Is the Go City Oahu Pass Worth It 2023 – Our Go City Oahu Pass Review

Oahu is an incredible Island Paradise, packed with stunning sights, sounds, attractions, and amazing things to do and see. However, Trips to the island can be extremely expensive. With Higher than usual Airfares, Expensive hotels, pricey food and drinks, and expensive attractions and excursions spending can really get out of hand. In recent years prices have crept higher and higher as companies try and claw back costs. One option to Save and keep the budget under control is to invest in an attraction Pass, allowing you to visit multiple attractions and activities for one fixed price. But are these Passes really worth it?

Our Go City Oahu Pass Review Takes a look at Go City’s offering for Oahu in 2023. While passes are a great option they can have some drawbacks and do get some stick from some travel message boards. So we aim to take an in-depth look at the pass and ask, is the Go City Oahu Pass Worth it? After all these passes can run into hundreds of dollars especially if you have a family so you need to be sure it’s right for your trip! This does make our review pretty long and in-depth, as we took to Oahu to try out the Pass in person, so grab a brew and buckle up…

Go City Oahu Pass Review 2023

We will take a look at who the pass suits, what the best Attractions are, and how much you could save on a realistic itinerary (not just all the most expensive). We also take a look at some of the other advantages to having a pass along with the Drawbacks. This should help you decide if the pass is really a good deal for YOU. Or if you might be better off doing things your own way?

2023 – Update

The Hawaiian islands are now back open for most travelers and there are currently no restrictions on domestic travelers. International travelers need to follow standard USA entry requirements only (Proof Of Vaccination). This is great news for a tourist industry that has been decimated by the endless shutdowns and travel restrictions.

This of course could change so keep up to date on things here

As far as the Go City Oahu Pass goes, most things are now back open and operating pretty much as usual. We have just got back from the Islands and found everything we did on the pass to be back to usual and Covid Free.

While things are largely back to usual, people are still hesitant and worried things might change again, we are certainly reluctant to book things that cannot be canceled easily. So Go City has made some welcome changes to the Oahu Pass to make sure you do not get burned if you need to cancel your trip. These are extending the Validity to 2 Years from Purchase, and giving you 90 days to cancel should your trip get called off.

This adds a lot of peace of mind that whatever happens to your trip, you can get the money back you spent on the Pass easily. Make sure you wait until 90 days before your trip to buy the pass and you are covered completely, or if you buy early your pass is good for two years from purchase.

What Attractions Are Included on the Go Oahu Pass?

44 + 1 Premium Attraction Per Pass (3,5 and 7-day Passes only)

Premium Attractions: Choice of 1 per Pass (3,5 and 7-day Passes only)

  • Moana Splash Luau @ Sea Life Park – $169
  • North Shore Dole Pineapple Farm Tour – $165
  • Sunset Dinner Sail on Makani Catamaran –$150
  • Oahu Hidden Gems Tour and Turtle Spotting –$154
  • Sea Life Park: Dolphin Aloha + Hawaiian Reef Encounter + Admission – $188
  • Private Group Oahu Surf Lesson (for 2+) by Sea & Board Sports Hawaii $155

Unlimited All-Inclusive Attractions:

  • Makani Catamaran Sail – $138
  • Waikiki Turtle Canyon Cruise and Snorkeling – $125
  • Polynesian Cultural Center $87
  • Snorkel Rental $22-27
  • Pacific Aviation Museum $26
  • Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum $22
  • Battleship Missouri $35
  • Waimea Valley – $26
  • SUP and Kayak Rental – $75
  • Kualoa Ranch Tours $54
  • and Many more…
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Attractions


A fantastic Pass that can really turn a basic trip to Oahu into something unforgettable. The Premium Attractions add a lot of value to the Pass and this is backed up with a huge array of standard attractions all of which are well worth visiting. Unlike most Passes having enough time to visit everything is the biggest issue. The Non Consecutive nature of this pass is PERFECT for Oahu allowing you to split your Activity days with relaxing days on the beach. We really like this pass and think it will compliment most trips perfectly.

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What is the GO City Oahu Pass?

The GO City Oahu Pass is an attraction pass from Go City allowing the user to visit as many attractions as they like from the list available on a given number of days. On top of this If you purchase a 3,5, or 7 days pass you can also choose one of 6 Premium attractions per Pass.

How does the Go City Oahu Pass Work?

How does the Go Oahu Pass Work

The GO City Oahu Pass is a digital pass (not a Card). It is emailed to you after ordering and you then either use the pass directly from your phone or you can print it out and use it that way. Either way, it is a QR Barcode that is scanned at the attractions allowing you entry to the attractions.

This is a great system that is so simple to use. All the Passes can be stored on the same phone and you just open up the App (No Data Needed) and scan the pass. There is also an included guide and Map so finding the Attractions and planning your day is simple.

The Pass is activated on the first day you use it and you then have that calendar day to visit as many attractions as you please. It is important to remember it is a calendar day, not a 24-hour period. So if you activate it late afternoon It will only be active until midnight that day. Multi-Day passes can be used ANY day afterward for a two-week period.

This is a Great Feature of the Pass. Most Passes run for Consecutive days and once Activated the clock is ticking! But With the Go Oahu Pass, The Days are NON-Consecutive.

So if you are in Oahu for a 2-week trip, and purchase a 7-day Pass, for example, you have your entire two weeks to space out the attraction days.

On vacations to Hawaii, people are unlikely to want to spend the entire trip running around doing activities. Some days will be Beach days where you simply kick back with a Mai Tai or time spent chilling out by the pool or exploring downtown Waikiki. With the GO Oahu pass, you are not losing a day of your pass by doing this. The pass is simply activated the first time you use it each day.

How Much Does the Go City Oahu Pass Cost?

  • 1-Day Pass – Adult $ 109 ($109 per day) – Child $99
  • 2-Day Pass – Adult $ 174 ($87 per day) – Child $154
  • 3-Day Pass* – Adult $ 262 ($87 per day) – Child $219
  • 4-Day Pass* – Adult $ 329 ($82 per day) – Child $289
  • 5-Day Pass* – Adult $ 364 ($72 per day) – Child $319
  • 7-Day Pass* – Adult $ 414 ($59 per day) – Child $359

*Includes 1 Premium Attraction

Clicking Reveal takes you directly to the Go Oahu Page to input the code, we receive a small commission if you buy after clicking our link. This is how we support the Page

We like to focus on the Per Day Cost.

As you can see the Price Per Day decreases as the number of days increases. Making the Pass better value in theory. In reality, you will start to exhaust the more costly and expensive attractions as you use the pass. This means you will normally see a similar percentage saving overall whatever length of pass you choose. Of course, the potential is there for greater savings on the longer passes

With the average attraction price being $50-55, and some being worth over $100, even topping out at $188, it becomes very quickly clear how much it is possible to save even with the 3-day Pass and the highest per-day price, you only need to visit 2+ attractions per day to make significant savings! – You can see here how much we saved on our recent trip!

And as you can see with a 7-day pass visiting just one attraction can make the pass worthwhile. And when you factor in the Non-Consecutive nature of the Pass, you can still have a really relaxing trip, see a whole bunch and save a ton of money.

The Go City Oahu Pass in Action

Sometimes these sorts of Passes can look really good on paper, but when you actually try and use them they do not work out so well. We make sure our product tests are as reliable as possible and head to the destinations in person to try out the Passes. We have used passes for years but we now run our LIVE BLOG where you can follow along with our trips (and look back) and see us use the Passes in person. Our recent trip to Ohau went great and we used the pass to great effect, saving money and seeing more. And this was on top of a really hectic schedule with loads of other things to do as well. in the end we saved over $353…incredible

The Pass works really seamlessly in Oahu, and at every attraction, we visited the pass was welcomed and caused absolutely zero fuss or issue. It is worth noting that with the majority of higher-priced attractions booking was essential, however, these were the sort of attractions that you would expect to book as they were tours or events and it’s perfectly usual to pre-book, such as a Luau or Catamaran Cruise.

We have some Tips below on how to get the best out of the Pass

Snorkeling Hanauma Bay

Attraction Passes do not suit everyone. We all have our own habits and ways of traveling. The Go Oahu Pass can suit a wide range of travelers though. Due to its feature of non-consecutive days, most travelers can benefit from using the pass in some way. Even if it’s just to use the add-ons for Pearl Habour. although in that case, you may be better off with the Passport to Pearl Habour.

Obviously, anyone with no intention of seeing or doing any attractions while in Oahu would not benefit from a pass, If all you plan to do is sit on a beach, or by the pool, and sip cocktails there is no point in buying a pass (And there is nothing wrong with this!) If however, you plan on mixing a few attraction days in with your relaxation, then the Oahu GO Pass is perfect. Likewise, if you like your trips all singing and all dancing a GO Pass is a fantastic way of getting the max out of your trip without breaking the bank.

Really Oahu is a stunning Island and it does really pay to get out and see it. Waikiki is OK, but it’s not a patch on the beauty of the rest of the island! The Go Oahu Pass can really help you plan and organize this in a BIG way, breaking you free from the confines of Honolulu!

The Go City Oahu pass Also suits people who will not have a car as a lot of the tours and trips include hotel pick-up from Honolulu, although not all of them, do so check if your desired attractions do before basing your decision on that. If they don’t then it is normally available for a fee, which you would have to pay with or without a pass.

The Tours included on the pass are great for those not planning on driving as you really can get out and see the wilder side of Oahu, something that is hard without your own transport! We tend to do this via Self Guided tours but if that is not an option the tours really are a great way to see the Island. There is SO much more to Oahu than Waikiki!

But the pass really works even better for self-drivers and explorers as it naturally leads you to other parts of the Island and to places you may not have visited without the Pass. It can take you to the North Shore surf breaks, the wild and rugged eastern coastline, the central valleys, the lost worlds of the Kualoa Valley, and even out onto the open ocean.

When Deciding if a pass is a good option for you the main point to consider is do you REALLY want to do the attractions on the list, there is so much to see and do on Oahu are the options on the Pass really the things you and your family want to do? You can take a look at our Oahu Must See list to see the best the Island has to offer. Then have a look below as we take a look at what the PASS has to offer to see if it fits with your wish list.

But the Pass also offers the chance to try things that you maybe would not otherwise. We use Passes in every city we travel to and there are ALWAYS attractions we know we would have skipped without a Pass, that we absolutely LOVE. Take the North Shore Fishing, SUP Yoga, all things you might not think of trying, but do so due to the Pass, these could be Vacation Highlights and you could possibly have never experienced them without the PASS!

Go Oahu Pass Attractions

Premium Attractions:

When Buying a 3-Day, 5-Day, or 7-Day Pass You are able to choose one Premium attraction from the following but Remember it’s ONE premium Attraction per PASS which makes choosing the right Premium attraction very important. And as they keep adding new premium attractions to the pass it’s getting harder and harder to choose!

Your premium attraction will need to be booked after purchasing your pass. Check the details for how to book your chosen attraction. Normally only a reservation Phone number is given to book with. This can be an issue for visitors from outside the US. But you can normally find a reservations Email address that should be able to help you with your reservation, No Guarantees though, but we have never received a no!

Moana Splash Luau  ($169)


Visiting a Luau is high up on most people’s Must-Do Lists when Visiting Hawaii. However, these are far from cheap affairs run into several hundred dollars per Person and seem to have skyrocketed since Covid. So having a Luau included on the Pass is a real bonus!

The Moana Luau is Now located at the Aloha Tower in Downtown Honolulu. Included on the Pass is the Upgraded Splash Package offering 2 Drinks per Person and Upgraded seating.

The Luau itself is a pretty good one, we rate it pretty highly on our Best Luaus in Oahu list. It has all the standard highlights of a great luau, The Buffet is good quality Luau food with an intricate and lively show. The Cultural presentations beforehand are fun and the setting is quite unique, oceanside and right under the Icinic Aloha Tower.

The new location is not quite as scenic as the old Sea Life Park Location, but it’s still very special and is far more convenient for most people. You can add on transportation from most Waikiki Hotels, or just jump in an Uber or Taxi/ With two free drinks and a full bar, we don’t advise driving!

The new location is a little smaller than before, so ensure there is availability on your desired dates before committing to a Pass. Check Availability here. The old Location was right next to the Sea Life Park and offered free entry to that as well, this is no longer the case, but entry to the park IS included on the Pass anyway.

We visited the Moana Luau on our last trip and had a great time (although this was the old location).

North Shore Dole Pineapple Farm Tour ($165)

A full day out visiting the Legendary Dole Pineapple Farms. This Hotel to Hotel Tour is a great way to get out of the City and see a bit more of the Island. With stops at the Dole Farm Plantation for a Tour and Free Pineapple*, and then at Haleiwa and the North Shore with various stops at a Sugar Mill, Food Stands, and Coffee tastings.

Check Out the Tour in Detail here

*there are few fruits tastier than a field-Ripened Hawaiin Gold Pineapple!

Sea Life Park: Dolphin Aloha + Hawaiian Reef Encounter ($188)

Dolphin Encounter by Sea Life Park

We have to be honest here and say we are not big fans of Dolphin Encounters. We know for many this is a Dream activity and we do not want to be preachy, but we just shy away from captive animals a little. But the Encounter at the Sea Lie Park is a really good chance to get some great up-close interactions with these amazing creatures.

It is worth noting that the Park No longer takes any animals from the wild it does still participate in breeding programs.

You also get the Reef Encounter with this package and this is much more up our street where you will swim with Sharks (Safe White-tip Reef Sharks) and Sting Rays along with a host of Hawaiian Reef Fish. The Park, as a whole, is a great place to visit. It has done some fantastic work in upholding the Hawaiian Sea Turtle population around the Islands with its breeding and release program, along with great work rescuing seabirds and protecting the still critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal.

Admission is included but you do get free admission included on the Go Oahu Pass so the Premium is really just for the Dolphin and Reef Experiences

Sunset Dinner Sail on Makani Catamaran ($149)

Sunset Dinner Sail Makani Catamaran

If you are looking for a spot of romance when in Oahu it doesn’t get much more romantic than a dinner cruise on a catamaran at sunset on one of the most beautiful ocean coastlines in the world. Some dinner cruises can be overcrowded cattle markets where any hint of romance is lost. The Makani Catamaran is a smaller vessel that is not too overcrowded, even when full. The dinner is an Island-style Buffet Menu. Not the most Gourmet offering but perfectly delicious and fitting with the cruise. An excellent choice of a premium Attraction for a couple looking to get away from it all.

With Drinks included, the stresses of daily life seriously melt away as you cruise slowly past Diamond Head with Waikiki lights sparkling in the background.

Note – The Makani Daytime Cruise is included on the list of Standard Attractions and You can now upgrade this for $20 to the Sunset Cruise. That way you basically get TWO Premium Attractions which is a crazy good deal. It also gives you another evening activity so you have more time in the day to do other things!

Hidden gems, Byodo-In Temple & turtle spotting ($154)

This Island tour provided by Go Hawaii Tours is a great chance to get out and see some of the less well-known sights of the island, as well as some more popular tourist attractions. The Tour guides work really hard to make sure you have a fantastic tour and get to see some Real Hawaii that most tourists miss. Turtle Spotting is included on the tour and is one of most people’s desired sightings when visiting Hawaii. It is pretty unlikely the tour won’t find your turtles as thanks to conservation efforts turtles are now abundant on the Islands, as long as you know where to look.

We are usually self-drivers so have not taken this tour but really, we have been to every stop listed on the tour and it’s an incredible Itinerary.

A great tour for people who are not driving as the tour offers pick-ups from your hotel so you can get out of Honolulu and see the island. You really MUST get out of Waikiki at some point, regardless of purchasing the pass or taking this tour. There is just so much more to this magical island, and this tour takes all the stress out of finding that magic and navigating Honolulu’s pretty dier road network!

Semi-Private Oahu Surf Lesson (for 2+) by Sea & Board Sports Hawaii ($155)

Surf Lesson by Sea and Board Sports Hawaii

Many people coming to Hawaii want to learn how to surf and this Semi-Private Surf lesson for two+ is a perfect way to introduce yourself to the sport. The Semi-Private nature is basically private as if two people book that’s the entire group. They will even accommodate solo surfers for a small upgrade fee (in the range of $30). Great for couples or parent and child groups looking to get a taste of Hawaii’s oldest sport.

The location isn’t the best, however, a good hour+ from Waikiki with complex public transport linksNot so good for those without a car. That said it’s a fantastic location if you can get to it and has fantastic beginner surf conditions without the overcrowding of Waikiki Beach. The North Shore is just a surfing paradise, and there are a number of other watersports attractions included on the Pass in this location.

We recently went surfing in this exact location and it was an incredible experience.

Standard Attractions:

Pearl Harbor - Arizona Memorial

With all the passes you can visit as many of the following attractions within the set number of days you have purchased. The List of available attractions is far larger than we could ever feature in this post but these are a selection of our favorites and that we feel are the best value.

Makani Catamaran Sail – $138

Similar to the Premium attraction but in the afternoon not at sunset, less romantic but every bit as breathtaking. A great option if you didn’t take the sunset cruise but still want to get out on the ocean waves.

Drinks are not included here though, but there is a cash bar! This is really good during Whale Season as the chances of a sighting are pretty high!

Waikiki Turtle Canyon Cruise and Snorkeling – $125

This attraction has recently been added to the Standard Attractions list. Previously it was a premium attraction so if you chose this you could not choose one of the other Premium Attractions. With it being moved to the standard list, you can now do the Cruise AND and one other Premium, which makes us very happy.

Turtle Canyon is a large reef that sits just off the coast right in front of the Waikiki Shoreline. This reef is home to a large number of everyone’s Hawaii favorite Hawaii Residents, Green Sea Turtles (Honu). While there is never a guarantee with nature, the chances of seeing turtles here are about as good as you could imagine, it’s about as close to 100% as possible.

The Go Tours Hawaii Waikiki Turtle Canyon Cruise takes on a short boat ride put to the canyon where you get plenty of time to hit the water and share the ocean with the magical creatures. The boats can get a bit crowded and the water will be filled with other snorkellers but the water here is really clear and there is a huge abundance of life including the Turtles that call the reef home.

This is a New attraction to the Pass and we have not been out to the canyon with them but we have been out to the (underwater) canyon before and it’s an amazing experience. Swimming with the beautiful Honu is something you will never forget.

Polynesian Cultural Center – $87

The Polynesian Cultural Center is a must-see in our opinion and as one of the most visited attractions on the island, most people seem to agree. The pass allows you to visit the Center even if you don’t take up the option of the Luau Feast and Show. It’s a big place with so much to see so get there at noon at the latest to get the best of the Center.

Read Our Full Review Here

Pearl Harbor Add-Ons – up to $90.99

A visit to Pearl Harbor is on most people’s lists and we really feel it is the number one must-not-miss sight in all of Hawaii. But Such an important attraction is rightfully FREE to all. No pass is needed to Visit Pearl Harbor or the USS Arizona Memorial. However, there are a number of exhibits and museums there that do require a fee to visit.

  • USS Battleship Missouri ($35)
  • Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum – USS Bowfin($22)
  • Pacific Aviation Museum ($26)
  • USS Arizona Narrated Tour($7.99)
  • Total ($90.99)

One Day Go Oahu Pass – $84 – $6.99 saving (even more with our Promo Code)

Passport to Pearl Harbor – $89.99 – $0.99 saving

All of the Above is included on the Go Oahu Pass, meaning your trip to Pearl Harbor will be incredibly memorable. While you could just purchase a one-day pass just for the Pearl Harbor add-ons and save a few $$$ that way, we actually recommend the Passport to Pearl Habour instead. This also includes a timed ticket to the Arizona Memorial.

However, if you plan on doing other attractions as well as all four Pearl Harbor attractions, then the pass is way better value, essentially any other attractions you fit in are FREE. Also, this option works well if you only want to visit a couple of the Pearl Habor sites. The Arizona and Missouri are real MUST-SEE’s but the others are a little more…optional. You can then use your pass to see other attractions in the area, or even back at Waikiki.

Of course, with any Multi-Day Pass, you save on your Peal Harbor trip and can then enjoy all the other attractions on other Pass days.

It is important to remember that you are advised to book a timed ticket to the Arizona memorial as early as possible (tickets go on sale 2 months in advance) to secure your place. These tickets are very popular and sell out fast. They are free apart from a $1.50 booking fee and can be booked here.

We have more detailed info on Pearl Harbour trips here

Kualoa Ranch Tours – $54.50 Each

Jurassic Valley

The Kualoa Ranch is a very popular location in Oahu. The Ranch offers many tours of popular areas contained within its 4000 acres of land. 5 different tours are included on the Oahu Go Pass. Unfortunately, these are limited to one Tour per day. This is a bit of a shame as you will need to travel multiple times to the ranch (40-50 min drive from Honolulu) to experience multiple tours. A big drawback but it’s clearly imposed on the Go Pass by the ranch itself. And as long as you are aware of this restriction you can deal with it and maybe combine stops at the ranch with other excursions if there are multiple tours you really want to do.

The available tours are as follows:

Taste of Kualoa Farm Trolley Tour – This Tour takes you on a tour around the lush tropical gardens, and farm of the Ranch where you can sample and taste the fruits grown here in a traditional way. Before heading out into an ancient Hawaiian fishpond to learn how the Hawaiians manipulated Nature to feed their culture while remaining in balance. A fantastic tour to learn more about the Hawaiian culture and way of life.

Ocean Voyage Adventure – Take a ride on Kualoa Ranch’s own Catamaran. Head out over Kāneohe Bay to experience the calm shallow waters of Hawaii’s largest shallow-water Reef. The views out over the Mountains and the Islets are seriously stunning and the whole voyage is deeply relaxing.

Secret Beach Tour – One look at Waikiki Beach and the crowds that frequent it will have you yearning for a little bit of seclusion. The Secret Beach tour gives you just that. A private beach* for just you and your fellow tour guests. And it’s one incredible beach with stunning views of the coast and Chinaman’s Hat Island.

Malama Experience – A Eco adventure looking at sustainable and traditional farming methods used in both current and ancient times. This is a hands-on tour where you actually get your hands dirty and involved in the actual farming of the Ranch.

While this remote Picture perfect beach is a relaxation paradise some people get pretty bored doing nothing, even in paradise. Children and significant others complaining they are bored can really ruin your sun-kissed relaxation! Fortunately, the Secret Beach Tour offers a multitude of included activities to keep them occupied. Send them off Kayaking, Canoeing, Paddleboarding, or playing Volleyball while you kick back with a book under a palm tree. Utter Bliss.

*No Beach in Hawaii is private and the Secret Beach is no exception, it is however very hard to access publically so the only beachgoers most days are ranch visitors.

More Information on the Kualoa Ranch Tours can be found here. 


If you choose the Secret Beach Tour or the Kualoa Farm Tour You now have the option to upgrade to the Movie Sites or Jungle Expedition Tours! Both these tours are brilliant and well worth the upgrade fee. Remember though they will replace the tour you booked and are not in addition to them.

Movie Sights Tour – Easily our favorite Tour at the Ranch. The Kualoa Ranch is known as the Backlot of Hawaii, as this is the Hollywood go-to filming location any time a remote, jungle setting is required. Hundreds of movies have been shot here. Pearl Harbor, Mike, and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, 50 First Dates, Mighty Joe Young, Windtalkers, Lost, and of course the New Jumanji Films. The Tour takes you around many of the filming locations for these films and showcases the breathtaking natural beauty of the Valley. It’s like a Hollywood tour, in Paradise!

But no one really cares about any of that. You do this tour for one reason and for one reason ONLY. This is Jurassic Park! Many Iconic scenes from the franchise have been shot here including the “they’re flocking this way” scene, and yes the T-Rex tree is still there! The T-Rex and Gallimimus are sadly missing, however.

Read more here when we took the Movie Sites Tour

Jungle Expedition – The Jungle Expedition is similar and takes you around a lot of the movie sights but also deeper into the lush and remote jungle habitat. You ride rugged Jungle Trucks and this can access areas the Movie Tour buses just can’t get to.

Second Tour Discount – Alternatively, if you want to do a second tour, then the pass offers you a 15% discount on any other activity. This works out at around $46 for your second tour, or just come back on another day and it will be included on the pass once more.

It is definitely advisable to book these tours beforehand as they can be incredibly popular, turning up at the ranch hoping to get on your desired tour is a risky game liable to disappointment, especially at busy times. Call (808) 237-7321 to make a reservation. For visitors from outside the US not wanting to rack up international phone calls you can try emailing Kualoa Ranch ( or wait until you are at your hotel and use the phone there most hotels offer free (included) Local phone calls.  Remember to mention you are using an Oahu Go Pass.

Waimea Valley – $27

Not the most valuable attraction, but it’s one not to be missed out on. If you spend any time in the Waimea Area, it’s definitely worth checking out the Waimea Vally. A beautiful natural valley that showcases Hawaiian culture and traditional farming.

It’s a beautiful location and you can take a self-guided tour of the botanical gardens and Hawaiian archaeological sites.

Ocean Sports and Outdoor Activities

Sunset Beach

There are several different options for outdoor and ocean activities included on the Pass. Some are based up at the north shore while others are back in Waikiki. The Hawaiian lifestyle is all about the Ocean and outdoor living so it’s really important to get out and experience this way of life!

  • Snorkel Rental on the North Shore -$27 – North Shore
  • Three-Hour Kayak Rental – $75 – North Shore
  • Stand Up Paddle Board Three-Hour Rental – $75 – North Shore
  • Hawaiian Lei Making on Sunset Beach – $75 – North Shore
  • Guided Hike on the North Shore – $90 – North Shore
  • Fire Dance Workshop – $50 – North Shore
  1. Diamond Head: Shuttle & Self-Guided Hike – $44 – Waikiki
  2. Waikiki Surfboard Rental – $35 – Waikiki
  3. Morning Yoga Under the Palms – $21 – Waikiki
  4. Hawaiian Style Rentals: Moped, Bike, or E-Bike Rentals – $28 – Waikiki
  5. Full Day Snorkel Rental near Hanauma Bay – $22 – Near Waikiki

North Shore Fishing – $99

We did not get around to trying out this tour but it certainly appeals to us. We have done plenty of Fishing in Hawaii but never had too much success, so getting a full guided tour and expert advice on how to actually catch something would be priceless. All gear and bait are included so you don’t need to lug heavy fishing gear in your luggage.

We definitely plan on trying this out on our next trip.

Go Oahu Pass Strategy – Hints and Tips

Waikiki Sunset

With Attractions spaced across the Island, it can be hard to get the best out of the pass. it is very important to ensure you plan your itinerary to get the most value out of your pass. With attractions all over the island without proper planning, you could find yourself covering many miles and wasting time traveling between attractions.

When Planning our days we base it on our priority attractions and then try and find other things we want to do near that attraction. For instance, when planning the below itinerary we used a trip based in Waikiki. We decided Day-one would be the Kauloa Ranch Movie Sites tour. So we looked at what was nearby and realized the trip there and back would take us past Hanauma Bay.

So we planned to pick up Snorkel Gear before leaving Waikiki so we could visit the bay After the tour, before heading back to Waikiki to get changed before an evening at the Ka Moana Luau.

Same with the Pearl Habour Add-ons. We knew we would be on the leeward side, so decided to head to Wet And wild Afterwards, as a great way to cool down and refresh as pearl harbor can be a hot tiring experience and one that is pretty intense, so this would be the perfect antidote. You could also try SUP, or Kayaking at Waialua Bay, both included on the Pass.

Hopefully, you get the point. Pick what you want to do most then see what can be added on to make that day better. The more days you have the less you need to do each day to get the best value from your pass.

Is The Go City Oahu Pass Good Value?

It would be very easy to go through the list of attractions pick out the most expensive, add them up, and see the cost is way higher than the Pass price, but that’s not how you will use the pass, and would not answer the question of is it a good value. Instead, we picked an example itinerary that is both appealing and realistic in terms of time, Based on using a 3-day Pass.

Day 1:

  • All Day Snorkel Hire – $22
  • Taste of Kauloa Farm – $54.50 (Recommend Movie Sites Upgrade)
  • Stop at Hanauma Bay on the way back to use Snorkel Gear (N\A) *
  • Moana Splash Luau – $169

Total –$246

With the 3-Day pass costing $262 (less with our Promo code), you have already Nearly Broken Even! Anything from here on is basically FREE! although we have used our Premium Attraction!

*You will need a booking for Hanauma Bay, and it can be hard to actually get in, but you could use the Snorkelling Gear at another location – Best Snorkelling Sites Oahu

Day 2:

  • Pearl Habour – USS Arizona Memorial (N\A)
  • USS Battleship Missouri ($35)
  • Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum – USS Bowfin($22)
  • USS Arizona Narrated Tour($9.99)
  • Makani Catamaran Sail ($137)

Total – $204

Head to Peal Harbor bright and early and take in one of the most historical sites on the planet. Then head back to Waikiki for an amazing Cruise along the Waikiki shoreline. We have only included two Museums on the Pearl Harbor Tour as time may be tight. But you can upgrade the Cruise ($20) to the Sunset Cruise and have more time at Pearl Harbor.

Day 3:

  • Waimea Valley – $26
  • Three-Hour Kayak/SUP Rental – $75
  • Polynesian Cultural Centre $87

Total – $ 188

An Amazing Day out to the North Shore where you can visit the Stunning Waimea Valley, and enjoy a Kayak Experience at Haleiwa Beach (or you could try out Stand Up Paddle Boarding/SUP). Then in the afternoon head to the Polynesian Cultural Center for an incredible insight into Hawaiin and Polynesian Culture, one of the Island’s must-do attractions.

  • Full Price $638+
  • Pass Price $262
  • Saving $376+

That’s a saving of over 60% Saving over paying full price on the gate. The above itinerary would be quite hectic on some Activity days but would allow plenty of time for down days on the beach. Adding extra days to the Pass is a fairly modest outlay and would allow you to experience even more while reducing the busyness of the schedule somewhat. Remember the more days you pay for, the less the cost per day would be.

Still, We would say plan for around half your vacation time to be covered by the pass so a 7-day trip is best with a 3-Day Pass and a 2-week stay for a 7-Day Pass. The 5-Day Pass is the sweet spot for longer trips to allow you to see everything but in a relaxed manner with LOADS of downtime! Those Mai-Tais won’t drink themselves!

And let’s be clear, this is a very modest example. We have not included several VERY high-value attractions, such as the Makina Catermaan Cruise, The Circle Island Tour With Snorkelling, or the Turtle Canyon Tour, These would add huge amounts of value to these itineraries, and you really could save $100’s

So as you can see from a pure value perspective the pass is simply incredible value! And with the Code below you can save even more!

Finally here is what we did the last time we visited the Island

Check Our Promo code page to see if you could save even more!!! 

With our 10% off code, you can save even more! The above Itinary would still cost the same but with the pass being only $235.80 you are now saving over $400 with that Itinary!

Clicking Reveal takes you directly to the Go Oahu Page to input the code, we receive a small commission if you buy after clicking our link. This is how we support the Page

Advantages of the Go City Oahu Pass

On Top of the Above savings, there are a few material advantages to having a Pass in Oahu. These advantages probably don’t add up to enough to really make the pass worthwhile on their own, and may even be offset by the negatives, however when combined with the above financial benefits it can make the Oahu Go Pass a very attractive proposition.


A pass can add real structure to your trip planning. Instead of simply arriving at the destination with very little idea of what to see and do The pass lets you structure a plan for your trip. Having a Go Pass and knowing which days, you want to do which attractions, gives you the structure to build the rest of your itinerary around. If you have a Busy activity day one day, then you know to plan a relaxed beach day the day after! Hitting the Luau, you know not to plan early morning activities for the day after.


The price of attractions, along with everything else can really add up. Especially in a world of easy plastic transactions. Those credit card bills when you get home can really jolt the heart! At least with a Go Oahu Pass, you know upfront, how much you will be spending on Attractions. So along with the savings, you can rest assured any large bills will be down to your overindulgence on Mai Tais.

You can purchase the passes ahead of time also making it easier to spread the costs. We find budgeting, one of the passes strongest appeals, along with the substantial savings.

The Extension of both the validity period to two years and the 90-day Money Back Guarantee really helps in these uncertain times!


A lot of people don’t always know what is available when they visit a new location or what prices they should be paying. They rely on Overpriced hotel or tour operator tours to offer trips and excursions. A pass can show what is available and what is important to you. Simply reading this article may have alerted you to things you may want to do that you were previously unaware of.

There are loads more on the Pass, like the Moana Chocolate Factory Tour, The Waimea Valley, and a North Shore Fishing Tour, all things you may just never have thought of that may end up being your favorite! The two included Luaus are also two of the best on the island so you are not sacrificing quality just to save money.


The Nature of the pass allows for a lot of flexibility in your planning. While it’s important to plan days quite precisely to get the most of them as per our strategy section, it’s less important which days you actually do the attractions on. This means there is some flexibility on what days you do which attractions, based on the weather or how you feel. While a lot of attractions do require prior booking Such as tours and Cruises along with ALL the Premium attractions, some are just turn up and enjoy.


We find using a Pass really does Open up the Island. It allows users the rare possibility of genuinely paying less to do more. We have spent many a vacation sitting by a pool wondering what to do, but with the pass, you really do get out there and see more of the island. And So many people miss out on the wonders of Oahu that lie just outside of Waikiki and you really must get out and see the Island Properly!

Of course, there is no such thing as a free lunch and the pass naturally has a few drawbacks.

What We don’t like about the Go Oahu Pass!

Transport – As we have pointed out some attractions really require you to have a car. You can get to all the attractions by public transport, but some journeys would be long and complex and a very poor way to spend your Trip. We would prefer to see a lot more options for hotel pick-up. But even those that do can often charge for the service which can end up adding substantial amounts to the Cost. While some of the tours are great for getting you out and seeing the Island if you don’t drive, others really mean you need your own car.

Kualoa Ranch – The one Kualoa Ranch Tour per day is unfortunate. But this is clearly enforced by the ranch to try and get you to spend more while there. If you could do everything people would probably take advantage. We also find it a shame you have to pay an upgrade for the Movie Sites and Jungle Expedition.

Hidden Extras – Some of the attractions cannot be fully experienced without further spending. For Example, the Sea Life Park has many extras that you may wish to pay for such as the dolphin, reef, and Sealion encounters. Most are inclusive but there are some hidden extras, Parking, etc… This can be fairly disheartening after already paying for the Pass, but most of these would still be the case if you were visiting without a PASS!

Most activities that offer drinks only give you one or 2 whereas we would much prefer open bars. This is, however, a problem with the attractions themselves, not the pass.

Chasing the Pass – As with all passes, one big downside can be the temptation to try and cram in too much, in an effort to get the most value. We call this chasing the pass. it is important to plan sensibly and only aim to do attractions you really want to do and not try and cram in attractions you don’t really want to just because it’s “on the pass”.

It’s better to skip something you are not sure about to do something you really want to do. Even if that’s not included on the Pass, even if that’s just sitting on the beach. Don’t let chasing Value on the Pass stop you from enjoying your trip.

Of course, Do try things. Some of the attractions may only arise your intrigue, but we have found these are often the most memorable attractions and lead you to new places off the beaten track.

Geography – This one is not really the pass’s fault, they didn’t build the Island, But it is something you need to be aware of. The attractions are spread all over the island and some are not in really very convenient locations. Careful planning is needed to get the best out of the Pass.

Complex Booking – Passes are supposed to make things easier but really the Go Oahu Pass is quite fiddly to use in reality. For many locations in the world, these passes work great, you just turn up scan your pass and you are in. With the Oahu Pass, so many attractions require pre-booking, which makes the process pretty complicated.

The flip side is these bookings would be needed regardless so it’s not making things worse, but it is just all a bit fiddly and takes some of the spontaneity out of the trip with such careful planning needed. You also need to make sure you understand what is required for each attraction you want to visit in case you turn up without the required booking and are turned away!

Conclusion – Is the Go City Oahu Pass Worth It?

Oahu Hidden Gems Tour

We really feel for a lot of people traveling to Oahu the Go Oahu Pass offers not only exceptional value but also a fantastic way of adding real structure to your trip to get the most out of your time on the island. Apart from a few Niche activities, there is very little we would want to do on Oahu that isn’t included.

The non-consecutive nature of the pass fits perfectly with the type of trips most people have on Oahu. We all want down days where the focus is on rest and relaxation and other days where exploration and activities are the order of the day.

The downsides are quite few and far between and really are outweighed by the positives, not to mention the large cost savings. The money saved really can go a long way towards other things…such as more Mai Tais!

The overall Promise of seeing more for less is a bit of a holy grail in travel and can seem a bit too good to be true. But if you are aware of the limitations and quirks then the pass really does fulfill this promise. for $2-300 per person, you are getting a whole heap of fun and excitement. The included attractions really are some of the Island Highlights and will make the trip one to remember.

If you have dreamed of visiting the Island and are finally making it a reality the Pass can be the perfect way to add the required sparkle to your dream.

<<< Click Here To Buy Direct >>>


Check Our Promo code page to see if you could save even more!!! 

Check out our Promo Code Page to see if you could save EVEN more when Purchasing a Go Oahu Pass. Click here to check out our available discount codes. or Click the Reveal button Below to Unlock our BEST current Code!

Clicking Reveal takes you directly to the Go Oahu Page to input the code, we receive a small commission if you buy after clicking our link. This is how we support the Page

Have Your Say?

Let us know if you have had experience either with the Go Oahu Pass or any of the included attractions. What were your favorite attractions? Did you feel you got good value from the pass? Let us know if you bought a pass after reading this. Or if you just have any questions about the pass or Oahu in general, just drop us a comment below, We would love to hear from you.

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117 thoughts on “Is the Go City Oahu Pass Worth It 2023 – Our Go City Oahu Pass Review”

  1. Thank you so much for writing such a thorough review about the Go Oahu Card.
    It’s my first time to read about this card. I didn’t know that such a facility existed. A service that allows the user to visit as many attractions as they like in a given number of days.
    I also like the convenient way of using this card. That it gets emailed to me so that I am able to use the pass directly from your phone.
    The whole idea of having a bar-code that gets scanned allowing me entry to attractions, sounds so modern.
    Is this card also available in the UK?

    • Hi Zegu,

      Glad you like the sound of the card. The simple QR Code is a very convenient way of using the card. Most people now have their phones on them at all times and as such would always have their pass.

      As for being available in the UK, Of course UK residents can purchase a pass for use in Oahu, along with a number of other US City’s (a different pass is needed for each city). The Website charges in dollars but this is simply handled by your bank/card issuer. (although it would be classed as a foreign transaction so their may be a fee depending on bank / card) You can even use PayPal.

      We ourselves are from the UK and have had no issues purchasing passes for any City we have visited.

      However we should mention you can even get a London Explorer Pass, for use in the UK!

      Thanks for reading.

      • Hi Steve,

        That was an awesome in-depth look at the passes great job. You said if someone were to cancel 30 days in that there would be a small charge do you know by chance how much that would be exactly?


        • Hi Thanks for this Dana,

          We deep-dived into the Terms and conditions for you and it looks like Go City has updated their policy to allow FULL refunds right up to 90 days.

          Last year there was a small charge for refunds outside of 30days but it looks like this has been rescinded. Which is great news!

          We will update the Page accordingly



  2. Wow such through article on Go Oahu card review. My husband and I was just thinking about going to Hawaii for our anniversary next year in May. This is worth checking out. You mention snorkeling with the turtles.

    Are there places to go diving as well? My husband is a diver. That’s his to do, every time we go anywhere near water.

    • Hi Kelyee,

      We are sure you will have a fantastic time in Hawaii.

      There are certainly plenty of diving opportunities in Oahu, not part of this Pass, but many other diver operators explore the pristine clear water around Oahu. We don’t have any first hand experience of the operators on Oahu, all Our Hawaiian diving has been on Maui, which is utterly fantastic. If that’s anything to go by you husband will have a great time diving on Oahu.

      Thanks for reading.

  3. Great review, very through. I had never heard of the Go Oahu card. My husband and I have been wanting to go to Hawaii for vacation and we plan to in the near future. I will definitely be looking into this card for part of our trip. We also want a few days of just laying on the beach and relaxing.

    Thank you Again

    • Hi Krystye,

      Thanks for reading, Yeah we find most people want some good relaxation time when visiting Hawaii and this is one of the things we love about the pass that the days are not consecutive allowing that down time as well as more adventurous days. 

      Hope you get to Hawaii soon and have a fantastic trip. 

  4. What timing! My husband and I are headed to Hawaii for the first time in January. We will definitely want both beach and sightseeing time in this paradise of beauty! I have used passes in some cities I have traveled to in the past and always found them a great value. But this time is different. I am not going primarily to run from one spot to another as with a European city. I want the relax and soak it in time at the beach, too. This is a perfect find! Thank you.

    • Hi Annie,

      We know exactly what you mean. Most City trips are very hectic and you pack a lot in to a very short time, This is not normally what people want from a beach location such as Hawaii. While there is so much to see and do people (including us) still want to primarily hit the beach and just relax, Which is why we love the non consecutive nature of the Pass. It’s the best of Both.

      Thanks for reading.

  5. Wow! I did not even know the anything such as the Go Oahu Card existed prior to reading this!

    On my next visit to the islands, I will definitely be getting a Pass!

    Question… How are the tipping mannerisms on the islands? I guess you would just tips your hosts from the original cost of the tour or activity?

    Thanks so much for this.

    • Hi Misty,

      It’s quite common that people are unaware of the different pass options available when visiting a location so we are happy to enlighten.

      Yes tipping is expect as usual so base it on the original cost of the attraction, but also on any perceived service quality. Being from Britain we struggle slightly with the USA’s tipping culture. But always happy to leave some extra when it’s deserved. Tipping on the islands in general is not quite as aggressive as some states, such as New York but it’s still pretty much the same as anywhere else in the states.

      Thanks for reading

  6. I must admit, when I first saw the price fluctuation of the pass, I did think it could become an expensive experience, and wondered at the same time what made the price go up for some $60 to over $200.
    But then I read on and found out about the choice of premium attractions and … wow is the only word that keeps coming to mind.
    Would I like to visit Hawaii? Would I like to benefit of this pass if I ever landed on Oahu? Definitely yes.
    And yes, I can see the danger of wanting to cramp up too much in a relatively short time. I am not too much of a beach holiday person, as I prefer sightseeing or experiences / activities. I hear you when you mention issues about dolphins being kept in captivity. They are issues I share concerns for with you. But having a close encounter would tempt me, I have to be honest. Visiting the Polynesian Cultural Centre is something else I wouldn’t want to miss. And Pearl Harbour then, how can you not go there after flying half way across the planet?!?!
    Yes, I can see your worry about hidden additional expenses and possibly being able to choose places that are all of easy reach. Now, these two issues, in my mind, are the only ones that I would make exception to. But the pass, as far as I can see, is definitely something to bear in mind, should I ever pop down that corner of the world 🙂

    • Hi Giulia,

      Thanks for reading. Yes the price jump is quite severed but as you worked out it’s due to the premium attraction inclusion which are worth over $100 each so that bump the price. We totally agree about pearl harbour it’s a must see when over there.

      Having seen and swum with wild dolphins in Hawaii We can confidently say interacting with captive dolphins is not even close to the experience.

      While a pass suits people who do want to spend some time on the beach you can just as easily use it every day of the trip to cram a much in as possible, if that is what you want. We find most people shy away from that but the option is always there.

      We hope you get to make a trip to the islands soon and use the Go Card for a fantastic trip.

  7. Good afternoon Steve,

    Lovely article on the island and very thorough information on that card. I used to work in tourism from1973 up to 1986 but in those times these ” modern ” things did not exist. You might buy a pack of excursions but that was all. I think it is a very good idea to get this card so you can explore a new country with its culture and people. There is little point going somewhere so different to just sit on the beach, that I can do at home too. I have not been to Hawaii yet but reading about it I start longing for a nice holiday.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi Taetske,

      Glad you enjoyed the article. Yes like most things tourism has changed a lot in the digital age with just so much information at our fingertips. The need for tour operators and Guides has diminished. It’s still really handy to have a “digital guide” with you, especially one that can save you so much money.

      You are lucky you can sit on a beach at home, Our beaches (UK) are a little chilly most of the year, so we still like some nice beach time as well as exploring the sights and culture of a destination.

      Thanks for Reading.

  8. Good afternoon Steve,

    Thank you for your reply to my comment.

    I bet the beaches in the UK must be extremely chilly this time of the year. I live in the south of Spain and even if it is winter most days are blessed with sunshine and some 20C. The problem here is lack of rain and the situation is getting more serious by the year.
    I know, this digital age has brought a lot of changes, some good and some less good. Imagine, I started with a computer by the end of 2013.

    Wishing you a happy and healthy 2018

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi Taetske,

      Yep, they can be extremely chilly. Even in the summer, we are lucky to get 20DegC! But we have no trouble with rain, plenty of that, we should swap! Yep there are lots of negatives to this ultra-connected world but It’s here to stay so it’s important to make use of the good and limit the bad. Glad to see you (Reluctantly?) jumped on board.



  9. I am going to be traveling to Hawaii later this year and Oahu is on my list of stops.
    I had no idea you could even get a card like the Go Oahu Card. seems pretty smart to me, and who doesn’t like saving.
    The Pacific Aviation Museum is one of the places I want to go while i am there, so I can see a use already!
    thanks for sharing, i am going to bring my wife to your site so she can check it out as well, but as far as i am concerned I am in.

    • Hi Brendon,

      We like the Pacific Aviation Museum, and as part of the overall Pearl Harbour Experience it is a very special day. We are sure you can find many other uses for the pass also. Remember to report back after your trip and let us know how you got on with the pass, or just your trip in general.

      Hope you have a great trip, we are sure you will.

      Thanks for reading

  10. Such a great post. You gave great information and understanding of the Oahu Card. I defiantly want one now, I’ve been looking for a vacation retreat for march. Hawaii was on my list, and I may consider it truly now, because of all the fun things i could do with my Oahu card. Thanks for such a great review.

    • Hi Cameron,

      We definitely recommend Hawaii if you are looking for a tropical paradise. We have Travelled extensively to tropical beach destinations all over Europe, the Caribbean, and nothing has ever come close to the magic of Hawaii. The Go Oahu card really opens up the opportunities of a beach holiday meaning you can spend much less time just doing nothing on a beach, but still allows time for this too!

      We are heading to Hawaii again in March and can’t wait. Hope you have a great trip

      Thanks for reading.

  11. This looks such a good idea. When we were in Oahu we were very limited in what we could do! We have 6 Kids so doing any activities can be really expensive. This would have enabled us to do alot more and kept the kids entertained! I really wish we had seen this before hand. It would have made the trip so much more affordable. I like anything that has a QR barcode it’s so simple and convenient.

    Thanks for the review, I will remember to check for a pass to the next destination we visit!

    • Hi Tony,

      Yeah we can see how things would really rack up with 6 Kids. I imagine they can get really bored in a place like Oahu when all you want to do is kick back on the beach with a Mai Tai! Having a pass gives a whole heap of stuff you can do to keep them occupied, even use as bribes too so you can get some relaxation time lol if we spend today on the beach tomorrow we can go on the Jurassic park tour! or something like that! 

      Hope you have a great time on your next trip and if you try a pass hope it works well for you.

      Thanks for reading.

  12. Oh my goodness I never new there was SO much to do in Hawaii besides swimming, and laying on the beach enjoying the ocean. This page is great, as it has something for everyone young and old. I really like that you have a description of different things you can do along with advantages and disadvantages. I especially like the being able to swim with the sea turtles, what a once in a lifetime experience. Like your idea on planning before you go and to arrange the things you want to do in the same general area. The pictures you provided are beautiful and is now on my bucket list for places to see. GREAT page and look forward to seeing more!

    • Hi Andrea, 

      Yeah we find a lot of people think all there is to do in Hawaii is relax on a beach, but the islands are so diverse there is so much more to them than that. Glad you enjoyed the article and we helped making the decision on the pass easier for you.

      Hope you make it to Hawaii soon and have a wonderful trip.

      Thanks for reading

  13. Hi – thanks for the very thorough review of the pass! I like how you thought about the itinerary including the time it takes to do all of these activities. Usually when planning a trip, I plan out the destinations and activities first, then see if there are passes available to cover them. That tends to help! When we traveled to Hawaii, we stayed on the big island. The next time we come, I was thinking to do some island hopping rather than stay only in one place. Pearl Harbor is definitely on the list and it looks like the Pass may come in handy. Do you know if there are any passes that go across islands?

    • Hi Kristi,

      People often try and cram far too much into their trips when they have a pass as they try and get maximum value. So it’s important to highlight how long things can take so you have a realistic expectation.

      Planning out what you want to do first and getting a pass to match is the best way to do it as then all you are doing is adding value to your trip. However for some they don’t always know what is available in an area and a pass can help people find new things they didn’t even know were available. There are a few things on Oahu we never knew were available until we saw the pass!

      Unfortunately Hawaii is pretty limited for passes, we only know of the Go Oahu card that is comprehensive. Others are more combo tickets. You can get a pass for JUST the pearl harbour attractions is that is all that interests you on the island and is better value than a Go Oahu Card for that purpose.

      Thanks for reading and hope you have a great trip next time you head to Hawaii

  14. great piece i wish i would have been by this site sooner we were in hawaii last year and one of these passes would have made life a lot easier and probably cheaper as well. these types of passes should be the first thing offered to vacationers when they check in. if i buy a pass in advance of my trip to a specific city or area can i change the destination for the card if i chose to vacation somewhere else? one more quickie can i build a card for a multiple city trip or just one destination per card?

    • Hi Garry, 

      Unfortunately we here this a lot people who don’t know about the pass until they return home. We are trying to spread the word. It’s good to hear the convenience is the selling point for you above just the cost savings! Most people think saving first but having a pass really does help simplify and enhance a trip too.

      While I’m sure some people would like to be offered a pass on arrival I’m sure a lot of people would see that as a hard sell and having something rammed down their throats! You can’t please everyone.

      You can’t swap a pass if you change your mind, mainly as different passes are different prices. But they offer a full money back guarantee on unused passes, so you can just return your pass and buy another. Also we don’t know of any multi city passes but there are passes for most cities. 

  15. Hi, Steve. Having been to Hawaii 6 times in my life, (beginning in 1981 up to my last visit back in 2012) I can definitely see the value that is inherent with a tourist purchasing an Oahu-Go card and the money it would save, especially for a family.

    Indeed there are many attractions on the island of Oahu, although some of them, (such as a visit to Pearl Harbor, the Kaulau Ranch movie site or the Polynesian Cultural Center – which is located on the opposite end of the Waikiki/Honolulu area) are all at least half-day excursions.

    The All-of-Oahu bus tour is around a 10-hour excursion that definitely would encompass an entire day. In order to get full value out of the card, a family would have to select attractions that would be more “kid-friendly” depending on the age of the child.

    So, planning trips out ahead of time considering the time limitations that would be availableon the Oahu-Go Cards would be necessary in order for a person or family to get the most out of the Card.

    Twice, personally, and except for the city bus fare was free, to enable me to get as close as possible, first entering the state park I then hiked all the way up to the summit of Diamond Head. The view, (seen in my gravatar photo) looking down on Waikiki, Honolulu, beyond that the Pacific Ocean and the other surrounding area was spectacular. The only thing would be that individuals would definitely need to wear a good pair of sneakers or other athletic footwear.

    The Honolulu/Waikiki city bus system is also known as perhaps the best of any in the U.S. Some of the excursions available with the Go card might be available using that type of transportation as opposed to shelling out extra $$$ to take a more expensive tour bus, that would not be a part of the Card.

    I also commend you for crafting such a detailed article on all of the sites that are available for tourists visiting the island of Oahu out in Hawaii!


    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for your valued input. The length and time of some excursions along with their location does make planning the days very important. You can’t just ad-hoc it and expect to get value from the Pass. Instead an itinerary must be drawn up to make the most of it. 

      You can see from our sample itinerary it is definitely possible to extract a great deal of value form the pass.

      The View from the Summit of diamond head is incredible. It’s not a huge hike, and well worth it.

      The Bus system on Waikiki is fantastic, but we definitely prefer a car to get around just for the convenience. 

      Thanks for the kind words

      Thanks for reading.


  16. For Pearl Harbor, everything is included in the pass? I would like to see it, but I want to make sure I will get the opportunity to see all the exhibits.

    • Hi,

      The Pass includes everything available at Pearl Harbour. It provides the Audio tour, the Bowfin, the Arizona and the Aviation Museum. These are all the Expensive parts.

      The only thing it doesn’t include is a timed reservation to the Memorial. You will need to book this separately but it is free ($1.50 booking fee) You can leave it until the day but the reservations do sell out. So we strongly advise booking a timed slot out to the memorial. Book your timed reservation here

      For a full Pearl Habor guide read here for everything you need to know.

      Hope that makes sense


  17. It seems like getting the card would definitely be worth it if you wanted to visit the locations it offers. Also seems like a great way of having some ideas of what to go to see and do 🙂 I agree with your feelings toward dolphins in captivity too. Aside from that though it seems like the card offers some really good attractions and you gave some great info on them!

    • Hi Avareth,

      Nice to hear you echo our views on Dolphins in Captivity, unfortunately while people are willing to pay these attractions will continue. Best we can do is vote with our wallets.

      Still glad to see this hasn’t put you off the pass as it can offer really good value and help massively in structuring a trip. It’s so Easy to go to somewhere like Oahu and simply spend the time just enjoying the beaches etc…

      Thanks for reading


  18. The Go Card for Oahu looks like the best way to go. I have only been to Hawaii once, back when I was 16 with the family. It has been on my bucket list for quite some time. The only thing that has hampered actually making the plans is the airfare/hotel. It is expensive going to Hawaii. The go card sounds like something that would definitely be great! I like to get out and do the touristy things. They get expensive and can add up. I usually end up not doing everything just because of the expense. This would be great!

    • Hi,

      We have just returned from our latest Hawaii trip and you are absolutely right. It is VERY expensive. You can bag bargains though. Our flights were around the $1000 mark from the UK and we stayed in a privately rented condo which helped bring the price down. It is still at the very expensive end of holidaying though.

      But oh is it worth it! We have travelled very extensively and nowhere has measured up to Hawaii, a true Paradise. But with a civilised american Flavour.

      We agree it’s terrible when you have to drop things from your itinerary because funds don’t stretch that far. It’s bad enough when you just don’t have time for everything. The pass can certainly help with this as the fixed fee means you can do everything you can cram in that you want. Unfortunately Time is still the enemy and there are only so many hours in a day.

      Hope you make it to Hawaii soon it’s such a great place.

      Thanks for reading 


  19. I think the GO Oahu pass is a great idea. It can really save a lot of money.

    I’m glad you mentioned that it is a calendar day and not 24 hours. What happens if I want to do the same excursion for 2 days? How does that work?

    My husband and I are going to Oahu next summer so this is great to know!


    • Hi Kristy,

      You can visit most attractions once per day. So you can do the same attractions as many times as you have days. The Premium attractions are obviously excluded from this as you only get one per car.

      Glad you like the look of the card hopefully this makes your next trip to Oahu even better. Feel free to report back after your trip! We would love to hear your feedback. 

      Thanks for reading


  20. The Oahu pass sounds really good! I love pre-paid passes like this, if you use them right, the way you’ve described, you can really save a LOT of money and still get to enjoy a lot of things.

    The number of attractions it will cover actually seems HUGE for the cost. I expected it to cost more. Which of the Premium attractions would you recommend the most? I’m guessing it depends on personality and interests, but I really need to read up on it. I considered using a similar pass in Aruba recently… I probably should have.

    • Hi Jordan,

      You pose a very tough question on the Premium Attractions, They are quite varied and suit different people differently. Personally we would probably recommend the Polynesian Cultural Center Luau. It is such a fantastic location and spending the afternoon there and attending the Luau in the evening helps kill two birds with one stone. Leaving more time to hit other attractions other days.

      Gald, you like the look of the Pass, we agree it is a very good value pass, with so much on offer. Too many people go to Oahu and do little more than sit on the beach. This pass opens up so many doors.

      We are sure you had a great time in Aruba despite not taking up the pass. Passes are not essential but can enhance a trip.

      Thanks for reading


  21. Hey Steve, I really enjoyed reading your review of the Go Oahu Card. I think it is a super smart thing to use. Because not only will it open up the doors to countless attractions, but it will actually make do those thinks. because I have paid already once and there is no uncontrollable cost any more. So why not go and do all of them. 🙂

    • Hi Aaron,

      Yes indeed. We have all been on a trip and had many ideas of things to do but never reall get round to them. With the pass you are more inclined to actually follow through with you plans! And it suck when you run out of money and can’t do everything you planned!

      The Pass sounds perfect for you as you sound like you want to do as much as possible on a trip! 

      Thanks for reading,


  22. Hi Steve,

    Thank you for all the information you are providing it’s a great resource specially for us that will be visiting Oahu for the first time in a couple of weeks. I have a question about you 3 day itinerary, what would be the premium attraction you chose for this itinerary? (I’m assuming that your example is for the 3 day pass) You mention the Diamond Head Luau on day 1 but I can’t seem to find it on the list of available attractions.

    One again than you for the info!

    • Hi Priscila,

      Sorry about this, The Diamond head Luau has changed its format and has become an Ultra high-end Farm to Table Dining experience. As such it is no longer available on the Go Oahu Card. It has been replaced by the Ka Moana Luau which is located at the Oahu Sealife Park. You can read all about the different Luau’s on Oahu here. The Ka Moana Luau is a really fun Luau and the included transportation helps make it convenient. The other included option is the Polynesian Cultural Center’s luau which his incredible, but much less convenient.

      We were sure we had changed all the references to Diamond head Luau when they made the alteration but this one seems to have slipped through. We have now updated the post.

      Our Example itinerary is really only a costing example, we urge our readers to plan the trip their own way. What suits one person may not suit another. Our example is more to show how using the pass quite sparingly can still save a lot of money.

      Sorry again and thanks for pointing out our oversight.

      Hope you have a fantastic trip to Hawaii whatever you choose!


  23. This card is an amazing deal. The dolphin encounter is something I have wanted to do with my kids since we’ve had them. We’ve been waiting for them to be old enough to truly appreciate it though!

    You mention that I can use the passes for my kids to interact with the dolphins and save my own. So if I buy 4 passes for the wife and kids and I we’ll be in good shape to let the kids hit up the dolphin tour and we can go to the Luau later? Just want to make sure I’m following properly cause that was a concern of mine!

    • Aloha Craig,

      Yeah, you don’t need to choose the same attractions on each pass so as long as it’s OK logistically you can use the pass any way you see fit. You just get the one premium per card, but each card could choose a different premium if you wanted.

      You get entry to the sea life park as part of the standard attractions so you can go with the kids just let them actually do the dolphin encounter on their own. Then use your premium pass for the Luau at another time! Perfect!

      Hope you have a great time using your pass in Hawaii!



  24. Wow Oahu sounds exciting! Clear sky, beach like no other, and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 47% discount is almost half, I can feel the winds calling me already. I was wondering, does the monsoon affect the island  this time of year? A lot of tropical  countries are experiencing heavy rain all month long, it would be a shame to go there when it does though :/

    • Hi Riaz,

      Yeah Oahu and Hawaii are truly incredible places! the Savings are pretty substantial and really do make a stay far more affordable, as Hawaii is not a cheap place to go on Vacation!

      As for weather check out our Oahu Weather guide here. But in short, no. There is not Monsoon season here. In-fact being so utterly remote and pretty close to the equator seasons are pretty undefined at all. The depths of winter sees temps up to 30 Deg C and little rain. Summer is pretty much the same. It is a little more complex than that, so check out our weather guide, but basically a year round paradise!


  25. I just purchased two 4 day Go Oahu cards from Costco, for our upcoming trip to Oahu. When purchasing from Costco, they did state that we get access to the 32 attractions plus 1 premium attraction. Yet above I am reading that you only get the 1 premium attraction on the 3, 5 and 7 day cards. Is this true? If so, please let me know as I will then cancel my order with Costco and obtain a full refund and order a 5 day through this website. Please let me know. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Kim,

      As far as the Go-City website goes there is no 4-day pass. We assume Costco has some slightly different products available.

      Only the one and two day passes direct do not include the premium attractions so if you have a 4 day pass from costco and they stated they included 1-premium choice we are sure that IS the case.

      We are sure you will have a great time with your passes and sat here in the snow we really wish we were headed for hawaii soon.

      Let us know which premium choice you are going for ?


  26. Thank you for your insight. We are going to be in Oahu the first week in July (over the 4th) and are considering the 3 day pass since we will be there for four days. However, a few questions:
    1. Are most of the exhibits closed on the holiday?
    2. How far in advance should I purchase the ‘go’ cards?
    3. Are there any issues with booking reservations with using the ‘go’ card? For example, do the attractions limit the # of reservations they take for ‘go’ card customers?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Tracy,

      As Oahu is so Relient on Tourism most attraction do not shut down for the holiday. You may find a few close on the actual 4th July but only on the day. As the Pass uses non-consecutive days just don’t plan using it on the actual day and enjoy the festivities and fireworks instead.

      We Normally say about a month out works well, but really the best time is one that suits you, financially. We like spreading out the costs of trips so there is normally a good time to pull the trigger on the pass. It is delivered Digitally and lasts for 12months so really, it doesn’t matter. There are suggestions the price will go up in April However so maybe sooner rather than later…But we don’t know anything definite.

      We have never experienced or heard of anything to suggest they limit go card customers at all. Obviously, if something sells out it sells out but there is no Go Card Limit. If the attraction is showing as available online you will be able to book with the pass. after all the Pass company pays the attraction every time the pass is used so they would be losing money turning you away.

      Hope that helps clear things up.

      Whatever you choose, have a fantastic time in Hawaii. We Spent 4th of July in Maui one year and it was fantastic!


  27. Your article was absolutely fantastic. Thanks for being so objective! One question I had was about visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center more than once. I thought I read that you were allowed to revisit the PCC for 3 days after your first visit…but I wasn’t sure if that was included if you used the Go Oahu card for that first visit? I can imagine there will be several villages we can’t get to during the first visit. Also, do you think upgrading Luau seats is allowed–or a good idea?

    Thank you! We’re super excited about our upcoming visit!

    • Hi Christina,

      Thanks for the kind words,

      First, on the 3 for three, you are correct if you book online you get 3 days to return for free. Honestly, we don’t know if this is included when you book via the Go Oahu Card. We have sent an Email to The PCC and will let you know. It isn’t something we have considered before.

      As for upgrading seats, they do allow it but it costs $75. However, it is not particularly needed. The ALI’I Package included with the pass provides good seating choices. and you book these seats as you arrive and pick up tickets. Arrive early and You could be seated just one row behind people who have paid for ambassador seating. The Theatre is big and has tiered seating so you get a great view from anywhere. The Show is BIG and LOUD so you should have a great time from any seat, but the ALI’I is still an upgrade over general seating. see here.

      Hope you have a fantastic time In Oahu, we are so Jealous, it really is one of the best places on earth!

      We will let you know asap about the 3ForFree offer


    • Hi Christina,

      Just heard from our friend’s at the polyneasian Cultural Centre and you will absolutely be entitled to return anytime within 3 days to check out anything you missed. Even when using the Go Oahu Card. We thought as much but wanted to be certain.

      Have a great time


  28. Thank you so much! Your articles are so completely informative! I’m sorry I did not look at your luau summary before asking the question on upgrading. Really appreciate all your research–you rock!!


  29. Thanks for the comprehensive review. It is very much helpful. The GO Oahu Pass is now an option, as I am planning for my travel next year as early as now and I am considering Hawaii. Your pictures are great. It makes me wanna swim with turtles right now! 😀 

    • Hi Arwill,

      You Mean you didn’t want to swim with Turtles before? lol?

      Hope you have an amazing trip to Hawaii next year, they really are wonderful islands and we are sure you will have an amazing time swimming with the turtles. 

      Check out our Oahu Snorkelling Guidewith the best places to find Turtles and Our Maui Sea Turtle Guide for Maui’s Hotspots!



  30. Hello Steve, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am a full-time blogger so I can travel and I do it so much. Soon when I finish one big project I am getting traveling around the world with my family and visiting Oahu is definitely worth. It is a little bit expensive for kids but it doesn’t matter, I will get the card with the help of discount codes, thank you for sharing.

    • Oahu, and Hawaii in general is pretty expensive, but it is so worth it. 

      There are ways of keeping costs down, such as the go Oahu pass but its still an expensive trip but really a truly magical place. One of the planets real wonders. 

      Hope you get to visit soon and enjoy the woderful islands 


  31. Steve,

    Until reading your article I had never heard of a Go Oahu Pass or any of the other passes you have listed on your website!  I find this one of the most amazing things to have for planning a vacation or getaway to any of the locations you have written about.  Hawaii has always been one of the places on my bucket list, who knows if I will ever have the chance to get there, but if I do I will be planning on picking up a Go Pass.

    I feel that whether you are just a couple looking for downtime or a family looking at planning a vacation this could be one of the best possible ways to plan seeing some of the best attractions.  Considering I have friends who love to travel this type of Go Pass to any location would be of value to them.  I plan on referring them to your website, I have bookmarked it for my own future use as well.

    Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the world, we can always use extra ways of saving money,


    • Hi Susan,

      Glad we have opened your eyes to the wonderful world of Attraction Passes. They really can transform a trip giving so much to see and do for such a great price. We can’t travel without them now.

      The Go Oahu Pass is a particular favorite of ours it covers so many of peoples must do activities on the Island of Oahu and all for the cost of approx one night’s Hotel stay!

      We really hope you get to visit Hawaii Soon. The Islands are really so beautiful and we consider them our spiritual home. 

      Thanks for passing on the pass to others we are sure they will appreciate it as much as we do! 



  32. This article was so perfect!! We have never traveled before but this year, we are looking to get away with our 5 kids. I didn’t know where to start looking, but this article definitely caught my attention. It seems like with the pass, we can see a little of everyone’s interest, which is hard to find with a huge family. Great article, great information.
    Thank you !

    • Hi Lucie,

      Glad we can help.

      You are right, apart from the money-saving the inspiration and planning that the pass allows really helps get your trip started. The activities included are indeed varied and there is something for everyone.

      Hope you and your family have an awesome time in Oahu!


  33. Thank you for bringing the existence of this pass to my attention.  I have been to the big island but not Oahu, yet.

    Even with the dislikes you’ve listed, this pass still seems like a pretty good deal.

    I was wondering, can I buy multiple passes so I can take advantage of multiple premium options (i.e. 1 2-day pass here and a 1-day pass there, etc.)?  I think I can still swing decent savings that way and be able to see additional premium attractions.

    I’d love the dolphin experience for sure but I’m on the fence when it comes to the snorkeling.  I’m a SCUBA diver and prefer to be underwater most of the time.

    Thanks again.  This is a great find!


    • Hi Scott, 

      Sorry, but only the 3 Day pass and over include the premium attractions. But you could buy 2x3Day instead of a 5/7 day pass and get two premium. The Prices reflect the amount of premium and nonpremium attractions included. 

      We mention the Con’s to be complete, it seems nothing in life is perfect and there are drawbacks to even something as good as this! But it is definitely a great way to save a lot of money on your Oahu trip.

      As For SCUBA vs Snorkelling, well that’s a whole different article. I am a SCUBA Diver too, but also an avid Skin Diver, Swimmer, and Snorkeler. Quite simply If my head is underwater I am happy, I don’t care how deep! 

      Marine Eco-Systems vary and while many are best accessed via SCUBA, there are still plenty that are shallow and rich enough that Snorkelling is the optimum method of viewing them. There is something very special about swimming alongside a turtle in just your swimmers in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Something that is lost when weighed down with the burden of SCUBA gear.

      Essentially we just spend half our time in Hawaii with our head under the water one way or another! 



  34. This is some great news! I can tell just by reading this GO Oahu Pass review that the GO Oahu Pass is definitely worth it for me and my girlfriend. I like all of the available attractions, experiences and events that we can go to. It is a great value for what is offered.

    My girlfriend and I are researching various island vacation destinations and after your post here, we have another option to consider. We are looking into islands in the Pacific, seeing how we have already been to islands in the Bahamas and in the Caribbean, as well as Bermuda.

    What I really love about this pass other than the reasonable price is that the days are NOT consecutive. We are looking for a 14-day trip and I think a 5-day pass would be perfect and still allow us to take a majority of the other days to just chill on the beach. Is it possible to add days if we want or would that require getting an additional pass?

    • Hi Robert,

      We have been to many carribean Islands as well. And they are truly beautiful and stunning. Nothing beats Hawaii though. The beauty and remoteness are unmatched by anywhere in the Carribean so we highly recommend you check the islands out on your next trip. 

      With A Go Oahu pass, you will be sure to get the best out of the Isalnd. But with 14 days consider some island hopping too. We love Oahu but the other islands are even more beautiful and remote, especially Maui.

      Once the pass is activated you cannot add more days but if you realized before you used it you could utilize the 30-day money-back guarantee to return it an by the longer pass. You could always try their customer service team as well as most people are pretty accommodating when you are trying to give them more money!

      Hope you have a great trip wherever you end up


  35. This is a fantastic review, the pass, especially the seven day one, which can be spread out seems to be really good value for money, it would save you thinking now where do I go to today, as you have the attractions listed.

    Must confess that I am insanely jealous, as I doubt if I will ever get over there which is a real shame, but thank you for at least letting me enjoy what others will actually see.


    • Hi Stuart, Thanks for the comment. 

      Shame you won’t make it to Oahu, it is such a great place. Nice to hear you are able to experience it Vicariously through these posts though.


  36. Thankyou, great article. I was wondering if the Oahu all-inclusive deals were worth it, or better just to do things separately. As for the premium attractions, I’d definitely do dolphin encounters! Wow, that would be so cool, to see a dolphin in person. 

    That’s nice that it’s non-consecutive, so you can pace yourself. You might want to do some events one day and then relax another day. So you’re not stuck having to do it all consecutively. 

    That’s pretty cool that its digital. You’ll always have your phone, and you can keep easy track of your pass. Great review, thanks for inspiring me to travel!

    • Hi C,

      Great to hear you like the sound of the Pass. 

      With the Dolphin encounter, you get more than just to see a dolphin but get to meet them up close and personal, even a quick kiss is possible! 

      We too love the NON- Consecutive nature, Trips to Hawaii are all about the downtime as well as seeing the best of the islands so it makes sense to spread the days.

      We love the Digital nature of the pass so it works really well for us, but you can always go old school and print the QR code off if that is your preference!

      Thanks for reading, Glas we keep inspiring people to make the trips they dream of


  37. Hi,
    Great article – really helpful. My wife and I will be in Oahu for 18 days starting Feb 14. We are Costco members so are looking at buying the 4 day pass. I like the idea of the PCC luau but we won’t have a car and it will just be too hard (or expensive) to get back to Waikiki after the show. So instead we are thinking of the Ka Moana Luau which provides transportation. This premium attraction says it includes a day at Sea Life Park. Can we go to the park on another day using the free entrance from the luau without it counting as a day from our pass or must it all be the same day? If we can use it another day it would be like getting an extra bonus day from the pass. We are just trying to fully understand the pass and maximize the value. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Hi John,

      Glad you like the Article

      18 Days in Oahu, I must say I am pretty Jealous…err VERY Jealous!

      The PCC is a little bit of a pain, being right over at the top end of the Northshore, but you can add transportation to your booking ($27-37pp), but even then it’s a long day and a bit of faff. The Ka Moana is much more convenient if you are staying in Waikiki. It still a really good Luau and in a beautiful setting, it just lacks the authenticity of the PCC but you will still have a great time…And you can drink at Ka Moana, You can’t at PCC.

      You get 7 Days to use your free entry to the Sealife park after the Luau so yeah it can be seen as a little bonus time on your pass. It is part of the Luau so on your return visit you don’t even need to show your Pass so will not count as an Extra day’s use.

      BTW Costco is a great offer but with our Promo Codes you can get the 5-Day Pass direct from GOCITY for only $259.25 atm a bit more than Costcos 4 Day but for a whole extra day it is a pretty good deal if you can use the Extra day.

      Have a great time, Hawaii really is an utter paradise!


  38. Question
    So if I’m not staying at one of the resort hotels where I can be transported to one of the Luaus I can’t drive myself. I have to pay extra ?.. what is the fee?
    If I understand the Go Oahu card then it only makes sense for ppl staying at a resort hotel correct?

    • Hi Candy,

      We are a little confused by this comment, there must be a little misunderstanding somewhere. You can drive yourself to any of the Luaus. They are in no way affiliated to any hotel. The only reason we suggest not driving is because a lot of people like to have a few drinks at the Luau (hands up here!) and obviously this makes driving problematic. However, if this is not a problem for you, you can drive, or take a cab or get there by any means you see fit. We only mention the additional transport fee as this in ONE option of getting there.

      The Polynesian Cultural Center offers round trip Transport for $27 and the Ka Moana Luau offers it for $18 per person. But once again this is just an option, you are perfectly welcome to drive, and at the Polynesian Cultural Center, there is no Alcohol served so no issues with driving at all.

      Hope that clears things up a little, we actually find not staying in a resort it is MORE beneficial to have the pass as you are more likely to do your own thing and the Pass works brilliantly for that!


  39. Hi

    With Hawaii looking like it may start opening up to tourists from 15th October do you think the pass is going to be worth getting still?

    What attractions will be available? Will the luaus be Open/the same experience? and it worth us looking at doing attractions or more just enjoy the island? 

    We are so happy the islands are opening up again but really anxious as to what to expect! 


    • Hi Willy, 

      The Pass is not looking too great at the minute! 

      With the loss of the Luau’s and most premium attractions, it is hard to see much value in the Pass. We would probably suggest skipping. 

      The Islands are wonderfully quiet and peaceful so we suggest taking full advantage of that and getting out and seeing some of the real beauty of the Islands.

      As more and more things open up the pass will look better and better value but at the minute there is not enough open to recommend it! 

  40. I think that it is important to think through the benefits of the pass on an individual basis to decide if it is right for you or not.

    The first thing to decide is what type of holiday you actually want.  If you just want to sit on the each then it would be a total waste of money.  Also, if bought it on a whim it could become a burden almost, as you would feel that you had to get your moneys worth when really you just want to relax and take it easy.

    However, if you are on a budget it is great, as it enables you to buy it up front so you don’t have to worry about the individual costs once you are there and can simply enjoy your holiday.

    But regardless of who you are, you need to decide what you really want to do and add up the cost to see how it compares with the cost of the card, as there is no point in visiting things you are not interested in just because you have the card!

    • Hi Geoff, 

      You are dead right in most of what you say, the pass is definitely not for every type of traveler. But we do find with Oahu the pass can fit most people, there really is normally something on the pass people are going to see anyway 

      Of Course, some people genuinely do just want to relax by the pool or down at the beach, but with so much to see and do on the Island we do see this as a waste, but each to their own. Of course, the beachgoers probably won’t even consider the pass and never read this so all is good. 

      The only slight correction we have is your last paragraph. On the whole, you are right, but the pass really does allow you to try things you possibly might no without. We have done this on so many occasions, both agreeing that we probably wouldn’t do certain things but as they are on the pass give them a go, and ended up loving them! 

      The Pass really can open doors and opportunities you probably would have ignored without. obviously, if you have NO interest in something don’t it just as it’s on the pass, but if you are not sure give it a shot, it might just be the highlight of your trip. 

      You are definitely right when you urge readers to really think through the pass, the pass only works for those who understand its pros and cons and how it would work for them and their traveling style! Buying on a Whim normally leads to disappointment. We do hope our review helps people in understanding the pass and reaching the right decision! 



  41. Thank you for this presentation of The GO Oahu Pass and the opportunities for tourists in this confusing time of the pandemic. I also think this Go Oahu Pass is a great option because attractive tours are included, and it’s a cheaper option than buying tickets for individual tours individually. But probably the buyers of this pass also have an easier viewing of these programs that are included, given that this is a package?
    I also like that it’s a digital pass because we all have smartphones with us all the time today, and you don’t have to worry if you have all the paperwork.
    I hope that we will soon overcome this pandemic and that tourism will also revive because, for Hawaii, the current situation is certainly causing great economic damage.
    Friendly greeting,

    • Hi Nina,

      Glad you like the look of the Pass, 

      We too pray for the end of this terrible Pandemic, the industry n Hawaii is in desperate need of a revival. Do many Livlyhoods ruined, but of course the alternative t the shutdown could have been far worse. 

      Fingers crossed the Vaccine continues to provide the great protection it is atm. 


  42. We are planning a trip to Hawaii for later in the year, so finding this post on Oahu is great. 

    Oahu looks amazing and it makes so much more sense to have a daily pass to explore the best parts of the island, than doing it without the pass. What is your recommendation for the minimum stay on Oahu? Would it be good to rent a car to be able to explore more?

    • Hi Line,

      Great to hear you are heading to Hawaii, 

      Hawaii really requires a minimum of 2 weeks to do it justice, any less and you will miss so much, however, we do suggest Island hopping if you can manage it, you can get away with a week or even less on Oahu. There is a lot to see and do (including lying on a beach!) but you can ack in Oahu’s sights quite quickly then head to another Island to check that out (Maui is Our favorite)

      Car Rental is definitely recommended, the public transport on Oahu is not the best, and waiting for a bus on Vacation is a bit of a drag. 

      With a Hire Car, you can definitely see a lot more of the Island. 

      Have a Great Trip 


  43. Hi there, it looks like Oahu is a great place to visit, offering many activities and many interesting places to see. After your post, I will put Oahu on my calendar. The Go Oahu Pass is an interesting concept and I will definitely purchase one, after all, I do not have a lot of money to throw around. Another incentive for the Go Oahu Pass is the 2 year-90 day money-back guarantee. Also, I will make certain not to miss the Moana Splash Luau @ Sea Life Park, the Dolphin Encounter by Sea Life Park, the Battleship Missouri, have a sunset dinner on the Makani Catamaran and the sea tour and snorkelling with turtles.

    Thanks for the great post.

  44. When I travel, I want to see and do as many things as possible in a day. The Oahu Pass would be something that I would use and know that I would enjoy having. I think one of the benefits is experiencing new things.
    Everything you mentioned in your article makes me want to get on a plane to Oahu now. 

    Thank you for the itineraries for ideas on what to do each day, it really helps show how the pass can be used! I checked the promo code, and it is a significant saving, is there a time limit on this code? Your page has been bookmarked for my next vacation.

    I just can’t wait to getaway!

    • Hi Sharon,

      Yep we too like to really get out and explore, we used to joke we needed a vacation but the time we get back from vacation, but since setting up the Blog and traveling with a vengeance that is no longer a joke but a reality lol!

      Glad you like the look of that Pass, we really think it opens up the island in a really great way. 

      The Promo codes do expire from time to time, but we are always keeping an eye on them and getting new ones from the Company so you can be sure our codes are up to date and we always have some way to get you even more of a discount than from anywhere else! 

      Have a great trip when you finally get away


  45. Hi, Steve!
    Exactly where I’m longing to travel for so long … Hawaii!
    Obviously, your post interests me a lot once it is so thorough and clear. It provides all the information one needs when travelling there. Dolphin Encounter by Sea Life Park is definitely a must-have.
    The GO Oahu Pass allows us to have the world in our mobiles so to say and it a most valuable option. It covers the idea of paying less to do more indeed. I’ll recommend it vividly to all my friends!
    Thank you and be safe!

    • Hi Antonio, 

      Glad you like the look of the Pass and the Dolphin experience is appealing to you. 

      We can’t wait to get back to Hawaii, the islands are like home to us and this pandemic has us dreaming of our paradise every day! 

      Hope you get there soon too!


  46. Oh wow I wish to go to Hawaii. You completely moved me there with your article. I am definitely going to take a closer look into what’s going to be happening during my vacay time this year. Anyways, the GO Oahu Pass sounds great right? I was just now in the calculation and I’d say it’s worth having it.. Thanks! Let me see if I can sign up with my card now. 

    • Hi Sunny

      Hope you get to explore the Magical Hawaiian Islands this year! 

      That is certainly one way to make the most of your Vaccay! 

      Have a great time 


  47. This is an incredibly detailed review and it needed to be. I have to say that visiting the Hawaiian islands has always been a dream of mine and I think the detail into which you went with the review – the prices, sites, videos, and recommendations including Covid restrictions etc., was definitely a win-win. The Pass seems like s no-brainer if you ask me, but do get some people just want to lounge on a beach sipping cocktails! 

    Once all this blows over and I finally get to make Our Hawaiian Dream a reality I will definitely look at getting a Pass! 

    • Hi, 

      Yep, this damn Pandemic keeping us all grounded. We can’t wait to get back traveling and getting back to the Stunning Hawaiian Islands is one of our first orders of business. 

      Glad you found our Review Helpful


  48. Nice writeup about the Go Oahu Pass, which was something I wasn’t even aware of even though we’ve been to this island many times.  I’ll definitely consult with this a bit more the next time we’re on the island.

    That said, our experiences with pre-paid passes is that it kind of forces you to only consider tours or excursions that participate in the pass program.  This can limit the freedom of finding sights that interest us and pursue them (especially if they were unplanned).

    We tend to be independent self-drivers, and we generally don’t do passes unless it’s a total no-brainer that you’d be walking away from money if you didn’t take advantage of such programs.

    Anyways, we’ve historically been gun shy about buying these consolidated passes, but that upfront cost for the pass puts pressure on you to only do activities that involve the pass and rush to do them before the vacation is up.

    I usually go to O’ahu to hike (typically a free activity) and maybe spend time at beaches.

    We really only did “tours” or paid excursions to the luau at the Polynesia Cultural Center as well as a chopper ride to Sacred Falls.

    And we had trouble procuring a spot for the Hanauma Bay, which was closed and required competing for limited spots through recreation[dot]gov.  We weren’t successful.

    I guess the bottom line is it depends on how you travel at the moment.  

    • Hi Johnny, 

      Honestly, we definitely understand your concerns, but we find the exact opposite with the Go Oahu Pass, We just got back from 7dyas on the Island and the pass allows us so much more flexibility. 

      We used a 3-day pass, only did 5 attractions, All things we were going to do anyway, and save a huge sum. On top of this, we hiked, surfed, swam with sharks, flew in helicopters, snorkeled on every beach-going, and basically explored the whole island. 

      Due to the non-consecutive nature of the pass, you can mix in days where you visit the paid attractions with days where you just relax, explore, or just do other things. Obviously, you need to be looking at the attractions and think, yeah that’s what we want to do, other wise it’s a waste, but the line-up is pretty A-list! 

      It really does work well, defiantly look into it as we did not feel contained at all, quite the opposite. And we are absolutely independent self-drivers, we couldn’t do Hawaii any other way!

      Thanks for your honest feedback, much appriciated


  49. I lived on Kapiolani Blvd. for three years while in the Army.  That was 50 years ago so much has changed.  I recognize some of the attractions like Pearl Harbor, Hanauma Bay, and Sea Life Park.  Is there still a resort area at Makaha?  We stayed for a weekend.  A trip on the Pali Highway was always fun – are there options for trips through the mountains?

    • Hi Dave, 

      The Hawaiian Princess Resort is about the only large resort open around Makaha now, other than that it’s mainly residential and has a bit of an issue with homeless encampments. 

      Agreed we have driven the Pali Highway several times and it’s a great experience. There are a couple of hikes up into the mountain and the Premium Attraction of the Island tour takes in many of the mountain ranges. 

      Hawaii moves slow, so while we are sure it’s changed a lot in 50 years (we have only been visiting for 10) we also imagine it’s changed less than you thing lol


  50. Oahu is a beautiful place. I am delighted with the scenes shown in the photos. There are really many beautiful places worth visiting. With the Go City Oahu Pass it’s very affordable considering the number of attractions. I like the ease of use of the pass and the fact that this pass allows the user to visit as many attractions as they want from the list available in a certain number of days. The Go City Oahu Pass is definitely worth investing in. The only drawback is the lack of time to visit all those wonderful places.

    • Hi, 

      Yes of course this is always the main drawback of any travel experience, too much to do and too little time. It’s an odd quirk of these Passes that they seem to concentrate that issue, as they offer so much opportunity there are never enough hours in the day to pack it all in! 

      Hope you get to visit Oahu soon 


  51. Hi Steve. Thank you for great article. As we are getting back to normal its time to plan holidays, and Oahu is on top of my list. To be fair I haven’t heard before about Go Oahu pass, but looking on your review its great opportunity not only to save some money but also to see great deal of attractions. Looking forward to test it in practice.

  52. We are going to Oahu soon and are planning our activities so this article has been a godsend. We were really worrying about costs as we are traveling with 3 kids it was starting to really rack up. We will be able to save so much by using the pass and get to see and do everything we really wanted to.

    This has got us super excited to visit Hawaii now, we really can’t wait!  

    • Hi Bojana, 

      I hope you and your family have a great time in Oahu and the pass helps you achieve everything you want to see and do while saving you some nice money as well. 

      Have a great trip


  53. Wow! So glad we found this, we are heading to hawaii next month and are staying in Honolulu, this pass looks like a great way to get out and see some more of the island as we were worried we might be a bit stuck in our hotel. We are not driving so think some of the island tours will be great and the catamaran tour looks great. 

    This has got us even more excited for our vacation 

    • Hi Terrance, sounds like a great trip, we are very jealous. 

      Have a great time, we love Waikiki and Honolulu but you really need to get out and see the rest of the Island too, there is so much to see and so much natural beauty.


  54. Great article. We will be going to Oahu soon & appreciated all the info. Thank you for your effort.

    I have a couple questions. I noticed you said for things like the PCC you can call ahead to book your day & let them know you have the card. But I noticed the card doesn’t seem to be for the luau portion so I’m wondering if that could be purchased as an add on like the movie tour place & the card just gets you a portion off the price? What would be the portion off?

    Are there other activities like this where the card isn’t for the whole experience?

    Just trying to accurately crunch the numbers & I can’t seem to find these answers. Thanks , Chris

    • Hi Chris,

      Unfortunately, the pass does not cover the Luau portion of the PCC atm. We are fairly sure there will be an upgrade option (most companies are happy to take more of your money!) but your best bet is to email and ask them about this directly. They do sell out well in advance so if you waited until you arrived they might well have no availability!

      We found most of the other attractions covered the whole attraction. Even the PCC does cover what it says, it’s pretty clear it is ONLY the villages and center during the day and not the Luau. It’s still well worth going regardless of the Luau, but then the Luau is a REALLY good one!

      The other attraction we can think of is the Sea Life Center. Here you only get admission, and there are a few other attractions here you may want to partake in such as Dolphin Swims and Sealion attractions. But these are clearly extras and you still get the Full Sea Life experience without them.

      There are certain other costs incurred at other attractions too, such as parking and paying for food and drinks at some attractions, but these would have been incurred if booked directly regardless. And remember if you are visiting Pearl Harbor the Pass does not give you a Booking to the Arizona Memorial. You need to book that separately (free, $1.50 booking fee)

      Overall, the pass really does help save money if you are wanting to see a lot of attractions on your visit.


  55. Wonderful article! Thanks for taking the time to lay it all out for everyone! Definitely going to buy the pass through your code. This is my family’s first time in HI and we’re excited! I am feeling a bit overwhelmed as far as how to plan the days based on where everything is located so we’re not criss crossing the island all the time. I want to go ahead and book some things since we’re only two weeks out, but don’t want to book the wrong things on the wrong days if they’re close to each other. BOY, this is a mental work out!! I’ll tell you what we want to do, and you can send me our itinerary! LOL


    • Hi,

      First, dont panic and stress too much, you are going to have a great time, the Island is not that big if you have to do a bit of driving its no big issue

      This is really one of the perks of the pass you do get out and see the Island, there is So much to do beyond Waikiki!

      But sure, we would gladly take a look at your Itinary and see how we would tackle it. Make sure you let us know what Premium Attraction you want to do.


  56. Whenever I visit a city or a region with plenty of attractions to visit which I need to pay for, it is a lot more affordable to get a pass if I want to visit multiple things. The Go City Oahu pass seems like a good and affordable way to visit all the attractions around the Oahu pass, especially because I am not someone who just goes to the beach every day, but I want to see the culture and people as well,so thanks for this review!

    • Hi Lizzy,

      We too pretty much always use a pass when we visit a location, it just really helps you get under the skin of a place. You end up seeing and doing so much more with a Pass than you would without. 



  57. I have wanted to go back to Hawaii for some time now; however, it is a little more difficult to fly a family of 5 over and book hotel, food, entertainment, etc. The Oahu Pass sounds like something that could potentially save my family a bit of money on the attractions we would actually go to. It sounds like you need to do a bit of homework before going (to ensure the card covers where you want to go and if those attractions are open the days you want to go.) I think I may be looking into a trip to Oahu soon!

    • Awesome Kelly, 

      Really hope you get to share this magical place with your family. 

      You are definitely right, all the negatives we here from people about this pass are from people that didn’t really think through what was included on the pass and how they would fit it into their trips. It definitely needs some research, but if it covers the attractions you intend to visit, the pass really can open up the Island. 

      It is not however for everyone

      Hope you have a great trip if you do go back,



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