Free drinks in Las Vegas Casinos – Do You Still Get Free Drinks in Las Vegas Casinos in 2023?

It is a well-known perk that when gambling in Las Vegas casino’s you can get free drinks, however, a lot of people still ask us, do you still get free drinks in Las Vegas Casinos? well, we have a simple answer.


do you still get free drinks in las vegas Casinos in 2023

What… you want More Detail?

Jeesh, We said yes! what more do you need to know?… Joking!

For years it’s been an open secret that Las Vegas Casinos give Free Drinks to Customers who are gambling, be it at the slot machines or while the table games. But New Comers to Vegas struggles with this concept, We certainly did when we first arrived. But the “Myth” is still alive and kicking and is still one of the few freebies you can readily expect. Sure Veterans may scoff at this question but really for those that haven’t been, it’s a really odd concept!

But rest assured if you are Gambling in Las Vegas any drinks ordered from one of the circling cocktail waitresses is completely complimentary.

You do need to be actively playing though and a tip is expected (and only fair) by the waitress. We go into a little more detail as to what to expect how to go about getting your free drinks and even show you the best places to grab cheap drinks without playing!


Post-Covid Update – Do you still get free drinks after the Coronavirus Shutdown?

January 2022

Naturally, this post was written pre Covid-19 shutdown. So many people are really eager to find out if the Free drinks are continuing now the Casinos are opening up.

We have not made it back to Vegas to check out every new restriction in the re-opened casinos. But one thing we really feared was the removal of the cocktail waitresses and the end of free drinks! From extensive research and contacts at the casinos, it looks like it’s good NEWS!

Fortunately, the Casinos still see the main reason for free drinks, to keep people in their seats and playing is just as important after COVID as before. So the only real change is the Cocktail Waitresses now sport Masks and are less Frequent. Other than that the Free Drink set-up is exactly the same, only maybe you should consider upping your tip to try and help out the waitresses who have been out of work the last few months and are now braving the front line of the virus just to get you a drink!

We can’t wait to get back!

2020 – Update – Get Ready for big changes – Automated Drink Monitoring Systems!

Mirage Casino

For some time now a System has been in place on the bar top Video Poker Machines. These systems ensured that players were playing enough and often enough to deserve a drink. Well, now the suspected changes are coming to Las Vegas Casino Slot Machines.

Currently, underway at the Westgate Casino are new Slot Machines that automatically monitor the amount and rate of play to ensure you are earning your drinks! This is bad news for freeloaders hoping to bag something for nothing, as sitting there with a $ in the machine waiting for the Waitress will no longer cut it. However, the news is the limits will be fairly low and most people who are actually gambling will be unaffected.

It remains to be seen how this will actually play out in practice. The Machines now in the Westgate are pretty awesome though. Once you reach your Comp level and a free drink is due, you can order direct from the machine. Your order coming straight over from the bar.

As of Jan 2021, The only Casino in Vegas to be trialing the system is the Westgate so it’s business as usual elsewhere but expect these systems to be rolled out soon especially into 2021 and beyond as this will probably have a big effect on the Casino’s costs while casting off the freeloaders all at once!  We have been known to acquire the odd drink in the past that we maybe didn’t deserve, but on the whole, we are normally gambling.

We are very eager to see what sort of limits are set on the machines and how much you need to feed in to get that drink!

EDIT – We are pleased to say on our last trip in 2019 the majority of Casino’s still operated the old-style system and we got scores of free drinks while never gambling more than a few $ at a time.

Ok Back to the Free Drinks

You need to be a high Roller though, Right?

Las Vegas table games

Not At all! Even playing the very cheapest penny slots if you can catch the eye of a circulating cocktail waitress she will gladly take your order and deliver a drink to your machine free of charge. It is not her job to regulate the drinks to gamble ratio.

Is there a catch?

Yes and No. There is no catch really but the reality is you are gambling and that really means you are losing money and the casino is gaining, in the long run, they will take FAR more than your well spirits are costing them.

Do I tip the Cocktail Waitress?

Of Course, what are you a cheapskate? You are getting free drinks! And if you want more than one definitely Tip them as they will give you a wide berth next time round if not. It doesn’t need to be a lot. $2-3 a drink is fine. If they have provided a good service, or if you have won anything, or not lost too much consider a little more at the end. If you have spent all the kid’s inheritance on a Britney Spears Machine they will probably understand if you save your last few dollars!

Some people report great success with tipping BIG on the first drink, hence catching their attention and making them keen to return to get more big tips. It is worth a try but in all honesty, they have seen it all and after getting $1 for the second drink they will be on to you. Like most “myths” in vegas, we find it best to be upfront and just tip $2-3 per drink.

It is worth saying Tipping is not “required” and we have even accidentally received drinks only to realize we have no cash on us, the waitress didn’t care really, although we didn’t see another drink off her that evening. But you are getting free drinks, and they are getting minimum wage, do the right thing.

What Can I order?

Ocean One Martini
Vodka Martini

You can order what you like! Within reason, of course. Stick to simple cocktails, spirits with a mixer, or wine and beer. We tend to order Vodka Martini’s as they make us feel like we are in Vegas. But anything simple like that is fine. Really they will get you whatever you order but they are unlikely to deliver top-shelf unless you really are laying down the Green chips ($25) on a BlackJack Table. If so feel free to order what the hell you want.

Be warned the wine may not be the best wine in the world…That’s why we stick to Spirits and Cocktails, a Bad Martini is far more drinkable than a bad wine!

What is the Best Strategy?

MGM Grand hotel Las Vegas Casino

Assuming you are not dropping big money on a high minimum table, where the waitress will certainly seek you out. We assume you are looking for the best strategy to get the most drinks for the minimum gambling. The first thing to note is that even on the penny slots you are unlikely to get enough drinks to cover your losses unless of course, you win! But you can maximize your drink rewards without spending large sums.

It’s important you are playing a game you like, just throwing money into any old machine will not be enjoyable. If you don’t have a favorite then now is a good opportunity to try a few. Choosing the right casino helps too, we get very little out of the big casinos, and a lot more from the smaller older establishments.

The first thing to do is scout out the cocktail waitresses. Try and work out their route. and find a machine or game on that route so they will pass you by. Then just be patient, throw some money in and play but play slowly, there is no rush. Playing for time is key. So make sure you have a lot of spins, play lower denominations so you get more spins for your money.

Eventually, the waitress will come over and take your order, she will wander off taking a few more orders before going to the bar for your drinks. In no time at all she will return with your order and simply ask for no money, she will pause just long enough to allow you to tip. Please be generous, the drink is free so a $2 tip is nothing

And that’s really all there is to it. It’s not a big trick or a secret, but if you haven’t experienced it before, it can seem very odd that someone will just bring you drinks for playing the slots.

Best Casino’s in Las Vegas for Free Drinks

The Flamingo Las Vegas

The Big casinos tend not to rely too much on the lure of free drinks to get people in and often the drinks are slower in these casinos. Not always, but often. The below Casino’s are the locations we have had the most success with free drinks. We have had drinks in just about every casino ins the City, but at these, you usually get several, very quickly.

Flamingo – is our top choice. Drinks flow very freely in here, even on the penny slots.

Casino Royale – Another great choice and remember drinks are only $2 here anyway if you don’t get any service.

New York New York – We are not sure why as the New York New York doesn’t really fit the other profiles but we always get loads when playing here, maybe just good luck.

Bally’s – Central Casino with lots of local competition so needs to keep player sweet.

The Linq – Similar to bally’s and we always get lots of free drinks in here, a great place to get ready for a High Roller Happy Hour.

Hooters – A great choice for relaxed gambling and the free drinks often flow. Low Table Mins make this a great place to try some table games and drinks always flow on the tables.

Fremont Street/Downtown – Any of the Downtown Casino’s are great for free drinks.

Final Reminder!

New York New York casino Floor

Remember though these are not free drinks they are rewards for gambling,

Let us say that AGAIN!

Remember though these are not free drinks they are rewards for gambling,

The casino is saying “Good Boy/Girl keep on gambling” like you would when offering treats to a dog! Really you should want to be gambling anyway and just enjoy the free drinks as an extra, to help soothe the losses, not as an enticement to play more. Work out a budget beforehand per day for gambling and never go above it! think of this budget as your payment for entertainment! Getting free drinks is a way to make that budget stretch a bit further, nothing more!

We sometimes add the estimated cost of the free drinks to offset our total losses, you know just to make ourselves feel better.

If you are very new to Gambling and fear getting started our guide to Gambling in Las Vegas should help get your foot in the door.


Cheap Drinks in Las Vegas

Are you really not a Gambler? As much as the sound of free drinks tempts you, are you still not comfortable having a flutter? No Problem. While many locations in Vegas will charge extortionate prices for drinks, with a little care and forward planning you can find some awesome bars and locations that serve drinks for very little money. Check out our guide to the Best Cheap Drinks in Las Vegas.


Have Your Say

Let us know how you get on? Have you received free drinks gambling? Which casino did you find the most productive? What do you order? let us know any comments or questions you have in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you.

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  1. Way back in the day, I lived in Puerto Rico and in those casinos, they would comp hot sandwiches and cokes while you played. Since alcohol is provided, I’m assuming soft drinks are free. What about food?

    • Hi, sure it is a full bar service so you can order whatever you like drinks wise.

      Food is not readily available on the casino floors so not available as a comp. But if you gamble enough you can receive comped visits to restaurants etc…but you will have to leave your game.

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      P.S This article was written pre covid, who knows what the situation will be post covid


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