FLY LINQ Zipline Review – Guide to Riding the FLY LINQ Zipline, Las Vegas

Anyone heading to the LINQ Promenade will notice brave tourists soaring overhead suspended from a cable. While Ziplining is not an activity for everyone it is a really popular and growing pastime. It’s incredibly accessible, to EVERYONE, and not really as scary as it first appears.

In our FLY LINQ Zip-line Review, we take a look at the only Zip-Line on Las Vegas Strip. We explain what it’s like to ride, what to expect from that experience, and let you know if it’s worth your time and money. We show you how to save money and compare the Zipline to the other, Off-Strip, Ziplines in Las Vegas so you can decide if the FLY LINQ is the right line for you

FLY LINQ Zip-line Review
  • LocationThe Linq Promenade, Las Vegas
  • Type – Zip-Line
  • Height / Length – 114 ft / 1100ft+
  • Speed – 35mph
  • Duration – 30Mins Total – 30 Secs Ziplining
  • Height and Weight Restrictions – 41 – 72 Inches – 60lbs – 300lbs (27kg – 136kg) 
  • Average Queue Time – 0 Mins
  • Cost from $35
  • Additional Info – Only Zipline on the Las Vegas Strip
  • Fun
  • Thrill Rating
  • Uniqueness and Theming
  • Smoothness And Comfort
  • Value

What is the FLY LINQ Zip-line

Opening in 2018 at a cost of over $ 20 million the FLY LINQ Zipline was a big investment and a huge gamble when Las Vegas already had 2 Zipline options already. However, the FLY LINQ is the ONLY Zipline located on the Strip and helps further enhance an already vibrant and fun part of the Las Vegas Strip Experience. The LINQ Promenade.


The Zip Line whisks riders at speed of up to 35mph along the length of the Linq Promenade, from the top of the Linq Hotel to the Base of the Highroller Observation wheel. The Riders depart from a custom-built platform144ft above the promenade. As the riders soar over the onlookers below they pick up speed gradually as the height is lost, finally maxing out at over 35mph as they land at the foot of the Wheel. It’s quite a thrill and the sight of riders zooming overhead is a real talking point on the promenade and the perfect advert for the ride.

There are 10 Ziplines running side to side so whole families can “Race” down at the same time and you have 4 different seating choices (more below). There are two schools of thought from the people below. “NO-WAY” and “I want a go” For the latter group, this article explains everything you need to know about the Zip-Line

How Much Does The FLY LINQ Zip-line Cost?

  • Seated – From $35
  • Superman – From $40
  • Reverse Seated – Currently Unavailable
  • Reverse Superman – Currently Unavailable

Really we do not quite get the Reversed thing. It’s supposed to be more extreme and crazier, but we just find it less fun. There is a certain thrill and buzz about seeing where you are going and that is largely lost f you are going backward.

Just stick to the regular options. The Superman is definitely more of a buzz but actually, you are far more restrained and get more of a cocooned feeling whereas the seated feels more exposed and free, It’s a close call, both are excellent, but the Superman is more about upsell than actually giving a much better experience!

The FLY LINQ is included on most Attraction Passes, these are a great way to save money on Las Vegas attractions and as the Zipline is so quick it’s a great choice, you can visit The LINQ promenade, Ride the Zip Line and go on the High Roller all in a couple of hours. Read more here about the Go Las Vegas Pass and other Pass options.

The Pass only includes the Basic Seated option, which is still great, but they will allow paid upgrades to the other seating positions.

Queue and Process

The Fly Linq is real popular with the oldies!

After buying tickets at the office on the LINQ promenade you head on up the tower. There is rarely anything like a queue but the process is in multiple stages and does take up to thirty minutes from bottom to top, and back down to the bottom.

The self-service screens allow you to fill in the Waiver and other details needed and then you ride the elevator up to the top. It is only as you arrive up top d you get a real feeling of the scale. With so many tall buildings surrounding the LINQ, the Zip tower doesn’t look particularly high. From up top that all changes! The lift is a bit open and rickety and for us, this is one of the most unnerving parts of the experience.

The first stage is you are fitted with a harness and all loose items are secured in a zip bag that is later attached to the harness. This means phones, wallets, and Sunglasses, can all come up the tower with you, so last-minute Selfies are fine, but they must all go in the bag for the ride. This is cool because your valuables stay with you the whole time. There is no need to leave anything anywhere.

Once snugly in your harness, you are then assigned a lane. Normally there will be one or two zips to go before your turn so you will get to see the attaching process and the “release” of victims….riders into the abyss! This is where the nerves may begin to kick in!

Once it is your turn to come forward, the attaching operative takes over. You are reminded about loose items, and then they hook you up to the line. This process takes a couple of minutes and is very thorough. In the end, you are attached and suspended. There is no need to make the leap yourself. Whether you are superman or seated, you are fully suspended before the release. You just need to sit and wait for the ride team to release you.

If the nerves haven’t kicked in yet, there is probably something wrong with you!

Ride Experience


Finally, when all riders are in position all ten Ziplines are released at once. There is no action for you to take, just let gravity take over. The experience is very short, but it’s plenty thrilling, leaving you with that adrenaline buzz you came for. We found it a ride of several parts

As you await release the nerves are strong, you just don’t know what the release is going to be like, and while you are suspended, the drop is less than a foot to the platform floor. You can see the drop-off right in front of you though, and it’s big, and that’s where you are going! The anticipation and dread are pretty high!

The release is really gentle in the end and the zips pick up speed really slowly, as you pass over the lip, the fear and dread evaporate. You are now in free flight and the view as you soar over the Promenade is awesome.

The next stage is possibly just me, but if you are competitive this will certainly kick in for you too, the inevitable race element then takes over, you look to your sides and see who you are beating and who is beating you. There is nothing you can do to alter your speed, but that never stops me from pushing forward with the sheer will to go faster! This adds a bit of fun competition to the ride.

Before long, the final fear pops up, a sudden realization of the end drawing near. You are now whizzing along at 30+mph and the hard concrete wall in front of you is closing in! How the heck do these things stop? You vaguely remember being told to lean back as you land, but how much and how severe is the landing?

These thoughts are only fleeting as you smash into the brake pads on the end of the zip, and brace for impact. Which in the end is actually really soft and mellow.

You are then un-clipped, removed from your Harness, and sent on your way with your retrieved valuables and a HUGE grin!

Is the FLY LINQ Zip-Line Worth It?


At over $35 for 30 seconds of Ziplining it is not exactly great value for money in terms of time. But these 30 seconds are really filled with some excellent thrills and the buzz you get at landing is well worth the entry fee! We really knew we were going to like this attraction, but in the end, we were far more taken with it than we expected.

After seeing people zipping along we just KNEW we had to take a ride. And that’s the way to look at this, it’s more something you simply can’t not do. It’s right there, just be a part of it and have some fun!

Is the FLY LINQ Zip-Line Safe?

Oh Yes, We were amazed at the repeated check and rechecks of all important safety measures. Your harness is fitted for you and then rechecked. The Attachment process is double-checked by another member of the team before release. It really is a foolproof process that ensures 100% Safety. The gear was all brand new, high quality, and robust.

We really can’t think of anything that could go wrong and jeopardize your safety. High winds could cause safety issues out on the Zip, but the attraction only operates in winds that are within set tolerances so no issues there.

Is the FLY LINQ Scary?


The simple answer is no. The attraction runs of anticipation of fear rather than being scary. once out on the Zipline, it all melts away and you just enjoy the ride, it’s far more thrilling than scary! However, that anticipation is still very real, as you gear up, or sit waiting for the release the tension is very very high.

That is really the attraction for us, the build-up fear is always worse than the reality and the melting away is what releases the good stuff in the brain, the serotonin, and endorphins that reward you for successfully avoiding danger!

However, the ride will not be for everyone. Most people will know this from the ground. They will see the people zipping overhead and think a firm, solid “Nope”. Trust that instinct. While it’s not a scary attraction really, for some it would just be horrible.

Secondly, as we said the anticipation is very very high. This can lead to anxiety levels in some that cause a balk. You will get to the top and be asked to step forward, you realize at this point there is no way out and the flight instinct takes over. Several people refuse at this point, and the attraction is unlikely to give refunds at this stage. It’s hard to give advice on this as you never really know until the last second if you will freeze. We would just say if it does happen, don’t take that as the last word, stand back take a break, it’s an old part of the brain playing silly beggars. See if you can talk yourself down and have another go, you will feel so much better for it rather than the walk of shame!

And Finally, The Attraction does have high levels of exposure to height. People are rarely scared of heights, it’s always the exposure to them. The Tower is open and exposed and there is no getting away from this. Despite being quite small a tower by vegas standards, the lack of walls or windows means you are very exposed.

The actual Zip wire also takes you directly out over a very high drop. Which actually you will probably be fine with it, it’s all over in a flash, but the build-up to that may be too much for someone with a fear of heights. We really can’t recommend this to anyone who struggles with even moderate fear of heights., Simply due to the high levels of exposure.

Age of Riders

The other thing we noticed, for all you worriers, is the sheer number of senior citizens up on the ropes! We expected a crown of young eager thrillseekers, and while they were obviously present, the largest representation of society was the over 70’s and in the most part women too! Yep, the attraction was filled with Grandma’s!

And good for them! We chatted to a few who all said the same thing, “who knows how long we have left, we gotta enjoy life NOW!” Damn Right! They also put the “men” to shame, as we queued for the high roller afterward it was the Grannies mocking the 30-something men who didn’t dare rope up while the Golden Oldies were showing them up!

There was something really life-affirming at my age (40’s) to be Zip lining alongside a woman well into her 70’s!

Other Las Vegas Zip-lines

FLY LINQ is the ONLY zip line on the actual strip but there are several other options in Las Vegas for Zip Lining fun!

Slotzilla – Fremont Street

The Original Zipline in Las Vegas and possibly the best the Slotzilla down on Fremont Street, Downton is a fast and thrilling Zipline pretty much unlike any in the world. Slotzilla’s upper Zip is a similar height to the FLY LINQ riders fly Superman Style. The experience is much faster than the LINQ and runs under the canopy of the Fremont Street experience making for a very unique ride.

There is a lower line but this is a bit tame really, go big or go home! Slotzilla is almost twice the price of the FLY LINQ however at $49 per ride for the upper line!

Voodoo Zipline

Over at the Rio Hotel and Casino is the Voodoo Zipline. Easily the highest line in the City at over 500 ft. This is not a true Zipline however more of an open-air cable car. But the seating is very flimsy and quite frankly it’s pretty terrifying. Two riders go at the same time so you can share your near-death experience with your significant other!

Grand Canyon West Zip-line

When Grand Canyon West announces they were opening a Zipline allowing riders to Zip over the Grand Canyon we were pretty excited, but as things transpired this was an impossible task, and the resulting Zip Line, simply takes you over a small side canyon. It is a good zip line really but it just feels disappointing after what you imagine is possible in the area.

Read more here

Which is Best?

We really like the FLY LINQ it is reasonably priced and the central location really is the best. We always visit the promenade a few times each visit due to the great bars and restaurants and the cool vibe so seeing riders flying overhead just makes it irresistible.

But then we always make a Downtown Pilgramige too and seeing the Slotzilla riders zooming along is pretty enticing too. The Slotzilla is probably the better experience, it is longer, faster, and flying under the canopy over the thronging crowds below is proper Vegas stuff!

The Voodoo is a bit of an outlier, it’s not really comparable. It’s so high the speed is lost on you, and it’s really just a case of dangling hundreds of feet up in the air.

We can only find disappointment at the West Rims Zipline, it’s just not what we expected. Worth it if you are going anyway and want to add some fun to your trip, but don’t head out there for this alone!

Have Your Say

Have you ridden the FLY LINQ Zipline? What did you think? Was it worth the money or a waste of time? Which position did you ride in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and if you have ridden any of the other Zip Lines let us know your comparison thoughts? And as always if you have any questions just fire away in the comments we would love to hear from you.

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