San Francisco – A Visitors Guide

San Francisco is a very Unique city, nestled up in the North of California the Bay area provides and unique and stunning environment for a diverse city full of culture. It’s recent and more distant past is full of history and the whole city is a blend of the old and the cutting edge new making for a one of a kind trip with tonnes to see and do.

San Francisco - A Visitors Guide

The Bay Area is a huge sprawling mass of urban, and industrial sprawl, however, the actual City itself is surprisingly small and easily navigated on foot. The petite little peninsular is packed with world-famous sights and attractions, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the world-famous Cable Cars all light up this city with their taste of nostalgia.

The whole city is a melting pot of cultures from the world’s largest China Town (Outside of China), heave Italian influences, a waning but still vibrant hippy culture and a nearly disused but completely renovated docklands area, known as Fishermans wharf.

The geography of the city is seriously unique being built on several surprisingly steep hills the entire city appears almost folded up in places making for some stunning views and striking vistas just not found elsewhere. This old-world charm butts up against San Franciso’s envious place a the front runner in the tech world, Silicon Valleys’ influence spreading deep into the city giving the area a unique contrast of very old and cutting edge working in harmony.

San Francisco is a city that surprises as often as it delivers the expected. If you are planning a trip to this breathtaking City our guide is here to help.

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