Where To Eat At The Bellagio Las Vegas- Best Restaurants at the Bellagio Las Vegas

The Bellagio has a fearsome line-up of dining options. Many of these are Fine-Dining run by various award-winning Chefs and line the Stunning Bellagio Lagoon and offer some of the most wonderful dining locations in the whole City. With so much to choose from it is really hard to know what the Best Restaurants at the Bellagio Las Vegas really are and choosing Where To Eat At The Bellagio Las Vegas can be a tough choice.

Our guide on Where To Eat At The Bellagio Las Vegas will show you all the best dining options in the hotel. From the highest-rated Michelin Starred lake-side dining to the most humble breakfast spot and coffee shop.

Where To Eat At The Bellagio Las Vegas- Best Restaurants at the Bellagio Las Vegas

The Dining Line-Up is pretty high-end and even the most budget options are pretty pricy, so while we take a good look at the best the hotel has to offer we look at the cheapest choices and take a look around the immediate area to help you hunt out some much cheaper opinions in case you are looking for a more affordable choice. It is well worth splurging on some of the best restaurants in the hotel, but not for every meal!

We start off with the priciest and bring you the cheaper options nearer the end. We are not really rating the restaurants as individual desires and circumstances mean different options are just more suitable than others. Instead, we just offer an honest description of each outlet so you can decide if it’s the right choice for you at any given time.


Picasso is one of the few Multi-Michelin-starred restaurants in the City. Boasting Two-Stars from when the inspectors last visited Las Vegas (2009) and winner of just about every other award going, Picasso ranks as one of the best restaurants in the whole city.

Julian Serano is a Spanish Chef who trained in the French Classical Style and now lives and works in the United States. He owns and runs three restaurants in Las Vegas and is famed for his contemporary French cuisine with Spanish twists and contemporary twists. What that means is he delivers recognizable dishes in an innovative and unique style. Expect high-end ingredients cooked perfectly in a way you will have never experienced before.

Situated on the Lagoon Terrace the restaurant is one of the most beautiful in the City, the artwork on the walls is REAL Pablo Picasso works (Although a lot were sold ff in 2019 for $109million so the collection is now sparse!)

The MENU DÉGUSTATION is pretty reasonable for Vegas at around $142 with a wine pairing for $93 ($168 – Premium). The Prie-Fixe is also fairly reasonable at $132 with additional supplements for upgrades. Yes, we just called $142 cheap, but for a 2 Star Restaurant in Vegas, that is practically FREE!

While the Restaurant still rests on its two-star laurels we really doubt it would still meet that mark should Michilins inspectors return. Food has moved on a lot since 2009 and the Picasso has not really innovated that much. While a restaurant should not need to do that much if it does the basics perfectly, we just think Picasso would drop at least one of its stars. It still earns the AAA 5-diamond award (one of 4 restaurants in Vegas), so it’s not fallen far, just do not count on modern 2-star standards.

Signature Dishes –

Sauteed Steak Of “A” Foie Gras – It can be a little controversial but Foie Gras this good is melt irresistible.

Roasted Maine Lobster – A deconstructed lobster served with Flying Fish Caviar!

Pan-Seared U-10 Day Boat Scallops – These are Some of the biggest Scallops available delivered to the restaurant in less than a day from the boat, making these Jumbo Scallops seriously delicious!


Le Cirque only mustered up one star in 2008/9 and for many, this was hard to understand. This ultra high-end french restaurant was the Duel Flagship of the iconic New York Eatery. After the New York venue closed the Las Vegas edition is now the Star restaurant and offers a seriously special dining experience.

With the 8-course tasting menu coming in a $388 + $168 for Wine Pairing, it really ought to, however!

The restaurant’s classic Frech style and phenomenal presentation make dining here a real treat. Every dish is picture-perfect and stunningly presented. Restaurants like Le Cirque and Picasso are really rare and to find two French Restaurants of this caliber in the same location, practically next door to each other, makes for a really stunning lineup of dining options.

Signature Dishes –

Hawaiian Kampachi – Stunning presentation of the Hawaiian Kampachi (Yellowtail) served cures with edible garnishes, pretty as a picture and delicious to boot.

Truffle Rissoto – WE love Truffles and the Truffle Rissoto makes no attempt to ration the quantities, the small portion of Rissotoo almost has more TRuffle than Rice!

Chocolate Ball – Le Cirques Signature desert in the Chocolate ball and is filled with theater. A bit clique nowadays the Chocolate share Melts when the warm sauce is poured onto its shell.

Michael Mina

Michael’s Las Vegas Restaurant bears the Chefs name and is the Sister restaurant to his other Name Sake restaurant in San Francisco. Which also holds a Michelin Star.

The Restaurant focus’s on high-end fresh seafood and has an incredible Raw-Bar with Oysters, Prawns, Sea urchins, Clams, and Lobster. Along with a very special array of Caviar ($700+).

The Main menu features incredible seasonal seafood dishes and intricate tableside service. One of the finest Seafood restaurants in the City and well worth checking out. It’s a little more affordable than some of the other high-end restaurants on offer.

The Downside to this eatery is the lack of Fountain View. The Dining room is located down near the conservatory with little in the way of views. However, this is more than made up for by the food.

Signature Dishes –

Ahi Tuna Tartare – Translucent and glowing like Turkish Delight!

Michael’s Lobster Pot Pie – Deconstructed Lobster on Pastry

Grilled Portuguese Octopus

PRIME Steakhouse

We really love a good steakhouse and Vegas is filled with a huge amount of incredible options, with every hotel seemingly having its own House of Cow. The Bellagio’s Offering is PRIME Steakhouse. And while it’s a good one, it actually does not actually feature on our Top Steak Houses in Las Vegas list!

This is not because it is bad, but because we just don’t feel it has a real unique selling point. t offers great Steaks and some fantastic fresh Sea-Food all right by the fountains and despite the odd report of poor service, it really is a faultless eatery.

But so are many of Las Vegas’s Steakhouses and we just feel the competition can offer something a little more unique and exciting. But if you are staying in the Bellagio and want a Steak without leaving the Hotel, you will not be disappointed with Prime!

It is however on the pricier end of Las Vegas’s Steak jints and there is no real reason for that other than you are at the Bellagio!

Signature Dishes –



GRAND SHELLFISH PLATTER – Maine Lobster, Jumbo Shrimp, Oyster, Clam & Mussel

Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge

From here we start to move into the Cheaper restaurants situated along the Bellagio’s Lagoon, these are listed as $$$ rather than $$$$, but still require sizable outlays to dine at. We Start off With the Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge offering high-end Sushi and Japanese cuisine.

The Creator is the Michelin Star award-winning Chef Akira Back, a former Chef at the Kenichi Sushi chain. His own restaurant, Dosa located in Seoul South Korea holds a Michelin Star. Tran under the legendary Masaharu Morimoto (Iron Chef and ex-Nobu Head Chef). Yellowtail offers high-end Sushi in fresh and contemporary style.

The menu looks very familiar and has a small whiff of “Nobu” about it, but with several separate and contemporary ideas. Price-wise it is possible to eat here for less than $100 per person, including drinks if you order carefully and focus on the less costly ingredients, it’s also possible to splurge really heavily on Toro, Lobster, and Kobe Beef. The OMAKASE Menu is Seven Courses and costs $149 per person with Sake Pairing for $60.

Signature Dishes –

Sushi Pizza – Their Signature dish, but we found it a little disappointing. Sashimi on a thin crunchy base

Mile High Roll – Tempura Crab, Avocado, Asparagus, Topped with Mixed Sashimi,
Spicy Ponzu Aioli

Rock Shrimp – Nothing like Nobu’s Spicy Rock Shimp…honest!


Wolfgang Puck is now a famous Celebrity Chef and owns a host of Chain Restaurants all across the world all proudly brandishing the Wolgang Puck Name. But it all started in a small restaurant in Los Angeles call Spago. This is where he made his name and earnt his first two Michelin Stars (now rescinded), and these are Wolfgang’s REAL restaurants with the others really just being financial ventures.

Spago was one of the first BIG name Restaurants to open a Branch in Vegas and kickstart the Vegas Food scene in a huge way. Now any Celebrity Chef worth their salt has a Second outlet in Sin City, which is why Vegas is so exciting you really can dine in the best restaurants from around the world and sample the Best Chefs, all in the same city.

Until 2017 Spago was located in the Forum Shops but now sits proudly on the banks of the Bellagio Lagoon. Offering ultra high-end Italian cuisine, blended with Fresh Californian Produce it provides a fairly safe menu catering to most tastes. You can even get a Burger here (Brunch)

BRUNCH – We love the Spago Brunch, With bottomless Mimosas, Amazing Brunch Cocktails, and a simpler menu it’s a great place to recharge right by The Fountains!

LAGO – by Julian Serrano

Julian Serrano’s Picasso is one of the feature restaurants of the Bellagio’s line-up and is widely considered one of the best in the City. But it’s ferociously expensive, which is where Lago comes in. This is a more cost-friendly restaurant run by the highly decorated Spanish Chef.

The concept here is small plates, along the lines of Tapas, but using an Italian Style. This works exceptionally well in the Italian Lakeside setting and offers a varied dining experience where you can share a selection of smaller plates or enjoy s series of smaller courses.

The Dining room and lakeside Terrace are one of the best in the Hotel and the views are incredibly stunning. This really was one the nicest settings we have experienced and the food is seriously incredible.

The downside, this budget option, is still way outside what most people consider budget but makes a great stop for a light lunch by the lagoon.

The Mayfair Supper Club

The Mayfair Supper club is a bit of an odd concept really. It’s based around the old Cabaret Supper Clubs of New York, London, and Las Vegas. It’s a really interesting Dining concept and offers all the glitz, glamour, and entertainment of the past.

You can expect a lot more than just a great meal here with live entertainment, lots of people watching, elegant cocktails, and a party that runs late into the night. It is not the most gastronomic of the restaurants available but it offers a lot more than just food!



Harvest is a fairly new addition to the Bellagio Line-Up. Its aim is to offer a more sustainable dining experience with large amounts of ethically and locally sourced ingredients. While we do think it’s very admirable, we can’t help but wonder where they are locally sourcing ingredients when they are in the middle of a dessert. But, we guess they just mean as local as possible!

The end result is a restaurant that offers much healthier menus that feels more homely than the other fine-dining options. Roast Chicken, Wild Salmon, and Harvest Flat Breads, it’s all very different and after a few days and nights indulging in the Vegas High-Life, it can be really nice to get some healthier food and maybe even some VEG!

It’s a concept we know will appeal to many and not to others. But it’s nice to know there are some healthier options available should the desire come over you.


Jasmine Chinese

Jasmine is Bellagio’s high-end Chinese Cuisine restaurant. If you think about your local takeaway Chinese, then basically Jasmine could not be further away from this! While a lot of the Menu Items sound familiar, they are not.

High-End ingredients, precision cooking, and stunning presentation makes this feel more like an opulent imperial banquet than a local Chinese eatery. It is not quite on the level of Wing Lei at the Wynn, but it’s not far behind.

A really excellent restaurant and can be enjoyed for a fairly reasonable cost compared t the highest-priced restaurants at the Bellagio, while still retaining a lakeside vista!

Budget Dining at The Bellagio

Here is where things get tricky, The Bellagio has really limited options for cheaper eats. The Following restaurants are all listed as $ price rating but really some of these are pretty pricey options still. Getting anything to eat at the Bellagio is a costly exercise. We do have some tips for nearby cheap eats, however.

Bellagio Buffet

While the Bellagio counts the Buffet as a cheaper option, at $42-$65 per person we are struggling to see this as a Budget option really, it is good value for the huge amount of incredible food, but not budget. We guess if you eat enough then you may not really need to eat again all day, so in that sense it’s budget, but it’s just hard to accept a meal that will cost over $50 per person as a budget.

This Buffet is included in MyVegas rewards and at BOGOF it’s really good value but at full price, while it’s definitely worth the money, it’s just not a budget option.

The line-up is pretty incredible however with endless options to choose from. Chilled and Hot Seafood, including Crab-Legs, Roasted Meats such as Prime Rib, Lamb, and Turkey. Breakfast and Brunch Items and a stunning display of dessert. It is one of the best Buffets on the Strip and a must-visit for anyone staying in the Bellagio.

Read more here.


Noodles are a basic and pretty tasty option for a quick bite that won’t cost the earth. You are still looking at $20-30 for an entree, but it’s still one of the cheapest options here.

The food is really good and offers a selection of Noodle based dishes such as Beef PHO, Noodle Soups, and Fried Rice Dishes. Really vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients.

Sadelle’s Café

Sadelle’s is a classic American-style Diner menu given a rather nice Bellagio Style make-over. One of the best options in the Hotel for Breakfast and Lunch and offers wonderful views of the Bellagio Conservatory.

Pool Cafe

The Pool Cafe is only really an option for those who are using the pool deck and really just don’t want to leave. This sounds pretty specific but on busy days this will equal thousands of people.

The Menu is a pretty good one for an MGM Pool bar and offers a bit more than the usual burgers, Chicken Tenders, and NAchos, all although they are here too. Drinks Prices are pretty astounding, and even a couple of drinks each will land you a $50 bill!

The best thing about the Pool Cafe is the fact you don’t need to leave your sun lounger and the excellent Pool Hosts will happily bring everything you need right to your lounger!

Bellagio Patisserie

The Bellagio Patisserie is a really great place to grab a coffee and a simple breakfast such as a pastry or sandwich. The produce is not cheap but freshly baked and much better than most bakeries in the City. Seating is minimal but take-out is available.

Juice Press

It’s a Juice bar, there is not much to say but a nice re-charging fresh smoothy or juice concoction can be just the thing to revive after a hard night on the Strip.


Again, it’s a Starbucks. Probably the cheapest option in the hotel, and is often our go-to as well it’s cheap and fast so we can get out and hit the City.

Dining Near The Bellagio

The Good News is you are in the heart of las vegas and a whole host of cheaper eateries are right on your doorstep!

Cheesecake Factory – Forum Shops

Our go-to for a nice big American meal at reasonable prices. The Cheesecake Factory is hard to beat. There are also several cheaper options in the Forum Shops and the Caesars Palace.

Ocean One Bar and Grill – Miricle Mile Shops

One of our favorite stops o the strip. 3 for $10 cocktails and a load of really cheap bar-snack options, you can get a great meal and a good evening pre-load in the same place. The Miricle Mile shops is a great place, in general, to get a cheap meal and is just across the street from The Bellagio.

Taco Bell – Planet Holywood

Planet Hollywood has some great dining options and many are really quite budget. The standout for us is Taco Bell…yeah we know, but this is the company’s Flagship store and offers certain things you don’t get at other taco bells, such as alcohol!

Grand Bizzare Shops – Bally’s

Over at Bally’s, there are a host of cheap and cheerful street food options at the Grand Bizzare Shops, including Burgers, hotdogs, etc…

Linq Promenade – The Linq

Finally, the Linq Promenade has a host of budget dining options. And Irish Pub, Mexican Restaurant, and of course In-N-Out Burger.

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Let us know where you dined at the Bellagio and what you made of the various dining options in the Hotel. Did you sample the finest dining by the lagoon, or seek out the cheapest options in the hotel and in the nearby area? Let us know in the comments, and if you have any questions just fire away!

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