Bellagio Las Vegas Pool Review – Everything You Need to Know about the Bellagio Pool

We really are big fans of the Bellagio pool. The Sunkissed Mediterranean Terrace just oozes sophistication and Italian Charm. The Pool deck is one of our favorite pools in Las Vegas. with really wonderful theming with a feel straight out of the Italian lakes. The walkways are lined with laurel arches and citrus trees while weather stone planters and statues adorn the marble floors.

Our Bellagio Las Vegas Pool Review is designed to help guests understand what the pool is all about and what lies in store for them on this verdant Italian Terrace. For those considering the Bellagio as a place to Stay in Vegas, our Review may help you decide if the Bellagio is the right hotel, as having a great pool can be an important factor. So whatever your reason for seeking more info on the Bellagio Pool here is Everything you Need to Know about the Bellagio Pool deck in Las Vegas.

Bellagio Las Vegas Pool Review

The Bellagio Pool , Las Vegas

  • Location – Bellagio Las Vegas, Las Vegas
  • Pools – 2 Main Pools, 3 Small pools, 4 Hot-Tubs, and a large Courtyard Space
  • Bars and Restaurants Pool Cafe and Bar
  • Theme – Italian Terrace
  • Drink Prices – $$$


Bellagio Pool Map

The Pool area is made up of several sections with two large pools and several smaller pools dotted around. There are several Hot-Tubs for general use (and one private) along with a central walkway that is lined with Mediterranean trees and shrubs.

Different Pools and Areas

Entrance Terrace

Bellagio Pool Terrace

The first place you get to is the Raised Terrace that overlooks the deck. The Pool entrance is a floor above the Pool, so as you leave the hotel you will find yourselves raised up a floor. This Terrace is simply somewhere to pass through and down the ornate staircases but it pays to take a second on the terrace and really take in the elevated Vista over the pools and terrace.

You then pass through Security, showing your room key, and down the stairs where you can pick up towels, and visit the small shop (prices are pretty painful) with sundry items, snack foods, and souvenirs. This is where you will meet your host should you have booked a Cabana or Reserved Seating.

Long Pool

Bellagio Pool

There are two large pools as you can see on the Map. Both have spacious terraces surrounding the, and offer some good space to cool off in the water. The long pool is brilliant for swimming and is just about a full 50m Olympic size, length! However, as the pool fills up on busy days there will be far too many bodies for proper swimming.

Like most Vegas pools the long pool is a shallow and uniform depth, 3.6ft all around, enough to swim in, but enough to stand up at any point.

During the winter months, the Spa Tower can obscure the sun on this part of the pool, but during the summer months, the sun is high enough that only part of the deck is hit by shade for a short time.

Wide Pool

Bellagio pools

Off to the left as you enter the pool deck is the Wider pool. This is still a good 30m wide pool and much wider so it is still possible for some decent swimming, even at slightly busier times as the bathers tend to congregate around the edges.

This pool has a more private feel, despite being open to all guests. But it sits on its own part of the deck and feels more secluded. This deck gets full sun all day and is perfect for sun worshipers.

Cypress Pool

Bellagio Cypress Pool

The Cypress Pool is the only named pool and this is reserved for private use only. There are a series of comfy Reserved Beds that surround the Pool, along with a couple of Cabanas. The renters of these get exclusive use of the Cypress pool throughout the day.

Smaller Pools

There are two other small pools, very similar to the Cypress pool, and these are open to all customers. These are nothing more than plunge pools with ornate Center Pieces. These are surrounded by large Sun Terraces and a lot of Sun Beds and are really just for cooling off while working on your tan.

These are sometimes called Ice Fountains as they operate at a much cooler temperature than the main pools. Trust us, during a 40+ Degree heatwave, these are VERY popular!

Hot Tubs

Bellagio Pool Hottub

There are 4 hot tubs dotted around the deck, three are for public use and one is reserved for the exclusive Chairmans CAbana users. A lot of these tubs are near the various Canbanas sections and feel like they are for private use, but anyone can hop in and enjoy the hot bubble water of the Spa Water Systems.

Sun Decks

Bellagio Pool South Deck

The Whole terrace is really huge. And while there are a large number of sunbeds, free to all, right by the pool, there are also even more dotted around the large sun terraces. There is a huge terrace right under the Entrance Terrace, and one at the far end of the Long Pool, surrounding one of the smaller pools.

These are great for those looking to maximize their tan time and not spend as long in the pools. These can be far quieter than the pools as people seek out the poolside beds and leave the many terrace beds free.

Sun can be an issue especially in the winter months with the low winter sun hiding behind the Spa Tower along with the Cosmo and Vdara Towers. But in the summer months, the high sun hit most of the deck for a good lump of the day.

What is the Bellagio Pool Really like?

The huge pool deck is crafted largely of Stone and is lined with luxurious Cabanas with all paths and walkways lined with authentic Mederterainian Plants. Olive Trees, Laural, Citrus Fruits, and Vines, all add to a really lush and verdant feel to the Deck.

The Pool entrance leads out to a raised terrace that overlooks the large pool deck. As you descent the ornate staircase you pass through security and then collect your towels from the stand at the bottom. There is a small concession stand with sundries such as suncream, inflatable, and snacks.

From here you can follow the long central walkway that passes through several ornate arches covered in vines and lined with citrus trees. This adds a dose of real sophistication to the pool and helps the feeling of being transported to the Italian Lakes.

There are hundreds of FREE beds with a large number located around the main pools and many more on the various sun decks.

The Vibe of the pool deck is definitely relaxation. There are no parties, no loud music, and no Day Clubs. Whether this is a good or bad thing is down to personal taste, but we certainly appreciate the relaxing downtime we can get at the Bellagio.

We always find the Deck meticulously clean and well-kept, not something we can say about all Vegas Pool Decks. The service is excellent and you are usually greeted by a waitress who will act as a personal host even if you are on the free beds. at most decks, poolside service is pretty hit and miss, with cocktail waitresses sporadically wandering around, but you rarely get an assigned waitress for your area who will continue to look after you as you do at the Bellagio.

This all adds to the really classy sophisticated feel at the Bellagio Deck. The Themeing and construction do not feel fabricated but real, and you can really take a step onto a luxury opulent Lakeside Terrace and while away a few hours as you recover from the madness of Las Vegas.

Reserve Seating, Cabanas, and Day Beds

There are some really elegant Canabanas for rental along with reserved seating, often beside a private pool, and a selection of day beds. The main advantage of reserved seating is the opportunity to come and go as you, please. If you utilize the abundant free seating, you need to be up early, often waiting in line before the pool opens, then rushing out onto the pool deck to grab the best seats.

You then run the risk of losing these seats should you leave them unoccupied for a long period of time. You are not allowed to reserve seats with towels and such-like, and the staff will remove items after a certain amount of time. Especially if it’s busy.

With reserved seating, all this goes away and you have your own space for the day. Allowing you to come and go as you, please. You are also assigned a personal host who will look after you for the day bringing you drinks and food as required.

There are various other advantages to the different reserved seating options which we look at in detail below.

Reserved Seating

reserved seating Bellagio

Reserved Seating – $50 -$200+ per person

This is the most basic option and really only provides the security of a well-located seat and an upgraded padded chair. As we mentioned before, you get pretty fantastic service at the Bellagio anyway, so the personal host is less relevant, but it’s still nice to know someone will definitely be looking after you.

The beds are pretty plush and are a much comfier option than the free beds. You also get a guaranteed sun umbrella and a prime position, at the top end of the long pool. These beds are pretty limited and do sell out at weekends!


Day beds Bellagio

Day Beds – 4 People – $100 – $300+

The Day Beds at the Bellagio are VERY limited, at the time of writing there are only 2! This is a shame as they are really good value. Located in front of the Reserved Seating area, they offer a large circular bed that can, at a squeeze fit 4 people on. They tend to be priced at 2-2.5x the price of reserved seating so even if there is only two of you, it costs about the same as the Reserved beds.

You do not get anything extra, but the large comfy bed in an A+ prime location is well worth it seeing as it’s not really costing any more than 2x reserved beds.

Cypress Pool Reserved Seating 18+

Cypress Reserved

Cypress Pool Reserved Seating – $50 – $250+

The Cypress Pool is a small private pool that is reserved only for guests using the Cypress pool reserved seating and the Cypress Pool Cabanas. While the pool is not large it’s small enough to service the small number of guests who are allowed to use it.

The area is far more private than the main pool decks and is restricted to 18+ meaning no kids and while not an official policy it means European-style bathing is allowed (Topless).

Service here is top notch and you really are catered to a very high standard with free samples, magazines, and more attentive service. These Beds are not really much more than the Standard reserved seating And are worth every penny if you don’t mind a bit of nudity and are not with children.


Cabanas are a fantastic option for larger groups. The Bellagio Cabanas house up to 10 people, apart from the Chairman’s Cabana which is for groups of up to 25! However, cramming 10 people into these is a bit of a push and they only have 2-4 reserved sun loungers outside.

We tend to say the 10-Person Cabanas are only really good for 4-6 people or families.

On top of having your own personal space, attentive personal host, and prime locations the Bellagio Cabanas also come with the following amenities.

Personal Lounge Chairs – Assorted Dry Snacks – Assorted Non-Alcoholic Beverages – Ceiling Fan – Coffee Table – Couch – Dining Chairs – Dining Table – Fruit Plate – Love Seat – Misting Service (In Season) – Personal Safes – Pool Rafts – Poolside Wi-Fi Internet Access – Refrigerator – Television – Towel Service – Umbrella – Side Table – Bottled Water

Florence Spa Cabana

Florence Cabana

Florence Spa Cabana – 16 available – 10 People – $300-1000+

The Cheapest Cabanas are the Florence Spa Cabanas. These are located away from the main pools on the southern Sundeck and Fountain Pools. These get very poor sun, but are great for shade lovers, and are not actually cabanas but are built into the building structure. They offer great privacy as there is basically no through traffic.

They offer all the Cabana Extras such as a Welcome Fruit Plate, Assorted Soft Drinks, Free Pool Rafts, Cooling Fans, Safe, Fridge, Misting Sprays, and loads of seating options. With only two sun loungers we find these are best for just two people otherwise there are delimited seating options in the sun.

Verona Resort Cabana

Verona Cabana

Verona Resort Cabana – 21 available – 10 People – $400-1000+

The Verona Cabanas are a little bit larger and offer some prime locations around the main pools. These are the bread and butter of the Bellagio Cabanas and offer a real taste of luxury. These easily accommodate 4 people and offer great privacy and all the amenities and service you could wish for. They are a little hit or miss based on position though!

The best ones are right by the big pools and offer great sun all day, the worst are tucked into the corners and can be in shade for large parts of the day, especially in the cooler months. While you are reserving a Cabana, you cannot choose which, the best option is arriving early and bargaining with the host to secure your preferred option. Remember, tips go a long way in Vegas!

Milan Premium Cabana

Milan Cabana

Milan Premium Cabana– 11 available – 10 People – $500-1200+

If you pay a little extra, you can solve the issues of the Verona Resort Cabanas by booking the Milan Premium Cabanas. These are basically the same, but they occupy the BEST positions around the pools. Expect full sun all day (and a large sun umbrella in case you want shade) and enviable locales right near the best pools.

These are the best options for sun worshippers and those wanting to be seen!

Cypress Pool Cabana 18+

Cypress Pool Cabana

Cypress Pool Cabana – 3 available – 10 People – $600-1500+

Like the Cypress Pool Reserved Seating, this is a private pool area granting you access to a quiet space, with no kids, tops optional, and your own private fountain pool. This is the ultimate in relaxation and if you want a full day, just chilling by your pool working on the tan, the Cypress Pool Cabanas are unbeatable…almost.

Chairman’s Cabana

Chairmans Cabana Big Dog

Chairman’s Cabana -1 available – 25 People – $1000 – 3000+

The Chairmans Cabana is the top-of-the-line Cabana and the place to lord over all the riff-raff that are slumming it around the public pools. This twin cabana easily seats 8-10 people and has its own private jacuzzi pool. It sits front and center right at the heart of the pool deck and you are sure to receive the most attentive service on the whole pool deck!

While this ultimate expression of opulence is frighteningly expensive, really if you have a large entourage with you, it’s no more pricey that some of the regular Cabanas!

Bars and Restaurants

bellagio dining pool cafe

Pool Cafe and Bar

There is just one bar and restaurant at the Bellagio that services all the Pool Deck’s needs.

The Imginativly names Pool Cafe and Bar provides a high-level drinks service but this is severely hampered by serving their drinks in plastic cups. This can be resolved by drinking in the Bar/Restaurant rather than poolside, but who wants to get up and go get a drink when someone can bring it to you?

Cocktails are the best value in the 32oz variety and come in a Suviner cup that is also insulated to keep the drink cool for longer and feels less like drinking from a plastic cup. We don’t mind drinking from plastic cups but when the prices are so high it feels a little off!

The Food is definitely a cut above the standard pool fare. While the ever-popular Chicken Tenders and Burgers are all available they are of a higher quality than most pool decks and there are a few more adventurous options. Such as Hummus Plates and Grilled Salmon.

There are some great Breakfast options and dining poolside is a great way to start the day and recover from a hard night out. Eggs Benedict, French Toast, Lemon Blueberry Pancakes, or a Pwerbowl are a great way to kick off the day or if you really need a stomach lining then hit the Steak and Eggs or America Breakfast!

Drink Prices at the Bellagio Pool Bar 2022

There is not a lot of good news to be found here drinks prices are pretty shocking. We know they are going to be at such a high-end resort, but seriously they still sting. Especially when you could buy the same drink, in the same container from Walgreens for $2!

Beers come in at $11 for all varieties and have a wide and varied selection from Budweiser through to craft offerings such as mango cart wheat ale. If you can manage a Bucket of six the price is reduced to $9.33 per beer, or $56 in total. Mix and Match are fine on Beer Buckets, but that’s a lot of beer to swill unless your sharing!

The insanely popular HardSeltzers are present and correct and come in at $10 per can or mix and match for $54 for 6.

Wine comes canned and is $14 per 250ml ($54 for 5) and feels a long way from what we expect at a resort such as this. We really want a Sommelier offering recommendations but that ait happening its red, white, Rose, or Sparking!

Cocktails are a far better option and strive away from the Pre Mixed garbage most Hotel Pools offer, these are proper cocktails and hand-made. But the plastic cups sting. The best option is the 32 oz Souvenir cup. These will set you back $30-$32 or $16-$18 in a tiny 12oz serving. The strawberry Capri (with Grey Goose), Margarita Primo, and Rum Laced Dolewhip are our picks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bellagio pools

Can I Bring In Food and Drink From Outside?

Yes, No, and Yes…

You can bring in non-alcoholic drinks in sealed bottles, but outside alcohol is banned. Apart from outside food and drink purchased on Bellagio Property.

Obviously, all Glass is prohibited completely regardless of what is inside.

Don’t rely on this, but… security at the Bellagio is pretty light and there are no bag checks or strict control, you just show your room key and in you go. A small discrete drink would probably get through. They may deny you entry though or ask you to leave, but we have not seen the rules that are rigorously enforced here, but break them at your own risk!

Are Outside Guests Allowed?

No. The Bellagio Pool is Strictly for Bellagio Guests.

Can I Rent a Cabana, Daybed, or Lounge chair if not a guest?

Yes, this is a great way to experience the Pool Deck if you are not staying at the Bellagio. We have done this many times in the past and get to visit way more pools for only a limited outlay.

However, there is a clause in the terms and conditions that state the “May” limit usage to Hotel Guests. In reality, this is unlikely and only occurs at very busy times. So as long as you are visiting when it’s quiet, you will certainly get your booked seating option.

In the end, the Hotel would rather sell it than let it sit idle, but if the pools were full they would rather cater to hotel guests than outsiders.

Have Your Say

Have you visited the Bellagio Pools? What did you think of the Deck? Did you like the refined and opulent experience or was it too stuffy and Boring? Let us know your thoughts and if you have anything to add to our Review just fire away in the comments.

And as always we would love to answer any questions you may have, again just fire away in the comments and check out our other Las Vegas and Bellagio Content Below!

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