Best Place to Stay in Los Angeles – Our Guide on Where to Stay in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is an incredibly large City. It’s made up of an awful lot of districts covering a VAST area of the City. This makes choosing the Best place to Stay in Los Angeles is quite a daunting prospect? Fortunately, many of the districts are of little interest to the average tourist and most hotels are, clustered around a few areas of interest.

Los Angeles Districts

Our Guide on Where to Stay in Los Angeles will help you understand the city and help you choose where would be best for you to base your Trip to LA.

Best Place to Stay in Los Angeles


Downtown is not a great choice for a tourist visiting the City. The High rise business hub has very little to offer the tourist as a base. There are plenty of hotels so this district will often come up in searches for hotels but These hotels are mainly targeted at business guests here for different reasons. Of course, there is nothing wrong with these hotels, some are very plush high-end establishments. And there are plenty of dining options in the area. On that basis, there is nothing wrong with staying in Downtown.

The issue comes from the fact it’s not really near any of the places of interest for a tourist. Any of the sights or attractions you may wish to visit will be a trek. Quite probably during LA’s notorious Rush hour. While Most of Los Angeles attractions are quite spread out in our opinion it pays to at least be near one of them, So really we would rule out Downtown and look at one of our other options.


Hollywood Walk of fame

Bang right in the heart of the action. Staying in Hollywood certainly has a lot of appeal. With the Walk of Fame and the Chinese theatre right on your doorstep, It’s a perfect base for a busy all action trip. The world famous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel adorns this area along with other high-end offerings with prices to match but there are also a large number of very budget hotels here. They may not be the plushest of haunts but if you plan to be out seeing the city, not your room they can certainly offer everything you need!

You are a stone’s throw from the majority of attractions and you will never be stuck for anything to eat or drink. Sunset Strip is only a short taxi ride away should you crave a big night out.

In fact, the only thing not to like about Staying in Hollywood is the intensity of the place. It’s not where we would go for a relaxing Break. If that is what you are after maybe consider one of the beach districts below.

West Hollywood

Sunset Blvd

The hotels are mainly centred on or near Sunset Strip and offer a similar experience to Hollywood. Both budget and High-end hotels operate in the area (and a few in-between) so there should be something for everyone. Perfect for the Party people who will spend their nights out and don’t wish to travel home afterwards.

Santa Monica

Georgian Hotel Santa Monica

For a lot of people of Los Angeles Conjures up Images of Sun Sea Sand and Palm Trees. Santa Monica is the Embodiment of those images! Plush Ocean Front Hotels Line the Pacific coast providing spectacular views from the high-rise rooms. The prices vary from mid range to high end, with the odd budget hotel set back from the oceanfront.

Santa Monica is a beautiful Safe district. The Santa Monica Pier providing plenty of entertainment day or night. You will be spoilt for choice as far as Dining options go and there is plenty of nightlife. It’s a fair drive to Hollywood for a lot of the main attractions of the City but that’s the price you have to pay for the stunning beachfront location! Perfect for a longer stay as Santa Monica provides plenty of opportunity for Downtime! be it beach or pool!

 Venice Beach

Venice Beach

Like Santa Monica, Venice Beach offers plenty of beachfront opportunities. The obvious downside being everything is a lot more down market. While it’s a vast improvement on a few years ago it is still a long way from being considered an upmarket location.

Of course, if a more relaxed vibe is what you seek Venice beach could suit you perfectly. And as it is a more downmarket location, the prices reflect this. There are plenty of budget options should you want a Beach Front Hotel but can’t run to Santa Monica Prices.

Beverly Hills / Rodeo Drive


Fancy a few nights at the world famous Beverly Wilshire? We don’t blame you! But this sort of luxury costs ($600+ dollars a night!) But what can be surprising is staying in the ultra high-end area of Beverly Hills needn’t break the bank! There are plenty of budget options in and around Beverly Hills. Of course, the hotel will be a more budget offering and you lose the luxury of the Hotel But you are still in a beautiful, fun area right in the heart of the City.

Dining options are near endless and there is obviously copious shopping right on your doorstep. It really is one of our favourite spots in LA. Most sights and attractions are relatively nearby, and it offers a much more relaxed stay than the busyness of Hollywood.


Lots of hotels will come up near the Airport but really we don’t rate this as a place to base your trip. It’s not a nice area and pretty far from anything. The Glut of reasonably priced hotels is mainly there to serve 1-night layovers or pre-flight overnighters. They are all fine for this purpose but you wouldn’t want to stay any longer. You will have a much more enjoyable trip staying in one of the locations we have discussed above.

Where to Book?

The internet is Awash with seemingly endless Comparison sites and booking sites that it can be nearly impossible to find the best place to book your trip. Everywhere offers the BEST price Guaranteed and often does its best to hide Hidden Extras like resort fees.

For our own trip we Normally start off with There interface is very clean and searching is a doddle. We then use the Map view to easily check the location of a hotel to make sure it’s the location we are looking for. The Main reason we prefer over most other Booking platforms is ALOT of the listed hotels offer FREE cancellation (up to a 24hours before) this means we can make rash decisions and get somewhere booked. And then reflect on them over the coming weeks. Find somewhere better? Found a Better Price? Scared off by poor Tripadvisor Reviews?It’ss all no problem. Just cancel. We have even on a good number of occasions Cancelled Bookings and re-booked on as the price has gone down!

As we say this is normally our first point of call and we book It to assure we will have accommodation. But then we scour as many sites as we can to see if this price can be beaten. More often than not we tend to end up staying with as they are invariably the cheapest! often only beaten by obscure companies we are not willing to try. Try it for yourselves and see?

Like a lot of other sites sometimes the headline price is not quite the price you pay. Tax’s and Resort Fee’s can be added on but the full price is always shown before you just need to check the final price.


Where is Your favourite place to Stay in LA? Do you agree with our List? Anywhere we have left of that you really like? Or do you just have a burning question to ask? Please just drop us a comment. We really do love hearing from you.

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