10 Best Hotels Near Disneyland, Anaheim, California – Where to Stay at Disneyland California

Visiting Disneyland is a long day! By the end, you will be completely drained, and utterly exhausted. Add on a really early start and a drive-in and back out again and it becomes unbearable. As such even for L.A. residents it really can pay to Stay over at least a night or two in Anaheim to get the most of your Disneyland adventure. Fortunately, there are many options in the immediate area and choices to suit all budgets and tastes, in fact, there are far too many options. So we are here to cut through the rubbish and help you find the best Hotels Near Disneyland Anaheim.

10 Best Hotels Near Disneyland, Anaheim, California

Where to Stay At Disneyland California?

Our Guide on Disneyland California hotels is designed to find suitable lodgings for all budgets, preferences, and styles of travelers. The area’s hotels are fairly diverse and cater to just about everyone. From High-End luxury to Cheap-Motels and just about everything in between.

Let’s be honest, there isn’t really much to see and do in Anaheim. There are a few Convention centers, a couple of shopping malls, some nice dining options, and well that is about it. It is nice enough but lacks any real attractions, that is unless you count Disneyland! So by our reckoning, nearly everyone’s stay at Anaheim is going to be centered around the Parks. This makes the number one consideration in choosing a hotel is Location!

Parking at the Theme Parks is $30 a day, whereas lots of hotels in the immediate area offer FREE parking with a stay. So if the hotel is within walking distance of the gates you are already onto a winner. We count “walking distance” to be around 1 mile to the gates. While you could easily walk further or get public transport into the park there really is very little need. There is a Hotel for every Budget and taste within that 1mile walking range of the gates. The Central Plaza where the entrances to Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure are situated can be accessed from both sides of the park meaning there are a lot of options within striking distance.

Having a Hotel nearby is also perfect for Park Hopper tickets or if you just want to get away for a rest. You can pop back to the hotel, take a snooze, freshen up then head back to the park reenergized for some late-night rides or the fireworks.

Anaheim Convention Centre

A quick look at Tripadvisor will reveal a large number of very highly rated hotels at great prices all occupying the top spots. Almost all of these are poor choices! Why? They are convention center hotels. They get a lot of throughput from the convention center visitors and most of those are looking for nothing more than a clean, quiet place to crash after a hard day at a convention, these hotels are perfectly suited to this so they score high. But for park visits, they are just too far away. You can pay the same, for a similar quality room MUCH closer to the park entrances, if you choose a hotel off our list!

Should We Stay at a Disney Hotel?

This is one of the first questions people ask. The simple answer is that Disney hotels are pretty special but they are very expensive and apart from extra magic hours do not provide much for that money other than prime locations. So If you don’t choose a Disney Hotel, you will not be at much of a disadvantage, but you will save a packet.

For the long answer read our full article on the topic.

Disney Hotels:

There are 3 Disney Hotels at Disneyland

  • Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa – $600+
  • Disneyland Hotel – $450+
  • Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel – $350+

All the Disney Hotels make our list so you can read more about each later in the article.

Disney Good Neighbour Hotels

The Good Neighbor Hotel Scheme is a bit of nothingness really. The Hotels are normally very close to the Parks, however, you do not need Disney to tell you this, a map would suffice, and they meet minimum criteria and standards according to Disney, however you get none of the benefits of the Disney Hotels. You can, however, book them through Disney direct if you like. This is what it really means, Disney can get a cut if you book through them.

While most of the Disney Good Neighbour Hotels are fantastic, and many feature on our list, the fact they are Good Neighbour hotels is really neither here nor there. If you choose to not stay at a Disney Hotel there is very little reason to book a hotel through them. You are bound to get the same room cheaper from an internet booking site.

Best Hotels Near Disneyland, Anaheim, California

1 – Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel And Spa

  • Best for – Ultimate Disney Experience
  • Average Cost – $600+
  • Features – Exclusive Park Entrance, Ultimate location, High-Quality rooms.

In our article on Staying at Disney Hotels at Disneyland, we come to the conclusion it is not really necessary, and staying in 3rd party hotels is the best way to go. However, this does not stop the Grand Californian from topping our list. It is in our opinion the clear winner as far as BEST Anaheim Hotel goes.

Yes, it is overpriced, it is incredibly expensive and you can get hotels nearly as good for much less. BUT “Nearly” is a long way from “as good”. If you want the absolute best experience in Disneyland then it has to be the Grand Californian.

First off is its location. It is not near the parks it is inside them! While technically still outside the parks its footprint is within the footprint of Disney Californian Adventure and has its own Private entrance for Hotel guests only. On Extra Magic Hour days this really gives you the park to yourselves for half an hour each day. Head out of your room, down to the private entrance, and straight into the park with only your fellow hotel guests for company! You can easily hit 2 or 3 rides while you wait for the rest of the crowds to be let in while snagging all the best Genie+ returns for later!

The other entrance is direct onto Downtown Disney with all its entertainment, shopping, and dining. From there it is 2 min walk over to the main entrance concourse where you can access both Parks. There is little doubt it is the best-located hotel by a country mile.

On top of that, it is a real high-end luxury Hotel. The Communal areas are just stunning. The Restaurants are high end and you can dine with Disney princesses. The pool area is to die for and the rooms are the finest in the area.

We really love the rooms with a real, snow-white woodland theme running through them. It is so overtly Disney you can’t help but be charmed and with rooms featuring views out into the actual park you just can’t be more emersed in the Disney experience.

Downsides? Well, it is horrifically expensive with basic rooms starting around $600 a night and premium view rooms even more expensive. But that misses the point. This is a money no object experience. We cannot recommend this Hotel if “value” is even entering the equation, as it is not a good value, No matter how nice the rooms are or how perfect the location is. This is a Hotel for people who do not care about value, and in that sense it is amazing. A once in a lifetime treat, or a super special occasion. We prefer to save a bit more and stay outside of Disney but there is no doubt how special this place is.

The other negative, there is no escaping Disney here! While this is bearable for a few days any longer and the “company” presence gets a little much.

2 – Courtyard By Marriot At Themepark Entrance

Courtyard By Marriott
  • Best for – Great Value High-End
  • Average Cost – $300
  • Features – Water Park, Super Close to Park Entrance, Incredible Views, Excellent Rooms.

Over on the other side of the parks where Disney has no influence is another cluster of hotels. These are all right at the park entrances and are perfectly located. The pick of these and our best Value High-End Pick is the Courtyard By Marriot.

Stunning and Modern communal areas, Luxury appointed rooms and suites, some with direct Park Views, a great pool deck, and a near-perfect location. This hotel offers ALMOST everything the Grand Californian does, but at half the cost. Ok, that might be a little over the top, but the Courtyard does a great job of providing high-end accommodation at not-too-scary prices.

The Hotel is literally just over the road from the park and the entrance and front-facing rooms provide great views of Disneyland Park and the Fireworks. The pool/waterpark is wonderful and loved by kids, and people actually have a hard time pulling them away from it, even with the lure of Disneyland!

Dining is a little on the weak side, there are plenty of very local options but they tend to be fast-food type places, I-Hop, Denny’s, etc. But you are not far from Downtown Disney, or the park’s Dining Options and there are many restaurants within a short walk or Taxi/Uber ride away.

Overall this is a very solid option for anyone wanting higher-end accommodation without breaking the bank and wanting a near-perfect location.

3 – Grand Legacy at the Park

The Grand Legacy
  • Best for – Location
  • Average Cost – $150-200
  • Features – Practically outside the gates

The Grand Legacy is a mid-priced option almost directly opposite the park entrances. There are a few chain hotels, and some really cheap motels in the immediate vicinity but the Grand Legacy is our pick in this area. The longest part of your journey to the parks from here will be waiting for the crossing to change!

The Grand is a quirky hotel with a nice pool area and stunning rooftop bar/restaurant, The Fifth. Rooms are nicely appointed and spacious with some views into the Parks. While communal areas are decent if not spectacular. You are right in the middle of everything with a ton of restaurants and shops all within strolling distance.

The Grand Legacy is the perfect choice if coming and going to the park is essential as you really are just across the road but the price is still affordable and the hotel is still at a very high standard.

4 – Howard Johnson Anaheim Hotel and Water Playground

Howard Johnson Anaheim
  • Best for – Families
  • Average Cost – $170
  • Features – Great Pool and Water Park, Fantastic Location, Large Family Rooms.

An excellent Family hotel right by the Park entrance and at a great price. The large spacious twin queen Rooms that sleep up to 5 make the $170 a night quite a bargain. The Pool area and water park are both fantastic and getting kids away from it and into the parks can be tough.

The location really couldn’t be better, less than 10 min stroll right to the park entrance with a ton of affordable dining options around and only a short walk to Anaheim Garden Walk with its many chain restaurants and shops. Of course, being so close to the entrance makes this only a short walk to downtown Disney as well.

The Hotel is a little bland but then it is a more budget option and has everything a family would need. Care should be taken to avoid rooms near the back of the property as you are getting close to the freeway and noise can be an issue.

5 – The Anaheim Hotel

Anaheim Hotel
  • Best for – Budget at the entrance
  • Average Cost – $130-150
  • Features – Close to the Entrance, clean, modern resort-style hotel.

The Anaheim Hotel is a large resort-style hotel only minutes away from the Park entrance. The Hotel is overtly non-Disney, with its clean lines and modern decor. You can wander in from a hard day at the parks and finally forget you are actually at Disneyland. For some, this misses the point, but for others, it’s a blessing.

We find the overall style and condition of the hotel are far higher than the budget price seems to suggest. It is right in the heart of everything yet only a shade over $100 a night. Rooms are very modern if a little minimalistic, but these clean modern lines are what make it so un-Disney-like and a little more Grown-up. It’s a great hotel for couples or adults wanting to get away from the kids for a few hours of your Disney experience.

Right behind the hotel is the entrance to the Anaheim Garden Walk with a host of restaurants, bars, and shops.

6 – Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland Hotel
Disneyland Hotel by Sam Howzit on CC2.0
  • Best for – Moderate Disney Hotel
  • Average Cost – $450
  • Features – Great Location and Great Pool plus Disney Perks

The Incredibly imaginatively named Disneyland Hotel* is the Midrange offering at Disneyland. With prices starting at $450 It’s still easily one of the most expensive hotels in the area. Unlike Disneyworld where by virtue of the amount of land they own, they operate a kind of monopoly, at Disneyland, the abundance of cheap hotels and motels means Disney has no real incentive to operate a budget or Value line and indulge in a race to the bottom with the budget hotel chains. Instead, it just limits the offering to 3 high-end hotels.

So while the Disneyland hotel is cheaper than the Grand Californian it is still a premium resort experience. The Location is excellent. Seconds from the hotel exit and you are in Downtown Disney and only a few minutes from the park entrances.

The Rooms are a little more contemporary than the Grand Californian but still quintessentially Disney. They are well-appointed but lack the real wow of a true high-end room. The pools are fantastic with water slides, multiple pools, hot tubs, and lush tropical surroundings. It is probably our favorite pool deck in Anaheim.

There are several excellent restaurants, including a Steak house and Tiki Bar, with endless dining options right on your doorstep. Really it is an almost faultless hotel. With just one major issue, the price

*when the park first opened Disney did not actually build any hotels, and the Disneyland hotel was Privately owned. Hence the Imagineers did not actually name the Hotel. In Subsequent years as Disney’s Profits soared they were able to purchase the hotel but retained the name.

7 – Castle Inn and Suites

The Castle Inn
  • Best for – a Disney Feeling
  • Average Cost – $130
  • Features – A Disney-styled hotel, but budget and not Disney Affiliated.

If you want that Disney feeling but don’t want to fork out $500 a night you could try the Castle Inn and Suites. This hotel has a great location, minutes from the Park entrances, and has a low budget price, but while plenty of hotels in this area have a low price and location the Castle inn Stands out due to its flamboyant theming.

In true Disney style, the front of the building is transformed into a medieval castle via Facade, it is not a real castle but since when has anything at Disney been real? The Lobby has strong Disney theming running through it and it can be hard to believe Disney lets them get away with it.

However, The hotel itself is a little more than a Motel. The pool is drab, and the rooms are clean and comfortable but not exactly luxurious. But if you are bringing little ones and want to pull up to a fantasy Castle to start your stay this really fits the bill. And the price is about as low as it gets.

8 – Kings Inn Anaheim At the Park and Convention Centre

Kings Inn
  • Best for – Budget
  • Average Cost – <$100
  • Features – Cheap No Frills Accommodation, close to the Parks and Restaurants

Disneyland visits are often short stays, two or three nights and the focus is on the Parks, all you need from a hotel room is a place to lay your head. Obviously, the room needs to be clean, quiet, and comfortable, but there is no requirement for luxury or indulgence. You will get up early, smash the parks all day and collapse into your bed in the evening.

For this the Kings Inn is perfect. It is located nice and close, only a 10-minute stroll, but not so close it incurs a premium. It is right next to the Anaheim Garden walk with lots of great dining options. Free parking is included, so no additional costs. There is a great roof terrace for catching the fireworks show in the evening too, great for the first night when you may not have tickets yet!

If you want cheap and no-frills, but still want a decent stay then the Kings Inn really hits the spot.

9 – Hotel Indigo Anaheim

The Indigo Anaheim
  • Best for – Chic Boutique
  • Average Cost – $100-150
  • Features – Boutique hotel minutes from the park entrance.

The Indigo Anaheim is a funky boutique hotel, in a prime location and at a pretty budget price considering the quality of the accommodation. It is right next door to the Kings Inn so minutes from Disneyland with a host of dining options at the Garden walk.

If you are looking for somewhere upmarket but without breaking the bank the Indigo is an excellent choice.

10 – Anaheim Majestic Garden

Majestic Garden Anaheim
  • Best for – Staying in a Fairytale
  • Average Cost – $115
  • Features – Medieval Chateau Theming

This is our pick from a cluster of Hotels at the intersection of Disneyland Drive and W Ball Rd. This is VERY close to the park and the Promo Photos show the Fireworks almost breaking over the hotel’s Faux Ramparts. However, this is misleading. The Hotel is a good 1.2-mile walk from the Park. While with a good arm you are literally a stone’s throw from the park. There is no entrance at this location. So while you can hear the screams and see the fireworks you can’t join in.

Further complicating matters, there is no entrance on Disneyland drive. You have to take a convoluted route down Magic Way to the beginning of Downtown Disney and get in this way. Still, it is very walkable and within our acceptable level, but you can get a lot closer to the entrance for a lot less.

So while we dismiss most hotels in this area we really like the Majestic. It’s a bit more than your standard Motel and has some nice theming to get you in the Disney Mood. The Hotel is modeled in a Fairytale Europen Chateau/Castle theme and gives the illusion of staying somewhere very grand and fantastical. It is a wonderful place to pull up to and imagine you have arrived in a fairytale.

The Rooms are light and airy but a bit dated, and by that we mean the late 80’s not the 1600’s which would be wonderful. There is no rustic charm just a failure to modernize. But that sounds worse than it is. The rooms are in good condition, clean and comfortable.

While the Hotels promo pictures are a little generous to the property it is still a fun place to stay and if it was just a touch closer it would be higher on the list, but then the price would probably be higher too!

11 – Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel

Disney Paradise Pier Hotel
Paradise Pier Hotel by Patrick Pelletier on CC3.0
  • Best for – Disney Budget
  • Average Cost – $350
  • Features – Disney Perks and Good location.

Ok, we said “10 Best Hotels” but we couldn’t finish our list without mentioning the last of Disney’s Hotels, The Paradise Pier. This is Disney’s Budget hotel, but Disney’s interpretation of the word Budget leaves a little to be desired. Starting at $350+ it may be the cheapest Disney hotel but it is still pretty pricey.

In our opinion, there is little to justify the hefty price tag. The location is OK, but there are better and it’s still a few minutes walk to the park entrances. The pool area is the weakest of the three, don’t be fooled by the fact it’s rooftop, which sounds cool, but it’s a very low roof not the top of one of the taller towers.

Rooms are a little drab too and the whole hotel has a budget feel, which is not really ok for a $350+ hotel. Overall it’s our least favorite hotel and if it were not Disney it would not be on our list! However, we had to mention it, especially as renovations began in the fall of 2022 to transform the hotel into Pixar palace- a new Pixar Themed Hotel at Disneyland.

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What are your Favorite Hotels to stay in for Disneyland? Are you a Dinsey-only Family or do you take advantage of the much better value non-Disney properties? Do you have a favorite? Or have you stayed in a complete Dive? Let us know in the comments below or if you have any questions regarding Hotels for Disneyland just fire away in the comments.

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