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What are the Best Rooms At Planet Hollywood Las Vegas?

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas has an enviable position right in the heart of Las Vegas, meaning whatever room you stay in you are guaranteed a great stay with access to all of Las Vegas’s best bits right on your doorstep. However, not all rooms in the Planet Hollywood Hotel are created Even and there is one type of room that stands out more than all the others.

In this article, we show you what we think the best rooms at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas are and which you should go about booking. We look at what the different room types are, What you get for your money, which rooms are the best value, and where to book for the best deal. The Planet Hollywood is one of our favorite central Las Vegas hotels and one big reason for that is due to one particular room choice, which we explain below!

Planet hollywood Las Vegas
Fountain View Rooms at Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood Room Guide

First, let’s take a look at the different rooms available at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. There are a few basic types, that are also available in a few different configurations.

Ultra Hip

  • Size – 430 sq ft
  • Price – $90 – $270 (inc fees and taxes)
Planet Hollywood ultra hip king

While sounding fairly grandiose the Ultra Hip rooms are, in fact, the resort’s basic rooms. Like all rooms, these come in both King and Two Queen flavors, which describe the bed layout, Either two queen beds or a giant king bed. Which to choose will depend entirely on your group’s sleeping preferences.

The rooms are pretty basic, Think chain-motel type quality. You really don’t get much for your money either. The Beds are big and comfy but no better than your average hotel bed. There is a small desk, a vanity unit under the flatscreen TV, a wardrobe, window seating, and that’s about it. at 430 sq ft, they are pretty large for basic rooms, although the space is fairly wasted.

There are no Coffee-making facilities, which is normal for Vegas, but there is also no Mini-Bar, less normal for Vegas. Honestly, we are really unsure who still uses Las Vegas Mini-Bars, they are shockingly expensive and offer nothing you could not pick up at Walmart for a quarter of the price. So not having a minibar is a boon! There is still a fridge, so you can keep things cool, again something you can’t do in the mini-bar fridges for fear of knocking something and being charged!

The decor is minimalist, with white walls with black accents, nice but pretty bland. There are various selections of tasteful glamour art dotted around to boost the Hollywood theme. Each room used to get a movie theme, which was quite fun, but this has been removed in the recent renovation and now it is just a standard styling per room.

We really like the bathrooms, for a basic room, they are really quite good. A big vanity unit with a Hollywood light-up mirror, a separate shower and tub, and an enclosed toilet to help with privacy. There is a decent selection of complimentary toiletries and overall it is a very nice space!

The basic Ultra Hip Rooms either overlook the pool, with strip views to the southwest or out over the city and mountains to the rear. Some even overlook the Fountains of the Bellagio but at a very low level and are not particularly great. These views vary from really quite poor to pretty decent strip views. Overall there is no way to select what view you get other than at check-in when you can negotiate with the Agent. The other way of course is to upgrade!

The Ultra-Hip rooms also come with a variety of accessibility options such as roll-in showers or accessible Tubs if these are a requirement for you.

Ultra Hip Premium Fountain View

  • Size -430 sq ft
  • Price – $150 – $340 (inc fees and taxes)

The Premium Fountain View Rooms are exactly the same as the regular Ultra Hip Rooms only with one BIG difference. They are all on a high floor and look out over the Bellagio Fountains. This one change completely transforms the room from a decent Las Vegas hotel room into a spectacular dream stay!

The Views are seriously impressive, just check the gallery below, and Having your own private view out over one of Vegas’s most incredible vistas is a real treat. The Rooms are usually only a little more costly than the regular Ultra-Hip and are worth every penny. These really are a hidden gem of Las Vegas and one of the most affordable ways to stay right in the heart of Las Vegas AND get a simply mindblowing Fountain View at the same time.

The Window is quite small, this is no floor-to-ceiling view, but the provided Chaise-longue means you can sit and enjoy your own personal fountain show day or night.

We really love the Fountain View rooms and wholeheartedly recommend them to most people. There is a reasonable chance if you book a Standard Room and deploy the $20 Trick you may be bumped up to the Fountain View Rooms. But for us the chance of a poor view in the standard view rooms and the low cost of just booking the fountain view rooms means we don’t take the chance, these views are so special we refuse to miss out on them!

The Vast Majority of room space in the Main towers is taken up with the Standard Ultra Hip Rooms, only the ends of the main towers and top floors are taken up by suites. The rest of the Space holds the Standard rooms, 38 floors at around 56 rooms per floor making up the bulk of the hotel’s 2,494 rooms. However, there are a few options outside of the standard 430 sqft room plans.

Planet Hollywood Room Layout Las Vegas

Ultra Resort

  • Size – 585 sq ft
  • Price – $170 – $318 (inc fees and taxes)
Planet Hollywood ultra resort

The Ultra Resort Rooms are the upgrade room option offered at Planet Hollywood. These rooms are almost the size of suites in some Hotels and offer an enhanced experience. However, you really are not getting much more than a bit of extra space for your money.

The Resort rooms are located in the Hotel’s ancillary towers (See diagram above). This means they all have strip views and face out in a variety of directions. The issue is these ancillary towers are not as tall as the main towers so the views are not as far-reaching. Despite the twin windows looking out across the City, the views are just inferior to the Fountain View Rooms.

These are really nice spaces and well worth the upgrade over the Standard rooms, but given the choice between extra space and the staggering Views over the fountains from the fountain view rooms, we would take the fountain view every time!

Ultra Resort Vista

  • Size -585 sq ft
  • Price – $230 – $320 (inc fees and taxes)

The Ultra Resort Vista Rooms are where things start to get pretty special. These are the end rooms on the ancillary towers and offer sweeping vistas out over the City. The towers are not as high but as you are on the end there is nothing between your room and the strip so the views just explode out of the floor-to-ceiling windows!

As these are corner rooms you get the ultra-luxury of a Bathroom window looking out over the strip! These are located next to the tub so you can soak in a luxury bubble bath sipping champagne while looking out over a mind-blowing Las Vegas Vista!

There are 4 views on offer, and it’s the northern tower you want with views out over the fountains. But even these views cannot rival the fountain view as the pesky Paris Balloon gets in the way of the fountains! But we think the overall experience of these end-of-hall Vista Rooms is worth the upgrade.

Value-wise the Vista rooms start to jump in price. You really do feel like you are getting a luxury exclusive experience and this comes at a price. We struggle to justify the extra cost over the Fountain View rooms. If you can wangle a free upgrade or bag at a great rate then they are fantastic rooms. Pound for pound we still prefer the Fountain View.

Ultra Suites

Planet Hollywood panorama Suite

There is a selection of Suites available at Planet Hollywood. These are fairly limited in supply and the prices jump significantly. The Basic Ultra Hip Strip Suite (one bedroom) can be 3-5x more expensive than the standard rooms and this would tend to price most people out. After all one of the major draws of the PH is its affordability.

The one and two-bedroom Panorama Suites are even better, with stunning seating areas looking out over phenomenal Vegas vistas, large luxurious bathrooms with Stip Views, and incredible bedrooms with giant plush beds, these really are the Vegas Suites you dreamed of, but at a price to match.

The Boulevard and Apex Suites are ultra-high-end luxuries, costing well over $1000 a night these are the rooms Hollywood Royalty dignitaries and the highest of high rollers will be gifted. Really if you can afford these rooms, you probably shouldn’t be staying at Planet Hollywood!

At some Hotels, the Suites are distinctly affordable, but we just do not feel at Planet Hollywood they fall into the category. So, on the whole, we suggest sticking to the regular Studio Rooms.

Planet Hollywood average Room Prices:

Listing Room Prices for Vegas Hotels is notoriously difficult! Rooms are sold on a Live Market basis and many factors affect the price you will pay at any one time. The following Guide gives you an idea of the average price the rooms go for but the only way to know is via live comparison.

We always book through Mainly due to their Free Cancellation policy meaning we always get the best price, and if not we just cancel and rebook at a better rate!

All Prices include TAX and Resort fees and are per night.

Room TypeWeekday PriceWeekend Price
Ultra Hip $90$270
Ultra Hip Premium Fountain View$150$340
Ultra Resort$170$318
Ultra Resort Vista$230$320
Ultra Hip Strip Suite$550$900
Ultra Panorama Suite$700$1130
Ultra 2-Bedroom Panorama Suite$1000+$1500+
Ultra Boulevard and Apex Suites$1200+$1600+

So which are the Best Rooms At Planet Hollywood Las Vegas?

One of the most appealing things about Staying at Planet Hollywood is the elite-level central location at a more affordable price point than many of the surrounding hotels. So for us, this makes the Fountain View Rooms the ultimate choice here.

You are getting mindblowing views over the Bellagio fountains without the high price tag associated with those views. Similar Views at the Bellagio, Ceasars, or Paris would cost nearly twice the price you can bag them for at Planet Hollywood.

The Resort Rooms are great. They are really large and airy and have the feel of Hollywood decadence about them, but prices are starting to creep up toward the more luxurious rivals’ level. Especially the Resort Vista rooms, which are really exceptional rooms, they just have the price tag to boot. Again with the Suites, the prices just start to make you think maybe we should be looking elsewhere too. It is worth checking though as sometimes these rooms are underbooked and the prices can be very competitive!

If you can get a good rate on the Standard rooms these are fine for those who really do not care too much about the room. For many in Vegas, the room is simply a place to lay your head, and location is far more important. Planet Hollywood is a perfectly located hotel with everything right on your doorstep. So if you are just looking for a cheap room then the Planet Hollywood basic rooms are fine, but you could also consider Bally’s, The Linq, The Cromwell, or the Flamingo, all similarly great locations but slightly cheaper prices!

The Fountain View Rooms are really the ultimate compromise, you get a decent room in a great location with the view granting all the Vegas magic you were dreaming of, all at a really great price. For this reason, we easily consider the Ultra Hip Premium Fountain View room the best Choice in Planet Hollywood!

Have Your Say

Which rooms have you stayed in at Planet Hollywood? What were your favorite rooms? What kind of view did you get and would you recommend that room to others? Let us know in the comments below. And if you have any questions just fire away

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4 thoughts on “What are the Best Rooms At Planet Hollywood Las Vegas?”

  1. Hi, I just booked 3 nights with you for May 17-19. We stayed with you for my husbands 70th birthday and we had a wonderful room. I believe it was the Ultra Hip Fountain view King room. My husbands 74th birthday is on May 17, so this is his present. I was quite disappointed when we weren’t offered that room and were told our points only gave us a standard no view room. We usually keep our points going with Caesars Windsor, but we have not been able to get into Canada since the virus. Last year we stayed at Harrahs, but we enjoy Planet Hollywood much more. If we can be upgraded, that would be a wonderful present.

    • Hi Joanne,

      Really sorry about this but we are not directly associated with Planet Hollywood, or Caesars Entertainment. We are an independent site offering guides, advice, including on various aspects of visiting Vegas and other cities.

      We are completely independent and do not offer a way of booking through our site, instead we just provide links to other sites where you can book, with planet Hollywood we link directly to planet Hollywoods own site.

      Because of this we cannot arrange any room upgrades, or anything else for that matter as we do not control bookings at all.

      You need to get in touch with Planet Hollywood themselves to arrange any upgrades. You are dead right the Ultra Hip Fountain View Rooms are amazing so hopefully you can get bumped up.

      You can always try the $20 Trick to get bumped up at check in!

  2. I’d say BUYER BEWARE on the “premium fountain view” rooms. I recently stayed at PH in September and was given room 1575. This room was half obstructed by the PH structure as well as the Paris balloon. Also, there was an orange spotlight aimed directly at the dirty windows.

    • Hi Justin,

      That’s a real shame, the upper floors are really good, as you can see from the Photos and Videos we have. We would be very disappointed with what you describe! I doubt we would have accepted that as Fountain View and made our complaints to the Concierge!

      If you pay for a fountain view you expect to be able to see the fountain! We do always suggest requesting a room as high as possible but this is not always granted.

      Thanks for Sharing, Sorry for your disappointment



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