Best Shooting Range In Las Vegas – Best Place to Fire Machine Guns in Las Vegas

Vegas really is a City where anything goes. Whatever you desire you can usually scratch your itch somewhere in Sin City. This is particularly true when it comes to Firearms and Shooting Ranges. Vegas has a particularly high proportion of shooting ranges and squeezing off a few rounds is an incredibly popular pastime in the City.

But like anywhere where competition is high choosing the right experience can be challenging. So we have put together our guide to all the best spots in the City where you can head to the range and fire away to your heart’s content. so here is our rundown of all of the Best Las Vegas Shooting Ranges. From simply Gun Clubs to all-out Entertainmet complexes. There is a lot on offer in Vegas

Best Shooting Ranges In Las Vegas


If you are imagining a gun range with a few people target shooting with some small handguns, perfecting their aim, and improving their sports shooting, then that is pretty far from the reality of what to expect in Vegas. Vegas is the Epitome of the Go Big or Go Home mentality and the Shooting Ranges in VEgas compete to offer the biggest and baddest weapons available.

The basic ranges offer the latest handguns, .50 cal monsters, the best submachine guns, Shotguns, Assualt Rifles, Belt Fed Machine Guns, Historic Firearms, and even seriously powerful weaponry such as .50 cal Barrett Sniper Rifles and Miniguns!

Head Outside and you will find RPGs, Mortars, Artillery, Tanks, Flame Throwers, and Even Helicopter Gunships! The level of military hardware available to play with, in Vegas, is astounding. It really is one of the best places in the world o get your hands on some of the best and most powerful military hardware of the past and present, without signing up!

Beginner Friendly

Vegas is obviously a big tourist destination so most of the rages are set up to hold your hand through the experience. You will get expert tuition and no one will expect you to know what you are doing. It’s very much a fun beginner-friendly experience designed to give you a taste of firing military hardware.

But of course, this is Vegas and you are welcome to have far more than taste! You really can have as much as you can eat as long as you can afford it!

Gun Rights

We just want to touch n this briefly as it’s a pretty hot topic. We are from the UK and we tend to have a very different view on Gun ownership than a lot of Americans. And on the whole, without wanting to start too much of a war, we are fairly against the sort of gun ownership rights that are present in the states as of today. We are also aware that as a country you have the right to set your own laws and would not wish to interfere with this, but we have our opinion and you can have yours.

However just because we are quite anti-gun-ownership (honestly it’s just a cultural thing), this does not make us anti-gun. And there is a BIG difference between owning guns and keeping them at home and having them stored away in secure lock-ups for use on authorized ranges.

We mention this not to start a debate on Gun Rights in the USA, but to suggest that maybe even if you are a little anti-gun there is nothing wrong with these sorts of ranges. These are registered legal weapons, stored in ultra-secure lock-up, and just used for entertainment.

We have all grown up with Holywood’s glamorization of firearms and rightly or wrongly, see guns as entertainment and these locations are the epitome of this. Guns used the correct way in a safe environment are not the issue with America’s gun deaths problem, at least not in our opinion.

We are a Travel Website and USA Gun Rights is WAY over our pay grade, we have our opinions and welcome you to have yours, but we see very little harm in admiring and enjoying guns in a safe and controlled environment. Using them fit entertainment is at least better than using them for what they were intended!


Shooting Ranges are a big part of Batchelor Party culture and naturally so is drinking, but the two DO NOT mix. Ranges are very strict on this and if you smell or act like you have been drinking you will be denied access. This does not have to be very much, a couple of beers with lunch or by the pool and you may be turned away.

To be safe, don’t visit after a BIG night out, and wait until after your shoot before touching the first drop of the day. And that first beer always tastes pretty good after a couple of hours blasting away!

Indoor Ranges

Easy and Convenient and still offer a powerful experience. Mostly contained in and around the Strip Area these are usually lower priced and offer a huge selection of guns. They are the most time-efficient and you can be in and out in under an hour and on with the rest of your day!

Outdoor Ranges

Outdoor ranges are located further afield and allow the use of larger weapons, RPGs, even tanks, artillery, and even Helicopergunships! If you want to go CRAZY and really blow **** up then Vegas is likely to make your wishes come true, for a price!

The Big issue with outdoor ranges is they tend to be pretty far away from the City for obvious reasons. You could be driving up to 1.5 hours to the range each way. Transport will be included, but you could have been back at the casino bar after your shoot with a local indoor range before you even get to an outdoor one!

Best Indoor Shooting Ranges In Las Vegas

Battlefield Vegas

<<<Full Review of Battlefield Vegas>>>

We really like Battlefield Vegas, mainly as it has the best selection of weapons on the strip. The experience has a nice touch of military theatre which makes it really fun. The location is just off the Strip at the northern end, but this inconvenience is remedied by providing hotel pickup in a Military Style Humvee!

The location is themed as a military compound and is littered with historic vehicles and helicopters like a mini Museum. There is even a functioning replica M1A1 Abram’s tank that is used for car crushing. It’s a great little trip off the strip, and surprisingly actually offers some of the best rates as well.

LocationFar North End Of The Strip

  • Free Humvee Transport!

One thing we really like about Battlefield is the full Al-a-carte Menu they offer. You can simply choose any weapon you want from the hundreds available and make your own package, or simply add more rounds to a package or add on extra guns. While there is no official way of doing so we are pretty sure if you asked you could easily swap out guns in a package too if you wanted something particular.

  • Pistol – $50 – 20 rounds
  • Assault Rifle – $60 – 25 rounds
  • Machine Gun – $125 – 40 rounds
  • Sniper Rifle – $35 – 5 rounds
  • .50 Cal – $35 – 1 round

This really suits those who know what they want. There are some really special weapons in the Battlefield Vegas Arsenal and they outgun pretty much every competitor on the strip. The only place in the strip to have an operating Minigun, and have several awesome weapons hard to find elsewhere.

Battlefield Vegas Armory

Light – Black Ops

  • Cost: $200 ($230 Value)
  • Number Of Guns: 4
  • Number Of Rounds: 100 Rounds
  • Duration: 40 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: MP5K, Uzi, Colt M4, AK-47

A fantastic collection of some of the most popular and iconic full-auto weapons.

Medium – Heavy Strike Package

  • Cost: $425 ($440 Value)
  • Number Of Guns: 4
  • Number Of Rounds: 90 Rounds
  • Duration: 60 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: Desert Eagle .50, Smith And Wesson 500, M240, MG-42

A package of really heavy and powerful high-caliber weapons.

Heavy – The Operator Package

  • Cost: $595 ($720 value)
  • Number Of Guns: 8
  • Number Of Rounds: 252 Rounds – Including 2x .50 Cal
  • Duration: 90 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: MP5, Uzi, Colt M4, AK-74, Glock 17, M249 SAW, M107A1 Barrett 50 Cal, M-134 Minigun

An awesome and powerful; package with some of the best weapons available o the strip. This is the only place you can spew hellfire from the incredible minigun. You also get your hands on THE .50 Cal Sniper Rifle along with some serious full-auto firepower!

While firing a Minigun is the stuff of dreams and the ultimate of automatic weapons, 100 rounds at 60+ Rounds per Second do not last long…less than 2 seconds!

Battlefield Vegas Outdoor Range

Battlefield also has some of the largest and craziest weapons available to fire on their outdoor ranges.

<<<Full Review of Battlefield Vegas>>>

The Range 702

Range 702

The Range is a fun modern-styled range that offers a nice VIP lounge to chill in between weapons. It has a very strong multi-shooter vibe and encourages couples and groups to share their experience. When other ranges a very strict on the one shooter per package Range 702 really encourages the opposite.

The Amory has some really good weapons in it, and you can find MG42s, Baret .50cal, and their monster AA gun, a 4-barrelled machine gun called the Quadzilla. It’s essentially 4 M4 Carbines strapped together and offers upwards of 1,400 rounds per minute. It’s certainly unique but it lacks the Iconicness of something like a Minigun or MG-42.

Overall it’s a fun range, with a good selection of weapons and some great prices. The Double Your Ammo Feature is incredible and can provide a lot of fun as you essentially double the experience for quite a lot less than the full price.

If the Whole Military thing puts you off Battlefield then Range 702 offers a much chiller vibe, but you still get all the thrills!

Location – South Strip

  • Free Transport

Light – Black Ops

  • Cost: $199.95 (Double Ammo + $100 )
  • Number Of Guns: 4
  • Number Of Rounds: 90 Rounds
  • Duration: 40 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: M249 SAW, M4, Mp5, and Glock 19

Fun and well-priced package with the iconic weapons of modern times.

Medium – Full Throttle

  • Cost: $384.95 (Double Ammo + $120 )
  • Number Of Guns: 6
  • Number Of Rounds: 170 Rounds
  • Duration: 60 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: M249 SAW, AK-47, MP5, P90, G36 + Spitfire Mini

A really good value package that contains a lot of good weapons. The Spitfire is a cutdown version of the Quadzilla, which we look at above, and it’s a bit ambiguous as to what that actually entails, but it’s a rapid-fire multi-barrel weapon that is sure to be a lot of fun.

This is a lot of bullets and a lot of guns for the money!

Heavy – All-IN

  • Cost: $999.95 (Double Ammo + $320 )
  • Number Of Guns: 13
  • Number Of Rounds: 252 Rounds
  • Duration: 120 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: M4, AK-47, SAW, RPD, MP5, Thompson, SCAR, Uzu, P90, G36, 1911, Desert Eagle .50

A HUGE package that can be shared between two shooters and offers a lot of bang for the buck. The Double your rounds here costs $320 more and gives you both the chance to shoot every gun. It lacks any really big hitters but still is a huge package.

Machine Guns Vegas

machine guns vegas

Situated just off the strip at the northern end, Machine Gun Vegas offers some competitive rates but has a fairly standard range. There is nothing in the armory to really stand out. But it does have everything you would want to fulfill the basics.

The Lounge is high end and the staff are highly professional. If you are looking for a basic shooting package without the high-end exotic guns then it’s a really nice relaxed range with a high-end feel. We just worry the arsenal lacks any real standout weapons.

This feels like a great choice for beginners looking for a relaxed shooting experience rather than for gun nuts who really know their stuff.

LocationNorth End Of The Strip

Light – Seal Team 6

  • Cost: $229
  • Number Of Guns: 4
  • Number Of Rounds: 80 Rounds
  • Duration: 40 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: M249 SAW, M4, Tactical Shotgun and Glock 19

A neat basic package that packs plenty of punch for beginners. A Belf Fed MAchinegun, Assault rifle, rock-solid handgun, and a pokey shotgun offer some really nice variance.

Medium – Full Auto

  • Cost: $399
  • Number Of Guns: 6 (from a selection of 12)
  • Number Of Rounds: 125 Rounds – 180 Rounds
  • Duration: 60 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: The Full Auto Glock 17, Saiga, M4, AK-47, MP5, UZI, Colt Commando, Noisy Cricket, Draco, G3, RPK or the M249 SAW (Choose 6 of 12)

A good amount of ammo is included in this pack if you choose wisely. We like the pick and mix nature and if you choose the higher-end weaponry it’s a nice package.

Heavy – The Compound

  • Cost: $1200 (Buy One Get One Free)
  • Number Of Guns: 8 (16)
  • Number Of Rounds: 180 Rounds (360)
  • Duration: 120 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: M60, 1919, M249 SAW, Saiga, Noisy Cricket, Draco, MP5, and the Desert Eagle .50 AE (x2)

Ridiculously expensive and the worst Value we have seen in Vegas until you factor in the BOGOF. Really this is a bit of a trick. $1200 for this package is robbery but $600 is a little more palatable, and that’s what you are buying, two $600 Packages. So if you are shooting alone, this should definitely be avoided.

American Shooters

Location Off-Strip

More of a Gun Shop with a range in the back. Actually has a nice selection of weapons with some really badass guns such as the FN Scar. But still lacks any standout firearms.

This is geared towards having a go rather than large bulky packages featuring lots of weapons. But you can still have a great time with a smaller package.

Oh, and it’s not the most important aspect but the Website Design is TERRIBLE!

Light – Rookie

  • Cost: $150
  • Number Of Guns: 3
  • Number Of Rounds: 90 Rounds
  • Duration: 40 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: AK47, M4 (2 Mags), Glock 17

Medium – FN7

  • Cost: $250
  • Number Of Guns: 4
  • Number Of Rounds: 110 Rounds
  • Duration: 50 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: FN 5.7 pistol, FN PS90, Banshee 5.7, FN Scar 17

Top Shot Las Vegas

Top Shot offers a dual purpose venue, a Live Fire Range, which we are looking at here, and video training and Gun Maze which is like Laser-Tag but with Blank-Fureing weapons. They do not seem to offer packages where you just get live-fire weapons so if the video training and Lazer tag are not of interest look elsewhere.

The Gun Maze is a pretty interesting a fun experience but it’s not really in the context of this article so we rate this pretty poorly on the Gun Range Scale.

LocationNorth End of the Strip

Medium – Machine Gun Madness

  • Cost: $325
  • Number Of Guns: 4
  • Number Of Rounds: 85 Rounds
  • Duration: 2:30 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: M4, AK47, MP5, Glock 17

This is a lot of money for 4 guns and 85runds, but it also includes the Video Training and a shoot-out in the Gun Maze.

Las Vegas Shooting Centre

The Las Vegas Shooting Centre is a no-frills Shooting range that offers some of the best value o the strip. Their packages are fairly basic and their armory holds nothing really standout but there are some solid shooters in there.

The location is convenient if you are staying at the south end of the strip and the Centre offers free hotel pick up if not.

If you are not looking for anything fancy and just want to shoot some guns the Las Vegas Shooting center really fits the bill, and the Double Ammo Offers are fantastic value. Making this the best budget option on the strip!

LocationBehind Mandalay Bay

  • Free Transport

Light – Hatrick

  • Cost: $150
  • Number Of Guns: 3
  • Number Of Rounds: 80 Rounds (Double for $70)
  • Duration: 40 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: SCAR16 or M4, GLOCK 19 or HK USP or SIG P226, SISS Sniper Rifle

A basic Package but a really low price

Medium – Touch Down

  • Cost: $300
  • Number Of Guns: 5
  • Number Of Rounds: 140 Rounds (Double for $100)
  • Duration: Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: AK47, SCAR16 or M4, GLOCK 19 or HK USP or SIG P226, MP5 or MK9, SISS Sniper Rifle
  • Barrett .50 Cal BMG – ADD – ON + $25 per round!

Strip Gun Club

The Strip Gun Club feels a bit sleazy. And in most places, this would be a big turn-off, but in Vegas, it kinda works, and definitely plays into the Bachelor Party Vibe. They have a good arsenal with some really interesting guns such as a large western collection which is a break from the norm. But of course, they have all the favorites too.

LocationNear the Strat

Free Transport

The Website is a bit light on detail and needs some updating but you can work out what most packages include when you get as far as the checkout.

The Packages that are on offer are a bit different from the norm and offer some pretty random selections.

Light – Build Your Own Experience

  • Cost: $169.95
  • Number Of Guns: 3
  • Number Of Rounds: 60 Rounds
  • Duration: 40 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: 1 Pistol and 2 Rifles or SMG’s or Shotguns

A really good value package as you get your pick of the whole arsenal! You can also upgrade this to up to 6 extra guns (for an extra fee) taking this right up to a really high-level package. Great if you know your stuff, but the Staff will be more than happy to recommend weapons for you if you are not sure.

Medium – Assault Rifles Package

  • Cost: $259.95
  • Number Of Guns: 4
  • Number Of Rounds: 100 Rounds
  • Duration: 60 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: M4 or M16, HK G36C, AK-47, FN SCAR-L

A nice midrange package including some of the best Assault Rifles on the market.

Heavy – Royal Flush

  • Cost: $499
  • Number Of Guns: 6
  • Number Of Rounds: 160 Rounds
  • Duration: 90 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: 1911 handgun, FN SPR Sniper Rifle, HK UMP, Any Shotgun, Any Assault Rifle, M240B .308 Machine Gun.

There is a lot to like about the Royal Flush offering a varied range of differing Fire Arms

ADD ON – 5 Rounds of .50 Cal Barrett +$99

There are also some great packages for large groups which makes this a great choice for Bachelor or Bacorlette parties…but remember the No Alcohol Rule!

Best Outdoor Shooting Ranges In Las Vegas

Battlefield Vegas

battlefield vegas tank

When you head to the Battlefield Vegas Outdoor range things really ramp up several levels! The Shooting packages on offer are all crazy level and filled with high-caliber or high rates of fire weapons or both!

You can fire Live Fire grenade launchers, Fire Artillery Shells, and scorch the earth with a flame thrower! Then there is the Heavy Stuff! Mortars, M114 Howitzers, or the M6A0A1 Main Battle Tank. There is also a selection of tank driving experiences.

These are all BIG money, Bucket list experiences that take you out into the desert to really blow s*** up!

Gunship helicopters

If the Above sounds a bit tame, then how about taking to the skies and riding door gunner in a Gunship Helicopter! Take control of the Live Fire M246 Saw door gun and blast away at mountainside targets.

Prices start from a pretty reasonable $550 but expect to be stung on the extras, as you will probably end up wanting more ammo, and a few range weapons. especially as they are pretty well priced ($100 for 5x .50cal Barrett)

Really it doesn’t get more gung-ho than this without joining the marines.

Machine Guns Vegas

Machine Guns Vegas, which we discussed above, also has its own outdoor range where you can really let the weapons rip. Outdoors the big guns really start to shine. Firing a belt-fed full auto in a range is a little like caging a tiger, and a Barrett .50 has a range of well over a mile, firing it in a 100ft range is a little restricting.

MGV has a selection of packages from $199 to $1200 with a great selection of outdoor weapons.

Gun Blast Vegas

Gun blast is a pretty basic experience. They take you out into the desert, blast a few guns, and then bring you back. A no Frills dessert shooting range and some pretty basic guns, such as AR15, AK-47 Glock 17’s, and shotguns.

Gun Blast take thing a little more seriously than some outfits and really focus on Weapons handling rather than basically just pouring magazines down the range.

Bullets and Burgers Shooting Adventure

The Bullets and Burgers Shooting Adventure takes you on a 4-hour tour away from the City to their range where you can shoot from a variety of packages, ranging from $199 to $999, with a really awesome selection of weapons.

Oh, and as the name suggests you get an onsite meal of burger and fries to go with your bullets, they even let you have a drink as long as the shooting is done!

Have Your Say

Let us know your thoughts and experiences of the best Gun Ranges in Las Vegas? Which ranges have you visited and what firearms did you use? Did you feel you got good value? What elements did you like and which were a letdown? Let s know in the comments below. And if you have any questions fire away.

We are also happy to hear your thoughts on gun rights and how suitable these venues are in Las Vegas but keep that friendly…

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