Where to Buy Cheap Tickets for Universal Studios Hollywood 2023

If an Adult walks up to the Gates of Universal Studios Hollywood they will be asked to pay $159 for admission in 2023. Child admission costs $153. For a Family of 4, that’s a whopping $624. Ouch. We don’t want you to pay that though. That is the Absolute maximum you should be shelling out. Very few people actually pay that much and as you have already searched this page, there is now NO reason you need to pay the top whack.

There are many ways and locations you can buy cheap tickets for Universal Studios Hollywood, many of which offer great savings with very few drawbacks. We make it our business to know all the best offers and savings so you can get the best savings.

Where to Buy Cheap Tickets for Universal Studios Hollywood 2022

Buy Direct

Even just buying tickets online can bag big savings. This all depends on the anticipated business of the parks, the date and time of purchase, and the current amount of tickets sold. It is a live market so hard to anticipate, But at Peak times an adult Ticket online costs up to $144, and at quiet, less busy times they can be bought for as little as $109 online.

But that is potentially a saving of $140 for a Family of 4 down to $436 from $576. The downside is having to know exactly when you want to go and hoping that date is a quiet time. The Peak Months of July and August will normally be in the High $144 Price range.

The Flipside of this is by picking a cheaper day, it is also likely to be a quiet day. Queues and crowds will be at their minimum and you can pack way more into your day.

Ticket Re-sellers

Ticket Re-sellers are a fantastic way to get even more off than even buying direct. However, in the dog-eat-dog world of the internet, how do you know if any of these are legit, or just taking your money and leaving you with nothing?

Well, all the Sites we recommended are 100% Genuine. They are Official 3rd Party sellers who are all selling genuine tickets and are recommended by Universal and Ourselves.

Undercover Tourist

Undercover Tourist

Undercover Tourist is one of the leading Re-seller sites. There Buying power means you can usually save an extra 5-10% over the Online price.

At the time of writing they we selling Off-Peak for $109 and Peak Anytime Tickets for $137. These are great prices and bring our family price down to only $437. That is a huge $140 Saving over the full Gate Price.

There are also Great prices on 2-Day Passes and Express Passes which are a great idea should you need to Visit at Peak times when the Queues can be huge.

UK Ticket Re-sellers

If you are visiting from the UK it can be a bit unnerving to buy directly from the USA. If this is an issue for you there are several Direct Purchase sites where you can book through a UK Seller in £Pounds, not $Dollars.

This is especially useful as buying directly from the USA can incur Currency Sur Charges and currency fees. Buying from a UK site means none of this is a worry and you can still get some really good deals.

And Like our recommended US Sites we can guarantee these are reputable, well-established companies.

Buying Universal Tickets From a UK seller is very convenient as they are Digital tickets that you print at home. This saves any postage charges or hassle. Just order print and go.

These E-Tickets are actual tickets too and can be scanned directly at the turnstile so no queuing at a ticket office. Just head straight for the gates.



Attractiontix is a UK Based ticketing company that can sell you Universal Tickets (along with a host of others) for some of the best prices available in the UK. All priced in £pounds and with a UK-based Customer Service Team you can be safe in the knowledge you have a little more comeback than dealing with a US Company

Prices are around £97 ($116) for an Adult Ticket so not quite as cheap as Undercover Tourist but after currency conversions and any other processing or currency fees, it’s possibly the cheapest way to get tickets if you are from the UK


Attraction Tickets Direct

Another Very safe and trusted UK Reselling Site. At the time of writing, Off-Peak Tickets are £91 ($109) per adult so cheaper than Attraction Tickets and the same as Undercover Tourist, but based in the U.K. Prices fluctuate regularly so check both sites and book the cheapest. There is very little between the two.


You can just wait till you reach your LA Hotel as there can be savings to be had here too. However, this will completely depend on the hotel, time of year, the mood of the assistant, and a hundred other potential variants. It could also be a high-pressure sales environment where checking if the “deal” is actually good or not can be difficult.

Essentially this is just winging it, not planning your trip. We always advise having tickets in place before you arrive so you can make your decision in a calm, informed environment.

Los Angeles Go Pass

is the GO Los Angeles Card Worth It

If you are in LA for a few days and are thinking of seeing a doing several attractions you can save a HUGE amount of money with the Los Angeles Go Card. A 3, 5, or 7-Day Pass includes entry to Universal as one of the Attractions and costs $249 for a 3-Day Pass.

This means you can easily save huge amounts on a variety of different attractions. It is our favorite option and helps really transform a trip. We really do find the Go Los Angeles card can open up a whole new dimension to any L.A trip.

It is quite possible with a 3-Day pass to cover the $249 Purchase price with other attractions meaning the Universal entry fee is FREE! So that is a saving of $624 for our family of 4. Impressive!

Of course, it doesn’t really work like that, but it’s still a great deal and definitely our number 1 Pick for savings in L.A.

We have a detailed review of the pass which you can read here. Or alternatively, you can check out our recent trip to L.A. where we used the Pass to great effect and saved a bundle, including entry to Universal Studios.


Whatever You Choose, Don’t wait until the gate and end up paying full price. Even if it’s just $10 by pre-booking, it’s money saved that you can spend elsewhere. Themeparks, Like Universal, are masters of extracting extra cash from you, so don’t let them have more than their share right from the start!

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