What Is The Best Steakhouse In Las Vegas? – The 10 Best Steakhouses in Las Vegas

Steakhouses are one of the most popular restaurants in the entire country. When thoughts turn to a special meal or celebration treat, then the Steak house is usually the first port of call. With their Deep red centers and a blackened seared crust, a good steak is really to die for. It is, of course, no surprise then that Las Vegas, America’s adult playground, where everyone is out to spend cash and indulge have seriously embraced the Steak house. Practically every Hotel and Casino has its own Steakhouse and Tripadvisor lists over 100 different restaurants dedicated to the altar of the dead cow!

That type of saturation leads to one thing, strong, healthy competition. And where there is competition, quality, value, and choice all go through the roof. Because of this Las Vegas has some of the finest Steakhouses in the Country, Celebrity Chefs line up to open their own Steakhouse and the real winner in all of it is the Consumer as with so much choice a second-rate house will just not do well. However while the amount of choice is great, it’s also a little confusing. With so many options how do you know What Is The Best Steakhouse In Las Vegas? Do you just plump for your hotel’s offering? Or is it worth hunting out something a little bit more special?

What Is The Best Steakhouse In Las Vegas

The answer is yes, it is definitely worth hunting out the best. The worst Steakhouses in Vegas are still pretty awesome, and your hotel’s Steakhouse will probably be pretty good, but the cream of the vegas steakhouse, that has risen to the top despite the incredible competition is really something very special. They need to be to stand out in this crowd, but there are some absolute corkers in Vegas, and we show you exactly where to head to get the best hunk of dead animal in the whole city.

We have not just focused on the high-end either, some of our favorites are lower-end restaurants where you can get a great meal for less than you might have thought. While all Steakhouses in Vegas are pricey, the top-end are eyewatering. But the secret of a good steak is the quality of the meat, and the expertise of the chef, so you can still bag a fantastic meal for a reasonable price. We couldn’t of course ignore the ultra-high-end as their offering can be incredible, and after all a Steak dinner tends to be a splurge! Hopefully, this means there is something for everyone on our list of best steakhouses in Las Vegas.

How We Ranked the Restaurants

Just a quick foreword on who we came up with our rankings. Our Star rating is not reflective of a score, this is more the level of the restaurant, with five stars being very fancy and one star being a dank cafe or food court. A five Star rating restaurant may be dire and a one or two-star awesome. There is more to a restaurant than just being fancy, but we think you should know what type of experience you are heading for.

We have listed a price guide. This is the basic cost of an average Entree and Sides. Obviously, restaurants all have different menu items but they normally have some common ground. We found this to be the Ribeye, so our Price point is for a 16-20Oz Ribeye off the Alacarte menu, unless there was a particular set menu that we recommend. We also added a side as no one just orders a Steak, and if sides are included, this is also reflected. This should give you a good idea of how each restaurant compares price-wise, but expect your final bill to be much higher if you order appetizers, desserts, and drinks.

Our ranking then is based on a blend of these factors and the overall experience. We think dining in Vegas is all about experience so we do favor restaurants that give you a little more than just great steaks. There is also a healthy dose of just our opinion in there too. Which you may or may not agree with.

1 – Edge Steakhouse

Edge Steakhouse Las Vegas

The Edge Steakhouse has made quite a name for itself in the last few years. Steve Young is an up-and-coming Chef whose first restaurant, the Edge Steakhouse, opened up in the Westgate Hotel and Casino in 2015. This has quickly gained a reputation not only for being the best Steakhouse in Las Vegas but frankly one of the best restaurants overall! When you consider the likes of Gordon Ramsey, Joël Robuchon, Nobu Matsuhisa, and just about any other Top chef in the world, all have restaurants in Vegas, to elevate to such high levels so quickly demonstrates an awful lot of Skill.

First, the bad side, the Location in the Westgate Hotel is not really ideal. The Westgate is a nice property but it is very far out from the center of the strip, It is really a very plush convention hotel rather than a tourist hotspot. There are very few reasons to head all the way out here. The Edge is one of those though! Secondly, don’t expect this level of Culinary Mastery to come cheap, but you didn’t expect that from the BEST steakhouse in Vegas, and be assured we have some more budget-friendly options on the list later on.

The Steakhouse decor is traditional with a modern touch, it’s like an old-fashioned steakhouse but bang up to date. Roaring fires, on digital screens, traditional table settings, and high-end finishes. it is a wonderful place to dine. The 1000+ bottle wine room and on-site Dry Aging room all add interest and an upmarket appeal. But frankly, none of this matters much…on to the Food!

We worried at first about the menu, while calling itself a steakhouse, the chef clearly has ambitions of Michelin star status and has created a fine-dining menu not necessarily suited to a steakhouse. When we want steak we want hunking great lumps of meat, not delicate fussy plates of art. These have their place, but not at the expense of meat!

We needn’t have worried, everything we expect from a high-end steak house is present. Tender Filet, Bone-in Ribeye (20oz), and New York Strip (18oz) all Dry-Aged, along with Snake River Farms Wagyu and all the required accouterments, Truffle Mac and Cheese, Loaded potatoes, and Lobster tails for Surf and Turf!

The Steaks are cooked beyond perfect, with melt-in-the-mouth middles and deep searings, the quality of the meat really shows along with the precision of the cooking. The Chef is very interactive and will discuss menu options and cooking preferences with all guests, it’s a wonderful service, friendly but polite and knowledgeable.

If you can, the six course tasting menu will leave you breathless, at around $100 per person it’s not too bad for a Tasting menu, and unlike many will leave you stuffed! This allows Steve to really showcase his Talent and Produce and will introduce you to many items you may not have considered ordering. The Waygu Tartare, Roasted Bone Marrow, and cauliflower soup are all amazing, and the Spicy shrimp is a menu classic and seriously moreish! Of course, the main course of the tasting menu is the Steak Selection and this will blow your socks off.

Overall, in a City where $million restaurants open and close overnight, for a newcomer to arrive and cause this much turbulence, you really know the Chef is up to good things. So every bit of this restaurant’s reputation is deserved, but more so it stands up to the Criteria of a great Steakhouse, the best in Vegas, and probably the world!

2 – Vic and Anthony’s Steak House

Vic and Anthonys Las Vegas

If you are looking for a cutting-edge culinary experience, then look somewhere else. Vic and Anthony go by the old adage! if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! So what you are getting here is old-school classic US Steakhouse.

The Dining room is Elegant and refined yet still warm and inviting, and the same can almost be said of the service. Professional and yet friendly, there is no pretentiousness here. You are made to feel welcome and served the way you expect to be!

The menu harks back to the past with limited Steak options, but all are USDA Prime cuts and they do offer A5 Waygu as a modern touch. But the lack of modernity is no bad thing, This steakhouse is a master of its art, and Steaks are cooked to perfection. They also offer a great selection of Seafood, from Lobsters to King Crabs legs, and an awesome Seafood Tower.

There is no fussing here and do not expect a fancy presentation, Steaks are not served on cutting boards or slates. The food is served on white plates, simply and elegantly the way they have for years. For those looking for just a fantastic Steak with no micro vegetables or pretentious presentation, just Prime Steaks cooked the old-fashioned way to perfection!

If an old-fashioned classic steakhouse is what you are after then you will not find better than Vic and Anthony’s in Vegas. The feeling and atmosphere really match the whole Downtown Vegas vibe.

We really don’t mean to be disparaging when we say this Steakhouse is old-fashioned, the old ways are still relevant today and many still prefer this way of doing things. We still Love Vic and Anthony’s and the perfection of their Steaks is the main reason we keep coming back, along with the simply wonderful service.

3 – Top of Binions Steakhouse

Top of Binions

The Top of Binions is one of the cheaper options on our list. Like most things in Fremont street, you get a lot more for your money in Downtown Vegas than elsewhere in the City.

As the name suggests the restaurant is situated at the top level of one of Downtown’s tallest buildings. The View from the top is pretty special and overlooks the Downtown district with the Stratosphere and the large strip hotels in the distance. But the view is about the only thing special about the restaurant decor, it is certainly lower-end than most on this list, but don’t let that put you off. This is Downtown and things are not meant to be as fancy as the rest of Vegas.

Even the Menu’s appearance is low-end. But again appearances can be deceptive and rest assured Binions knows what to do with a Steak. They also offer one of the best rime Ribs in town and their Shrimp Cocktail offers some seriously Jumbo shrimp. It’s certainly a classical offering and prices are about as low as they get in Vegas Steakhouses.

The Top of Binions is all about the overall experience, dining with a rare and wonderful view out over Downtown, and Great food in a relaxed and timeless atmosphere. This is far from fine dining, but it is incredibly enjoyable.

4 – Golden Steer Las Vegas

Golden Steer Las Vegas

The Golden Steer is practically part of Las Vegas Folklore. Just off the Strip but well north of central Las Vegas the Golden Steer has maintained a reputation as somewhere really worth hunting out. And the reason? The Steaks here are basically second to none.

Ok, they might not quite stand up to a $75 per Oz Kobe Fillet, but $ for $ these are the best in the City. The Bone-in Ribeye @ 22oz is a real monster and melts in the mouth with a perfect blackened charred exterior, or go old school with a table-side carved Chateaubriand. And don’t miss the Amazing baked Potatoes!

The Exterior of this Timeless vegas Haunt has lost a lot of its sparkle, and that’s being generous, but inside things take a turn for the better. This is a real old-school Vegas Haunt. Like a living museum, you can feel yourself dining in history. Plush leather Booths, deep pile carpets, and low moody lighting all add to the atmosphere and feeling of dining in the footsteps of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr along with a few more infamous and even shady characters.

A real Vegas experience, and one that takes you right back to the glory days of the city, but one that loses nothing in the culinary stakes by doing so. Restaurants like this can get by on reputation and allow quality to slide, but at the Golden Steer, the culinary experience is as perfect as it’s ever been.

5 – SW Steakhouse – Wynn

SW Steakhouse

Most things Steve Wynn does are about as close to perfection as you can get. And his steakhouse, which even bears his initials, is knocking on that door. This place really is about as close to perfect as you can imagine. However, it’s pretty low on our list for a Wynn venture, beaten by some much less esteemed establishments, so how come if we describe it as near-perfect?

First, let’s look at what it does right. Its setting is mindblowing, this is the sort of place that makes you pinch yourself! Actually, scratch that, our dreams are never this good! Set by the purpose-built lake of Dreams, the setting is really Magical. The decor is ultra-plush and extremely elegant making dining here a real treat. Everything about the restaurant just screams quality. Service is that perfect blend of ultra-knowledgeable and professional with just the right amount of warmth and personal touch.

Going on to the food, the Menu has everything you expect from a world-class Steakhouse. Fantastic Quality steaks seared to utter perfection are the obvious highlight. The dry-aged Tomahawk for the ultra-hungry or the 40oz porterhouse to share, are our picks. However, the Double Ribeye with a Chile-Rub has an incredible modern kick.

There is a fantastic choice of some of the finest Kobe beef direct from Japan, but this is Outrageously expensive, $300+ for a 4oz steak will make anyone’s eyes wince! And here lies the problem with SW. It is eyewatering expensive.

We know, for the best things in life you have to pay, however, Here we just get the feeling from the bill, “was it really worth that?” If you are one of the lucky souls in life who barely looks at a bill, just lays down your Credit Card, and heads off to your VIP bottle service then this will not be an issue. You are getting one of the finest Steak experiences in Vegas. We, like most people, are not there yet. While we are willing and able, to pay for a lavish and expensive meal as a treat, We expect to be blown away as a result.

And we are just not sure the SW does enough to justify the prices they charge. We are left with the feeling of Wow, that was incredible, but was it THAT incredible (with a sly glance at the cheque!) The presentation of the Meal is, ok, the menu is excellent, but not outrageously different from the others on the list, and the steaks are perfect, but the competition offers perfection as well.

We just feel you can get nearly as great for a lot less and struggle to justify the extra that SW charges, yes you are also paying for the setting and the service, but it still doesn’t quite add up. You will not be disappointed here, but just think you can do better from a value perspective, the competition can offer a similar meal for $1-200 and that money could be used for a show or rooftop drinks, all of which are far better added-value.

6 – THE Steak House

Circus Circus The Steakhouse

It was many years ago while searching for Steakhouses we were told THE best Steakhouse in Las Vegas was in the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. We were fairly skeptical of this fact as quite simply the Circus-themed hotel is not exactly known for its high-class establishments. But then GREAT Steak does not need to be fancy, just great quality Prime Steaks cooked perfectly.

And this is what you get in spades at THE steakhouse. The secret here is the Woodfired Broiler. Mesquite gives the fire a sustainable high heat that really gets the perfect sear onto the meat and a delicately smoky taste throughout. It is seriously wonderful.

There isn’t really too much to say about the restaurant, it is far from glamorous but homely and warm. The menu is very basic, but it has everything you need. Service is less refined than the higher-end restaurants but again you really expect this. Honestly, if it were not for the Steaks it would be very below par, but the steaks more than make up for it, and the low prices mean you are more accepting of the faults.

A lot of people come here for the Prime-Rib, but with the searing hot Broiler turning out some of the best sears in Vegas that is a waste…you can get prime rib at MUCH cheaper prices in Vegas.

Situated in the Circus Circus this makes for a great evening out as you head into Adventuredome for some Midway fun and check out the free circus acts under the big top. This is tacky vegas fun at its best. And the Steaks are pound for pound the best in the City, in our opinion.

7 – Craftsteak – Tom Colicchio


The Eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed we are at our FIRST centrally located Steak House, everything up until now has been downtown, off-strip, or at the extreme ends of the strip. Not only is it the first Strip Steakhouse it is the first and only Celebrity Chef-owned restaurant. We are not often fans of celebrity restaurants unless they are the original concept, when Celebrity Chefs try and do something other than what they are renowned it just feels like they are trading on their name, and cashing in. At Craftsteak, it feels more like Tom REALLY wanted to open a steakhouse and got the opportunity thanks to MGM.

It is worth mentioning that Craftsteak does have a bit of a hit-or-miss reputation, some love the place others are left a bit cold. We are in the love camp, but still, accept there are better in Las Vegas. However, it is hard to say why this is not higher up, as really all the boxes are ticked. The Steaks are great, They are on the pricier side, but that is to be expected.

The menu is fairly limited, but with the focus on super high-quality ingredients, doing a few things right is better than doing everything thing poorly. There could be more options for steak, but then we would just go for the porterhouse regardless! We actually think this is a really good value meal if you go for the Chef’s Menu, $130 gets you an appetizer, Main, Side, and dessert, which can save you quite a bit over the full menu. There is also a Waygu option, but this is domestic Waygu and there is no mention of marbling score or quality, Just being from a Waygu breed is not enough to make Waygu special, we would prefer good Angus over poor Waygu. And from the prices charged, we actually suspect this is pretty poor quality Waygu!

The interior is as you would expect, ultra-modern but still warm and homely, fairly typical of these modern Steakhouses. Service is excellent and there is fantastic wine and spirits list with a great selection of cocktails, from classics to more modern creations. And while we don’t often go for desserts in steakhouses, as we are normally full to bursting, you just have to save room for the Monkey bread here, it’s worth choosing Craft Steak JUST for that!

Heritage Steak – Mirage

Also worth mentioning here is Heritage Steak, another fantastic Colicchio steakhouse, and the Sister restaurant to Craftsteak. Worthy of a place on our list by itself but not different enough to warrant it, so we have just added it as an honorable mention here. Honestly, we can’t really choose which is better, they are so similar, so go for convenience, whichever fits your plans better, they are both excellent Steakhouses.

8 – Oscars Steakhouse

oscar's main room

And we are back at Freemont street again, we promise for the last time. Another Legendary Vegas eatery we just couldn’t leave off the list. We love Oscar’s, a real living breathing museum of a place. Here you really feel you are dining with the Mob bosses who ran the city back in the day.

Set in the stunning Glass dome of the Plaza hotel, you sit surveying the world you have created and are now presiding over. Named after the Ex-Mob attorney turned Mayor Oscar Goodman, the Steakhouse plays right up to its Mob-Haunt image. Plush leather booths, moody lighting, and fantastic views. You half expect to see shady Italians smoking hoagies in one corner and worry about someone busting in with a Tommy gun to settle a score.

It’s an utterly fantastic atmosphere. Of course, now the only guests are Tourists looking out for a must-do Vegas experience and Oscar’s is precisely that. Perfect for a post-Mob-Museum visit.

But don’t think we would recommend an eatery just as an experience if the food were substandard. Oscars can certainly cut it where the steaks are concerned. We do hear a lot of complaints here more so than many, but often find it’s people not ordering Steaks. It is a Steak House, order Steak! The food can be just a few bars below some of the others on the list, but the experience does take it to another level.

The Cocktail menu is also one of the best on the list. Classic Martini’s (Oscar’s Favourite) and other old-time classics make for an excellent tipple. Steaks can be done ‘Oscar’ style, with Lump Crab, hollandaise, and Asparagus, but don’t be confused into thinking this is anything to do with the restaurant’s Name-Sake, Oscar-style is Swedish and available at most Vegas Steak Houses. But it is fun eating Oscar Style Steak at Oscars.

9 – Cut – Wolfgang Puck

cut Wolfgang Puck

We are on a roll here, another Celebrity, another Central Strip location, This time in the Pallazo. This time Wolgang Puck, a French-Trained, Austrian Chef, Famed for his Californian Cuisine, running an American Steakhouse in an Italian Themed Hotel, a perfect fit!

Joking aside Wolfgang Puck is a man who knows how to cook, and knows how to operate fantastic restaurants and really Cut, could be much nearer the top of this list, and if we were basing things on pure culinary excellence it probably would be. But Vegas is a little bit more about the experience and Cut, just feels like a touch chain restaurant for us. An ultra-high-end, chain restaurant that serves simply mind-blowing steaks, but there is just a touch of clinical corporateness about this edition of Cut, one of 5 examples of this particular brand.

But the main reason for Cut to only make 9th place is the level of completion, it is just up against some utterly mind-blowing steakhouses. As such Cut does very little wrong. Food is served in an ultra-modern fine dining style, the Steaks are seared over an Oak and Mesquite wood-fired grill to give an intense blackened flavor, with just a hint of smoke. There is a selection of USDA Prime cuts some Dry-Aged, Snake River Waygu, or some really premium Japanese A5 Cuts.

Inside, cut bucks the trend of most Vegas Steakhouses and goes for a much more modern, clean minimalist design, the warm homey atmosphere with wood and leather that is the trademark of American steakhouses is not present here. The restaurant is more glass and steel and while it is not a typical design it is still a wonderful place to be. The whole experience is full-on fine-dining with steaks, and while the price also reflects this, you are getting an exceptional experience for your money.

10 – Voodoo Steakhouse

Voodoo Steakhouse

And we are back off the strip for our last offering. And really we couldn’t overlook Voodoo simply for the experience. The Steakhouse offers not only incredible steaks but also one of the best views in Vegas.

The Menu is probably overpriced, comparable with the absolute highest-end establishments such as Cut or SW. But really the quality is nowhere near that level. Voodoo is more on a level with Oscars or top of Binnions. Still really good steaks, but not the highest caliber.

However, what you do get for your money is a simply mind-blowing view. Being just off the strip the view is a full panoramic vista of the entire strip. In the evening this glistens away in full-on nighttime gory. This makes dining here unbelievably special.

Voodoo lounge View

We are certainly not saying the food is bad, it is quite simply incredible, but it just lacks that sparkle that takes it to the next level, you can still get fantastic prime steaks cooked to perfection, but you could find a similar meal elsewhere for much less. But you are not going to get that view ANYWHERE else, except upstairs in the Voodoo Lounge (entry to which is free for Diners). So the Voodoo Steakhouse is all about the simply unforgettable experience, eating great Steaks, on top of the world while taking in the city lights.

These are the moments you never forget, the ones that give you that little tingle when you recall them years later. For that, it’s worth overpaying a few dollars for your steak.

Notable Mentions

If none of the Top 10 tickle your fancy there are still a huge number to choose from. We really have been forced to leave out some amazing Steakhouses to compile a top 10. Take a look at a few of the notable mentions that didn’t quite make the list.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle

  • Off-Strip
  • Price Range $60+ Ribeye including side
  • Rating ****

Honestly, this probably should have made the list. But it’s a classical old-school Vegas Steakhouse, off the strip and we have several very similar choices already with the Golden Steer, Oscars, and Vic and Anthony’s. So Double Eagle just missed out in favor of Diversity.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

We really like Ruth’ Chris Steakhouses and there is nothing wrong with their Vegas location. You will get awesome Steak, perfectly cooked, moderate prices, and amazing Lobster Mac and Cheese. It just feels a bit uninspiring. After all this a chain Steakhouse and has outlets in most states. If you just want a great steak and want to know what you are getting maybe eat here, but there is nothing especially Vegas about this option.

Strip House

  • Planet Hollywood – Center Strip
  • Price Range $69+ 20oz Ribeye + Side
  • Rating ****

We are probably as guilty as anyone but this little Steakhouse is hugely underrated and overlooked. Right in the heart of the strip, the unassuming Strip Joint offers great value Steaks, perfectly seared, in a great setting with wonderful service. It might not have the “experience” of the Vegas Icons or the ultra-high-end culinary excellence of the fine-dining offerings. But it really is a great steak house and in most locations would be a must-eat, in Vegas, it didn’t even make our list, and we can’t say a bad word about it! That really shows the level of competition in the Las Vegas Steakhouse Scene!

Have Your Say?

Have you got a favorite Las Vegas Steakhouse? Is there that special place you head to every trip that never disappoints? Where the meat is tender and the Service flawless? Let us know in the comments, Maybe you have tried one of our picks and were disappointed? Maybe your fav is not on the list? Whatever you have to say just fire away in the comments, we would love to hear from you

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