Travel Guide for Las Vegas Nevada – Our Las Vegas Travel Guide for Beginner’s

So you have finally decided to take that Trip to Las Vegas, the one you dreamed about for years, Only now, all of a sudden, do you realize you actually know very little about the place at all. Well apart from all the useless images seared into your brain from film and TV. Well, our Travel Guide for Las Vegas Nevada is designed to give you a good overview and grounding on the practical information you really need to enjoy your stay in the City.

Our Las Vegas Guide for Beginners will explain how the city is laid out where you might want to visit or stay what to do when you are there, what to eat and how to get about, plus lots more. So sit back and enjoy, we are going to Vegas Baby!


Of all the City’s in the US Vegas has the simplest layout of all. It is basically one long road. With an airport at one end, loads of fun in the middle and Downtown Vegas at the other…with more fun. It really Is “almost” that Simple.

The Strip

Travel Guide for Las Vegas Nevada

The one long road is officially called S Las Vegas Boulevard. But you and everyone else will know it as “The Strip”. This 4-mile stretch of road is lined with the biggest, brashest, glitziest hotels you will have ever seen. And you surely will have seen them before, normally from aerial shots in Movies and TV show.

The strip is the focal point for the VAST majority of visitors. Just about anything you could possibly want can be found somewhere on the Strip. The majority of the Big hotels are situated on the strip. The MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, Bellagio etc… You will also find more restaurants, shows, and shops than you could possibly imagine in such a small area. Simply walking up the strip is considered a tourist attraction. In fact it’s considered a Scenic Highway! It won’t take long until you realize why!


4 queens downtown

At the very far end of the S Las Vegas Blvd, past all the hotels and even the Stratosphere is Downtown Vegas. This is the Old Vegas but restored lovingly as a tourist attraction. So you can sample what Vegas was like in its Original form before all the Super casinos sprung up. Now called the Freemont Street experience its a Mix of bright lights and old-school casino’s great for trying out some of the table games as stakes are a little lower than at the big casinos on the strip.

You will find quite a few museums and attractions here as this is Vegas trying to take back a bit of the revenue from the casino Giants. We honestly think Everyone should take a trip to Downtown at least once per trip as it really is such a brilliant and unique experience.

Just outside Freemont Street is where you will find some of the less savory stalwarts of Sin City, the Strip Clubs and such. But you need to hunt them out it’s not something you will stumble upon. This end of town is also where you will find Vega’s infamous wedding venues!

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Off Strip

Palms Casino Resort

What we mean by this is the selection of hotels and casino’s that are just off the strip, down the side roads and such. They are big upscale resorts that just didn’t quite find their way onto the strip. With the strip being a mere 4 miles long real estate is at a premium so only the biggest and best get a spot. But you will find incredible value on hotels just off the strip such as Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and Palms Casino resort.

Hotels and Casinos

Vegas Hotels

The Majority of hotels in Las Vegas are Hotel and Casino Combo hotels, So the ground floor is a huge casino with an army of slots and table games with the floors above filled with hotel rooms. They are resort based hotels so expect a HUGE array of entertainment to be included. Most of which is available to everyone, not just guests. Hotel Tourism is a huge thing in Vegas. People stay in one hotel but spend a large amount of time just wandering from hotel to hotel just looking. This may be a hard thing to grasp, but the hotels are just SO utterly staggering It all becomes clear once you’re there.

Expect to find Show’s, Pool complexes, Shopping malls, Food courts, Fine Dining restaurants, and Nightclubs all situated with each MASSIVE Casino Resort. Really there is absolutely no NEED to ever leave your resort. You will, of course, want to as there is a dizzying array of things to see and do outside of the resort.

Getting around

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Vegas is simple to get around. The majority of your travel will be on foot. But be warned you can end up walking an awful long way on a trip to Vegas. Simply navigating your hotel can involve long walks. You have the usual options of Taxi’s, Uber and Lyft that will ferry you anywhere you need to go.

Just a few short years ago free parking at all resorts meant using a hire car to get about was a great way to Casino hop. The Casinos realized what a huge cash cow they were missing out on though and have since decided to begin milking it! So now all hotels charge for parking. You can normally hop between hotels run by the same company though, so CET or MGM properties if you park at one you can normally move your car between the properties. Expect to pay around $5-15 a day for self-parking or up to $25 a day for Valet.

Next up is Public Transport. Las Vegas has a famous MonoRail. The Mono-Rail runs down the back of MGM Grand down following the strip before heading off to the convention Centre and ending up at SLS Resort at the far end of the strip. It’s a very popular attraction and quite fun for a ride but next to useless for most situations as transport. You will pay $5 a trip or $12 all day. $28 gets you 3 days.

BRT Las Vegas

Far more useful is “the Deuce” This Regular bus service runs all the way down the strip right through to Downtown Vegas. The buses are modern, comfortable and Air-conditioned (this is important in Vegas). The will stop outside pretty much any strip destination you could want. and are pretty cheap. $5 per trip or $8 all day or $20 for a 3-day pass. We love the Deuce and really the only thing going against it is the traffic on the strip. But Taxi’s and Users suffer this problem as well. It can even be used to get to and from the airport however a transfer will be needed at the south strip transfer terminal.

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Things to Do

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You will never be short of things to do in Vegas. The city is built as an adults playground where entertainment is around every corner. Considering Las Vegas is built in a desert, there are also a large number of things to do if you want to get out of Las Vegas either via a tour or in your own Hire Car.

Hotel Tourism

One of the most popular things to do in Las Vegas is simply to visit the other hotels. This seems quite an odd thing to do but the hotels here are hardly your average Travelodge! Each one is themed and walking around the different hotels is pretty much akin to visiting a theme park, without the rides…Except there are rides in some!


Caesars Palace forum shops

Vegas has more shopping malls per square mile than any other place on earth. Probably, we did make that stat up but really it’s got to be true. Just about every big resort complex has its own mall complete with big-name designer brands and popular chain restaurants.

On top of that, there are a number of great shopping Outlet malls, these really do have incredible prices on a huge array of big name brands at prices up to 60-80% off in some cases! Prepare to give the credit card a hammering!


game casino

We cover this below in more detail and in our full guide. But the activity that got Vegas on the map is still alive and kicking in the old town. You don’t need to be a high roller to enjoy a flutter!

Shows and Concerts

Another thing Vegas is well known for is its array of shows. Dizzying Cirque du Soleil shows, Timeless musical residents, Magicians, Strip shows (male and female) or even just the not so humble fountains at the Bellagio. There is something for everyone at Las Vegas.


MGM Pool

When it’s 40 DegC outside there is nothing better than just kicking back at the pool. Vegas hotels are home to huge pool complexes perfect for just having a drink and watching the world roll by. Expect to pay a lot for that drink though.


As Stated above We highly recommend everyone visit the Freemont street experience it really is a great experience. Outside the Street performances and old casinos, there are a good few museums like the Mob Museum and the Neon Museum. Along with the Slotzilla Zip line a visit to a wedding chapel (you don’t have to get married) and the incredible light shows,  there is certainly a lot to do down at Downtown Vegas.

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Outside Las Vegas

Grand canyon skywalk

If you want to take a short day trip away from Las Vegas quite a few exceptional places within reach. The Grand Canyon is only a 2:30-3:00 hour drive away. This part of the canyon is derided by some as it’s not quite as majestic as the canyon at the national park area. But that’s a 270mile 5-hour drive into Arizona, a push for a day trip. It’s worth every mile if the canyon has been a lifelong dream but maybe less so if you are just looking for a day out from Vegas. And in Our opinion, while the canyon is less impressive here, it’s still a mighty awesome sight!

Normally any trip to the GC would be combined with a trip to the incredible Hoover damn which is also well worth a visit.

Red Rock Canyon and The Valley of Fire are both natural features nearby that are less than an hours drive and both stunning natural desert rock formations.

valley of fire

For the more adventurous Death Valley can be visited in less than a day with a fairly grueling round trip of about 300miles and 5-6hours plus stops. It’s a long day but really worth it.

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Vegas is built in a desert so in the summer it’s Hot. But you know that. Unfortunately, some people don’t really appreciate just how hot it really can get. and it doesn’t get much cooler in the evening. In fact, Vegas really would be unbearable in the summer is it wasn’t for one thing. Air con! fortunately almost everywhere inside is Air-conditioned so you should find it quite manageable. On really hot days even sitting by the pools is too much and a refreshing dip really doesn’t help as even the pool water takes on the suns ferocity.

Winter in the desert is a different ball game. It can get quite cold at times, even down to frost levels in the evening. Forget about pools as the whole City closes down its pools for the winter.

Spring and autumn bring much more moderate weather obviously increasing in temps as the months roll on late spring and early autumn providing the best balance, hot but not tarmac melting.

Year round there will be little rain. it does rain in Vegas but it’s often short-lived. Only big fronts moving across bring any prolonged rain.

This variance of weather really changes the dynamic of any trip. But no time is a bad time to visit you just have to tailor your visit to suit. You can’t expect a pool holiday in December, but you will find great food shows, entertainment all in abundance whatever the time of year!

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Gambling is still HUGE in Las Vegas and is really worthy of its own website, and to be honest there are loads of them. We are by no means experts either. We gamble in Vegas as fun and entertainment. We are not serious gamblers and can’t really offer any fantastic advice on the subject. But we have recently been complete beginners so can offer a few thoughts on what it’s like to first have a go at gambling in Vegas, Something the Experienced gamblers may have lost touch with.

If Gambling does nothing for you then don’t feel pressured into doing it. There is so much more to Vegas now than just gambling, It really is a ‘take it leave or it activity’.

There are essentially 2 types of gambling in Vegas you might want to try (we will ignore sports book betting for now)

Fruit Machines

These are gambling machines for beginners. You really don’t need a lot of skill or knowledge to play these. Everywhere you go in Vegas you will be tempted by the bright lights and enticing noises of slot machines just begging you to part with your money.

Table Games

The Classic games played with or against a croupier (dealer) who will spin the Roulette wheel, deal the cards or return the dice to the player, while handling all the chips. This is what most people think of when they think of casino gambling in Vegas. The truth is the slots are the big earners now but there is a lot of fun to be had at table games but it can be quite daunting the first few times.

Other forms of Gambling in Vegas are Sportsbook (betting on outside sports events like horse racing or football ) and Poker where you play against other players. These are quite advanced and beyond the scope of our page, If these interest you probably already know more than we could teach you.

The two things to remember about Gambling in Las Vegas casinos are:

1: The House Always Wins. But that doesn’t mean you always lose? What it means is the house has an edge so if $1,000,000 is gambled the house will take more than it has to pay out, meaning it has a profit. But the winnings paid out are not paid evenly some win more than they gambled some less, the Casinos profit is guaranteed over a long enough time span.

2: It’s supposed to be fun. If it isn’t, stop doing it. If the thought of losing your money is just stressing you then why keep risking it? there is almost certainly something else you could be doing. We tend to play the bigger flashier machines DESPITE the fact we know they have worse odds and less chance of winning. Why? Because they are fun and we enjoy them. That’s when we are not playing the penny slots just to bag free drinks.

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Eating and Drinking

Vegas is certainly not known for its local cuisine. It’s built in a desert that has no real native fruits, vegetable or tasty animals. If it had a delicacy …you probably wouldn’t want to eat it. But that doesn’t mean you won’t eat well. Like everything in Vegas they just import the food from the rest of the world…and lots of it!

All You Can Eat Buffet

Carnival World Buffet The Rio Las Vegas Nevada

Just about every Hotel has an All You Can Eat Buffet plus there are a few off premises. The concept is simple, pay an entry fee and consume as much food as you can (or would like too) and then get someone to roll you out! These feasts started as a super cheap way to eat but have swollen up into something very grandiose with hotels vying to outdo each over. Expect high-end food like seafood, prime rib, steaks etc.. and high-end prices.

These eateries are now a spectacle in their own right and are more about sampling different foods than gluttony. The array on offer is often staggering. We like to go for one with a bottomless drink offer too!

Fine dining

Vegas attracts a lot of high rollers who have a lot of money and fine dining restaurants will always follow the money so expect a large selection of really top fine dining restaurants from top Chefs and brands.


Heart Attack Grill Las Vegas

Vegas is home to a few iconic restaurants that may not be unique in the food they have their own Vegas twist that makes them unique. Like the Heart Attack Grill, Huge burgers and Spankings for those that fail to finish their meal. Or the revolving restaurant at the top of the Stratosphere.

Everything else

On top of all this, there is just about every kind of food or restaurant you can imagine. Vegas is the ultimate melting pot of people and characters and these people need to eat so there appears to be a market for everything. Expect a presence from just about every American chain restaurant you can possibly imagine and a few you haven’t even heard of yet.

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Have Your Say?

Let us know if you have anything comments or questions on our Las Vegas Tourism Guide, We love talking all things Las Vegas and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just leave a comment below or Check out some of our other Las Vegas Articles below.

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