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Ultimate Las Vegas Pass Comparison – Which Las Vegas Attraction Pass is Best?

Visiting Las Vegas is a phenomenal experience really like nothing on earth. The entire city is built almost solely on entertainment. While other Cities have huge tourist economies In Vegas the Tourist $ is EVERYTHING. With this in mind, everyone is out to get their hands on yours. And they are very good at it.

One way to keep a little more of that cash in your pocket, or to just free up some more for the casino to take, is with an attraction Pass. Our Las Vegas Pass Comparison page takes a look at the available passes in Las Vegas and lets you know which Las Vegas Attraction Pass is best suited to your needs.

Las Vegas Pass Comparison 2023

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What is a Las Vegas Attraction Pass?

If you are planning on seeing a few shows, maybe a tour out to the Grand Canyon or Hoover Damn, or seeing one of the many attractions in the City then Purchasing a pass can save a sizable amount of cash.

Each Pass has a selection of different attractions available and you pay one set fee for either a set number of days or a set amount of attractions. Different passes suit different types of trips and people and it can be a bit confusing as to which pass to go for. in Fact…

How do these Passes Work?

Gone are the days of passes being physical cards or booklets that you present at the ticket desk, these passes are now mainly digital. A Simple QR code that you either print out or simply scan directly from your mobile. They are incredibly convenient and simple to use.

Having everything in one place stored in your phone, via the applicable app means an end to huge folders filled with passes and tickets. You simply pull out your phone and scan the QR and you are in.

We really do love using the Passes as they provide a trip experience totally different from traveling without. The Flexibility of not choosing everything beforehand along with the inspiration of a huge list of attractions, many of which you didn’t even know existed, makes for an action-packed trip that covers far more than a trip without a pass.

Do I Even Need a Las Vegas Attraction Pass At All?

Which Las Vegas Attraction Pass is Best

No, Not everyone benefits from a pass. Las Vegas is many things to many people. And for many a pass is a waste. In some Cities, a pass is “nearly” essential, like in New York, in others just a great way to save money. Vegas is different as it’s quite possible to visit and never do any of the things covered by a pass and still have a great time. It all depends on what you want from a trip.

If your itinerary mainly focuses on Bars, Clubs, Pools, Restaurants, and Casinos then a pass may not add too much to that. But even if you are just wanting to break the partying up a bit with a few shows, a tour, and maybe a few attractions there are still passes available that can add just a bit extra to your trip. While some passes are all-in-do-everything passes, some just give you a few top attractions at a price considerably less than paying individually.

So even if you think you don’t need a pass maybe read-on on and see if some of the attractions included on the passes tickle your fancy and might just lure you away from that pool bar for an hour or two. Especially if they offer 30-50% discounts on these attractions.

What Las Vegas Passes are Available

There are 3 Main Passes Available, three from the Go City Group and one from the Sightseeing Pass Team. They all offer a different take on the same thing and different passes will suit different people so let’s take a look.

We have included some of the attraction’s Highlights and Links to our in-depth reviews, in case you want to know more about each pass. Remember these passes run into the hundreds of dollars, it pays to get it right!

Go City Las Vegas Pass – All Inclusive

Maverick Las Vegas Strip
Night-time Helicopter Flight – Included on the Pass
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Attractions


This is a great pass if you are planning an all-action trip. The pass allows access to many of Vegas’s best attractions. The High Price only makes sense if you are planning on making use of the Premium Attractions in which case it is a bargain, If not you might be better looking at the Explorer pass which can be better Value.

  • ProductGo Las Vegas Pass – All Inclusive
  • Price: $135- $306
  • Price Child: $125 – $281 (Child 3-12yrs)
  • Where to Buy:
  • Number Of Attractions: 39+ Top Attractions + 1 Premium
  • Time Limit: 2-5 days unlimited (Consecutive Days)
  • Expiry: 90 Days Refund (No Quibble) – 2 Year Expiry for First Use
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 4.7/5

The Las Vegas Go Pass is perfect for a wide range of people and has been our top card for a while. It combines a selection of great standard attractions with a choice of one premium attraction. Limiting the choice to a single premium means the price of the pass stays really low while still offering a great experience.

The Pass is an all-inclusive Day pass meaning you can visit as many of the listed attractions as you wish on top of the single choice of a premium attraction. This pass requires you to be pretty busy to get the best out of the pass but with the high-value premium, attraction included you only need to visit 2-3 attractions a day to get great value from the pass. If you pack a bit more in you can get staggering Value out of the pass.

Las Vegas Go Pass Full Review here


Really opening up the City, The Premium attraction can easily be the highlight of your trip and there are huge amounts of basic attractions to really take the City to the next level while still maintaining a pretty tight budget!

Attraction Highlights:

Las Vegas Explorer Pass

Linq High Roller
The High Roller – Included On The Pass
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Attractions


A Great pass that allows you to supplement your trip with just a few great attractions. A great way to break up your partying and gambling without breaking the bank. The Pass lacks the Show Stopping Premium attractions of the Las Vegas Go Card but is also priced much more competitively. By choosing the number of attractions you want you are also able to plan your trip better and not fall down the hole of trying to do too much. This also allows you to plan in lots of pool/casino/exploration time to fully appreciate the City.

  • ProductGo City Las Vegas Explorer Pass
  • Price: $60- $141
  • Price Child: $50 – $131 (Child 3-12yrs)
  • Where to Buy:
  • Number Of Attractions: choose 2 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 attractions from 38+ Top Attractions
  • Time Limit: 30 Days
  • Expiry: 90 Days Refund (No Quibble) – 2 Year Expiry for First Use
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 4.8/5

The Explorer Pass is at the Budget end of the pass range but still offers some really great attractions. It is a per-attraction pass meaning you select how many attractions you wish to visit and can then visit any of the attractions on the list at your own pace over 60 days.

This is a great option for people who do not want to cram too much in and do plenty of other things not included on passes such as drinking, eating, gambling, Clubbing, or just chilling by the pool. As it is based on the number of attractions you do not lose anything by spending time not visiting attractions, which, with the day-based cards, you do.

The downside to this pass is it is limited to non-Premium Attractions, but this is reflected in the fact it is the cheapest card on the lineup. This is not to not say the attractions are bad. Far from it, there are some ace things covered. They are just not the higher-priced shows, tours, and helicopter flights included on the other Pass options.

Las Vegas Explorer Pass Full Review here


Those on a tight budget, or people who want to spend a lot of time in the clubs, bars, pools, and Casinos of the strip, but still want to venture out and see a bit more of the City and Area.

Attraction Highlights:

Note – The Build Your Own Version of this Pass has been discontinued.

The Las Vegas Pass

NOTE: The Las Vegas Pass has been discontinued due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, links to this Pass now re-route you to the Las Vegas Go Pass. The Las Vegas Pass was heavily geared to Shows and did not offer good value in the current climate!

In A Nutshell
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Attractions


A Blockbuster Pass with loads of top rated attractions and shows to really make your Vegas trip one to remember. The Big downside is the very high purchase price. However, it still provides incredible value at the full price ad Regular Sales and offers mean at 10-20% off it represents great value and could save you $100’s If the attractions meet your desired requirements

  • Product: The Las Vegas Pass
  • Price: $299- $569
  • Price Child: $269 – $489 (Child 3-12yrs)
  • Where to Buy:
  • Number Of Attractions: 55+ Top Attractions
  • Time Limit: 2-5 days unlimited (Consecutive Days)
  • Rating: 4.7/5

Previously known as the Las Vegas Power Pass. It has now been Rebranded as the Las Vegas Pass and is now part of the Lesure Pass Group

We are now entering the realms of the high-end passes. The Las Vegas Pass is the most expensive Pass of the bunch. It offers a huge range of absolute top-end shows, tours, and attractions. It is very similar in line-up to the Las Vegas Go Card (unsurprisingly as it’s from the same people), only You are not limited to one premium attraction! On the Las Vegas Pass, the Premium attractions are unlimited. However, you are limited to one show a day, but as these are usually a very similar times it would be unworkable to do more anyway.

While the Pass Price is very high, the value of the attractions included can run to the $thousands. So if the incredible list of attractions is right up your street then the $3-500’s is a snip. However, We do think it’s too expensive. Even if you will be saving $$$’s it’s just too great an outlay.

Fortunately, there are offers on almost permanent. These change with the wind and always have a short period. Ignore that as if the offer runs out another will take its place and even if it doesn’t one will be along soon. With 10-20% off which happens regularly, this pass is great value for the see it all traveler.

The Las Vegas Pass Full Review Here


High Rollers who want to see and do everything. Once in a lifetime trips where you want to miss nothing.

Attraction Highlights:


Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass – Day Pass

Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass
In A Nutshell
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Attractions


The New Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass is an interesting take on the Las Vegas Attraction pass. The Premium Pass has some real killer attractions but has a hefty price point to boot. The Standard Flex Pass is more keenly priced but falls short on the available attractions and is still more expensive (Just) than the Las Vegas Explorer Pass for most options depending on the current “Sale”. If Sightseeing pass adds more attractions in the future this could be a killer Pass!

  • Product: Las Vegas Sightseeing Day Pass
  • Price Day Pass: $109- $239
  • Price Child Day Pass: $99 – $219 (Child 3-12yrs)
  • Where to Buy:
  • Number Of Attractions: 23+ Top Attractions
  • Time Limit: 2, 3, 4, 5 days of Unlimited Attractions
  • Expiry: 1 Year Expiry for First Use – ~ Refundable Via Insurance (4% fee)
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐- 3.1/5 stars

The Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass took a heavy hit from the Pandemic and has only just started to rise back out of the ashes. This used to be an all-singing Premium Attractions pass but has lost most of its big-name attractions and now focuses on being a more budget attraction pass.

There are two options for the Sightseeing pass the Day Pass and the Flex Pass. First up we look at the Day Pass, which is a direct rival for the Go City Las Vegas Pass – All inclusive.

The line-up is good but not as great as the Go-City Offerings, and only has one premium choice, a long full-day tour of the Grand Canyon South Rim. On top f this there are a good number of really good attractions but there are also a whole lot of Las Vegas must-sees missing.

There are some really nice attractions that are only available in the Sightseeing Pass, but on the whole, there is more missing than extra, and there is only one Premium whereas the Go City gives you a choice of 8 mega attractions.

Price-Wise the Sightseeing offering is a little cheaper, but then this is to be expected when the Go-City Pass just completely outguns it in terms of attractions.

Of course, the MOST important thing about a Pass is the attractions so if the Sightseeing line-up better suits you then it really is probably a better call!

Exclusive attractions

  • Machine Guns Las Vegas – AK47 Experience
  • Shark Reef Aquarium – Mandalay Bay
  • Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts
  • Laughlin Nevada Gaming Tour
  • Scavenger Hunts Las Vegas
  • Titanic Exhibition – Luxor
  • Axe Throwing Range – Axe Monkeys 

It is also worth noting things are changing really fast and we expect more and more attractions to be added to the Sightseeing passes.

Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass Full Review Here


The Sightseeing Pass can only really be recommended over the Go-City all-inclusive Pass if the Exclusive attractions are the ones that really appeal to you.

Attraction Highlights:

Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass – Flex Pass

In A Nutshell
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Attractions


The New Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass is an interesting take on the Las Vegas Attraction pass. The Premium Pass has some real killer attractions but has a hefty price point to boot. The Standard Flex Pass is more keenly priced but falls short on the available attractions and is still more expensive (Just) than the Las Vegas Explorer Pass for most options depending on the current “Sale”. If Sightseeing pass adds more attractions in the future this could be a killer Pass!

  • ProductLas Vegas Sightseeing Flex Pass
  • Price Flex Premium: $79- $139
  • Price Child Flex Premium: $69 – $129 (Child 3-12yrs)
  • Where to Buy:
  • Number Of Attractions: choose from 3, 4, 5, or 7 attractions from 21+ Top Attractions
  • Expiry: 1 Year Expiry for First Use – ~ Refundable Via Insurance (4% fee)
  • Time Limit: 30 Days
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ – 3.1/5 Stars
Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass

The second offering is the Sightseeing Flex Pass. This is in direct competition with the Go City Explorer Pass this time and suffers the same fate as the Day Pass, getting completely outgunned by the competition. Only this time there is no real price advantage either. These passes are prices almost identical but the Explorer has far better attractions on its roster.

Again you get a small number of attractions not found on the Go City passes but overall the balance is way in the favor of the Go City Options. But again it’s a personal choice and this line-up may just suit you better.

  • Machine Guns Las Vegas – AK47 Experience
  • Shark Reef Aquarium – Mandalay Bay
  • Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts
  • Laughlin Nevada Gaming Tour
  • Scavenger Hunts Las Vegas
  • Titanic Exhibition – Luxor
  • Axe Throwing Range – Axe Monkeys 

The Post-Covid lineup of attractions has been severely depleted and the Pass no longer offers good value when compared to the Explorer Pass

Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass Full Review Here


The Sightseeing Pass can only really be recommended over the Go-City all-inclusive Pass if the Exclusive attractions are the ones that really appeal to you.

Attraction Highlights:

Which Las Vegas Attraction Pass Is Best?

This question is literally unanswerable. We are all so different and what we like to do on trips is equally different. Vegas itself is also so Varied and attracts a huge variety of people. Some destinations attract a similar crowd as the charms of that place are unique, the only thing consistent about Vegas is its inconsistencies.

It’s a city where anyone can find enjoyment and happiness, one that caters to almost everyone as such the only way to recommend a pass to you is to help guide you through the options so you know what is on offer and can try and match this to your Travel style and persona.

On the whole, the two stand-out passes are the Go City Las Vegas Pass – All-inclusive and the Go City Las Vegas Explorer Pass. The Line-up is just far better and covers far more of what we consider TOP attractions than the Sightseeing Passes do.

Of course, as the Sightseeing passes do have a unique line-up and still cover a good number of top attractions, it might be this line-up suits you better, but it is a long way off the offering from Co City.

Go City Las Vegas Pass VS Go City Las Vegas Explorer Pass

The additional Premium Attractions on the All-inclusive pass make this a really powerful offering, and the chance to save big on seeing one of Las VEgas’s best shows or soaring over the strip in a helicopter are strong reasons to consider the pass.

But we love the slower pace of sightseeing offered by the explorer. There is so much to see in Vegas, sometimes cramming so much in on the all-inclusive Pass can be too much, and the way the explorer pass works means you can really visit attractions at your leisure. But you do miss out on the chance to save on one of the big headline premium attractions!

For many, the ability to sightseeing slowly seems the overriding factor but this way of thinking may do the All-Inclusive pass disservice! Consider the following.

Let’s say you are in Vegas for a long weekend Thurs – Mon and you decide on the following Itinerary, which is easily doable along with tons of time enjoying the pools and casinos.

  • High Roller Observation Wheel – $35
  • Madame Tussauds – $37
  • Eiffel Tower Experience – $30
  • Rock Star Night Club Tour – $99
  • Fly Linq Zipline – $35

Total Price – $236

  • Go City All-Inclusive 2-Day Pass – $119
  • Co City Explorer Pass 5 Attractions Pass – $119

A two-day pass and a 5 attractions pass easily covers these, and saves a whopping $117 to boot, however, with the Explorer you can spread those 5 attractions out as you see fit. With the All-Inclusive, you will have to do all five over 2 consecutive days.

But with the Explorer you are limited, to those 5, with the All-Inclusive there are no such limits so you could easily fit a couple more in there, such as the $20 Senior Frogs Credit (basically free food and drink) and an evening show, massively boosting the value. Or upgrade to a 3-day pass, and unlock a Premium Reward, all worth well over $100 and really open up the City.

It really is all about how much you want to do. If seeing Las Vegas’s best attractions is your main aim, then the All-Inclusive really is a fantastic product, but f you are going for the pools, the nightlife, and the casinos and are just thinking of fitting a few extras in then look toward the Explorer pass.

They are both great products


With over 55 Different Attractions on all the cards, it’s hard to know what is on which card and as such which card suits you best. Our Handy Table lists all the top attractions from all the passes so you can see easily which suits you best.

WARNING!!! – Competition is Fierce and the lineups and rosters change frequently, we do our best to keep up to date but new attractions are being added all the time and it pays to double-check on the Passes website before Purchase. Should the unthinkable happen and you Purchase a pass and before our trip the Drop one of your most wanted attractions, they will almost certainly offer a refund. So don’t panic!

We have updated our guide below to reflect current attraction line-ups, however, this is a very fluid situation. Attractions are being added and taken off the passes all the time as the city continues to open up.

AttractionPriceGo City Las Vegas PassLas Vegas Explorer PassLas Vegas Sightseeing Day PassLas Vegas Sightseeing Flex Pass
Premium Attractions
KA – Cirque Du Soleil $150YESXXX
Grand Canyon Full Day Tour South Rim$119YESXXX
Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour – Night$154YESXXX
Blue Man Group$79- $150YESXXX
SKYJump – Strat$139YESXXX
Zion Canyon Tour$159YESXXX
America’s Got Talent Las Vegas LIVE$111YESXXX
AttractionPriceGo City Las Vegas PassLas Vegas Explorer PassLas Vegas Sightseeing Day PassLas Vegas Sightseeing Flex Pass
Standard Attractions
Hoover Dam Tour$55-71YESYESYESX
Fly Linq Zipline$47YESYESXX
Downtown Walking Tour$35YESYESYESYES
Strip Night Bus Tour$50NoYESYESYES
Machine Guns Vegas – AK 47 Experience$50XXYESYES
Fly Over Las Vegas$43YESYESXX
High Roller$35YESYESXX
Stratosphere $34YESYESXX
Stratosphere + Rides$39XYESXX
Paris Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck$30YESYESXX
Club Tour$99XYESXX
Illuminarium Experiences at AREA15$30YESYESYESYES
Real Bodies @ Bally’s/Luxor$35YESYESYESYES
Mob Museum$30YESYESXX
Marvel Avengers Station$42YESYESXX
The Hunger Games Exhibition$40YESYESXX
Escape Blair Witch$55YESYESYESYES
Leonardo Exhibit$41YESYESXX
Escape Rooms Various$39-64YESYESx2YESx2YESx2
Hollywood Cars Museum$30YESYESXX
Go Karting (Various)$19-$35YESYESYESYES
Big Apple Rollercoaster$23YESYESYESYES
4-D Pass Excalibur$20YESYESYESYES
Virtual Reality Experience$18YESYESXX
Sky Zone Trampoline Park$29YESYESXX
Erotic Heritage Museum$30YESYESYESYES
National Atomic Testing Museum$22YESYESXX
Las Vegas Natural History Museum$12YESYESXX
Madame Tussauds$37YESYESYESYES
Titanic The Artifact Exhibition$35XXYESYES
King Tut’s Tomb exhibition at the Luxor$33YESYESXYES
National Geographic ‘Rarely Seen’ Exhibition$31YESYES
Emerald Cave Kayak Rental$34YESYES
Scavenger Hunts – Las Vegas$20XXYESYES
Shark Reef – Mandalay Bay$20XXYESYES
Laughlin Nevada Gaming Tour$19XXYESYES
Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art$18XXYESYES
Various Food And Drink Offers and Credit$15-25YES x2YES x5XX
AttractionPriceGo City Las Vegas PassLas Vegas Explorer PassLas Vegas Sightseeing Day PassLas Vegas Sightseeing Flex Pass
Standard Attractions – Shows
Banachek’s Mind Games$42YESYESXX
L.A. Comedy Club at The STRAT$45YESYESXX
TOTALS33 + 7 Premium402121

As you can see there is a huge amount of choice covered by the Passes and sure to be something for most people, even if a lot has now been lost for the foreseeable future.

The Rosters in the Sightseeing passes have really dropped off though and there are some BIG attractions missing. The Mob Museum, Fly Linq, High Roller, Eiffel Tower, and the Stratosphere are all really must-do attractions, all covered by the Go City Options and not the Sightseeing Pass.

Overall – Which Las Vegas Attraction Pass is Best?

Which Las Vegas Attraction Pass is Best?

In Conclusion, during this current time, the Best Pass for most situations is the Go Las Vegas All-Inclusive. It just hits the best balance of price, attractions, and ease of use. The New extended Validity and Cancellation periods really help peace of mind and reassurance should your trip get canceled, on top of this the Price point has recently been lowered to give even better value.

The New Premium attractions (Skyjump and Zion) add an extra dimension to the Pass making up for the loss of the Premium Shows (now largely returned), while the old favorites such as the Helicopter Tours and Grand Canyon remain solid additions, it is a shame you have to choose one!

We still love the Explorer Pass as the budget option. The lineup is pretty good and covers so many of the cheaper attractions in Las Vegas such as Museum Exhibitions and Viewing Decks. The Value has reduced a little as so many shows have shut down but it still offers great value.

The Lack of time pressure from choosing the number of attractions over days really helps stop the urge to cram too much in. You can just sightsee at your own pace and still spend plenty of time by the pool or bar.

The Sightseeing Pass offerings just fall Short. They are decent options but the roster is just too light for us. There are some big misses, and this has only got worse post-pandemic, but the price is very competitive and If the attractions are ones you really want then it makes a good option.

Have Your Say

Have you used a Las Vegas Attraction Pass? Let us know how it went. Which pass did you choose? and did you get good value? What attractions did you choose and how did you find them? Were there any hiccups or problems with your pass? Just let us know in the comments below we would love to hear about your experiences.

Got Any Questions? These Passes are pretty complex so if anything is still not clear fire away in the comments and we will get back to you right away.

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16 thoughts on “Ultimate Las Vegas Pass Comparison – Which Las Vegas Attraction Pass is Best?”

  1. Wow these Las Vegas attraction passes are so affordable. They can range from a couple of hundred dollars to higher dollar amounts – I cannot believe that they are affordable. I’ll definitely check out one or a few of these passes when I visit Vegas. And there are so many attractions also. OMG it’s hard to chose just one lol, let me check out your reviews!

    • Hi Paul,

      Great to see your enthusiasm for the passes. We did feel the same when we first discovered them. 

      Hope you finally pick out a pass and have a great time in Las Vegas

      Thanks for reading


  2. Hi Steve, your article about Las Vegas is relly fabulous. Las Vegas is actually a place where it is recommendable to have some money, but if you visit once in a lifetime…it`s no problem I guess. The Las Vegas Attraction Pass is briliant idea how to go through Vegas and other tourist attractions around. I like the fact that you can use those passes with scanning QR code – it`s so simple to use! I would prefer Las Vegas Explorer Pass, it is meant for trips which I would like to catch and it is not expensive. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Hi Luke,

      Glad you like the look of the Pass. Yes, the passes are expensive but it really pays to pack in as much as possible especially if you don’t know if you are ever coming back.

      We do love the Explorer Pass. It does give a great sample of what the City has to offer without breaking the bank

      Thanks for reading


  3. This is an interesting topic, and I’m going to drop my comment based on my own experience.. When it comes to sight seeing and tourism I have always thought that Paris has the best sight seeing attraction.But I decided to visit Las Vegas on a field trip and I decided to take a tour.. My world!!!.. Las Vegas is a nice place with different sight seeing attractions, I couldn’t comprehend.. When I went there, I opted in for the The Explorer Pass, I choose that because it was quite cheap and affordable, despite the fact that I was on a field trip, I still had a good time in Las Vegas..

    • Hi,

      Vegas must be quite an interesting place for a field trip. Our trips there are very different. Great to hear you got some free time to see the sights and attractions. We think the Explorer pass would definitely be the best for this sort of trip, or business trip when you only have so much free time so need to visit attractions as and when.

      Hope you get back to Vegas soon for a personal trip so you can really get into the City.

      Thanks for reading,


  4. One of the reasons I am actually scared of going to Las Vegas is the fact that I might spend a lot of money that I actually do not plan on spending. There are so many things to do that if one does not plan before going you might end up trekking on your way back without even having money for a cab.

    The idea of Las Vegas pass is a really good one and it would make a lot of people to spend less and still be able to have a lot of fun at least I know it would be beneficial to me when I decide to take my trip down to vegas

  5. I had never heard of attraction passes until now, but now that I have, I’m definitely going to be buying one next time I go on vacation. I’ve been considering going to Vegas recently, so I’ll probably get the The Las Vegas Go Card. I’d prefer to get the Las Vegas Pass, but money’s tight right now. Also, I was wondering, when does the time limit with the pass go into effect? Is it when you buy it, or do you set a date for it to start? 

    • Hi Mike,

      Yeah, we do think the Las Vegas pass is the best but it comes at a price, the Las Vegas Go card is the perfect Balance between cost and quality. Which is why it’s our favorite.

      The Pass Starts when you first use it. At all attractions, even ones you book in advance, you scan the pass AT the attraction. The first scan is when the pass activates and the clock is ticking. Pre-booking does not activate the pass. You can buy a Pass up to 12 months in advance. We tend to find the sweet spot is 1-2 months before your trip. 

      Hope you have a great trip in Las Vegas

      Thanks for reading


  6. Great post and good info.

    It is nice to see that you made a comparisation of all the passes available. 

    I want to go to Las Vegas soon, so I’m going to discuss it with my wife, but I know myself, I want to see everything, so that all in pass is actually something for me, and the price isn’t to high for us. If you can go to Las Vegas, you can afford that, no? 

    Anyway, thanks for sharing it with us! 

    • Hi, Emmanuel,

      We all travel on different budgets and have different priorities for those budgets. If the top end passes are with your budget and the trip is a one-off special trip then it is a fantastic buy that will help you see the absolute best of Vegas. But some people have other priorities.

      It’s quite possible to visit las vegas on a really tight budget, compared to most US cities it’s pretty reasonable, the aim is to get you in and then get you spending money. Where else can you stay in a premium high-end suite on a high floor of a top hotel right in the center for

  7. I have my flight and hotel all booked and all ready to head to Vegas. 3 of us total. If I buy 3 passes, do we have to use our premium attraction pass at the same time? Or can we use them separately? I want to jump from the Stratosphere again and I want my daughter to do it also, but I know my girlfriend won’t want to do it. Can you mix up the attractions?

    • Hi Jason,

      That is absolutely fine. There is no requirement to use the passes at the same time. Each pass is scanned and treated as a separate entity.

      Your only issue would be which premium attraction your wife would do on her own? But fully understand it takes a certain kind of lunatic to jump off the strat, its not for everyone!

      But it is absolutely no problem to mix and match the premium attractions up, or the other attractions too for matter, you don’t all have to do the same things

      Have an awesome time


  8. I dream about going to Vegas one day to see all the glitter and glamour and the ‘city of light’, as they say. As for a lot of tourist attractions, I think that having a pass for the main attractions is a good thing to have because of all the discounts you can get, especially if I would be staying a while (which I’m planning).

    The Las Vegas Explorar pass seems like the most suitable one for me, as I am on a tight budget. Thank you for this information, you saved me some money!

    • Hi Lizzy, 

      Hope your trip to Vegas goes well, Great to see you think the Explorer Pass will help save money and make the most of the City,

      Have a great time



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