Best Rooms at Caesars Palace Las Vegas – Caesars Palace Rooms Explained!

Caesars Palace is one of the most famous hotels and Casinos in Las Vegas. The Prominent location, STRONG theming, and length of time on the Strip all lead to this being one of the City’s most recognizable and desirable Hotels. This was compounded further by the heavy featuring in the wildly successful Hangover Film Franchise. But when people come to book their dream stay at the Palace they are confronted with a huge array of vastly complicated room options!

Best rooms at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Honestly, this is possibly one of the most complex hotels out there, with nearly 4000 rooms and over 60 different room types all with vastly different prices people are justifiably Dumbfounded with the choice, We know we were when we first booked. What people also don’t know is the difference between them is VAST. A good room at Caesars is excellent a bad one is really bad, some of the worst in the City! This crucial choice can make or break your stay! So we try and unpick the confusion and provide you the info you need to make sure you chose from the Best rooms at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Why are the Rooms at Caesars Palace so Confusing?

Most hotels on the strip are Purpose-built. They bag the plot of land and employ highly decorated and expensive architects to draw up amazing plans for a perfect hotel. This just wasn’t the case with Caesars Palace.

First Built-in 1966, the hotel and the strip were very different places. In fact, the strip wasn’t even really the strip at all. The action back then was all on Fremont Street, and hotels were only just starting to populate the Strip, Caesars was one of the forerunners in moving the heart of Las Vegas away from downtown to the Strip.

As the Strip grew and grew, Caesars was in danger of being left behind, and as such a series of expansions took place, these were staggered and avoided the usual technique of flattening the Hotel and starting again. Many of the original buildings and hotel rooms remain and have just been swallowed up into the mega-resort. As such the layout is far more organic and chaotic than it would be if it had been designed at this scale from scratch.

Caesars Palace Rooms Explained!

View from Eiffel Tower Caesars
Caesars Palace

The first way to break things down is into towers. There are Six Main towers, and your first job is picking a tower… We give a brief overview of each before breaking down the different room types in each tower.

The 6 Towers of Caesars Palace

The 6 Towers of Caesars Palace

Julius Tower

The oldest part of the building but also the Newest? This was the first tower to be built (and expanded) so is easily the oldest, however, it is also the latest to be fully renovated. Views are poor and the rooms are generally pretty small.

The upside of the tower is everything is very centrally located, you can literally be out the elevator and into the casino, pool, or restaurant in seconds. This may not seem like a big thing but Caesars really is a huge maze and you can end up walking a long way just to get to and from your room, doing this 10+ times a day becomes a real chore, especially on top of ALL the walking you will already be likely doing.

This was previously called the Roman Tower

Forum Tower

This was the next addition to the hotel and was at the time a great place to stay, elevated rooms gave a great view out over the City. However, the City has grown up around the Hotel and this is now a very low-rise tower. Views are either out over the pool, or over the Coliseum, which in some would be spectacular, but here it’s just a dull round building. Lower floors will see almost nothing! Most rooms are a bit larger than the Julius Tower though.

The Tower is still pretty convenient for most things.

NOBU Tower

The Nobu Tower was built in 1970 and called the Centurion Tower. The entire tower was converted and renovated in the first Nobu Hotel. These rooms are small with limited views but you get the luxury appointments and opulent Stylings of the Nobu Hotel Brand.

These really are a cut above most Vegas hotels, with rich wooden furniture, leather Sofas, and a Bathroom to Die for! If the room comfort is more important to you than the view these rooms are wonderful.

Palace Tower

The Palace Tower is the first of the 3 Large Modern tower blocks that took Caesars Palace into the Mega Resort Category. Rooms in the Palace Tower are much larger and offer some really nice views out over the North of the Strip or overlooking the Garden of the Gods, and Caesars pool. This tower is really good for pool lovers as the Lift pretty much opens right outside the pool entrance.

The Palace Tower is the bottom end of what we consider acceptable accommodation for anyone wanting to use their room for anything other than just sleeping!

Augustus Tower

Next up is the Augustus Tower. While not the newest, this is the most premium tower in the Resort. Even the basic room are large and have stunning views out over the Strip, Pool, or Bellagio Fountains.

These are really stunning rooms, with an incredible level of decor and finish, the only downside is the cost…these are not cheap rooms!

Octavius Tower

The Octavius is the newest tower. Finished in 2012, and costing just shy of a 1$billion, the tower marked the final expansion for the Hotel. The Position of the towers, being set behind the Agustus tower means there are limited views of the Strip or the fountains. The pool views are nice but get a little dull.

The Octavius rooms are the same size as the Palace tower rooms and have less of a luxury feel than the Augustus. These rooms feel more like they are fitted out at a cost, to improve hotel revenue more than dazzle the customer. We do love the Octavius but it’s a definite step down from the Augustus, however many people assume it is the superior option being newer, but this is not the case!

Resort Fees and Taxes!

Like everyone we hate Resort Fees but Caesars Palace is no different from most Las Vegas Hotels. The Resort fee is $52 a night and covers very little really*. It is also non-optional and is simply a way to advertise a cheaper price. We simply ignore them and factor them into our price, along with Taxes.

We use for most of our US Hotel bookings. As well as the huge bonus of free cancellation, they also list the Resort Fees and Taxes in the headline price. As do we when we list average prices below!

One Day, we hope, Resort fees will be banned!

*- Resort Fee


Caesars Palace has also introduced Paid Parking like many Las Vegas Hotels so factor in an extra $18 a night if you have a car! Paid Parking was…Parked…for the Coronavirus pandemic but it has reared its ugly head again!

Best Place to Book Rooms at Caesars Palace?

When Booking Hotels in Vegas we tend to use our preferred Booking site, We love the simplicity of the site and the fact all Vegas hotels are listed so we can see which hotels are “Surge” Pricing due to big events etc… We tend to find is normally the cheapest site and even if not their amazing free cancellation means we can book now, securing a price we are happy with, and if we find a price (or alternate hotel) at a cheaper price we can just cancel and book at the lower rate, even if that lower rate is on themselves.

We really have done this countless times and saved a lot of money over the years. By the time the booking comes around we are almost always either still on the original price as we have not managed to beat it, or on a lower price via It is a brilliant system!

One thing worth noting is Caesars do charge the first night to your credit card straight away, but you always get this fully refunded if you cancel.

If you don’t want to use a booking service such as the best option is to book Direct via the Ceasars Palace Rewards Website. This can bring the best prices, especially if you are signed up for the reward program, and is always worth checking. Specific Room Availability can be better by booking Direct as well.

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Julius Tower Rooms

There is only one basic type of room in the Julius Tower, after that the rooms become a selection of different suites. So if you are just booking a room you can only choose the Deluxe.

Deluxe Room

  • Price – $160-$400
  • Size – 360 sqft

These small rooms come in either a King or Twin bed configuration. These rooms are recently renovated to a decent standard but are really small and have very little in the way of views. They are also the smallest available and come with just basic amenities.

The Bathrooms are very modern which we don’t like, at least not in Ceasars where we look for palatial Roman splendor. Twin sinks are a nice touch, and the complimentary toiletries are nice.

The Room comes with a Mini-Bar Fridge only which is to be left alone unless you want to buy something. There is no fridge for your own drinks although an Ice bucket is included. Overall, the rooms are nice but feel a little anonymous, there is some modern Roman art but other than that you would not know you are in caesars palace. We can only recommend these if you really want to stay in Caesars but care very little about the room.

If budget is the issue, you can get a nicer room with a better view elsewhere for less money.

Studio Suite

Caesars Palace Julius Studio Suite
  • Price – $300-$600
  • Size – 560 sqft

The Studio Suites are very similar to the Deluxe Rooms and simply have an extra partitioned space added on. This provides space, and a nice seating area to relax. But overall you still are getting a rubbish view and flat experience. There is also no real work area something many people look for in a Suite. Although the Dressin mirror could be used for this it’s more suited to pampering before hitting the town.

For the Price, you can start looking at the better towers and we would take a better view over the extra space any day!

Executive Suite

  • Price – $350 – $700
  • Size – 1073 sqft

The Executive Suites are where things start to get better, but still, the compromise of a crappy view doesn’t make up for the extra space, and there is a lot in here, and the fact you can bag a suite (petite) in the other towers for less.

The Bathroom and bedroom are still essentially the same as the Deluxe room and there is still no real workspace despite being an executive suite.

Signature Level Suite

  • Price – $500-$800
  • Size – 848 sqft

The Signature Level Suite is actually similar to the Studio Suite only situated on the Signature Level. These are the highest floor with the best views but are still hampered by being in the low-rise Julius Tower.

The Bathrooms are a step up in luxury and you get Robes and Slippers included as well as a private elevator, but overall these are just too expensive for what you get. You can also get the Executive Suite we described above on the signature level, with the upgraded bathrooms and better views but still, it’s such a lot of money when you are seriously hamstrung by the poor views.

Premium Suite and Duplex Suites

Caesars Palace Julius Duplex Suite
  • Price – $900-$1700
  • Size – 1436-2084 sqft

Now we are getting into the money no object type accommodations. The Premium, Duplex, and Executive Duplex are the kind of rooms reserved for the rich and famous. The Duplex Suite is like a large luxury house with two bedrooms, each with its own Bathrooms and Suite areas, there are twin levels with a Balcony level overlooking the Stunning Dining and living areas. It even has its own pool table.

We doubt anyone reading this will have a budget capable of stating in these! Still, the Views will suck, but who cares as you no longer need to look outside! These are some of the best rooms in the house but the prices mean they are the stuff of dreams.

Forum Tower Rooms

Forum Classic

Caesars Palace Forum Classic
  • Price – $140-$400
  • Size – 350-475 sqft

The Forum Classic is the cheapest and most basic room in the resort. These range from 360 sq feet and are really quite cramped to the slightly larger 475 sqft which normally has a small Chaise-longe and seating area.

Despite being the cheapest rooms, they are still not cheap, and with pretty much zero view prospects we only recommend these if you really really don’t care about the room, but then you may be better off in an even cheaper hotel if you really don’t care. You can always try booking a Forum Classic with the hope of bagging a $20 upgrade, but be prepared for this not to work and you being stuck in the worst room in the house.

Do not be lured in by a Colosseum View Room, there really is nothing to see here. A view overlooking the Colosseum in Rome would be magical, but overlooking an arena that has a basic facade to look a bit like a colosseum is nothing to write home about! In truth, some of the higher floor rooms actually have pretty good views out over the north end of the strip, but you have to get above the Colosseum and there is no way to guarantee that!

Forum Petite and Classic Suites – Cheapest Suites

Caesars Palace Forum Classic Suite
  • Price – $300-$550
  • Size – 800-1050 sqft

These are some of the cheapest Suites in the resort and are rather spacious and pretty well-equipped rooms. You can pick up the Classic Suites for around $300 a night, expensive but these are two-bedroomed units with a huge living area as well as two bedrooms with separate bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes. These are sure value for families or couples willing to share, you will get your own space and a huge communal area too.

The Petite Suites are single-bedroomed, but have a large bathroom with jetted tub and are really great spaces for couples looking for more space.

None come with great views but the extra space is more important to some than a view. And these are wonderful places to spend your trip, But consider how much of your trip will be spent in the room.

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Forum Tower Duplex Suite – Iconic

Caesars Palace Duplex
  • Price – $1200-$1800
  • Size – 2947 sqft

This is the Hollywood suite. When film crews head to Las Vegas this is the room they look to film in. Two colossal bedrooms, each with their own jetted bathrooms, make up the huge upstairs area of the Suite, with the adjoining balcony overlooking the huge communal play area. Panoramic windows look out over the strip, while there are enough seating areas to accommodate the largest entourage.

It really is a stunning Suite but at $6-900, even if split between two couples it’s and very expensive option too!

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NOBU Tower Rooms

The Nobu Tower really operates as a totally different hotel, but as you still book through Caesars Palace and the tower is right in the heart of the Hotel we still class it as a Caesar’s Tower. The experience is vastly different from the other towers though.

Nobu Deluxe

Caesars Palace Nobu Deluxe
  • Price – $180 – $550
  • Size – 350 sqft

While the rooms are quite small they embody the Boutique style of the hotel which works really well. There is a strong oriental theme that doesn’t really fit with the whole Roman Theme of the Palace but is exactly what you expect from a Nobu.

The beds are seriously plush with simply amazing Fili Doro white Linen, it’s like waking up in a cloud! The Furniture is all sumptuous real wood with leather sofas. These are quite unlike any other rooms in Las Vegas and you can quite easily forget you are in the Crazy heart of Sin City and you drift off to aromas of the orient and the tinkling of wind chimes*

The Bathroom is amazing and feels straight out of an ancient Japanese pagoda. The overall feel of the hotel is very special and the fact that the price point is very competitive compared to the other Caesars towers makes it very appealing.

The only downside is this is not the “real” Caesars Palace Vibe. If you have dreamt of staying at caesars for years and are finally realizing that dream, the Nobu Hotel really doesn’t fit the bill. If you are looking for a sumptuous boutique hotel right in the middle of Vegas, it’s perfect!

*we don’t actually think there are wind chimes but the calming feeling of the hotel means you pretty much imagine them!

Nobu Luxury

  • Price – $270-$650
  • Size – 350 sqft

The Luxury Rooms are exactly the same as the Deluxe, only they are situated on the higher floors. This gives a better view, but it’s still not much of a selling point. We tend to shun these and try and bag one with a $20 Tip on check-in.

Nobu Hakone and Sake Suites

Caesars Palace Nobu Sake Suite
  • Price – $1200 – $2500
  • Size – 1000 – 1500sqft

The Nobu Suites are seriously lush places to stay. The Hakone is a smaller one-bedroom suite with a Large Dining space and a sumptuous bathroom.

The Sake Suite takes up a few notches with its own pool table, cinema room, and tons of luxurious space. Prices are painful but if you have money to burn these are really wonderful places.

These are both one bedroom but there are the options of booking an adjoining room and making it 2 Bedroom.

Nobu Penthouse

Caesars Palace Nobu penthouse
  • Price – $3700-$6600
  • Size – 2200 sqft

When money does not matter the Nobu Penthouse is simply divine. This is geared toward those who can’t lower their standards as they leave their Hollywood mansions. A true bastion of Luxury and one of the most expensive rooms in the hotel.

If you can afford this, good on you, most of us merely have to dream.

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Palace Tower Rooms

Palace Tower Basic Rooms

  • Price – $n/a
  • Size – 360 sqft

These are the basic rooms in the palace tower. They are small and quite shabby. However, being located in the Palace tower means they have mind-blowing views either out over the pool or the Strip. These are currently not advertised to book. Hopefully with the low visitor number at the minute they are taking the time to refurbish them.

Palace Premium Room – Best Basic Room Choice!

  • Price – $180-$600
  • Size – 525 sqft

The Premium rooms are one of the larger basic room options. At 525 Sqft these are quite spacious for the price you are paying. They come with a huge plush pillow top king bed (or two queens depending on Preference) a vanity desk with Mirrors and a nice Corner sofa that you can relax on enjoying the pretty amazing views out of the window.

The Premium rooms are all on the Lower floors but the tower is pretty huge so even the lower floors have great views. Ask for a Strip View rather than the Pool and you will get amazing views out over the north end of the strip. The Pool Views are ok but we definitely prefer the strip. These cannot be selected at Booking but you can request at check-in depending on availability.

The Bathrooms are pretty wonderful. These are Marble tiled with a sumptuous Spa Tub, Walk-in Shower, and dual vanity mirrors a feel like the kind of Palatial luxury you are expecting from Caesars Palace.

For those looking for the best cheap and basic option, these are the rooms to go for, you are all but guaranteed an amazing room, good view, and an experience on par with what you were expecting. choosing the basic options in the other towers really can leave you stuck with a substandard experience! Book this level and then use the $20 trick to try and bag an upgrade from here, if successful your experience will be even better, but you are not going to be lumbered with a tiny room and an awful view if not!

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Palace Pool View or Strip View Room

  • Price – $250-$600
  • Size – 525 sqft

For a little more, you can book either a Pool View or Strip View Room. These are exactly the same as the Premium, only located on higher floors and with fantastic views out over the Pool Deck and over the north end of the strip.

We avoid the pool deck, and would only consider these options if we can get the Strip View. These are really stunning views and well worth paying a little extra for the added floor height and guaranteed strip view.

We actually prefer the regular Premium Palace Room view, if you get the strip view, over the upgraded pool view rooms so we see no sense in paying extra to look at the pool deck!

Palace Premium Studio

  • Price – $300-$650
  • Size – 725 sqft

The Palace Studio Rooms are a bit…odd. These are pretty much the same as the Premium Rooms only they have twin bathrooms, with an interconnecting walk-through shower. We are not sure who really wants that, and you are limited to pool-view rooms. So really we would take the slightly smaller, single-bathroom Strip View rooms instead!

Palace Executive and Premium Suites

  • Price – $1000 – $3500
  • Size – 1500 – 2000 sqft

The Executive Suites in the palace tower are exceptionally large, well-equipped, and really expensive. There are no budget r Petite Suites in the tower and the rooms jump from the premium straight up to the executive-level sites with little in between.

We do like these suites but they are really quite pricey when compared to other suites. These are great for business use as the rooms really are quite huge with plenty of seating options for business meetings and pow-wows! These do start to price out the regular tourist crowd however and really do you need all this space?

Great if you get upgraded, however!

Augustus Tower Rooms

Augustus Premium Room – Largest Basic Room

  • Price – $250 – $850
  • Size – 650 sqft

These 650 sqft rooms are the largest “basic” room anywhere in the hotel. These large rooms are getting on for the size of some suites! With a huge corner seating area, a giant and sumptuous bathroom with jetted tub, and really cool and understated style we adore these rooms.

The Basic option is situated on the low floors but still with really good views, either out over the pool strip or fountains. Staying in the Augustus tower gives a real sense of being in the most upmarket part of the Hotel and feeling just a touch superior to others.

These are the most expensive basic rooms but when you consider just how much extra space and luxury you are getting they really are quite a bargain! AND you can try the $20 trick to bump up to one of the rooms below!

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Augustus Premium Pool and Strip View Room

  • Price – $280 – $800
  • Size – 650 sqft

These run about $15-30 more than the lower basic Augustus Rooms. Again these are the exact same rooms as the Premium, they just occupy the higher floors and give better views.

The Pool views are a pretty poor choice, but the Strip view is pretty awesome! Not only will you get a phenomenal view of the strip. You can bag a nice partial Fountain View too in some of the strip view rooms. The strip Views either look North over the casino out towards the southern end of the strip or are on the west side of the tower looking south with a partial Fountain View. But really, if you can go one better…

Augustus Premium Fountain View Room – BEST ROOM!

Caesars Palace Augustus
  • Price – $280 – $800
  • Size – 650 sqft

The Fountain View Rooms in the Augustus Tower are simply the best rooms in the Resort, and some of the best rooms in the whole of Las Vegas. They are anything but cheap but offer near suite size floor layout, all the bells and whistles of the Premium Augustus Rooms, and a breathtaking Fountain View right outside your floor-to-ceiling windows!

Relaxing in your own corner seating area looking out over the most famous fountains in the world is the stuff bucket lists were made for. While some suites offer more space and more amenities, no single room in the resort offers a better view than these.

For most people, this is the Vegas experience they dreamt of and while these rooms are nearly twice the price of the basic rooms in the lesser towers we feel they are worth every penny!

Augustus Premium Studio

  • Price – $300 – $1000
  • Size – 700 sqft

Or you could pay more, for a tiny bit more space and a lesser view…but don’t!!!

Augustus Premium and Executive Suites

  • Price – $2000 – $4000
  • Size – 1096+ sqft

The Two Suite choices in the Augustus tower seem to lack a little compared to the amazing Basic room options, for up to 4 times the price you are not gaining as much as you would expect and you could completely lose the incredible view depending on the orientation.

The suites are situated at the end of the tower and have incredible views but not all of them are stunning fountain views, and there is no way of securing any particular view. If we needed a Suite we would be looking at the other cheaper options over the Augustus Suites!

Octavius Tower Rooms

The newest and most modern tower and one many think of as the most desirable, we however disagree. Rooms are smaller, very modern, and have poorer views than the other large towers. It just felt like Caesars built this one for profit rather than guest enjoyment.

Octavius Premium Room

Caesars Palace Octavius
  • Price – $270 – $650
  • Size – 550 sqft

The Octavius Premium Rooms have a more modern style than the other towers. These rooms feel very slick and modern with a real luxury finish. Comparably really to the Palace rooms, only their views are less spectacular. The location of the tower, right at the back of the Complex means the views are either over the pool, which are ok, or the back of the Bellagio.

Overall these are really nice rooms but they just lack a little when compared with a Palace or Augustus tower room.

Octavius Pool View Room 

  • Price – $180 – $600
  • Size – 550 sqft

Again like the other towers, the Pool View Rooms are exactly the same, only here you are guaranteed a good view out over the pool. While Pool Views at Caesars Palace are not our favorites, there they are better than the city/back of Bellagio view of the other Octavious Rooms.

Octavius Petite Suite

Caesars Palace Octavius Petite Suite
  • Price – $300 – $850
  • Size – 840 sqft

The Petite Suites can offer some really nice value for those looking for a little more space. These suites are fairly limited and quickly rise in price during busy times. But if you can bag a good rate or secure a $20 Upgrade these are great options. While the views are only ok from the suite, you are not losing much as all the Octavius views are pretty poor!

Octavius Executive and Premium Suite

Caesars Palace Octavius Premium_Suite
  • Price – $800 – $2,000
  • Size – 1040 – 1800 sqft

The Executive Suites are a little bland in our opinion. Great for working lunches and meetings but overall a little too executive for tourists. Although like the Petite Suite, these can be picked up quite cheaply.

The Premium Suites are far more like it. 1800 Sqft and really plush with a ton of cool design features. These are really wonderful places to stay. However the cost of the suites put them into direct competition with the other tower’s suites, and with as much space, similar design spec, and simply far better views we would choose the Palace or Agustus tower Suites over these.

This is really the headline for all the Octavious Rooms. They are great rooms and really nice places to stay, but we can barely think of a single reason to choose them over the Palace or Augustus tower rooms? A big upgrade over Julius or Forum Rooms though.



Finally a quick note about the Villas. We are not going into too much detail here as we have never stayed in one, as you will see why!

In the Hangover Movie, at Check-in Phil confidently asks if they have “any Villas Available” the answer is yes and it’s $4200 a night! After confirming the Villa is “pretty Awesome” they take it.

The problem is when they finally get to their Villa, they arrive at a 4-bedroom suite in the Palace Tower. These Suites do not exist but the layout is similar to the Duplex Suite in the Forum Tower, only with more rooms and more height, in a different tower.

This suite is actually completely fictional and was purpose-built on set in Hollywood. The Villas however are very real, they are also a lot more than just “pretty awesome” and $4200 a night is pretty cheap!

Caesars Palace Villa collections are situated entirely on the ground floor. These are not suites, but as you would expect individual Villas with their own outdoor spaces and pools. This is like renting your own little house inside the Caesars Palace complex…actually they are not little at all!

With a total of 7 Villa’s available these are the ultimate in Las Vegas Luxury. Expect finishing touches such as a Grand Piano, Firepits, billiard tables hot tubs, and of course a Butler! These really are some of the most luxurious accommodation imaginable but you certainly will be paying for the privilege.

*Join together for a 6 Bedroom Monster!

More about Caesars Villas!

How Much are Caesars Palace Villas?

Prices are not listed anywhere which tells you all you need to know. Prices range from $5,500 to $45,000 a night! However, we go by the mantra, “if you have to ask the price you can’t afford it!”

So….Which Room is Best at Caesars Palace?

We know, it’s a huge amount of information, and hard to process. So to summarise:

If you really don’t care about the room, just book the cheapest, probably Julius or Forum.

If a good view is important then AT LEAST book into the Palace Tower

The Largest and most attractive Rooms are the Augustus Tower Premium Rooms.

The Best Views are from the Augustus Premium Pool View Rooms.

Suites and Studios offer more space and greater luxury, but normally lesser views and are expensive!

If you are considering booking a Duplex Suite or a Villa, we would love to know who you work for!

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Have Your Say

Which Rooms have you stayed in at Caesars Palace? What did you think of the room, the view, and the location? Would you book the same again or go for an upgrade? Maybe you would just get a cheaper option? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

And in the incredibly likely scenario that you still have questions, just fire away in the comments, we love helping people navigate these minefields!

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