10 Best Hotels On The Las Vegas Strip – Choosing Your Perfect Vegas Hotel

Vegas is a city like no other. The Entire Stip area is devoted to nothing but entertainment. Hotels, Casinos Bars Restaurants, Pools, and Shops. There are no Businesses, No Office Blocks, and no (real)Homes. This leaves a lot of Hotel Real Estate and choosing the right hotel is crucial to getting the best Vegas Experience. Choosing your perfect Vegas Hotel is no easy feat, however, with all these choices.

Our 10 Best Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip aims to help narrow down the choice and help you pick out the perfect hotel for you. We explain the pros and cons of each hotel and why we think you might like it or point out the things that put people off. Getting the Right Hotel really makes or breaks the trip, and while some people are sipping bubbles with a view of the Fountains, you might end up overlooking a parking lot or rooftop in a small grotty room. Money is not always the deciding factor, choosing smart is the only way to ensure you get the best room for your budget!

10 Best Hotels On the Las Vegas Strip

Should we Stay on the Strip?

We, on the whole, tend to stay on the strip. Vegas is a very confined area with almost every amenity, activity, and attraction concentrated in quite a small area, especially when compared to other cities, but in a way, this makes getting around worse as it’s often not worth getting a cab, but it’s still a pretty long walk. Wherever you stay you will end up walking A LOT. Even simple things like pools and restaurants in the hotel itself can be quite a hike! These Mega-Resorts at BIG. So the key is to find a way to minimize your walking as much as possible, the best way to do this is to choose a hotel right in the middle of things. And that means being on the strip.

In fact, it means more than that. Some strip hotels, while on the strip are actually so far at the ends of the strip that they might as well be off-strip. Mandalay Bay, Circus Circus, and The Stratosphere can all really be considered Off-Strip despite their address clearly being Las Vegas Boulevard. Staying Off-Strip means whenever you want to go anywhere you will need a Taxi/Uber/Bus/Monorail. Most Resorts have everything you need but really, Part of the Vegas Experience in Exploring Vegas, if every time you want to pop outside to check out the strip you need to pay $5+ for an Uber it gets tiring. And really there is no need. There is a Hotel to suit everyone right in the heart of the action and our list of top 10 Strip hotels will show you the perfect hotel for you.

Top 10 Hotels On The Las Vegas Strip – Our List

Our list is not simply a top 10. We have tried to include something for everyone. We have looked at budget, Midrange, and High-end options, and considered value for money, room size, and views. When considering the price we never look at the bottom-end rooms but what you need to spend to get a decent view, which is all part of the Vegas Experience. We have also considered Resort Facilities, and Fees, along with Location! This factor is so important as the strip appears very small on maps. This is not the case and it can take up to 10mins to walk a single Hotel block! In 100°F+ heat, being central is ESSENTIAL!

So Take some time to peruse our list, It would be very easy to just put the “BEST” most expensive hotels in descending order but we wanted this list to be useful to everyone, no matter the budget and tastes.

We have also ONLY included Resort Hotels. There are a number of ultra-budget options such as the Travelodge and Best Western. But for us, Vegas is all about the Glitz and Glamour you get from the Big Resorts. You can still have a great Vegas Experience staying outside a Big Casino Resort but you are just missing a bit of the experience. For only a few hundred $$ more you can be in a Tower Suite sipping pre-dinner drinks overlooking one of the most spectacular views in the world.

We have Given Location ratings for all the Hotels on our list out of 3*

Las Vegas Hotel Prices

Bellagio Las Vegas from Eiffel Tower

First of all, all the prices we quote are averages. Vegas hotel room Prices fluctuate like the wind. But we have tried to settle on a good average price. You might pay more when busy or less when quiet. We use a three $ rating next to the heading to indicate the price bracket $-Budget $-Moderate $$$-High-End but we also include a prices range for above-standard rooms. That way you know instantly if that hotel is within your budget. WE ALSO ALWAYS INCLUDE TAXES AND RESORT FEES!!! We hate resort fees, like everyone, but they are a fact of life in Vegas now. So we just ignore them, only looking at the bottom line price in order to compare. We give you this upfront.

Overall Hotel Prices in Vegas are CHEAP. It may not seem this way, as they are $100’s of dollars a night but the reality is for what you are getting they are fantastic value. Compare it to any other big city and see what you get for similar money!

Room Choice and the $20 Trick

Everything you need to know about securing a room upgrade with the $20 trick can be found here. But we included special tips, where applicable, for each hotel below.

Las Vegas Hotel Price Gouging

Our most hated feature of Vegas Hotels, Even worse than the Resort Fees, Parking Charges and randomly charging minibars. Las Vegas hotel prices are incredibly temperamental. The Live market can mean hotel prices can jump 3, 4 even 5 times their usual cost. Often for no particularly obvious reason. It can ruin your plans and mean if you plan to be in Vegas at any particular time at a particular hotel you can face paying seriously exorbitant prices. It’s tantamount to daylight robbery.

The reasons are simple, the hotel is nearing capacity. As such they are going to make a big profit for that period so they can ramp up the prices and people will still pay, and their profits are even better. This is usually because of an Event, A Conference, or a sporting event. Companies will buy up a large number of a particular hotel’s rooms and then the rest are sold off at much higher prices!

There is good news, you don’t ever have to pay these prices!

It is very rare that hotel prices are raised dramatically across the entire city. It will happen at certain times and maybe these are good times to avoid it as the whole city will be rammed. Of course, if the reason for the gouging is the same reason you are in town, you are kind of stuck but it’s your fault prices are high anyway!

The best plan of action is to look at a different hotel. This can be disappointing if you had your heart set on a particular hotel but it’s not as bad as being stung for exorbitant prices. There is normally at least some options at very reasonable prices. The Fickleness of the pricing works both ways and we have seen Top end hotels at moderate prices when moderates have been gouged to the eyeballs.

Also consider splitting your stay, if you really want to experience a particular hotel. On our last trip, we really wanted to stay at the Mirage but prices for the 6 nights were Double what we expected! After investigation, a large conference was arriving and half the hotel was block booked for the 4th,5th, and 6th nights. So we booked for three nights at bargain prices and relocated to Planet Hollywood for the reminder, saving $hundreds.

OK, Enough Padding, on to the List!

10 – MGM Grand – $$

  • Best For impressive rooms at bargain prices
  • Location: South Strip
  • Average Price: $150-$250
  • Why We love it: Iconic Hotel with Vegas Feel and Great Rooms, Great Pool
  • What we Don’t Like: Location poor, Slightly worn, Frequent poor service reports.
MGM Las Vegas

Let’s start with the bad: The location is not the best. This may seem a little odd, as on a map it really seems right in the thick of it. But those distances are deceiving and MGM is almost the worst of all worlds. It’s not so far out to justify a Taxi to most places but is far enough that it is an exhausting walk, especially after several hikes in the boiling sun. It is right at the edge of what we consider acceptable. But if you are not strong walkers, you could find yourself a bit trapped. Also of late, we hear more complaints about poor service at the MGM than just about anywhere. It is not something we have experienced ourselves but it is a worry. However, these complaints are dwarfed by the huge number of flawless trips reported, just a little over the usual amount we hear about.

But this is about where the bad ends. The basic rooms are quite small and not particularly well furnished but the upgrade options are abundant. We stayed in a Huge Spa Suite for not much more than a standard room. This is not always the case but booking a decent room and using the $20 trick can bag some really great rooms for not much money. The Stay Well Rooms are also really neat and help wash the smokey badness of vegas out of your clothes hair and pores!

The Hotel is a Las Vegas Icon and has some excellent facilities: One of the Best Shows in Vegas- KA By Cirque du Soleil, An amazing pool area, and coupled with the room upgrade options it is a perfectly good place to stay for the pretty modest costs compared to other hotels. You get ALOT for your money.

Top Tip – Always Check The upgrade Price for a Suite, often This can be Very good Value!

9 – Flamingo $

  • Best For Old School Vegas Fun – Cheap
  • Location: Center ⭐⭐⭐
  • Average Price: <$100
  • Why We love it: Great Budget Hotel Right in the Heart of Vegas
  • What we Don’t Like: It’s Budget and kind of feels it, but in a good way…
Flamingo hotel

We have a real soft spot for the Flamingo. And it’s hard to properly put it into words. It just feels like Vegas is meant to feel. Vegas has transformed in the last decade or so, from the budget Gambling mecca to a Luxury Resort filled with Monsterous monoliths of Steel and Glass devoted to pure luxury and decadence. And the Vegas of old, like The Flamingo, has been left behind. While this is all readily available on Fremont Street, The Flamingo Provides it Right in the heart of Vegas. And we love it for this.

Apart from a towering strip view, you are not giving up that much really either. The rooms are basic but well-appointed and recently refurbished, and not quite as pink as you imagine. The pool is actually really good and nearly made our top pools list. The Casino is one of the best on the strip in terms of payouts and Free Drinks. The restaurants are…well not great but you have the choice of any central strip joints open to you so who cares, besides they are one of the few places left to get a real bargain meal on the strip.

Overall it’s a super fun place to stay. It’s not the Highroller haunts or millionaire playgrounds some Vegas hotels can be, but it’s not trying to be. For the money, it’s about the best you will get in the middle of town.

Top Tip – Free Drinks Flow Freely in the Evening!

8 – The Mirage $$

  • Best For Pretending you are in Hawaii, not Vegas.
  • Location: South of Center ⭐⭐
  • Average Price: $150-$150
  • Why We love it: Tropical getaway, Pool, Great Rooms and Views
  • What we Don’t Like: Could be closer to the Center
Mirage Pool

If the Mirage was just a touch closer it would skyrocket up the list, but it is just a touch far out. Still, it has a lot going for it. We adore all things Polynesian, The Culture, the Climate, the Lush green Landscapes, So a Polynesian-themed hotel in Vegas, one of our other great loves, is heavenly.

The pool is our special place in Vegas. Somewhere to go and pretend we are by the ocean on a tropical isle, preferably Maui. Standard rooms are a little dated but the Stay Well rooms are really cool. Just like the MGM, they offer Mood lighting and Aromatherapy Airconditioning. The whole floor smells so exotic and inviting it quickly washes the Casino floor out of your hair. However, the best rooms are the Resort Tower Kings (Apart from the various suites) These rooms are guaranteed on the top floor and offer incredible extensive views of the strip. The View you want is a pool view as they look South down the entire strip. The Strip view rooms tend to look across the strip and the Encore/Wynn/Palazzo and while you get a great view including the Volcano, it’s not as impressive as the south strip view.

The upgraded rooms are not much more than a standard and can be snagged using the $20 quite readily as they are not much more expensive. The Mirage Buffet is one of the best budget offerings and the hotel’s amenities are excellent in general, the Gardens, fountains, and large tropical Botanical Greenhouse in the Foyer all add to the feeling of a tropical getaway. It even has a Volcano!

We really love the Mirage, the tropical getaway, reasonable prices, and the great pool really make it, just be prepared to walk.

In 2021 the Mirage was bought by the Hard Rock International Group and as a result, will be undergoing a lengthy remodel into a new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino right on the Strip. We have mixed feelings about this as we really do love the interior and theming of the way the current hotel is. We understand that change is all part of Vega’s culture but we will be sad to see the Mirage Hotel disappear from The Strip! If the current Mirage Hotel sounds good to you, book now before the renovations start and the hotel changes forever.

Take a look at our full Mirage Las Vegas Review.

Top Tip – Stay-Well Rooms Are all on Mid-Level Floors but have their own lift and are wonderfully refreshing, an important feature in Vegas!

7 – Aria – $$

  • Best For Modern Luxury
  • Location: Center ⭐⭐
  • Average Price: $250-$350
  • Why We love it: Super Modern Luxury Hotel Right in a nearly perfect location.
  • What we Don’t Like: The Theme is a little bland, and the overall experience is a touch cold.
Aria Hotel Las Vegas

Aria is “Modern Las Vegas” Personified. Its upmarket, clean, minimalist design is stunning to behold and its near-perfect central location puts you right at the heart of everything. It’s a Hotel that screams look at me. A perfect fit for those looking for the epitome of ultra-modern luxury.

Rooms are super stylish but not too minimalist so they retain an element of coziness. Too modern and things just become cold and unwelcoming. The Hotels facilities are pretty much as you would expect and the pool is a really nice stylish area with just the right blend of modern design and tropical lushness.

The downsides are few, The location is nearly perfect but it is set so far back from the strip that it almost feels off-strip, after 10 or 20 trips to the strip it gets tiring. The Hotel also lacks a touch of character, it’s a plush modern hotel, but it’s not particularly vegas, you can find this type of hotel in any city.

It is however very keenly priced for such a high-end feeling hotel and if modern design and styling is your thing it really fits the bill perfectly.

Top Tip – Make sure you get a strip View as the Mountain Views are fairly uninspiring views of the I-15, Parking Lots, and Industrial Areas, With the mountains in the background.

6- Planet Hollywood – $$

  • Best For Stunning Fountain Views
  • Location: Center ⭐⭐⭐
  • Average Price: $160-$250
  • Why We love it: Perfect Central Location, Best View in town!
  • What we Don’t Like: The pool is really not great. Lacks a real theme
Bellagio Fountains

Planet Hollywood is only on the list with a Caveat. You book a Fountain View Room. Don’t wait for Check-in, book it straight off. With a Fountain View room, you are getting probably the best view in Vegas. For a Fraction of the cost of other Fountain View rooms. These are even better than the Bellagio as from there, you are looking at the back of the fountains, and with Ceasars and Cosmo a Side View while at Paris, someone has plonked the Eiffel tower in the way. At Planet Hollywood it’s Full Frontal and unobstructed! If you are high enough of course, so save your check-in tip to ensure you get a HIGH room. And with a view like this, you can be sure you are slap-bang in the middle of everything. The location is perfect! And the prices are very reasonable.

But nothing comes for free and this incredible location and stunning views at a budget price must have some downsides! Well to start with there is the pool. This is a real letdown. The Pool Deck is just a blank empty concrete expanse with two small square pools at each end, very uninspiring and drink prices are at the high end, and service at the pool reflects the dullness of the pool area. If the pool is important it could be one to avoid, however, you can pick up Cabana’s very cheaply.

Rooms are simple but well-appointed. They have a simple but modern design that is quite pleasing but nothing over the top luxury-wise. Basically a solid but simple room. But the view out the window is mindblowing.

We feel that Planet Hollywood is often overlooked due to its fairly bland theming it just doesn’t stand out, but it’s reasonably priced, and perfectly located, and did we mention the views?

Full Planet Hollywood Review

Top Tip – Always get a Fountain View Room on a High Level, Do not use the Automated check-in machines but speak to a real person to request a high floor!

5 – Venetian / Palazzo – $$$

  • Best For Italian Charm and Luxury
  • Location: North Strip ⭐⭐
  • Average Price: $250-$400
  • Why We love it: Beautifully themed Italian Masterpiece
  • What we Don’t Like: Genuinely Gigantic, easy to get lost!
Venetian Las Vegas

Entering the Top 5 now and things are getting awesome. The Venitian and the Palazzo are sister hotels that share the same complex and between them boast over 7000 rooms and suites making it the second biggest hotel in the WORLD! The entire theming of the complex is seriously epic replicating many Italian and Venetian landmarks to recreate the floating city right in the heart of the Desert!

The Hotel pulls it off really well and while it’s no match for the real thing it is a memorable and surreal experience wandering around the canals and squares of this Italian landmark. The Hotel is one of the biggest draws and a real must-see but it is also a pretty cool place to stay.

The Venetian offers rooms of all types but the Pallazo is a stunning Suite only Complex. Even the most basic Suite will blow you away, While one up on a high floor will leave your jaw on the floor! The Pool complex is wonderful and there are endless dining options in the Grand Canal Shops.

The downside is it’s a little bit too far to the north, about level with the Mirage, and the Palazzo even further but with the number of amenities it doesn’t suffer too badly from this. Overall it is hard to beat the Venitien and the Palazzo, but fortunately, Vegas has some seriously epic hotels!

Top Tip – The Palazzo is an All-Suite Hotel and the rooms are HUGE!

4 – Caesars Palace – $$

  • Best For Re-enacting the Hangover
  • Location: Center ⭐⭐⭐
  • Average Price: $200-$350
  • Why We love it: Iconic Vegas Hotel with a fantastic theme.
  • What we Don’t Like: Basic rooms are quite small, Complex probably too BIG!
Caesars palace

Unlike most of the hotels on our list, which are all quite new (apart from the Flamingo) Caesars Palace is old, really old. It first opened its doors in 1966. A lot has changed on the Strip since then. Casinos have risen and fallen, the old cleared out for the new, and the strip has expanded in all directions. One Constant, however, has been Caesars. Except it hasn’t.

Despite having already celebrated its 50th Birthday, the Current incarnation of Caesars Palace bears little resemblance to the original. It has been re-developed and expanded to the point it kind of is a new hotel. Very little remains of the Caesars of old. But that is a good thing whereas other hotels have fallen by the wayside, Caesars has capitalized on its success and gone from strength to strength.

4 Giant Towers house 4,300+ Hotel Rooms, the Forum shops offer every imaginable brand and restaurant, and The huge pool complex features several picture-perfect pools for relaxation and selfies. It really is the quintessential Vegas Mega-Complex. Situated right next door to the Bellagio its location is perfect, however, due to the gigantic nature of the complex you can end up walking incredible distances just to get out. Also, venturing into the forum shops can mean being lost for eternity!

Room Choice is complicated and getting the wrong room can mean a disappointing experience. The Julius Tower is the oldest part of the building and has poor views, The Forum Tower is better but overlooks the colosseum and the low floors are poor. The Palace Tower is where things start to get good with far-reaching views from high floors, and the Augustus Tower and the Octavius Tower the Newest. Augustus is the best choice for a fountain View.

Read more about getting the best Room at Caesars Palace here.

The lower-end rooms are not the best available in Vegas and can be quite small compared to other choices but staying in caesars is special enough. The theme is perfectly executed, with endless sculptures, marble floors, ornate fountains, and a general feeling of specialness. Caesars is just one of those hotels you have to visit even if you are not staying there, but to check into these hallowed walls via the iconic Lobby is something most people will enjoy. Just remember, the check-in staff have heard ALL the hangover lines, over and over, for many years…give them a break!

Top Tip – Book at least a Forum Room and try and bag a $20 Upgrade, Caesars has a lot of rooms and many are unsold in the bigger towers so upgrades are very common.

3 – Wynn / Encore – $$$

  • Best For Outstanding Luxury and Facilities
  • Location: North Strip
  • Average Price: $320-$600
  • Why We love it: The highest levels of luxury and Quality
  • What we Don’t Like: Poor Location, can feel a little bland

Steve Wynn knows how to build a hotel and the Wynn was a revolutionary concept for Vegas. A true beacon of utter luxury. So much so, he quickly put up its sister hotel next door as an Encore?…get it? These two towers of luxury almost operate as one single hotel hence why we have lumped them together. Often referred to as the finest hotels in Las Vegas we tend to agree. There is little that the Wynn and Encore do wrong. However, it’s not grabbed our top spot. Mainly Due to Location.

The Encore marks pretty much the northern extent of the strip, while the Wynn is a little closer it is still far enough out to be a nuisance. Most places you will want to visit are too far to walk and you will need to make use of taxis or Uber to get anywhere. Some find the Hotels themselves a little bland as well, they lack any Vegas-style personality, instead, focusing on pure luxury. We have even heard people go as far as to call the hotels boring!

That is all subjective however and if you just want the ultimate in the finer things of life the Wynn and Encore are the perfect fit. Rooms are luxuriously appointed in a modern way that feels plush and welcoming while retaining that modern minimalist style. Get the right view and you are looking almost straight down the strip and it is pretty incredible.

As the Hotels are a bit far down the strip everything you need is available in-house. From the best restaurants, the best Buffet in Vegas, and a Stunning Pool Complex. It even has Free Parking. There is so much to love about the wonderful Wynn Hotels and people are drawn back time and again. If only they were just a touch closer.

Top Tip – The Wynn and Encore are top quality highly desirable hotels but they suffer the Exact Same Inoccupancy issues as other hotels. This means at times the prices drop considerably and can be picked up for as little as $180 per night, That is incredible value for such a prestigious hotel!

2 – Cosmopolitan – $$

  • Best For the Young and stylish 
  • Location: Center ⭐⭐⭐
  • Average Price: $200-$300
  • Why We love it: Location, Ultra Stylish, Modern, and Young. Incredible location
  • What we Don’t Like: Pool is not our favorite,
the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Right Next to the Bellagio lies one of Las Vegas’s newest hotels, now nearly 10 years old it’s no longer exactly new but it is still the newest hotel that is not a renovation/rebrand. Being right at the heart of the City location really could not be better. The whole hotel has a vibrant young hip vibe to it. While it is nothing to do with the magazine this stylish city vibe is exactly what the hotel aims for.

The rooms are excellent. With incredible views over the Bellagio fountains and something else not found on any of the other hotels on our list…Balconies! Everyone knows you can’t open Vegas hotel windows, The Giant Steel and Glass constructions, and the risk of drunk people falling or throwing items out the windows mean they are predominately shut. Not at the Cosmo. Here you can book a Balcony room overlooking the Fountains (other views are available, but always go for the fountain if poss). Sitting on the Balcony watching the Fountains at night with a bottle of bubbles is serious bucket list stuff!

Things only get better from here. We love the Wicked Spoon Buffet. The general style of the whole place is fresh young and vibrant with great restaurants and nightlife. You are right in the heart of everything and it feels like you are really doing Vegas right.

We really struggle to criticize, the pool isn’t the best, but it’s still a nice place to relax and unwind or recover from last night! Prices are reasonable considering what you get and overall there are just no Major drawbacks. Like some other luxury-focused resorts the theme feels a little boring but it kind of works better here than at the others.

Top Tip – Ensure you get a balcony room, preferably with a fountain view for some epic evenings sipping bubbles on your private balcony before or after dinner!

1 – Bellagio – $$$

  • Best Hotel In Vegas
  • Location: Center ⭐⭐⭐
  • Average Price: $300-$500
  • Why We love it: Iconic Vegas Hotel that really lives up to its reputation, perfect location
  • What we Don’t Like: Communal areas are BUSY!

We have made a point of recommending Hotels that are close to the center…but where is the center? Well in our opinion it’s the Bellagio. Now Geographically, it is actually almost exactly halfway down the Hotel-Populated portion of the strip. However, we don’t just mean the center geographically, it really is the beating heart of the City. The Hotels fountains are now the most iconic image of Vegas and people flock here to take in the shows and witness the spectacle that is Vegas. Things just seem to radiate out from this point.

You do not get to be number one on our list just because you are at the center though! Fortunately, the Bellagio has enough to pretty much take the top spot all by itself. It is the Flagship Hotel of the MGM Brand and a supremely luxurious and decadent Hotel. The Rooms are Stunningly appointed in an elegant luxurious style, reminiscent of European opulence with a touch of modernity. Basically, they are really really nice rooms. The Hotel itself mirrors this throughout with a top pool, incredible buffet some of the best amenities and restaurants in town, and an all-around wonderful atmosphere.

The downside is, the Bellagio is a tourist attraction in its own right and as such will be very busy in all the public spaces as people simply head in just to see the Hotel and Casino. We wouldn’t let that put you off though as the pool and Guest only areas allow you to escape the masses.

All the wonderfulness is available for far less than you think. Ok $400 per night for a Fountain View Room is not cheap, but really this is one of the most iconic and luxurious hotels on the strip, so for one or two nights as a real treat, it is not as horrific as you might expect!

Top Tip – Fountain View Rooms are not that much more expensive than Standard/Strip view rooms So seriously consider them as a real indulgence. There is little better than watching the fountain shows from your very own Bellagio Fountain view room!

Notable Mentions

Mandalay Bay $$

Mandalay Bay is a great hotel. It is basically a $$$ hotel at $$ prices. It has a stunning pool, Great rooms, incredible views, every imaginable convenience, and amenities all for a great price. So why is it not on the list? Well despite being squarely on Las Vegas Boulevard, Aka the Strip. it might as well not be.

All the way down the in the far south end of Vegas, it really is near nothing…apart from the airport. So if you are looking for a relaxing stay in just one resort it is really perfect, but Vegas isn’t about that…try Mexico? Vegas is about the Town and Exploring all the weird and wonderful things it has to offer. Staying at the Mandalay means to do anything you need a Taxi/Uber, No, you really do, it’s B****Y Miles from anywhere!

If you have found this after you booked, don’t worry, as we said it’s a GREAT hotel, just get Uber loaded on your phone and be ready to spend some of what you saved on Uber.

Paris $$$

We are not exactly sure what it is about Paris that gets it knocked off our list. Maybe it’s just a personal preference as there is just not much about the Hotel that Draws us in. There is little to dislike really. It’s a moderate-high price that comes with a ton of luxury, great amenities, strong theming, a near-perfect location, and some super rooms with great views. There is just something that leaves us a little cold. This is far more a result of the level of competition rather than the actual hotel itself.

New York New York $

New York, New York is an excellent budget option. It is not quite up to the excellent standard of a top 10 but it’s still an excellent choice in this bracket. The Resort has some of the best restaurants in town and a really good casino floor. The rooms are not the best and the pool is a letdown, it’s also at the very edge of where we would want to stay. But it is a very solid choice for the money conscious.

Recommended off-Strip

Rio- All Suites

We really Like Rio. It is a budget Resort that does everything it can to make up for the Off-Strip Location. It has a great pool, great nightlife, good restaurants, and everything is great value. It really is worth a punt staying here and using the extra you save to pay for an odd uber to the strip and back! Oh, and we should mention the Rio is All Suites so even basic rooms are pretty special.


The Palms is a top-quality resort and would easily make our top 10 list if it were actually on the strip. Alas, it isn’t and this makes it an awkward stay. It is actually a long way off the strip so getting to and fro things is a bit of a pain. It’s a shame as otherwise, we would LOVE the Palms.

Have Your Say

Mirage Las Vegas

What is your favorite Las Vegas Hotel? Let us know in the comments below? Have you stayed in one of our Top 10 and found it awful? Maybe you stayed elsewhere and loved it? Whatever you have to say fire away in the comments, we love talking about Las Vegas Hotels. If you have any questions about our list or any Las Vegas Resort Just Fire away in the comments we would love to hear from you.

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  1. It has been several years since I have been in Vegas but I have been there several times and there are a couple hotels I have stayed in that I especially liked.

    New york new york was nice because of the location.  I did find the last time I stayed there, it was beginning to become a bit redone and needed a makeover.

    Treasure island was also good because of location and fell into the cheaper end of things when I stayed there. 

    The Palazzo is one of my favourite and maybe it is because of its size.  Yes, you can get lost but you are in our own little world.  Everything you needs is in the palazzo or venetian.

    • Hi, 

      We are not really fans of the New York New York and TI Locations, they are just a bit far out and can mean a lot of walking. The Palazzo and Venitian are incredible, however, especially the all-suite Pallazo, you are absolutely right you do not need to leave the complex at all and everything is at your fingertips.

      Hope you get back to Vegas and try out another hotel from our list. We rarely stay in the same hotel twice, the chance to try different locations is one of the things that draw us back again and again


  2. If I had discovered this site before my honeymoon in California surely the experience would have been even better, we would have definitely found time to head over to Las Vegas.

    Descriptions, photos, tips and tricks are simply fantastic. Like Steve And Katie, I am passionate about the United States and as soon as my second child has the necessary age for an overseas experience, we will use all the advice of this post and others decided at other locations to plan the perfect trip. Thanks again to Steve And Katie for sharing their knowledge.

    • Hi Fabio,

      Sorry, you found us after your honeymoon, but great to see you are planning another family trip! We are constantly adding new content do by the time you are ready for your trip we should have a tonne more hints and tips.

      Until then keep dreaming of the States!


  3. What I love about these hotels on the Vegas strip is it feels like you landed on another planet compared to home sweet home. They are robust, luxurious, and buzzing with LIFE! Prices can be negotiated based on a few factors.

    1. Are you going during peak or offseason?
    2. Are you a points or rewards club member?
    3. Are you staying more than 1-2 nights?
    4. Are you booking 6-12 weeks in advance?
    5. Are you prepaying to avoid the prices subject to change clause?

    The best rates are always off-season booked two or more months in advance, pre-paid, 3-5 night stay, and with any coupons from the current rewards book casinos send out to subscribed rewards club members. Have a great Vegas Vacation everyone, see you there in 2020.

  4. How timely – Just as I’m about to begin planning my trip there! I agree it’s better to stay at a resort hotel and this post has made my choice easier.  I’m thinking the Wynn/Encore.  I love luxury and from your description, this is the place.  Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hi Nathaniel,

      Great Choice on the Wynn/Encore it is a really fabulous place, just remember how far out it is.

      Glad you found our post helpful in planning your trip, Have an Awesome time


  5. Reading your article about the best hotels on the strip of Las Vegas brings a tear of joy and happiness to my eye.  I have traveled to Las Vegas more times than I can count and have enjoyed myself immensely each time.  I have stayed in several of the hotels on your list.  Each one is special in its own way.  I agree the Bellagio is the center of it all; the ‘beating heart’.  I adore having dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at the Paris, directly across Las Vegas Boulevard from the Bellagio.  You can enjoy dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant on the eleventh floor of the Paris and watch the Bellagio fountains from above.  it’s dreamy.  Thank you for all the great tips on Vegas travel.  I am excited for my next trip there. I will most definitely apply some of your advice.

    • Hi,

      Glad you enjoyed our article, we have the same feeling writing these, we just want to head back, if it were not for this damn virus we would be there as soon as possible! 

      We are not such huge fans of Paris, but why we are not so sure, it is an excellent hotel, and right in the think of everything, but it just leaves us a little cold compared to others. We would always choose the Bellagio over Paris and the Prices are similar. 

      Thanks for reading


      • Indeed I am excited to get back to Vegas too. I agree with you totally, The Bellagio is definitely a much better stay than Paris. I just have a soft spot for the Eiffel Tower Restaurant; probably-mostly, because I can sip on a beautiful bottle of wine the Sommelier has selected to pair perfectly with my meal; and all as I gaze at the Bellagio fountain show from an elevated vantage point as I hum Dean Martin songs in my head. Ahhhh, Vegas. <3

        • Yep, I think that’s what is SO great about Vegas, there really is something for everyone, if you look you will almost certainly find your Happy place, The Eiffel Tower Restraunt is certainly Idyllic, and yeah what a View, Great that you have found your sweet spot, ours might be somewhere else, and other people somewhere else still, the key is the Variety and there is something in Vegas for just about EVERYONE!


  6. This was a long read but it was honestly worth it because I don’t know so much practical about Las Vegas but I am looking to be in that big city sometime soon, maybe after the whole Coronavirus thing blows over, and I need to be sure that I can get a good hotel too

    From this post, I have learnt a whole lot about the booking and what the strip means. I am definitely bookmarking this for when the lockdown is all over.

    • Hey Jay,

      Glad we could help out, we know what you mean people dream of visiting these places but when it comes to it they don’t really know anything practical. Hope we helped out, check out our info on other cities to see if any of those are on the list!



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