Miami City Guide

Miami, the Magic City, Is a truly Unique, Vibrant and Pulsating City. It’s Mix of Tropical Heat and Cosmopolitan Feel, make it one of the must-visit Cities in the United States. Being one of the Countries largest Metropolitan Area’s and nestling right on the coast in a tropical Paradise it really is a destination that can offer something for EVERYONE.

From the Laidback Beach life of South Beach to the beating heart of the Downtown area there is an awful lot going on. Known as a Party City the Nightlife is Legendary and is one of the worlds premier clubbing destinations. There is a phenominal food culture as a large number of immigrants have given the City a very distinct Latin flavor. The City’s shoreline is lapped by year-round warm waters and endless sunshine! While the majority of the States shiver through the freezing winter storms Miami Still brings the heat, Making this the perfect year-round destination!

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