Go City Las Vegas Explorer Pass Review 2023 – Is the Go City Las Vegas Explorer Pass Worth It?

Vegas is a city packed with amazing things to see and do. Apart from the classic activities of gambling at the Casino, hitting the bars hard, sitting by the pool, or simply taking in the amazing hotels and casinos, there are a ton of incredible attractions and things to see. Naturally, people wanting to visit these are looking for ways to save money and if you are, you may be considering an attraction pass? The Go City Las Vegas Explorer Pass is one such option, but is the Go City Las Vegas Explorer Pass Worth It?

Find out in our detailed Go City Las Vegas Explorer Pass Review. We take you through the pass to see if the attractions are any good, if the pass really saves you money, and show you the pitfalls of using a pass. Find out if the Explorer pass is the right pass for YOU or if you would be better off with a different pass or giving attraction passes a miss completely.

It’s impossible to ignore the effects the Global Pandemic has had on Travelling so we take this into account to see if the Las Vegas Explorer Pass is Still good value in 2023!

Go City Las Vegas Explorer Pass Review 2023

Las Vegas Re-opening Update

Las Vegas has, like much of the States, now fully Re-opened after the Covid Pandemic forced shutdowns in 2020 and 2021. The upcoming year looks far more business as usual as people head back out after being couped up over the duration.

We headed to Vegas in March 2022 and found the City as Bustling and vibrant as ever. Almost everything is now back open and almost all Covid restrictions are being lifted.

The fog really is lifting and it’s time to get back out there and enjoy the amazing city that is Las Vegas.

The Go City Explorer Pass could really help you do just that. We used an Explorer Pass on our last trip and had zero issues at all in visiting the many attractions listed on the Pass.

Go City has also made some really nice changes to the pass. These changes help make planning your trip even less stressful. There is a 90-day money-back guarantee, meaning if your trip does get canceled you can get a full refund, and the Pass also lasts a full two years from purchase meaning any postponements of your trip and your passes will still be good when you do get back to traveling.

  • ProductGo City Las Vegas Explorer Pass
  • Price: $60- $141
  • Price Child: $50 – $131 (Child 3-12yrs)
  • Where to Buy: GoCity.com
  • Number Of Attractions: Choose 2 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 attractions from 38+ Top Attractions
  • Time Limit: 30 Days
  • Expiry: 90 Days Refund (No Quibble) – 2 Year Expiry for First Use
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 4.8/5

Attractions Available – 38+ Attractions

  • High Roller Observation Wheel – Daytime Ticket – ($31)
  • The Mob Museum – ($29.95)
  • Real Bodies Exhibit – ($33.25)
  • Big Bus Tours – ($52.99)
  • Night Time Bus Tour – ($50)
  • Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris Las Vegas – ($30) – Daytime Ticket
  • FlyLinq Zipline – ($47.50)
  • Las Vegas Club Tour – ($99)
  • and Many more…
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Attractions


A Great pass that allows you to supplement your trip with just a few great attractions. A great way to break up your partying and gambling without breaking the bank. The Pass lacks the Show Stopping Premium attractions of the Las Vegas Go Card but is also priced much more competitively. By choosing the number of attractions you want you are also able to plan your trip better and not fall down the hole of trying to do too much. This also allows you to plan in lots of pool/casino/exploration time to fully appreciate the City.

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Madame Tussauds Alan
Madame Tussauds Included on the Pass

What is the Go City Las Vegas Explorer Pass?

The Go City Las Vegas Explorer Pass is an Attraction Pass from Go City, the top provider of attraction passes in the States. The Basic concept is you choose how many attractions from a list of 38+ that you would like to visit. Then when in Vegas simply use the pass to visit the attractions. The upside of this is the overall price of the Pass is considerably less than the price you would need to pay should you visit the same attractions individually paying at the gate.

The big thing to bear in mind with the Explorer pass is some of the attractions are on the cheaper end and choosing these could result in quite modest savings (it could even end up costing MORE!), whereas choosing the more expensive options will vastly increase your savings, but this is only sensible if the expensive options are the attractions you want to experience. As such a little forethought and calculation are needed to see if the pass works out as a good value for you. We will run through some examples later.

What is the Go City Las Vegas Pass All-Inclusive?

Another option instead of the Explorer Pass is the Go City Las Vegas Pass All-Inclusive. This is a more expensive option but gives the user the option of all-inclusive attractions for a number of days, Along with some pretty special Premium Attractions such as helicopter rides or a grand canyon excursion! This pass is geared more towards the sort of traveler who wants to see and do EVERYTHING. Read our Full Review Here.

Other Las Vegas Passes?

There are several Passes now for Las Vegas. They all have different strengths and weaknesses and Pros and Cons. We have a Full Las Vegas Pass Comparison Page where you can Check out exactly what is on offer and what suits YOU best.

Read Our Las Vegas Pass Comparison here.

Failing this you could go it alone and find other ways to save while visiting Las Vegas

How Much Does the Las Vegas Explorer Pass cost?

Child 3-12 Years

  • 2 Choices – Adult – $60 ( $30 Per Choice) Child – $50
  • 3 Choices – Adult – $80 ( $26.66 Per Choice) Child – $70
  • 4 Choices – Adult – $111 ( $27.75 Per Choice) Child – $91
  • 5 Choices – Adult – $121 ( $24.20 Per Choice) Child – $106
  • 6 Choices – Adult – $131 ( $21.83 Per Choice) Child – $119
  • 7 Choices – Adult – $141 ( $20.14 Per Choice) Child – $131

Promo Code

Check out our Promo Code Page to see save even more on your Pass, we currently have 5% off the Las Vegas Explorer Pass! For Example, This makes the 5 Choice Pass only $113 or $22 per attraction.

How Long is the Pass Valid for?

due to the increased uncertainty around travel at the moment, Go-City has increased the Validity period of the Passes from one year to two. This is great news if you have a pass and your trip is canceled for one reason or another.

For most people, if their trip to Vegas is canceled they are still going to want to return in the near future, so the 2-year expiry date adds a lot to the peace of mind!

Additionally, there is a 90-day-no-Quibble refund policy. So if you buy your pass within 90 days of your trip, you can grab a refund with no problem should your trip not go ahead! This makes things pretty much risk-free.

How does the Go City Las Vegas Explorer Pass Work?

Go City Las Vegas Explorer Pass Review 2023

The Las Vegas Explorer Pass is a digital pass. It is emailed to you after ordering and you then either use the pass directly from your phone or you can print it out and use it that way. Either way, it’s is a QR Barcode that is scanned at the attractions allowing you entry to the attractions.

Every Time you scan your Pass one attraction is deducted from the amount you purchased until you have used all your attractions. You do not need to choose beforehand which attractions you wish to do. Unless it is an attraction that requires pre-booking in which case you will need to make a reservation.

Check the details of each attraction carefully to see if you need to pre-book. We have handily marked any attractions that require pre-booking.

Is the Pass Right for Me?

If you are thinking all I want to do is check out the casinos, and hit the pools, then an Attraction pass is probably not the best idea for you. Likewise, if you are looking at the list of attractions and thinking “I can ONLY pick 7” then you may want to consider an unlimited card like the Las Vegas Go Card.

This pass is mainly suited to people who just want to do a few attractions at their convenience while enjoying their trip in other ways. Like sitting by the pool, gambling, eating, etc…

How do We Test?

We see some reviews for these passes where people have only looked at the passes and done the Math, this often misses the reality of using a Pass, and we make sure we hit the Cities in question and use the passes regularly, this highlights us the niggles and impracticalities of the pass to show you exactly how the passes work in practice.

The Go City Las Vegas Explorer Pass in Practice

You can follow our own experiences with the pass on our Live Blogs where we actually Visit Las Vegas and try out the Passes. We have had two recent trips one before and one after Covid where we used the Passes and had a great time!

Overall the pass works pretty much flawlessly in Vegas. The main thing to remember is many of the attractions require pre-booking. This makes sense as they are mainly the tours, and attractions that you would usually book beforehand anyway. One issue with this is some of the attractions that do require booking charge you a fee if you fail to turn up without canceling. This is because they have reserved you a space and will not get paid if you simply do not show up. So always cancel if you can’t make a booking for whatever reason.

Some show only allow you to reserve tickets on the day, which means you have to be pretty organized and remember to visit the box office on the morning of the show. This level of organization can be difficult in Vegas! You also need to remember not many shows are running every night of the week so check the calendars to make sure there will be a performance on the night you want to visit!

Same with the Club and pool Tours these often get canceled on weekdays as there are not enough participants and clubs open to justify the Tour, plan for these to be on weekend nights or have a backup!

For the vast majority of attractions, the Pass just worked perfectly. Simply turn up, scan the pass and you are in. These are really popular products and the host will know exactly what to do. We use the App based QR code 90% of the time, but it pays to have a paper backup copy as Technology has a real habit of going wrong, right when you don’t want it to!

TIP – Take a Screen Shot of each QR code, that way if the app breaks (sometimes it tries to update at inopportune moments) you still have a copy of the QR to scan!

Is the Las Vegas Explorer Pass Worth it?

Fly Linq – Included on the Pass

Really this is a hard question to answer. The highest value Attraction is $99 and the lowest value is $12 so there is a large variety of value potential. Used wisely there is little doubt the pass WILL save you a ton of money but used badly it can cost more than simply buying on the gate! Let’s take a closer look…

As an example, we will use a 5-attraction pass as the middle-of-the-road option. Which costs $119.

Itinerary 1

  1. Big Bus Classic Tour – $50
  2. Mob Museum – $30
  3. Fly Linq Zipline – $40
  4. High Roller Observation Wheel – $31
  5. Las Vegas Club Tour – $99

Total Cost $250

Pass Cost – $121

Saving $129! (Save even more using our Promo Code)

That’s a pretty incredible saving and an itinerary that is easily possible even over a long weekend. It is by far the best line-up in terms of pure money-saving so shows just how easy huge savings are on the Pass.

We consider that a very realistic itinerary it’s not just all the most expensive options, but ones most people would like to visit. There is potential to save even more than this!

However, Compare this to the next itinerary.

Itinerary 2

  1. Big Apple Roller Coaster – $24
  2. Virtual Reality Experience – $18
  3. Las Vegas Natural History Museum – $12
  4. High Roller Observation Wheel – $30
  5. The Mob Museum – $30

Total Cost $114

Pass Cost – $121


Yep, that’s right with that Itinerary it would actually COST you money. Again that isn’t even the worst itinerary available. This highlights how much care must be taken when choosing your Attractions.

The best way of looking at it is the COST PER ATTRACTION Price:

  • 2 Choices – Adult – $60 – COST PER ATTRACTION = $30 Per Choice
  • 3 Choices – Adult – $80 – COST PER ATTRACTION = $26.66 Per Choice
  • 4 Choices – Adult – $111 – COST PER ATTRACTION = $27.75 Per Choice
  • 5 Choices – Adult – $121 – COST PER ATTRACTION = $24.20 Per Choice
  • 6 Choices – Adult – $131 – COST PER ATTRACTION = $21.80 Per Choice
  • 7 Choices – Adult – $141 – COST PER ATTRACTION = $20.15 Per Choice

If the Cost of the Attraction you want to do is LESS than the Cost per Attraction, such as Las Vegas Natural History Museum at $12 then avoid it. It would be better to pay for this separately in most cases. If it is more, such as the Hoover Dam Tour $55, you are on to a winner. However, sometimes adding Attractions that are Lower than the Cost Per Day Price can still save money. Take a look below, this is a 7 Attraction Pass, it’s the Same as the Itinerary one only we added two Attractions both only worth $18/$20 Each. Remember the Per Attractions Price for the 7 Attraction pass is $21 a day so this should cost money…

Itinerary 3

  1. Big Bus Classic Tour – $53
  2. Mob Museum – $30
  3. Fly Linq Zipline – $47
  4. High Roller Observation Wheel – $30
  5. Las Vegas Club Tour – $99
  6. Virtual Reality Experience – $18
  7. Señor Frogs: $20 Food & Drinks Credit – $20

Total Cost $297

Pass Cost $141

Saving $156! (Save even more using our Promo Code)

In Actual Fact, this saves us even more! The Upgrade from 5-7 attractions Pass is $20 whereas if we had bought the two extra attractions separately then the cost would have been $38. So we are saving an extra $18 by using the Pass. This is because the fall Per attraction price is spread out across all the attractions so by buying more attractions you are saving more on every attraction.

This highlights the importance of working out which attractions you are likely to use and seeing if the overall cost is less than the cost of buying individually!

It is also worth pointing out again the importance of only choosing the attractions you really want to do. Not just chasing value by doing things because they are high value. That is a real false economy.

There is also the issue that in Vegas almost everything can be had for a discount. Shopping around and getting the best offers means you rarely have to pay the “gate” price. So the Savings in the examples are probably exaggerated. However, the Las Vegas Explorer Pass does guarantee large savings with very little effort and shopping around. To achieve this level of saving would require considerable effort in shopping around.

Overall, we feel that if the attractions that take your fancy are all the higher $ value items, $25 and over, then the card offers excellent value without any of the hassles of having to shop around for individual discounted attractions and having to carry multiple tickets, etc…

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Available Attractions

Let’s take a more in-depth look at what attractions are available, there are far too many to go into individually so these are just some of our favorite higher-value attractions:

Vegas Rockstar Club Tour – Pre-Book – $99

A fantastic night on the tiles. After pre-drinks, you are chauffeured around in a party bus to some of the best nightclubs in the world, let alone Vegas. This really is one for the party animals, and it’s sure to be a wild night. Great if you don’t really know where you want to go as you will visit a few different clubs. Also, you will likely be in a group so if you are alone or a couple or small group you should hopefully pick up a few new friends! This includes booze on the Party bus but not in the clubs, and be warned they are not cheap!

Hoover Dam Tour – Pre-Book – $55

Hoover Dam Tour
View from the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge – Included on the Tour

The Hoover Dam is a must-see in Vegas and it’s well worth visiting. The Dam is a Staggering feat of Engineering and holds back the majestic Blue waters of Lake Mead. This half-day tour gives you round-trip transportation from the Strip and takes in the Visitors Centre as well as the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge and the Boulder Dam Museum in Boulder City.

The Dam is one of the most accessible tours from Vegas and only eats half a day whereas other longer tours, such as the Grand Canyon, take 12-18 hours as you head much further away from Vegas.

High Roller Observation Wheel – Daytime Ticket – $30.75

The High Roller

The High roller is really a fantastic attraction and something everyone should do in Vegas. The Views from one of the tallest Observation wheels in the world really blow the mind. As well as the amazing aerial views of the top Las VEhas Hotels, Casinos, and landmarks the wheel offers stunning views out across the Las Vegas Valley with the Spring Mountains in the distance.

Look down on the Flamingo, Caesar’s Palace, The Bellagio, Paris, and more. The 30-minute ride literally flies by and you are off to explore the Linq promenade. The Photo ops are amazing but remember to wear dark clothing to try and help minimize reflections.

Our favorite option of the Open bar is not available due to social distancing and the Pass only offers a Day Ride. Nighttime is even better, however, you can pay the difference to get a nighttime ride or upgrade to the Open Bar!

Read more here

Big Bus Tour, Hop on Hop Off – $53.00

Big Bus Hop On Hop Off

We know it is incredibly touristy, but we really do enjoy these tours, STILL! There is something just childishly fun about riding around a big City on an open-top bus. The tours are just that, do not plan on using them as transport as they are hopelessly slow and infrequent. But as a way to see the City and link up a few attractions they are great fun.

There is also a night option included on the Pass

The Mob Museum – $29.95 – Open

the Mob Museum

One of the Best Museums in Las Vegas the Mob Museum is anything but the Stuffy boring Museum found in most cities. Here the story of the Mob is told, how organized Crime ran America and how the FBI finally got a handle and brought the perpetrators to justice.

The Museum features interactive exhibits telling the story in a fun way that feels perfect for Vegas, especially seeing as a lot of the City was built on Mob Money. Make this part of your visit to Downtown and experience what America was like under the boot of the Mob

Madame Tussaud’s – $36.99

madame tussauds las vegas alan

We are not always fans of the Tussauds Wax Work Museums. We love the original, in London, but find others just too tourist trap-like. The Vegas addition holds a pretty special place in our hearts. It really hits the tone of the city right and feels very young and fun. We especially appreciate the Hangover Sets and Models which feel particularly relevant.

Other Great Attractions:

Big Bus Night Tour – $49.99

The Roller Coaster at NY, NY Hotel – $23.00

Fly Linq Zipline – $47.50

Stratosphere SkyPod + 1 Thrill ride – $39.00

Number One Escape Room – $40

Official Saw Escape Room – $64 – New

Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck – $30.00 – Day or Night

Marvel Avengers Station – $42.00

REAL BODIES at Horseshoe – $32.95

Señor Frogs: $20 food and Drink Credit – $20.00


Used correctly the Explorer pass is a good way to save a good amount of money on your Vegas attractions. However, if you choose poorly you could end up paying more than you needed to! Personally, we prefer the All-inclusive Las Vegas Go Card. It really unlocks the City in a way the Explorer doesn’t quite manage, as you try to be careful in which attractions to Choose.

However, if you are just looking to do a few attractions to supplement your time in the casinos, hitting the pool, and generally just exploring the City the Explorer pass is a very attractive option. You get to see exactly what you choose and still save a packet

While the all-Inclusive passes require you to pack the attractions in, the Explorer pass allows for a more sedate trip. While for a lot of locations we find this approach better, Vegas is a pretty crazy place and we like the madness! But it’s not for everyone and if you want Lazy days by the pool supplemented by a few of the Top attractions in Vegas then we highly rate the Explorer Pass.

You can follow our own experiences with the pass on our Live Blogs where we actually Visit Las Vegas and try out the Passes. We have had two recent trips one before and one after Covid where we used the Passes and had a great time!

<<<Buy Your Explorer Pass Directly here >>>

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Have Your Say?

Let us know if you have tried the Go City Las Vegas Explorer Pass? Did you think it was value for money? If you have tried any of the available attractions and want to share what you think about them please drop us a comment. Or if you have any questions at all just drop us a comment below.

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38 thoughts on “Go City Las Vegas Explorer Pass Review 2023 – Is the Go City Las Vegas Explorer Pass Worth It?”

  1. Great article!!

    I had no idea there was such a thing as an explorer pass, this would have been great for our group to have when we were in vegas last year, definitely going to add it to the ‘must-do’ list.

    It seems like there is huge value if you are able to redeem all the attractions while you are there.

    Thanks for the info!!

    • Hi Gabe,

      Yeah we find a lot of people unaware of these types of pass’s in a lot of cities, a lot of people feel they could have saved money on previous trips had they known. You live and learn. Next time you visit a City and want to visit the sights and attractions always have a check to see if there are passes available.

      Hope your next trip goes well

  2. Hi,

    I was thinking of visiting Vegas next year, I had never realised there were so many fantastic attractions, and I had no idea that you could get an explorer pass as well. I think its pretty cheap for what you get and it would help make a trip really special. I quite like the look of Vegas Rockstar Club Tour. The High Roller Observation Wheel looks awesome as well. Im spoilt for choice now! But its good the way you can create your own itinerary as well. I will bookmark this and check it nearer the time, will you be adding more next year?

    • Hi, Freddy

      Glad you learned about the Explorer pass before your upcoming trip. We are shore if you use an explorer pass for your trip you will have an epic time. 

      Glad you are going to check back.

      We have reviewed passes from lots of cities in America, check our individual City pages to see how you can save in other USA Cities.

  3. Hi Steve,

    Thank you for your article that offers such valuable information. It is helping me to save hours of research and comparison among different options for making the most on my time and money when visiting Vegas attractions.
    Now, I just need to adjust my schedule and choose the right pass.

    Best regards!

    • Hi Millie,

      Thanks for reading,

      Glad you found the article helpful in planning your trip. The pass can certainly be very useful in saving both time and money in Vegas. Hope you put together the perfect Itinerary and have a wonderful trip.

  4. I’ve been wanting to visit vegas for a while now, but my problem has always been that I don’t know where to start. This go-pass seems interesting, I’m going to do a bit more research but this may just be the best fit for me. Thanks for the helpful info!

    • Hi Keiron,

      Yeah we hear this quite often, not only with Vegas but with most Cities or destinations. People want to visit but don’t know the basics of what to do and where to go. Unfortunately this can lead to people simply not going which is a awful shame.

      These types of passes can really add a structure and purpose to a visit making it much easier to plan a trip. Not to mention the incredible money savings.

      You might like to check out our full guide to Vegas as the pass only helps with the what to do Our full guide will help you understand everything you need to know to plan a Vegas trip,

      Thanks for reading.

  5. In general for Vegas, it seems that all the popular shows tickets cost around $100. For me, the ability to get more than a show included for the maximum price to not be much more than $100 is a no-brainer for me. I just went there in February and I did not know Vegas had a City Pass option. I wish I had seen this article sooner!


    • Hi Tony,

      We hear this all the time that people only hear about the pass after they have visited, we are trying to get the word out. As you say sometimes it’s a total no-brainer as you are planning to visit certain things any way and the pass just makes it cheaper or gives you extras. 

      Whenever visiting a City be sure to check out what passes are available as there is often something to suit and help bring the costs down.

      Thanks for reading


  6. A good article, thanks!

    I’m going with a family of 5 to Vegas at the end of July. I see that you cannot reserve seats for the shows (Vegas and V) using the pass, but need to present your card to book on the day. How likely are the shows to be booked out when you get there on the day, which would then defeat the advantages of the pass?

    • Hi Keith,

      We agree its a bit of a pain you can’t pre-book seats but you shouldn’t have a problem getting them on the day. If you get to the Box office early there are normally tickets available. For example, for Vegas, the show Has tickets available right now for tonight’s show (13:45 Vegas time). Of course, it is not guaranteed but its highly unlikely you would not get tickets during your stay.

      Thanks for reading and hope you have a great time in Vegas.


  7. Thanks so much for this review! I have seen this pass before but never looked into it at this measure. I really liked how you broke everything down to show the actual savings!

    I wish more cities would create passes like this for those of us who cannot spend a week at a time in certain cities. I know 30 days seems like a good time limit to use the pass but I wish they would make them longer than that because Vegas is such a 3 day weekend trip a few times a year from some people.

    • Hi Traci,

      Glad you like our breakdown of the Pass we feel it’s the only way to really see if the pass is good value or not.

      There are passes available for most Cities in the US have a look around our site and see our other pass reviews.

      While it would be great to have longer passes that can be used on multiple trips we guess the prices would have to go up to cover that. It is already a good deal so to make it a longer window would mean the Companies would need to charge more. It’s a case of you can’t have everything we guess.

      Thanks for reading


  8. wow-great article! My wife and I have been interested in going to Vegas for about six months now-however neither of us are big on the gambling experience. This really helps. I think all major cities should have a pass like this! I know when we went to London Uk we used the pass they had and saved a bundle!! Thank you again.Does Vegas have a guided tour with entrance to attractions?

    • Hi Vic,

      Don’t worry there is so much more to Vegas now than just gambling. We are not huge gamblers either and just have a bit of a flutter. But Gambling has taken a huge backseat to other attractions nowadays. You can easily visit Vegas and have a roaring time and not spend a penny on gambling. We suggest you give it a try but just for fun.

      As you can see from the pass there is ton’s to do in Vegas and that doesn’t include the restaurants, shops, hotels etc etc… Check out our things to do in Vegas Article.

      Yes we agree most cities can benefit from passes and most US cities do have a pass. We have looked into and tried many of them.

      Thanks for reading


  9. I love the idea of one stop shopping with an app on my phone.  This makes things so much easier for myself and my wife.  Vegas is one of our bucket list destinations.  We are from Canada and of course how could we not want to visit Las Vegas.  Stuff like the Go card even makes it more of an attraction.  I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you are putting into these reviews.

    • Hi Dale,

      Great to hear your feedback on the pass. Hope you and your wife get to visit Vegas soon. It’s an incredible city and should be on everyone’s bucket-list, it’s still on ours despite visiting many times, And we still make sure we have passes to help keep the costs minimal …so we can waste it on gambling lol 



  10. I was just think about planning a trip to Vegas. I never realized there was so much to see and do, I figured it was all gambling and booze! which is no bad thing but great to see there is more to it! Great idea for a pass that can save a lot of money when visiting these attractions. 

    I really like the idea of the rockstar club tour as I wouldn’t know which clubs are best and the high roller is a must!

    Wow there really is so much to do! 


    • Hi Adebayo,

      Great to hear you are planning a trip to Vegas, Sounds like you will have a great time!

      Yeah there is so much more to Vegas now than just drinking, gambling and partying. 

      Yeah we agree the pass is a really good way to save money and really helps identify what it is you want to do when visiting.

      Hope you have a great time on your trip and using the Explorer pass


  11. I have been meaning to travel to Vegas but, I have no idea where to go. Your article is well written about the explorer pass. Nice to see you included the price of the passes, people always want to know how much they will be spending. I see you also elaborated on how to save money, nice. I have been told Vegas is very expensive & because of that I have been holding my self back from going. Your website fills me with confidence that i’ll be able to survive on a budget if I plan carefully. Thanks for highlighting & explain attraction too. Overall, I enjoyed reading your article.Good luck.

    • Hi Ronald,

      Vegas is a city of contrasts

      It can be expensive, you can spend incredible amounts of money if you wish but it also caters for the lower end of the spectrum. Hotels are incredible value, there is nowhere else in theUS where you can get incredible rooms on high floors with unbelievable views for $100 a night! Try spending $100 night in New York and see what you get?

      Same with food, $1000 check at a 3-Star restaurant? No problem, but there is a Mcdonalds across the street!

      Attractions are everywhere and there is always someone trying to offer you something to do for a charge, but there are always ways around it. Like the Explorer Pass.

      We Travel on a budget as we like getting value but the money we save is normally spent doing incredible things and in Vegas, you will not find those hard to come by! 


  12. This is exactly what I was looking for to plan my trip to vegas. This is very detailed and it actually tells how much can I save and on which attractions. My best attractions are the Hoover dam tour and high roller observation wheel. The latter is very similar to the london eye and hence my favorite. 

    • Hi Anand,

      Glad we can help you out with your planning be sure to check our Las Vegas Attractions page for all the cool things to do in Vegas.

      Hoover dam is very cool and the Highroller is great fun, vegas really looks incredible from above we have done the London eye as well and it’s a very similar experience. only the view is very different! 

      Hope you have a great trip


  13. Hey Steve, excellent post. Thanks for the info, I know if I ever go to Vegas one day, at least I know I won’t be paying a million dollars for the entertainment or at least half a million lol. I never knew this kind of pass existed especially since travelling itself is expensive. So thanks for the info, and I’ll be sure to keep it in mind. Great post!

    • Hi R.J

      Yeah, the Pass really can save quite a bit of money. Traveling really can be pricey so anything to keep those costs to a minimum is very useful

      Hope you make it to Vegas soon


  14. I am happy that I encountered your review about Las Vegas Explorer Pass. I am planning a road trip in the US with my partner this year in autumn. We’ll be visiting Las Vegas too, so your in depth information in this post is highly appreciated. I have to say the idea of building my own ‘’attractions pass’’ sounds like the best option – I’ll do the calculations and see what’s worth it, since we only plan on staying in Las Vegas for 2 days. Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Katja,

      US Road trips are one of our favorite vacations. We try and do one at least once a year, this year we have two planned! 

      Yeah for short stays the Explorer and the BYO are great options, just compare the prices on the attractions you are planning on doing and see which give bigger savings. 

      Make sure you check out some of ur other City pages to help you plan your trip


  15. Wow, We are heading to Vegas later this year! I had no idea there were such passes so this is a great find!. Do you know how many time in advance should I book it? I woulndñt like to miss the offer when I go so I want to plan this well.

    Thank you very much your article was super helpful for me. If I take the offer, you can make sure I’ll come back here and share my experience! 

    • Hi Veronica,

      Great to hear you are planning on using a pass for your upcoming trip, The pass is valid for up to one year from purchase so you can really purchase anytime before your trip. Our current 15%off code is about as good as the discounts ever get and may not be around for long. Also, Prices tend to go up around the end of Feb so buying before then might be a wise move!

      Have a great trip and yes please report back how your trip goes! 


  16. I had heard about Las Vegas Explorer Pass and it was heavily advertised on the internet for a while, so I was interested to find out first-hand if it was really worth it to buy it. From your post, I understood that it can be very cost-effective, depending on which attractions we choose. Only the price for the kids could have been a little lower. Since I have three kids, I’ll check your promo code. 

    • Hi BlueMoon,

      The Child prices for these attraction passes is largely controlled by the prices the attractions themselves charge. As Vegas is primarily an adult’s playground, although less and less so each year, there are fewer discounts for children hence the pass prices remain high for them. You will find with or without a pass getting your kids into the attractions is costly. But the pass will still undoubtedly save you a lot of cash still.

      Hope your family has a great trip and you don’t lose all the savings the pass gives you in the casinos!


  17. Hi Steve,

    I have always thought of Vegas as a bit tacky and just a place where people gamble and get drunk, but the Pass has opened my eyes to a whole load of cool things to see and do in the City! 

    The Mob Museum looks so cool, and it’s great to see a few shows on there! My Girlfriend has been nagging me to take her to Vegas but I was never very interested, but looking at the Explorer Pass I think I will have a great time as well! 


    • Hi,

      Yeah, we find a lot of people have misconceptions about Vegas! The truth is, Vegas is an entertainment hub, there really is something for everyone if you take the time to hunt it out.

      This is one of the great things about the pass, it allows you to sample a large selection of what is on offer.

      It is a great City, We are sure you and your Girlfriend will have a great time!


  18. The article about Las Vegas pass is an eye opener Many years ago I spent some time in Las Vegas back then it was just the shows and gambling I loved the shows and all the stars would appear there But now it looks like they have so much more to d an d the pass would sure be the way to go

    • Hi

      yep Vegas is an ever evolving experience, gambling continues to make a smaller and smaller contribution to the vegas economy and other attractions and experiences take over, you can easily visit vegas and not gamble at all!

      The pass is really good at giving you a taste of what is on offer in the city

      Thanks for your comment


  19. I’m glad that you honestly commented that an Explorer pass is not right for someone who just wants to hit the pools and the casinos. The Las Vegas Go Card sounds like it could be a fun option. I would need to do some research and find out what the must-see attractions are in Las Vegas before I head out there. 

    • Hi Melinda, 

      Yeah, Vegas is a city that offers so much and people head there for many different reasons. Some trips really are just about hitting the Casionps or unwinding by the pool. The pass is of little use to these people. 

      But there are some really cool things to see and do in Las Vegas. And the pass really does help keep the costs of these down.

      Check out our Top Ten Things to do In Las Vegas Guide or our full Las Vegas Attractions Guideto see what you fancy seeing and if they are included on a Pass




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