Los Angeles

Los Angeles Skyline at night

Welcome to Hollywood!

The truth is there is so much more to this city than just Hollywood. It’s absolutely enormous. An approach into Los Angeles International Airport is an experience to behold as the endless city scrolls beneath the plane. Sharp mountains give way to flat basin where every inch of land appears to be built upon. and it’s all there for you to explore.

A City filled with iconic landmarks. Some that need no mention others more subtle but still iconic like the storm drains from grease or the Life Guard Shelters from Baywatch. Everywhere you go is a prop, setting or reminder of a movie. A true realisation of most people’s “image” of the USA. Probably because most of the images of it were shot somewhere here.

A lifetime here would not be enough to experience it but even a day, or short layover, is enough to get a good taste of what Sunshine America is all about.

We will help you sift out the best and avoid the worst of this magical town. One where so many dreams have been made and broken.

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