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Orlando City Guide

Before the 60’s Orlando was a small city in the middle of the Florida swamplands, It had little going for it from a tourist perspective and mainly served as a civil centre for a large number of military installations in the area.

This all changed in 1965 when mysterious companies started buying up huge tracts of swampland. These shadow companies belong to Walt Disney and he had plans to change the area FOREVER!

Now the Home to Dinsey World Resort and gigantic Theme park, Hotel and Entertainment complex that is itself the size of a small city Orlando is now one of the top 5 most visited cities in the USA. Over 70 Million people pass through the city each year, and most head for the major theme parks of DisneyWorld, Universal and SeaWorld.

But while Tour operators are happy to book people in a throw them on a plane a lot of people struggle to know exactly what to do when they get there. That’s where we come in we help you get around, find where is best to stay, what to expect from the weather and even find the best food in the area.

Welcome to our Orlando City Guide


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