The Bellagio Las Vegas Review – Is Staying At The Bellagio Worth It

The Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas needs no introduction, which is awkward really as we currently are doing just that and introducing it! The Bellagio is one of the most iconic Hotels in Las Vegas, possibly the country and it stands in what really considered the center of Las Vegas. Its iconic pools are the most recognizable Las Vegas Landmark, the hotel acts as a beacon for tourists and visitors to this incredible city.

But like most Hotels of such an Iconic standing prices are not what you would call cheap. And while many visitors long to stay in the iconic heart of las Vegas, many overlook the Bellagio assuming it’s just too expensive and reserved for the high rollers and big spenders Las Vegas attracts. But is this the case? We often think the Bellagio, while at the higher end of the budget spectrum, is actually fairly reasonably priced for a hotel of such an iconic standing. In our Bellagio Las Vegas Review, we take an in-depth look at everything the Hotel Offers and find out if Staying At The Bellagio is Worth It.

The Bellagio Las Vegas Review

We look at the rooms, which is best to book, what there is to see and do, where to eat, what the pool is like, along with what we really love and what we don’t like about staying here, all to help you answer the question Is Staying At The Bellagio Worth It?

Introduction to the Bellagio Las Vegas

The Bellagio is the Jewel in MGM Resort’s crown and sits at the the very top of their Las Vegas Hotel Offering. Based around the historic and luxury Hotel Bellagio situated on the banks of Lake Como in the Italian Lakes.

The Hotel brings a hit of pure luxury to the strip and is not as fabricated as some Las Vegas experiences. From the turquoise blue lagoon, iconic fountains, fine-dining restaurants, sumptuous rooms, priceless art installations, luxury shops, glistening Mediterranean Pool Deck, and sprawling casino deck it is Hotel that just exudes luxury.

Is Staying At The Bellagio Worth It
  • The Bellagio, Las Vegas
  • Owner – MGM Resorts
  • LocationCentral Las Vegas Strip
  • Theme – Italian Lakes
  • Room Rates High-End ($250-400 a night)
  • Resort Fee – $51
  • Self Parking Fee – $18.00
  • Our Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.5/5 Stars

Bellagio Las Vegas History

The Bellagio was the brainchild of Steve Wynn and was part of his complete overhaul of the Las Vegas Strip. The second of his Mega Casinos and the continuation of what he started at the Mirage. The $ 1.6 billion hotel was like nothing seen in the world before and helped get Las Vegas back on the map and shake its seedy and underworld reputation.

The Hotel is slightly younger than most people expect and was only opened in 1998, it’s hard to picture Las Vegas without the Bellagio and its dancing fountains, but they are relatively modern.

The Hotel was really the kickstart to the luxury hotel in las vegas and the format has been copied over and over since, the Venitian, The Wynn, The Cosmo, Paris, Mandalay Bay, and the new Resorts World. IT really change the face of the Strip and is now the defacto center of Las Vegas and one of the most iconic landmarks in the City.

Shortly after opening, with the hotel not performing quite as well as expected, Mirage and MGM Came together in a merger that would see Steve Wynn relinquish owner shop of the Bellagio (and the Mirage) and launch what would lead to the MGM Resort’s take-over of so much of the strip.

Steve Wynn went on to design and build the Wynn hotel and the Encore while The Bellagio prospered under the new ownership umbrellas and has remained as a true Icon on the Las Vegas Strip.

It really did change the entire face of LAs Vegas and the whole city would not be what it is today without the Iconic Bellagio.

Location of the Bellagio Las Vegas


Location is by far the most important part of choosing a Las Vegas Hotel. Our advice is to always choose a hotel that is central and close to most things, but this advice hinges on what is considered the Center of Las Vegas.

Well, from our point of view, the Bellagio IS the center of Las Vegas. It sits about an equal distance from either end of the strip, and at the crossroads of the larger off-strip resorts. But more than this, it’s just the beating heart of the whole city. The Hotel is surrounded by most of the largest and most famous hotels and radiates out from the center.

The Large Bellagio Lagoon, the location of the Bellagio Fountain Shows, is like a magnet for tourists and draws in people and businesses like nothing else.

There is no perfect location in Vegas as there will almost certainly be something far away from you as the city is so spread out, but staying in the Bellagio you are likely to be closer to more things than just about any other hotel. It is about as near perfect as you are likely to find.

What we Love About the Bellagio Las Vegas

What we Love About the Bellagio Las Vegas

Of course, the Location is a great draw but as we said, there are many hotels in the immediate vicinity so you do not actually have to stay at the Bellagio to stage advantage of its near-perfect location. However, there are many other great features of staying in the Hotel.

Room Quality

We will look at the room in detail below, but they are really wonderful places to stay. The fixtures and fittings are really high-quality and stand out as really luxurious. Everything is sturdy and heavy and made out of real materials such as wood, stone, marble, and leather.

When you compare this to the lower-end hotels that feature MDF, Resin, and Faux materials the Bellagio’s rooms just shine with a real top-end level of detailing. It’s the little things like when we attempted to switch around the location of the Table and Chaise Lounge, so we could sit and watch the fountains out the window, the weight of the furniture items meant they were really difficult to move and this was due to the high-quality materials used in their construction.

Bellagio Rooms

Incredible Dining

We will go into the dining in depth later on, but there are some fantastic restaurant options in the Bellagio and these are mostly located right along the stunning lakeside terraces offering some of the most iconic dining locations you can imagine. Sitting down and enjoying some of the best food in Vegas right by the fountains is one of the most memorable things you can do in Vegas.

Bellagio Dining

Classic Design

Las Vegas Casinos tend to have one thing in common, they are giant complex labyrinths that once inside are impossible to leave, and what’s worse, you can’t even find where you are looking for inside either. We have walked miles aimlessly around Casino’s trying to get out or find a particular restaurant or location, even just our room!

The Bellagio seems so much better laid out than any other casino. Its basic and simple layout is far easier to navigate and find your way around. The Casino is nicely open-plan so you can normally just see where you need to be. It’s also really compact, but not small. It’s just a short path to get to anywhere you want to be. Other casinos just can trek miles just to get from the casino, to the front desk, to your room, to the pool, etc, at the Bellagio, it is just all right there.

This might not seem like a big thing but it really is. Vegas is exhausting and not having to fight your hotel really is a treat. Until you are hopelessly lost wandering around a hotel, exhausted from your hectic day, and unable to find your room, you just won’t realize how great it is to just walk in and straight to your room!

Great Pool Deck

We love the Bellagio Pool Deck, it ranks very highly in our Top Las Vegas Pools list, and is overall a wonderful place to rest and recharge after a heavy night or crazy day out n the Strip. Again we look at this in more depth below but the mature olive bushes, fragrant citrus trees, ornate sculpture, and azure blue pools instantly transport you to idyllic Italian Pool Terrace and can melt away even the most stressful of Vegas days.

Bellagio Pool


We have found that the staff at the Bellagio are the most professional and courteous we have come across. Nothing is too much trouble and they go out of their way to ensure you have a great stay. The Staff actively suggest things they can do to help rather than relying on you asking for service.

We think it is a case of the Cream rising to the top and the best staff naturally want to work for the best hotels and as such the Bellagio have their pick of the crop. It really does feel like the staff here are an extension of the elegant luxury that the Bellagio exudes.

Overall the entire hotel just exudes the sort of refined elegance that is hard to come across in Vegas. The whole city is built on a themepark ethos and everything looks great but is kinda fake. Its cheapness hidden behind a fancy facade. At the Bellagio, that facade is more real.

This level of luxury can be found at other resorts, but these all focus on modern luxury, clean lines, and minimalist palates. The Bellagio is an old-school refinement with plush materials and regal colors. It pulled that European elegance of the Lake and transported it directly to the desert.

What we don’t Like about the Bellagio

The perfect location and iconic status of the hotel do have a negative effect as well. As we said in the location section, The iconic fountains act like a magnet and draw tourists in from all around. This means at times you are staying in a tourist attraction! We have found ourselves walking out of the elevators and facing a wall of people.

This is pretty much par for the course in Vegas, people are everywhere. But it’s on a whole new level when staying at the Bellagio, and it does get tiresome! This also leads to the fact everything is just a bit more expensive. The Hotel is geared towards the higher rollers and this means prices are just that bit more expensive for anything!

Room prices are right at the top end in Vegas, with only really the Wynn outcompeting the Bellagio. This leads to the main question of the article, is the Bellagio worth the price? There is so much competition out there, with hotels such as Cosmopolitan, Planet Hollywood, Paris, and Ceasars Palace all boasting the same amazing view and near-perfect location, but sometimes at much lower prices. Is it worth splurging out on the Bellagio?

Is the Bellagio Worth the Price?

Is the Bellagio Worth the Price?

We recently spent three nights in the Bellagio, before moving across to Paris Las Vegas, we did this for a variety of reasons, but what is most important is the feeling we were moving to a third-world country!

The difference in comfort was all too clear and even the fact we had paid 3x the price for our Bellagio Room than we had the Paris Room, it still felt like a huge come-down. We had the same view, only inversed, the same level of room, and pretty much the same location on the strip. Really we were worried the switch would make us realize we had spent FAR too much on the Bellagio Room. But it didn’t.

The ultra-high end of the Bellagio really shines through when it’s held up against the competition. You are paying a high price for this luxury but it never feels unjustified. There is just something so utterly special about Staying at the Bellagio, we think it easily justifies the extra cost.

However, it’s not as simple as this. While the Paris was a big come-down, for many hotel rooms are just a place to sleep, and while the room was so much more basic and the overall experience much poorer, it was a third of the price and for some, that money could be much better spent.

We really see the Bellagio as a treat. For regular visitors, it’s just not the best option as the room is not the highlight of the trip, but for those looking to really boost their stay and have that really special visit, maybe for an anniversary or a once in lifetime dream visit the Bellagio really does not disappoint.

While there are always some who complain, we find these are the people who will complain anywhere or had something not go their way and want to scream and shout about it. These types are always the loudest, but the vast majority of guests only experience the sheer delight of these hallowed towers.

Finally, as we will look at next, it’s not actually very expensive! Las Vegas hotels as a whole are not. And while the Bellagio sits right at the top of the price tree, compared to similar hotels, with similar iconic status in other USA Cities, it’s a bit of a bargain!

Take The Plaza in New York, The Coronado Hotel in San Diego, The Grand Floridian at Disney World or the Grand Californian at Disneyland, or the Beverly Wiltshire or Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. These hotels come in around $4-600+ a night, more if you want an upgraded room or suite, whereas at low times you can bag a room at the Bellagio for less than $150 a night, not often but they do dip that low!

For what you are getting you really can’t consider the Bellagio expensive, sure at peak times the room rates can get a little out of hand, but on the whole, it’s pretty affordable for what you are getting!

Best Rooms at the Bellagio Las Vegas

The Best View In Vegas?
The Best View In Vegas?


The room line-up at the Bellagio is pretty simple. There are basic rooms, that come in either King or 2 Queens format, called Resort Rooms. The Fountain View Rooms, which are on higher floors and overlook the fountains, are otherwise the same.

The tower Resort rooms are larger and are on high floors but overlook the resort rather than the iconic fountains. Finally, there are the Stay-Well Rooms, these have MGM’s Stay-Well treatment added to them which includes Mood lighting, Aromatherapy Air-purifiers, and purified water. They are really special touches that really help elevate a stay.

The Bellagio is in the process of renovating all its rooms and there is now a selection of Newly Renovated rooms to pick from.

Which room to choose, well it’s a bit of a no-brainer. As far as we are concerned, if you are staying in the Bellagio, you want a Fountain View. If not then we wonder why you are choosing the Bellagio at all? Sure the rooms are still nice but the views are just so-so.

being able to relax in your own room with a nice drink while watching the fountains erupt is one f the best things to do in Vegas, and THE reason to pay the extra to stay in the Bellagio. You could always chance it a see if the $20 trick works and gets you the upgrade. But on the whole, we just want to ensure we get a Fountain view and are happy to pay for it.


The Suites start off fairly reasonable for the large living spaces and high-end luxury, but soon start creeping up to the “Oh My God” level.

The Salone and the Bellagio suites are the lower ends. These are studio/one-bedroom suites with large floor plans, 853ft/1020ft, and stunning appointments. The bathrooms are huge and offer whirlpool tubs and palatial fixtures and fittings. While some of them offer Fountain Views they are not guaranteed and some overlook the pools and the mountains out the back of Vegas.

From here things get crazy expensive and ultra high-end, the Cypress Suite overlooks the fountains and is plush and modern, but not very BEllgioesque. The Lakeview one and two-bedroom suites are real things of beauty, and the towering Penthouse suites provide epic sweeping vistas of the City.

Read Our full guide to the best Rooms at the Bellagio Las Vegas Here.


The beds are provided by Sterns & Foster and the Mattresses are Hand-Crafted Exclusively for The Bellagio. These are probably the second-best beds* we have ever slept in. These alone are worth the nightly rate! It’s like sleeping on a cloud and makes getting up a seriously challenging task. These are stunningly beautiful pieces of furniture!

*oddly enough the nicest bed we ever stayed in was a cheapo Boutique hotel on Miami Beach, you just sank in endless layers of white cotton lining!

Room Price Guide

All Prices include TAX and Resort fees and are per night. These are the Base Prices and vary week to week on a live market based on live occupancy and availability along with surge pricing. Check here for the actual price on your dates, they may be considerably higher, or lower!

Room TypeWeekday PriceWeekend Price
Resort (King or 2 Queen)$250$350
Fountain View (King or 2 Queen)$320$400
Resort Tower King$280$380
Newly Renovated Premier King (King or 2 Queen)$270$370
Stay-Well Resort (King or 2 Queen)$300$400
Stay-Well Fountain View (King or 2 Queen)$350$450
Salone Suite$500$650
Bellagio Suite$600$700
Luxury Suites$1000+$1200+

Want a better room for the same price? Always consider trying the $20 trick!

Bellagio Las Vegas Pool

Bellagio pools

The Pools at the Bellagio are one of our favorite pools in Las Vegas. The theming is really wonderful with the Italian lakes theme continuing out onto the pool deck. The walkways are lined with laurel arches and citrus trees while weather stone planters and statues adorn the marble floors. It feels right out of the lakes and is a place you can really kick back and unwind.

There are two main pools and several smaller ones dotted around with some large hot tubs for general use.

There are some really elegant Canabanas for rental along with reserved seating, often beside a private pool, and a selection of day beds.

Food and drink prices are eyewatering, but the whole locale is so relaxing you can try and forget the price gouging until it’s time to pay the bill.

Overall it’s just a really relaxed and refined space that helps you unwind from the stresses of the trip and forget for a second you are in the heart of pulsating City.

Full Pool Guide here

Bellagio Las Vegas Casino

Free Drinks In Las Vegas - Vodka Martini
  • Average Table Wager – $15-$25
  • Floor Size 156,000sq-ft
  • Games Available – Blackjack, Craps, Poker, High-Limit Poker, Roulette, Pai Gow Poker, Let It Ride, and Baccarat

The Bellagio Casino is one of the largest in Las Vegas but far more importantly it is one of the best-designed. Not only is it one of the most beautiful, with tall ornate ceilings and plenty of open space it’s a Casino that feels different from most in the City. It’s more light and airy and does not feel quite as enclosed as many casinos where you feel shut off from the outside world.

In addition to this, the Airconditionag and filtration are fantastic and the floor doesn’t smell of stale smoke like most of the casino floors. There is a touch of floral in the air instead. It is also usually immaculately clean, with no dirty ashtrays or empty drink bottles or glasses, well not for long anyway. You can tell they take real pride in this and it is a marked difference from other casinos. To the point, if you spend a good amount of time in the Bellagio, the lack of cleanliness in other casinos can be quite jarring!

We know this is pure chance, and there is absolutely no reason for this, but we have always had great luck in the Bellagio. The slots are no “looser” and you may have a very different experience, as most people do, but we always come away up when gambling at the Bellagio. This run of luck will change one day, as is always the case, but we just like playing here and the enjoyment seems to reflect in our winnings.

The Sections are well grouped and the Slot layout makes far more sense than most casinos so you are not wandering around for hours looking for your favorite slot. All the usual suspects are present and the wagers run from 1¢ right up to $10 and beyond in the High Limit Room.

The Sports Book is one of the best in the City and has a real buzz about it on weekends and busy times.

The High-Limit poker room at the Bellagio is legendary and hosts many of the top World Poker Tournaments and the high-limit rooms are filled with some of the top professionals. You can bet many $1000s on a single hand here and fortunes are won and lost on a daily basis. However, there are plenty of more reasonable games going on with lower buy-ins and much smaller stakes. Poker really is big business at the Bellagio and they even have an AI poker game where even top pros can get rinsed by a machine!

Pretty much every table game you could want is represented, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Pai Gow Poker, Let It Ride, and Baccarat. Table minimums are usually at least $15 apart from very quiet times when the odd $10 table may open up. Black Jack rules are fairly poor but this is rime strip real estate and finding good Blackjack here is hard.

The Bellagio is a great place to bag some free drinks. We never have to wait long for a cocktail waitress here. Those who Game here tend to tip big so the waitresses are always happy to keep doing the rounds looking for thirsty gamblers.

You might think as it’s a higher-end Casino these would be more limited but even on low-limit slots we have had great service and easily get a minimum of 1 drink per hour, usually more and normally get our first drink soon after taking a seat.

Overall, this is our favorite high-end casino in Las Vegas, there are some of the smaller grimier casinos that we love too but as far as large flashy 100000sqft+ foot casinos the Bellagio is the top!

What to Eat at the Bellagio Las Vegas

Bellagio restaurant Picasso

The Bellagio is the home of high-end dining in Las Vegas. The Lakefront terraces offer a huge range of top-quality dining choices and guests staying in the hotel would not have to leave the resort at all to enjoy some of the finest dining anywhere in the City. Assuming they have deep pockets!

Really the only issue with the offering at the Bellagio is the lack of any low-end casual dining options. It really is almost exclusively high-end fine dining only.

Picasso is one of the few Multi-Michelin starred restaurants in the City. Run by the insanely talented Chef Julian Serrano, the Menu DÉGUSTATION offers 5 courses and optional wine pairing with dishes such as U-10 Day Boat Scallops, Sauteed Steak Of “A” Foie Gras, and Roasted Maine Lobster

Michael Mina is the namesake restaurant of this leading America Masterchef and offers his breathtaking style of seafood. Dishes are as beautiful as they are sumptuous and dining here is a real treat. This would easily have picked up a star or two but opened after the Michelin guide stopped rating Vegas restaurants.

Le-Cirque is a timeless french menu that has won just about every award going and continues to wow guests with its 8-course tasting menu offering caviar, lobster, Foie Gras, lamb ad Waygu steak.

PRIME Steakhouse does not actually feature on our Top Steak Houses in Las Vegas, but it’s only because the competition is so high and we just didn’t find room for it. it is still a fantastic place to grab some premium steak with a heavy tilt toward the seafood options as well.

Yellowtail – High-end Sushi by the Lagoon from Akira Back

Spago – Wolfgang Puck made his name with his sister restaurant in Los Angeles and now offers his legendary California Cuisine right by the Bellagio Fountains.

Lago – by Julian Serrano – if you can’t quite run to Julian’s full-tasting menu Lago offers slightly lower-priced Tapas-inspired dishes. This is not your usual Tapas though expect serious high-end offerings and prices to match.

The Mayfair Supper Club – the Supper Club is a throwback to the more elegant and Glamorous eras of the Las Vegas Strip. This is a more relaxed dining experience but it’s still high-end and can really provide some incredible surprises and delights.

Harvest – A nice homely style of cuisine offering sustainable dining that’s a little more rustic than the fine-dining options above.

Jasmine – Refined and sophisticated Chinese Cuisine. This is a million miles from your regular Chinese takeaway!

Budget Dining at The Bellagio

Here is where things get tricky, The Bellagio has really limited options for cheaper eats. The Bellagio even counts the Bellagio Buffet as a cheaper option, at $42-$65 per person we are struggling to see this as a Budget option really, good value for the huge amount of incredible food, but not budget. Read more here.

Noodles is a more budget oriental offering and Sadelle’s Café overlooking the Conservatory offers a fantastic, if not cheap, Brunch menu. Other than this there is the Pool Cafe, The Bellagio Patisserie, and then a juice bar and a Starbucks.

The Good News is you are in the heart of las vegas and a whole host of cheaper eateries are right on your doorstep! From some great chain restaurants in the Forum Shops, a host of really nice and cheap spots over in the Miricle Mile Shops, and the smaller budget eateries at the Bizzare shops at Bally’s and the Linq Promenade.

Read our Full Guide on Where to Eat at the Bellagio here

Things to See and Do at the Bellagio Las Vegas

Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
  • Bellagio Fountains
  • Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
  • Bellagio Museum of Fine Art
  • Fiori di Como (“Flowers of Como”)
  • Cirque Du Soleil ‘O’
  • Mayfair After Dark
  • Bellagio Chocolate Waterfall
  • Bellagio Luxury Shops

The Bellagio is essentially an attraction all by itself and most people simply come to take a look around the stunning hotel and grounds. But there are various attractions on offer apart from the Casino, Hotel, and grounds themselves.

The Obvious Draw is the Bellagio Fountains, You can read everything you need to know about the fountain shows here, such as when they run and where to get the best views. If staying at the Bellagio, these fountain shows simply become a part of life at the Hotel.

The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are one of our favorite places in Las Vegas, seasonal Displays, take place in the conservatory and are little slices of heaven! The Museum of Fine Art features some incredible artworks along with traveling exhibitions that vary greatly in quality and intrigue, but there is always something good to see. Considering this is in a Casino it’s an incredible collection! Fiori di Como (“Flowers of Como”) is a stunning artwork that hangs in the lobby of the Bellagio and is unmissable as you enter the Casino. Everyone knows about it but few know its name and its creator, Dale Chihuly

Many people love seeing the Chocolate waterfall featured in the Bellagio patisserie. It’s a nice display but not something to come all the way to the Bellagio for. Likewise the Bellagio Shopping Area. It features some of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world such as Gucci, Tiffanys, Alexander McQueen, Channel, Dior, and Prada. Most brands are well outside our financial capacity.

‘O’ By Cirque Du Soliel is one of the earliest Cirque Du Soliel shows to arrive in Vegas and has been in situ at the Bellagio since opening in 1998. With over 10,000 shows and over $ 1 billion in revenue, you could say it was a success! It’s a fantastic show and features a 1.5 million gallon swimming tank which allows the show’s incredible aquatic stunts to be performed.

NightclubsHyde and The Bank are both now permanently closed down at the Bellagio. With their closures there are no traditional night spots available at the Bellagio as clubs, in general, seem to be dying out in Vegas (and everywhere else). Instead, the nightlife is handled by Mayfair After Dark situated on the site of Hyde Nightclub. This late-night Caberet Lounge takes over the Mayfair Supper Club on Friday and Saturday nights and allows late-night revelry in front of the Iconic Bellagio Fountains

We list all of Bellagio’s best attractions here.

Best Time to Visit the Bellagio Las Vegas

The Bellagio is one of Las Vegas’s year-round hotels. There really isn’t a bad time to visit the Bellagio as such, while some hotels rely on good weather the Bellagio has so much to offer that even in the height of winter it’s still a very special place to visit.

There are no big conference spaces at the Bellagio so the Hotel is never quite as overrun as some other las vegas Venues, with companies not eager to house their employees in higher-priced hotel rooms. But there will still be surges at very busy times.

Holidays are probably the worst time to visit as when the City has filled with tourists the issue of gawkers filling the lobby and casino becomes even more of an issue.

While we adore the pool deck, you won’t get much use out of it over the cooler months. They usually stay open and you can head out onto the deck to relax in some warming winter sun, but times are limited and the low sun does get obscured by an awkward building. But this problem persists at all Vegas pools and there is still a lot to enjoy at the Bellagio regardless.


We really do love the Bellagio. We know it sits right up at the top of the cost scale and for many, the cost is just not justified, Vegas is a city where everything has a price, and the money spent on a room could be spent elsewhere. But the Bellagio is such an experience hotel that it needs to be visited at least once in your lifetime!

So whether you are a regular Vegas visitor who is looking for that little extra for a special trip, or this is your once-in-a-lifetime Vegas visit and you want it to be extra special, then the Bellagio delivers on every level.

The high-end luxury, stunning design, incredible rooms, fantastic service levels, and simple layout mean staying here is nothing but a joy and removes some of the layers of complexity that some Las Vegas Hotels offer. Whether that be the Maze-like layout of Caesars Palace or the inconvenient positioning of the Wynn or Mandalay bay.

It really is a joy to stay here and while we are pretty money-savvy travelers who don’t like splurging unnecessarily, we never feel the Bellagio is overpriced, and in fact marvel at how cheap it is really compared to similar quality hotels in other cities we visit!

Have Your Say

Let us know your thoughts on the Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas? Have you stayed here recently? Did you enjoy your experience, how did you feel the pricing structure was? What room do you choose and how did you find your stay? Maybe you had a negative experience? Whatever your thoughts let us know in the comments below. And if you have any questions just free away in the comments.

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