Best Rooms at the Bellagio Las Vegas – Which Room To Book When Staying at the Bellagio!

So you have decided to stay at the Bellagio Las Vegas, Good Choice! However, you have now come to the booking page and are faced with a huge array of different room types all with different layouts, views, names, and room rates! Which are the best? Which are value for money and how do you secure that iconic Fountain View room. It’s all a bit of a minefield. This is why we have put together this handy guide.

In our guide to the Best Rooms at the Bellagio Las Vegas, we take a look at all the room types, what each room is like, what is included, and what the average rates are like. We let you know which rooms we think are the best value and offer the full Bellagio Experience. You will probably be pleased to know it’s not necessarily the most expensive rooms that offer the best experience so you can spend less money than you thought and still bag an amazing stay at the Bellagio Hotel.

Best Rooms at the Bellagio Las Vegas

Bellagio Base Room Rates

The Bellow table lists all the main room types and their rough average cost. Unfortunately, this is a live and volatile market and prices can easily soar well above the listed prices. The only way to really know how much each room type will cost on the dates you want is to check the Live Prices. But rates usually rise across all room types so our guide gives you a good idea of how much the different types will cost compared to each other.

<<< See the Live Prices for Your Dates Here >>>

Room TypeWeekday PriceWeekend Price
Resort (King or 2 Queen)$250$350
Fountain View (King or 2 Queen)$320$400
Resort Tower King$280$380
Newly Renovated Premier King (King or 2 Queen)$270$370
Stay-Well Resort (King or 2 Queen)$300$400
Stay-Well Fountain View (King or 2 Queen)$350$450
Salone Suite$500$650
Bellagio Suite$600$700
Luxury Suites$1000+$1200+

Is The Bellagio Worth the Cost?

As you can see these rooms are not cheap! These are some of the most expensive in Las Vegas. We hope you can see from our descriptions these are really high-level rooms and offer an exceptional standard of accommodation, however, there are also a lot of other reasons to love staying at the Bellagio, and we talk about these here in our Bellagio Review.

It really is one of the best hotels on the Strip and offers a seriously iconic location to Base your Las Vegas Adventure. It is not cheap, but it’s not really as expensive as it could be! We don’t consider it an “every-trip” Hotel but as a special treat, it’s definitely worth it!

Bellagio Sterns & Foster Beds

Bellagio Sterns & Foster Beds

The Bellagio is very proud of its deal with Sterns and Foster who have designed the new mattresses for all of Bellagio’s Renovated rooms. And while it should be proud of this, Sterns and Foster, should be prouder as they have made one incredible piece of Sleepware (is that a thing?).

Seriously these things are insanely comfy. They are super soft but still supportive and firm enough to give a great night’s sleep. We have slept in some good beds, but these, almost, top the list*

From the moment you hit the mattress topper you are hooked and offer a much-needed night’s sleep after a tough vegas day/night.

In fact, there is one serious flow to these mattresses, getting out of the things the next morning takes some serious willpower!

In un-renovated rooms, including quite a few of the suites, the Bellagio still offers its older Cashmere Super Pillow Top Mattress by Serta. Still a great mattress but they are getting on a little and not much can compete with the new ones!

*nothing will quite come close to a Cheap Boutique hotel in Miami that just that the softest most beautiful beds we ever slept in, embalmed but lashing of white lining and plump pillows.

King vs 2 Queen

Most of the rooms below come in either King or Two Queen configurations. These are very similar but obviously offer the choice between a huge King Size bed or two Queen Beds. There are a couple of other differences, mainly the seating options. The King offers a plush Chaise-Longe whereas the 2 Queen, mindful that the occupants may be less intimate, offers two chairs instead.

The Two options are there for those that are either very comfortable with each other, such as couples, and those that are not, older couples, family, friends even co-workers(although get your company to provide two rooms, cheapskates!). Overall you are really getting the same room just slightly tweaked.

Lake/Fountain View Rooms

about us- Bellagio fountains

Let’s be honest, most people staying at the Bellagio are wanting a Fountain View. Sure you might not be planning on being in your room much, and you might know you can get great Fountain Views from multiple points in and around the Bellagio and do not NEED a fountain view. But you are paying a lot of money to be at the Bellagio, it just doesn’t feel right not getting a view of the fountains outside your window.

There is something VERY special about just relaxing in your room, Curtains open, drink in hand, Channel 22 on the TV (for the accompanying Music), just relaxing and taking in the stunning choreographed Show.

It really is the essence of the Bellagio and something not to miss! The Fountain View rooms obviously cost a little more than the Non-Fountain Views but are SO worth it. Some of the Rooms listed “can” come with a fountain view, or a partial fountain view, but neither is guaranteed. We make sure we point out which rooms are a guarantee and which are a gamble.

You can always try and use the $20 trick to secure the upgrade but there are no promises!

Guaranteed Fountain View Rooms at the Bellagio

You can also find Fountain View Rooms at:

Bellagio Las Vegas Room Types


bellagio hotel resort room king
  • King or 2 Queen
  • Price $250-450 (per night)
  • Size – 510 sqft
  • Best for – People looking for the best value and will not be in their room much

These are the most basic rooms on offer at the Bellagio and really they are still pretty special. Offering deluxe and really high-end fixtures and fittings these rooms are incredibly nice places to be. If all you can run to is the base room then you are unlikely to be disappointed.

At 510 sqft they are pretty spacious and offer a light and airy feel. The carpets are deep and soft and the furniture is heavy and dripping in high-end materials and finishes. We tried to move a table and almost had a hernia due to the Marble top and metal base! Everything in the room is real* and not MDF counterfeit made to look luxurious!

*Ok, we had a Monet on the wall and that was definitely not real!

There are loads of little touches that really help like the plush Bath Robes and Slippers, Automatic Window Blinds, and replica Art. The Mini-Fridge is one of the best stocked we have ever seen and the Room Service menu features most of the Fine-Dining Restaurants available in the Hotel, neither of which are very cheap…to put it mildly!

If there is criticism then the rooms are getting on a bit really, which is why the Bellagio is going through the updating process. The Renovated rooms are a big improvement, but there is an even better choice as we look at below.

The final flourish is the bed. While these are not the simply divine Sterns & Foster beds we mention above, they are still Cashmere Laced Pillow top clouds that are simply impossible to get out of!

The Downsides of the standard rooms are the Views. For some, this is pretty unimportant. But we know many people do care deeply about the views and the Standard room views are…sometimes pretty poor.

With a little bargaining at check-in, you may get a high floor with a nice view out over the Strip or pool and mountains, but you may end up with a low floor with very little in the way of view at all. The $20 trick can be deployed to help overcome this, but there are no guarantees, so if this is important to you we suggest securing an improved view room to start with!

Newly Renovated Premier King

bellagio hotel premier king bed
  • King
  • Price $270-450 (per night)
  • Size – 510 sqft
  • Best for – People willing to spend a bit more for added luxury

These are the basic King Rooms above that have been given a serious remodel. And it’s a really good one too. The Makeover is really effective, making the rooms feel much more modern but retaining that classical and elegant opulence of the Italian Lakes. The Colour pallet is more neutral with light pastel greens and Blues contrasting the subtle creams.

The Tech is also updated, with a 55″ inch TV and a Bedside docking station. There is a complete overhaul in the bathrooms. The Bathroom is now Lavished in Marble with a walk-in shower, dual vanity sinks, Hollywood Dress mirrors, and marble and stone finishing everywhere. It’s a lovely place to get ready.

This is also the level where the simply stunning Sterns & Foster mattresses appear. These are simply to die for!

The renovation has also started in the better rooms, so you are far more likely to secure a great view in the Premier Remodeled rooms than in the standard resort.

The price to upgrade to one of these rooms is pretty minimal and we strongly suggest you do if possible, however, our next option is even better!

We hope these will stop being called the “Newly Renovated Premier Rooms” soon and just revert back to “Resort” as the Remodel is complete and all rooms are at this standard. This may take time though and for now, they remain like this adding a touch of complexity to the line-up

Fountain View

  • King or 2 Queen
  • Price $320-550 (per night)
  • Size – 510 sqft
  • Best for – One of the Best Views in Las Vegas – Our top Choice at the Bellagio

The Fountain View rooms are essentially the same rooms as the Resort Rooms only with one big difference. They all overlook the fountains offering quite simply one of the best views in Vegas.

These are now also all Newly Renovated and feature the same lavish furnishing as the Premier Kings listed above. You can see how beautiful the decor and furnishings are in the video above and how stunning the views are.

For us, this is easily the number one choice of Room at the Bellagio. We just don’t see a reason to book anything else. The Resort (basic) rooms are not as plush, the other options below are just lacking the Stellar view you get with the fountain view rooms, and let’s be honest that is why you chose the Bellagio. It’s a no-brainer really and the only reason we can think of upgrading is that you need more space. Then it’s worth looking at the Suites, which are incredible!

We think some people risk it hoping they can upgrade, but for us, it’s not worth the risk. If you are plumping for the Bellagio, you really want the whole experience. If you are just trying to save money and don’t really care about the view, then maybe consider not staying at the Bellagio at all? You can save even more cash by heading elsewhere?

Resort Tower King

bellagio hotel tower king
  • King
  • Price $280-450 (per night)
  • Size – 626 sqft
  • Best for – People looking for a little more room and wow factor.

The Resort Tower kings are a little more spacious and offer two windows giving a more panoramic view of the City. These are Corner rooms with a standard window view out the front and then a side window, right by the bed.

We do really like these rooms but we see a few issues. Firstly they have not been renovated so are the old style. Also while the views are really nice, you are not guaranteed a fountain view. You might get one, but you might not. Also, the extra space is minimal, and overall, we prefer the Premier or the fountain view Rooms over these.

The extra window is not worth the extra cost.

Stay-Well Resort

Bellagio Stay Well
  • King or 2 Queen
  • Price $300-500 (per night)
  • Size – 510 sqft
  • Best for – People wanting added relaxation and Spa Extras

The Stay-Well Rooms are found in most of MGM’s properties and offer a level of accommodation that is just a cut above the standard rooms. The concept is to transform your room into a self-contained Spa Retreat. They do this by sprinkling in a selection of Spa-Inspired extras that just make the rooms a nicer place to be.

The Stay Well Rooms at the Bellagio, are all the Newly-Remodeled Viaraty and come with a host of upgrades to really revitalize your experience.

The first thing you will notice is the Air-Purifier and Aromatherapy. This adds a blast of scent into the room and can feel unbelievably refreshing after a while on the smoky Casino Floor. These are also present n the Hallways so as soon as you step off the elevator you are hit with the revitalizing fragrance. These Scents also change periodically so you do not go nose blind to them and there is always a present natural smell in the room.

There is the addition of moodling in the room too, this can be used for a sunrise wake-up call, much nicer than a startling alarm, or to just add mood and ambiance to the room. There is a Soundscape machine to add background noise to the scene and help you drift off. Finally, water purification means the Tap Water is clean, pure, and ready to drink.

The Disappointing Showers of the other rooms are also irradiated with the addition of a Power Shower Head with a Vit-C infuser. We are not sure if the Infuser does anything but the upgraded water Blast is definitely welcome.

Overall the Stay-Well level of the room is a really pleasant upgrade. They are not essential as the Regular rooms are so nice at the Bellagio, but each little addition just makes things nicer and it all adds up.

The one problem with the Standard Stay Wells? The View will be of the Mountains, Pool, or City. However, there is a FIX for that…Stay-Well Fountain Views!

Stay-Well Fountain View

Bellagio Fountain View
  • King or 2 Queen
  • Price $350-550 (per night)
  • Size – 510 sqft
  • Best for – The BEST room option in the Bellagio!

Ok, we LOVE the Stay-Well Rooms, we Love the New;y Renovated Rooms, We love the Stern and Foster Beds, and we LOVE the Fountain Views. All the rooms we have mentioned before have some of these features, but there is always a compromise!

The Stay-Well Fountain View Rooms are NO-Compromise. You get the newly Renovated room, the stunning Fountain View, the Stay-Well Accoutiments, and the Mind-Blowing bed. They are simply put the best of all things.

The Downside? Well, unsurprisingly, these are the MOST costly rooms in the Resort. Are they worth the extra? Probably, but we um and arr as to whether they are worth the additional cost over the Regular Fountain Views Rooms, it really boils down to how much time you will be in your room.


Up until now, we have just discussed the Hotels Room Options. But over and above the Rooms there are the Suites! Even in pretty basic Las Vegas Hotels, the Suites are pretty awesome. In a Resort where the Hotel rooms are as good as the Bellagios, you really can expect a high level of awesomeness from their suite Line-Up.

Suites are great if you have a large party or just want the ultimate in Luxury and Space.

Salone Suite

The Salone Suite is the most basic offering and really not exactly what we would call a Suite, it’s more of a large room. The Layout is really nice and there is a living area but it’s not separate from the sleeping area so is only just a suite.

The Bathrooms are large and palatial with a Tub and shower and a huge double vanity mirror. The Bath side window is a really nice touch and lets you take in the stunning views over VEgas while soaking in the Tub.

These are corner suites and offer two views out over the City. The Suites are all on high floors so the views are stunning and expansive, but you are not guaranteed a Fountain View. in fact there is only a 33% chance of getting a fountain view with this suite although a $20 tip at check-in may shorten those odds!

Overall they are stunning spaces but don’t really offer much over and above the Fountain View rooms. The Extra Space is nice, but we would feel pretty let down paying more and not getting a Fountain View, even though the room is much nicer.

Bellagio Suite

bellagio hotel bellagio suite living room
  • King or 2 Queen
  • Price $600-700 (per night)
  • Size – 1020 sqft
  • Best for – Those requiring a little privacy

This is the first real suite on the list and offers proper separate bedrooms. these come in either one or two-bedroom configurations and offer a really high level of luxury. While the Suites appointments are pretty similar to the Standard Rooms there is a lot more space, almost double, and twin bathrooms featuring a couples’ Whirlpool Bath!

The Suites are all on high floors with great views but again there is no guarantee of a Fountain View. There is a large living space with views out over the City/Pool/Strip/Fountains. There are various seating options, including a large sofa dining table, chairs, and a workstation.

The Bedroom features a large and comfy king bed (or two queens) with a Cashmere topper, further seating options, and large amounts of storage along with another large window.

The bathrooms are great and offer a “his and her’s” arrangement. The “hers” features a Whirlpool batch and high vanity Mirror, while the “his” bathroom is limited to a steam shower. Having twin-bathroom facilities can be great for this looking for a bit of privacy. The suite also comes with a large array of spa products to help transform the bath into a luxury Spa.

These are really nice suites, but they do come at a cost and again, you have to weigh up the odds of not getting a Fountain view vs the extra space and amenities.

It is also worth noting that Both the Salone Suite and the Bellagio Suite have not undergone a renovation like the Newly Renovated Rooms, so it’s the older Decor and Older Beds, and things are a little more tired than in the fresh new rooms! We are sure they will get around to this soon!

Cypress Suite

  • King or 2 Queen
  • Price $500-800 (per night)
  • Size – 1525 sqft
  • Best for – Somone looking for something a little more modern

The Cypress Suites are one of our favorite Suites available in the Bellagio. For that matter anywhere in Vegas! These are centrally located and offer stunning panoramic views of the Fountains.

The circular layout is really modern and exciting, it’s not really very Bellagio, but it is stunningly designed and just offers the best views. The Huge Bed sits opposite the panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over the center of the Fountains. There is a retractable TV but who is going to watch that when the alternative is the Bellagio Fountains!

There are huge His and Hers Bathrooms off to either side and these offer further views of the Lake. Along with a large whirlpool Bath and a Steam Shower.

On top of this is the huge living space behind the bedroom. While there is no view here, It is an ultra-modern space and offers all the amenities you could wish for.

These quirky suites are huge and so brilliantly designed, in many ways, they trump the more expensive suites available. And price-wise they are not TOO bad. Sure they come with a hefty price tag but compared to the Bellagio and the Salone Suites they are not “that” much more expensive and they are a huge leap up in quality!

Lake View Suite

We can’t afford to stay in these suites and while you could try the $20 trick it’s unlikely to yield this level of results in this day and age. About the best chance, we have of bagging one of these is if the Slot Machine throws a fit and drops the largest of large Jackpots, maybe then we could plump for one!

But if we could, we would certainly be tempted. You just get everything you could imagine. A stunning bedroom, Huge ultra high-end living area, good enough to host the swankiest party. Huge palatial Marble Bathroom with a gigantic tub. Stunning views out over the Lake and Fountains.

It really does have everything, but then at these sorts of prices, it should!!!

Other Suites

bellagio hotel two bedroom grand lakeview suite

There are an array of grander and more luxurious suites on offer, but these are falling into the realms of “getting your assistant to book them” territory and we are not sure of the value of continuing to list them here.

There are the Tower Suites, the Penthouse Suites, Hospitality Suites, and the jaw-dropping Executive Parlor Suite. These offer the highest level of luxury and the highest level of cost.

We will finish on the Two Bedroom Grand Lakeview Suite. These, simply stunning Suites are located centrally in the Hotel, in that iconic bulge that separates the two wings of the building. That circular ring of windows is the entire Lakeview suite and grants you full panoramic views out over the lake. To say they are magnificent is not even close and these are the sorts of accommodations we can but dream about.

These 3000sqft+ Super Suites come in at around $3000 a night at very quiet times, it really is the stuff of millionaire High Rollers.

Have Your Say

What room have you stayed in at the Bellagio? Did you insist on a Lake/Fountain View room? Or dd you settle for a lesser view? Maybe you wanted more space and were less concerned about the view? Or did you bag a lucky Suite WITH a view? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and if you have any questions Fire away!

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