What is MyVegas? A Guide To MGM’s MyVegas Reward Game

If you are heading to Las Vegas you may have heard of MyVegas and were wondering what it is all about? Some people really rave about this Facebook and Mobile Game and will not visit Vegas without it. So What is MyVegas? And how can you use it to save money in Las Vegas?

What is MyVegas?

What is MyVegas

My Vegas is a series of free to play Casino games produced by Playstudios. The game is free to play but any “wins” are worthless virtual chips. However, the Apps are backed by MGM Resorts International and as you play you also earn “Gold” Loyalty points.

These are anything but worthless and can be traded in for rewards at MGM Properties. These range from BOGO drinks, crepes, attraction/show entry’s to fully comped room Stays, Free Buffet and Show tickets, even Cruises, and helicopter rides if you accrue enough Loyalty Points (=LP). All this and it costs absolutely nothing. The first question that jumps to mind is

Is My Vegas Legit?

Absolutely. Yes you can buy chips but you do not need to and the rewards are backed by MGM Resorts. You can play for free and then head to Vegas and claim some pretty juicy rewards. These can save you a few $100’s easily on your stay and there is nothing better than getting something for almost nothing.

We say almost, as you will have to give something for your rewards. Your time. LPs take a while to accrue and you will need to play quite a bit to get enough for any of the FREE rewards such a free buffets, free shows, free rooms or free play. Once earnt LP’s are never lost.

There are also a few catches and limitations but these are all reasonable and clearly stated. The bottom line is with a bit of time playing a free game you can rack up enough Loyalty points to make a significant saving on your next Las Vegas Trip.

Read our latest trip report to see how we spent our LP’s.

You may be wondering why MGM offers these great rewards then if they are genuinely free, what is the catch? What is in it for them. Well, it’s simple. Casinos are MASTERS of getting cash out of you once you are in the building, the trick is getting you through the door, and that is the purpose of the Game, get you in, and get your money out of you then. But it’s not a trick, if you are savvy and don’t spend in the casino’s then you really can get something for nothing.

Is My Vegas still worth it in 2020?


We here all the time that the game is not what it used to be and the rewards are no good anymore and moan this moan that. Some of the complaints are true, the game has certainly toned down hat you can get for free. However, there are still tons of awesome rewards you can get completely free of charge.

Our last trip had us dining like kings, for free or BOGOF at various restaurants and buffets, we Visited the Dolphins and Lions at Mirage and the Sharks at Mandalay Bay, Gambled for free, and generally had an awesome time all from MyVegas Rewards!

So while it is not quite what it used to be it is still a really great way to bag some freebies!

MyVegas Apps

MyVegas is actually a series of Apps, all slightly different and all FREE. There is one Facebook APP and 4 Mobile APPs (Konami Slots can be played on both). Let’s take a look at the different apps and see which are best to play to get LP

MyVegas Slots – Facebook

This is the original way of playing MyVegas and needs to be played via a PC or Laptop. This is the main game and where you will need to come to redeem your rewards. You should start your MyVegas adventure here. The best thing about the Facebook App is you can set it onto auto spin and just leave it to it. only checking back periodically to deal with a bonus or something.

MyVegas Slots – Mobile

The Mobile version of the game is a great way to accrue your loyalty points. Playing direct from your phone can be a great way to pass time or ideally play while doing something else.

My Konami Slots

Similar to the MyVegas Slots Mobile. This game has an older feel despite being newer to the stable and is based around older games from the Konami corporation. It can be a great way to rack up LP.

MyVegas – Blackjack

My Vegas Blackjack is a Blackjack simulator and the only non-slot based game. This is good fun to play and can provide quite a few chips especially when you hit a good run. It is great at learning the game of Blackjack too if you are a Vegas Gambling newbie! You can also see how fast you can lose all your money, at least it’s not real money.

Pop Slots

This is the newest and slickest app so far. It is really well put together and is a joy to play. The communal bonus games are great. But it sucks for getting LP. only very infrequently does a chip “bubble” appear. You also have to actively collect them meaning you need to pay attention or you may miss the chips.

Which is the best App to play?

Start with the Facebook app it is the “hub” of the game and you will need to use it to reclaim your Rewards. This will give you a good grounding and start your MyVegas Journey. To begin with, you need to build up your strip. As you play you collect building pieces that you use to build new casinos. Which in turn give you extra free chips every few hours.

You should quickly also get MyVegas Slots Mobile and My Konami Slots. Especially in the early stages as you build up your “level” you will gain a lot of LP.

The 4th game to get started on is MyVegas Blackjack. Along with helping you learn the game of blackjack, the early stages of the game have some very generous unlock bonuses. So as you unlock the different games you receive 500-2500 LP to unlock each new game. This is a really nice boost to your collection early on. Runs can happen too and these can produce a lot of LP.

Pop Slots is of limited use really. To the point, we can almost ignore it. The fact that the LP Bubbles are so infrequent and you have to actually play the game rather than just leave it to run means it is not the best for getting LP. However, it is a fun and slick game and if you enjoy it then go for it.

MyVegas Metrics – What Things Mean?

There are several different terms and names given to the different things that you earn as you move through the game these can be a little confusing so let’s run through what is what and what it all means to you. We will use MyVegas Slots Facebook but it is the same for most (Blackjack and Pop slots to not uses Tier points)

My Vegas Metrics

Left to right, the first is your rewards section. We only use the Facebook App for Rewards as the selection in the mobile apps is dire. You won’t have many LP to convert yet, but if you want to check out what you are playing for look here.

Next is the Games Button, self-explanatory, click here to launch the games window.

Tier Points

The First real metric is your Tier Points. These reflect how active you are within the games. Every day, when you collect your daily bonus and your hourly bonus on the Mobile apps, you receive Tier Points. These add up to grant you access to higher-level Tiers.

The Higher your tier level the more benefits you get. This is mainly of use to your daily bonus, as there is a tier level multiplier. So the higher the tier the more chips you receive daily.

At the very highest level, you get a Host to help out with your MyVegas experience, but you will have had to have spent $1000’s of dollars on chips for this. We have never spent a cent on MyVegas! (so we have never gone this high)

If you stop playing or just play less this level will drop, each tier is valid for a certain period and unless you have accrued enough tier points to remain at this level you will fall back one tier.


This is your progress through the game. The higher your level the more you have played the game. This never resets. Every spin you play, Earns Experience points and these are added onto your level Meter. Once you fill the meter and reach the next level you will receive the benefits of this just once.

The benefits of leveling up vary from game to game. But there is usually a chip bonus, sometimes an LP bonus too. This changes depending on the level. It also unlocks new features.

To begin with, certain things within the game are locked and leveling up unlocks these features. early on, this is very important as very simple things such as Auto Spin, and maximum bet limits are very low. You need to get these higher to play the game with any real intent.

Leveling up also give you higher and higher LP awards for each coin you fill on the mobile apps.

Loyalty Points (LP)

Loyalty points are what you want! These are the currency for which you buy your rewards. Rewards range from a 2-8000 for a BOGOF reward 40-90000 for a FREE Buffet or Show up to Millions for some of the silly rewards such as cruises.

You get LP by filling a coin. Each spin takes a set amount of your Chip Spend and adds it to your LP Meter. When full it will award you LP, then reset. In the Facebook app, each Coin fill awards 10 LP.

In the other games, it varies on your level. Starting at 40 LP and going up into the hundreds. On My Konami at level 460 we get 400 per coin and MyVegas Mobile at Level 253 we get 270 per coin fill.

You can also get random LP awards on MyVegas Facebook from your hourly bonuses, and as you level up and unlock games you can get other one time LP Bonuses.

Remember LP is forever. Once earned it never expires and you don’t gamble with it further. It just sits in your account unless you spend it on Rewards. Also, Your loyalty balance will be the same in each app, whereas all other metrics are independent of each app.


Chips are the in-game currency. To play the game you need chips. Each spin of the Slot or Hand of blackjack costs a set amount of chips. If you lose they are gone. If you win you will get the winnings back in chips to spin again. Chips have on one purpose to play the game.

Each play does three things, for our example, we use the Munsters as an example and spin 25k.

1 – The Bet

Obviously, the chip amount is wagered on the bet. So the reel spins and the outcome of the bet decides if you have won or lost and how much you will win back, this is based on the Pay Table.

2 – Experience Points

The second action is you are awarded XP based on the value of the bet. Our 25k Munsters bet gives 1000xp per spin, a 55k would give 2000xp and 137k 6000xp.

3 – Loyalty Points

And Finally, the Loyalty meter will be incremented. And when filled, will award your loyalty points. The exact amount depends on the game and your level.

So basically everything good in the game comes from your chips. Without chips you cannot progress, you cannot play and you cannot accrue Loyalty Points.

If you run out, and you will, the game is OVER. unless you can get more chips.

How to get more Chips?

There are several ways to earn chips to keep on playing.

1 – Win them

Obviously, most chips you get will come from wins on the slots and Blackjack. Sometimes you get HUGE wins that can keep you playing for months. Most of the time this isn’t the case and you will at some point exhaust all your chips. No more Chips

2 – Switch App

Your chip balance is unique to each App so if you run out in one, fire up another and play that for a bit.

3 – Daily Bonus Wheel

Each day you get a daily bonus on each app, normally a wheel. this spins and awards you a good amount of chips every day. This means you can play every day. And you should if you are serious about earning LP. Or at least open the apps every day and collect your bonus even if you don’t play that day.

4 – Hourly Bonus

We call it the hourly bonus but it is actually up to 8 hours to get them. On the Mobile apps every 4 hours you can claim a new bonus. On the Facebook App, you get your bonuses from the Casino’s you build as you move through the game. You get a few to start out with as well. Simply Click the chip icon as it appears on your map to hoover up the chips.

5 – Email Bonus

Periodically throughout the day, you may be contacted via Email from play studios with an Email chip redemption code!

6 – Chip Shares

On certain Facebook groups, people post links to certain chip bonuses that will redeem on your account for chip bonuses. Our favorite is the MyVegas Friends Rocks Large Chip Share thread.

7 – Buy Them

MGM does not make any money from the game apart from what it can extract from your wallets by luring you into the casino’s, But Playstudios spend a lot of time and money on the game and they need to get paid too and they don’t get money from you when you are in the casino, so for them, their reward comes from players purchasing extra chips.

Should I Buy Chips?

This is a very open question. The first answer is YOU DO NOT HAVE TOO. Our last trip to Vegas we got 2x $50 Freeplay, 2x Mirage Buffets, 2xDolphin Habitat, and $50 Drinks Credit @ NYNY Plus a bunch of BOGO’s. We have never spent a cent on the game. If you choose to not buy chips you can still earn a heap of cash.

There are added benefits to buying chips, however. Rewards are limited in number, you cannot just buy as many as you like and live for free in Vegas. They are limited to 3Premium per player in any 30 Days as we look at below. But buying enough chips can bump this limit up to 4, 5, or 6 depending on how much you spend. $200+ Gets you 4, $5-600 Gets 5 and over $1000 gets the 6. These are guestimates as there are no published amounts and they can and do change (for the worse!)

You will also receive tier points, LP Bonus’s and never have to run out of chips again. and you get access to better rewards, 2x buffets, $100 Freeplay, etc. And you may Accrue enough LP to bag the really high-value rewards such as cruises.

But really it is only worth it in two instances. People who go to Vegas A LOT. Like 4-5 times a year. Then the extra Rewards can add up to making the outlay worth it otherwise over $1000 for three extra rewards is poor value. And people who just like playing the Game. After all, the games industry is worth $billions and if you like playing MyVegas it can be worth it just for the fun of the game. This is a personal choice however that we leave to any individual player, like asking if a movie or a theme park is worth the cost. It’s entertainment.

While we like the game, it’s not enough to pay for it. So we never buy chips we only play in free time to bag enough LP for our 3 Premium Rewards. Which we look at next.

Playing Strategy

2023 – Update!

We are putting together a new Strategy as the apps have changed how they reward you with LP. Essentially the longer you play, they more LP you get, up to a daily limit (Approx 3000 a day per APP). So the bet amount is irrelevant, so it’s best to bet small and keep playing for as long as possible. A full update is inbound!

The General Consensus is the best way to accrue LP is to play in a way that Maximises your LP reward per roll. There are strict strategies out there that tell you exactly which games to play at which level and how much to bet.

Most are out of date, most are insanely boring, and most are fatally flawed. We used these strategy guides in the past and have built up large LP rewards based on them. But, they require playing several hours a day for potentially month and months on end. Yes, you can have it playing in the background, while at work or watching a movie but the game does stop every now and then for big wins or to service bonuses. So you do need to be actively watching it to keep the game going.

The way we play now is very different and we rack up huge amounts of LP in very short spaces of time. It also exposes the flaw in the “best” strategy logic. We play big.

Playing big relies on runs. From time to time the game goes into a run, and you simply can’t lose. We have gone from 1-2 million chips to 2 billion in a few hours. Every roll seemed to produce crazy wins and it just keeps going. Then with 2 billion in the bank, you can accrue LP and a frightening rate.

LP wins are limited per day but once you have a big balance you are assured to hit that every day in only 10-20 mins. You also breeze through your levels and rack up other bonuses to keep that chip balance high.

The long slow, maximum efficiency strategies ignore this concept. They state that by maximizing the per roll LP you maximize returns, but this ignores your winnings. By betting bigger, you win MORE. When this is 200-300 time MORE chips in winnings it dwarfs the theoretical advantage of getting more back per spin, as you are spinning so much more and raging through more and more chips. on Runs, it really does rain LP.

Crazy Wins
2 Billion Chip in Munster’s MyVegas Mobile

The Downside is of course that the games do not always play ball. Sometime with this strategy, you will burn all your free chips in a few minutes and then be stuck with only a few LP that day. Bummer. But you have 5 games to go at and we usually get one of them rolling most days.

The beauty of this is you actually have fun playing the games, you play the games you want and like and it’s great fun when you win big. And if you lose, you just get on with your day.

How much should you bet? we tend to get the best results if we have 20 x your balance in wagers. So with a 3 Milion bankroll, bet 150,000 per spin. 6 Million, 300,000. And so on. Remember to keep this up, if the game is on a roll, up your bets to keep up with it. and lower your bets to stop the chips running out too soon.

For our upcoming trip in May we started paying in November 2018 By February we had enough for 2x Buffet’s, 2x$50 Freeplay, 2xDolphin Garden, and $50 Drinks credit at NYNY in less than 4 months. Using the “trusted” strategies it took 12 months to accrue enough for half that! And we were not spending 8hours+ a day playing (in the background) as we used too.

There will be those out there calling us “mad” and “Wrong” and how can maximizing your play lead to less LP. Simple Bigger bets = Bigger Bonus’s = Bigger Wins = FAR more Chips being played and more LP in less time.

We take a slightly deeper look into each game strategy below:

  • MyVegas Slots – Facebook Strategy
  • MyVegas Slots – Mobile Strategy
  • My Konami Slots Strategy
  • MyVegas Blackjack Strategy


Finally the good part, after a few months playing away and building up your LP it’s not time to reap the rewards. Literally.

However, before you fill your boot too much there are some limitations.

You will be limited to 3 Premium Rewards. This is Per Person. We travel as a couple and have two accounts, so we get 6 between us. This is perfectly ok, it is one account and 3 rewards per natural person. These 3 rewards are per any 30 day rolling period.

You can have unlimited NON-Premium Rewards or rewards that are not Link To MGM Properties (Monorail, House of Blues, Wolfgang Puck, etc…)

Premium Rewards are any rewards where you don’t have any extra spend. It is not related to the value but simply the extra spend element. Buy one Get on Free require you to spend extra, Reduced Room Rates Require extra spend, so these types are Non-Premium. Free Buffets, Comped Rooms, and Freeplay do not require you to spend anymore and as such are Premium. Premium Rewards will, however, be clearly marked on the Reward page.

If you have spent quite a bit on chips your limit of 3 might have been extended to 4, 5, or even 6. But you will need to have spent quite a bit on chips. Approx 200, $500 and $1000 yo unlock these levels, however, this is an estimation and the actual amounts can and do change.

Some Rewards require property stays. Any Freeplay will require a stay in the property of the Freeplay. So Mirage Freeplay will require a mirage stay. The more $value the longer the stay. Comped Room stays DO NOT count though, you need to be in a paid-for room.

Some Buffets also require property stays although these are usually ANY MGM property and a higher LP version is sometimes available with no stay attached.

Redeeming is a two-stage process, first, you exchange via the Facebook App for the Reward you want. This is then stored in your account as pending. At this point, you can change your mind and get a refund anytime before the expiry date.

Then when you are at the hotel you need to visit the M-Life Desk to get your reward loaded onto your M-Life Card, you need an M-life account so sign up ahead of time online, if you need a card the M-Life desk will provide one.

Some rewards such as Shows and Room stays will require you to book first. The M-Life booking system will take care of this for you and is simple and easy to use. Full instructions and links are included with the rewards.

Sold Out Rewards

Some Rewards appear constantly sold out. This can be very Annoying. But they are not constantly sold out. EVERY reward refreshes every day randomly at between 6 am and 3 pm every day. If you are struggling to get a sold-out reward, check out our How To Get Sold Out My Vegas Rewards Post.

MyVegas Rewards FAQ

Coming Soon…

Have Your Say

Have you used MyVegas Rewards? Did you think it was worth your time? What Rewards did you redeem? Did you stick to Freeplay or pay for chips? Let us know in the comments below. And if you have any questions just fire away.

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10 thoughts on “What is MyVegas? A Guide To MGM’s MyVegas Reward Game”

    • Hi Lori,

      Yes, you do need to be 21 or over to redeem rewards, they do check ID as well regardless of age to prove identity, so they will know your age as well!



  1. It looks like all my rewards expire at the end of Aug. We are going right in the beginning of Sept When will they put new rewards up that expire later in the year?

    • Hi Stephanie

      We are currently seeing rewards expiring 15 Sept not August? The only rewards that show august are room rates, and these are “redeem by” not “use by”, meaning you need to have booked your room by the date but the date of stay can be later.

      What rewards were you looking at that show August?

      Obviously, we would caution against booking any Buffet rewards as we really don’t think they will be open by September!


  2. I was really winning big playing a game, and my Loyalty points were really adding up. I was playing with a high amount, then the Loyalty point meter froze up, and there is a green check mark by it… Also I am at level 4 Emerald, it says it expires in 10 days ? What does this mean ? Do I lose my Loyalty points that you need tp get rewards ? Thanks

    • Unfortunately, MyVegas has a limit to how many loyalty points you can win in a single day. You have reached that limit and any further wins will only add XP and chips.

      You will still get Loyalty points if you level up and they are awarded as a bonus. Or if you play on the app etc…

      Within 24 hours this limit will be removed and you can start earning LP again.

      The emerald status is your VIP status, you earn this by things like playing daily and
      earning MVP points, once earned you need to keep playing regularly or you will lose the status.

      VIP status gives you certain privileges like daily multipliers and larger chip emails but is not in anyway linked to the all important Loyalty Points.

      Once Earned Loyalty Points Stay until redeemed! So dont worry, you will not lose them if you do not retain Emerald Status

      Hope that helps


    • Hi Colin,

      We have never hit Tanzanite so have no experience with the host. We really do only play for free and you just can’t hit these levels without buying chips

      From what we have heard the Host is not all that either. They mainly book things for you and can get a few “sold-out” rewards that you may be struggling to get but on the whole, they do not do a lot and don’t have a magic wand to get you things you otherwise wouldn’t.

      It is not like the sort of host you get when you rent a villa/penthouse!

      Basically, they are nice to have but not worth pushing the upper limits of the game for that reason alone.

      If you get to Tanzanite and secure a host we would love to know your thoughts


  3. Do you know for the cruise rewards, can you upgrade the room from interior to say, suite for money? MyVegas in the past allowed you to purchase a reward and you had a few days to return it and research what was needed… flights, upgrades, etc.

    • Hi,

      We have not personally redeemed a Cruise but we have definitely heard of others that have indeed upgraded their suites, and the prices seem to be standard for Upgrades, you can also add drinks packages, etc… as well. Overall the cruises are not exactly free as there are some hefty fees to pay on top, but the base fare is free.

      You can still return most MyVegas rewards, but we believe the Cruises are non-refundable, so take extra care if choosing the Cruise option.



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