Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Review -Our Guide to Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Caesars Palace is one of the most Iconic Hotels in Las Vegas. Partially as the Resort has been part of the Fabric of the City since its rise as an entertainment Mecca and Party due to the wildly popular Film Franchise the Hangover. But image and reality can often be pretty detached from each other and many places fail to live up to their hype! Is this the case with Caesars Palace?

We take a deep in-depth look at this iconic hotel in our Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Review. Tajin a deep dive into all the facets that make up this mega-resort. We look at the Rooms, the highs the lows, the pools the restaurants, the Casino the Costs, and what there is to do when staying at the resort. While Caesars Palace is an absolute must-see when visiting Las Vegas, we look at whether or not you should actually stay there rather than just pay the resort a visit.

Caesars Palace Fountains

Introduction to Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

  • Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
  • Owner – Caesars Entertainment
  • LocationCentral Las Vegas Strip
  • Theme – Roman Palace
  • Room Rates Mid-Priced ($100-300 a night)
  • Resort Fee – $45 per night
  • Self Parking Fee$18
  • Our Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 Stars
  • Open

Caesars Palace is an absolute behemoth of a Hotel. With just under 4000 rooms it is beaten out by the Venitian, MGM Grand, Wynne, Luxor, and Even Excaliber. But room numbers are a poor measure of hotel size and most of those are technically 2 hotels in one. The sheer scale of the resort’s footprint makes it larger than any other Las Vegas Resort, even the duel hotel resorts such as Venitian/Palazzo and Wynn/Encore. Only the MGM Grand complex has a technically larger footprint but that is main as its second hotel, The Signature MGM is positioned away from the main building. In terms of pure resort space, Caesars comes out on top.

The Casino Floor is one of the largest single floors on the strip, It has a gigantic Shopping center attached, the Forum Shops, it has some of the best restaurants and entertainment venues on the Strip and one of our favorite and most iconic themes of any resort in the world.

Its central location, incredible facilities, excellent rooms, and vibrant and fun theme make it a really great choice to stay, but not everything is rosy in the Palace, The huge size is definitely a double-edged sword, some of the rooms, especially in the older buildings are pretty pokey and dark, the pool deck is a bit all show and no substance, and the public spaces are rammed with casino tourists just passing through.

We take a look at all these in detail below to see if the pros outweigh the cons for you!

Caesars Palace Location

Caesars Palace has one of the finest locations on the strip. There really is very little not to like. Staying centrally is really important for Las Vegas. What most people fail to realize is just how much walking they will have to do in the City. Everywhere you go is a huge slog. This means hotels that are away from most sights and attractions, naturally mean you have even further to hike than those that are central. But what is central is kind of vague, as the strip is just one long road.

Fortunately for Caesars, we tend to define the Bellagio as central and Caesars is right next door. It’s also interconnected to the Forum Shops and right across the street from the Linq Promenade. It really doesn’t get any better than Caesars Palace as far as location goes.

You are still going to end up walking, even if you never leave the resort, its sheer size means just getting from the lobby to your room is a hike, but it’s about as good as it gets. In fact, its colossal size means it’s a major pain in the ass for anyone NOT staying here, it’s just kind of in the way!

History of the Caesars Palace

In its infancy, Las Vegas was all about Downtown, Freemont Street, and the iconic casinos that lined the street. A few hotels were situated along Highway 91 but these were small and a far cry from the mega-resorts we see now. The action was all definitely Downtown. With the completion of the I-15 this stretch of Route 91 became known as Las Vegas Boulevard. And the focus of Vegas began to shift.

Caesars was one of the earliest resorts to open, in 1960 on Las Vegas Boulevard and really changed the whole concept of Las Vegas Hotels. The Concept for the Resort was to allow guests to experience the lavish decadence enjoyed by the Roman emperors. The Palace was not to belong to Caesar, but each guest was to be his or her own Caesars and live the life of an emperor of Rome. (Grammer geeks might be interested to know this is the reason for the missing Apostrophe). While we can’t really speak for those early days the vibe at the casino in modern times leave a lot to be desired on the original concept.

As rivals opened, Caesars shunned the model of most resorts, who sent down the route of bulldozing their resorts and rebuilding. Caesars simply renovated and expanded. Building up around the original complex and adding new towers, a shopping center, the Colosseum Arena, and adding more and more dining and entertainment options.

  • Original Roman (Julius) Tower – 1960
  • Centurion Tower – 1970
  • Forum Tower – 1979
  • Palace Tower – 1998 
  • Forum Shops – 1992 (Expanded in 1997 and 2002)
  • Colloseum – 2003
  • Augustus Tower – 2005
  • Nobu Tower (conversion from Centurion) – 2001
  • Octavius Tower – 2012

It has left the Resort a giant sprawling mass. A web of casino’s pools, shops, and restaurants. It’s is certainly unique and a place not to miss off any Vegas Itinerary.

What We Love

The overall theme is really excellent. Every inch of the public space is themed as a Roman Palace. And we are not talking about a run-down ruin like you find in Modern Day Rome. This is the Empire in its pomp when the Marble gleamed and the stonework was pre-weathered.

The Hotel is also just one of the most iconic locations in all of Vegas. Staying here just has a feeling of history and importance. With so many Tv Shows and Movie appearances, it just feels like you are in the real Vegas. For all this VIP feeling it is also pretty reasonably priced!

Ger the right rooms and you are in for a real treat. We discuss this in length below, but the right room with the right view and you really are in for one of the best in-room experiences of the Strip! (See below though as if you get it wrong!…)

There are a HUGE number of dining options available. While these are open to everyone, not just guests, it’s really convenient to have them on your doorstep. Again we discuss this in length below, but you have one of the best buffets, several Michelin Starred Chefs, Fantastic Budget options, and some great chain restaurants in the Forum, including everyone’s favorite the Cheesecake Factory.

The Forum Shops are like an extension to the Whole resort and you can transition from the Casino straight into the Forum Shops and explore the further dining options, the crazy theming elements, the shops, and generally js the continuation of the Roman theming.

We have already stated above the location of Caesars is about the best on the strip. It is really central and will allow you the least amount of walking possible.

What We don’t Love

While the Size of the Resort allows all kinds of entertainment possibilities it also causes some huge issues when actually staying there. It is incredibly easy to get lost inside the cavernous interiors. We believe there are still people in the Forum Shops from the opening weekend that have still not found their way out and now just live there…

It can be hard to really explain this as on a map the resort is clearly large but the scale does not really become apparent until you lose an hour wandering around in circles trying to find your way.

All sense of time and reality can be completely lost in the deep Windowless Halls and Chambers and you lurch from one location to the next, discovering everything your heart could desire, apart from an exit out the real world!

While Caesars has some of the best rooms on the strip with some incredible amenities and views. it also has some real stinkers! The Julius Tower basic (Deluxe) rooms are tiny and near windowless and the worst rooms in the Forum Tower you are likely to wich were windowless as you look out over some maintenance yards and a wall. For some the room means nothing, It’s just a place to sleep. But for many a luxurious rooms with stunning Vegas View is all part of the experience and if you get stuck in a poor choice at Caesars it really can sour the experience.

Lucky for you we guide you directly to the best rooms here

We are not really big fans of the pool complex either. Largely lauded as one of the Strips best we find is a bit lacking. It’s largely just plain concrete with shallow warm puddles. It’s always rammed to the rafters and most people are just wandering around getting Selfies. It’s not a pool we like spending time at and if serious pool time is part of your Vegas plans then Caesars might not be the best choice!

The fac tit is so Iconic leads the Casino to be a Mecca for passing through tourists. While many hotels are only filled with guests and the odd onlooker, Caesars is one of those spots that draw in thousands. W don’t blame them, and we do the same when we don’t stay here, but it’s like staying in the middle of a Themepark and getting drinks and free slot machines can be a little challenging.


Overall we really love staying here still. The Iconic nature of the resort and the brilliant theme are what Vegas is all about. The in-your-face fakery and over-the-top madness of the decor win us over every time. The poor rooms can be solved by choosing wisely and you do eventually find your way around. It is just great to be right in the middle of everything and feeling like you really are making your Vegas Dreams a reality.

The pool is the biggest letdown, and this is one reason we always do split stays. A few days in at least a couple of resorts. And if we are staying at Caesars we make sure we also stay at a Resort with a Top Pool as well.

So if you do decide to Stay at the Palace let’s dive into a few of the details of your stay and what is available in-resort. This is a brief overview with links to detailed articles.

Best Rooms at Caesars Palace

As we explored in the History of the Palace, the Building is a mish-mash of different towers and buildings that have been built up and added over several years that the room choice is incredibly complex!

There are several room types, in several tower types. These have a huge range of prices and offer a vastly differing experience. This choice is really a make or break for your Caesars Experience. You could end up in a windowless box with no view or a large suite with towering views over the Bellagio Fountains!

We have a Full guide to this incredibly complex and important choice – Check this out here.

in short, our favorite rooms are the following

Augustus Premium Fountain View Room

Best Room!

Forum Petite Suites

Cheapest Suite

Forum Tower Duplex Suite

Most Iconic Room!

Palace Premium Room

Best Budget Option

Caesars Palace Palace Tower Premium
Caesars Palace Palace Tower Premium

Room Price Guide

Remember, Vegas Hotel prices are a Live Market and vary hour by hour at times so make sure you check your own dates for accurate pricing. OK, Deep Breath here is the “quick” break-down…

Room TypeWeekday PriceWeekend Price
Julius Tower
Deluxe Room$150$300
Studio Suite$200$350
Executive Suite$300$500
Signature Level Suite$400$600
Premium Suites and Duplex Suites$800$1600
Forum Tower
Forum Classic$100$250
Forum Petite and Classic Suites$250$400
Forum Tower Duplex Suite$1200$1500
NOBU Tower
Nobu Deluxe$160$300
Nobu Luxury$210$400
Nobu Hakone and Sake Suites$1000$1800
Palace Tower
Palace Tower Basic Rooms$na$na
Palace Premium Room$180$400
Palace Pool View or Strip View Room$200$400
Palace Premium Studio$210$500
Palace Executive and Premium Suites$650$1200
Augustus Tower
Augustus Premium Room$200$400
Augustus Premium Pool and Strip View Room$215$450
Augustus Premium Fountain View Room$230$500
Augustus Premium Studio$235$500
Augustus Premium and Executive Suites$800$1200
Octavius Tower
Octavius Premium Room$160$300
Octavius Pool View Room $175$350
Octavius Petite Suite$300$500
Octavius Executive and Premium Suite$600$1000
2-4 Bedrooms$5000$45000

Yeah, that’s a lot to take in. We go into detail about which to choose in our full article. It really is important you get this right!

Want a better room for the same price? Always consider trying the $20 trick!

Caesars Palace Pool

Caesars Palace Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis

The Pool deck at Caesars gets a lot of praise and admiration. The Garden of the Gods is themed around a decedent Roman Spa. Adorned with fountains Mosaics and sculptured artworks the deck is supposed to represent a real sense of luxury, literally in the lap of the Gods.

Unfortunately, we actually find it misses the mark quite substantially. It’s hard to really put your finger on it, but the deck just feels far more inauthentic than the rest of the hotel. It seems to lose the feeling of luxury Marble that runs through the main building and instead just feels like a bland Concrete yard.

The pools are actually pretty small and shallow and get really warm. During Vegas’s scorching summers getting into the pools to cold off is really ineffective. The water is warmer than the air and all the dip achieves is to leave you hot and wet!

It’s also a mecca for the Instagram generation. While the overall effect of the theme does not work that well in person, it comes across really well in photos and selfies so this seems to be the preoccupation of most people.

Really it’s not a bad pool deck and is a good way to while away a few hours and relax, but it just lacks the relaxing escape element the best Las Vegas Pools have. VEgas is constantly intense and the pools are the one place we can kick back and escape, but at the Garden of the Gods, we feel like we are still on it, which is not what WE like in a pool deck.

Caesars Palace Casino

Caesars Palace Casino
  • Average Table Wager – $10-$25
  • Floor Size 124,181 sqft
  • Games Available – Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Roulette, 1300+ Slots

The Casino in Caesars Palace is one of the Largest on the strip. It ranks pretty low on the list at a cursory glance, but the Resorts with the “most” gaming space are all the Dual Hotel resorts and are essentially 2 casinos. Really only the Aria and the MGM Grand’s casinos beat it as a single space.

It is also an incredibly Iconic Casino, with numerous features in film and TV shows, including of course the legendary Rain Main.

There is a huge selection of slot machines (1300+), varying from the old penny slots with mechanical reels, to the latest Video machines. The Sports Book is huge and considered one of the best locations for sports gambling n the strip. The Poker room is massive and operates 24hrs a day, one of the best places on the strip if you are big into poker.

Table Games tend to have pretty high minimums, especially at busy times and pretty terrible rules. It’s avoided by the experts and should be avoided by beginners but due to the huge throughput, the Table Games are really busy most of the time.

The Laput is a bit of an odd one and like the resort as a whole is a consequence of the way the Casino has been altered and expanded over the years. The Floor has many separate sections and areas. It’s a maze all by itself and can be incredibly hard to find what you are looking for.

Realy it’s a bit of an oddball and for most people who base their stay on the Casino then Caesars probably doesn’t have much to lure you in apart from the excellent rewards program. But for people who only want to spend some casual time in the Casino, maybe playing a few slots the Palace has everything you will require.

What to Eat at Caesars Palace

Restaurant Guy Savoy

Caesars has some of the best dining options out of any resort on the strip. Its main focus is in high upscale dining but there are plenty of more down-to-earth options and even a large food court where you can just grab a quick bite for very little money.

Caesars is the home of several top and Celebrity Chefs and has a huge array of high-end dining options. These include Gorden Ramseys – Hells Kitchen, Nobu Matsuhisa – Nobu Las Vegas Restaurant, Bobby Flay’s new Alamfi Concept, Mr. Chow, and upscale Chinese Dining experience, Old Homestead Steakhouse, and Peter Luger of New York Fame is opening a Steak Hous in the coming months!

Finally, there is Restaurant Guy Savoy, one of the finest restaurants in Vegas. It’s a 2 Michelin Star restaurant from the multi Star winning master Guy Savoy. His Frech sister Restaurant, of the same name, has 3 stats and is widely regarded as one of the top restaurants in the world.

The Bacchanal Buffet is legendary and really re-wrote the Buffet rule book in las vegas (along with the Wicked Spoon). This gigantic dining space offers just about every imaginable food from around the world and does so in colossal amounts. It is one of those experiences you simply have to try at least once!

There are also several more casual options, such as Gorden Ramseys Pub and Grill, Bejing Noodle, Cafe Americano, and Pronto by Giada. There is also the Food court that offers some really affordable options such as Tacos, Bobbys Burgers, and Earl of Sandwich.

With the forum shops on-site there are a large number of chain restaurants inside, including The Cheesecake Factory, Carmines Italian (New York), Joes Stone Crab, and Planet Hollywood.

overall there is a huge range and selection of dining options no one would ever need to leave the resort. One meal at Bacchanals is enough to last the day, and one trip to one of the top ends is enough to empty your wallet faster than the highest slot machine!

Full Guide to Caesars Dining is here

What to Do at Caesars Palace


If you have time after all the Gambling, Dining, Lounging, and getting lost there are plenty of things to keep you entertained at the Palace.

The Colosseum is Caesars in-house arena and has hosted an array of stars over the years. It was first built especially fr the titan that is Celine Dion, the most successful Vegas residency ever.

Currently, the global phenomenon that is Adele is supposed to be occupying the Colosseum Residency but has been somewhat delayed due to covid issues, she is slated to start the residency on April 16th. For now, there are other acts performing on various nights.

Absinthe is the critically acclaimed in-house show. A bit of a surprise hit, it’s kind of a raunchy circus act, that is simply fantastic and tends to only receive glowing reviews.

Of Course, there is much shopping to be done over in the Forum Shops, incredibly this is the highest-grossing (per sqft) shopping mall in the US. And of top of the shopping, there is plenty to see in the Mall, from replica art-works, and real art displays, along with the Atlantis Fountain shows and even a mini Aquarium.

The Caesars Spa, Qua Baths and Spa, is a very indulgent space and offers all the treatments you would expect. Not all Hotel Spa in vegas live up to the hype but Qua is a real treat!

Finally, the Caesars Nightlife really stands up to the competition. Start off in the new and ultra-hip Vanderpump Cocktail Garden. Fand of the Show will revel in the Garden, but it’s a pretty stunning space regardless with some wonderful drinks. There are several other bars dotted around from your basic Casino Bars, Sports bars, and even a Cigar Bar.

The Jewel of the Night-Life Crown is Omnia. One of Las Vegas’s top nightclubs. Featuring top names such as Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, Alesso, Armin Van Buuren, and Kaskade. It’s a stunning space with a booming sound system and a multi-level club with a thumping main room, with an impressive mezzanine overlooking, a slightly more relaxed lounge, and a stunning outdoor terrace overlooking the strip.

While everyone s free to head over to enjoy Caesars awesome nightlife, it helps if you can stumble back to your room afterward…if you can find it.

Is staying at Caesars Palace Worth it?

We always worry when visiting iconic places and staying in hotels that have such an aura and presence as they can often be a letdown. Not living up to the hype. As they say, never meet your heroes!

However despite the few drawbacks overall the experience is pretty much what you would expect. The theme is one of the most comprehensive in the City and really feels special and over-the-top and extravagant, just like you demand from Vegas.

For such a High-end and hyped-up hotel prices are quite reasonable most of the time. Sure you will end up paying out in many other ways, but that is no different from any other Las Vegas Hotel at present. Considering the Bucket-list nature of the hotel it really is quite affordable.

Best Time to Visit Caesars Palace

Caesars really is a year-round destination. In fact, we would be more likely to choose it out of season, that during the summer. This is mainly due to the disappointing pool deck, and out-of-season pools are less important. But even in summer, we are happy to include it as long as we do a split stay and have a great pool at one of our other hotels.

Despite having so many rooms the Hotel is susceptible, like many, to surge pricing and then the affordability goes out the window. This is especially true when there is a big conference at the Forum as many of the visitors will have discounts rates at the Palace. so make sure you avoid conference dates

Have Your Say

Have you stayed at Caesars Palace before? What are your thoughts on this Iconic Lave Vegas Strip Hotel? Did it live up to the hype or was it a big disappointment? What were your highs and what were the lows? Good or bad let us know your thoughts in the comments below and if you have any questions just fire away.

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