vegas Restaurant, and we are sure the Michelin Judges would agree! We just wonder how many stars it would get?

There is one issue however and we need to see how this pans out. Steve Young, the Chef that created this beast of Steakhouse, has left. Hopefully, his legacy will remain and the Edge will continue to pump out the best steaks in the City, but we need to see how this plays out!

Signature Dishes –

Dry-Aged Steak!

Mizumi – Wynn

We included Wing Lei above and mentioned that it was an incredibly beautiful restaurant, somehow Mizumi is even more spectacular inside than Wing Kei! The Dining room is like stepping foot into Japan, complete with an Outdoor Koi pond and a 90-foot waterfall. It is absolutely memorizing.

But a beautiful setting is not enough to make a Star, fortunately, this ultra-pretty restaurant delivers on the food front too with High-end Sushi and Japanese cuisine. While the Sushi is fantastic, some of the best In the City, it’s the other dishes that stand out at Mizumi.

The Teppan/OMAKASE Menu is the way to go, offering 6 courses with your choice of Entree, prices for this range from $98 – $158 or more if you opt for Kobe or Hokkaido Snow beef which is charged at $75/55 per ounce!

Everything about Mizuma screams Michelin Star, possibly even two, the restaurant opened too late to make the guide but regularly wins alternate awards (Forbes 4 star). We are certain this restaurant would make the grade if the guide ever returns, but more importantly, you are guaranteed an absolutely stunning meal!

Signature Dishes –

Seafood Trio – Teppanyaki – Chilean sea bass, black tiger shrimp, Hokkaido scallop

Hokkaido Snow Beef – Melt in the Mouth marbled beef

Miso Toothfish – Wonderfully glazed Toothfish…(yeah we don’t know what a toothfish is either but Fine-Dining is all about nodding and pretending you know stuff…but it’s a deep-sea relative of the Cod, sometimes sold as Chilean Sea Bass)

Have Your Say

Dining is such a personal thing, so we would love to hear about your experiences. What are your top Fine Dining choices in the City? With so much on offer putting this list together was very challenging and we definitely may have missed some. So if your favorite is not here just let us know in the comments below. Maybe you had a bad experience in one of the restaurants we listed? Again just let us know, good or bad.

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