Best Exotic Car Rental in Las Vegas – How to rent an Exotic Car in Las Vegas!

Many of us have dreamed of one day owning an exotic car. Be it a visceral Lamborghini, a luxurious Bentley, a technological wonder of a Maclaren, or maybe just a Dirty Great US Muscle car! Las Vegas is one of the best places in the world to make that dream a reality…if only temporarily.

Prices of Exotic Rentals are lower in Las Vegas than just about anywhere else in the world and you can easily pick up a Lamborghini for a few hundred Dollars and strut around the strip pretending you are a big-shot celebrity. Vegas is all about making dreams a reality and With an Exotic car rental, it really hits that brief perfectly. However the market is a bit of a minefield, there are lots of companies and options and potential pitfalls so our guide on how to rent an Exotic Car in Las Vegas, will help you find the Best Exotic Car Rental in Las Vegas and make sure you avoid any of the issues you may run into when renting your dream ride.

Best Exotic Car Rental in Las Vegas

Exotic Car Rental in Las Vegas

“So you are saying I can simply rock up and hire a $300,000 hypercar?”

“They will just take my money and hand me the keys to my dream car?

“That can’t be right there must be a ton of restrictions and huge deposits too?”

Yes, Yes, and No.

In Vegas, you really can rent your ultimate dream car and just head off to wherever you fancy. Down the strip, out into the desert, Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, anywhere you like. Within reason, of course, you can’t head out of the country, and as these are short-term rentals you are obviously limited by time, also everyone we spoke to insisted on staying within the state without prior approval. They get very upset if you take it off-road or on a race track, that’s a big no-no. But otherwise, you really are unrestricted. The companies we recommend offer unlimited miles, and there are a ton of places nice and close to Vegas you can explore in your dream car even on a 4-hour rental.

While some companies require a modest deposit, they are always honest and fair with this. These deposits are just holds on your Credit Card and are refunded once the car is returned in good shape.

Finally, every company we have spoken to requires you to be at least 25 years old to rent a car. Even regular rental companies do this so it’s a little surprise. I would certainly not rent a Supercar to a 23-year-old me!

Read here about our experience renting a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder LP610-4!

We had it for 24-hours and took it to hoover dam, lake meads shore drive, the Valley of Fire, and Red Rock Canyon, not to mention driving the strip, day and night and hitting the town for the night like celebrity rockstars…pulling up at Valet in your very own Lambo is quite something!

How Much does it cost to rent an Exotic Car in Las Vegas?

Lamborghini lake mead

“Ok, well, We bet it costs the earth right?”

Here is where the shock can come. While these kinds of rentals are not cheap they are a lot less than you are thinking!

How about a Lamborghini Huracan for $549?

Or a Mustang 5.0GT for $99?

Maybe just an Audi R8 convertible for $299

Ok, these are not small sums of money, but we are talking about renting some of the finest machinery known to man and no one is going to let it go for peanuts, But they are not in the realms of silliness. As a treat or a once-in-a-lifetime experience, these are quite achievable sums. After all, you are in Vegas where Dinner buffets cost $100+ (including tax and tip) and hotel resort fees are $50 a night and don’t include free parking! Suddenly $549 for 4 hours in a simply incredible Supercar seems a little more palatable.


A Lamborghini Huracan Spyder has a retail value of over $300,000 and repair costs will make you wince. Little things like a new bumper will run to $1000’s. So you need to be adequately covered. How you go about this depends on where you are from and your circumstances.

USA – If you are American chances are you have your own car insurance policy. This is the easiest way to get cover. The only problem is some policies have a minimum Vehicle Value. You will need to check this but if the cover is too low you can normally get it boosted up for very little cost.

Canada, UK, and Europe – If you hail from Europe, like us (UK) or Canada then the insurance situation is different and your cover will definitely not cover the rental costs. For regular rental vehicles, the best situation is to buy rental car cover separately. This is very inexpensive and is all that is needed to cover a rental car. The problem with these policies is they are not designed for exotics and have a maximum Vehicle value, normally $65-70,000. So if you rely on this cover and have an accident they will refuse the claim and you will owe the hire car company potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars, what’s worse, you could have a third-party fault claim rejected and be in the dock for $millions of dollars…

The other option is to take out a USA policy, and then cancel after your trip, however without a real USA address this is a non-starter.

Most Exotic Rental companies in Vegas offer their own insurance. This is pretty expensive, but really it is the only option. We hunted around, tried every trick we could think of, and came up empty. The only solution was to stump up. So take this into account when pricing up your car! And we even found some companies refused us service as we didn’t have USA Insurance. However, we think these are companies best avoided anyway.

Mexico/other – Sorry, We are really not up on the Insurance situation in other countries. It could be like Canada and the UK in which case follow the advice above, or your policy may be adequate to cover the rental. Either way, just make sure you check with the Rental Company that they are happy with your cover.

Best Exotic Car Rental in Las Vegas

LVC Exotics

These are our go-to guys in Las Vegas. They have a large and growing itinerary of cars, ranging from Mustang GT’s right up to a Lamborghini Aventador. Prices are seriously competitive and they offer price matching and a FREE tank of fuel when booking online. Not something to be taken lightly in a high-performance car…they can be quite thirsty. Their fleet is all really top-notch cars. The Huracan’s all being LP610-4’s. Meaning they are 4WD something that is really quite important with 610bhp on tap! Every car we saw was impeccable, with our car fresh from the carwash.

Their office is on-strip but it is right at the north end just past the Wynn(perfect if you are staying there). An Uber only costs a few $ from most strip locations, or they offer hotel drop-off, but we prefer the Uber option.

Lambo at Red Rock

Service is impeccable and very friendly, within a few minutes we were fully insured and driving off in our very own Lamborghini Huracan. This included hooking us up with the much-needed insurance policy that we were really struggling to source elsewhere. There is very little to complain about at all. We got a stunning car, in fantastic condition for a great price and nearly zero hassle. There was no hassle on return, just a quick look round took the keys off us, and off we went.

  • Lamborghini Huracan: 4-hour: $549 – 8-hour: $899 – 24-hour: $1049
  • Lamborghini Huracan Spyder: 4-hour: $599 – 8-hour: $999 – 24-hour: $1149
  • Mclaren 650S Convertable: 4-hour: $599 – 8-hour: $999 – 24-hour: $1099
  • Audi R8 Convertable: 4-hour: $399 – 8-hour: $699 – 24-hour: $799
  • Mustang GT5.0: 4-hour: $99 – 8-hour: $149 – 24-hour: $199

*as of June 2019

Royalty Exotics

Another top-notch company but really there is one big downer, Its pricing. They really are one of the more expensive outfits. Their cars are all pristine and they have the best collection including some really special cars such as a 1000bhp Huracan.

The location is just off-strip and quite flashy and modern. They offer insurance for international travelers and overall offer a great service. It’s just those prices are a little on the high side.

  • Lamborghini Huracan STO: 4-hour: $1399 – 8-hour: $1999 – 24-hour: $1999 (special price)
  • Lamborghini EVO Spyder: 4-hour: $499 – 8-hour: $999 – 24-hour: $999 (special price)
  • Mclaren 720S Coupe: 4-hour: $799 – 8-hour: $1299 – 24-hour: $1299 (special price)
  • Porshe 911: 4-hour: $549 – 8-hour: $799 – 24-hour: $799 (special price)

*as of January 2023

Dream Exotics

At the bottom end of the price range were Dream Exotics. Their 4-8 hour prices are similar to the others but they have great rates on 24-hour rentals. However, they were of no use to us as they simply refused us service due to being international and not having insurance. As such we really can’t rate them as good or bad.

It is a little disconcerting to us that insurance companies are not willing to offer them an insurance product to sell, though. But if you do have your own insurance you could give them a try if you are looking for a 24-hour rental. They also seem to only offer the 2wheel drive version of the Huracan which makes me a little nervous. That’s a lot of grunt through just the back wheels for drivers who are not used to it.

  • Lamborghini Huracan: 4-hour: $799 – 8-hour: $999 – 24-hour: $1699
  • Lamborghini Huracan Spyder: 4-hour: $799 – 8-hour: $999 – 24-hour: $1699

*as of January 2023

What To do an Exotic Car in Las Vegas?

Lamborghini Hoover Dam

What to do and where to go all depend on how long you have got the car for. While you can rent for longer periods we will stick with 24 hours or less here.

How long should we rent for?

2 hours

A two-hour rental is the cheapest but really, it’s not the best option. A 4 Hour rental only increases the price slightly but means you can really get out into the desert and see what the car is all about. With a 2 Hour, you will be limited mainly to the strip and maybe as far as Red Rock Canyon with a stressed-out drive back to make your cut off. Exotic Cars are fun in traffic, just not as fun as without!

4 Hours

This is enough time to really get to know the car and get out to some of the more remote spots and really enjoy it. Prices are only slightly more than 2 hours but you get a lot more fun.

8 Hours

This is the sweet spot for us. Essentially it’s a FULL day you can head off to hoover dam, drive up Lake Mead Shore Drive, visit the Valley of fire, and cruise up and down the strip a few times.

24 Hours

The Problem with going for a 24 hours rental is you will waste a good 8+hours with the car in the parking lot. However, that still leaves 16+fun filled hours. There is nowhere within range of Las Vegas you can’t get to in that time. You also have the opportunity to hit the town in the car. Pulling up to Valet Parking like a rockstar and heading inside for a show. It’s all pretty amazing

Where to Go:

The Strip

The first thing most people say is to avoid the strip. We actually disagree. Cruising down Las Vegas Boulevard in a Supercar is a pretty mind-blowing experience. Sure you can’t use the power without being a reckless idiot, but you can make a load of noise and be the center of attention without any hassle. We really think it’s part of the supercar experience and you should definitely head down the Strip, just maybe not on a busy Saturday night…

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is only a 30-minute (+Traffic) drive from the strip and can be just about managed on a 2-hour rental, you will be pushing it however, as the loop takes a good 30 mins+, and then there is traffic and stops and photo’s, etc… really we think it’s worth the extra few$$$ to upgrade to 4 Hours then Enjoy the canyon Properly.

And it is worth it as the canyon is stunning and the loop road a great drive in an exotic, especially a convertible. While the 25mph Speed limit is unfortunate, the narrow twisty nature can really show off your car’s handling and the fact it is one way means there will not be someone heading toward you on blind bends. (There could still be someone idiotically parked or even a tortoise in the road)

The Red Canyon walls are really beautiful and the loop allows plenty of opportunities to pull out and get a shot of your rental with a stunning backdrop. The Strip is a fun place to drive an Exotic car but it takes somewhere like this to get the best of it.

Hoover Dam

Lamborghini Hoover Dam

We love the Hoover Dam, but it’s no place for an Exotic car. Too busy, too crowded, and too many low-speed limits. You will also be hassled by tourists in full tourist mode wanting a picture of your car. Fun at first, but gets old quick. We still went, however, but only as it’s on the way to…

Lake Mead / Lakeshore/NorthShore Road

Lamborghini Lake Mead

Simply the best place near Vegas to take your shiny exotic rental car. You are going to need an 8-hour rental to make the full trip but this road is to die for. It’s a very very good drive in anything as the scenery is jaw-dropping. But in something with a little, or a lot, of poke, it’s incredible.

It is quiet, it is remote and the roads even have some good bends in them which is rare in the USA! It’s a place you can really get out and stretch the legs of your car a little bit. And did we mention the scenery…?

Valley Of Fire

Lamborghini Red Rock

The Valley of fire is a great place to visit but it lacks any real reason to take a supercar there. But again, it’s at the end of the Northshore road so if you are driving this way anyway…

You could make it here on a 4-hour but that would mean heading up the I-15, which is a complete waste of an exotic car.

Mount Charleston

With a 4 Hour’s rental, the valley of fire is a little far, but Red rock canyon is really a little bit too close. Leaving you low on options. So we suggest doubling up and hitting Red Rock First before heading up to Mount Charleston. The highest peak in the Spring Mountain Range.

The Road only goes so far up the mountain (Charleston Peak) and ends in the town of Mt Charleston. You will need to hike the rest of the way, which is definitely worth it, but probably not if you have an Exotic Parked up in the lot that is on the clock! The Road up here, however, is stunning. You leave the desert valley and pass up through some stunning Alpinesque scenery and really feel you could be in the Alps, the true home of the supercar.

Grand Canyon

This is in Arizona and as such normally falls outside the Hire companies regulations. You could always ask them if you really wanted to head up this way or were renting for a couple or more days. It’s a long drive anyway and you are unlikely to make it in 8 hours, especially if you encounter any of Arizona’s finest!

Death Valley

Again, this is in Arizona and means leaving the state. It’s a superb drive and the perfect place to try and headbutt the horizon but it’s such a long way from anywhere, I am not so sure we would attempt it in a temperamental supercar. Especially when the temps can get so outrageously high in the valley. Anyway, you would need to ask the Rental Company and they are likely to say no. Unless you are in one of the lower-performance vehicles.

What not to do?

Leave the State

This is the general rule for most companies and some are even more strict than this. There is plenty to see and do in a High-End Performance car close to Las Vegas so there is little reason to leave the state. However, the key here is to talk to your rental company. They often allow it but on the proviso, you tell the first. Failure to do so can incur added charges upon returning the vehicle and they use GPS tracking so they will know.

Drive Recklessly

Look, No one rents a Lambo or Ferrari with the intention of pootling along at 20mph. The companies know this and do not expect you to baby it 100% of the time. But there is a difference between having a bit of a play, standing on the loud peddle a bit more than normal, seeing just what 0-60 in 3 Secs feels like, and driving like a complete idiot.

With the performance of these cars, you can get into a really sticky predicament in a split second and the consequences really don’t bear thinking about. At best you are totaling a $300,000 car…at worst, People Die.

The best advice we can give you is to treat it like it was your own. We imagine most people would treat £300,000 supercar with a good amount of respect. That’s not to say you should treat it as an angel all the time, these cars are meant to be driven but a little common sense goes a long way.

And before you say it, even just in your head, This guy thought it wouldn’t happen to him either.

Don’t Break the Speed Limits

Obviously, we cannot ever condone breaking a Speed limit under any circumstance. It would be illegal and breaking the law cannot be encouraged. Even if you are in the middle of nowhere and no one is looking.

That’s about all we have to say on the matter. What you choose to do is your choice.

Drink…at all.

We have considered some people may read the speeding advice as a bit tongue in cheek or possibly just us covering ourselves (Definitely not!) But when it comes to drinking, that is different. Chances are you will ignore our speeding advice at some point. So you are in a FAST, LOUD, “LOOK AT ME” car. This makes you a big target for any over-zealous copper. As such it pays to be 100% on the right side of the strict DUI laws in Nevada.

You are spending $100,s renting a car, save the champagne for afterward. This goes for the night before. Turning up at the Rental, barely functioning, and stinking of booze will likely lead to you being sent on your way without your dream car rental!

Take it to the Track

This is strictly against the terms of your rental and will incur a large penalty fee. They use GPS to Track the Car, so will know if it has rocked up at a track or Drag Strip.

You can read all about the negative reviews these companies get after hitting people with these fees for racing the rentals but it’s the renter’s fault as it is made perfectly clear you are not allowed to race them.

Track days and Drag Strips break cars. I know I’ve done plenty and paid the repair costs (In my own cars) so it’s not surprising the companies ban this practice.


Goes without saying right…actually not, It happens quite a lot to these cars. It’s not big and not clever, and you should have grown out of this before you were 21. We guess this falls into the reckless driving section but still.

A lot of these cars are now 4×4 for added grip and handling so good luck trying to do burnouts in those. Hard launches, in general, are most likely to land you a bill for a smashed transmission.

Again Treat it like it was your own $300,000 car…

Get Lost!

This is not usually a good idea in general, but when you are on a time limit with penalty fees for a late return it can make things very stressful. Most exotic cars have GPS built-in but trying to figure out how the hell they work in pinch can be challenging and they are not always completely up to date. Having a backup such as your phone is a great idea.

Other Hints and Tips on Renting an Exotic in Las Vegas?

Sun Cream, and Wet Wipes

That sun can be murder. If you are renting a convertible make sure your cream up before hitting the road. Also, take cream with you as with the top down and the wind blowing it’s easy to stay cool but that sun will be relentless. Your rental company will thank you no end if you take wet wipes with you too as sun cream and plush leather interiors do not mix too well!

Get used to Attention!

On the strip, people will stare, lean out of their window to give thumbs up, and even try and race you off the lights (they don’t win often!). This is pretty cool but it can be a lot to get used to. Out in the world, any time you stop expect people to approach you, ask questions, take photos and even ask you to photos them next to the car. Fun at first but in the end, it gets a bit too much. We kind of know how celebrities feel now. Even in the middle of nowhere people still appeared asking for a photo!

And Worrying!

A $300,000 car is a big responsibility and it doesn’t take long until you have a bond and start to worry about your new temporary baby. Really you are completely attached to the car for the whole rental period as if you try and leave it somewhere all you will do is worry. Even in the hands of the Valet it still is pretty unnerving knowing it’s out of sight and no longer under your care…maybe this is just us!

So, is it Worth Renting an Exotic Car?

Oh god yes.

If like us…um, me… Fast cars have been your childhood. You had a Lamborghini on your bedroom wall, and have been brought up on a diet of Car shows. Owning a car such as a Lamborghini, Ferrari or McLaren is a true fantasy. The reality is, it’s never going to happen, the $300,000+ purchase price (which is more than my house) of these sorts of cars is the least of your worry. They are frivolous beyond understanding. And only multi-millionaires will ever own one. But renting one really gets you a little slice of that lifestyle.

There are options to drive these cars on tracks and this is a cheap way to get behind the wheel of something awesome for a bit less money than a rental. But I have always found these experience days to be a little empty. You only get a few minutes in the cars and the instructor takes most of the fun away. Actually getting your hand on the keys and driving off on your own is the only way to really get to know and understand what a machine like this is like. And what are they like?

Well, I plan on going back to LVC exotics and trying a few other cars out but for now, I can only talk about the Lamborghini Huracan we rented. And just WOW. The performance is truly mindbending, but it’s not just the performance it is the whole theatre, when the boot goes down the orchestra strikes up, the seat thumps into your back, and things get loud and blurry. It is an experience that can NEVER get old…ever.

And Yes, I have since looked at used prices, and they are still nearly as much as my house!

Have Your Say

Are you looking for an exotic car to rent? let us know what you are looking for and we can point you in the right direction. Or maybe you have just rented your dream car? Who did you use and how awesome was it? We loved our day with the Huracan and would love to hear about your adventures.

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22 thoughts on “Best Exotic Car Rental in Las Vegas – How to rent an Exotic Car in Las Vegas!”

  1. If I’m going to Vegas, I’m definitely in the market for an exotic car rental, I can tell you that much. Like many, I thought the pricing would be through the roof, but even a Lamborghini is only in the four-figures, which while it isn’t a small price, it’s far less than what I thought the rental would be. At this stage, I probably couldn’t afford a Lamborghini rental, but there were a few in the article that would fit into my budget, so maybe go smaller first, then exotic later on. 

    • Hi Todd,

      Yeah, that’s the point, these cars are so special and expensive I never realized they could be hired for such a reasonable figure. It is a lot of money but that’s the point of Vegas. People spend a lot more in the casino’s and on food so getting to drive such a phenominal car is too good to pass up.

      Honestly, we just went for it, there was no building up. Just straight into the Lambo, can’t say we were disappointed. 

      Although an R8 is avery similar car on paper, it just doesn’t have the WOW factor.  

      Enjoy your next trip to Vegas and hope you get a drive in an awesome car!


  2. Thank you for the information and for reminding us that it is not smart to take one of the cars for 24 hours. Maybe I will just go for 4 to 8 hours, just enough to make the most out of Nevada driving experience. 

    But wait, what if I exceed the agreed time span unintentionally? I mean, I wasn’t able to return the car on time. How much would be the charge per hour for going beyond the agreed 4 hours rent of a Lamborghini Huracan? Package of 4 hours ($699). 

    • Actually, we really liked the 24hour format and often it is very cost effective but you will have some time where the car is not used but it is still worth it on most occasions.

      The best plan is not to be late back. They tend to charge you the NEXT rental fee so could be very expensive $250 is a typical late fee. Remember someone could be waiting for the car for their rental and you being late is costing them money. If it’s just a few mins there will be no issue but any longer and it is a big no-no. But just plan ahead and don’t be late.

      The only thing that could cause you to be late is poor planning or traffic and traffic should not make you more than a few minutes late.


  3. Very interesting article about the exciting opportunity of renting a supercar. Unfortunately I am from Asia and my husband is from Europe, so it would be more complicated and more expensive for us than for Americans. 

    Is Las Vegas the only place that renting the super car is much cheaper than in other places? Or do you know other places that it can be done inexpensively and more easily for non Americans?

    Anyway, thank you for this interesting article. 

    • Hi Sandy,

      There a few different Cities in the US where you can rent Exotics but these are normally a bit more expensive and you will run into exactly the same insurance issues. I am afraid for international travelers you have to suck up the extra cost. It is still far cheaper than anywhere else we have looked.

      We are sure there are many places worldwide where you can also rent a car like this and maybe the insurance situation is different but we are primarily a USA travel website and do not know the ins and outs of insurance worldwide.


  4. What a joy ride you took me on with this post. I could feel the excitement of being on the road in one of these beauties. Am curious to know if you require a special drivers’ license to drive a car with this capacity for speed. They must surely be rather difficult to manage if you haven’t driven anything in this class before.

    It must have been such a lot of fun. 

    My son’s partner and the other people in the company paid for him to have one of these wonderful sports cars for the day as a birthday surprise.

    He had an amazing time and came around to take his grateful parents for a ride. It was such a rush.

    Well, we have the opportunity of going to Las Vegas if we work hard enough, so perhaps, who knows???

    Will have to start amassing the dollars for the rental and the insurance.

    Thank you for this chance to dream of something which would be such a load of fun.

    • Hi Jill, 

      No Special license, 

      No Competency test,

      No Previous experience required,

      Just pay your money, prove or buy insurance, and off you go.

      A bit worrying really, but the most shocking thing about the Lambo was how utterly easy it was to drive. The ride, handling steering, etc we all just light responsive and simple. With the Auto box driving at regular speeds, it was hardly any different to any other car. A bit firmer ride and the vision was a bit restricted but really it’s just a car.

      When using the loud pedal, things change a lot, but it was still remarkably easy to drive. The main factor is common sense and no test/license in the world can predict this! 

  5. Wow what a great reference for those looking to rent an exotic car in Vegas! Having lived in Vegas for a little while I can say it is one of the best places to enjoy such an activity. The terrain and landscape is unlike any other, especially in places like Red Rock Canyon and near the Hoover Dam. Lake Las Vegas is another place that comes to mind. I’m amazed at how relatively inexpensive these vehicles are to rent. You’ve provided some sound advice for USA customers in using their own insurance. I like your top choice in LVC Exotics and I am bookmarking your page for my next Vegas trip, well done!

    • Hi, Yeah we took the road from Hoover Dam down past Lake Las Vegas and the all the way up Northshore Rd to the valley of fire. It was an incredible and stunning drive and would have been in anything but in the lambo, it was seriously life-changingly good!

      Yeah, the one thing that we keep coming back to is how relatively cheap they are to rent in Vegas. It’s not a small amount of money but you get an awful lot for it!

      Hope you get to rent a car on your next trip!


  6. This sounds like a dream come true! You break down the opportunity in such a way no one can resist the chance to try the drive. 

    Chose your dream car, pay the price and off you go! The big eye of the GPS will be on you to keep the reins in though.

    This might be the only chance for ordinary people to drive an exotic.

    Thank you for making us experience the drive to see all the places with you.


    • Hi Stella, You are right, it really was a dream come true and is for a lot of people.

      And as you say, it really is one of the only ways to really experience a car such as this. Sure, you can buy a track day experience but it is just a few laps, and is over in a flash, with an exotic car rental you are really getting to know the car.


  7. Hello there!!
    Woww.. renting an exotic car!!! it is dream to me… This is amazing.. These are not only amazing, these are love. Who needs to leave country or even state with this car?? I would just show off the car to my relatives and friends driving in front of them hahaha..😁 In las vegas it is of no need to go out I think. Las vegas street is enough. rental price is within the reasonable limit I think considering the cars. Mushtang 5.0 GT is only for $99!! its really good. moreover deposits are just holds on my Credit Card and are refunded once the car is returned in good shape!!! this is totally shocking
    Thank you for sharing such an amazing article.

    • Hi,

      Sure cruising around showing off is a lot of fun, but you really need to hit the open road to get the best of them! 

      Out on the highway, an Exotic car is really something else! It has to be experienced at least once in your life! 


  8. Great list. LVC Exotic Rentals is one of my top recommendation to people planning to go to Vegas too. My last visit was made so much better by the folks at LVC. Amazing cars and customer service!

    • Hi Ryan,

      Glad you like the post

      Yeah, LVC were really good to us and the car was just incredible. Probably our best experience in vegas to date and we have done some crazy things there!

      Thanks for reading


  9. Hello,
    Thinking of an exotic rental for a one day out and back trip to the Grand Canyon. Looking for suggestions. Do’s and Dont’s.



    • Hi Lynnsy,

      The first thing to do is DO IT!

      It is such an awesome experience. But remember the Grand Canyon is a LONG way from Vegas 130 miles to the west rim (Skywalk) and a HUGE 280+ Miles (4 1/2 hours) to the National Park and the South rim! Not all renters will allow you to take all their cars that far! Make sure you check with them first! Remember those distances are each way. It is not really feasible to do the south rim in one day, much better to overnight but that means a two-day rental which is pricey, depending on which car you want!

      The West rim is easily doable though and while the canyon is nowhere near as good at the west rim as the south if you are renting am exotic to do it then the canyon might not be the most important element of the trip! We still love the west rim it’s just the South is utterly staggering.

      Other than that just get out and do it, Take it easy on the speed, it is very easy in these cars to get carried away, 100mph really doesn’t feel that fast, but a state trooper will probably disagree! Fines in Nevada and Arizona are not small!

      We loved our experience with and would recommend them in a heartbeat! Make sure you are well insured (again just check with the company) and have fun. A convertible is really important for the “full” experience, but you will find in the desert, for the most part, the top will be up!

      We still wince at how much we paid for a single day renting, but it’s one of those like experience you will never forget!


  10. Hi Steve,
    I have enjoyed the thread of stories and tips for renting the EVO Spyder.
    My plan is to head to Vegas Feb ’22. Coming from Toronto Canada I understand LVC
    has a insurance package for internationals ? Is it clear on what the converge is ? My concern is if the car is in a accident ( my fault or not ) would I be liable for the time the car is off the road being repaired ? Or, is it a walk away policy ?

    • Hi Robert,

      We were internationals too when we rented our Huracan. We took the additional insurance policy as we could not find anywhere to offer standalone coverage on a car this expensive

      I believe there was a small excess but other than that its hassle free and walk away policy. They went through all the details at the desk and it was the best option to take all the risk away.

      Was such an awesome experience and on return they didn’t even check the car for damage due to the insurance

      Have an awesome time


  11. Wow, such a fantastic source for anyone wishing to hire a fancy car in Vegas!   I’m surprised by how reasonably priced renting these cars is. You’ve given USA clients some wise guidance about utilizing their own insurance. Another car rental company I know is CYB Exotics. They also offer affordable car rentals. Thanks for this! 

    • Thanks, we were really surprised how affordable supercars were in vegas, not cheap, but for what you get pretty good value, most of us can never dream of owning a car like this, so to rent one for a bit is areal dream come true



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