Best Rooms At The Mirage Las Vegas – Which Room To Book At The Mirage?

If you are looking to Stay at the Mirage Las Vegas you may be a little confused by the different room types and which to choose when staying at the Mirage. This article takes a look at which are the Best Rooms At The Mirage Las Vegas. We take a look at what the different rooms offer, how much you can expect to pay and what the difference between the different room types really is so you can book the most appropriate room for your stay. So if you are wondering which Room to Book for your stay here is everything you need to know.

2023 UPDATE: in 2021 the Mirage Hotel was bought by the Hard Rock International group. The plans are to transform the Mirage NHotel into a new and first Hard Rock Hotel and Casino right on the Strip. Renovations dates and details are scarce so please keep this in mind when booking a room at the Mirage in the near future. Which you must absolutely do before the hotel is transformed forever!

Best Rooms At The Mirage Las Vegas

Mirage Room Base Prices

The following Table is the Base prices for each of the room types. The chances of paying these Prices are astronomically small! Room prices in hotels are based on a live market where prices fluctuate based on supply and demand. However, the base prices give a good idea of how the different levels of room compare to each other. As we look in-depth at the room types we give an idea of the range of prices you will actually pay, and the high and low ends of the room type.

Room TypeWeekday PriceWeekend Price
Resort (King or 2 Queen)$109$140
Strip View (King or 2 Queen)$140$180
Volcano View (King or 2 Queen)$140$180
Tower King$130$170
Stay-Well (King or 2 Queen)$140$180
Stay-Well (Suite)$249$350
One-Bedroom Suite$249$350

Mirage Las Vegas Room Types

The Mirage was built with quite a simple plan compared to many Las Vegas Hotels and the Roms should be really easy to understand. However, in an effort to squeeze a little more out of guests for basically the same rooms there are a few different tiers.

These almost all consist of premium Views. The Room layouts are all the same apart from the suites and villas. And only the Stay-Well rooms differ in any meaningful way, So essentially all you need to decide is what level of view you want to pay for.

Mirage Room Views

Run Of The House

When available the Run of the House rooms are not a room type at all. They are promotions and a bit of a gamble. Essentially they are a promotional rate that does not guarantee any room type in particular, but you could end up with a much better room than the money you put down. In the Mirage then you are at least guaranteed the Resort ling/2 Queen There are no worse rooms in the house, however, you are likely to have saved a few $ over booking those specifically.

At Check-in if there is availability you may get bumped up to a higher class of room than you paid. There is however no guarantee of this, and no real set rules on how these are assigned. As a guest, you have no way of knowing the decision process and simply hope the Check-in assistant plays fair. If you are happy with the basic room type then you can’t really lose as the worst case is you get that, but if your heart is set on a particular view, we tend to not think the gamble is worth it.

Resort King or 2 Queen

  • Price $80-140 (per night)
  • Best for – People looking for the best value and will not be in their room much
Resort King Mirage

All Room types come in one of two styles King or Two Queen. These are the same rooms. Same views, amenities, etc it is simply whether you want a huge kingsized bed or two (still quite large) Queen beds. This is simply a personal preference based on intended sleeping requirements.

The Resort Rooms are the basic room types. They come with a view that will be less than ideal. You may get a fantastic view out over las Vegas and the Mountains beyond but you will not get a view out over the strip. Also, some of these rooms are on low floors and the view can be pretty terrible. It’s hit-and-miss as to how good or bad the view can be. If you get a high floor then the view can be pretty wonderful, it’s just not a strip view, and if you get stuck on a low floor…well we hope you like rooftops and parking lots.

The Standard Rooms are still nice rooms. All the non-Suite rooms are the same size and layout and outfitting (apart from the Stay-Well) They just have different views depending on the location in the building.

The rooms are 395 sqft and come with a large Vanity Mirror and desk, separate desk and seating area, one or two large comfy beds mini-bar (Charged), TV, and Black-out blinds. They are not the most modern room in Vegas, but they are still well-appointed and very pleasant to stay in. The Art is tasteful and floral and really adds a nice touch.

The bathroom is all marble and well-lit with a movie-style back-lit mirror. The Shower is over a tub (no plug!) and not the walk-in we would expect but we know some prefer a tub (bring a plug!).

Overall they are really high-quality rooms for a basic type. If you are just looking for a great place to lay your head the basic rooms are just about perfect.

Strip View King or 2 Queen

Mirage Strip View

Of course is a View is important to you, which for so many visiting the City it is, then a Strip View room is essential. Like the basic, these come in two formats, King and 2 Queen. These are the exact same rooms as the Resort rooms, they just guarantee you a room that overlooks the Strip. Even then you are still not guaranteed the best view of the strip, the layout of the building, a Y-shape, means there are six possible vistas available, the Strip view can be any of the 4 angles that offer a view of the Strip.

You do not get a say in which of these you get, you are just guaranteed a Strip View at Check-in. We always suggest asking for the view you prefer. Technically the strip views rooms are limited to the views marked strip on our graphic above (Click), but they do sometimes put you in the volcano view rooms as these are also strip-view. You can of course request this at check-in but they are not obliged to give you one. If a Volcano View room is important to you, make sure you book specifically.

Remember these rooms are the EXACT same rooms as the Resort rooms, they just have a different view. Ask for a high floor and request the “Best View” as per our diagram when checking in. The low floors offering strip views are not the best but even floors 10 and above do offer clear, unobstructed views of the Strip.

Volcano View King or 2 Queen

Mirage volcano room view
Northeast Volcano View

Again these are identical to the Standard and Strip View rooms, however, all these rooms face out over the famous Mirage Volcano. The view is also a strip view and either looks northeast up the strip or southwest down the strip. Both of these are nice views with the north-east view taking in more of the strip. Both however are fairly distant from the volcano and the show does not really play out too well from the rooms.

Overall a Volcano view is a far cry from having a Fountain View at the Bellagio (or other surrounding casinos) and it really lacks the wow, you thought you were getting. The view, in general, is good but the Strip Views looking south over the pool are better, however, both volcano View pools offer better views than the Southwest Strip View.

Essentially there is no way to secure the best views at the Mirage, this is simply a case of requesting a particular view at check-in and hoping you have an accommodating Check-in Clerk.

Tower King

The Tower King Rooms are once again exactly the same as the other rooms, only this time you are guaranteed a High Floor. The Tower View Rooms are situated on the 24th and 25th floors and offer sky-high views. The problem with the Tower kings is you have no say over the direction of the view, you can get any six of the vistas we have mentioned above!

Again Negotiation at Check-in is all-important. You can be assured you will get a great view as the view out over the city to the mountains is pretty epic, but it’s not the strip and this is what most people want from a Las Vegas Hotel View. If you do get a Strip view, be it Volcano or over the pool the view is staggering. From the top floors, the City really sparkles and comes alive, but when you get stuck with the city and mountain views you can feel shortchanged.

Other than the high floor and personal elevators there is no real difference between these and the regular resort rooms. It is worth noting however these are king only, there is no dual queen bed option on this floor, which could obviously impact your decision.


Finally, we get into the upgraded rooms. These are still Exactly the same layout as the others only they have had MGM’s Stay-Well Makeover. The Rooms are all on the 12th floor and you run into exactly the same issue as the Tower King, there is no guarantee which way the room will face.

The Stay-Well experience is however pretty wonderful. You are allocated your own private elevators and the wellness begins the moment the elevator door opens. The intense Aromatherapy scents waft over you and after being on a smokey stuffy casino floor or dry aris desert this purified and scented air is really quite amazing.

Once in the room, the Scents continue. There is an upgraded Memory Foam Mattress on which we slept like babies, a funky mood lighting system that changes the color and brightness of the room and can even replicate sunrise. We were super impressed by this but have since purchased an Alexa and Phillips Hue bulb at home so are a little less blown away by the effects now. They are still pretty fun though and non-Alexa users will love them. The TVs are upgraded and have an awesome Aquarium mode which we love.

In the Bathroom there are upgraded bath products and the Water is purified and drinkable straight from the tap. There is also a fancy spa showerhead that provides an incredible blast of water.

Really on paper, the upgrades are small but they add up to quite a nice little package that really enhances your stay. Just that blast of fragrance as you exit the elevator is probably worth it as overall the cost of the Stay-Well is pretty modest really. We happily chose the Stay-Well Rooms every time, on condition we can secure a Strip or Volcano View!


We have found that when booking a specific room type, such as Volcano, Strip, Tower, or Stay-Well the Check-In clerks have always been very amiable in making you happy if you do not get the view you desire. For example, we booked a tower King but all the Strip View options were taken, however, we were able to swap over to a Stay-Well with Volcano view for free. As long as you booked a more expensive room they seem happy to swap you around as long as there is availability. If you just book the Resort or Run of the House there is little chance of swapping your room unless you pay for the upgrade or try the $20 Trick!

Mirage Suites

If you want more than the standard 395 Sqft Studio Room then you need to look at the Suites. There is a sharp jump in price as the floor space doubles and availability plummets. The Mirage did not factor in too much of its floor space to Suites and as such the few available are pretty pricey.

They are pretty swanky though even the basic Suite is 820 sqft with a living area, Kingsize Bed with Pop-up TV, Dual Bathrooms, Floor to Ceiling windows, a wet bar, an ice maker, and an upgraded sound system.

Prices start to jump significantly from the basic rooms and even a short stay is pretty costly and starts to push the Mirage distinctly out of the mid-priced range. If you can bag an upgrade, consider yourself very lucky.

The big downside is the view. Sure these are all high floors so the views are excellent, however, there is no choice of direction so it’s luck of the draw whether you are getting a phenomenal Strip View, or looking out over the city and mountains. at $250+ a night you can feel pretty hard done by not getting a Strip View!

There are a selection of one and two-bedroom suites that offer more of the same. These have been recently renovated and are seriously impressive. The space is just huge, with living and dining areas, twin bathrooms, plush bedrooms, and elevated views. The 2 Bedroom starts to really make sense for larger groups if you can share the space and split the price.


The Penthouse suites are similar to the regular suites but are next-level in terms of finish. These are on the highest floor and all offer stunning views of the Strip. The Prices, for what are some of the finest rooms in the property are not THAT much more than the regular suites and if you are pushing the boat out then maybe it’s worth going the whole way.


  • Price – $2000-$8000
  • Best For – Those who don’t look at prices
mirage villas

If the thought of slumming it with the RifRaff is revolting to you then you will be wanting to consider the Villas. One Bedroom Lanai Villas, two or three-bedroom Luxury Garden Villas all with private pools and Garden Areas, Plush appointments, and personal Butlers, it’s the stuff we mortals do not really ever get to experience.

Prices Start at $2000 a night for the One bedroom and $6000 and up for the two, it’s the sort of money we can only dream of spending to stay in Vegas, and if you can afford that then you will certainly have someone on hand to sort this type of thing out for you!

Which Room to Choose at the Mirage?

Really it is all down to how important the View is to you. We are not overly fans of the Volcano View, it is just too distant, but the reality is they offer great Strip Views too. The Best Strip View is from the south-facing rooms overlooking the pool so if you choose Strip View make sure you ask for that view.

The Tower King are great views but you are not guaranteed a strip View, just a high floor, which is a shame. If they cannot offer a Strip View at Check-in consider asking to move to a room that does offer a strip View, even a Stay-Well, they are usually accommodating.

For us, the Stay-Well rooms are still the best if the Standard layouts. The purified and scented air really is the perfect tonic for the stuffy smoky casino floor. And the Beds are just that much comfier than the regular ones. Again you have the issue with the view, but you normally end up with a Strip or volcano and the extras help to make up for that disappointment if not.

Of curse if the budget runs to it the Suites are phenomenal, and really are living the high life. Whereas the Villa’s are really just for those who no longer have to worry about money!

Have Your Say

Which room did you choose when staying at the Mirage? How did the View Measure up to your expectations? What else did you like or dislike about the room? How were the amenities, the bathroom, the bed? Did you book a Suite or a Stay-Well? Again, what did you think of these? Whatever your experience we would love to hear from you, and any questions just fire away below in the comments.

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