Disneyland Park Rides List – Ride Guide For Disneyland California

There are well over 30 Rides and a Whole Host of Attractions a Disneyland. Far more than at most theme parks. The good news is this gives the huge crowds something to do at all times, but it can be a real assault on the sensors and you can be completely spoiled for choice. What to head towards and what is and isn’t worth the queue times. It is very easy to almost freeze and end up not really seeing the best the park has to offer.

As such we put together a Definitive Ride Guide for Disneyland California, a Full list of all Disneyland Park Rides and Attractions to help you plan out your day and get the best out of your visit to Disney land California.

To get on the most amount of rides possible you need to make the best use out of the Fastpass System or upgrade to the MaxPass. Our MaxPass guide lets you know everything you need to know.

Disneyland Park Rides List

Disney California Adventure Park Ride Guide

If you are heading to Disney’s California Adventure we have a separate Ride guide for this park here. DCA Park is a more adult-themed park with bigger, badder rides and fewer simple dark rides. We love both parks and find the best way to visit is a Park Hopper Ticket.

Disney California Adventure Ride Guide

Using Our Disneyland California Ride Guide

For each land, we are going to point out the different rides in that area. Most have got their own detailed page giving you more information about each ride. Some are pretty basic family rides and not really worth a full page so we deal with them here.

This Guide covers EVERY ride available in the Park, chances are, unless its exceptionally quiet or you really work the Fastpass exceptionally hard you won’t have time to ride everything, there are over 30 rides at Disneyland California along with the many other attractions, character meets, food and drink stands and just amazing things to see. As such we have compiled our list of the top 10 Rides at Disneyland to give you a “Must-ride” list for those rides you just can’t miss out on.

There are also attractions in each area, these are not rides but more things to see and do. If something is worth seeing we will point it out. There are also a lot of Character interactions available and while some a random there are lots of regular set pieces and we will point these out too.

Disneyland, California Lands:

STARWARS – A Galaxy’s Edge

Disneyland California Galaxy's Edge

A Galaxy’s Edge has been Disney’s big project for a good few years now. To the point very little has really happened with regards to new rides, or new areas for several years as they plowed full speed ahead with building a fully realized galactic outpost in the park. Opening in May 2019 to little fanfare the area is still a bit unfinished. With only one of the two promised rides opened and no real attractions available it’s not quite up to muster yet. So much so we are holding off our visit ready for the full opening of all rides and attractions in the park.

Rides –

Smugglers Run Logo

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

When I was 7 the thought of piloting the Millenium Falcon would put me in a dizzy spin, now far too many years later, it still does. And the Smugglers run does just that, well for two of the six ride occupants anyway. This interactive adventure takes riders aboard the Falcon and out into the Galaxy on your very own mission where your actions actually affect, loosely, the outcome of the mission – Review Pending…

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Coming Soon! Scheduled for opening January 7th, 2020 The Ride of the resistance aims to be the absolute cutting edge of theme park ride design. The last time Disney claimed that they gave us Pandora Flight of Passage, still probably the best ride of its type anywhere in the world. So Rise of the Resistance has serious claims to being something incredibly special. We just can’t wait and will bring a full review as soon as humanly possible.

Main Street, USA

Disneyland California main street

This replica of a classic old-time main street is the first place you will pass as you head into Disneyland. There is not much here in terms of rides but it’s the hub of the park and the location for many of the park’s shows and attractions.

Rides –

Disneyland Railroad

Disneyland Railroad

The Disney Railroad is a Narrow gauge railroad the circles the park providing panoramic views, transportation and pleasure ride to the 4 corners of the park. As a means of transport, it’s pretty rubbish. It can easily take 15-20 mins to get aboard which in most cases is enough time to walk to where ever you are going. That is not really the point, however, and the Railroad is more geared to pleasure rides. It is a heritage railroad using real steam locomotives and is basically Walt’s fantasy train set brought to life.

The Seating uses a stadium design so everyone gets a great view as the train steams around the park. It’s well worth setting aside a bit of time to enjoy something that brought Walt so much joy and really take in the park.

Miniature Vintage Vehicles offering rides down the Main Street USA Disneyland – Read More

Attractions –

Mickey’s Soundsational Parade
Dapper Dans
Main Street Cinema


Disneyland California Adventureland

Adventure land only occupies a small area of the park as far as the concourse goes but the ride areas inhabit a big chunk of the park where the Imagineers have constructed a full living breathing Jungle. There are only two rides here but both are big hitters, along with some interesting attractions and good food stalls including the Tiki Juice bar/Dole Stand, where you can get the world-famous Dole Whip!

Rides –

Fantastic theming and a fun ride through a typical Indiana Adventure make this ride one of our favorites at Disneyland – Our Rating – 4.2 – Read more…

The Worl Famous Jungle Cruise mixes a pleasant journey around a convincing jungle habitat with some pretty hilarious ride commentary making this one for the whole family – Our Rating – 3.8 – Read more…

Attractions –

Enchanted Tiki Rooms
Tarzan’s Treehouse


Disneyland California frontierland

A trip back to the old west, or so the area proclaims. Apart from being the home to the Big Thunder Mountain Railway and having a few old-time Midway games (the shooting gallery is great fun!) the theme is a little weak on this one. It’s really an area that you walk through to get to other places or attractions.

That’s not to say the rides and attractions here are to be ignored, not at all, it’s that they are the reason to visit the area rather than the area itself.

Rides –

The biggest Coaster in Disneyland and the most thrilling. This runaway mine train is really fun but it is not the scariest ride out there, but that was never the aim – Our Rating – 4.1 – Read More…

Mark Twain Riverboat

Mark Twain Riverboat

A highly detailed, fantastically preserved, and fully functional steam-powered riverboat. The boat is open to ride as she sails along the Rivers of America around Tom Sawyer Island. This attraction has been delighting visitors since the Park Opened and has been replicated in most other Disney parks around the world. It’s a quaint throwback to the park’s original vision and well worth taking some time out to relax about this incredible boat.

Sailing Ship Columbia

Sailing Ship Columbia

Another Replica Ship that lets visitors board and set sail on a mini Voyage around the “Rivers of America”. This time the ship is the 18th Century Sailing Ship Columbia Rediviva, The First American Ship to Sail around the world. The Replica’s journey is somewhat more limited as it takes its guests on a short 12-minute sail around Tom Sawyer Island. However, the Ship does not always sail when the park is quiet and on such days you can still board and take a look around and check out the small Maritime Museum.

Attractions –

Frontierland Shootin Exposition

New Orleans Square

Disneyland California New Orleans

New Orleans is known for several things but the stand-out attraction is the food. With its French influence, the City is probably the foodie capital of America! So it’s no surprise to find some of the park’s best eateries in New Orleans Square.

Other than that it’s all Pirates and Ghosts other things New Orleans is well renowned for as the Gateway for most of the Pirates Smuggling into the United States in the past.

Rides –

Classic Disney Magic at its best. Unsophisticated, but delightfully immersive the old school Hollywood tricks of the light bring the house alive with ghosts and ghouls in a wonderfully victorian way – Our Rating – 4.0 – Read More…

Ultra Detailed journey through the golden age of pirating Our Rating – 4.1 – Read More…

Attractions –

Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island

Critter County

Disneyland California Critter County

A small section of the park located up in the top right of the park as far from the entrance as possible (Prior to the arrival of Galaxy’s edge that is) This wooded area of the park avoid some of the biggest crowds but does not have too much going for it in terms of rides and attractions. The Big hitter is splash mountain, but The Many Adventure of Winnie the pooh, along with the chance to meet pooh himself along with Tigger and others is the big draw for kids and even adults who grew up with pooh.

Rides –

Disney’s highly rated and excellently fun Log Flume Ride. The theme is a little obscure but fun and the ride itself is an excellent flume and a great way to cool down on a hot day Our Rating – 4.0 – Read More…

A Bizzare and Trippy ride into the world of Winnie the Pooh!

Our Rating – 3.3 – Read More…

Attractions –

Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes

Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes

Something a bit unexpected at a theme park, the Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes is a trip in a real free-floating canoe, powered only by the muscles of the occupants, yep, you are expected to paddle. The Canoes hold 20 Guests and 3 Crew, who are perfectly capable of powering the boat themselves, but that would be cruel! The trip around Swayer island follows a similar route to the Mark Twain and the Columbia, but unlike the large ships that run on submerged tracks, the Canoes are free-floating.

Kids really love getting out on the water in a real Canoe and it’s quite a change from the rides and roller coasters that all follow set patterns to get out and do something yourself, albeit guided. Life Jackets are available, although to our knowledge no one has ever ended up in the water, and required for younger kids.


Disneyland California fantasyland

The Heart of the Park! After arriving from Main Street and admiring the Castle from the Central concourse where Mickey and Walt take Pride Of place. The next stop is Fantasyland, where all your dreams come true! And maybe the odd nightmare too!

This is the home to all the quintessentially Disney rides and attractions, where you can walk through Sleeping Beauties Castle, Ride a Flying Elephant, Take a trip to neverland or wonderland, Journey under the sea to the Great Barrier Reef, or just meet, or even become a Disney Princess.

Geographically it’s a bit all over the place with its main rides not really in Fantasy land at all, but not really anywhere else, but the heart of the land is centered to the north of the castle with a huge cluster of kids rides. This is where anyone with younger kids will spend a lot of their time.

Rides –

Disneys first ever rollercoaster and the reason Walt allowed more and more Thrill rides into the parks. This ride really is where things started to change for the parks, so take a ride on a piece of history, but don’t expect too much compared to modern thrill rides! Our Rating – 3.3 – Read More…

A Wonderful Flying Adventure over the Streets of London and Neverland. Disney Imagineering at its BEST Our Rating – 4.0 – Read More…

The Quintessential Disney Ride. Iconic Beautiful and fun for all ages. Our Rating – 5 – Read More…

A horrifying journey around the world accompanied by the most played and possibly the most annoying song in the world! Our Rating – 3.4 – Read More…

Alice in wonderland

Alice In Wonderland

Journey into wonderland on this fun if a little trippy kids ride. Externally the ride looks pretty weak but the internal Dark ride is actually really well put together, featuring all the characters you would expect to find in wonderland, all brought to life with some really good engineering and technology. While this is definitely one for the kids, adults will still find it quite enjoyable. This might not be the first you list of Disneyland rides but it’s well worth checking out if you have a few minutes to spare.

King Arthur Carousel

King Arthur Carousel

An Old School Carousel that is loved by all ages. Built in 1922 for a Beachpark in Toronto, The Carousel was brought to the park for opening day and has remained ever since. The theme is King Arthur and the horses are all Knights Noble Steeds. There are Chariots for disabled guests and parents can ride alongside small children so no one misses out. It is a bit what you see is what you get, but this is a charming piece of yesteryear!

Mad Tea Party

Mad Tea Party

Tea Cup rides have been the heart of theme parks for years and blur the line between boring kids ride and fun adult ride. Often the first thrill ride we experience as we grow from toddlers to tweens. They have fallen out of favor with most theme parks. While they still operate in nearly all theme parks they have been given elaborate themes and makeovers and no longer resemble the teacups that gave the rides their names. Disney being Disney, they have retained the original essence of the ride and you still swirl and twirl around in oversized teacups from the mad hatter’s tea party.

Unfortunately, the breaks have been put on the ride in modern times as in yesteryear you could really get these cups spinning in a quite dangerous fashion, but they are still good fun and a sure-fire way to lose your lunch!

Mr Toads Wild Ride

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

A ride through toad hall and beyond, including the surrounding countryside, London, a courtroom, prison, and even hell itself! It is a wild ride indeed! The Ride is pretty basic, but clever use of light, sound, moving scenery, and forced perspective make for a pretty thrilling ride. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but it is great fun. We are not sure what young kids would make of it as it’s pretty dark really, but this will wash over most, but it can be quite intimidating to sensitive kids.

Snow Whites Scary Adventures

Snow White’s Scary Adventures

Photo by Loren Javier on CC2.0

Best Ridden at night. The exterior of the ride has a spooky appearance that feels scariest once the light has faded. Inside, the adventure starts off with a tour of Snow White’s house complete with the Seven Dwarfs up to their mischief. Things then Turn Dark as the Evil Queen enacts her plan to become the Fairest. This involves feeding a poisoned apple to Snow White and crushing the dwarfs under a large boulder, in the end, the plot is foiled and they all live happily ever after.

Storybook Land Canal Boats

Storybook Land Canal Boats

A relaxing canal boat cruise around miniature sets taken from Disney Animated films. Once aboard the boats, you are given a guide who narrated the tour letting you know what you are seeing. The sets are very intricate and accompanied by scores from the movies they represent. A whole host of films are represented including, Aladin, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, Snow White, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and More.

It is not the most thrilling ride, but the relaxing nature means it’s a great break from the madness of the park and the detail and landscaping of the scenes are excellent.

Casey Jr Circus Train

Casey Jr. Circus Train

Walt Really loved trains and as such one full-sized model railway was not enough for Disneyland, he needed a second miniature one too. Themed around the Train from Dumbo, the miniature railway takes a tour of the miniature scenes seen on the Story Book Land Canal Boats. The ride is faster-paced and has no narration, but the added attraction of trains is a big draw for some kids.

Pinocchio's Daring Journey

Pinocchio’s Daring Journey

Photo by Loren Javier on CC2.0

Another Old School Dark Ride for kids, this time we follow Pinocchio as he escapes the clutches of the evil Stromboli Puppet Master. The Ride is pretty long with a ton of really nice detail in the set and scenes but it’s very much a “look and see” type of ride and not our favorite of this type in the park.

Attractions –

Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk-through


Disneyland California Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland was always Walt’s Baby, while he loved nostalgia and fantasy, his eyes were always on the future and he wanted to give guests to Disneyland a chance to experience that future! Over the years Tomorrowland has needed to be updated as tomorrow became yesterday, and this will continue as nothing in the area is particularly futuristic anymore. It is a wonderful look at how our grandparents view the future though. It is also home to some of the best rides in the park.

Rides –

Indoor Dark Roller Coaster with a Space Theme, Headline Attraction, and a great ride – Our Rating – 4.4 – Read More…



Photo by randomgbear on CC3.0

Nowadays Autopia seems a very odd concept. It is essentially a vision of future transport! In the future, we will all drive our cars on large multi-lane highways known as Freeways, but you don’t need to wait for the future, you can drive a freeway right here, Today! As we said pretty odd, but when the ride was built as a 1955 opening day attraction Freeways really were a thing of the future. Today, they are nearing a thing of the past and who knows in few decades maybe the ride can be re-branded as a “how things used to be” ride while we all zip to work in our personal drones or Hyperloops?

Anyway, like a lot of the Disney classic rides, this one survives mainly on nostalgia and a strong desire to not change Disneyland too much. However the cars are very slow and the steering is largely symbolic so you really are just driving along a freeway, slowly, in traffic…we did that on the way.

Indoor Dark Ride with interactive Shooting Element and Toy Story Theme – Our Rating – 3 – Read More…

Fun Underwater adventure in Partially submerged Submarine themed around everyone’s favorite Finding Nemo – Our Rating – 3.2 – Read More…

3D Motion Simulator set in the Star Wars Universe – Our Rating – 4.3 – Read More…

Astro Orbiter

Astro Orbiter

Essentially a more grownup version of Dumbo the Flying Elephant. The Ride is a simply swirling Carousel with each arm individually height controlled. The Ride is bigger and Faster than Dumbo and from the top, you get great views of the park and the castle.

Attractions –

Disneyland Monorail

Star Wars Launch Bay

Mickeys Toon Town

Disneyland California Mickeys Toon Town

Mickeys Toon town is a fun area aimed mostly at kids up in the far north of the park. There are a couple of fun rides and a host of toon character houses such as Mickey’s house, Minnies house, Donald’s Boat, And Goofy’s Playhouse. There are also Character meets here throughout the day and you can meet Mickey and Minnie at their respective houses. As the area is out the way it can be a little quieter than the crazy lands more central to the park.

Rides –

Gadgets Go Coaster

Gadgets Go Coaster

Gadgets Go Coaster is a fun Family coaster themed on the Chip en Dales Cartoon. Do not expect too much as the coaster is very child-friendly but it’s a smooth ride with some fast feeling turns as you enter the spiral dives. If your kids want to ride rollercoasters but are not quite up to the Mountain rides in the park this is a great stepping stone.

Roger Rabbits Car Toon Spin

Roger Rabbits Car Toon Spin

Tucked away in the corner of Toon Toen Roger Rabbits Car Toon Spin is often missed and overlooked ride. While it is not the finest ride Disneyland has to offer it is actually are a really fun experience. The dark ride is certainly very zany. As you career through the sets and scenes base on the roger rabbit film. The unique part of the ride is the cars themselves cad spin around the track independently controlled by the Steering wheel. This adds a different and fun element to the ride making the whole experience pretty whacky as you would expect from a roger rabbit ride. Considered the queues can be really short for this ride it’s a really good bet!

Attractions –

Mickeys House and Meet Mickey

Minnies House

Chip ‘n Dale Treehouse[

Donald’s Boat

Goofy’s Playhouse

Galaxies Edge – Coming Soon

Parades and Firework Shows – Coming Soon

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