Best Places to stay in Las Vegas – Our Guide on Where to Stay in Las Vegas

best places to Stay in Las Vegas

When looking for places to Stay in Las Vegas the choice is pretty simple. Do you want to stay in a Huge luxury Hotel Casino on the strip or are you looking for something else? The vast majority of people stay in one of the large resort complex’s either on or just off the Strip. But there are a few other options. Our rundown of the Best Places to stay in Las Vegas will guide you through our favorite Strip Hotels, then give you the other options for accommodation in Las Vegas.

Best Places to Stay on Las Vegas Strip

The Vast Majority of people who come to Vegas Stay on the Strip. And with Good Reason. Part of the Vegas experience is staying in one of the major parts of the trip. The opulence the Luxury, Being in the heart of it all. It’s not like they are insanely expensive. for City hotels, they are probably the cheapest in the country, try looking for a New York hotel room for these prices. For these reasons we really do recommend you stay on Strip, especially if it’s your first trip.

That only slightly narrows things down. But we have our favorites like everyone else so here is our top 3 in each budget.

However, if you are reading this there is a good chance you are not looking for advice on the Strip. You know all about that and have been a few time before, and are now looking for some alternatives. Well Bare with us (or just skip ahead) we get to that below.

Top End  $$$


Bellagio mLas Vegas sm

Probably the most famous Casino Hotel in Vegas. Its Iconic fountains are one of the most enduring images of Vegas nights. While the incredible shows are free to all, there is something pretty special about staying in one of Las Vegas’s iconic hotels. The Hotel offers Italian Classical Elegance and this is the theme throughout the Hotel. The Bellagio is a must see when in Vegas but to stay here really make you feel very special.

While we have put this into the top bracket it can be surprisingly cheap at certain times. and could easily fall into the mid-range pricing, we have seen prices as low as $150! But the higher end rooms are always very pricey and deservedly so.

Wynn / Encore


After being almost muscled out of Vegas by MGM Steve Wynn decided to fight back by building the Ultimate in Vegas Luxury hotels. What we ended up with is the Wynn complex comprising of the Wynn and the Encore. Combined they are the 7th biggest hotel in the world and regularly win awards. Unanimously recognized as one of the best hotels in the world. Steve Wynn completed one hell of a fight back.

Staying at either the Wynn or the Encore, it doesn’t really matter which is an incredible experience. You really are experiencing one of the best hotel offerings in the world. While Prices are STEEP. They are not unthinkably expensive, with prices often as low as $299.


Aria Hotel Las Vegas

This Super Modern Luxury hotel is one of the Vegas New Breed. Its ultra-stylish modern design exudes luxury. But this is a clean modern interpretation of Luxury. Expect clean lines and minimalist architecture. If you are looking for old school luxury, Aria may leave you cold. It doesn’t have the charm and character of more classical Hotels. You will find everything you need from a hotel here with stunning pools and incredible dining options, along with a huge casino.

If an ultra stylish modern hotel is exactly your thing you will adore Aria.

Mid Range <$200

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace

Overall probably our favorite Vegas Hotel. It’s enough Luxury for us without being too expensive. While once in a lifetime trips can more than justify the splurge on the top end. Hotels like Caesars are perfect for return trip / regular trips. The Palace is a very opulent hotel that caters in manufactured luxury. That is everything looks very grand and opulent like what would befit an emperors Palace. But really its all a bit fake, but it looks great from a distance, very Disney like!

The Location is what really gives Caesars an edge it really is right in the middle of everything. And of course thanks to a certain alcohol withdrawal based film, Caesars is always busy and popular. The pools are always a very lively place to be.

MGM Grand

MGM Las Vegas

Another Vegas Titan The MGM Grand is far more affordable than you might imagine. The rooms are all very modern and updated and you can normally bag a large suite with a Jacuzzi bath for similar prices to normal rooms in other hotels. The Pools complex is one of the best in Vegas with a great Lazy river to float along and cool off on when the temps are soaring.

The Mirage

The Mirage Hotel Las Vegas

We love the Mirage for its Polynesian theming. Really we just love all things Hawaii and this is as close as you can get, without visiting the islands. The incredible Volcano Is a must see but not really a reason to stay. However, the clever blend of Polynesian and modern luxury is every reason to stay. Along with a very tropical themed pool complex and loads of shows, clubs, and restaurants on site. We often think the Mirage is very underrated, well not underrated but overlooked. It every bit as good as its rivals, and has added Hawaii Magic!

Budget (strip) <$100


Flamingo hotel

This makes the list as it’s our favourite Casino. The one we actually do some gambling in! Why? Min Bets are low and the drinks flow freely. But we are not reviewing the Casino but the hotel. And while it’s not the best on the strip its also not the most expensive! And the location simply couldn’t be better. Right across the Strip from Caesars, you can sit in your hotel room thinking of all the money you’ve saved, Before blowing all that money in a slot machine!

While it may lack a small amount of the luxury of the higher echelon hotels it’s still a very well appointed establishment, and for the price you pay It’s out of this world compared to other US Cities!

New York New York

New York New York Las Vegas

A bit like the mirage this probably make the list as we just love anything New York based. While we admit the hotel is a VERY poor substitute for the real thing it’s still a very fun place to stay and commands a great position on the Strip. Rooms can be had for really bargain prices and its really a far more upmarket experience than its pricing suggests.


LasVegas Excalibur

A bit of an oddball choice this on and hard to describe why we like Excalibur so much. Maybe it’s just because we are British and like castles…or at least find humor in the American take on castles and British culture. Or maybe it is the very competitive pricing. We are not sure but there is just something we like about this place. The location could be better, but it could be worse, and with prices this low you expect compromises.

Best Off-Strip Hotels in Las Vegas

By Off Strip, we mean near the strip but not technically on the actual strip. These offer almost all the advantages of strip hotels while often offering lower prices than equivalent Strip locations. They are not too distant from the strip so you can still get to the strip easy enough. And use you saved cash for more drinking and gambling. The disadvantage of being off strip really helps these resorts up their game to attract clients.

Palms Casino Resort

Palms Casino Resort

A top quality Las Vegas hotel with all the trimmings of a top resort, but at a lower cost due to it’s off strip location. The Palms is a very lively resort that has a fantastic reputation especially with the young. Often a haunt for the odd celebrity as well.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

A really good lively resort with all you need and still quite close to the Strip. With everything, this resort has to offer there really is no need to leave. Of course, you still should though as you will be missing out if not. The Hard rock Brand is obviously very well known and trusted so you should have no problems here. We have a hard time decided between this and the Palms!


Stratosphere Hotel

Technically on the strip but its so far up the southern end it can be classed as off strip. Another mid+ hotel resort and casino at more budget prices. Being this far up the strip does mean you are also close to Downtown. And it obviously has the tower on site which offers incredible views plus some frankly insane rides at the top.

Also consider: Rio, Gold Coast, Westgate.

Best Las Vegas Downtown Hotels

Downtown Las Vegas

Staying Downtown is a completely different experience to the Strip. We don’t really recommend it to Vegas newbies more for people who have done the strip and are looking for a new experience. This is more like Vegas of old, but a more disneyfied safe recreation. Rather than the crazy Mob run sin city of yesteryear.

The Casino / Hotels of Downtown really of a unique experience and something that is highly recommended if you think that’s your kind of thing. Maybe tag a couple of downtown nights on to a more conventional Strip stay? just to see if it’s your kind of thing.


For some people, a low price is all that matters. The reality is often a hotel is nothing more than a place to lay your head. The money could be better spent on other things. With this in mind, there is a number of REALLY cheap motels that are perfectly adequate for a base only stay.

There are options very close to and a bit further away from the strip for those really looking to maximize their stay. Really these Motel type places are nothing more than a room so are much the same as each other. You won’t be staying in them long so that’s all that matters. Really our only advice is to base your decision on price and location. They will all adhere to a basic level of cleanliness so you won’t have to worry there.

This option isn’t for everyone and not really recommended to anyone but the absolute bargain hunters. Prices in Vegas are really cheap even for pretty incredible hotels so scraping the barrel really is only for the most budget-conscious travelers.

Villa / Apartment

A popular way of finding accommodation now is to rent a whole villa, house or apartment privately. We find this a great way to visit a large number of locations. However, we have never really had much success in Vegas. Which is quite surprising as to us it seems an ideal place to rent a villa. This doesn’t mean you won’t have more luck finding the property to suit you. Just for us, the hotels offer a better proposition. Sites such a VBRO and Homeaway are out “go to” sites for privately rented properties. And give you some back up in the unlikely event of issues.

Air B&B

You can also try Air B&B to try and find unique or cheaper alternatives to the hotels. Either shared or whole accommodation options are available through the app. Again in Vegas, we have never felt the need. But you can always try it and see if there is something to suit you?

Where to Book Las Vegas Hotels

Often People book a package holiday to Vegas and often that is a great option, especially if you are coming from outside the US. However, It can be cheaper if you book flights and accommodation separately. Not always but Often. It also offers a lot more flexibility. We rarely ONLY stay in Vegas and its just part of a wider trip and so booking separately is a must.

There are hundreds of booking sites out there all with the cheapest prices and best service. Our favorite and the one we use time and again is

We often find it has the cheapest prices even when we extensively search most other sites. We also just get on with the interface and find it easy to find the hotels we need. The FREE cancellation is also a major reason we use it. you can find the hotel you want, book it. Then begin the search to see if you can beat the price.

If so, great, cancel and rebook at the cheaper price. If not you have your accommodation sorted. We often find that after booking prices drop and could have got the room cheaper. With that’s no problem you can simply cancel and rebook at the lower price…we have done this countless times! Not all hotels are bookable with free cancellation but a good number in Vegas are.

Note – Most big Hotels in Vegas Charge the First night at booking onto your credit card as soon as you book. This does not affect your free cancelation and if you Re-Book at a lower price the Original is refunded automatically without question within a couple of days. 

Resort Fees

We can’t write about staying in Vegas without mentioning Resort Fees. The nemesis of all Vegas traveler’s. Part of the reason the hotel prices seem so cheap is a large portion of the cost is kept hidden. Then slapped on at the end as a resort fee!

These not insignificant fees would be fine if they were optional. The cover things like use of the pools, Phone calls, Gym use etc… but if you don’t want to use the facilities you still pay the fee. This makes them mandatory and is just a way of making the headline figure look smaller. It’s all a bit underhand!

The way we see it is we just accept its part of the cost and factor it in when making our decisions. Almost all Hotels charge them so there is very little choice to avoid so we just add them on to our room price when considering which hotel. Complaining endlessly about it won’t help, taking it out on the employees won’t help. You just need to accept it or not come to Vegas, Unfortunately, it’s creeping into most places in the United States now. Maybe soon it will be outlawed but if that happened the resorts would just raise their prices, you would still have to pay it, it would be just included in the headline price. Now included ALL compulsory Charges in their headline price. This makes comparison between hotels really easy and you know exactly how much you will have to pay.

Have Your Say

Where do you stay in Las Vegas? Are you a strip only type of person or have you tried the other options? Let us know in the comments below. Also, feel free to ask us any questions. We love hearing about anything Vegas related.

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