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We are Steve and Katie and are both completely obsessed with all things America.

Several years ago we visited America on our honeymoon from the United Kingdom. Ever since we have been hooked on visiting the great cities of the USA. From weekend city breaks to Epic Road trips we have done it all and then some! We love every second we spend in the most amazing, diverse, exciting country in the world; seeing and experiencing everything it has on offer! We continue to visit and revisit time and time again.

You can follow along with these trips as we Blog from our LIVE BLOG

While planning our adventures we often found it very difficult to find all the information we needed to truly get the best of each city in the time we were there. Prior to our trips, We spent hours delving deep into forums in the search for the best locations, sights, and deals only to find the information often very conflicting, and often Biased or inappropriate to holidaymakers. People living in a location often have a very different perspective to us wide-eyed tourists (albeit being very lucky of course to live in any of these amazing places)!

This inspired us to start this blog on finding the very best in each city so you can simply rock up and enjoy your precious limited time there.

about us- Bellagio fountains

So sit back and enjoy, everything American that we have endured πŸ˜‰ so you can have the best trip possible! And be assured If it is not on here it’s because we haven’t been. We share our experiences so unlike lots of Blogs If we have not personally experienced it, we won’t write about it and pretend we have been!

Steve And Katie Gregory



I Never Started off as a Traveler. I have always been adventurous but have contained most of my adventures close to home. Being dragged to the USA by my new Wife, who is a Life long addict to all things America, I realized the sheer scope of diversity the country offers and found myself LIVING the experiences and seeing the sights most people only dream about. The images and locations that had been piped into my living room for decades were suddenly right in front of me and I was hooked!

However, Before this when I first started venturing further afield, away from the rolling fields of the UK, I found a knack for being able to plan and organize a trip far better than most people. I had a talent for dissecting a destination and being able to understand a place well before I even stepped foot there. Before arriving I already knew how to get around, where to eat, and when we wanted to see and do.

Of course, these plans can often fall apart when we hit the ground, but this innate ability to research and break down a location served me well and was the motivation for starting YourUsaCityGuide.com. I wanted to share this talent with the world, to collate the vast amount of knowledge I have accumulated from Traveling, and help use it to plan and execute your own trips.

Along the way I have picked up several more skills, Some of our first trips I never even owned a camera but realized quickly the sights we were seeing needed recording so I have developed a real passion for Photography, which we try and share with you through the Blog. I also have moved into “Moving Pictures” and shooting more and more videos on our trip which you can find on our growing YouTube Channel.

While the Cities of this great nation are the primary focus of the Blog, I have a deep passion for the natural world and we spend a lot of time out in the wilder part of the country too, seeing America’s Nature in all its glory.



Dream Big. Dare. Do. – Walt Disney

Even as a little girl I dreamed of all things America. I was lucky enough to have parents both working in the travel industry which meant I was able to visit the place I so loved and wanted to explore.

But it was really only as a newlywed, insisting that my dream honeymoon destination was non-negotiable that I truly began to see why I was so drawn to America. The diversity of the landscape, weather, culture, and types of adventures that are on offer is endless. The fact that 2 of my favorite places in the USA- Hawaii and New York City- could not be more different, shows this. I guess that’s why we keep going back, there is simply too much to discover in a few trips!

I am an unashamedly massive Disney fan. I was brought up on faith, dust, and pixie dust. I have lately become slightly obsessed with Disney Loungefly bags, there are just so many designs to choose from as there are just so many characters to have their own design! I am looking to share this addiction with you all… watch this space!


Together we make quite a team, Our personalities are quite different and our strengths and weaknesses perfectly opposed. I Have a strong technical ability and lean towards research and planning, whereas Katie is more driven to just experience the trips, and find things out on the ground. When my Research falls apart Katie is there to ask for directions (it’s a man thing!)

I am attracted to Adventure and Adrenalin Fueled activities whereas Katie is more drawn to the finer side of life and more relaxation and fun. Again we both drive each other to push our boundaries and experience far more than we could alone.

This combination of skills, passions, and drives, is what helps us plan and execute our endless adventures. We have seen and experienced SO much together and we want to help you do the same!

Maui (The Cat)

Maui And Turkey

The one and only downside of our many trips (if there can possibly be one!) is leaving our beautiful cat fur-baby Maui. Yes, she is named after the beautiful island of Maui, we felt she needed a namesake as beautiful as her! Luckily we have a fab house sitter who ensures she doesn’t miss us too much while we are off on our adventures. But she does at least pretend to have missed us as much as we missed her on our return.

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