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The Mirage Las Vegas Pool Review – Everything You Need To Know About The Mirage Pool

One of the Mirage’s best-selling features is its amazing pool Deck. This Is a Tropically planted paradise where you really can kick back and let the stresses of daily life and Las Vegas simply melt away. But less of the Marketing bumf, we really do however love the Mirage Pool. It is our go-to happy place where we can relax surrounded by cooling water, towering palms, and even a host of tropical birds that have made the Mirage Pool their home.

If you are thinking of staying at the Mirage the Pool is likely high up on your list of considerations. So we put together our The Mirage Las Vegas Pool Review to let you know exactly what to expect when visiting Mirage’s amazing pool complex. If you are still deciding where to stay and the pool is an important factor in your decision then this Guide should help you understand exactly what you are getting when you stay at the Mirage. It is a great pool deck with a lot going on so we break everything down so you know exactly how to get the best out of the Mirage Pool.

Of course, since the Hard Rock International Group bought the mirage Hotel in 2021, change is coming to the Mirage. There are no exact dates on the refurbishments or details of what the pool or interior of the new Hard Rock Hotel is going to look like once it has changed. So for now at least, read on and enjoy the Mirage pool and all it has to offer.

Mirage Pool falls

The Mirage Pool Deck Las Vegas

  • Location – Mirage Las Vegas
  • Pools2 – Main Pool plus Quiet Pool (Paid)
  • Bars and Restaurants – 2 Restaurants, 1 Bar
  • Theme – Tropical Paradise with a shallow natural pool, waterfalls, and Palm Trees.
  • Drink Prices – Cocktails – $15-12oz/$24-32oz – Beers $9.50/Bucket of 5 $40

The Mirage pool is a large Naturally shaped pool surrounded by lush tropical plants and towering Palms Trees. Artificial rocks and waterfall installations add to the tropical theme and the theming transforms this corner of the Mojave desert into a wonderful tropical oasis. Right in the heart of the City, the sunken location does a great job of filtering out any indication you are right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. The pool is quiet, relaxing and overall just a really pleasant place to while away the hours.

If this sort of tropical paradise sounds right up your street then The Mirage might just be your perfect Las Vegas Hotel. It is certainly one of our favorite choices and the pool hit the number one spot in our best pools in las vegas list. So forgive us when we stray off course and start waxing lyrical about the pool, it really is one of our vegas happy places.

The Different Mirage Pools

There are three main pools available at the Mirage Pool, Only the Main pool is free to guests the other pools are only available if you reserve a Lounge Chair or Cabana.

Main Pool

The main pool is the central feature of the Mirage pool deck. The large main pool is surrounded by towering Palm Trees, lush plantings, and calming water features. The hues of green and blue transport you to a faraway tropical paradise, well almost. It really is a wonderful place to be and spend a bit of time relaxing, soaking up the desert sun, if you what you need after a day exploring or a night hitting the clubs and bars!

The Pool is not the liveliest in Vegas, it is definitely more of a retreat and a place of relaxation, but even the liveliest people need a little downtime! However, if you are looking for a party pool this probably isn’t it.

All of the lounge chairs around the pool are free to use. There is no reserving of chairs and towels and belongings will be removed if left unattended for too long (think hours though). There are a lot of loungers and the pool does get really busy during busy times. It is rare to find no space at all but it does happen. The most likely worst case is you will not get the beds of your choice and be stuck at the back or next to people you might not choose to be next to!

The Mirage Las Vegas

This leads to a queue forming for the pool really quite early sometimes up to an hour before the pool opens as people rush to get the best seats in the house! Getting in the queue early can really be worth it if you place on spending a good amount of time at the pool, but if it’s just an hour or two downtime, you can always find somewhere to sit and spend more of your time in the pool than on your less than perfect lounger.

We find Cocktail Waitresses pretty scarce at the Mirage. The Large Pool bar relies a bit more on Walk-ups than chair service. If you are very patient, lazy, or lucky you will find a Waitress eventually (and a good tip will ensure she gets back to you pretty promptly). NOTE – COVID-19 Restrictions mean all drinks are served via waitress service only.

mirage pool map

Private Oasis – Quiet Pool

Those that do not fancy the scrum or don’t want to risk a rubbish location can pre-book a Lounge Chair by the Private Oasis, The Mirage’s Quiet pool. You will then be assigned a chair and this will be yours for the day regardless of how often you come and go. You will be assigned a personal Waitress who will bring any food and drinks you require poolside. The Private Oasis is a Side pool that only Private Oasis guests can access so you really do have your own peaceful little getaway. You still have full aces to all the other Amenities that the main pool has you just have your own little space too.

The Chairs are padded and are more comfortable than the regular ones and they are far less tightly packed than the regular pool. There are also Day Beds and Cabanas available at the Private Oasis.

Day Rates for Private Oasis – $25 – $60 per Lounge Chair – $125-$300 for Day Beds


Day Rates for Cabanas – $200 – $600

The Mirage pool has 16 Private Cabanas, each for up to 4 people, 10 by the main pool, and 6 for the private Oasis. The Cabanas are set back in an even more private and quiet part of the pool deck surrounded by tropical plants and pretty hidden from the public. Unfortunately, they are in “clumps” of three so while you get privacy from the outside world, you might be a bit closer to your neighbors than you like!

There is a fridge with water and soft drinks, Snacks, and a fruit plate. You have your own TV and Sofa, SemiPrivate Deck, access to the Cabana only Hot tubs/plunge pools*, cooling misting jets and, of course, your own personal host who will ensure you get everything your heart desires, and your credit card has room for.

The Cabanas are really a great way to enjoy a more intimate and private experience but these are a real Vegas Luxury, don’t expect to see prices under $300 during summer months and are upwards of $500 at weekends. It is a lot of money just to have your own private space by the pool but as a treat really is a great way to spend your pool day!

Book a Cabana Here

*there are public-use hot tubs also but these are for Cabana users only and are often much quieter.

Bare Pool Lounge

Closed due to Covid

mirage nightlife bare pool

Bare is Mirage’s Pool Party / Day Club Venue. The setting is very intimate and decadent. The whole tropical paradise theming is lost and instead, it’s a European-style minimalist pool vibe. Which really means lots of concrete and glass. This is definitely 18+ and tops are optional so make sure you are ok with this! This attracts a young party crowd and there is always a resident DJ playing so the Lounge often attracts big (ish) name DJs to play as well.

This is not our favorite Day Club but it has a certainly decadent vibe to it that attracts a certain clientele. It’s just not really our scene.

Book the Bare Pool Lounge here

Bars and Restaurants

Sitting by a pool all day is hungry and thirsty work so you are going to want to rehydrate and refuel. There are several options that you can enjoy poolside or at a sit-down restaurant/cafe.

Paradise Cafe

The main poolside restaurant. Eat in or have the mean at your sun lounger. This is not high-end cuisine, expect basic American fare. Burgers, tacos, and of course the Vegas Staple of Chicken Tenders! Full Menu is here

The Pool Bar

The Pool bar is the place to head to if all you want is drinks. This Bar is centrally located just by the Paradise Oasis Entrance. It is quite new and does not show on many maps etc. Drinks are not cheap but are standard Vegas Pricing. Cocktails are $15/$16 for 12oz or $27/$28 for a 32oz (+$2 for the souvenir cup that you can reuse/keep) It is the Same price for Frozen Cocktails and even the hilariously titled Retox Drinks (Bloody Mary etc. ) Beers are $10 for domestic or Craft. Which is pretty painful. You are better off buying in bulk as Buckets of 6 are $55 ($9 each) or $110 for 12 (no cheaper if you buy 6 or 12). Still damn expensive but hey you are in Vegas what did you expect!

The Cocktails are pretty good. They are nice and strong and not too sweet and fake tasting. The Recipes are pretty standard across the MGM Properties but you can drink them without sugar rushes and feeling sick due to the sugar. They are obviously mixes and not craft cocktails but that is what you expect when buying 32oz drinks!

This is also one of a few locations in the world where you can grab Dole Whip (Outside of Disneyland!)

Full Price list here

Bare Pool Lounge Bar

If you are attending the Bare Pool then you have a separate bar and separate menu. Prices are higher, but quality is about the same, this is just a “Club-Price” premium. They also offer bottle service, which at $495 for a bottle of Grey Goose is an indulgence shall we say!

Menu here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can only Mirage Guests use the pool?

Only Mirage Guests are able to visit the pool area. Even Cabana Rentals are subject to being a guest at the time of rental. We have however in the past rented Cabanas at resorts without staying there, and they have been perfectly happy to let us use them. But it does ask when renting if you are a guest and there is no guarantee they will honor the booking if not. They will be turning down money, however, and That is not a common practice in Vegas.

Can you bring in outside food and drink?

No, not officially, however, they will not stop you from bringing small amounts in, snacks and bottles of water, etc. Water fountains are available around the pool area so you do not need to bring water with you, but if you want a soda or other soft drink they will not stop you.

outside Alchohol is not allowed however and this is rigorously enforced. If you have drinks with you they will stop you from entering the pool deck. They use the whole “safely” line but it’s just as they want to sell drinks.

An exception to this is any take-way food or drink purchased from anywhere inside the Casino. If you bought it anywhere inside the resort you can take it to the pool. We loved our Carnegie Deli Sandwiches by the pool before that closed down!

Have Your Say

Let us know your thoughts on the Mirage pool, Las Vegas. Have you visited the tropical pool deck before? Are you heading there in the near future? What do you think of the theme, the drinks, the food, and the Vibe? Let us know in the comments below and if you have any questions just fire away.

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8 thoughts on “The Mirage Las Vegas Pool Review – Everything You Need To Know About The Mirage Pool”

  1. Hello-the date on this article is February of 2021. So I am wondering, have you been to the Mirage’s pool since covid? I have read a lot of reviews that say that it’s really hard to even get into the pool area now with all the restrictions. So I am wondering about your take on this. We are taking our daughter there for her 16th birthday and the pool is the big draw. I would hate to not get into the pool. Do you think reserving a lounge chair is a good idea? We going at the end of May.

    • Hi Holly,

      Honestly, things are not great atm, the pool capacity limits are REALLY stretched, and people are required to get in the pool line really early and are still not guaranteed a spot, in which case a virtual Waitlist is being utilized. Reserving Day Bed/Cabana/Lounger is definitely one option, but prices do not look good! Other than that the German Approach is the best chance of success, rise super early and get in the Queue!

      However the GOOD news is as of May 1st Capacity is increasing, so I would wait a few days and see what is happening when the restrictions are eased.

      You are right missing out on the Mirage Pool would be a catastrophe as it really is the best Pool in Vegas!


      • Currently its not difficult to get a spot by the pool as such, the big issue is getting into the pool area at all!

        The pool has a limited capacity dur to cdc guidelines, and once reached the pool is closed to further guest’s.

        At this point they operate a virtual queue, so you sign up and can go about your business until you get the call to return.

        Its far from ideal but is the same accross the city due to restrictions.

        You do need to get there pretty early to get entry without using the virtual queue !


    • Hi,

      You should both be fine!

      There is nothing in the small print to say there is any age limit other than 18+ to BOOK! But that only applies to the person booking, not all the guests.

      When a Pool area is adult only and all guests are required to have ID then the age limit is 21+, not 18+, such as the Bare Pool Lounge at the Mirage. And it clearly states all Guests need a government-approved photo ID to prove 21+

      The Oasis is a quiet pool so all guests are expected to be fairly quiet and respectful of other guests, and maybe young children might be frowned upon, but there should be no issue with your 13-year-old daughter at all, it is certainly not against the terms and conditions and there is nothing at the pool you should be concerned about your daughter seeing. If you both want to be “loud” for a bit you can always head over to the main pool and for some fun, safe in the knowledge your reserved chair will be sat waiting for you!

      Hope you have a great stay, Enjoy Mirage’s amazing pool area!

  2. Mirage by far is my favorite hotel. Have not been to Las Vegas since 2017. Love the pool. Cannot say enough. I have been to other pools but they can’t compare. I always said it was like going to a tropical island.

    • Hi Cheryl, we completely agree, it was our first trip and we were staying in Caesars Palace with a room that overlooked the Mirage Pool. We spent the entire trip jealous of that wonderful oasis!

      Staying at the mirage really reminds us if our spiritual home Maui, and while love being in vegas the mirage still takes us away to our hawaiian paradise!

      Hope you get back to Vegas and the Mirage soon



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