Go City Las Vegas Pass Review 2023 – Is The Go City Las Vegas Pass Worth it?

Las Vegas is a City built around entertainment. A city where there is no limit to the number of things to see, do, and explore. We genuinely believe there is something for everyone in Las Vegas and all you need to do is look for it and you will find your Happy! In fact, we find the biggest problem with Vegas is not finding things to do but actually choosing which things to do and how to pay for everything. If you find yourself in a similar boat then an Attraction pass may just be the answer! The Go City Las Vegas Pass is one such pass and in this review, we ask, is the Go City Las Vegas Pass Worth it?

The Pass really offers a lot. For one fixed price you can visit as many of the attractions on the list as you wish, Plus one Premium Attraction on the longer passes, with the potential to save hundreds of Dollars! Potentially granting Travellers the holy grail of Seeing more AND paying less! But is this all too good to be true? That is where our Go City Las Vegas Pass Review comes in!

Go City Las Vegas Pass Review 2023

We take a detailed look at the pass. We look at the attractions, which are worth your time, how much you could save, how best to use the pass, who it suits, and if the pass is worth your money! The truth is there is no one right answer, the pass suits some travelers and not others. Vegas offers so many different kinds of experiences, some people love the pass while others would rather just hit the casinos.

We do find most people can use a pass in one way or another and there are loads of different options for passes so you can find one to suit your needs, so read on to see if the Go City Las Vegas pass is right for you or if a different pass might suit you better, or if you just don’t need a pass at all!

We also consider the Changing Situation involving Covid-19 and how this may affect your trip and your decision to purchase a Pass. Covid Really has turned Travelling on its head, so we take this into consideration! And let’s be clear, we have used these passes on the ground in Las Vegas many times including our latest post-Covid trip to Sin City

Go City Las Vegas Pass Review 2023

Las Vegas Re-Opening Update!!!

Las Vegas is pretty much back up and running. On our last trip, there were only minimal Covid Regulations still in effect and these have lessened even further. We can again happily recommend the Las Vegas Go Pass and the Las Vegas Explorer Pass, with some Caveats!

The Las Vegas Go Pass had made some BIG Changes to its line-up with some Big Attractions being dropped due to extensive closures. With other attractions being Added. However, lots of these are now back on the pass with some BIG shows just being re-added.

The Las Vegas Go Pass is really getting back to its Pre-COVID line-up with the big shows coming back, and there are still tonnes of other fun things to do with most of the most popular attractions having Re-Opened! So a pass is again a great way to see more and pay less.

The Pass has also made some important changes to the way they work too. Mainly the Cancellation policy, which is now a full 90 days for a full refund. The pass also lasts 2 years from purchase so if your trip is canceled or postponed you can still use the pass.

Vegas really is back up and running and while people still need to make a personal choice of whether travel is still safe and right for them, the pandemic really is waning, and after two years of being couped up many people are wanting to get out and let their hair down. The Go City Las Vegas pass can really help you get the best out of your Las Vegas Trip.

  • ProductGo Las Vegas Pass – All Inclusive
  • Price: $135- $306
  • Price Child: $125 – $281 (Child 3-12yrs)
  • Where to Buy: GoCity.com
  • Number Of Attractions: 39+ Top Attractions + 1 Premium
  • Time Limit: 2-5 days unlimited (Consecutive Days)
  • Expiry: 90 Days Refund (No Quibble) – 2 Year Expiry for First Use
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 4.7/5

Attractions Included – 39 + 1 Premium Attraction Per Pass (3,4 and 5-day Passes only)

Premium Attractions:

  • Grand Canyon South Rim Tour – $119
  • Las Vegas Helicopter Tour – $154 – Night Flight
  • Blue Man Group – $152
  • KA by Cirque du Soleil – $151
  • America’s Got Talent Las Vegas LIVE – $112
  • Bryce Canyon & Zion National Parks Tour – $159
  • SkyJUMP at The Strat! -$139

Unlimited All-Inclusive Attractions:

  • High Roller Observation Wheel – Daytime Ticket – $31
  • The Mob Museum – $29.95
  • Skypod at the Strat + VIP Access – Open – $34
  • Madame Tussauds – $36.99
  • Big Bus Tour -$53.00
  • Real Bodies Exhibit – $32
  • Fly Linq Zipline – $47.50
  • Senior Frogs $20 food and Drink Credit – $20
  • Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris Las Vegas – $30
  • and Many more…
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Attractions


This is a great pass if you are planning an all-action trip. The pass allows access to many of Vegas’s best attractions. The High Price only makes sense if you are planning on making use of the Premium Attractions in which case it is a bargain, If not you might be better looking at the Explorer pass which can be better Value.

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What is the Go City Las Vegas Pass?

The Go City Las Vegas Pass is an All-Inclusive attraction pass offering you the chance to experience as many of the available attractions as you can manage from the available list within a certain timescale. 2,3,4 or 5 consecutive days.

The Las Vegas version of the Go Pass also has the added benefit of allowing you to visit any one of 8 “premium” attractions per card when you buy a 3-day, 4-day, or 5-day card. These premium attractions are all really high-quality attractions, however, we feel some are better quality and value than the others and it’s obviously a shame you only get one of these. We will have an in-depth look at the best and worst attractions later on.

What is the Las Vegas Explorer Pass?

Another option instead of the All-inclusive option is the Explorer pass. In short, you purchase a number of attractions, as opposed to days, and visit them at your leisure over a 30-day period. perfect for those who just want to see a few attractions at their own pace rather than tearing around the city doing everything. Read our full review here.

How much does the Go City Las Vegas Pass Cost?

Each pass is a fairly significant outlay however the price per day drops the more days you buy. This relieves a bit of the pressure to try and cram too much into each day.

The only exception is the 2-day pass where the price per day is less than a 3-day pass. However, this is because the 2 Day pass does not include Premium Attractions.

  • 2 Day Pass – Adult – $135* ($67 per day) Child – $125 – *$121 with our Code
  • 3 Day Pass – Adult – $236* ($78 per day) Child – $221 – *$212 with our Code
  • 4 Day Pass – Adult – $291* ($72 per day) Child – $276 – *$261 with our Code
  • 5 Day Pass – Adult – $306* ($61 per day) Child – $281 – *$275 with our Code

We do regularly get discount codes made available to use so check our Promo Code Page to see if we have any available right now for you to save EVEN more money!

How Long is the Pass Valid for and Can You Cancel?

Covid-19 has injected a huge amount of uncertainty and fear into Travel. We feel Go City has done the best it can to remedy this situation as much as possible!

The Go City Passes used to be valid for a single year after purchase. However, due to the uncertainty surrounding the Pandemic, people really didn’t know when they were going to be able to re-book their trips. To help with this Go City has extended its validity period to 2 years from the date of purchase.

This only really helped out with people who had already bought a Pass but had their trips postponed. People who were yet to buy obviously held off and we think you were right to do so. A pass is only really something you buy when you know you are going somewhere. However, if you have a trip coming up and are considering a Pass, it may be causing you concern that things may flair up again and you need to postpone, so having the 2-year validity date helps ease those fears!

They have also increased the Cancellation period up to 90 days. This means if you buy less than three months before your trip and something changes and you cannot travel you can get a quibble-free refund, no questions asked. They really have done everything possible to keep the Pass relevant and workable for people Visiting the City.

How does it Work?

Las Vegas Pass Mobile

The Las Vegas GO pass is a digital pass. It is emailed to you after ordering and you then either use the pass directly from your phone (See Image right) or you can print it out and use it that way. Either way, it is a QR Barcode that is scanned at the attractions allowing you entry to the attractions.

The Pass is activated on the first day you use it and then you have the number of days you purchased to enjoy as many attractions as you like from the list. These are consecutive Calendar days, not 24-hour periods. So make sure you activate it early on your first day or you will lose that portion of the day prior to activating.

As some of the attractions require pre-booking it’s important to read the details of how to book your attractions before visiting to ensure you get to do the activities you choose. We have handily marked any that require pre-booking.

Is the Go City Las Vegas Pass Right for Me?

Vegas is a very diverse city and many very different people visit for many different reasons. A large number simply come to party, drink, and gamble. And that is fine, but it’s unlikely these people are going to get much value out of an Attraction Pass.

Shell Vegas V Theater Show

However, as you are reading this, and have got this far, this is probably not you. You are probably interested in visiting attractions and making good use of your time while in Vegas. So an attraction Pass may be the right choice for you.

The Las Vegas GO Pass is by nature designed to be used a lot. It is fairly steep on the price front and as such you need to visit a lot of attractions to get the value from it. If you are just considering taking in a few attractions at a more leisurely pace may be the Explorer pass would be more suited? Here you select a number of attractions you wish to visit and then have 30 days to visit those attractions at your leisure.

The 2-day pass offers pretty good value and you can easily cram enough into two days to make it well worth the outlay. The 3,4 and 5-Day Pass are really only great value if one of the 4 Premium Attractions is very attractive to you. Basically, take a look below at our descriptions of the 5 Premium attractions, and if one Jumps out at you then you are probably going to find great value in the Go Pass. The Premium attractions cover nearly 50% of the value of the Pass!

Other Passes?

There are several passes available for Las Vegas and some may suit you more than the Las Vegas Go Pass:

Las Vegas Attraction Pass Comparison

The Las Vegas Pass Review – Discontinued

The Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass Review

The Las Vegas Explorer Pass Review

The Go Las Vegas Build Your Own Pass – Discontinued

I’m not sure a Pass Sounds Right for Me!

We know the pass is not for everyone, and while we do believe for most people if the attractions are appealing a pass is a great idea, for some they just don’t like the feeling of being tied to something. So while the Passes are not for everyone, most people do like saving money!

Vegas is a city where everything can be got cheaper, where getting a deal is all part of the experience. There are loads of ways to visit attractions for less while visiting Vegas. we feel the attraction passes offer some of the best savings but there are other options. Read of full guide on Saving Money in Las Vegas.

How do We Test?

We make sure we try the Passes and the Attractions in person. We visit the destinations, try out the passes, and see exactly how they work and what is both good and bad about the passes AND the attractions. We travel in a way we expect other people to travel as well. In Vegas we spend time by the pool, time in the casinos, time eating incredible food, and time visiting attractions. We try and find some time to sleep but that is fairly optional!

If you want to see exactly how the Las Vegas Go Card can be used for an AWESOME trip check out our latest Live Blog entry where we hit Vegas Hard, Pass in hand! We got fantastic value out of the Pass but it didn’t stop us from hitting the pools, Casino’s shops, and a ton of other things not covered on the pass. The Pass simply enhanced the experience, exactly what a pass is supposed to do! See more, Pay Less!

How are things Post Covid? Well, we have that covered too, we headed back to Vegas in March 2022 to check out the Pass and see how the City is recovering from the Pandemic. Spoiler, it’s recovering really really well!


The pass is ALL about attractions, if the attractions do not appeal there is really no point in getting the pass. While we often find some of the least appealing attractions for us, end up being our favorites, if the roster of things to do doesn’t get you going, you should probably skip the pass.

With this in mind let’s take a look at the best of the line-up so you can see if the pass is worth it for you. If by the end of this, you are super excited about all the things you can see and do with the pass, we promise you are going to have an awesome time using it!

Premium Attractions:

When Buying a 3-Day, 4-Day, or 5-Day Pass You are able to choose one Premium attraction from the following but Remember it’s ONE premium Attraction per PASS.

Full-Day Grand Canyon National Park Tour – $119

Grand Canyon South Rim

One of the most popular attractions for Visitors to Vegas is a trip to the Grand Canyon. However, most people end up at the West Rim. This is much closer to Vegas and has a very touristy feel. However, the actual canyon at this viewing spot is poor in relation to the fantastic South Rim.

With the Las Vegas GO Pass, you get the opportunity to travel to the South Rim and see the absolute best of the canyon. Here you will see it at its widest and deepest, and most spectacular. Many leave the west rim a little underwhelmed as the canyon is not what they had imagined from all the photos and films they have seen. That is because all those were shot at the South Rim. This part of the Canyon really will take your breath away!

Read more about West Rim vs South Rim here

So why do most go to the West Rim? Well, the South Rim is an awfully long way. This trip has a 5-hour coach journey each way! This makes for an awfully long day. while this is broken up with stops, it’s still going to be a grueling trek by the end. We wish we could say it will be fine but 10+ hours on a coach is going to be tough for anyone! Is it worth it? Oh yes, It’s worth it, but only if the Grand Canyon is really high on your list and then only if you can afford a FULL day out of your trip to see it. If you are not 100% determined to see the Grand Canyon in all its glory then this isn’t for you. There are also other options to see the south rim that are not as grueling, such as an overnight stop close to the Canyon or a flight out to it. Or if you just want a taster the West Rim is still a very impressive place.

These Coach tours are not our favorite so we tend to suggest seeing the canyon a different way and choosing one of the other Premium Attractions But if seeing the Canyon is a lifetime dream, and a coach trip is your only option this is a very high-value item, and $119 is 60+% of the 3 Day pass price!

Las Vegas Helicopter Tour – Night Flight ($154) Pre-Book

Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour Night Flight

A really fantastic option for an experience of a lifetime. Seeing Vegas at night from the Air is an unforgettable experience. The strip is an awesome sight at night but from the air, it takes on a whole new level of spectacular. You will have seen Ariel footage in films and with this option, you get to fulfill that vision as you fly low taking all the incredible visual delights the City has to offer.

The obvious downside is if you have a severe fear of flying or even heights then you are going to want to give this a wide berth. But for everyone else, this could be the experience of a lifetime! And unlike the South Rim Tour, it’s not going to take a full day of your trip (and your Pass!)

We love this option and feel it is easily the highest-rated and most popular choice of premium attraction. There really is nothing better than soaring over Vegas at night! Check out our video below!

NEW – SkyJump at The Strat – $139

Skyjump at the Strat

There is not much good that comes from Coronavirus, but the closure of the shows has forced Go City out to pick up some new attractions and the two they have added are incredible!

Now, Skyjump is not for everyone, it is a seriously scary and heart-pumping experience. Plummeting 108 stories, 855ft at 40mph towards the ground is pretty much up there as about the most intense thing you can do, and expect to live to tell the tale!

For most, this is a defiant no-no, but there is still a large group out there that like us will be stoked they can do this as part of their Go-Pass. It is a really great option for the thrill-seekers amongst us. But be warned, if you chicken out at the last minute you will not get your premium attractions refunded, so be sure you have the kahuna first!

Full Review Here

Bryce Canyon & Zion National Parks Tour – $159

Zion Canyon Angels landing
Angels Landing – Zion Canyon

Just added to the Pass, in Response to so many attractions closing, is the Zion Canyon Tour. And we have to say this makes us so happy! These two parks are some of America’s best, and while they used to be some of the State’s best-kept Secrets, that secret is OUT! Join the millions of people who now enjoy Zion National park every year. Honestly, Zion is one of the most beautiful places we have been to in America, you will not be disappointed. If we had to pick between Zion and the Grand Canyon, Zion wind every time! Not to mention it is considerably closer!

As this trip is new to the pass, we can’t personally vouch for it. We usually do Zion and Bryce as a DIY Road trip. But for those that don’t want to hit the road themselves, this seems a great way to get out and see these two seriously beautiful national treasures.

Read more about Zion and Bryce here – this article is about a GC road trip but the first sections are pure Zion and Bryce!

Blue Man Group Show ($152)

Blue Man Group

Personally, we are not exactly massive fans of the Blue Man Group. But it is wildly popular and anyone aware of the group and eager to catch a performance this a great way to save some money.

If you are not sure what the Blue Man Group is then it’s essentially a stage show largely based around percussion that features a large amount of comedy/ humor (mainly slapstick) all performed by 3 bald men with heavily painted blue faces. It has a very strong cult-like following but it also has a habit of offending quite a lot of people too. It’s all a bit love it or hate it. However, tickets to this show are quite pricey so by choosing this option you are getting good value assuming the Blue Man Group is something you want to see.

Cirque Du Soleil – KA ($150)

KA Cirque Du Soliel

Our favorite Cirque Show and really welcome addition to the Pass. KA is a mind-blowing show with a heavy oriental and martial arts theme. The Entire Set moves and shifts on a huge hydraulic platform as the Stars journey through an epic lifetime adventure of Love, Betrayal war, and triumph.

It really is spectacular and something everyone visiting Vegas should see. Incredible stunts, costumes music, and drama.

America’s Got Talent Las Vegas LIVE – $112

America’s Got Talent Las Vegas LIVE

The New America’s Got Talent Show has arrived in Vegas and is making some big waves. VAriety performances have always been really big in Vegas, and the AGT live is the mother of all Variety shows. With all your favorite acts from the TV Show performing live right before your eyes. This is a really exciting option for your premium choice.

Can’t choose just one?

That is one heck of a line up! Choosing between a Helicopter tour, A trip to the Grand Canyon, or one of the incredible shows is a tough choice to make. However, there are a number of other passes that let you choose multiple Premium attractions. If choosing just one premium is impossible for you to check the links below for other pass options that allow multiple premium choices:

Standard Attractions:

With all the passes you can visit as many of the following attractions within the set number of days you have purchased. The List of available attractions is far larger than we could ever feature in this post but these are a selection of our favorites and that we feel are the best value.

High Roller Observation Wheel – Daytime Ticket – Open ($30.75)

The High roller is really a fantastic attraction and something everyone should do in Vegas. The Highlight of the HighRoller for us is the Open Bar, unfortunately, this is no longer an option due to Social Distancing, but the View from one of the world’s tallest Obseraion wheels is still incredible. Read more about the Wheel here. The Day Price is included in the Pass but you can pay the difference and upgrade to the nighttime experience which is quite a bit better.

The Mob Museum – Open ($29.95)

A great little museum featuring the history of organized crime in the USA. Vegas was a big mob city back in the Day It’s the perfect place for a museum of this type. Not your usual heavy museum. One of Las VEgas’s Best Museums.

The Stratosphere Observation Deck – Open ($34)

Stratosphere Hotel

We Love the Stratosphere observation deck and consider it one of Vegas’s must-do activities, so having it on a pass really helps. Unfortunately, none of the rides are included on the pass but still the skip the line entry is a nice plus and you can pay extra for the rides when up there, should you be so brave!

The View from up top is quite unlike any other in Vegas and gives a great perspective down the strip, but also out over the vast Las Vegas valley with the stunning Spring Mountains rearing up in the distance!

Madame Tussaud’s – Open – $36.99

madame tussauds las vegas alan

While we enjoy a good Madame Tussauds, the truth is a lot of them are not exactly that good, mentioning no names (<Cough> New <Cough> York <Cough>). The Vegas Location however is actually one of our favorites! While London is our hands-down winner and the original, The Vegas edition really hits the right note of the City. It’s fun, young, and full of hangover references. It is super touristy, but if you are just looking for a fun break from drinking or gambling it really is a hoot, with a ton of awesome Selfie opportunities.

Read more…

Big Bus Tour – Open -$53

Get out and See Vegas from the Open top deck of the Big Bus Tours! These tours are very touristy, but if this is your first time In Vegas it is a great way to check out the strip. It is a Hop On Hop Off Bus, but the truth is they do not work very well as transport, they are fairly infrequent and a slow means of getting around. Treat them more like a tour, but definitely hop on and off a couple of times and they are a great way to get to grips with the layout of Vegas.

The view from the open-air top deck is pretty awesome, but be prepared to sock it in as the bus will spend a lot of time in traffic! The bottom line, if you need to get somewhere fast, don’t use the Big Bus HOHO, but if you are just sightseeing it’s great!

Real Bodies Exhibit – Open ($32.95)

Bodies Ballys Las Vegas

Certainly, this exhibit only appeals to a certain type of person, but if that is you this exhibit is incredibly fascinating. We really do recommend this to anyone with a curious mind and a strong stomach. Remember these are REAL bodies of deceased people!

It is a very strange sensation looking directly into the eyes of a real deceased person, but it is also facinating and hugely informative. We headed to the Exhibit hosted at the Horseshoe Hotel and Casino (previously known as Bally’s)

Hoover Dam Tour – Pre-Book – Open ($55)

Hoover Dam Tour Grand Canyon

While probably not on your list if you chose the South Rim Grand Canyon tour, as you will have stopped here on that excursion. If you chose one of the others or are on a two-day card then this is a great option. The Hoover Dam is a must-see in Vegas and it’s well worth visiting. The only issue is it’s a 5-6 hour trip which, while well worth it, will limit the number of other attractions you could visit that day.

Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris Las Vegas ($30)

We love getting up high and the Eifel Tower gives yet another opportunity to get up high and see the city from another angle. The Experience is more than just an observation deck though as you are taken through a history of France before riding the glass elevator to the top.

More info here on the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck

Area 15 –  Illuminarium Experiences ($29)

Illuminarium Nebula

Area 15 is a new sprawling attraction that has recently opened in Vegas. Filled with wild and varied interactive and technological attractions and art installations and experiences. One of these is the very impressive Illuminarium. Essentially this is a large projections screen, like a cinema, only the projections are all around you allowing you to feel like you are entering the actual space.

There are various experiences included, such as Space, an Africa Safari, or even taking a drink in Tokoyo! It’s a really cool and unique experience.

There are many different experiences at Area 15, but for now, only the Illuminarium is included.

Vegas Rockstar Club Tour – Pre-Book – ($99.00) Currently only on Explorer Pass

A fantastic night on the tiles. After pre-drinks, you are chauffeured around in a party bus to some of the best nightclubs in the world, let alone Vegas. This really is one for the party animals, and it’s sure to be a wild night. Great if you don’t really know where you want to go as you will visit a few different clubs. Also, you will likely be in a group so if you are alone or a couple or a small group you should hopefully pick up a few new friends! This includes booze on the Party bus but not in the clubs. Club drinks are really pricey so make sure you pre-load (maybe at senior frogs, see above?) and take advantage of the party bus!

We checked out this tour on our last trip to Vegas here…it got pretty messy

The Foundation room is a great start, with amazing views, Voodoo is one of our top rooftop bars and clubs in the whole city and Hyde is a top club and the perfect spot to end the night in front of the fountains!

Rockstar Pool Party Tour – Pre-Book – $89.00 – Open Currently unavaible

A chance to check out some of the hottest pool parties in town. This can be as wild or as chilled as you like. It’s a great way to have a good look at some of the pools outside of your hotel. While you are transported around checking out the parties. You can either party hard or if last night was rough spend time chilling in the sun.

These two rockstar tours are horrendously over-priced, and many guests do not feel they get great value from them, however when used on the Pass they are a total bargain, the tours feel practically free and you get a good amount of free drinks and access to some of the best Pool Parties and Clubs in town!

Is the Las Vegas Pass Good Value?

If you take at face value, all the “gate” prices listed, then the Pass is clearly exceptional value. You can potentially save an absolute fortune. However, the “Gate” Price can be misleading as we explain below. First here is a quick breakdown of easily achievable savings using a 3-day Pass:

Day 1 – Tourist Traps!

Using the Bus to get to and from Downtown and the Stratosphere.

  • Hop-on Hop-Off Bus Tour ($53)
  • Madame Tussauds ($37)
  • The Stratosphere ($34)
  • Mob Museum ($30)
  • The Big Apple Roller Coaster ($23)

Total – $177

Day 2 – Explore

  • Hoover Dam Highlights Tour ($55)
  • Señor Frogs: $20 Food & Drinks Credit ($20)
  • Area 15 – Illuminarium ($29)

Total – $104

Day 1 – Flying High

  • High Roller Observation Wheel ($30.75)
  • Fly Linq ($47.50)
  • Eiffel Tower Experience ($30)
  • Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour ($154) – Premium

Total – $262


  • Total Cost: $ 543
  • Cost of Pass: $ 236
  • Total Saving: $ 307!!! over 45% Saving!

Of Course, these are incredible figures, However, in Vegas, nothing needs to cost what it’s meant to. There are always savings to be had and costs to be cut. So really you could easily save at least part of that saving without purchasing a pass. But that would mean quite a bit of work hunting around and searching out all the best deals. With a Las Vegas GO Pass, it’s really very simple to achieve very large savings with minimal effort.

The above Itinerary would lead to an utterly fantastic trip and is completely achievable. All for $236.

Alternatively, take a look at our Live Blog and see how we used the Las Vegas Go Pass very recently to have an awesome time in Vegas!

AND you could possibly save EVEN more with our Promo Code page which could snag you even more discount! Currently, we have a 10% Code making the 3-Day Pass only $212 another $23 Saving, enough for an extra drink or two by the pool!

Check Our Promo Code to save even more!!!

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It is not all about cost either. It’s very clear there are large savings to be made but the additional benefits of using a pass all help add hidden value to the GO pass.

Bellagio Fountains


Knowing what attractions you would like to visit helps greatly in planning what you will do and where you will go. It’s amazing how many people rock up in Las Vegas with no real idea of what to do. Having the pass gives you a real plan of action and something to base your planning around.


The fact the pass is one simple fee really helps with budgeting. it can be very hard to know how much you will spend on any trip but especially so in Vegas where everyone seems to be trying to get money out of you in one way or another. Having your entire attraction budget nailed down to one fixed price is quite a reassuring thing.

Less Hassle

As we mentioned you could save part of the total savings by hunting around and getting as many deals as possible. after all, Vegas is the home of the cut-price and coupon savings. Almost any price can be lowered by one saving or another. But that’s quite a chore. You would also have multiple tickets and coupons etc. With the Go pass, it’s one quick online purchase and you have all your tickets in one place as a hand QR Barcode ready to scan.

Well, almost it should be noted that some attractions require pre-booking. You can’t expect to just show up the morning of your south rim tour and just hop on. these things need to be planned. But it greatly reduces the workload. Just remember to read all the Detail about each attraction you wish to visit!


A pass can really help you understand what is on offer and available while in Vegas. Simply looking at the list of attractions can easily give you ideas for attractions that you really didn’t know existed. While of course, you don’t need to purchase a pass to use it for inspiration, you can just look at it online and use that as your guide. We still think it’s worth mentioning.

On their own maybe the following is not enough to recommend a Go Pass but when you consider the savings as well as the advantages it’s a pretty fantastic deal In our opinion.

See More, Pay Less

In Reality, the pass does not actually save people THAT much money. Our Suggested Itinerary above is not something someone without a Pass would ever really consider. However having the pass really does let you get out and see the BEST of the City, while only paying a limited amount of money. It can really be the Holy Grail of paying less and seeing more! On trips, before we found the pass we penny-pinched and really did very little but wandered around the City.

With the Pass we hit everything! There is no longer a cost element to consider and you simply throw yourself headfirst into the experience. For this reason, we love the Pass!

What We don’t like!

We also query quite a few of the listed prices for some attractions. These are the worst-case prices and in a lot of cases in Vegas, they could be had for a lot less. But the pass still represents good value if you get use out of it.

It’s a shame that the pass has to be used on consecutive days. The option to have pool days/days where you don’t use the pass is a real bonus on some passes. But all Vegas passes work this way apart from the Explorer pass.

It is also worth noting that a number of different shows are included on the pass. One limitation of this is you may only visit one show per day of the Pass. For us, this is not a big deal as we tend to just do the whole dinner and a show thing and don’t really want to plan too many shows in. But if you are planning on using the pass to see as many shows as possible this can be a bit of an issue for some people.

As ever with all-inclusive Attraction passes you need to be careful not to chase the pass. Trying to cram in just too much in an attempt to get maximum value! We find it best to really just focus on the Attraction you really like the sound of, if you are not sure just give it a miss and head off and do something you really want to.

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We really like the Go City Las Vegas Pass and think it offers really good value and ease of use to the right traveler. The Premium attractions are a great selling point of the pass assuming they are something that interests you. If not stick to a 2-day or look elsewhere. But for a fairly significant outlay, the pass enables you to greatly maximize your trip potential. There are plenty of really good high-value attractions, way more than anyone could visit in 5 days, so you will never be short of things to do.

The value of the pass cannot really be doubted even if some of the headline prices are a little above what you would pay if you shop around. You would be hard-pressed to get the sort of savings the pass offers, but we think Super savvy buyers may be able to get close, but that’s a lot of legwork.

It is hard to ignore the fact the Pass really has, on our previous trips, really opened up the City. We tried things and visited places we never bothered to when all we saw was the entry fees and some of these have been our favorite things to do. So many times we considered whether we should do A, B, or C? High Roller, Stratosphere, or the Eiffel Tower? With the pass, we did all three!

For anyone wanting a super busy action-packed break in Vegas that they are sure to remember. One where they will get to see and do everything, The Go Las Vegas Pass is pretty hard to beat!

Have Your Say?

Let us know if you have used the Las Vegas Go Pass. Did you find it useful and good value? Which Premium Attraction did you go for? Let us know if you have any questions about the attractions listed or how they work. Or if you have any comments or questions at all just leave us a comment below and we will get back to you.

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154 thoughts on “Go City Las Vegas Pass Review 2023 – Is The Go City Las Vegas Pass Worth it?”

  1. I have been considering one of these because some of the items on the list I was already planning to do, and so it seems like it is well worth the price.
    My question is about weather cancellations, as they get very weird weather in Las Vegas.
    There are many outdoor activities on the card that could be effected by inclement weather, so can you give me an idea of how they handle this part of the service.
    Thanks for all of the great info!

    • Unfortunately their policy isn’t great on this. Weather is an unfortunate problem in life and if an attraction is closed due to weather during your pass window then unfortunately there isn’t a lot they will do. Their official advice is try something else in the guidebook!

      Not great, but really we are not sure what they can do. They can’t offer a full refund just because one attraction is unavailable. While Vegas can certainly get some incredible storms and such they are usually short lived. So any attraction that is not available one day can probably be done another. The pass is very flexible in that regard.

      After all if you hadn’t bought a pass you would miss out on any attraction cancelled through bad weather anyway. Although We understand with a pass you have already paid upfront.

      They do offer a full refund if you don’t activate your pass (first attraction) so if you know the trip is going to be a wash out you can simply return the pass for up to one year after purchase.

      Hope that helps with your decision.

  2. Oh my what a great value! I never knew this about Vegas until i ran into your site. Seems like an amazing deal if used properly it seems. I’ve always wanted to see the grand canyon but always thought it would be an expensive trip( I like to party :)).

    Is it appropriate for couples? Cause we all know the phase “what happens in Vegas”. This go card definitely seems like a tourist trip which is what I’m looking for (plus the drinking). Thank you so much for this it is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi, Yes it can be a big cost saving if you are planning to do a lot of activities.

      A lot of people dismiss the Canyon, especially the south rim as they think it just too expensive. But like most things in Vegas deals can be found.

      Yes its perfectly suitable for couples. If you use it the right way. The available activities are very varied but a lot of the choices are very coupley. It could certainly be used by people looking to party too. That’s the great thing about a pass it really can be used how YOU want it!

      Thanks for reading glad we alerted you to these passes.

  3. Hi Steve. Thanks for the really helpful info. I have never been in Las Vegas but next spring about to visit my daughter and granddaughter in Los Angeles. One of my “must visit“ places is the Grand Canyon. I’m still not sure in which way to do it but after reading your post and very attractive Las Vegas Card options, it would be the number one in the list.

    • Hi, Andrej’s

      Thanks for reading,

      Hope you have a great trip to see the family, have a look around the site we have lots of information on Los Angeles as well as Las Vegas. We are sure if you visit Las Vegas while out there you will have a great time with this pass, especially if you take the Grand Canyon option. If its a must visit place for you its well worth the effort to go see the south rim however you make that happen!

  4. Hi Steve!

    Man! that’s a lot for a little more than 100 bucks.

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but I’m planning to go someday, the lights, the people, the nearby National Parks and helicopter rides!! Awesome that you can have them all toghether in one pass.

    Thanks for the review! 😉

    • Hi Israel,

      Yeah there is a lot to see and do in Vegas apart from just drinking and gambling. It is such an awesome place. Hope you make it there soon you will be sure to have a great time, even better with a LV Go Card in hand.

      Thanks for reading

  5. Vegas is not the type of vacation that you take to get a lot of leisure time. The city is going 24/7. Having been to Vegas many years ago having one of these passes back then would have been a great money saver. I don’t think I would go any higher than a 3 day pass for the simple reason that it has to be used on consecutive days once it is activated.
    I was glad to see downtown is included in the pass as an attraction. A trip downtown is a must if you want to see where it all began. I know the light show was spectacular when I went I can just imagine how much they have added to it since then.
    The thing about a lot of these attractions are you are only going to do them once but you will probably visit Vegas more than once so to have these passes to help save you money I think is great.

    • hi Maureen,

      Glad you liked the review. We absolutely love downtown everyone should head down there. 

      Yeah it’s a shame it consecutive days but I guess you can’t have everything. Getting a longer pass does make it better value though so would take the pressure of fitting too much into each day. 

      Hope you enjoy your next trip 

  6. wow, such an informative article, I’ve never been to Vegas , its still on my travel list but i know now that one day if i travel to vegas i know about this Go Card,

    Thank you so much for this post, i need more of this information as i will travel to west and east coast for a long trip, will come back to check this site for sure 🙂

    • hi Elbert, glad you found the site informative, feel free to look around we have tons of info on many places on both the east and west coast. Hope your trip is awesome. 


  7. Hey Steve, I feel like going to Vegas now, which I should since I’ve never being there; thanks for the very clear explanation on the Go card, it’s sounds to be a pretty good deal for the ones who want to visit the city and not only the Casinos. can the package be customized at all? do they have a return policy or any kind of guarantee in case something goes wrong? thanks again for the detailed info, will definitely consider to buy the card when I’ll visit Vegas

    • Hi Stefano,

      Glad we got you in the mood for a Vegas trip, you should definitely head to the City if you have not been before!

      The card is not really customizable from it’s current form. It offers you entry to ALL the attractions on the list for the number of days you chose so is customisable in that sense, you pick and choose which attractions suit you best. Very few people would manage ALL the attractions.

      They offer a money back guarantee on any unused pass. so if you trip is cancelled you can claim the cost back. You also have a year from the date of purchase to use the pass SO if you postpone your trip it’s probably still good for the new date. It doesn’t start until first use.

      Thanks for reading

  8. Great review! I love Las Vegas but have never seen too many attractions when I was there it all seemed so expensive but with these passes it would be a lot more cost effective.
    I like that fact that the Explorer pass allows you to pick your attractions. I have never heard of the Mob Museum but it seems interesting and the Stratosphere is beautiful, I have never been inside.
    Overall, your review is very thorough and an informed decision on the available passes is made easy by your review. Again, great job!

    • Hi Shawana,

      Yeah Vegas is very expensive but their are always deals to be had for everything we rarely pay full price for anything. However we still love the Go Card as it just makes that saving process a lot easier. The Mob museum is very interesting and the views from the top of the Stratosphere are just incredible. Hope you get back to Vegas Soon, it’s such are fun place to visit.

      Thanks for reading

  9. What a great and informative article! We are planning a trip to Las Vegas so I was looking for some information about the city as I want to make the most of each trip. It is a great idea to get the Las Vegas card due to significant savings. I will definitely get the card and suggest also others to do so. Does the price of the card changes at certain times of the year or does it remain the same all year long?

    • Hi Arta,

      Glad the Go Card Appeals to you, we certainly think it can add great value to Vegas trips.

      The price remains reasonable stable throughout the year there are sales every now and then but it is never discounted by much as it is already a heavily discounted product. Most attractions run year round so their is not really much reason to make the pass seasonal.

      Hope your next trip to Las Vegas is awesome, we are sure it will be.

      Thanks for reading

  10. Hi! I am going to Vegas for the first time in 2 weeks as a group of 6. (3 couples) I have been looking into the pass for a while now and am torn on which option to get. Does anyone know if I can but two of the 5 attraction passes, so I am able to go to 10 attractions? I will get there late on Sunday night and have all day Monday and Tuesday and most of the day Wednesday, so I don’t want to get the 3 day all inclusive and not be able to use it when I arrive that night, b/c then I it would be “expired” on Tuesday night, when I have all day left Wednesday. I am also thinking if I buy the all inclusive, I would be rushed to do as much as I can in those few days and it would be less than 10 things I can do, between walking/riding places, eating and just the general wait time for anything going on. We want to do majority of things together, but each couple will also do things on their own too, so we may all get different options for the card, but I want to be able to get the most of out of my time, and also out of my money. Thanks for any tips you can give me!

    • Hi Katie,

      10 attractions in 3 days might be a bit of a rush anyway. It’s certainly doable but it will be a busy trip! Even consider the 7 Attractions Explorer pass as that will allow more time for just experiencing the Strip etc.

      What attractions are you planning on doing the Sunday night? You could just have a more chilled night in the casino’s etc. and not activate the All inclusive Pass until the Monday morning giving you Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with the PASS. This might depend on how long a day Sunday is going to be and where you are flying in from? A long flight and you may not want to do very much at all!

      There is certainly nothing stopping you buying two passes each and doing it that way. That would work out at $230 where as the All Inclusive is $239. While that makes the AI seem poorer value Remember the AI Has the choice of one PREMIUM attraction. These are what makes it cost more as they are much higher $ Value. But if non of those appeal then your 2×5 attractions gives you more flexibility timewise, as you say you can use it as soon as you arrive right up till you leave.

      Really I would put it down to whether or not the premium attractions are of value to you and what you are realistically planning for the Sunday night.

      Considering your timescales the helicopter would probably be the best option out of the premium’s as it takes less time.

      Its sounds like one way or another you are going to have a really good trip though! Enjoy.


      • Steve, thanks so much.
        The 7 attraction was what we’ve been planning on, but every time I look, I think I want to do more and more things. We are flying from Atlanta ( a 4 hour flight) and won’t get there until 9:30pm, which is 12:30am for what our bodies are used to, so you’re right about it probably just being too long of a day to do anything that night anyway. I keep thinking we’re going to hop off the plane and be ready to get the night started, but in reality, I’m sure I’ll want to do absolutely nothing.
        There were no premium attractions that I REALLY wanted to do, but if I ended up getting that pass, the Blue Man Group would be the one I’d choose. And from what I’ve read, that doesn’t count against your onw show a day with the pass, so that’s a plus to me.
        Do you have any suggestions on must try restaurants or things to do/places to go?

        • It can be very tempting to just try and cram more and more in when there is so much on offer, but really there are only so many hours in a day and trips like this can be surprisingly exhausting. A 4 hour flight isn’t too bad but still with a body clock time of 12:30 you are going to be very tired? If it’s your first trip to Vegas you don’t actually have to DO anything the first night simple seeing the strip is enough of a thing!

          It also sounds like you are a big group, These can be awfully hard to organise and get moving around town! There is always one who is faffing about lol. I would suggest just going for the 7 Attraction Pass. You don’t sound too fussed about the premiums and would probably only do the Blue man group Because it’s on the PASS, rather than it being something you really want. So it’s better to concentrate on things you really want. With the 7 attraction Pass Focus on the things you really want to do and the more expensive options, then if you do use all your attractions up and still havve the time and inclination to do more there is still $90-99 left that the more expensive options would have cost! so you can just pay at the gate for the rest!

          Also For shows check out the half price ticket booths on the strip which sell same-day tickets at half the price. The will have limited availability as they only sell off what is left. If you fancy the High Roller wheel this is also best done “off Pass” As you can order the happy hour package. Which is an open bar with a big group like your that will be a hoot! Group-on has $5 off the standard price right now.

          As for things to do Apart from the pass attractions Head to Downton one evening if you can. Its really neat and more like Vegas used to be. For food You need to do at least one All you can eat Buffet. We love the bacchanal at Ceasers but most are pretty epic. Also if you head to downtown Stop off at the Stratosphere has 2 for 1 cocktails at happy hour in its 107 sky lounge. This gets you free access to the observation deck too.


  11. Thank you for your detailed information. Would one of the discount cards be better for families? If so, which one would you choose. How flexible are they with the days you use them?

    I have never been to Las Vegas, but I will definitely look into one of these options if I do go.

    • Hi Lnovy,

      The Go card isn’t the best card for families as the nature of the card requires a fairly rigid schedule to pack the attractions in. The Card requires you to use it on consecutive days so once activated (first use) you have the number of days you have purchased to use the card. For example a 3 day card must be used in 3 consecutive days. A 5 days card in 5 etc… This can be an issue with families who normally require a lot more flexibility.

      The Las Vegas Explorer pass though is a bit better in that respect as you buy a set number of attractions and you can use them anytime within 30 days of activation (first use) This means you can simply use the card as and when which helps a great deal with a hectic schedule. You do miss out on the premium Attractions though.

      Hope that helps

      Thanks for reading


  12. I live in Vegas now, but I’ve used the Go Card both for when I used to visit from LA and now when my family visits. It’s a great way to see and do a lot of different things for one price. I think it has the most value for people travelling from far away, and it does feature some of the best things to do around here. While I love the Grand Canyon and the helicopter tours, my favorite attractions are some of the smaller exhibits – The Real Bodies Exhibit is amazing, and I love the mob museum.

    • Hi Sunny,

      Yeah we do agree the card is best suited to those traveling in, people who want to pack as much into a trip as possible. More regular visitors are more happy just enjoying casinos, bars and pools etc..

      That’s the one of the great hings about the card it encourages people to head to the less well know attractions and exhibits. The Grand canyon and Chopper tours are rammed down your throat and with limited money these will be the tours people choose. With the smaller attractions included on the passes people are more likely to give them a go. And as you say they are very well put together exhibits. The real bodies is very enlightening, certainly not for everyone but we love it. Really suits Vegas too as it’s all a bit surreal, like Vegas in General!

      Thanks for reading


  13. I have been to Vegas many times and have done some of things offered on the go card. I absolutely think it is worth the money! I know just the Blue Man Group itself was expensive, and I would see that again it was so great. When I go again, I definitely will get the go card. There are a lot of things I have wanted to do like the helicopter tour. Seems like a terrific deal!

    • Hi,

      Glad you think the pass looks good value to you. The premium attractions do offer very good value if they are things you want to do.hope the card helps make your next trip even better. 

      Thanks for reading


  14. Las Vegas is one of my favorite places to visit. I’ve been there 3 times before and each vacation offers something different.

    I had no idea you could actually get a Las Vegas Go Card which actually saves you money, but when you think about it it’s actually a great idea.

    I enjoyed reading your post and the Grand Canyon South Rim Tour is something I haven’t done before, but would be really interested in.

    • Hi Steven, 

      Glad you enjoy visiting Vegas it is right up there as one of our favourites too. There is just do much to see and do it’s a really fun place. (a happiest place on earth for grown ups!).

      The South Rim is a phenomenal place but it is a long trek from Vegas but well worth it. The west rim is much closer but is a little less breathtaking but the trip is so much more accessible. Hope you get to see the canyon on your next trip.

      Glad you like the idea of a Pass, Maybe give it a try next time you are in Vegas?

      Thanks for reading


  15. Hello – thanks for posting! I actually had no idea about a Go Card and I have been to Vegas 6 times. Interesting but I’m thankful that you have provided a lot of information on this because I think in the end, this isn’t for us. We enjoy the busy streets and go in and out of casinos and eating and drinking. We might hit a show but only one per trip, so we wouldn’t get our bang for our buck by purchasing this.
    I am glad you mentioned the piece around “These are consecutive Calendar days, not 24-hour periods. So make sure you activate it early on your first day or you will lose that portion of the day prior to activating.” I think that is valuable information for a purchaser to know. Thanks for this information, I always love reading about what Vegas has to offer.

    • Hi Lyndsay,

      Yep these types of passes are not for everyone or every kind of trip. If all you plan to do is enjoy the strip and casinos then you will no get the value from the pass. It is definitely geared more to people who want a “do everything” kind of trip. 

      Thanks for reading and hop you enjoy your next trip. 


  16. Thank you for your amazing post! It’s gonna help me so much for planning my trip to Las Vegas.
    I have a question for you that there is a note in every shows which mentioning “You may only go to one show per day (excluding Blue Man Group) when using the All-Inclusive Pass.” I was planning to watch 2~3 shows per day but I disappointed about this limitation. So I can’t watch; for example, Las Vegas the Show! and Nathan Burton Comedy Magic in the same day?

    • Hi Jason,

      Yes, sorry this is one of the limitations of the Las Vegas Go Card. We are aware of this limitation but never thought of it a really big issue. We tend to think of shows as a once an evening type of thing. A whole Dinner and show concept, followed by some gambling. And sure enough, most of the shows do clash in some ways making seeing two a day, not really an option. But as you mention the Nathan Burton Comedy show is at 4 PM so easy to catch one of the later shows as well. As such we will update our review to make others aware of this as it is clearly an issue for some people.

      We are afraid there is nothing really that can be done about this and it’s simply a restriction, probably enforced by the show organisers. If you still want to go for the pass it’s just something you need to factor in when doing your calculations on if it’s worth it or not.

      The other option is the Las Vegas Explorer pass, the restriction only applies to the All-inclusive Go Card with the explorer pass you can visit more. You don’t get the Premium attractions though if they were of interest to you? If it’s just mainly the shows you are interested in then you could see great value from the explorer pass!

      Thanks for reading and hope you have a great trip and get to see all the shows you want!


  17. I used to live about an hour out from Las Vegas, so I have been many many times. I can say that I had not heard of this go card. But in my opinion it is absolutely worth it. There are a lot of things listed on there are definitely worth seeing, and I see how you can save money. We are headed there this summer for a competition. I will have to consider this, depending on how much time we will have.

    • Hi,

      Glad you think the pass is worth it. And being a “Local” you can recommend many of the attractions. 

      Hope you have a great time this summer and if you have any spare time you get to check out the Pass.

      Thanks for reading


  18. Hey Steve, I really enjoyed reading your review of the las vegas go card. My girlfriend and I are where thinking about going to las vegas as summer vacation. The las vegas Go Card seems to be quite a good deal. Plus the price is alright in my opinion considering all the things we can do with it. I mean I don’t have to plan anything else if I have it. 🙂

    • Hi Aaron,

      Great to hear you are heading to Vegas soon. It is such a great place to visit! We are sure you will have a great time.

      You will certainly kept busy if you use the pass, but remember to spend some time hitting the Casino’s!

      Thanks for reading


  19. Ok, well, I have to admit that coming from Ireland I had only ever really thought of Las Vegas as a destination for gambling and partying. But wow, there’s so much to do! And these GO cards and Explorer passes look like a fantastic alternative to sitting in a casino all day and night. I love the idea of the helicopter flight and even the Real Bodies Exhibit :O The High Roller looks amazing too. Thanks for all the info, it’s definitely something I’d look into 🙂

    • Hi Jyl,

      Of course there is nothing wrong with just spending your time in Vegas drinking and Gambling, it can get a bit much and there is TONS to do on top of that. As you can see you have already found a few things that stand out to you. Vegas from the Air is unforgettable and the High roller really is highly recommended by us.

      Hope you get to Vegas soon and get to try some of these things out.



  20. Hi Steve. Thanks for your review. It solidifies my decision to get the Go Vegas card. My sons (21 and 18) can head out without the parents and do the things they want to so they’ll have some freedom. I have a question. I will book the Grand Canyon Tour. Can I only book it on the first day I start using the cards? If I booked it in advance of my trip does it activate the card? I was thinking about booking the trip well in advance so I know we are guaranteed a seat but then I was thinking if I did that, it would activate the cards while we wouldn’t even be there…

    • Hi Danielle,

      Great to see you are planning on using the Go Card. We are sure you will have a great time. We really have always had great experiences with them.

      No, the card will activate when you actually scan the pass when at the attraction. Booking the trip in advance will not activate it until you actually attend the tour. You can book it for any time within the activation window. As long as you do the tour within the activation window it will be fine. Just booking the tour in advance doesn’t activate. It just secures your place on the tour as they do sell out.

      If you know when you want to do the tour don’t delay in booking and rest assured the pass will not activate until you arrive at your first attraction and scan the pass.

      Have a great trip and feel free to report back on how it went.



    I recently bought a build your own pass with 3 attractions for my wife and I. I saw another attraction that I really wanted to add to my Vegas Go Card. I called to get this attraction added to our already paid for Go Card. The representative said once the Go Card is paid for and processed no changes can be made. Changes can only be made if the order has not been processed yet. That really makes no sense to me. I want to give them more money for another attraction but they will not take it. Pretty frustrating actually. I guess I learned a lesson the hard way.
    So be sure you have added ALL the attractions you want BEFORE you pay. Yes I probably could cancel the order, get my money back and apply all over again but we leave for Vegas in 5 days and I don’t want to chance waiting for a refund and running out of time.

    • Hi Stacy,

      That is not something we have come across before. It does sound a bit off as long as you haven’t activated the card I don’t see why it can’t be added. As you say you could just cancel and get a new card. While I would not worry about getting the refund. Smart Destinations are a big reputable company, I can see your worry about not getting the refund in time. It will be over 5 days to hit your account the way Banks drag their feet assuming the refund is processed instantly.

      Can you not put it on a credit card and pay it off when the refund does come through?

      Thanks for letting us know they don’t allow changes to the card.

      Hope you have a great trip.


  22. Hi, I have bought two 3-day card for our visit to Las Vegas from 31st Aug to 5th Sept 2018. We will be using it from 2nd to 4th Sept. Since we cannot make pre-booking now for the Beatles and Vegas Show, we will have to try to book on our arrival on 31st August. We are worried that it will be too late to book the shows for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th.
    Is there a way we could book for these shows before

    • Hi Alfred,

      We know it is not an ideal booking method and leads to a bit of anxiety that you won’t get the bookings you want. These shows do not always sell out though and tickets are usually available if you get to the ticket office early on the day of the show. We Recommend checking the ticket website a few time before you go. There are normally tickets available for example the beatleshow has tickets right now for the 19th July so if you were there today you would get tickets! This should provide you peace of mind (or at least a realistic expectation) that you will get tickets.

      Las Vegas never really gets quiet, but September is not a peak month so availability should be ok. As far as we know there is no way to book beforehand but you could attempt to e-mail or phone the ticket office and ask. The worst they can say is no and probably reassure you of the likely hood of getting on the day tickets.


  23. Thank you for the detaile review. We will be traveling with our two teenagers, so thus not drinking or gambling, so a lot of these attractions would be great. I, like you though, just wish the days could be split. We’ll be spending a day and a half in Vegas, then doing the canyon for 3, then back to Vegas for 2-1/2 days before leaving.

    • Hi Teresa,

      Yep, it is a shame you can’t split days. A lot of Go Cards do have this feature but these are the beach destinations where people really need to break up the trip. Of course, we would argue the same is true with Vegas, some days you just need to sit by the pool, or as you say make a trip out to the canyon or something. Take a look at the Explorer Pass through as you choose the number of attractions, not days so you can use it over any number of days on your trip. The downside is you lose the premium attractions.

      Thanks for reading,


  24. Was considering a GO Card for my upcoming Vegas trip but after reading this I’m thinking that the Explorer might be better suited for me.

    As much as I’d like to be able to take advantage of the all-inclusive, I just don’t think i’d be able to make it worthwhile.

    Thanks for clearly showing how this card works and what it entails. Helped me a lot.

    • Hi Nathan, 

      Yeah the Two cards offer different approaches and suit different trips and people. The Explorer Pass does offer a more relaxed trip allowing you loads of time to party, relax by the pool or empty your wallet into a fruit machine lol But you still get to get out and do a little of the other side of Vegas. It is a really good pass.

      The Go Card is more suited to the people who want to hit it hard and pack everything into their trip.

      Glad out Article helped you identify which pass suited you best. That is the main purpose of the article so that’s great!

      Thanks for reading, Hope you have a great trip. 


  25. This is a really helpful review! I didn’t even know these existed. My sister and I are planning a trip to Vegas right now and we were just going to wing it. Now I know that there is a much better way to go about it.

    The Explorer card will definitely be more our style because we are going to want those pool days to just relax, but the overall value of the Go Card is too good to pass up.

    Other than the attractions listed, is there anything else you would recommend?

    • Hi Taylor,

      Glad you found the Passes before your trip, It is always better to have a (Flexible) plan rather than completely winging it. We always find we have a much better trip knowing roughly what we plan to do!

      Sounds like the Explorer pass is perfect for your trip, we tend to prefer the All inclusive and we just go hard and get things done, but we are all different and if Relaxing by the pools is your priority the Explorer is perfect as you can visit attractions as and when you get bored and fancy a change!

      Check out our things to do in Las Vegas for ideas on what to do in the City, Vegas is just so much fun and there is something for everyone, We definitely recommend heading to Downtown/Freemont street for a different take on Vegas.

      Thanks for reading


  26. That night flight helicopter tour looks real cool, but I’ve always wanted to see Blue Man Group, too, so hard to choose.

    I don’t really like heights so some of the attractions are out and maybe the helicopter would be too intense.

    I think the Explorer Pass where I can do attractions at my leisure sounds better, less pressure and more my style.

    Makes me want to book a trip to Vegas now or maybe I can drive as I live in Colorado Springs so not a bad drive to Vegas.

    I will let my family and friends who like to go to Vegas about this review on the Las Vegas GO Card.

    Thank you

    • Hi Alexander, 

      I am not great with heights, but most of the high attractions do not provide a great deal of exposure, which is what most people are actually afraid of. It’s not the heights but the exposure to them. The Stratosphere, the High Roller and the Eiffel Tower are all partial enclosed and stable so they don’t feel high, you just get the staggering views. Same with the Helicopter tour. The Choppers are pretty stable and they don’t always induce fear in people who are afraid of heights. It is more of a problem for people with a fear of flying.

      The Explorer pass is a great choice, but does lack the Premium attractions, but gives you much more freedom to spread the attractions out as you see fit, where as the All Inclusive you do need to cram them in a bit, which doesn’t suit everyone.

      Thank for passing our site along to your friends and family hope you all have a great time when you Visit Vegas next. Funny you feel like booking a trip to Vegas right now as that is exactly what we are doing. It would be a fair old drive from Colorado Springs, but it’s a good route with tons to see on the way! 



  27. What’s up Steve?

    That’s a kick ass article you have there!

    My friends and family, including myself of course, we almost have a tradition of going to Vegas at least twice a year and it’s usually just for a weekend.

    Stumbling into your article almost seems like it’s a sign that we must plan another trip soon!

    So to add to my excitement I want to thank you for writing about the go pass, because I’m going to run it by them to see if they would want to do something different for once.

    Keep up the good work, I enjoyed your article!

    Jose Reyes, Founder

    • Hey Jose,

      Thanks for the Kind words, and Glad we kick started another Trip To Vegas for you and your friends/family. One f the great things about Vegas is the variety, even people who have been many times can always find something new and different. 

      Glad to hear you fancy trying out something new in Vegas, The Go Card can really help you find something new and exciting to do that could become a tradition of the future! 

      Have a Great trip


  28. I must say that this is not bad at all, at least for me. I was in Las Vegas 2 years ago. It is not even that expensive and I think that everyone who would like to visit Las Vegas can afford it. I especially like night flight where you can see how beautiful this city is.

    • Hi Daniel, No you are right, Vegas CAN be expensive if you choose it to be but it’s also pretty cheap if you look for value. The Quality of the hotels is in credible considering the cost.

      Check out our Saving Money in Las Vegas Post where we discuss this in detail.

      The Helicopter flight at night is an incredible experience, hope you get back soon to try out the pass.

      Thanks for reading


  29. Hey! I got this one a couple of months ago! We went to the Grand Canyon and it was beautiful. 

    My friends did the helicopter tour, too – I’m kind of afraid of height and I didn’t want to risk it – and they loved it. The couple before us? Not so much!

    The pass is definitely worth the money. We saved a lot of money. We had made a good plan without rushing through everything!

    • Hi Jenny,

      Great to hear you tried the pass and liked it. It is important to make a bit of a plan before hand to get the best of it. The Grand canyon is an incredible place and well worth visiting, the helicopter is our other favourite. We don’t find the height thing too much of an issue. The way a helicopter fly’s means you are not really exposed, and that is what most people are actually scared of, the exposure not the height.

      Thanks for the feedback


  30. This article only left me with one or two questions as it was very dtailed.

    My first question is:

    My daughter is 14, it is only the two of us, there are quite a few attractions that I think we would enjoy together, I am not a huge gambler or drinker, so going to Vegas just for the atractions, is it worth it, and would my daughter be able to enjoy all the attractions?

    I did not see any inclusion for hotel stays in the packages, are these just attraction packages? 

    I have always been interested in a trip to Vegas, I wanted to go before it was rebuilt, how has it changed since the renovation as far as the nostalgia Vegas was known for?

    I agree about the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, as I have been there and the views are very breath taking. But for someone that has seen the south rim, the west rim actually sounds a little interesting, are there any packages that include a visit there?

    I may wait to go until my daughter is a little older, what is your opinion on this?

    Thank you for such an in depth article on Vegas vacationing, it seems there is more to Vegas than one would think.

    • Hi Stacie,

      There are certainly some attractions included on the list that are adult (21+) only, the pool party, VIP Club Tour, Open Bar at Senior Frogs etc…Others are not adult only exclusive but are geared towards a more adult audience, Zombie Burlesque and real Bodies for example.. Other are for all ages, such as the stratosphere, the high roller, Eiffel tower, big bus, helicopter tour, Grand Canyon, hoover damn etc We are sure your Daughter will love. There is a lot to do nowadays in Vegas that is suitable for kids, and plenty is included on the pass.

      Unfortunately there are no hotel discounts included in the pass., Try here for our tips on getting cheap hotels in Vegas

      Non of the passes include the west rim, but really it is a poor cousin of the south rim. Sure the touristy attraction at the south rim are fun but they pale in comparison to the natural beauty of the south rim.

      As we said Vegas is still a fun place for kids especially older kids, it’s simply a stunning place with so much to see and do along with plenty of fun pools to relax and play in. There is no doubt it MORE fun as an adult, but it’s still fun as a child. Our Advice is take her now AND once she is 21! But there are plenty of other places a 14 year old will love too! Check out our other City in the menu above.

      Thanks for reading, have a great trip wherever you go! 


  31. I am planning my trip to US and of course Vegas is the top on the list. I have heard about Vegas a lot and especially about the Casino and night life. I do not party a lot but this time I am going with my wife for the first time so I would like to give her best travelling experience there. We would be travelling there in January, so the price will increase or remain same that time?

    • Hi Sanjay, 

      Great to hear you are planning on heading to Vegas, it’s a great City!

      The Las Vegas Go Card tends to review prices around Feb/March so should still be the same in January. However the pass is good for 1 year after purchase so you don’t need to wait until January to purchase? 

      Thanks for reading


  32. Hey Steve,

    I’ve always wanted to go to Las Vegas, been eyeing on that for 2 years now but I couldn’t find the right package from travel guides. I decided this time I’m not going to join tour guides but rather try and travel on my own and the Vegas Go Card’s premium pass sounds so enticing. Do I use the card whenever I want to go to those attractions myself or do I have to follow a tour guide?

    • Hi Riaz,

      Yeah you just get the card delivered via Email and just use the Pass either Straight from your phone or printed out, you just scan the pass directly at the entrance to the attractions no Tour Guide, Not travel agents just head straight to the attractions you fancy as and when.

      Some attractions need pre-booking etc but there is now tour guides involved at all. You are in charge of your own travel completely!

      Have a Great time in Vegas!


  33. I have been avoiding Las Vegas as a vacation spot because I never really saw it as a place to take the whole family.  Your in depth review of the Las Vegas GO card has really shined light on this.  I never knew there were so many things to do so cheaply!  This GO card is defiantly the way to do it.  

    I think the family vacation this year will be one for the books.  Thank you so much for your very informative webpage, and for turning me on the Vegas GO card!   Clay

    • Hi Clay,

      Yeah Vegas has changed alot over the last few years and is now an entertainment hub for all ages, it’s still more geared towards adults but it’s now pretty family friendly with tons of things to see and do.

      Hope you have a great trip and get great use out of the Pass



  34. I have never heard of this “Go Card” before but then again I have never been to Vegas (yet). It sounds like a pretty smart move to pick an assembled package with the hottest attractions, but hardcore travelers (not me) usually knock them because you dont get “an authentic experience”. I would probably try it though.

    Even though you listed it as a negative I wouldn’t mind the consecutive day Itinerary, I would trust the native’s sense of direction way more than my own!

    • Hi Renton,

      Yeah we hear these passes knocked all the time. But in most cases we pretty much disagree with most of the detractors, these Passes have their negatives, which we have tried to point out, but on the balance of things they always give us a far better trip than without a pass, and we have tried most locations with and without! 

      While we would not say our site is for hardcore travelers we would certainly put ourselves in that category, and getting an authentic experience is often not all it’s cracked up to be. We rather embrace the tourist in us and try and enjoy out trip, rather than complain about passes on the internet!

      Also we are not sure what an authentic experience in Las Vegas is? But understand how this can be applicable, with other locations and passes, but we still disagree. We are preparing for our next big trip next week to New York and one of the first things we did was arm ourselves with as many passes as possible!

      Thanks for reading, Hope you get to experience Vegas soon.


  35. As far as these types of holiday passes go – I really do think that this Las Vegas GO Card is a pretty impressive deal. 

    Let’s face it – there is a lot to see and do in Vegas and it really can get a bit costly, the fact that many of Vegas’s best attractions are covered by it is a big help. 

    So the cheaper Explorer Pass can only be used for the smaller, less important attractions?

    • Hi Chris,

      Glad to hear you think the pass is good value, we really agree in most cases. If you are going to do the attractions any way it makes sense to save a bit of cash while you are at it!

      The main difference is the explorer pass does not include any premium attractions. Other than that the line ups are pretty similar, in fact there is more on the Explorer pass. Of course the explorer attractions based not day based so you can take your time and do the attractions as and when which can save you cramming them in like the Go Card. 

      Thanks for reading


  36. I think the go card is a really good idea and great value for money. I used something similar in Florida and got my monies worth as I’m all for this as I will be going to Las Vegas next year! 

    I find this card appealing as I want to visit the hoover dam and also the mob museum.

    The blue man group is a show I want to see as well so I’ll probably gave this as my premium attraction!

    Thankyou for this review as I wouldn’t of known about this go card. 

    • Hi Darren, 

      Hope you have a great time in Vegas, we are heading back next year too and really can’t wait! We will be armed with a Pass as well.

      We have used an Orlando Pass too, along with many others and they always give us a much better experience than visiting without a pass!

      Enjoy Vegas


  37. Excellent,

    We are planning a trip to New York soon to and will definitely check out that pass too! 

    We definitely think passes are such a great idea, like you say you end up seeing so much more!

    Thanks for the great reviews and hop you have a great trip to New York!


  38. I am thinking of getting a Go Card for my trip to Vegas next month. I noticed if I try to book a show separately, it charges you a lot of taxes. If I go to a show using the Go Card will they also charge me taxes or any other fees at the door or box office?

    • Hi Belinda,

      Not at all, the card covers the full cost of entry, the only time you would need to pay anything is for extras or upgrades there are no hidden costs such as taxes etc.

      Hope you have a great time in Vegas and enjoy the pass if you go down that route.

      Thanks Steve

    • Hi RJ,

      Not at all no. Despite you buying the passes together and even linking them on the same APP, there is really no linkage at all to the passes. They will each operate as a single pass. Meaning you can use each and every pass however you please. Even with the Premium attractions, there is No need to choose the same premium attraction on every card. This is good as not everyone would enjoy the driving experience or the helicopter tour, so one or two of you could do that while the others see a show.

      Hope that clears it up for you if you have any other questions fire away.

      Have a great trip


  39. What a great option especially if you are not from Las Vegas but want to have a trip that includes a number of things that you might have missed out on otherwise. I personally love the concept and it would be something I am interested in as I plan my trip to Vegas. I am so glad I came across this very informative post. 

    • Hi Lee,

      Yeah, this is definitely a tourist pass, not many locals would want to do so much in such a short space of time, assuming they do any tourist activities at all. 

      Hope you have a great trip when you finally make it to Vegas. It is such a great place and with a Go Pass you are sure to have a great time.


  40. Hi, I’ve been to Vegas twice, but I didn’t purchase any of the passes. I actually didn’t even know about them, so thank you for this very comprehensive article. I have visited some of the attractions you mentioned: Grand Canyon, High roller, Mob museum and Real bodies exhibition. The Las Vegas Go pass might not be for me, because I don’t like rushing from place to place and visiting too many attractions in a day. The Explorer pass might be a better option for me. I´m going to check that out before my next trip to Vegas.

    • Hi Kirsti, 

      Shame you had not heard about the passes before your trip, It sounds like you could have saved quite a bit of cash. The Pass does require you to pack things in a bit but it’s not too bad, there was plenty of nice downtime on our last trip. Soaking up the sun by the pool, or just gambling away in the casinos. 

      The Explorer Pass is also a great option. and as you noticed mean you can go at your own pace. You lose the Premium attraction and you won’t save AS much as possible with the all inclusive but there is no pressure or time constraints.

      Either way, you will have a great time. The only thing better than visiting Vegas is visiting Vegas again and again!

      And remember to check out passes for other Cities you might want to Visit in the USA! 

  41. Your in-depth review of the Las Vegas Go card has really shined a light on this. I have always been interested in a trip to Vegas, I wanted to go before it was rebuilt, how has it changed since the renovation as far as the nostalgia Vegas was known for? I did not see any inclusion for hotel stays in the packages, are these just attraction packages? I never knew there were so many things to do so cheaply! The GO card is definitely the way to do it. I agree about the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, as I have been there and the views are breathtaking. But for someone that has seen the South Rim, the West Rim actually sounds a little interesting, are there any packages that include a visit there?

    Thank you so much for your very informative webpage. It seems there is more to Vegas than one would think.

    • Hi Nasrin,

      The New Vegas bears very little resemblance to the Vegas of old. The Super Casino’s are all about overt luxury and indulgance. It is very different. However, The Fremont Street Experience is a little piece of the old Vegas preserved for the present and future generations. It’s very much the old Vegas and is really fabulous.

      Yeah, the Passes are really just for Attractions, Hotels and such will need to be arranged separately, we don’t know of any pass that includes hotels. The good news is Hotels in Vegas are REALLY cheap. You can bag some real high-end luxury for a really low price.

      The west Rim will be a disappointment to anyone who has seen the South Rim! It isn’t even the main canyon but an offshoot that is so much smaller and less impressive. None of the other Las Vegas Passes Have any tours to the West rim and really we are happy with this as it’s just not the greatest experience.

      Vegas is so much more than just a gambling location now and there really is so much to see and do and things are opening all the time. You need never be bored in Vegas! Especially not with the Go Las Vegas Pass


  42. The Las Vegas Go pass is indeed an awesome idea. Very exciting to imagine that you can have the chance to explore as much as you can. Knowing myself, I wouldn’t sleep. Will be here in the day and there in the night. Just to explore as much as I can.

    The sight seeing pass will also be valuable since I am not into partying. These guides are really helpful as I can imagine there are way more things to do in Las Vegas which can be quite overwhelming.

    Thank you for your reviews.

    • Hi Carol, 

      Indeed Sleep can be a hard thing to come by in Vegas, but eventually, you run out of steam and just have to crash! 

      We try and find a balance between, fun, sightseeing and relaxing, with a bit of sleep thrown in here and there lol

      Have a great trip to Las Vegas and hope you enjoy the pass!


  43. I have been wanting to visit Vegas for quite a few years now but the fact that I have a large family always made the cost of the trip to seem impossible. I wasn’t aware of these all inclusive passes before reading your article.

    I agree that money could be saved with more research and effort but for someone like me who really needs to nail down a budget for a trip like this, getting a pass might be the most painless option. I am definitely going to look into making a trip this summer. I will bookmark your site for future reference and planning.

    Is there a time limit the passes need to be used after purchase? For example, is it possible to purchase the passes now and then plan a trip for a month in the future? Or do the passes need to be used very quickly after they are purchased? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Shannon, 

      So Glad our review has helped you realize your Families dream of visiting Vegas! That is super cool!

      Yeah, we love the fact it provides such a simple way of budgeting, one pass, and all attractions are covered. it is a great system and guarantees you are saving the most money possible.

      You get one year from the date of purchase to redeem the pass. We find one or two months out is perfect as it helps spread the cost of the trip. The pass does not activate until you visit the first attraction. Some attractions need pre-booking but this does not activate the pass until you actually visit the attraction, just secures your spot!

      Hope you and your Family have a great time in Vegas!

  44. I’ve heard a little bit about the GO Pass but not extensively so a thorough review of it is much appreciated. Definitely if you are spending $319 it better be worth it, and I’m glad to see that GO Pass receives a favorable rating here. 40 attractions altogether is a lot and for sure will keep you busy. The Grand Canyon tour sounds like a pretty solid premium choice. I agree that it’s a shame you only get 1 premium choice, and I like your recommendation regarding the Explorer package. Great post I’m definitely bookmarking it for my next Vegas trip!

    • Hi Pentrental, 

      Glad you like the look of the pass, we really do think it massively helps with any trip to Vegas. Both the cost savings and seeing and do far more than you would without.

      Hope you make to Vegas soon and have a great trip!


  45. Hi

    Can you please clarify if you can use each activity more than once? The website says: You can visit each attraction once per day unless otherwise noted in your guidebook. But it also says in its FAQ: Can I visit the same attraction more than once? No, you can only visit each attraction once with Go Las Vegas.

    Can you confirm which statement is correct?

    • As far as we know it is once per lifetime of the pass.

      To be perfectly honest we have not tried to visit the same attraction twice per visit, there is just so much going on and so much to do we dont waste time seeing things twice. But if that was your plan we don’t think its going to work.

      Its also worth noting its limited to one show per day too, but again thats never been an issue for us as we dont want to see more than one show a day

      Hope you have a great trip


  46. Thank you for your suggestion about Las Vegas Go Pass. I am not an American, but one of my friends is pursuing his postdoctorate in the USA, and recently told me he is visiting Vegas with his wife. It’s just a few days trip. I must suggest to him about Las Vegas Go Pass, actually I am going to forward this article to his email.

    Among the attractions, Grand Canion, Vegas rockstar Club tour, Helicopter trip, Hoover dam trip Will Certainly be on his must-do list! There are so many attractions I am sure he will love the Pass.

    He will be on a Budget so even though this will save him a lot of money he may need to choose one of the cheaper options?

    • Hi, Great to see you think your friend will like the pass and thanks for forwarding our post to him.

      We love the pass as most of the attraction on it are really top attractions that most people want to do. We are sure your friend will have a great trip using the Pass. 

      Remember unless he chooses a 3+day Pass he will not get a Premium choice such as the Grand Canyon or Helicopter Tour. 


  47. Thanks for this review of Las Vegas GO Pass. Our network marketing company is sending delegates to our annual conference in Vegas and this looks like a good additional to the current surprises the management team has for its members and distributors. And looking through your review here, it looks like a good deal, a value for money kind of deal. But being tasked by the company to get something at the lowest cost possible, do you think it is possible to avail of a volume discount from GoCity?

  48. Getting the go card would actually help a lot in cutting expenses and save more on cost. I and my family would be going on our annual  vacation and this time around, we are headed towards las vegas to explore and I’m sure it would be worth every hour spent on the journey. Thanks so much for suggesting this and I will surely get it for us. I will try to share this out to people too. Thanks

    • Hi,

      Great to hear you are going to give the pass a try, Hope you have a great trip and it saves you some money. Feel free to report back as to how you got on!


  49. Vegas!  What a great destination.  Everyone should experience it at least once, right?  I was there 10 years ago.  My husband and I just spent our time walking from one casino to the next.  I can definitely see how a package deal would be beneficial and cost-efficient!  I really enjoyed your article and how you compare the savings in the packages.  It’s worth it, in my opinion.  The 3-day pass would keep you busy, for sure!  I do agree with you about how it’s too bad the passes have to be used on consecutive days.  Maybe that’ll change in the future.  What about the weather?  Thanks for the great post.  My next Vegas trip will have to include something like this!  🙂

    • Hi,

      Great to hear you like the sound of the pass and are going to try it out in the future. We are sure you will get great use out of it.

      Yeah, it is a shame the pass is consecutive days. The upside is a lot of trips to Vegas are short so you tend to cram things in and head home shattered anyway.

      The Vegas Weather is pretty reliable so there are not always too many issues with this. A lot of the attractions are not weather dependent being indoors so the flexibility of the pass means you can chop and change things if you get a bad weather day. If it is pre-booked tour such as the helicopter tour they will let you re-book for another day if it is a weather cancellation.



  50. I once had a visit to Las Vegas and it was a really nice experience. Although on my visit there wasn’t enough money on me to do all the walking and catch enough fun as i wanted. Knowing i can get an all expense paid go card to visit Las Vegas again without having to think of spending more money from my pocket will be really nice. Hopefully by December i would get a go card for myself. Thanks for sharing .

    • Hi Benson,

      Yeah, Vegas can be a hugely expensive place but having the Las Vegas Go Pass really can help keep those costs down and pack even more in.

      Hope you have a great trip to Vegas in December and have a great time with the Pass


  51. Oh wow!  I did not know that there was even a Las Vegas Go pass!  That is awesome!  I actually really like the price of this, and feel this is a good deal for someone who really wants to enjoy Las Vegas!  Some people may feel it expensive but that could be because they have never been to Las Vegas!

    • Hi Jessie,

      Yeah, the cost is quite high but we really think it represents amazing value as long as you find the included attractions appealing.

      It is very easy to spend a lot of money in Las Vegas and the Pass really helps keep those costs down.

      So you can lose even more in the Casinos!


  52. I have bought something similar when I visited Chicago and it was the best thing I could have gotten! There are so many sites to see when going to a new city, especially one like Las Vegas. I would suggest anybody that is thinking about going to Las Vegas taking advantage of this offer. I like the idea that you can custom tailor the pass to suit you and your group, seeing as many or as few attractions as you want! Thank you for sharing, I will definitely be looking into this the next time we go to Vegas!

    • Hi Travis,

      Yep, we have used the Chicago pass too and it is a great option. We tend to use passes in all the US Cities we visit as we save so much and get to see the best the City has to offer.

      Hope you get to Vegas soon and make use out of the Go Las Vegas Pass


  53. Hi, thank you for providing this in depth article on the Vegas Go Card! I am taking my partner to Vegas for her 40th and there’s so much on here that I know she will want to do. The Grand Canyon has long been somewhere we’ve both talked about visiting so this pass will be perfect. 
    The best thing about this pass is it takes all the stress out of trying to organise everything yourself, and at the same time saves you money. 
    When I book everything else I am definitely getting these passes as well. Might even go for one with 2 premium attractions as I really fancy the helicopter night tour!!

    I’ll come back here when I book everything, thanks for all the info


    • Hi Tony,

      Sounds like you are planning an Awesome 40th for your partner. The GC is so utterly incredible and the Tour offered on the pass takes you to the South Rim which is the really GC the west rim that most head to is a shadow of the canyon out at the South rim.

      If the Premium Attractions are of real interest to you consider the Las Vegas Pass as there are no limits on the premium attractions. It is more expensive but offers unbelievable value.

      We just did the Las Vegas night flight and it was seriously incredible!

      Have a fantastic Trip


  54. What great options especially if you are not from Las Vegas but want to get into very interesting and fun trips and city tours! Your article was very nice to read and I am curious to learn more about these! This Las Vegas helicopter tour night flight sounds super interesting and the price is actually affordable. Grand Canyon trip with all you can eat&drink; buffet as well. 

    I will take a further look at your stuff about US road trips and hiring a car in the USA.

    • Hi Jesse,

      If you take a look at our Live Blog, you can read more about our recent time in Las Vegas where we used the Go Pass to great effect. We had an incredible trip and saved a ton of cash! Check it out here

      We Did the Helicopter flight, saw some shows, the High roller, Eifel Tower, and a load more. 

      Hope you enjoy our site and find everything you need!


  55. I’ve wanted to go through the Eiffel Tower experience. I can’t wait to ride the glass elevator to the top. And I’m glad it’s included in the pass. But the main attraction for me visiting Vegas is taking the Grand Canyon South Rim Tour! The pass price is very affordable so I’m definitely in! Thank you very much for giving us the details of all that’s included in this pass.

    • Hi Ann,

      Yeah, the Eiffel Tower is a far better experience than a lot of people give it credit for, it is a stunning view from the top. The Grand Canyon tour is a long day but the natural beauty of the place is like nothing on earth. The South rim is particularly breathtaking. 

      Hope you have a great trip to Vegas


  56. The fact that we can nail all what we will spend in attractions to one simple fee would be unthinkable if it were not for this pass. I’d like to purchase one, but I’m thinking how many consecutive days can I keep going visiting all these sites. I think that the pass that suits me the most would be one of 3 days.

    • Hi Abel,

      A Three Day Pass is the perfect length we find. It gets you the premium Attraction but does not tie you up for your entire trip rushing from one attraction to the next. We used the three-day pass on our trip this year and it worked amazingly, even though we did LOADs of other things on days where we didn’t have the pass.

      Enjoy your Trip to Vegas


  57. Thanks for the really helpful info.

     I have never been in Las Vegas but next spring about to visit my daughter and granddaughter in Los Angeles.

     One of my “must visit“ places is the Grand Canyon. 

    I’m still not sure in which way to do it but after reading your post and very attractive Las Vegas Card options,

     it would be the number one in the list.

    • Hi Nayem,

      Despite having the Grand Canyon tour on the list of attractions if you are not planning on visiting Las Vegas and using the Pass there are much cheaper ways to see the canyon. That said it’s a heck of a drive out to the canyon from LA and a stop in Vegas might be a really good idea!

      Check out some more of out Vegas Articles 

      Maybe have a look at our Los Angeles Pass Review

      And Finally, you may like our LIVE blog from last year when we hit the GC on our whirlwind Road Trip

  58. This company is a complete scam. All shows and most attractions were closed when we went in June 2020 and this company refuses to give a refund. Even though the claimed to provide a service they could not fulfill. That is theft and a scam. Buyer beware!

    • Sorry to hear this,

      A lot of attractions are closed due to COVID, They do make this very clear o the Website, all shows have been closed in Vegas since March, but some attractions are opening back up. We don’t thing Go City can really be blamed for the COVID Crisis and they are open about what is and isn’t open. However, if you were unable to Use your PASS you should definitely be entitled to a refund.

      This current situation is DEFINITELY a case of Buyer Beware, but then most travel activities are as such at present. We only recommend buying the Go City Card if the list of OPEN attractions is of interest and be aware they may shut down at any minute! It is a tough time to Travel. But be assured Go City are not a Scam, before this, they offered incredible value and we have used them all over the USA in many cities to great effect. They like everyone have been blindsided by this terrible Virus.

      Keep the pressure on about a refund, they really should be refunding if you did not use the pass!


  59. We are planning to go to Vegas in the Fall and we’re looking for things to do as our usual diet of Clubs and Shows are pretty much off the menu, even just gambling or sitting in a bar is far less appealing than they used to be! 

    Looks like there will be loads of things to do on the Pass to keep us busy! And we can save some cash too, thanks! 


    • Hi John, Yeah it’s a pretty weird experience in Vegas right now, some of the most popular activities re just a no go! So we do find the Pass Opens up some ideas that may not have jumped straight to mind!

      Hope you have a great trip


  60. Hi, we are looking to head to Vegas soon. We were really wondering what to do now COVID has taken out some of our favorite shows! 

    The Pass looks great, there are still some great things to do. We thought Helicopter tours would be out, so great to see we can take to the skies above Vegas, We think this will definitely be our Premium. And thanks for the Code, great discount! 

    • Hi Henderson, 

      Yeah COVID has really taken a knife to all the things we love in Vegas. What a shame. But there is still so much to do and Pass really helps give you some ideas and things to do, often stuff you might not have considered in the past. 

      Have a GReat time and let us know what Sin City is like! 

  61. Thanks for your post. Since we’re in a pandemic though, how good is this pass? It doesn’t seem to be worth the perks. All travel is in a semi halt. If someone bought the pass pre-COVID, how long will they honor the pass? And what are they doing about social distancing? I don’t think it would be worth it to travel to Las Vegas during this COVID pandemic. But, after COVID it may be worthwhile. Of course, if you have a gambling problem, stay away. 

    • Hi Shalisha,

      Thanks for the comment, that’s a lot to unpack! 

      There is no doubt that the Pass has lost some of its attraction during the Pandemic. But this is mainly due to the fact some of the attractions are closed. These are all listed on the Go City Page. However, in Vegas, there is actually less to do atm in general. Clubs are closed. Many restaurants are, pools are less attractive due to mask-wearing, etc. So a Pass is in some ways more attractive as it provides you plenty of entertainment options all for one price!

      The Pass now has a 2 year validity period, so if your trip is postponed it’s still good for two years from purchase! And as with most things during the Pandemic, we would only suggest buying very close to your trip to try and ensure your tri does go ahead! 

      Social distancing and Covid Security is the responsibility of the individual attractions. This is governed by City Hall and any attraction must produce a Covid Secure plan or they are not allowed to open. This is true pretty much countrywide so this should not be an issue. Many Attractions are not yet open and this is simply due to them not offering adequate Covid Security plans. 

      Your opinion on not wanting to Travel to Vegas is a perfectly valid one. In a Pandemic such as this, we should all use our own best judgments as to the level of risk we are willing to expose yourself to. This article is not meant to encourage you to Travel to Vegas, it is for those that HAVE decided too and are looking for ideas on things to do there. Vegas is open for business and many people’s livelihoods rely on it staying that way. 

      Before the Pandemic the Las Vegas Go Pass was pretty much a No-Brainer for us, but the pandemic has raised so many issues in sone many things travel related. 

      But trust Us Vegas is about FAR more than just gambling now: Things to do in Las Vegas!

  62. The COVID pandemic certainly has changed the dynamic of Las Vegas and it’s attractions. We just got back from Vegas, we had previously purchased show tickets, and reservations for several attractions. Every single one of them was cancelled when we got there. We are planning on going again once the pandemic stuff is all over. This Go Las Vegas Pass is definitely something we will look into when we do. It looks like a good deal.

    • Hi Al, yeah its such a shame for all the shows, our thoughts really are with all the cast and crew of these who are jobless atm, it really is awful. They are slowly opening back up though now

      glad you like the look of the pass, hopefully by the time you go back it will be even better by then as more attractions re-open

      thanks for reading 


  63. This seems a very attractive offer, especially when buying your code. I never visit Las Vegas due to the high cost of buying the ticket for each attraction, but it seems using a pass makes it so much worth it. I’ve planned to visit there around midyear (hopefully, the pandemic situation has been eased a bit). Any chance the price to increase this year?

    • Hi, 

      Yeah, the pass really can bring the cost of Vegas attractions right down. Overall Vegas is pretty cheap, certainly compared to other Cities, but certain things just drive the actually outlay tight up. 

      The honest answer is we don’t know yet. But there is definitely a chance the prices will rise. 

      “Normally” the prices are reviewed in Feb/March and a modest increase is applied. We “normally” suggest buying before then to take advantage of this. The price rise is due to the attractions “Normally” raising their prices so if you buy before the price hike you are saving even more! 

      However “Normally” is not a word that has much meaning this year! 

      We would have expected to hear from LeisurePass by now and as of yet nothing. Maybe this year they will skip the increase just to attract more custom as they, like so many, have had a torrid year trading last year! 

      TBH the increase will be modest if it does come, and as everyone’s plans are just so fluid atm, we can’t really reccomend buying a pas until your trip is a little closer and more definite. This year it’s best to keep options open and not commit to anything until you really need to. If that costs a little more it’s worth it. 


  64. Freedom to travel is one of those things I missed with the incoming of the pandemic. Thank you for the personal note on Covid, for me I am beginning to plan my holidays, and Vegas may be one of my visiting points. I will like to see the small but mighty city that is filled with all you can think about. Like you emphasized on all my wants being available from games to hoteling and site seeing. I will want to see the world again after several lockdowns and locked in 

    • Hi,

      Yep, we hear you, we are literally itching to get back on a plane and get traveling. Vegas will be our first stop, we really need a BLOWOUT and Vegas is a perfect choice. 

      Hope we all get back to doing what we love as soon as possible. 

      Above all, we miss planning our trips and having something to look forward to! 


  65. I have not been to Las Vegas before and did not realise there are so many great attractions to visit. Going around a big city can be very expensive if you want to see as many of the popular attractions as possible, and it is time consuming. So using a pass like the Las Vegas pass could be a good way of doing it. The get the most value for money, you need to strart early in the morning and plan the day in advance that you spend the shortest time travelling between the attractions. 

    Does the pass also include travel between different sites, like getting onto something like a hop-on-hop-off bus? 

    • Hi, 

      Glad you like the look of the Pass. Many people do not realize just how many attractions and things to do there are in Las Vegas, most simply think it’s all gambling and drinking! The Pass is a great way to open your eyes to all that is on offer. 

      The Pass offers a Hop On Hop Off bus tour for one day of the trip. This is great fun and can get you to several attractions, but it’s only for one day of the trip. Most of the attractions are pretty central and we get to them on foot, but the Bus is great for the more distant attractions. 


  66. A friend went to Las Vegas with his family. He bought the Go Card. And was telling me it is the best way to do all kinds of activities in Las Vegas. Totally advisable since you will see the benefits immediately because the activities separately are worth much more money. And your review has confirmed many of the things he told me.

    • Hi 

      Glad your friend had a great time in Vegas with the Pass, 

      Are you thinking of heading to Vegas anytime soon? 

      Hope you have a great time if so



  67. Hello Steve, thank you for the wonderful review of the las Vegas attractions tours and the pass all inclusive. 

    you see, my husband and I have been debating on where to start and how to catch fun of our lives in AMERICA, since we decide visit las Vegas for the first time.

     Your article here has made the choice for us, we would start from Vegas yeeha. 

    again thank you for helping  us conclude on plans for holiday outside united kingdom this year.

    • Hi Christina, 

      Vegas is certainly a great place to start your Travels in the USA (all fingers crossed the borders open up!)

      Vegas was one of the first cities we visited on our USA travels and it has certainly ended up very well. On our first trip, we did not know about the Pass and only got a taste of what the City offers, having used the Pass multiple times since we can assure you, you will have a ball!  We are from the UK too and just cannot wait to get back! 

      Fingers crossed we won’t have long to wait. 

      Make sure you check out our other City guide there is so much to see in the USA! 


  68. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Sounds fantastic though. Thanks for enlightening me on it. I’m going to be moving to Henderson in the next two months. You helped get me pretty excited about my decision. There are so many fantastic things to do that I wasn’t even aware up. I was just trying to get out of California but now I’m actually getting more interested in Nevada. Grand Canyon for example wasn’t even on my radar. Five hours is nothing. Great little road trip. Thanks for the data! Love, Sammy

    • Hi Sammy, 

      Wow, Henderson should be such a fun place to live, far enough from Vegas to not be too crazy but close enough you can visit whenever you like. 

      Yep, there are some amazing natural wonders jus ton Las Vegas’s doorstep, the surrounding desert is truly stunning in places. Make sure you check out Zion National Park too if the Grand Canyon appeals!



  69. Thanks for a comprehensive review of Las Vegas Go Pass! I haven’t traveled to Vegas in a
    lifetime, but I’m hoping to visit any time so soon. I could remember that Vegas activities were cut
    down due to the COVID pandemic, but it’s good to know that some of the shows have been restored, though not all. The first time I’m likely to come to Vegas will be next year in January or February when I attend my annual Conference with my company founders. I’ve gone through the Pass and will, of course, explore it when I want to come over to

    • Hi Excellent, 

      Hope you get some great downtime from the conference and get to explore the City With the Pass


  70. Awesome Idea.  Go cards are a great idea.  It makes people aware of the various attractions that are available.  Some of the attractions might not have been a point of interest for an individual to visit but they are made aware of it on the go card.  I can see that it can be a bonus to some fewer know attractions to help boost their business.  

    • Hi Dawn, 

      Yeah, one of the things we really like about using the pass is it just lets us try out things we know we would not have paid for or were not even aware of. So many times it’s been the obscure attractions we didn’t realize existed ended up being the highlight of our trip



  71. I have never been to Las Vegas myself, but my dad had been there multiple times mostly for pool tournaments. Las Vegas is certainly amazing and if you are planning on visiting a lot of attraction, the GO Las Vegas should have you covered here. I also like that you are accounting for the impact of COVID on travel to Las Vegas and what may or may not be open at this point.

    • Hi Micheal, 

      We wish we didn’t have to provide Covid advice, but unfortunately, we just can’t ignore it. We hope this goes away as soon as possible but for now, it’s essential for anyone planning a trip. 

      Hope you get to Vegas soon, it really is an amazing place. We can’t say we have ever played a pool tournament, pretty sure it would be an embarrassing first-round exit for us lol! 


  72. Extremely informative post. Do you know which attractions have been dropped due to Covid and are still off the list? Any due to return onto the pass? I am looking to go to Vegas end of the year for my first time with friends, so the pass makes total sense to budget for. Thank you. 

    • Hi Rivi, 

      Go City has been really good in Updating the List, so any that are shown o the list will be available. Most of the old lineup is now back with just a few of the shows that used to be on there not returning yet. 

      But overall it’s a great list of attractions and we just got back from checking the City and the Pass out in person.


  73. Hey thanks for this article, it was really interesting to read it!

    I’ve always wanted to visit las Vegas it’s amazing city, but for some reason haven’t had the chance too, the pass seems like a great money saving way to spend in a attractive city like that!

    The explorer pass does seem ideal for me especially since I don’t like rushing.

    Thank you

    • Thanks, Sariyah, 

      Yeah we love the fact with the Explorer you can take your time and fit attractions in around other stuff, but we also love just how much value you get from the All-Inclusive Option too. 

      Hope you get to Vegas soon it’s an incredible City.


  74. I have a great desire to go to Las Vegas and visit some attractions. I’ve watched a lot of movies and there’s really a lot to see. It is a city full of surprises and fun. When I would go I think I would visit SkyJump and the landscapes through the canyons first, it seems fascinating to me.

    • Hi Bojana, 

      Yes, there is an awful lot to See and Do in Vegas, The SkyJump is incredible, if you have the courage for it! 

      Hope you have a great trip



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