Hawaii tourism guide

Welcome to our Hawaii tourism guide, We are acutely aware Hawaii is not a USA City instead it’s an entire state. We started this section of our page with the intention of focussing on Honolulu, Hawaii’s Capitol City. We quickly became aware of how much we adore the entire state and can’t limit out writing to just one tiny part of the islands so made the decision to extend the section out to include all of Hawaii. We do hope you enjoy reading about the whole incredible place.

I will always remember our first experience of this incredible place. It was 11:00 pm, we had just spent 26 hours on Airplanes or in Airports. We were in a Taxi hurtling through heavy traffic in the pouring rain. My Newlywed wife was not looking very happy and our blissful honeymoon was turning out to be pretty sour.

What a difference a night makes.

By Morning we stepped out into the most incredible locale you can possibly imagine. A sprawling metropolis, mashed into a tropical paradise. Just about anything a human being could imagine all within one tiny area. Mountains, Skyscrapers, Forests, Shops, Ocean, Wildlife, Beauty, Utility. It was a wonderland and we were hooked.

From there, things only get better and better.

We recently got asked what there is to do in Hawaii other than eat, drink and sit in the sun. Well, the truth is we don’t think there is anything you could want to do that can’t be done in Hawaii, it truly is a massively diverse Island State. with endless opportunities for rest, relaxation, fun, excitement, awe and wonder.

Hawaii really is the greatest place on earth.

hawaii tourism guide

The Islands

The Hawaiian Island chain is made up of multiple volcanic islands only 4 of which are densely populated. These are the main 4 tourist islands but there are opportunities to visit the other islands or even stay on them.

Click below for our individual sections on each Island

Oahu – The most densely populated island and the seat of government hence, known as the gathering place. Oahu is home to most of Hawaii’s famous locations including Waikiki, Pearl Harbour and the North Shore.

Maui – The Valley Island, an Island of contrasts. Green, Beautiful and Dramatic. No wonder its the Worlds no1 honeymoon destination.

Kauai – The Garden Island. The oldest and greenest island it truly looks like it’s from another world… Like dinosaurs could still be roaming…probably why the Jurassic Park movies were shot here!

Hawaii – The Big Island. The youngest and largest Island, In fact, its still being born. The home to some of the most active volcanoes in the world the Big Island is nothing if not dramatic.