What Is The Best Buffet In Las Vegas 2021 – Top 10 Buffets in Las Vegas

Buffets are the lifeblood of Las Vegas Dining. They have been feeding visitors since the beginnings of the strip but they have changed a lot in recent years. The days of all-you-can-eat shrimp buffets of questionable quality are gone. Replaced with a smorgasbord of high-end dishes at or near restaurant quality in endless amounts.

Vegas Buffets are now truly stunning, both in choice, quality, and, unfortunately, Price. Seemingly every Casino and hotel offers a Buffet and the choice is endless. so how do you know what is the best buffet in Las Vegas 2021? Well, we are here to help with our top 10 buffets in Las Vegas.

What Is The Best Buffet In Las Vegas 2021

About this List

Most Vegas Buffets are built in huge investments and reputations. Things have not changed hugely in the Buffet world for a few years and many of there operating on the reputations they built years ago. However, this sort of stagnation can lead to standards slipping and quality and choice not living up to the reputation.

Our list is not based on any reputation or past glory. It is an up-to-date insight into which Vegas Buffets offer the best value, choice, and quality in Las Vegas.

We will start you off with a few hints and tips and insights into the world of Las Vegas Buffets before heading into the meat of this post the Top 10 Las Vegas Buffets.

Last Update July 2021

Las Vegas Buffets

Wicked Spoon Buffet Starter!

For those who are totally new to Las Vegas, here is a quick description of what to expect from a Buffet. After a bit of a queue to pay, followed by a queue to be seated. You will be provided a table and offered drinks, preferably bottomless (See Below). And that’s about it.

The rest is up to you. Dotted around the outside of the table area will be various stations offering everything your heart could desire. You simply grab a plate and help yourself to anything and everything. The foods are normally grouped into categories, Starters, Salads, Carvery, seafood, various World Cuisines, and then dessert. But the order and combination is totally up to you.

Big favorites are always seafood. Crab legs and Claws, Oysters Shrimp, and Sushi always take a hammering. As do the Carvery Stations where huge joints of Prime Rib, Tri-Tip, Brisket, Ribs, Turkey, and Sausages are carved up and slapped on the plate by a helpful assistant. Don’t be shy, they will provide whatever you ask for.

Some Stations provide live cooking stations for foods that must be cooked to order. Omelets, Crepes, Steaks, and stir-fry can all be whipped up to your exacting specification.

Bottomless Drinks

Our Favourite option, most buffets now offer the option of bottomless drinks. Here you pay one price, normally around the price of 2 normal drinks, and then just keep getting refills of your preferred beverage.

This works great for a boozy brunch or indulgent dinner and can save some serious cash if you are one for hitting the drinks hard. The better ones offer champagne, and select cocktails but cheaper buffets may just offer beer and wine. It’s never the good stuff, but when you are piling the plate high with food you don’t want to be rationing your drinks.

Just about every bottomless drinks option, we have encountered limits you to 2 hours. This is to stop the people who paid once at a small meal and just sat there getting wasted. I think these are called alcoholics. For us much over an hour in a buffet and we are ready to pop.

When Will the Buffets Re-Open?

Vegas is beginning to open up again after the pandemic shutdown, but there is are signs of the buffets starting back soon. With some even already open, even on limited numbers and hours.

Buffets were the first thing to close and could be the last to re-open. There was even talk of this being the END of Las Vegas (and beyond) buffets!

Several Chain Buffet restaurants in California and Florida such as Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes have gone into permanent liquidation leading many to believe this is the Death knell for the Elaborate and gran Buffets of Las Vegas.

The truth is No one really knows, bloggers and experts all want to tell you “their” truths to seem knowledgable or exaggerate an “inside source”. The Management teams are all tight-lipped and really it is anybody’s guess.

We explore the question in more detail here, including a full list of what is open right now! We expect to fully update the below list in the coming months to accurately reflect the situation on the ground as things open back up.

Buffet Tips.

Walk Around First – There is SO much on offer you can’t possibly try everything. Take it all in a work out what you really want most.

Start Small – It can be hard to judge how much you would actually like to eat and it can be tempting to pile the plates high. But this mixes flavors and makes eating less appetizing. We try and eat as we would in a restaurant. So grab a few appetizers, pause, maybe soup or a fish course, Pause, then some more main meal-type items, pause, seconds, pause, desert.

Try to talk to each other – Even if it’s only about the food. Just because you can behave like a pig in a trough doesn’t mean you should!

Avoid the Stodge and Carbs – We can get unlimited mash, fries, pasta, and rice at home, these just fill you up and are poor choices really, stick to the money items!

TRY NEW THINGS – Buffets are the perfect place to try new foods, flavors, and cuisines. Take small samples of anything you have never tried and if you can’t stomach them, it’s no bigger, just leave and go back for something else. It’s not like a restaurant where you can get selection regret

Try and Save Room For Desert – The deserts are some of the best items on offer. However, we all save them for last and it can be easy to be halfway through your third helping of carvery when you realize there is no room left…

Don’t Waste Food – It’s not only bad manners but some Buffets will actually charge you for intentionally wasting food. Take whatever you want. If something really is not to your liking leave it. But don’t just grab things you know you won’t eat. Yeah, we don’t get it either, but people do this!

Don’t only Eat at Buffets – We love Vegas Buffets, but the truth is they are all a bit samey, and not the best quality at times. It’s also an awful lot of food. We limit Buffets to 1-2x per trip. It’s a splurge and a fun one at that, but with so many other fantastic places to eat in Las Vegas, you really shouldn’t limit yourself to buffets.

That is why you need to know exactly which buffets are best so you can target only the top choices and get the best out of your trip…with that in mind lets get cracking!

Top 10 Las Vegas Buffets

10 – Spice Market at Planet Hollywood – Closed (Covid)

Best for Another trip

  • Breakfast – $19.99 7 – 10am
  • Bunch – $25.99 10am – 3pm
  • Dinner (Prime Rib) – $30.99 3 – 10pm
  • Bottomless Booze – $12.99 Beer, Wine, And Champagne.

There are Issues at the Spice Market at the minute. The Buffet received some water damage a while back and since has drastically reduced its selection. It used to be one of the top buffets on the strip but after this, it has dropped significantly.

With only 4 or five stations open it’s quite restrictive in what is on offer. It still has some great Indian and middle eastern options and has some good vegetarian options but really as it stands you can do better. we can’t quite drop it off our list as we live in hope the Buffet receives some reinvestment and returns to its former glory, but for now, it’s not really recommended.

However, it still finds itself on plenty of best-of lists and recommendations due to its former glory.

9 – Cravings Buffet at The Mirage – Closed (Covid)

mirage restaurant cravings

Best Bottomless Booze

  • Breakfast – $19.99 Mon – Fri 7-11am
  • Lunch – $23.99 Mon – Fri 11am-3pm
  • Brunch – $28.99 Sat-Sun 8am – 3pm
  • Dinner – $32.99 Mon – Fri 3-9pm
  • Weekend Dinner – $34.99 Sat-Sun 3-9pm
  • Bottomless Booze – $12.99

Cravings at the Mirage does not really stand out. It’s not a truly stand-out buffet but it’s actually a really solid offering. The quality is there and the price quite reasonable for a premium strip Buffet.

The Buffet has everything you expect from a top Hotel Buffet, it just lacks a real standout selling point. The Stations on offer include Italian, Latin, American, Wok/Asian, Carving, Fishmonger, and Dessert.

The Carving Station has a great selection of smoked and roast meats and the Fishmonger has Grab Legs and claws on for dinner. The Latin has a fantastic selection of Mexican/Tex Mex foods and this is probably the stand-out section for us. Bottomless Cheesy Nachos always goes down well with us!

A big disappointment is the lack of anything really Polynesian. Being in the Mirage we did expect some type of representation from the region. Alas, there was nothing. Maybe this is being picky…

The Bottomless Booze used to be included but has now been taken away and is a separate charge of $12.99 making it far poorer value. The quality of the included drinks is improved with Mimosa’s, Coctails, and much-improved wine selection but the additional cost sends this buffet tumbling down our list. It is still a top value Strip Buffet though and well worth checking out.

We should point out we rarely pay to eat here. It’s one of our Top MyVegas Rewards so tend to use our LP to dine here rather than paying.

8 – Garden Court Buffet at Main Street Station – Closed (Covid)

Garden Court Buffet

Best Downtown Buffet

  • Breakfast – $10.99 – Mon-Fri 8:30-10:30 am
  • Lunch – $11.99 – Mon-Fri 11:00 am -3:00 pm
  • Dinner – $14.99 – Mon, Wed, Thur 4-9 pm, Sun 4-10pm
  • Champagne Brunch – $15.99 Sat-Sun 7am – 3pm
  • Seafood Dinner – $29.99 – Friday 4-10pm
  • Prime Rib and Scampi Special – $11.99 Tue 4-9 pm
  • Luau Special – $17.99 Sat 4-10 pm

Buffets on Fremont street are not known for their quality and more for their price. The Garden Court bucks this trend significantly while remaining very competitive on price. $10.99 for an all-you-can-eat breakfast is pretty good going and only $15.99 for a Prime Rib and Scampi Dinner is a Cheap dinner!

But the Quality is far better than some of the other Bargain basement Buffets and is comparable with some of the glitzy Strip Buffets for choice and quality. Expect the standard buffet fare as opposed to the single-serving “dishes” provided in the high-end buffets though. Its setting is pretty special too in an old converted station building it has a lot of charm.

Fridays Seafood Dinner is legendary but at $29.99 it loses some of its bargain-basement appeal, but with Crab legs, Crab Claws, Shellfish, and buckets of shrimp it’s pretty special.

The new Dinner option is the Luau Dinner Special, $17.99 gets you a seat at one of the only Luaus in town. We are HUGE Luau fans (Maui Luau’s, Oahu Luau’s) and regularly attend the real deal when in Hawaii. The Garden Court has all the Staples you would expect from a Luau feast, although the food is more modern Polynesian than traditional, but hey you are in Vegas.

Finally, while this is already the best Value Buffet on the list, and probably on the strip, The above prices are for non-members, sign-up for their free loyalty card, and get another 1$ off the price!

7 – Rio’s Carnival World Buffet – Largest Buffet in Vegas – Closed (Covid)

Rio Carnival World

Best For Choice

  • Brunch (Weekend 9 am – 3 pm) – $26.99
  • Dinner – $34.99 3 – 9:30 pm
  • Bottomless Booze – $13.00 (Beer and House Wine)

This is a Whopper. Over 200 dishes available and it is probably easier to talk about what you can’t get here…there isn’t much much. The Buffet covers most cuisines and is one of the most expansive in Las Vegas. In recent years the quality and choice have dipped from their peak. But still, the most common phrase used to describe the choice is WOW.

The Champagne Brunch includes unlimited Mimosa’s so you can get things going nice and early at the weekend!

However, it’s off-strip and we are struggling to think of a real reason to head all the way down there just for the buffet. It’s good but not that good and has some stiff competition to come…

One Standout Buffet in Las Vegas was the Rio Seafood Buffet, however, this became uneconomical and was merged into the carnival. The Demise of the Rio Seafood buffet is also disappointing, anyone looking for the old endless seafood and bottomless lobster will not be satisfied by the new Combined Buffet. This brings the Rio Buffet Tumbling down the list. With the Seafood upgrade…it was easily worth the trip off the strip, now we only really suggest dining here if you are staying here or are at the Rio for other reasons, such as the GREAT pool or Rooftop Club, Voodoo!

6 – Bellagio Buffet – Open July 16th

Bellagio the buffet
  • Breakfast – $26.99 Mon – Fri 7-11am
  • Lunch – $30.99 Mon – Fri 11am-3pm
  • Dinner – $41.99 Mon – Thurs 3-10pm
  • Gourmet Dinner – $46.99 Fri-Sun 3-10pm
  • Weekend Brunch – $36.99 or $58.98 Unlimited Champagne Fri – Sun 7am-3pm
  • Bottomless Booze – $22.99 2for1

6th Place seems a bit harsh on the Bellagio Buffet. In all honesty, it is a very good offering as you would expect from the home of opulent indulgence. Its low rank is more a reflection of the competition rather than the Quality of the Bellagio.

The Biggest downside to the Bellagio is it’s just nothing special. It has everything you would expect and it’s all cooked and prepared very well and the prices are not horrific for a premium Strip Buffet. But it just lacks that WOW of the buffets coming up.

We Happily eat here on comps and My Vegas Rewards but if spending our own money we think you can do better. And this year’s price hike has made it even less appealing!

5 – Aria Buffet – Closed (Covid)

Aria Buffet

Best Seafood and all-round excellence.

  • Breakfast – $25.99 Mon – Fri 7-9am
  • Brunch – $30.99 Mon – 9am-3pm
  • Weekend Brunch – $35.99 7am-3pm
  • Dinner – $40.99 Mon-Fri 3pm-10pm
  • Gormet Dinner – $45.99 Sat-Sun 3pm-10pm
  • All Day Pass – $60 … No one can eat that much surely?
  • Bottomless Booze – $19.99 (Beer+Wine, Selected Cocktails, and Champagne)

With the demise of the Seafood upgrade at Rio, The Aria Buffet picks up the handle for the best Seafood Buffet in Vegas. And on top of this, it’s a top-quality buffet too. The Quality here has not slid at all.

The Aria Hotel is all about Modern elegance and Luxury and this is carried over into the fantastically modern decor of the buffet. But you can for the food. The selection is top-notch. The BBQ Meats section is divine, with Huge cuts of Smoked Beef and Turkey and Big fat Smoked Sausages to die for. There is the Indian Section with an actual Tandoor for Real Naan Bread, Tandoori Chicken, and other Indian delights (We are from Britain and we like our Curry!) There are Italian, American, Asian, Latin Mediterain and salad Stations as well. Deserts are pretty staggering with restaurant-style individual servings that will make you regret going back for some extra Brisket!

The Star Station for most is the Seafood section. Endless Crab legs, Crab Claws Shrimp, and shellfish all fresh and delicious. There are sever hot fish and seafood dishes too such as Paella.

And there is Poke…we love Poke!

4 – Sterling Brunch at Bally’s – Closed (Covid)

Lobster sterling brunch

Best for Indulgent Luxury

  • Brunch – $135
  • Bottomless Booze – $Included in Price

The Price is utterly ludicrous and unjustifiable. But this is Vegas, The City of disgraceful excess and the Sterling Brunch is the epitome of this vulgarness. If such displays of indulgence offend you, Vegas is not your town. So for us, it’s a case of When in Rome! And Rome is GOOD! So Good you are going to need to book well in advance

The Sterling Brunch has a very limited offering but it’s all Super high Quality and Select Cuts. The Star of the Show is always going to be the Lobster. All you can eat Lobster and Champagne is always going to be a winner. It’s Champagne too. Most included Champagne is Californian and as such NOT Champagne at all but fizzy wine. This is real French Nicolas Feuillatte. Unlike most buffet’s you will not be waiting for refills, your glass is filled every time you begin to run low.

sterling Brunch Las Vegas3

On top of the Lobster and Champagne, there are some really fantastic options. The Best Seafood of any Buffet, With Fresh Oysters, King Crab legs, Huge Shrimp, Caviar, and a verity of Crab Claws.

The Sushi Station (with Sake) is the best sushi you will find in any buffet and the carving meats are next level including Fantastic Steaks and Lamb racks.

Put Simply this place defies belief and is a real must-do. You were only going to lose that $135 on Blackjack anyway. In the Sterling Buffet, you can’t lose!

Did we mention the Bottomless Lobster and Champagne?

Want to know more Check out our in-depth review here

3 – Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan – Open

Wicked Spoon

Best Boozy Brunch

  • Brunch – $29 Mon – Thur 8am – 5pm
  • Weekend – $36 Fri – Sat 8am – 3pm
  • Dinner – $42 Mon – Thur 5 – 10pm (Closed)
  • Weekend Dinner – $49 Fri – Sun 3 – 10pm (Closed)
  • Bottomless Booze – $17 Beer and Wine, Champagne, Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas for Brunch


Full Review from our latest Visit

If you are looking for a boozy brunch that doesn’t quite bust the bank as much as the Sterling, then The Wicked Spoon is a perfect choice. Wicked was the first of the Super Buffet’s that completely changed the landscape of the Las Vegas Buffet World.

The Secret was to replace the large, heated trays of slop with individually served mini dishes. This enabled the Buffet to serve restaurant-quality dishes rather than just a mish-mash of dishes pilled onto a plate. This changed everything and became the model used in the other buffets.

Wicked Spoon Buffet Starter!

Today Wicked Spoon still provides the same incredible individual dishes along with some of the more usual fare. Quality is a little off what it once was and this seems to be a recurring theme across Vegas. But this is still one of the absolute best. For Dinner, we head elsewhere but for an amazing boozy brunch, this is still our favorite choice for quality variety and value.

We hear a lot of “not what it used to be!” reviews, but we feel most of these are rose-tinted glasses or cases of over expectations, it’s still a phenominal buffet and really keenly priced considering the competition!

2 – The Bacchanal at Caesars Palace – Open

Red velvet pancakes at Bacchanal Caesars Palace

Best Show Stopper

  • Breakfast – $39.99 Mon – Fri 7:30am – 11pm
  • Weekend Breakfast – $54.99 Mon – Fri 11am – 3pm
  • Brunch – $44.99 Mon – Fri 7:30am – 11pm
  • Weekend Bunch – $59.99 Sat-Sun 11 – 10pm
  • Dinner – $54.99 Mon – Thur 3 – 10pm
  • Weekend Dinner = $64.99 Fri – Sun 3 – 10pm
  • Bottomless Booze – $19 Beer, Wine, and Mimosas


Where the Wicked Spoon went the Bacchanal followed but it took the $100 million investment Ceasars gave it and took the buffet a whole new level. The enormous Bacchanal Buffet is like nothing else on earth. One visit is not even going to scratch the surface of what is on offer. Most dishes are served in the small plate format and are excellent quality.

Real Imagination and flair are used to create the dishes and it really is foodie heaven. The Chefs are right on trend as well so Red Velvet Pancakes, Avocado on toast (With Crab), and Chicken and Waffle are all present along with restaurant classics like Truffle deviled eggs, Lobster Egg Benedict and applewood smoked wagyu.

All the Buffet Favourites are present too like prime rib, Pizza, Carvery meats, Sushi, and Dim Sum. The Seafood section is also top-notch stacked with Crab Legs, Shrimp, Oysters, and Claws.

The desserts are a thing of beauty and the taste to match. Fresh Crepes, a Myriad of cupcakes, Creme Brulee, Fantastic Gelato and a Myriad of other little sweet treats

Is there a downside, yeah, the $65 Price tag for a weekend dinner! It’s probably worth it but it does sting the wallet. Keep an Eye on Group-on as they periodically have some great offers.

1 – The Buffet at Wynn – Open

Wynn Buffet

Best Quality

  • Weekday Brunch – $40.99 Mon – Fri 7.30 am – 3:30 pm
  • Weekday Dinner – $59.99 Sun – Thur 3:30 – 9:30pm
  • Gourmet Brunch –$50.99 – Sat-Sun 7:30am – 3:30pm
  • Gourmet Dinner – $65.99 Fri – Sat 3:30 – 9:30pm
  • Bottomless Booze – $22.99 Beer, Wine, Sangria And Mimosas *awaiting confirmation

Here it is our Number one Pick for Best Las Vegas Buffet.

Walking into the Buffet at Wynn is a little like walking into Willy Wonkers Chocolate Factory. Its Decor is utterly stunning and very surreal. With, Huge bright floral Displays contrasting clean white lines it is a wonderful place to visit. Then you start eating.

The Deserts are out of this world. And play to the Wonker theme with mini dessert cones, Madeline candy apples, Cake Pops and warm Chocolate Lava Cake, and a million other treats.

The Savoury offering isn’t too imaginative, it is really just the standard Buffet Menu but everything is top quality, fresh, and perfectly prepared. It’s not a brash and over-the-top place trying too hard to be noticed. It just does everything right.

Final Thoughts

It’s a close call between the Wynn and Bacchanal, honestly, it’s very hard to call both are stunning Buffets, with Bacchanal providing the theatre and Drama whereas the Wynn is just Perfection, as you would expect from the stunning Wynn hotel. The Wynn pips it as the Bacchanal prices are just so steep and the Brilliance of the Wynn comes at a much more reasonable cost. Neither will leave you disappointed, however.

The wicked Spoon may be a victim of its own success it was so highly rated as the realities of running a restaurant bite and costs need to be cut the quality has been allowed to skip slightly meaning people are more often left a little disappointed. It’s still a great shout for a boozy brunch.

Of course, if we could visit just one before we die, it would be the sterling brunch. This is bucket-list dining at it’s finest! It is by far the best Buffet in Vegas but only gets to Number 4 due to THAT price.

Have Your Say

Let us know your favorite Buffet? Was it on our list? Or do you think we have made a terrible omission? Have you tried any of our top 10 and had a disaster experience? Everyone has their off days but do you feel the quality is slipping? Let us know below if you have anything to say about the Las Vegas Buffet Scene. And if you have any questions just fire away in the comments below.

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30 thoughts on “What Is The Best Buffet In Las Vegas 2021 – Top 10 Buffets in Las Vegas”

  1. My boss will is going to Las Vegas on a business trip next month, so got me to look for places to eat in Vegas.

    He will be there on Thursday and Friday. Since he is a vegetarian, I may recommend him The Mirage as it offers a wide variety of selection. Or do you have any better suggestions for vegetarians? To me, the Carveries look awesome but no good for a Veggie!

    Great Post


    • Hi,

      Mirage is a great all-rounder and he will definitely find something good to eat there.

      The Spice Market at Planet Hollywood doesn’t do too well on our list but it has quite a good vegetarian selection with lots of tasty options from the middles east and India. This is what it does best now and for a vegetarian, it might still make a great choice. 

      Thanks for reading


  2. What a great guide to the buffets in Las Vegas.  I used to live super close to there, and so I have visited quite often.  I really didn’t realize there were so many great buffet options.  My and my girlfriends did the pool hopping 😀  I couldn’t see myself ordering the bottomless drinks, but Caesar’s Palace is on my bucket list for hotels to stay at.  So I really want to try The Bacchanal at Caesars Palace for their buffet.  Thanks for the great selection!

    • Hi

      We would love to live local to Vegas, all though maybe with our penchant for bottomless drinks that would not be a good idea!

      Caesars is an awesome hotel and one of our favorites in the city. The Bacchanal is an incredible buffet, any of our top three are just incredible very few people come away disappointed.

      Thanks for reading


  3. The Buffet at Wynn looks like a real ringer. Top quality with a fair price as well. It does have that Willy Wonka’s look, I must say, which for me would be an endless craving for the greatest desserts they have to offer. If I’m ever catching a Golden Knights game on a Vegas Vacation, I’m definitely making time to visit this buffet. 

    • Yeah, Dessert is a big issue at Vegas Buffets, they are always incredible but remembering to leave room with all the other fantastic things on offer can be tricky. They are definitely the star of the show at Wynn!

      Hope you get to try them out soon!


  4. I’m planning to storm Las Vegas very soon! and I can’t wait to check out some of these awesome buffets!

    Vegas has been on my list of places to visit for a LONG time and I intend love to enjoy every bit of my trip over there.

    Hopefully, there are some tasty but still healthy options on the buffets?

    • Hi,

      Hope you have a great trip to Vegas, we are heading out again very soon. 

      Yes, there are loads of healthy options available. Every Buffet will have a big Salad Station on top of numerous options on the various stations. The problem is being all you can eat, even taking the healthy options can still add up to a whole load of calories. And if you are not going to go hard maybe an All You Can Eat buffet isn’t the best choice.

      Have a great trip


  5. Good afternoon Steve and Katie,

    Here I come across one of your great posts. I must say this one is a very yummy one.

    I love buffets and sometimes go to a WOK one on the coast. Good quality and value. 

    Good advice to have a look around first and not fill up on things you eat at home. 

    I think I would like to try the Aria buffet first as I love seafood. 

    In total, I find these buffets rather pricey compared to the Costa del Sol but then Vegas is Vegas right? I will have to go there at least once in my life.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi Taetske, 

      Thanks for Reading. 

      Yeah, the Seafood at Aria is really good.

      The Buffets in Vegas are a bit pricy than elsewhere but when you see the quality, variety, and quantity you will probably see where that cash is going.



  6. Damn, as a food lover, you just wet my appetite sooooooo badly! I read through very excitedly. My sister was telling me of her trip to Las Vegas late last year and how she thoroughly enjoyed the food, from Indian, to Japanese to Middle Eastern and I promised myself that I just have to add Las Vegas to my bucket list and here you are providing me with the best top 10 buffet in Las Vegas for 2019.

    I am also quite surprised with the prices, I expected all of them to be off the roof but they aren’t bad for buffet, not a one time restaurant meal but a eat-anything-you-can meal. It’s not as expensive as I envisioned it would be,so this is a plus, I just have to save the money for the food adventure now as I already have the work made easier for me by this list. And I can’t wait to be at the Rio’s Carnival World Buffet, that’s the buffet I’m trying out first.  

    • Hi Vapz,

      Great to see we have got you hungry, I must admit just writing this was hard as we were constantly hungry writing about all the incredible foods on offer. 

      Some of the Buffets like the Rio are surprisingly cheap but others really are pretty pricey but they are really worth it as it is a feast of little compare! 

      Hope you get to Rio Soon and enjoy the huge selection they have there.


  7. Hi Steve,thank for this excellent article I really loved the way you broke things down so we could get a better understanding, although the Las time I visited Las Vegas I made a trip to Rio Carnival world buffet because I have heard alot about it i wanted to give them a try,but I never knew that they were other better Buffet’s I would try one those one especially your No1 choice when i fome next.thanks ones again for this article.

    • Hi David,

      Just about every hotel has it’s own all you can eat buffet, this list only really skims the cream of them off the top there are many many more out there. The Rio Carnival is a shadow of its glory days and you really can do better now.

      Hope you get back to Vegas soon to check out some more Buffets


  8. It’s nearly twenty five years since I was last in Las Vegas so this article was a real eye opener for me. I remember the all you can eat shrimp buffet at Caesar’s Palace was amazing, but it seems that things have moved on, both in terms of the quality, but also the variety of food on offer. This is a great guide to buffets in Las Vegas, Well done for doing so much research.

    • Hi,

      Yep Vegas has completely transformed in the last couple of decades, you should definitely check it out and see just how different the place is. The buffets have come along way since the ultra-cheap all you can eat shrimp buffets of yesteryear.

      If by research you mean stuffing our faces on all our trips then yeah, we did good! 


  9. Hey thank you for the awesome post!  I’m planning on visiting Las Vegas in the future, and if there is one thing I love, as well as my wife, it is a great Buffet!  I was reading though your article, and the one buffet that caught my attention the most was the Aria Buffet! Seafood is absolutely amazing, and if there is a buffet of seafood, I’m all about that!

    • The Aria Buffet is really impressive, The seafood is the star of the show but there is a whole lot more going on besides, with an all toy can drink pass you are sure to have an amazing time at the Aria! 


  10. Great question! I know that Vegas is known for its amazing buffets, so this information can be invaluable when it comes to planning a trip. I’ve definitely heard good things about Aria buffet and Wicked Spoon, but places like Garden Court Buffet at Main Street Station is something I haven’t heard so much about. I think I have to agree with your #1 pick at the Wynn, and The Bacchanal looks pretty outstanding as well. With so many fine choices to choose from I am sure to get my fill during my next Vegas trip. I’ll save your post for when it’s soon time to travel and also share with some friends who enjoy Vegas as much as I do. Thanks for the great recommendations and keep up the good work!

    • Hi,

      Glad you enjoyed reading the post, we certainly enjoy doing the research for this one as it involves us stuffing ourselves with food on a regular basis! It really is hard to pick just one Buffet i in the City as even the poor ones are still pretty awesome, but the top end such as the Wynn, The Bacchanal, and Wicked spoon are just incredible! 

      Hope you have a great time feasting on your next visit!


  11. Great guide! I have learned a lot. 

    Unfortunately, I have never been to Las Vegas! But, We are definitely planning a trip in the near future, so getting the research in now! I will definitely refer back to this page nearer the time. I have heard a lot about Vegas Buffets but never knew they offered such variety and quality, I just thought they were alters of gluttony! 

    It is always good to know about such places.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Igor,

      Glad to see you getting a head start on your Vegas Research. Yes, Vegas Buffets have changed a lot in recent years and continue to do so. We are looking forward to getting back and checking up on the best and our favorites.

      Hope you have a great trip


  12. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for your fantastic reviews, very helpful. We are returning in May for our sixth trip in ten years. What’s your comments on Mandalay Bay buffet (Bayside), we eaten there in the past and been impressed?
    Regards john

    • Hi John,

      We do like the Mandalay Bay Buffet, but we do not get out there that often. We do not find anything completely stand out about the bayside. The Mandalay Bay has a pretty captive audience, so they just do enough with the Buffet to keep the Guests happy and from leaving for other buffets without doing enough to draw people in.

      The Buffet just isn’t special enough to head all the way over the Mandalay Bay just for the buffet, however, if you are staying there or are there for other reasons it’s a pretty good meal, it just lacks that special something to get it in the top ten.

      To be honest, it is probably on par with the Mirage, and we are about to reformulate the list as the Mirage only got on due to included alcohol which has now been removed!

      But if you want something special the Wicked Spoon, Bacchanal or Wynn, just blow the others out the water, unless you can plump the extra for the Sterling Brunch.

      Have a great trip in May,


  13. Wow. Thank you for sharing this post. It’s been the most appetizing article I’ve come across. I was looking at the prices and they’re a little steep, but it sure looks worth it. I’ve never been to Las Vegas yet but we are planning a trip later this year, I’ll be sure to check your website first. I already bookmarked it. Thank you!

    • Hi Sonny, 

      Yeah, the Buffets in Las Vegas are definitely on the steeper side price-wise, however, the quality of what is included is incredible! These are not an everyday type of eatery but a real treat! We think you would probably explode if you tried eating at them often.

      We think of them as an indulgent treat! and remember you really don’t need much else to eat on any day you hit the buffet! 

      Hope you have a great time in Vegas


  14. Hi, we are heading to Las Vegas early next year. I have always wanted to Vist a legendary Las Vegas Buffet. The Bacchanal has been high on my list for years, it looks so incredible. 

    Do you think the Buffets will be open again by Feb? 

    Also if they do open up what are the vegetarian options like? I know the meat stations are big in these buffets but are there good choices for those of us who don’t eat meat? 


    • Hi Shanta,

      Buffets are slowly opening up but in a very different format. 

      They are sure to open in some capacity as the demand increases, but for now, Vegas is still very quiet and the demand for the buffets low. But as it picks up they are sure to open back up. Feb is possible unlikely as a lot of demand for the buffets comes from the Conference crowd and they are pretty much all postponing or going online.

      It’s going to be a tough winter for Vegas. 

  15. We had to put our plans to visit Las Vegas on hold due to the pandemic! We know Vegas is open again but we are still not really ready to visit just yet. We are planning on visiting around May time Next year! We really want to visit a Few Buffets and this Guide is invaluable to us!

    Thanks so much for review all the Buffets, We are big fans of Seafood so can’t wait for unlimited Shrimp, Oysters Crabs Legs, and even Lobster! The Sterling looks incredible, but might be out of our price range! 

    Can’t wait, hope they are all back open by then! 

    • Hi Rhain,

      Yep, we too have had out Anual Vegas Visit canceled! Along with all our other trips for the year! So disappointing!

      We are hoping to get back in spring and like you hope the Buffets are open by then, there is no doubt they will reopen once demand and safety allow but when that will be is anyones guess! It could be a whole new world by then! 

      Good luck on your trip and thanks for reading


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