New York

New York. What an incredible place. A place really like no other.

Incredibly busy at pretty much all times of day and year New York is not a place to go for solitude. The concrete and steel monoliths Tower above you at all times reminding you constantly you are in the big city. The whole city a testament to the wealth and success of the USA.

Unlike other big cities, Space in Manhattan is at such a premium (That’s what you get for building it on an island). And everything is jammed into such a tight space, emphasising the scale of the place. Sky scrapers almost built on top of each other.

That limited space extends to the side walks meaning the 55 million+ yearly visitors plus the 8 million+ residents Cram the streets making a truly unique experience.

Must see sights and Attractions are crammed into every square of this American wonder. A short walk can take you past Times Square, The Rockefeller centre, Fifth avenue, Grand central Terminal, New York Public Library and the Empire State Building. Or any other number of combinations.

But there is more to New York than just the world famous sights and attractions. There is plenty to see and do outside the regular tourist traps. Head to Brooklyn or Chelsea to find a very different experience of New York and find that much sort after peace and quiet that is so scarce in the City. Or walk the beautiful Highline to enjoy the Art and Gardens high above the hustle and bustle of the street level.

Food is a big thing in New York and you would be hard pressed to think of something you can’t find in New York. From cheap street cart hotdogs to Michelin starred perfection. New York has it all.

But really, I probably don’t need to sell you on the Big Apple. Americas most American city sells itself. Read on for how to make the best from your trip to this incredible city.


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