Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Review – Hotel, Resort, and Casino Review

Planet Holywood sits proudly in the center of Las Vegas Boulevard surrounded by some of Las Vegas’s premier hotels. However, Planet Hollywood is a far more understated experience than the like of Paris or The Bellagio and offers stays at far more modest rates. But is the Hotel any good and can you still have a real Vegas Experience while staying at this more budget Hotel? Well, that is the question we are here to answer as we take an in-depth look at the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort and Casino.

If you are thinking of staying here then our Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort and Casino Review will help you understand if this is the right hotel for you. If you are already booked here then our guide will let you know exactly what to expect from this glitzy central Stip Las Vegas Hotel. Our guide covers every aspect of the resort so you know exactly what the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort and Casino is all about.


Introduction to the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood is a Las Vegas Resort and Casino situated on the Strip next door to Paris and across the strip from Bellagio and Cosmopolitan. The Central location and glamourous theme make the Hotel a popular choice for visitors to the Strip.

The Caesars entertainment-owned property offers 2494 hotel rooms in its Glitzy V-shaped tower overlooking the strip and Bellagio Fountains. The Resort is a hub for entertainment with a host of A-list shows and residencies operating out of its famous Zappos Theatre.

Attached to the resort are the Miricle Mile Shops, a sprawl of high-end shops, bars, and entertainment venues. It’s a tantalizing prospect for fun-loving party-goers and most of the time is quite an inexpensive hotel as far as prestige Central Strip resorts go.

Planet hollywood Las Vegas

For many, the resort is not the first choice and is often overlooked so we take a closer look to see if this could be the right hotel for your stay. It has some great upsides, but we also look at the cons, not everything is perfect about Planet Hollywood, but given the lower prices the trade-off may be worth the upside of the Hollywood Glam right in the heart of the Strip!

Location of Planet Hollywood Las Vegas



Location is probably the single most important factor when choosing a Hotel in Las Vegas. Many people fall foul of this by assuming things are all close together as really on a map that is how it appears. The main section of the Strip is over 3 miles in length, and choosing a hotel located at the end of the strip means huge treks in the sun, taxi or uber rides everywhere, or just staying in your resort. These are either exhausting, expensive, or dull options to choose from. So picking a Hotel that is really central means you are closer to more things and your ability to explore the Strip and its sights and attractions are far great. So how does Planet Hollywood measure up on this scale?

Well, as far as position goes Planet Hollywood is just about perfect! For all intents and purposes, the center of Las Vegas is the Bellagio. Everything really stems out from there. So as close to the Bellagio as you can get is as close to the action as you can get. And Planet Hollywood is right across the Boulevard from the Fountains.

There is very little in Las Vegas that is not an easy stroll from the Hotel. Thus making Planet Hollywood one of the best Situated on the Strip. There is a slight downside, in the fact the hotel itself is really complicated to get out of! To exit onto the Strip, you need to pass through the Casino and the Planet Hollywood is particularly difficult to get out of. We find ourselves traipsing around the large Casino floor just looking for the best way out onto the Strip, and Vice versa when getting back to the room.

Other than this the Hotel is just perfectly located. The Bellagio is an attraction in itself and this makes staying there subject to horrendous crowds. Planet Hollywood has all the advantages of the perfect central location without the drawbacks of staying in the heaving crowds of tourists. You also have the added advantage of having the Miricle Miles shops attached to the hotel.

We would go as far as to say Planet Hollywood is the singularly best-located hotel on the Strip!

History of the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood only opened in 2007, making it one of the Newer Hotels in the central strip area. However, this does not mean the Hotel lacks history as the Site was the location of the legendary Aladdin Hotel and Casino.

This Arabian-themed hotel held pride of place in the Center of the strip with its glittering Genie Lamp outside (now found in the Neon Museum) from 1966 until 1997 when the Casino was closed down and demolished.

Rising in place of the Aladdin was the NEW Aladdin, a project costing nearly $1 billion and included the Desert Passage Mall. Planet Hollywood was part owner at the time but withdrew from the project over funding issues. The whole project seemed doomed from the start and financial problems beset a chaotic opening in 2000.

Unsurprisingly, just over a year after opening the parent company filed for bankruptcy. The resort was purchased a few years later by a consortium including Planet Hollywood and began the conversion of the New Aladdin into Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, while the Dessert Passage Mall became the Miricle Mile Shops. Finally fully opening in 2007.

Unfortunately running a Casino is not the same as running a Restaurant and only a few years after opening, the Casino defaulted on its mortgage in 2009 and was once again in big trouble. This time Harrahs came to the rescue (who later became Caesars Entertainment) and the Hotel, resort, and Casino have operated well ever since still under the Planet Hollywood brand.

Interestingly there is no Planet Hollywood Restaurant at the Resort, this is located in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace (due to licensing arrangements)

What we Love About Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

There are several factors that make Planet Hollywood a great choice. As we have discussed the Location is about as good as it gets. The room rates are very competitive, and the Fountain View Rooms are simply amazing.

The theme is a little low-key compared to some of the in-your-face Vegas themes but we really like that, you don’t feel like you are staying in a theme park, just a nice glitzy hotel. The proximity to the Miricle Mile shops adds some real convenience and plenty of great dining options.

The Hotel is heavily music based with several residencies operating out of the Zappos Theatre, including Jenifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and Gwen Stefani! This concentration of superstar celebrities helps enhance the Hollywood Glamour image.

Free Upgrades – Room upgrades are fairly common, and while we just tend to book the Fountain view rooms, if you do risk it you may get a nice upgrade using the $20 Trick. However, we just ensure we get the fountain view room and simply negotiate with the Check-in clerks to ensure a very high floor, the higher the floor the better your Fountain View.

What we don’t Like about Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

On the whole, we love Planet Hollywood, however, the lower prices charged at the hotel mean there are some drawbacks to staying here. Essentially this is mainly the room quality. The rooms are very basic and are not fitted to a high standard at all, we address this fully below, but expect chain hotel Quality with some Hollywood styling!

The layout is a little confusing too, we often found ourselves lost or on the wrong floor. The whole transition from the Lobby, Casino Foer, Parking Garage, and Hotel floors is just muddled. You also lack any sort of WOW lobby. As you enter the hotel, the reception is just sort of there, along with self-service kiosks, compared to Caesars or Paris it’s a real letdown. It is a real right of passage to wander into a jaw-dropping Lobby to start your Vegas Experience, you just don’t get that here!

Then there is the Pool Deck, to call it a let-down is to oversell it!

Resort Fee – $52 – We always include the Resort fee when we list prices as we tend to ignore it and just lump it in with the cost of the hotel. People get very worked up about resort fees but essentially they are just a way to advertise a lower price. If the Hotels removed them they would just hike prices. On our preferred booking Partner Resort fees are included in the headline price!

Who Does Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Suit Best?

Planet hollywood Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood has a younger vibe to it than most hotels, the basic clean lines of the room and trendy styling definitely appeal to the younger generations. It leans toward the more modern interpretation of Hollywood Glamour rather than the golden ages.

Primarily we feel the Hotel suits the budget-conscious, looking for that perfect Central location and jaw-dropping views. The hotel offers one of the best value fountain views rooms on the strip and the location is just perfect.

We do feel this is a repeat visitors hotel mainly. We love the understated theming but it’s let down for newcomers to the City who really want that in-your-face Vegas Madness! Of course, if the more subtle approach of the Planet Hollywood appeals then you can definitely avoid that Vegas Gaudyness here.

It’s also a great choice for a winter hotel as you won’t miss the pool deck!

Best Rooms at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

There are two main types of rooms at Planet Hollywood. Ultra-Hip and the Ultra Resort. The Ultra-Hip are the basic rooms and the Ultra Resort Rooms are slightly larger with more Amenities. There is also a selection of Suites available for those wanting even more space.

On the whole, the Ultra-Hip rooms are fairly basic, there are very few of the bells and whistles you might expect in Vegas. The Rooms are a little better than a good Chain Hotel. The rooms are dressed with Artwork and stylings to represent Hollywood Glamour, but everything is fairly cheap and basic. There is nothing wrong with the room, they just lack a luxury finish and Wow Factor. If you are simply looking for a nice comfortable room right in the heart of Vegas, then these fit the bill perfectly, if you are looking for Vegas glam, then they are short of the mark.

The Ultra Resort Rooms are a little better but can be twice the price and then you start getting into the price Bracket of the Surrounding Hotels.

There is one room type at Planet Hollywood that surpasses all others. These are not overly expensive and come with a real WOW factor. These are possibly the best Value rooms in Las Vegas and really can make your Vegas Stay special without breaking the bank!

Find out which rooms these are in Our Full guide to the Best Rooms at Planet Hollywood.

Room Price Guide

All Prices include TAX and Resort fees and are per night. These are the Base Prices and vary week to week on a live market based on live occupancy and availability along with surge pricing. Check here for the actual price on your dates, they may be considerably higher, or lower! Most of these come in a King or Two Queen Variety.

Room TypeWeekday PriceWeekend Price
Ultra Hip $90$270
Ultra Hip Premium Fountain View$150$340
Ultra Resort$170$318
Ultra Resort Vista$230$320
Ultra Hip Strip Suite$550$900
Ultra Panorama Suite$700$1130
Ultra 2-Bedroom Panorama Suite$1000+$1500+
Ultra Boulevard and Apex Suites$1200+$1600+

Want a better room for the same price? Always consider trying the $20 trick!

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Pool

Planet_hollywood Las Vegas Pool

We have hinted, strongly, at this a few times so far in this article. But let’s be clear, The Pool Deck at the Planet Hollywood…Sucks. It really is bad, one of the worst in Vegas. It is two square and un-inspired pools surrounded by concrete and the odd palm tree. The Bar is lifeless and expensive and service seems to reflect the desolate miserable mood the Pool Deck evokes.

It claims to resemble Hollywood Glamour, but it feels more Soviet and barren than Hollywood. At the end f the day if the pool is not the major draw bringing you to Vegas then you can overlook the pool deck but if sun-soaked days by the pool are the principal draw you may be disappointed.

That’s not to say there are not the basic ingredients here, there is a bar, the deck is open and sunkissed, and the pools are fairly large and fine for cooling off, it just lacks any sort of X-factor to even put it close to the rival pool decks.

If you really need to know more we have a full review below. But if you are looking for the best pool in Vegas, you are not going to find it here. This is probably the biggest drawback to staying at Planet Hollywood.

That said the Cabanas are possibly the cheapest in Vegas! There is also the Wave Rider, and artificial Surf Machine that adds interest for some, but none of this takes away from the lackluster pool theme.

Planet Hollywood’s Pool Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Casino

Planet hollywood casino floor
  • Average Table Wager – $5 – $25
  • Floor Size – 65,000 sqft
  • Games Available – Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Roulette, Gamblit

For the most part, if you teleported into a Las Vegas Casino, you would be hard-pushed to tell which one it is quickly, they are all very much the same. Planet Hollywood tries to buck that trend with a more modern feel and a few tricks that are unique to the PH.

Gamblit Gaming – Gamblit Gaming’s skill-based multiplayer games launched with big fanfare in 2017 and were exclusive to Planet Hollywood (although they are now in other properties). After the initial buzz, this alternative way of playing never really seemed to take off.

Paradise Pit – In an attempt to make gaming more fun, one section of the Planet Hollywood Casino sees female dealers, scantily clad in revealing Lingerie! You will often find loud, usually live Music and accompanying Table Dancers.

The overall vibe is very different from a usual Vegas Casino and feels more like a cross between a gaming Arcade and a Nightclub. It is best Described as a Party Casino. As you might expect the idea is to lure in the Casual Gambler, and Casual Gamblers love slot machines, and there are over 1200 at the PH. All the usual suspects are here from penny slots to the flashy big-name Video slots.

It is definitely a Casino geared for the less experienced Gambler. Table rules are pretty bad for anyone who takes things seriously but the dealers are lighthearted and make the games pretty fun so it’s a great choice for beginners or casual gamblers. You are unlikely to get shouted at for doing something wrong!

The Playing Field is the Casino’s Sports Book a 32-screen bar/lounge where you can gamble on various live sports.

Free Drinks – The drinks flow pretty well, the Lively atmosphere means drinking is part of the fun so the waitresses cover the floor pretty well.

What to Eat at the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

There are some great dining options at the Hotel and as the resort is linked to the Miricle Mile Shops you will find extra choices there, though, mainly casual eateries. Gordon Ramsey Burger offers gourmet Burgers and comfort food and Cafe Hollywood is as close to a Planet Hollywood restaurant as you will find here (Head to the Forum Shops for the actual Planet Hollywood Las Vegas). Pin-up Pizza is another great casual and takeaway option.

Fine dining comes in two forms, either the stunning Koi Japanese Restaurant or the Striphouse Steak House for upmarket Cuts of beef. These are both located on the Mezzanine floor and relaxed area where you can take a breather and watch over the goings-on down on the floor!

The in-house Buffet is the Spice Market that has lost a little of its charm over the last few years.

We take a look at what to eat at Planet Hollywood here

However, with the hotel being so central, there is absolutely no need to limit yourself to in-house restaurants.

Bars and Drinks

There are several great bars in the Casino. The Heart Bar is the Casino floor’s main bar and provides everything you need while gambling. The Blue Moon Bars offer Craft beers and sports on the Big Screens. Our recommendation is to head into the Miricle mile and Checkout Ocean One Bar and Grill, amazing 3 for $10 cocktails make this one of the cheapest places to drink in Las Vegas.

Things to See and Do at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Planet_hollywood Las Vegas Miracle Mile
  • Miracle Mile Shops
  • Zappos Theater
  • V theatre
  • Criss Angel MINDFREAK
  • Crazy Girls

Planet Hollywood lacks any of the real attractions that most Las Vegas Hotels pride themselves on. There are no real gimmicks as such. Instead, the Resort prides itself on being an entertainment hub.

Along with the resort staples such as the Pool Deck and Casino, the Resort features the Zappos Theatre, home to some of the most popular Vegas residencies of recent years. Jennifer Lopez Britney Spears, Back Street Boys, Gwen Stefani, and Kelly Clarkson.

There is also the V-theatre, home to some of Las VEgas’s popular but less prominent shows such as Las Vegas the Show, Zombie Burlesque, and the V-Variety Show (All included on the Go Las Vegas Pass). You can also find the highly acclaimed MINDFREAK by Cross Angel and in keeping with the Hollywood Glamour Theme, the Crazy Girls Burlesque Show.

As far as shows go, Planet Hollywood probably has the densest population of productions on the Strip.

We list all of Planet Hollywood’s best attractions here.

Spa by Mandara

The Planet Hollywood Spa by Mandara is touted as a luxury retreat featuring Balinese luxury treatments and a tropical escape transporting you miles from the bustling Las Vegas Strip…in reality, the Spa is dated and fairly run down and definitely not one of the Strips better Spa’s, on the whole, we would avoid this one!

Best Time to Visit Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Planet hollywood las vegas view

Planet Hollywood is a real all-season Resort. Its reliance on entertainment, including high-end residency, means the weather outside has little impact on the enjoyment to be had inside the casino walls.

The big exception to this is sun lovers wanting to spend large amounts of time by the pool. There are so many better choices if the Pool is a big priority and only disappointment awaits those planning to sun themselves on the Planet Hollywood Pool Deck.

We also mention how good value the Hotel is compared to others in the immediate vicinity. While this is true, surge pricing can really push the prices through the roof. Especially at weekends! Planet Hollywood really can be a pricy affair during peak times, and for us, this really goes against what we love about the Hotel. A cheap, basic, but perfectly located hotel.

Your best bet for securing non-surged Prices is avoiding the Conference dates and major holidays this is usually enough to secure the best prices and the quietest times.

Have Your Say

Have you stayed at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas? What did you think of the Resort, the Casino, and its amenities? How did you find the pool deck and did you get to see any shows? What room did you choose and did you plump for the Fountain view? Whatever you have to say about the resort just fire away in the comments. If you have any questions about the resort, hotel or casino just let us know in the comments.

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