Maui, Hawaii Attractions – All the Best Things to do in Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii is a true tropical paradise. With hundreds of miles of sandy beaches, beautiful azure waters and Luxury hotels The first thing to spring to mind is relaxing on a sandy beach with a Mai Tai. There is so much more to Maui than just beaches and cocktails though. Maui’s Diverse landscape means there are hundreds of activities and attractions dotted around the island. You will certainly want to spend some of your trip kicking back but when you do head away from the beaches it is important to know what attractions on Maui are best.

This page is a compilation of all our Maui, Hawaii Attractions. So you can find all the Best Things to do in Maui, Hawaii so you can plan the perfect trip!

Maui Hawaii Attractions

Maui, Hawaii Attractions – Articles

Must-See Sights and Attractions – All the things you must see when visiting Maui, Hawaii.


Best Maui, Hawaii Attractions and Activities

1 – Haleakala – The 10,000ft tall Volcano towers above Maui. A visit to the summit o this Volcano can really be a life-affirming experience. Whether by night to see the stars or day to see the martian-like landscape of the Ever popular Sunrise the “house of the sun” remains one of Maui’s most popular attractions.

2 – Best Luaus –  A Luau is usually top of most peoples list when the Visit Maui. Luaus are big business on the Island. As such, there is strong competition to keep prices low and quality high and drinks unlimited. We look at every Luau on Maui to bring you the BEST.

3 – Road to Hana – The Hana Highway Runs for 64+ miles along the rugged Rainforest coast of Maui Northeast area. It’s a remote and wild drive along a very challenging road. With multiple ways to experience this, we really rate it as a must-do…if you can stomach it?

4 – Best Beaches – Maui has more miles of sandy beaches than any other Hawaiian island. And nearly all of them are fantastic! Our guide explains which beach is best for particular requirements so you can have the perfect beach day.

5 – Snorkelling Sub Site – Maui’s waters are clear warm and packed with life. Unsurprisingly Snorkelling is one of the most popular activities.

Locations – Where is best for Snorkeling on the Island? We point you in the right direction.

Tips – The Ocean can be a daunting place for beginners, read our tips on getting in for the first time or improving your experience for learners and people with less confidence as well as improving your technique for more experienced Snorkelers.

Safety – Maui’s Waters can look stunningly calm and beautiful and for the most part, they are. But this is not Disneyland and accidental drowning is one of the leading causes of accidents on the Island. Don’t become a statistic and learn how to stay safe when Snorkeling.

Equipment – What to Pack to get the best out of your Snorkelling.

Hawaiian Reef Fish and Animals – What’s down there? …Spoiler …LOTS!

6 – Cruises and Sails – Maui is blessed with some of the most stunning, calm, clear, blue, oceanscapes in the world. It’s coastlines really are unimaginably pretty. Taking to the sea to take in some of this unparalleled beauty makes for an unforgettable experience. There are many ways to get out on the water and see all that Maui’s Ocean has to offer.

7 – Diving – Diving from Maui is truly world-class. If diving is your thing you can rest assured you will find some incredible dives from Maui. – LanaiMolokini 

8 – Helicopter Tours – Seeing Maui from the Air is breathtaking? It’s not cheap though so you need to choose the company wisely. We review all operators so you know what to expect and can find the best Tour.

9 – Wildlife – Maui has some incredible and diverse Wildlife. While on land the remote location of the Hawaiian Islands has limited the amount of flora and fauna found on the land. under the sea, the Island is filled with Riches. The Following Articles take a look at Maui’s best Wildlife and how you can witness it first hand!

  • Turtles – Hawaii’s Most famous residents, come and see where to find Maui’s incredible Sea Turtles
  • Whales – Every winter huge numbers of Giant Humpback Whales descend on Maui to breed and shelter form the frigid arctic winters of their feeding grounds. Find out when is best to see them and what Tours are best.
  • Maui’s Reef Fish – Stick your head underwater and you will find a myriad of underwater life. Maui’s waters are teeming with marine life. Find out what you are likely to find in our extensive guide.

10 – Hiking

11 – Hidden Gems


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