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Las Vegas is the City that really comes alive at night. The Stip, lined with huge glitzy Casinos and hotels, is a true thing of wonder when all lit up in its evening dress! Vegas is also all about living the dream, about living the high life, getting that feeling of complete contentment knowing you are actually doing the things you have dreamed about. There is little in Las Vegas that gives you that feeling more than sipping a cocktail, high-up in a rooftop Bar drinking in both the incredible view and an incredible concoction. It’s these moments that Vegas is made for!

Getting an amazing view and great drink is actually surprisingly difficult in Vegas, we are surprised at the lack of rooftop bars, you would think every Casino would have one, but actually that real estate is more profitable as high-eng suites and rooms costing thousands of dollars a night, so only a select few Hotels offer a high floor bar, with stunning views over the City. But no worry, there are still plenty to choose from and they all offer their own unique take on the rooftop bar, so there is something for everyone as we take a look at the Best Rooftop Bars in Las Vegas.

1 – Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub – Rio

Best Rooftop Bars Las Vegas

We have a bit of a soft spot for the Rio. As the Hotel is located off-strip it gets overlooked by many but it has some amazing facilities. The pool is top-notch the rooms are all suites and pretty fantastic with unbeatable prices. There are great restaurants, bars, a terrifying Zipline, and of course the Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub!

Formally the Voodoo Rooftop Lounge, The Voodoo boasts one of the finest settings in all of Vegas. Set on top of the 41 stories, 423ft, Mascarade Tower, on a multi-story open-air deck offering incredible panoramic views of the City Skyline the Voodoo is definitely one to hunt out.

The Nightclub itself is a lively and fun place, and while not quite to the standard of other Vegas nightspots, we still really love it. It is more of a bar than a true nightclub which is really to its credit. A place to relax and enjoy your drinks against the stunning Vegas Back Drop.

Voodoo lounge View
View from the Voodoo Lounge by jill, jellidonut… whatever on CC2.0

Drinks are typical Vegas club prices, so eyewatering, but are actually at the cheaper end of the scale, and unlike a lot of clubs, there is often no cover charge! So you can head on up, take in the stunning view with a drink or two and then head off to your favorite Club, later on, it’s the perfect warm-up venue. Most people opt for the Signature Witches Brew, which has the visual appeal (steaming away with dry ice Fog) and is great for Instagram shots, but we don’t really rate the taste and it’s over $40 (but is enough to share). Other options are better and are a bit more hand-crafted as opposed to sugary sweet.

The Club is all about the Visuals though and the view is simply breathtaking, Being off-strip really worked here as you get a full panoramic view of the entire strip! We think it might be the best view anywhere in Vegas! The central staircase is the main focal point and the perfect spot for some seriously envy-inducing Selfie shots!

This is really one of our favorite bars anywhere in Vegas and an absolute must, Being off-strip just means a quick Uber ride out to the Rio, and you can enjoy an hour or two in total heaven, or maybe it’s hell, whichever you prefer!

2 – Foundation Room – Mandalay Bay

Foundation Room Mandalay Bay
Foundation Room Mandalay Bay By Joseph Hunkins on CC2.0

Part Bar, Part Restaurant, Part Nightclub, Part Tourist Attraction, the Foundation room does a lot of things. It also does all of them WELL!

Let’s start with the drinks. The Cocktails are some of the best in Vegas, with the Good Karma Margarita being one of the best Margarita we’ve tried, and we have tried a lot. The Food menu is limited but really excellent, we especially like the Lounge/Bar menu that just offers light bites, dinner is an expensive affair and you can do better elsewhere.

The Decor is fantastic, a real decadent and lush feel, like a niche boutique hotel on Steroids, it’s quite wonderful. Late at night, a DJ takes over and the music is cranked up in the Lounge, a cover charge of around $30 normally applies if you are not dining, Big name DJs are not a regular occurrence but it is still a fun nightspot.

Finally comes the Outdoor Deck, Situated on the 63rdt floor of the 480ft Mandalay Bay Towers, the view is simply stunning. The Tower is situated at the far end of the Strip meaning the deck looks straight down the strip giving expansive views of almost all of Las Vegas, it’s not quite Voodoo Lounge good, but it’s pretty special.

If you are looking for a truly special place to enjoy some light nibbles and great drinks with a view you will never forget the Foundation Room is perfect. One of the most memorable settings in all of Vegas.

3 – Sky Bar – Waldorf Astoria

We often hear places like the Voodoo Lounge and the Foundation Room being referred to as “Hidden Gems”, we are not entirely sure why, as they are pretty well-known, advertised, and in popular locations. Certainly, they are gems, just not very hidden. The Waldorf Astoria’s Sky Bar is however far more of a less well-known secret hiding away in a pretty un-touristy hotel.

While the Waldorf Tower is one of Vegas’s tallest buildings the Sky Bar is only situated on the 23rd floor so is not one of Vegas’s highest bars but the floor-to-ceiling windows, looking down the strip, with unobstructed views over the Central Las Vegas Boulevard still make for a jaw-dropping vista!

The Waldorf is far more centrally located, than most root top experiences and with no cover charge, you really can just pop up any time* and grab a drink with one of the best views in the City. And the drinks, while keenly priced are top-notch creations. The Meadows with Don Julio Tequila and The Prohibition made with WhistlePig 10yr Private Barrel Rye are some of the highlights.

This bar is pretty unassuming and this is one of its most endearing qualities, there are no hordes of tourists clamoring for selfies, No cover charges, no spectacle cocktails with dry ice, just quality drinks, a peaceful atmosphere, and simply mindblowing views.

4 – 108 Skylounge – Stratosphere

Bar 107 Stratosphere

Placed at The STRAT Skypod, here you can then access the Skydeck and enjoy drinks at the same time! The views are pretty special from the Lounge as you sip your cocktail looking out over the vast Las Vegas Valley from one of the highest Bars in the World! You still have to pay the $20 entrance fee to the observation deck as this is first and foremost, an attraction with a bar in it.

The cocktail menu has recently been re-invented and we think for the better, it was all large fruity drinks before, and while we will miss the old Chocolate Martini, the Haut Choco-Tini will be an adequate replacement. And the fact we can now get Classic Martinis up here is great!

While the entrance fee is frustrating, The daily 3-7 Happy Hour is legendary, While it used to be two-for-one on cocktails, it’s recently gotten even better and is simply half-price Cocktails along with cheap nibble plates and Beer and Wine specials!

Arrive to Coincide with a sunset and you are in for a pretty magical time as the sun dips and Vegas starts to come alive with all its nighttime splendor! All while sipping a half-price Martini!

5 – Happy Half Hour – High Roller

Linq High Roller Observation Wheel

A bit of an outside choice here, some may claim this is anything but a rooftop bar, but if you choose the Open Bar, Happy Half Hour option on the High Roller, you get drinks, a bartender, and stunning views from one of the highest points in Las Vegas, so really that is almost exactly what it is!

For 30 Mins as the High Roller Observation wheel take you up to one of the highest points in Vegas your dedicated Server will dish out drinks as fast as you can down them! Quality is quite low, but you are paying for both the experience as well as the drinks. You can easily manage 3-4 drinks and be on your way just a little bit merrier than before you started!

Not the best drinks in Vegas but a fantastic fun experience.

6 – Beer Park – Paris

Beer Park Paris Las Vegas

We simply love Beer Park. It is far from classy, it’s more of a Tail-Gate get-together rather than a glitzy cocktail lounge. This outdoor sports bar, complete with artificial turf and bar games is a real hoot.

The Rooftop element is a little dubious, while it is undoubtedly on top of a building, it’s a pretty small two-story affair, not the towering skyline spectacle most are expecting from a rooftop. But hey a Rooftop is a Rooftop! And really the View is pretty epic regardless of its lowly elevation. Across the strip from the Belaggio Fountains and offering an amazing unobstructed view!

While beer is the main event, and served in large 22oz Mugs, or better still 64oz Pitchers, there is plenty of choice for those who don’t want to guzzle beer all day. Wine and cocktails on draft should keep most people’s thirst at bay. Talking of beer there are over 100 varieties on the menu from your standard Bud and Michelob Ultra to some more exotic choices such as Nikasi Red IPA (7%) or Elysian Blood Orange IPA. There are some great choices and if you are spoilt for choice or don’t know your IPA’s from your Double Hops you can order them in beer flights, 4 x 6oz tasting glasses so you can sample away before going crazy on your favorite!

Food Options are basic, but exactly what you expect from a sports bar. Nacho’s Wings, Burgers, and Ribs, good honest Bar food to help keep the beer from going to your head!

Really it is your typical sports bar, with a lot of fun, cheap prices, and a stunning location!

7 – Eiffell Tower Restaurant

Eiffel Tower Restaurant

A bit left field this one, as it’s not really a bar and not really rooftop, but when most people say rooftop, what they mean is high-up with a stunning view, and this is exactly what the Eifell Tower Restaurant gives you! The Restaurant sits partway up the tower offering amazing elevated views out over the Strip and the Bellagio fountains.

On top of great views, the restaurant is rated as one of the best in Vegas, with stunning fine french Cuisine and an incredible wine cellar with talented sommeliers able to steer you towards the perfect bottle to accompany your meal. Dining here is a real experience and one not easily forgotten.

If you are looking for pure romance then this is quite simply the number one choice in Las Vegas!

8 – Walgreens / CVS / ABC – Your Hotel Room!

Bellagio Fountains

While we love every Bar, Club, and restaurant listed above sometimes, you can just do it better yourself! Having spent all that money on a perfect strip view hotel room (or maybe not that much after all?), it would be a terrible shame to waste it! Too many people only use their rooms for sleeping, but often you have at your disposal one of the finest bars in the whole town.

Head to a Liquor, pharmacy, or convenience store and pick up some bargain booze before relaxing in your room taking in the incredible sights of vegas. We know this is a bit obvious, but it’s surprising how few really take advantage of what they have paid for and instead spend hundreds on expensive dinners and cocktails when they could just be relaxing in their room drinking in the view!

Hotels with the Best View in Las Vegas

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    • Yeah, Vegas is that dream trip many of us plan to take in the future, hopefully, sooner rather than later. 

      The Cities biggest problem really is there is just too much to do, there is not a single bar on our list we don’t love, the problem really is picking out which to visit, and this is on top of the thousands of great bear without a view and the other millions of things to cram into a trip

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