Best Shopping Malls in Las Vegas Nevada – Where to Spend in Las Vegas!

While Shopping might not be the first thing on your mind when heading to Vegas, or at least it never used to be, but Retail is now one of the city’s biggest earners! Giant retail venues have grown up in the heart of the City and now house some of the largest and most profitable retail spaces in the country! While much of the country, and in fact the world, has seen a huge decline in traditional Retail, Vegas seems to have bucked that trend and in-store shopping is as big as ever!

Like many things in Vegas, there is a lot of competition with several malls all vying for your $$$. Most malls have a particular selling point, something to make them unique and capture a particular market. This makes answering the question of what is the Best Shopping Mall in Las Vegas particularly difficult as there is often a different answer depending on what you are looking for and what kind of shopping you are doing.

Best Shopping Malls in Las Vegas Nevada

So we are not going to Rate the Malls, simply explain what is available and what kind of shopping each Mall suits so you can match that experience to what you are looking for. Some Malls are better for actual Shopping, some for the experience, some for dining options, and others just for window shopping!

There is something for everyone in Las Vegas’s vast and varied Malls so let’s dive into each one so you can find out what to expect.


Miracle Mile Shops

Planet hollywood Las Vegas
  • Location: Planet Hollywood
  • Size: 475,000 sq ft
  • Shops: 170+
  • Best for: Everyday Brands

Originally named the Desert Passage and themed around a Morrocan Bizzare the Mall rebranded to the Miricle Mile when the Hotel renamed itself Planet Hollywood. The idea is to recreate the famous Miricle Mile Shopping district in LA. In reality, the Mall still retains a feel of the Arabian rather than LA but it’s still a nice place to explore.

Shopping wise the feel is very much everyday Brands. This is the kind of mall experience you can find in most Cities. Everyday shops and brands that you actually want to buy from. A lot of Las Vegas Malls are very aspirational and not where most of us got to actually shop. The Miracle mile is more a more realistic proposition.

There are also some great dining options at the Miricle Mile, along with a host of fantastic entertainment venues. Making the Mall one of Las Vega’s must-visit locations. Its central location and FREE parking also help to make the Mall an integral part of the Vegas Experience.

Top Brands: H&M, Victoria’s Secret, MAC Cosmetics, Quicksilver, Guess, Pandora, ABC Stores

The Grand Canal Shoppes

Grand Canal shops Venetian Las Vegas
  • Location: The Venitian
  • Size: 736,228 sq ft
  • Shops: 208+
  • Best for: Experience

The Grand Canal Shoppes has a vast and expansive selection of brands ranging from mid-high-end luxury and some pretty unique and less well know shops. Overall it’s a pretty good shopping experience, but we rarely head here with the intention of spending in the shops.

Instead, the Grand Canal Shops are all about the experience. The whole labyrinth of shops and eateries is heavily themed as the canals and squares of Venice Italy. Gondolas lazily glide along the canals while diners sip coffee in St Marks Square. It has both the look and feel of the Italian City while at the same time being completely and utterly Vegas.

The Shoppes are really one of Las Vegas’s must-see attractions and millions pass through this mall every year. Dining is a big part of the experience and sipping a coffee or nibbling on a Pizza in the square are just rights of passage in Vegas.

Top Brands: Luis Vuitton, Sephora, Coach, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Banana Repbublic, Wallgreens

The Forum Shops

forum shops Caesars palace statue
  • Location: Caesars Palace
  • Size: 677,138 sq ft
  • Shops: 160+
  • Best for: All-Round Experience
  • Worst For: Getting Out Of!

The legendary Forum Shops at Caesars Palace really changed the way shopping was seen in Las Vegas. Originally built in 1992, the shops underwent a dramatic renovation in 2004 taking up a huge portion of on-strip real estate that many considered a waste of what could have been another Hotel and Casino. The Caesars got the last laugh though as the Mall catapulted to the Highest Grossing Retail Space in America!

Inside the Mall is really something to behold, Lik journeying to another world, you quickly forget you are in Vegas as you wander the halls under a painted sky. The Theme is Period Roman so the buildings are pristine Roman Facades with various recreations of famous roman art. The Trevi Fountain, Fortuna Terrace, and Neptunes Fountain along with the Atlantic Show Fountain are all stunning centerpieces of the various halls and galleries.

The Shopping experience is vast, the Mall is smaller than the Grand Canal Shops but it really does not feel that way. There are a vast array of shops on offer, from mid-range brands right up to high-end luxury. Making this the number one destination for both window shopping and actually hitting the plastic!

Getting lost is less of a possibility and more of a probability. The painted Skies make orientating yourself very difficult and we have spent an inordinate amount of time wandering aimlessly looking for the exits! It’s a beautiful labyrinth but one you can get quite sick of when all you want is to get out!

One of the top features of the Forum Shops is the Dining! We actually head here more often for the food than the Shopping. Stone Crab at Joe’s Seafood, Hollywood Glitz at Planet Hollywood (surprisingly not located at the Planet Hollywood Hotel!), or even just to dine at our favorite Guilty Pleasure the Cheesecake Factory.

Overall the Forum Shops are a perfect rounded Vegas Shopping experience. There is something for most Wallets, Fantastic Ding options, and a great Theme that really absorbs you into the setting. Just remember to grab a map if you want to get out!

Top Brands: Versace, Apple, Armani, Hugo Boss, Cartier, Dior, Fendi, Gucci, H&m, Kate Spade, Levi’s, Michael Cors, Nike, Sephora, Tiffany, Victori’s Secret

The Fashion Show Mall

  • Location: Las Vegas Strip – North
  • Size: 1,878,186 sq ft
  • Shops: 250+
  • Best for: Working Out
  • Also, Best for: Department Stores

The Fashion show Mall is BIG. It is over twice the size of the second biggest Mall on the list, and while it’s not actually that massive for an American Mall, not even cracking the top 20, its 1.8+ Million Square feet is still pretty colossal! However, it is worth noting that a lot of its size is based upon the presence of several large Department stores all with their own large retail spaces.

The Mall is located at the northern end of the strip just past treasure island, opposite the Wynn. This makes it one of the least accessible of the main malls. This is partially resolved by the large free underground parking lot which is accessible without actually driving down the Strip.

The Themeing is the least exciting of the malls, and there is little reason to visit the mall unless it’s for actual shopping. Really this is best thought of as a regular Mall that happens to be on the Las Vegas strip. There are more brands here than in any other Mall in the City, and the inclusion of large well-known Department stores such as Macy’s, Dillards, and Nordstrom add even more to the number of brands available. It’s quite possible you will only find what you are after at the Fashion Show.

Regular Pop-up Fashion shows do little to enhance the theme really and we still only think of the place as a shopping-only destination. There are some decent food options while there but only the elaborate Vegas edition of the Sugar Factory is enough to entice us down there for the sole intention of eating.

Did we mention it’s BIG?

Top Brands: Macy’s, Dillards, Nordstrum, Saks Fifth Av – Diesel, Disney, Game Stop (#gme), Hollister, Lego, Under Armor

Bellagio Shops

The Bellagio
  • Location: The Bellagio
  • Size: N/A sq ft
  • Shops: 30+
  • Best for: Window Shopping!

This is not really a Mall but instead, a large number of stores all dotted around the Bellagios lavish Grounds, inside the casino, the foyer, walkways, and just about any place they can sneak in a luxury brand!

We would love to be able to shop in Bellagio’s small but extremely high-end retail outlets. But alas for the most part these stores operate way above our price point! These are the most aspirational of brands and the sort of opulence luxury you would expect in the Bellagio’s Swanky halls.

For us we just enjoy the browse, peering in on a life we can’t quite afford, it’s all part of the Bellagio experience. But if you are on the lookout for a Luis Vuitton Handbag, Tiffany Ring, Omega Watch, or just a little outfit by Prada, The Bellagio’s shops might be just the place! Maybe that Slot Machine emptied itself out to you and you just want to treat yourself!

Top Brands: Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, and Co, Omega, Prada, BVLGARI Gucci, Hermes, SJP, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN

The Shops at Crystals

The Shops at Crystals Aria
The Shops at Crystals Aria by Jim G on CC2.0

The Shops at Crystals offer a very similar range of shops as the Bellagio. However, they are organized into more of a conventional mall area. Again though these are all high-end luxury Brands and only those with deep wallets are likely to be able to shop here.

Still, it is a beautiful Mall, Fitted out in a wonderful modern art style, clean lines, muted tones with bright accents inside, and a striking geometric design from the outside. Located in the City Center development that encompasses the Aria, Park MGM ad Walldorf Estoria, it is the sort of central location you will find yourself visiting regardless of intention to shop.

Top Brands: Versace, Tiffany & Co, Hermes, Cartier, Armani, Tom Ford, Tag Heuer, Dolce, and Gabbana

Downtown Container Park

Downtown Container Park
Downtown Container Park by Tomas Del Coro on CC2.0
  • Location: Downtown Las Vegas
  • Size: 87,000 sq ft (One City Block)
  • Shops: 40+
  • Best for: Things you didn’t know you wanted…

The downtown container park is a unique and interesting location in Las Vegas. far different from any regular mall that you would find in any other location in the United States. This once derelict square block has now been lined with multiple containers rising to over three stories containing an array of different restaurant bars and oddity shops.

Here you will find a range of bizarre and unique items, usually Artisan and craft-type products. Jewelry, ornaments, and small boutiques. It’s a pretty crazy place. It’s the type of place you go to browse as opposed to actually knowing what you want. The various restores and items will probably catch your eye making impulse purchases likely.

The stores also have a large selection of independent food stores. These are all fun and cheap restaurants. With a huge amount of selection and a great choice for a quick bite to eat.

You will also find launch sculptures and artworks from various independent artists, all with a modern and kind of hippie vibe to them, such as the giant flaming praying mantis. A large children’s play area, along with free outdoor entertainment throughout the months, makes the downtown container park and must-visit area when visiting Las Vegas, especially the Downtown Area.

Top Brands: None you’ve ever heard of

Las Vegas North Premium Outlets

Las Vegas North Premium Outlets
  • Location: Las Vegas North
  • Size: 435,000 sq ft
  • Shops: 125+
  • Best for: Super Bargains!

We’ve saved the best to last. This is our number one place to actually shop while visiting Las Vegas. The main reason is, simply the prices. With over 125 shops there is a huge selection on offer, but most of these could be found in many of the other Las Vegas malls we have mentioned so far. However, this is an outlet mall.

Outlet shopping is a huge business in America. However, we have found outlets hugely hit and miss depending on the state they are located in. The Las Vegas North Premium Outlets is one of the best outlet malls we visited anywhere in the country!

This can be slightly personal, really does depend upon the brands you looking for. For us the Las Vegas North Outlets really deliver. We regularly walk away designer goods at 70 to 80% of retail value. These are things we were going to buy anyway but have saved huge amounts over the full asking prices. To walk in is one of your favorite store’s fancy items available at 70 to 80% below retail price is pretty exciting. Yes, we may buy more than we would have otherwise what are these prices it’s hard not to.

Dining also really matches our tastes. A cheesecake factory along with our favorite burger joint, Shake Shack, means we are always happy catching a bite to eat here. While there are other outlet malls in Las Vegas none of them measure up to the premium north outlet.

Parking is extensive and free. In fact, the only real downside to the mall is it is primarily outdoors. In the heat of a Las Vegas summer, this is terribly prohibitive. Shopping in 40-degree heat is no fun for anyone. Even the misting sprays, fans, and regular visits into the air-conditioned stores do not stop this being incredibly draining hard work!

Once you see those prices though, you’ll forget all about the scorching heat.

Top Brands: Diesel, Adidas, Quicksilver, Kate Spade, Oakley, O Neil, The North Face, Under Armour, Victoria’s Secret, Banana Republic, Coach, Jimmy Choo, Micheal Kors, Pandora

Out of Town Malls

Las Vegas is a fully working city I’m not just the tourist strip but most people say. It has a large population and as such all the regular amenities that such a population would require. This means there are a huge number of out-of-town malls specifically geared toward people living there. These have old normal stores you’d expect for a large American city.

These places are not particularly inspiring places to shop. But if you find yourself needing something always check to see if there is a store that is able to provide this. Such as the time we needed to replace a GoPro having lost it at the airport. We quickly found an out-of-town Best Buy to purchase a replacement with no problem at all.

Have Your Say

Where do you like to do your shopping when in Las Vegas? Are you looking for everyday items or splurging for that special purchase? Have you tried the outlet malls? What bargains did you get when you were there? Let us know your shopping preferences in the comments below and if you have any questions just fire away!

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