Is the Go City Los Angeles Pass Worth It? – Find out with our Go City Los Angeles Pass Review 2023

Los Angeles can be a very expensive city to visit. Food, drink, hotels, travel, shopping, it all adds up. Things get even more expensive when you start wanting to visit any of the great attractions the city has to offer. One way of limiting this expenditure is to purchase a City/attraction pass. But some passes are better than others and you don’t always know if they represent good value. The Go City Los Angeles Pass is the most popular LA Pass but is the GO Los Angeles Pass Worth It? We take a look

GO City Los Angeles Pass Review 2023

We recently headed to the City of Angels to test out the pass and bring you our GO Los Angeles Pass Review taking an in-depth look at the value, practicality, and entertainment value of the card so you can see if the card is right for you and if it represents good value. People want different things from a trip and a pass is not always the best idea for everyone so read on to see if the GO Los Angeles Pass is right for you.

2023 Update

Los Angeles has been one of the slowest Cities to emerge from the Covid Pandemic. For months the City was on nearly permanent lockdown. But the time is finally coming that the City has emerged from the Lockdown and while not everything is back to normal the city is back and welcoming tourists again.

The Covid Crisis has changed the face of Travel somewhat and people are now demanding a lot of flexibility due to the chance of them needing to cancel their trips. The Go Los Angeles Pass has made several changes to allow this.

First up is extending the validity period to 2 years, very helpful if you need to postpone the trip, it also has a 90-day refund policy, meaning if you go ahead and cancel then you can get your money back. It is worth noting that there is a small restocking fee if you cancel 30-90days after purchase, but free in the first 30 days, so we recommend waiting until a month before your trip before purchasing, however, there are some incredible discounts right now, so if you are comfortable your LA trip will go ahead in the next 2 years you can purchase now safe in the knowledge you are getting the best price for a long time!

More and more attractions are now opening back up, however, the line-up for the pass is still not quite as good as it was pre-pandemic. The pass heavily leans towards Theme Park’s atm so if you plan on hitting these the line-up is fantastic value for money. California Theme parks are all now back open to out-of-state guests. Masks, Double vaccinations, and Pre-Visit tests are all highly recommended by the CDC but not actually enforced.

We have headed back to L.A post-covid to see what things are like on the ground and Overall Post-Pandemic reality means we can once again recommend the Go Los Angeles Pass, assuming the attractions available meet your desires and needs, let’s take a deeper look.

  • ProductLos Angeles Go Pass
  • Price: $99- $376
  • Price Child: $76 – $334 (Child 3-12yrs)
  • Where to Buy: – Direct
  • Number Of Attractions: 34+ Top Attractions
  • Time Limit: 1-7 days unlimited (over two weeks)
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.5/5 Stars

Attractions Included – 34 +

  • Warner Bros Studio Tour
  • Big Bus Hollywood Homes Tours
  • Aquarium of the Pacific
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • Knotts Berry Farm
  • Hop On Hop Off LA Bus Tour
  • Madame Tussauds Hollywood
  • Pacific Park – Santa Monica Pier
  • LEGOLAND California
  • San Diego Zoo
  • and Many more…


Yep. There is a caveat that you need to choose a 3,5 or 7 Day pass, so not available on the 1 or 2-day passes but yes the pass includes the incredible Universal Studios Hollywood, Normally priced at $149, as part of the deal. But more on that later and why we find it quite exciting.

What is the GO City Los Angeles Pass?

GO Los Angeles Card Review

The GO Los Angeles Pass is an attraction pass for Los Angeles enabling the holder to visit an unlimited number of LA attractions within a set number of consecutive days. You choose either a 1,2,3,5 or 7-day pass and then from the first use, can visit as many attractions as you like for that number of days across a two-week period (more details on that below). All for a fixed fee meaning if you use the card quite a bit it adds up to some pretty substantial savings.

NEW – Go City Los Angeles Explorer Pass

The Go LA Explorer Pass is basically the same thing only instead of purchasing days of unlimited Pass time you purchase the number of attractions you wish to visit. This is great for more relaxed visits where you want to spend more time exploring the City or relaxing as you can visit the attractions at your own Pace, you have 60 Days from activating the pass to visit the attractions (making this a really good deal even for residents?). This means the only meaningful time restriction on use is the length of your own trip.

It is worth noting that Universal and the other big theme parks are NOT included on the explorer pass but most other attractions are, it’s a nice option if you are just looking to visit a few touristy attractions at a slow relaxed pace.

Attractions included on the Explorer Pass

How Much Does the Go LA Pass Cost?

  • 1-Day Pass – Adult – $99 ($99 per day) Child – $76
  • 2-Day Pass – Adult – $149 ($74 per day) Child – $112
  • 3-Day Pass* – Adult – $249 ($83 per day) Child – $229
  • 4-Day Pass* – Adult – $301 ($75 per day) Child – $267
  • 5-Day Pass* – Adult – $326 ($65 per day) Child – $298
  • 7-Day Pass* – Adult – $376 ($53 per day) Child – $334

*Includes Universal Studios

How Much Does the Go LA Explorer Pass Cost?

  • 2 Attraction Pass – Adult – $84 ($42 per Attraction) Child – $74
  • 3 Attraction Pass – Adult – $104 ($34 per Attraction) Child – $89
  • 4 Attraction Pass – Adult – $124 ($31 per Attraction) Child – $104
  • 5 Attraction Pass – Adult – $137 ($27 per Attraction) Child – $111
  • 7 Attraction Pass – Adult – $167 ($24 per Attraction) Child – $121

While these are large sums of money, especially for families, they offer an extraordinary value, as we will see further on, and also a raft of other benefits that really take your trip to another level, what’s more, we can offer even further discounts with the below Promo Code!

Check Our Promo code page to see if you could save even more!!! 

Check out our Promo Code Page to see if you could save EVEN more when Purchasing a Go Los Angeles Pass. Click here to check out our available discount codes. or Click the Reveal button Below to Unlock our BEST current Code! Currently 15% OFF!

Clicking Reveal takes you directly to the Go Los Angeles Pass Page to input the code, we receive a small commission if you buy after clicking our link. This is how we support the Page

Is the GO Los Angeles Pass right for me?

An attraction pass is not for everyone. If you are planning on visiting the attractions listed on the pass anyway then getting a pass is a bit of a no-brainer, you will simply save money on what you were already planning. However, you may not really know what you want to do while in LA in which case a Pass can act as a really good base for your trip. There may be attractions on your pass you didn’t even know existed that you may find really interesting or exciting.

However, some people’s perfect idea of an LA trip is just relaxing by the pool and doing a bit of shopping. If that’s you then a pass is a waste of money. LA is also home to a huge number of FREE attractions. LA is really just a Massive attraction in itself. The Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, Venice Beach, the Walk of Fame, Sunset Strip, and the list goes on. You don’t need a pass to see all these. For many just visiting the City is enough. Our own top 10 LA attractions list doesn’t include a lot of the PAID attractions from the PASS.

So does that make the pass bad value? Not at all in our opinion. The lineup is very strong, and most of the attractions are well worth visiting, it’s a very varied list with something to suit most tastes. More on that later as we will go into some of Our Favourites. But the key message is to go through the list of attractions and if a number of them seem like attractions you really can’t miss, then it probably suits you very well. And there are some REALLY big attractions on the pass! So it’s highly likely it will suit! More on those below.

The Best thing about the Pass is it really opened Los Angeles up in a way most people miss when visiting. The City is just SO big it really is hard to visit in a way that lets you fully appreciate the City. The Go Los Angeles Pass really can make the trip far more interesting and exciting. You really do see and experience a lot more when using the Pass.

So many people have told us they were disappointed in L.A. On our first trips to the City we never really got on with the place. But visiting with the Go Los Angeles Pass opened up the City for us. We saw far more than on previous trips and got to see so much of the city it changed the way we view L.A for good!

However, be careful not to plan too much, don’t think you can plan 4-5 attractions, and expect to get them done on a 1-day pass, it won’t happen. especially when you consider LA’s enormous size, getting between attractions can take a long time! Also, plan to group attractions together so you only have to travel to one part of the city to experience a few attractions.

But it is perfectly possible to cram quite a few attractions into each day as you can read about in our live blog about our recent trips to Los Angeles.

How Do We Test The Passes?

We don’t just look at the attractions and do the sums like most Sites, We buy the Passes and head to the City to see how they perform on the ground. It’s dirty work but someone has to do it. By doing this we really can see all the pros and cons of the pass as sometimes the theory is better than reality. Here are our most recent visits:

Los Angeles 3-Day Pass Blog

Los Angeles 1-Day Pass Blog – 2022 (post covid update)

How Does the Go Los Angeles Pass Work?


Go City Los Angeles Pass Mobile

This means if you buy a 3-day pass and use it on a Monday you then have the rest of Monday to use the Pass for whatever attractions you like. You then can use it ANY other two days over a two-week period after the activation date. The days DO NOT have to be consecutive!

That’s quite a big thing! It means you can break your days up into “activity days” “leisure days” “Shopping Days” or whatever. Often with these Passes once activated the clock is ticking. So if you have a day to sit by the pool you lose a day of pass time! With the GO Los Angeles pass that is not the case. We really think that’s a GREAT feature of the Pass. We wish the Leisure Pass Group would roll that out across all their Passes!

The Explorer pass obviously works differently in that there is no rush to use the attractions. Just visit the purchased number as and when you choose. You do not need to pick your attractions ahead of time, simply visiting the attraction deducts one attraction from the pass.

The Go Los Angeles Pass is an E-pass. So there is no delivery and no physical card. To use you either simply scan a code on your phone via a downloaded app or, for the less tech-savvy you can print the QR code out first and scan the printed copy.

The App is also really useful as a guide for locating the attractions and providing detailed information about how to use the Pass at each location. If you are not using the App there is a downloadable and printable PDF version too so you don’t miss out.

Below is their promotional video explaining the card, bear in mind the promotional nature of the video, below we discuss the pros and cons of how it really works.

Advantages of the Go Los Angeles Pass

Apart from just pure money-saving, there is a lot to like about the Pass. The Very simple QR code-based nature of it can be a big advantage at certain attractions. Allowing you to simply walk up to the gate and scan the code and you in. Other times it’s less useful, See Below.


Having a Pass is great for budgeting, on top of the money-saving, it’s also really good to know exactly how much you will spend on attractions. You won’t get to 3 days left on your trip and find you have run out of money…Well, you might but not because of attraction costs! A lot of people really do find this useful. It also avoids the heartstopping Credit Cars Bills on Return!


The Pass can also act as a basis for an itinerary, You plan your travel around the attractions and fit in as much other stuff around those attractions as you can. While in Hollywood for a bus tour you can take in the walk of fame, and the Chinese theatre for example. It really can add structure to the trip when used correctly. We have visited Los Angeles many times before we discovered the Pass and really just found ourselves wandering about not really know what to do.


While the Pass can add structure it’s a pretty flexible structure. You can mix up when you do things very easily, maybe you planned universal one day but are just really tired, no problem just take an easier day and do universal another. We find it’s best to plan days but the order of those days is irrelevant. You can always make changes based on the weather. If what you have planned is pretty weather-dependent but not playing ball switch it out for something less weather reliant. That said LA weather is pretty reliable! Although there are always exceptions


Arguably the biggest plus point for us in the pass is the inspiration aspect. Using the Pass we see and do SO much more than without. It really opens up the City in a way we never imagined before. There are things on the pass we either would never consider or just didn’t know about. These are things we ended up loving and are now some of our highlights of LA, but before using the Pass, we just walked right on by!

Most City Passes carry these benefits and while they do not in themselves make the pass worthwhile, when combined with the cost savings they make for a great deal. But actually, in L.A, the cost savings are not the headline factor for us! As we mentioned before a Pass really can be the difference in finding L.A Disappointing and loving every second of your stay. You will Explore the City and Experience SO much more than you would without! This is really quite the endorsement, but we honestly mean it!


It’s not all perfect though there are reasons why a pass is not a simple No Brainer. First the QR code system. Apart from the fact, some people would much rather have a physical pass (swings and roundabouts as the QR code is so much easier from a delivery point of view) It also doesn’t work as well on attractions that require booking. Tours and trips may require reservations and when you arrive at the ticket office you will be put on the “Next Available” tour. During busy times this can be quite a wait. This would be the same as if you “walked up” but you can often book ahead at full price to guarantee a time and avoid disappointment.

Covid has actually gone a long way in mitigating this as attractions now require bookings, so they have been forced to implement this for the pass, but it seems some attractions haven’t and are now no longer featured.

There is a risk of trying to Chase the Pass. By this, we mean trying to just cram too much into your trip to try and get value from the pass. In reality, you will just make yourself and your whole party miserable and won’t enjoy the trip. Make a good plan, work out what is most important to each of you and plan around that. If you can easily squeeze a couple of extras in then do but if not, or if you are just tired and want to hit the beach do that instead. The pass is there to make things better not to add stress.

While We think the pass is great value, It’s still a lot of money, and by no means necessary for a great trip. Because a lot of the attractions are really big headliners It pushes the price of the Pass up. If these are not of interest to you then you may just be better off doing a few cheaper attractions and enjoying LA’s many free attractions. (consider the Explorer option for this!)

Some people don’t like the rigidity that a Pass can bring. They want their trips to be off the cuff and spontaneous. If the thought of planning complex itineraries fills you with dread then a Pass is probably not for you. Having a pass really does add a good amount of structure to a trip and that really isn’t for everyone. On the flip side, we find unstructured trips usually unfulfilling! A little planning goes a long way!


On our recent trip, one of the big issues we found was L.A’s awful parking situation. Everywhere we went we found was costing us extra. And these were not insignificant costs, sometimes we were being asked $60+ to park (yes we refused to pay that). It became a real chore and we were constantly looking for ways to park for free or for cheaper. Even then it all added up. In 3 days we spent nearly $100 on Parking fees!

Of course, having a pass or not makes no difference to the Parking costs and if we were paying Gate price or pre-booking we would still have to plump for parking fees. However, we did probably do more with the pass than we may have without. So may have incurred more fees. We still feel it’s worth it as the attractions were all well worth the parking but without being frugal we could have run up $300 by just parking in the recommended parking lots!

Read our trip report to see how we dealt with the parking fees in L.A: Day 1Day 2Day 3

Check Our Promo code page to see if you could save even more!!! 

Check out our Promo Code Page to see if you could save EVEN more when Purchasing a Go Los Angeles Pass. Click here to check out our available discount codes. or Click the Reveal button Below to Unlock our BEST current Code! Currently 15% Off!!!

Clicking Reveal takes you directly to the Go Los Angeles Pass Page to input the code, we receive a small commission if you buy after clicking our link. This is how we support the Page

Best Attractions on the Go Los Angeles Pass

With over 30 Attractions we would be here all day if we listed them all but here are a few of our favorites. As we said there are some BIG attractions on the Pass. It really is a very strong offering in our opinion. So let’s start with the Headliner.


Universal Studios Hollywood 2

Often on a City pass, the very big headline attractions of a city can be absent. Why? Because these sorts of attractions are so big they kind of have a monopoly and really don’t need to offer discounts to entice visitors in. They can charge what they like and the people just queue up. So to see General admission for Universal Studios Hollywood included is really a big deal. It only appears on the 3,5 and 7-day passes but really that’s ok as the price jump is quite high so the 1 and 2-day passes are priced to reflect the big headline attraction is missing.

General admission to Universal costs £109-119 (depending on when you buy and for what date) or $149 on the gate. The two-day GO card is $149 and a 3 Day $249. This effectively gives you a 2-day pass and Universal admission for only $100. That’s $49 (per Person) saved on just universal Studios Entry. That’s BEFORE you consider the potential savings to be had on the 2 day GO Card. Potentially up to 50% on the other attractions. With longer passes, the value only goes up.

The above pricing is for adults to give you an idea. Expect a small saving on all prices for child entry.

We think of it that way as really it’s safe to assume if you visit Universal, that’s all you will be doing that day. It’s a BIG day out. Expect to get back to your hotel and collapse. Even more plus points for the fact the Card is non-consecutive days, tomorrow can be a pool day!

Edit: On our last trip we actually managed to visit Warner Bros AND Universal in one day with enough time to head up to the Griffith Observatory in the evening.

So It seems very good value if you are planning on visiting Universal. But is Universal any good? Is it all it is hyped up to be? Is it worth a full day out of your trip? Simply put YES! It really is one of the best theme parks in the world. There is an awful lot of competition in that market so it’s a bold claim. But it really does shine. It pitches such a good balance. It’s not too young as Disney can be, but not too thrill ride-based such as Six Flags parks. It has such great franchises that kids of all ages will love it. There is still plenty for the young (Minions, Harry Potter, Secret life of Pets) but older kids will love it with big movie franchises and big thrill rides (King Kong, Transformers, Harry Potter). It is also perfectly suited to Grown-up Kids…like Us.

The 60-Minute Studio Tour is a one-of-a-kind attraction that really has to be experienced by everyone. It still tours the actual studio taking in new and old sets of actual movies, as it did in the beginning but has morphed into a kind of tour/thrill ride/special effects show combo. It really is quite a spectacle.

We tried to keep this brief as Universal is worth a Guide of its own, which is why we wrote one! This is more about the PASS than the attraction. But rest assured the pass offers fantastic value by getting you into Universal for a very discounted price.

See here for our full guide to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Warner Bros Studio Tour – $69

Warner Bros Studio Tour

Another tour of a big Hollywood studio is included in the Pass, Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood is quite different from universal as it’s much more about the actual studios whereas Universal is really just a theme park (well it’s an awesome theme park actually).

The Warner Bros. Studio tour takes an in-depth look at the actual working of the studios with real sets from actual programs and films being shot NOW. You might actually see filming happening, but this is all luck of the draw so don’t pin your hopes on seeing big stars plying their trade… but don’t rule it out! There are also multiple exhibits of past and present films shining a light on how Hollywood works its magic.

If you are at all about film and TV this tour will be of immense interest. A huge array of franchises are represented from current TV hits like Big Bang Theory, and Pretty Little Liars to older Classics such as friends. While Big-budget films like Batman Superman, DC universe Characters, Harry Potter, and fantastic beasts are all represented. It’s a fantastic tour.

Expect the tour to take around 3 hours, however, you can count on the trip taking quite a bit more out of your day after traveling to Burbank factor in a good half-day, and combine it with other activities in the Hollywood area. Honestly, in some ways, we actually prefer this to Universal as you really are getting to see the actual studios, not a themepark based around them!

You can Check out our latest trip to Warner Bros Studio tour here

Big Bus Hollywood Homes Tours – $51.99 gate price

Hollywood Tours by Starline Tours

This open-top van tour Will whisk you around all the sights of the Hollywood area, taking in celebrity homes and Hollywood landmarks. It’s a great way to pack in a lot of sights and potential Celebrity spots in a quite short time. While the $51.99 asking price is way over the top in our opinion, getting it included on the pass makes it well worth it.

Possibly the most touristy thing you can do and can feel incredibly cringy at first, but we find these tors unbelievably fun! If you just take everything with a pinch of salt and just enjoy it for what it is they are fantastic. We went on the tour with some LA residents who were doing it “ironically” and they ended up having a blast and admitting to seeing a whole new side of LA than they had seen before!

Read about our trip on the Hollywood tour here

Six Flags Magic Mountain – $ 92.99 2023 Update: Six Flags is no longer included in the Pass

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Another Full day attraction but worth every minute, Six Flags Magic Mountain is a World-class Theme park home to some properly thrilling Big white-knuckle rides.

X2 – Technological wonder 4-D coaster, Basically like a normal coaster but the seats are suspended and spin around independently.

Tatsu – The Worlds tallest and fastest flying coaster at 62mph and 170ft with 4 inversions!

Superman: Escape from Krypton – Has now been overtaken as the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster but this aging monster is still up there as a huge scary beast! Still the 5th fastest and 3rd tallest!

Goliath – Another Past record holder this gigantic coaster features a huge 255ft drop at 85mph

Plus many more. In fact, more than anywhere else as Magic Mountain boasts 19 coasters more than any other park worldwide! Magic mountain won’t appeal to everyone as it’s mainly about hard-core ride action, but if that’s your thing it’s one of the best parks in the world.

Hop On Hop Off LA Bus Tour – $51.99

Big Bus Tour Los Angeles

Perfect for a first-timer looking to get a feel for the City, the ultimate tourist activity, an open-top bus tour of the City. This is a great introduction to the City as well as a good way to relocate from Hollywood to Santa Monica.

You get two loops – the Hollywood Loop, which takes you around all the sights and landmarks of the Hollywood area, La Brea, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Sunset Blvd, and of course the Walk of Fame, and Hollywood Sign. The Beach Loop at present just links Hollywood With Santa Monica, so it’s a great way to get to the beach if you are staying in Hollywood or a great way to get to Hollywood if you are staying by the beach, which is a much better idea!

View the Route maps here.

There is no doubt these Tours are ultra touristy but they are also really fun if you just accept you are a tourist in Hollywood, doing touristy things. Honestly, if you are anti-Touristy things and looking for an “authentic” experience, avoid Hollywood like the plague!

Knotts Berry Farm – $99

Knott's Berry Farm Park Skyline

Knott’s Berry Farm is another world-class theme park, something that is in plentiful supply in California! Knott’s Berry is somewhere in between Universal and Magic Mountain. It’s not quite as heavily themed as Universal and not quite as white Knuckle as Magic Mountain.

The Farm is an old-west theme park that is a lot of fun t visit and houses some really top thrill rides such as Ghost Rider, rated as one of the best Wooden Coasters Worldwide, Silver Bullet, and inverted B&M Coaster with 6 Inversions and Xcelerator, a 200+Ft Launched coaster that achieves 82Mph+

We know there are a lot of theme parks on the list currently and Knott’s berry is not at the top, but it is a wonderful park that’s a bit more quaint than its rivals, and well worth the visit for people of most ages.

LEGOLAND California – $110.99

LEGOLAND California

Another great addition to the Pass. While it’s not technically in LA and it’s quite a trip out to it, kids go absolutely bonkers for LEGOLAND. Honestly, if you don’t want to go we advise not letting your kids know it’s an option as they will pester you until you take them! It will be another FULL day (you could actually spend several as it’s a full resort! but only one visit included with the pass) so If you are doing Universal as well probably better suited to a 5 or 7-day pass. Or this option is an absolute bargain if you are planning a multi-base trip with San Diego as an additional stop!

The NON Consecutive nature of the pass means this is a perfect addition as you can travel down to San Diego on an off day, and with that in mind you can also check out:

San Diego Zoo – $71

San Diego Zoo

We adore San Diego Zoo, we really think of it as one of the best attractions in the US and unlike so many zoos, never feel the animals are exploited. Quite the opposite after having witnessed the results of Sand Diego’s Conservation Efforts in the wilds.

Pass or no Pass, you should find the time to Visit the Zoo so obviously, this is a GREAT addition to the Pass.

Read more about the Zoo here.

Other attractions at the minute include a selection of Cruises and Whale Watching Tours, Malibu Homes Tours, Bike Tours, Madame Tussauds, and even Hot Yoga! There is a lot on offer, but some of our favorites have disappeared recently, so we really hope they make a comeback as restrictions ease further.

So is the GO Los Angeles Pass Good Value?

We really think so. The best way to look at the Value is with a few suggested Itineraries.

Day 1

Starting off with some real tourist fun, a bus tour around Hollywood, then a Celebrity Homes Tour followed by Madame Tussauds, great fun and unashamedly Touristy.

  • Hop On Hop Off LA Bus Tour – $51.99
  • Warner Bros Studio Tour – $69.99
  • Madame Tussaud’s – $32.99
  • Total – $154.97
  • Running Total $154.97

Day 2

On day two, we head to Knottberry Farm for one of the best theme parks on the west coast. These could be covered on a two-day pass.

  • Knotts Berry Farm – $99.
  • Total – $99
  • Running Total $253.97
  • 2-day Pass – $149 – $105 saving per person

Day 3

An upgrade to a 3-day pass unlocks Universal, this is a big day out so that’s all we do but the value rockets.

  • Total – $149
  • Running Total $402.97
  • 3-day Pass – $249 – $153.97 saving per person

Day 4

For the second week, we head down to San Diego and check out Legoland.

  • LEGOLAND California – $110.99
  • Total – $110.99
  • Running Total $513.96

Day 5

Day 5 rounds off the trip with the incredible San Diego Zoo! This is all covered by a 5-day pass and leads to some great savings.

  • San Diego Zoo – $71
  • Total – $71
  • Running Total $584.96
  • 5-day Pass – $326 – $258.96 saving per person

As you can see we have not tried hard to “pack” the attractions in, on all but one day we do just one attraction. You can definitely fit a lot more in and save even more, but this example shows just how easy it is to save $100’s.

Now in the real world by being savvy and shopping around, buying in advance and using coupons, etc., you could probably make good savings on the attractions without buying a pass, but it’s a lot of hassle, especially when the GO Los Angeles Pass is so easy to purchase and use. And we doubt you would be getting the level of savings offered by the Pass.

And you can save even more by clicking the link below!

Check Our Promo code page to see if you could save even more!!! 

Check out our Promo Code Page to see if you could save EVEN more when Purchasing a Go Los Angeles Pass. Click here to check out our available discount codes. or Click the Reveal button Below to Unlock our BEST current Code! Currently 15% Off!!!

Clicking Reveal takes you directly to the Go Los Angeles Pass Page to input the code, we receive a small commission if you buy after clicking our link. This is how we support the Page

Combined with the other advantages we mentioned above we consider this an incredible deal. Of course, it has to be the right fit for you, there is little point in paying a large sum of money for attractions you have little interest in and just want to chill by the pool. But anyone looking to see and do everything they can on an action-packed trip would see great value from the GO Los Angeles Pass.

The Bottom Line

We have visited Los Angeles on a Few Occasions and have been disappointed in the City. Many of our friends, family, and readers, have felt the same. However, with the Go Los Angeles Pass, the Experience is Transformed. The Pass just adds structure and purpose to the City and you end up seeing so much more and doing the best the City has to offer. And getting to save a huge chunk of cash while you are at it. We really do like this Pass!

Other Passes Options

As we have mentioned San Diego is a great place to visit and has a load of Amazing attractions, some are covered on the Los Angeles Pass, but buying a dedicated San Diego Pass offers even more. This is one of our favorite Passes and makes a Trip to San Diego unforgettable.

Go San Diego Pass Review

Have Your Say?

Have you used a Go Los Angeles Card? What did you think of it? Did you feel it offered good value for money? Or maybe you visited LA Without a Pass? Do you wish you had used one? Feel free to drop us a comment below. Or if you have any questions ask away we are more than happy to help.

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  1. This is great, I really want to go to LA but find it so expensive so I am glad that I found out about this card as I did not know it existed and would have proberbly paid full price for the attractions and that you have broken it down and made it seem far more affordable.

    • Hi Glad we were able to make you aware of the great savings available with this card. LA is an fantastic City but yes like so many cities it can be very expensive. City Passes all you to see more of the city at a fixed price that is easier to budget.

      We Hope you enjoy your visit to LA, we are sure you will have a great time

  2. Hi Stephen I don’t know if it because I am Canadian or because I don’t travel much but I have never heard of a Go Card before. Is this something that other cities have also? I think the Go Card is a great idea – not only are you saving money but for someone who wouldn’t know the city it lets you know what great attractions there are to see. If I ever make it to Los Angeles this card would be a no brainer for me.

    • Hi Maureen. We don’t think it’s because you are Canadian, We have people from all walks of life telling us they have never heard of these cards! The Go Card is just a particular brand of City/Attraction Pass. But even people from the City itself have never heard of them.

      Certainly Many other City’s have City/Attraction passes and they are quite big business and something we are trying to raise awareness of. People spend so much more than they have to or miss out on things when a pass would solve the problem. All the City’s we feature have Pass’s available to them and many more besides. Even Canadian Cities have them!

      I would always check before visiting any city worldwide if someone offers a pass! As you say we have often found things to do that we loved from having a pass that would have passed us by without!

      Thanks for reading glad you found it useful 

  3. Hi Steve,

    I will say what other people are saying…”The LA Go Card??” I have never heard of it. I just figured that once you get to LA you are stuck going on scenic tours of celebrity homes, Disneyland and the Walk of Fame. Not only did I not know about the Go Card, I didn’t know about Universal Studios or Hollywood Studios either. I took the kids to Orlando last year and we had the time of our lives. Looks like LA is giving them steep competition. OK, that settles it. The next family trip will be to the LA area and I will most assuredly invest in an LA Go Card! Thanks for the info!

    • Hi Phyllis,

      Yep, a lot of people don’t know about these cards but in LA it seems even more of an unknown. We thought pretty much the same before our first visit. But, there really is an awful lot more to LA than just the Celeb homes and Hollywood Blvd. The whole City has reinvented itself as a tourist destination and there is now an awful lot to do. The Go Card really opened up a lot of the things the City has to offer.

      We are currently working on our Orlando page as our next big City launch. Its not featured at the minute as we only feature City’s we have an intimate knowledge of and we haven’t been since childhood. But that’s about to change….

  4. I have traveled all over the US and love these type of tourist-attraction cards. I have saved a ton of money over the years. I have never been out to California but I am currently in the beginning stages of planning a trip. Needless to say, I began researching to figure out what type of promotional discounted savers there are for tourists.

    I was looking at the prices of some of the places I want to go and, yes, it is crazzzy expensive! The GO Los Angeles is definitely the best card that I have looked into and probably the one I will go with.

    Thanks for the breakdown and giving me some great travel advice!

    • Hi Andrew, Thanks for the Comment. Lucky you planning a trip to California! We would say We are jealous but We are also planning our next trip to Cali for next year!

      The GO Los Angeles card is a seriously impressive money saver the plans we have for next year show us saving over $150 pp over 3 days! That’s a lot of cocktails! Hope you have fun planning your trip and even more fun experiencing it. We think its a great choice to go for the Go card.

  5. Thank you so much for this article and the information you provide on the Go Los Angeles Card.
    It sounds great and affordable.
    From visiting LA I know that this can solve a lot of issues and relieve stress of handling yourself in such a big city as it makes it all accessible in put things in order and prospective
    I wish i read your article before visiting LA
    Thanks a lor

    • Hi Orion,

      Sorry you didn’t hear about the card before your trip, we get that a lot. We are trying to get the word out so more people can get even more out of there trips.

      Thanks for reading, Be sure to check our site before your next trip to any big US city and we will hopefully have a guide to help you on your way

  6. Hey Steve,
    This is actually the first time I read about the GO LA card! Sounds really convenient to me! I enjoyed reading your post, and I’ve learned a lot.
    I’m from Europe and I’ve been planning to visit in the following months. So, I put some effort into researching and getting some tips on how to save money on these attractions, but still to visit them all. And this is a very good idea! Do they sell these cards for other cities as well?
    Thanks for a great travel advice!

    • Hi, Meena Thanks for reading.

      Really glad you find our site useful. Yes that’s what we love about the card it’s less about saving money and more about experiencing MORE for your money. We feel the GO la Card really helps in that regard.

      Yes a lot of Cities in the States have Travel Passes available for them. Some from this company (Smart Destinations) others from different companies. We have tried and reviewed many of these and are containing to try out others, here are our other reviews / comparisons.  

      New York

      San Francisco

      We are currently writing our Las Vegas Pass reviews and begging work on Orlando and Honolulu as well! Check back for these later.

      A lot of other cities have passes too are there any in particular you are interested in?

      Thanks again for reading

  7. Hey Steve,
    Thank YOU! I’m interested in visiting NY, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, Boston, Miami and Orlando. I’m quite ambitious about this trip! 🙂 I’ll make sure to read your posts regularly.

    • Hi, Meena Glad to help,

      Sounds like are good trip, Hope it all works out! We do suggest if you can at least drive part of your trip, We imagine you will be flying on some legs but US Road trips are just such good fun. The drive from San Francisco and LA Is one of the best roads in the world! In our opinion anyway.

      Have fun

  8. Wow, thank you for such detailed information about the GO Los Angeles card! I plan to vacation in Los Angeles within the next few years, and this card looks like it’s perfect for helping one save money on the area attractions. The aquarium of the pacific is something I had never heard of before I read your review, you’ve provided a wonderful area mini tour guide!

    • Hi Maria,

      Thanks for the kind words hope our review helps save you time and money in planning your trip. The cards are a great way to save money if you are planning on visiting the main attractions.

      Hope you have a great trip when you finally make it


  9. Oh wow, the Go Los Angeles pass is definitely worth it! My son and are heading that way this December. I have been looking at the various options, and the pass seems the way to go for sure! We will be there a week, so maybe just the 3-day pass will work for us. Plus, have some of the attractions that we are most interested in, and some listed we won’t go to like LEGOLAND. I really did not know there was such a pass, so this is perfect!

    • Hi,

      Glad you agree the pass is good value. We really do like the Los angeles go card is great value and a great way to see the city. We visited Los Angeles a few times before trying the pass and never really got the city until used the pass to see it properly! The fact you can use it on non consecutive days really helps as in L.A. you really don’t want to charging round doing attractions every day. A 3day pass suits a 7day trip perfectly! 

      Hope you have a fantastic trip inDecember…we have to wait until March for our next L.A. trip. 

      Thanks for reading 

  10. I’ve wanted to travel to LA for a while but I had no idea what the best way to do this was in terms of not paying too much money and also seeing everything I wanted to see.

    After reading this article I know how to get the most out of my trip both financially and with the experience so thanks for the review. I love the fact you can take breaks from activities to enjoy beach days as this is a big part of an LA trip for me.


    • Hi Jacob, 

      We hope you make it to L.A really soon. It’s a great city with so much to see and do, we are sure the Pass will help you streamline all must do sights and attractions along with saving some money too. 

      Thanks for reading.

  11. Hello,

    I came accross your site and so glad I did, I’ve wanted to go to LA my whole life. I live in Canada and been to a lot of places in US but never LA yet. I have bought several city passes to save money but you broke it down even better with the Go card.

    If it were me I would buy the Go card because when I’m on vacation I like to save money and if you do your activities first then leisure time after is how I would fit it in. I’ll be back for when the time comes thanks for the great info.


    • Hi Jeremy,

      Glad you found us before your trip to L.A. It’s a great city to visit. Glad to hear you have had good experiences with cards in other Cities too.

      Hope you enjoy your Trip to L.A. The pass is great for fitting activities and attractions around down time as you say.

      Thanks for reading

  12. Hi Steve,
    I still have not visited LA and this GO LA card sounds like a great saving if you want to take the most out of the trip. The only thing that would deter me would be being tied up for several consecutive days to use the card. When traveling decide once I am in the location if I want to spend more time on certain places, or include additional sites or attractions. Therefore, the fact the card does not need to be used in consecutive days makes it really flexible. Thanks for all this information and great advise.

    • Hi JL,

      We totally agree, the non consecutive nature of this pass really stands out to us. While some city’s like New York it’s fine to do attractions everyday but in a city such as L.A. that doesn’t always make sense. People want a more relaxed trip with just a certain days devoted to sights and attractions. Also after BIG whole day attractions such as Universal or Magic Mountain, you are bound to be tired and might need a rest!

      We think its a big plus point of the Pass, and one of the reasons we really like it.

      Thanks for reading 

  13. Hi, This is really annoying as we have just come back from a trip to LA and could have saved quite a bit of money if we had known about this! We visited a number of attractions on the list and would have saved some money if we had bought a pass. Oh well at least we know for next time.

    Thanks for the detailed review, it brought back quite a few LA Memories. 

    • Hi Shelli,

      Sorry you didn’t find us before your trip, but as you say it’s a good reason to go back! and sounds like you had a good trip anyway. Passes are available for most cities in the US that have a strong tourist theme. So always check out the pass situation before visiting any city.

      Thanks for reading

  14. Great introduction and this is useful info if I visit LA. All those attractions can add up to a substantial amount. With this card, that can translate into massive savings. I do agree with the idea of not over cramming too many attractions in one day. In fact, two per day would be max as you need to cater time for transport, meals etc. I had a similar experience in South Korea Everland. Thought I could do all the attractions with my unlimited pass but in the end, with all the queues and waiting, my wife and I did just 3 separate destinations within the theme park and the day was almost over.

    • Hi Jude,

      Yeah its amazing how fast the time slips away on vacation, even with early starts the whole day just skips pass with amazing speed. Two attritions is a good target for LA as most things are pretty far apart. But is does depend on what you choose. For our next trip we have 4/5 planned for a day but other days only 1. It all depends on which attractions. Some take ages other less than an hour.

      Hope you make it to LA soon.

      Thanks for Reading.

  15. Thank you for the great review, I have seen these types of cards at some of the single attractions but never an all-encompassing card. It certainly seems like a no-brainer especially if you plan on visiting any of the headliner attractions. It’s nice to know there are options out there to make it more affordable to visit some of the attractions. Not having to use it on consecutive days is also great so you can mix in a day by the pool or ocean.

    You have provided great incentive to make L.A. the next vacation spot.

    Thanks again.

    • HI Micheal,

      Thanks for reading. We definitely only recommend the LA Go Card if you plan on hitting the headline attractions. Such as Universal, Magic Mountain or WB Studio. Really this is the best way to get value out of the card. But it allows to you experience some of the smaller attractions too that you might have skipped if not included. 

      The Non consecutive day feature is great and we really wish other passes would follow this option. It’s really frustrating spending a day by the pool/beach knowing you are wasting a day of your pass. But with trips like this you do NEED off days too. 

      Hope you have a great trip to this incredible city


  16. Oh my gosh …..I wish I had come across your site years ago. My sister and I won a trip to Los Angeles years ago. It was so last minute. We won one week and went to LA the next.We had the opportunity to stay at the Roosevelt hotel and was near all of the attractions but we did not know quite what to do. I must say it was interesting because we went to the BET awards and was surrounded by celebrities but it sure would have been great to go to some of the nain attractions. I am planning on taking another trip because we had so much fun and thanks to you, I have many more options to make my journey better this time around. Thanks

    • Hi Jamillah,

      Lucky you that sounds like quite a trip. We totally understand it can be hard to know what is available in L.A. We went a few times and never really knew what to do. We ended up just aimlessly wandering around places. Our last trip we used the LA Go Card and it was such a different trip. We did and saw so much. 

      We really think the LA Go card can transform a trip to LA as it gives you just so many options. Hope your next trip to LA is amazing and you make use of the Go Card.

      Thanks for reading. 

  17. I think that if you plan on visiting a good portion of the sites listed on the go card, than this is definitely worth it. I have been to Los Angeles many times, and I know that this go card would save you a ton of money. I wish I had known about it when I was traveling there. We will head back again I am sure, and this time we will try the Go Los Angeles card!

    • Hi,

      Great to hear you think the card is good value. You are obviously right not everyone wants to visit paid attractions in L.A but if you do the cost saving is significant. We have jsut go back from L.A and used the apss and it saved us a lot of $$$.

      We have been to L.A a few times as well and this was the best trip so far as the pass just opened up a load more opportunities.

      Hope you have a great time on your next trip


  18. I haven’t been to Los Angeles since I was a kid visiting my uncles. Looks like a lot of new places here that weren’t around when I was there 40 years ago. Was Aquarium of the Pacific once called Marineland? That was a cool aquarium. The list you have here sounds like a good deal for any family. Thanks for the information!

    • Hi Kevin,

      Yep I imagine the City has changed a whole lot in 40 years! No the Aquarium of the pacific is a different place. Marineland was shut down in 1987 by Sea-world during their expansion. Aquarium of the Pacific didn’t open until 1998. It’s still a very good aquarium though, and well worth a visit if you enjoy marine exhibits.

      Glad to see you like the pass, it can certainly help save money for most people visiting L.A

      Thanks for reading.


  19. Wow the go card sounds like it is definitely worth it. When i was last in LA i was on a serious budget so mainly went to the free attractions but definitely need to go back with the kids and see some of these sites. The go pass does sound like a great deal especially if it includes universal studios – good tip that the 1 & 2 day pass doesn’t though. Often these things get quite confusing so thanks for the guide.

    • Hi Allie, 

      Glad you like the sound of the Pass. We can confirm the pass includes Universal and that would be nearly half the cost of the pass on it’s own. We too have been on a budget and seeing the free attractions is great but we love using a Pass to actually get to see the Paid attractions, it can cost so much so it’s great to use the pass and know exactly what it will cost upfront.

      Thanks for reading


  20. Is the GO LA card just a generic pass to gain admission into the most well known attractions in LA? I was wondering if there were different kinds of GO cards where you could use one to get into hard to get events either within the attractions (such as six flags magic mountain) or be able to bypass the long lines for the most popular rides at say disneyland? I haven’t been to amusement parks in decades but it seems like the card is a good deal.

    • Hi Elan, 

      Yes it is a pass that allows you access to many Of L.A’s most popular attractions for a set fee than can be MUCH lower than what you would pay on the gate. 

      You can normally purchase fast pass’s at most Theme parks and Disney use’s its FastPass+ system which is fantastic and free so you can avoid most queues at Disneyland.

      Thanks for reading.


  21. Hi Steve, thanks for explaining the LA Go Card in so much detail.
    I do love the fact that you have two weeks time to use the pass to visit attractions. It takes the stress out of doing activities every day especially when you are traveling with children. It really pays to make a short plan to figure out what one would like to visit and take it from there.
    You mentioned the costs of parking in LA. Is there by any chance a good public transport system in LA to avoid the stress of looking for cheap parking?
    Cheers, Anke

    • Hi Anke,

      Thanks for the kind words. The non consecutive days feature is fantastic. It’s not very common on City Passes but makes planning SO much easier as in a place like L.A where you want to have downtime and relaxation days. It’s a great feature and we wish it could be extended to more a passes.

      Read out Getting around L.A Guide for getting around without a car. On the most part we don’t get on With L.A’s transport system. For most places it’s not overly convenient and can take a awful long time to get anywhere. L.A is really huge. We rarely use it and just make the most of cheaper and free parking where possible.

      We often recommend using Public transport in most Cities as it’s normally the cheapest and easiest way but in L.A it just doesn’t quite work for tourists. 

      Thanks for reading, hope you get to L.A soon and check out the Pass.


  22. The Go Los Angeles card sounds like a great opportunity for someone who is into sightseeing. It definitely is a no-brainer and the fact that you can use it over a period of two weeks makes the offer even more lucrative. As you said, it depends on the person and what they want to experience in LA. Would you consider it a good idea for someone coming from Europe for a couple of days to buy the pass?

    • Hi John,

      We are from the UK and definitely recommend using the pass if you are coming for a few days. It is exactly what we did last month on our way to Hawaii! Read about this trip here.  We found the Pass made out LA stopover much more exciting than the usual wandering around doing very little!

      It is definitely a no brainer if you are planning on seeing what’s included in the pass but as you say not everyone is we all travel for different reasons and have different ideas of the perfect trip, 

      Thanks for reading


  23. I have never been to the USA, but I want to get there, especially in LA.
    And … the LA Go Card??
    I have never heard of it , an extraordinary idea, not only are you saving money but for someone who wouldn’t know the city it lets you know what great attractions there are to see.
    For me this is a very good and very important thing
    Thanks for this information!

    • Hi Eugenia, Hope you get to visit the United States soon. It is a fantastic country with such a diverse mix of cultures and sights and attractions. We are Sure you will love L.A. It is so iconic.

      Glad you like the Sound of the LA Go Card and hope it helps you save some money when you do finally get here. And as you say it’s great for helping you know what is available in LA. There are card for most US City’s so be sure to check those out if you are planning on a multi center trip.



  24. I visit LA a lot since I have a daughter currently living in Newport Beach and a son at USC. This sounds like a fantastic deal. LA is an expensive city and is probably one of the worst driving cities in the country but you can’t beat the weather. There is no shortage of great attractions, especially the ones you mention here. How long has this pass been around and is there an expiration date if you buy it and need to cancel the trip?

    • Hi Lynn,

      Glad you think the pass is a great deal. We have just got back from L.A and loved the experience the pass provided we saw and did far more in the City than on any of our previous trips.

      The Passes have been around a good while now but the company are growing and in the past the cards didn’t have much exposure.

      You have a full year to use your pass from the date of purchase and on top of that they offer a money back guarantee (30 day) on unused passes.

      Thanks for reading


  25. Make sure the places you go aren’t premium. We asked for a pass that included legoland, universal studios, and knott’s berry farm for a group of 25. We drove 2 hours to legoland only to find out that its not included in the go card because we already went to universal studios. We lost a whole day of vacation time and have a bunch of very upset crying children to deal with for the 2 hour ride back to our motel. I didn’t see anything that mentioned that in the email or online. Just a warning to everybody who is looking at getting a go pass. ?

    • Hi nicole,

      That doesn’t seem right! You are right on all go passes you only get one premium attraction but with the Go Los Angeles Card the only premium attraction is universal. There is nothing on the website to say Lego land is premium and as such it shouldn’t be.

      Have you tried reaching out to go pass? We really think there has been a mistake here and while nothing can be done about the disappointment and lost vacation time they should definitely be able to provide some kind of refund. Please let us know the outcome as we fully under the impression legoland is not premium on the Go LA card and will need to reach out to the go pass team to verify this.

      So sorry to hear about this issue.


  26. Lost Angles is a bright and buzzing place to be. Although I don’t live in the locality, however, I have a close friend who resides there and I make a habit of visiting every year. Whenever I stay in LA, I get an electric atmosphere that’s quite interesting. It often feels so exciting as if the air itself was alive. The GO Los Angeles pass discussed above has some very interesting places listed and I will urge everyone to check out. 

    • Hi Amanda,

      Great to hear from someone with good local knowledge. L.A really does feel very special and often feels like a movie set. Glad you agree the pass covers some great attractions.

      Have fun visiting your friend in the amazing City


  27. Thanks so much for collecting, analyzing and summarizing all this information. 

    I love this GO passes, I have bought a couple of them in different cities but never in LA. They are mostly worth it. 

    For me the best in this article is how you really show the opportunity and saving potential of the passes, and also the comprehensive list of attractions, I didn’t know there was so much to be done in LA. 

    Thanks so much, and I will be following this site more closely to help me plan my next US vacations! Cheers! 

    • Hi Luiz,

      We do A LOT more than collect, analyze and summarize! We head out to our destination and LIVE it first. It is a tough job but someone has to do it! We have used the Go LA Pass before and know first hand what a difference it makes! 

      There is so much to Do in L.A the pass doesn’t even cover half of it but it’s a great start and does hot all the big-ticket items such as universal studio’s

      Hope you have a great trip to the States next year


  28. I went to Los Angeles over 15 years ago, but I was there with the wrong people and I didn’t have such a good time. I also had a terrible time at the airport when I arrived. Airport security kept me over an hour, brought me close to tears with their searches and their attempts to get me for something … I haven’t gone back to LA since then. So, why am I reading your post? Because I wanted to see it. I remember that I was there with the wrong people, with people who didn’t appreciate travelling and exploring so much, and I think it is time to return and see Los Angeles through different eyes. There are many beautiful parts. It is also important to choose the right travelling partners 🙂 

    Now that I saw your list of places to visit, I realize that there is much I haven’t seen yet. How could I have missed Madame Tussauds? I would have loved to go there! Aquarium of the Pacific, wow! It looks awesome! Lego Land, Santa Monica Pier! So many places I still haven’t seen. 

    An e-pass seems lilke an easy way to keep your card, you can’t lose it 😉 and you don’t have to go looking for it in your purse. 

    Thanks to your post I’ve made up my mind to go back to LA one day and enjoy it like I should do 🙂

    Thank you for this great information!

    • Hi Christine. 

      It’s amazing how certain experiences can really sour a place for you even when it is really not the locations fault. 

      LAX is still not the best airport but it has improved in recent years. Traveling with the right people is all-important. Me and my wife are such a great team and our traveling adventures work so well as we both bring different things to the table and are both willing to try new things even if they don’t initially seem our cup of tea.

      L.A is a very strange city in that it is quite possible to hate the place if you do it wrong. We visited several times and never really got on with the place. The Go Pass really transformed that and let us really enjoy the City, getting us to places we would not have tried without and seeing and doing so many new things.

      We are thrilled to hear you are giving L.A another shot. We are sure with a Go L.A pass, and the RIGHT people, you will have a fantastic time.

      Let us know how it goes?


  29. Hey, once again, thanks for the awesome post!  As I stated before, I plan on visiting every state in America, and I have not been to Cali yet!  The City of Lost Angels was going to be where my wife and me stay at.  I like these go passes you put up.  I love the price of these too!  Thank you for showing more of these passes and please keep it coming!!

    • Hi Jessie, 

      For Touring the States Cali and L.A are great places to start! There is so much variety in the state and so much to see and do. Even the geography covers nearly every imaginable climate condition, desert, mountains, forest, farmland, Alpine, Urban Sprawl, Smalltown Rural, It has almost everything, apart from a rain forest.

      We have pages on most of the best California Cities along with many more across the states and we are constantly added more. Hope you find everything you are looking for for your USA adventures


  30. It is interesting to know there are such passes available. Although I have been in the USA many years ago, in Florida, NYC, I don’t remember I had such a card in my hands.

    I am living in a tourist place and know that the city has always various touristic benefits, tours, events and more prepared for many tourists coming to the city and region.

    In my opinion, such cards can help to see more in less time for a more affordable price. It is because the tours are better organized for less money and the person has a better overview of what is most interesting to see in the city.

    Who knows, maybe I will be able also one day to go to Los Angeles. 

    Thanks for the info,
    Best regards,

    • Hi Igor, 

      Thanks for your input on attractions passes and how they work in general tourist locations. 

      We agree that in general they really do help you see and do far more than just visiting attractions individually. We hope you get to L.A one day and get to try out this pass as it really transforms any visit to L.A



  31. Hello Steve

    I am so happy I came across this article because I have heard alot about los Angeles and I am planning to go there for a family vacation next year.

    Am so happy because when I evaluated the cost of places I would like visit it was on the high side but with this I would save some money.thank alot ones again for taking your time to review this.

    • Hi David,

      Great to hear you are going to give the Pass a try, be sure to report back your findings.

      Hope you have an amazing family trip to LA next year and the pass helps you see everything you want and saves you some cash at the same time.


  32. Wow! I never knew something like a GO Los Angeles pass even existed. I was looking for a way of visiting a number of these places at a convenient price. Now that I know, I’m really looking forward to my next trip. This is just what I needed. Thanks a lot for the information.

    • Hi Chris,

      Great to hear you are going to give the Pass a try, be sure to report back with your experiences of the pass

      Have a great trip


  33. This is really cool. This los Angeles pass looks very very good. It looks very nice that one can actually go to many different places with this pass for a number of days. I admire that the price for kids is quite inexpensive in comparison to that of the adults. I will make sure that I visit LA sometime soon and also get this pass even if it’s for three days. Thanks!

    • Hi, A three-day pass is a great length, it is enough to pack in most of the best attractions but if you are in LA for a little longer still see a lot of the City. 

      Hope you have a great trip 


  34. I enjoy my stay in Los Angeles whenever I stop over there. There’s so much fun to be had but I’ve never been able to take it all in as my stay in Los Angeles is often short. With a GO Los Angeles pass, I’ll be able to take a look at the beautiful destinations around the city. I’ve only been able to see the monumental Hollywood sign from afar. However, once I get my hands on one of these passes, I’ll be thrilled to visit Hollywood Studios. 

    • Hi Dave,

      Yeah, we have a lot of really short stays in L.A as well, it is quite a “pass-through” type of city, but if you take the time to properly explore it and understand the city it is a fantastic place, the Go Pass really helped us get the best out of a longer stay.

      Hope you get to spend a bit more time in the City soon


  35. We did Los Angeles last year and use the Go LA Pass. We were a bit skeptical at first but we saved a bundle! 

    Just visiting Universal and Warner Bros Studio pretty much paid for the Pass. We also did a Hollywood tour (really fun actually), Pacific Park, Madame Tussauds, and Lego Land. That is nearly $400, so the pass saved us nearly $200 each and there are 5 of us so that’s nearly $1000!

    There is just no way we could have afforded all that without the PASS!

    Honestly, our only regret is buying only 3 Days! 

    • Fantastic! 

      What a trip, quite similar to ours a year or so back. 

      We totally agree the pass really does let you Do more and Payless!

      Hopefully, we can all get back to visiting these grat Cities soon enough.



  36. Hi, Thanks for this review, we are looking to head to Los Angeles next year and heard about the Pass. They really do seem a bit too good to be true so great to hear an honest write-up with all the pros and cons. You are right it is great Universal is included and as we are wanting to spend a few days in San Diego too this pass looks awesome! 

    We really can’t wait and with the pass in hand, we are sure we are going to have a fantastic time!


    • Hi Amanda, 

      Hopefully, everything will be back to normal by next year and you will have an amazing trip. The pass really does feature so many of Los Angeles’s top attractions, it really can make a trip. There are tours you really may not have considered that are so much fun, like the Hollywood homes tour!

      Hope you have a great trip and enjoy San Diego too


  37. Thanks for sharing this, 

    I had not heard of the Go Los Angeles Pass which is pretty annoying as we have Visited LA 3 Times! It really can get expensive! We just worked out if we had the pass we would probably have saved money just by visiting the Studios! 

    We are hoping to go back once the pandemic dies down and definitely will consider the pass. Thanks for the review it really highlights the pros and cons! We would love to do the Holywood homes tour but the prices always just seemed a bit expensive but as you say with a pass it almost feel free! 


    • Hi,

      Great to hear you are heading back to L.A! We are hoping to head there as soon as things start getting back to normal. It is such a great city, and as ever we will take a PASS. 

      The Homes tour is really fun, it’s super silly and so touristy it’s cringy, but you can’t help enjoy it! 

      Hope you have a great time whenever you get there


  38. Hi Steve, thank you for this great review. I have never been to Los Angeles but now that we are slowly starting to travel again, this is one of the first destinations that me and my family would love to visit. The information about the GO Los Angeles Pass is very useful. Thanks to your great review and the details included, this is something that we will definitely get. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Anna,

      Yep, it really is great travel is opening back up now. Hope you have an amazing time in Los Angeles, the Pass really does help open up the City!


  39. This sounds like the perfect pass for my family, we often get super excited about all the things we are going to do on our trips and forget to actually factor some of them into the time we will be in the location. I will definitely be considering this, we are debating between a couple of destinations for a trip early next year. 

    And the tip of avoiding the temptation to chase the pass may prove invaluable. 

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Danny 

      Hope you have a great time on your trip next year, we have loads of other destinations covered here if they are on your “Maybe” list? 

      It’s a good idea to take your time choosing a Pass, it pays to get it right as it is a big outlay for a family, but when you get the right pass it can transform your trip. We loved our L.A. Adventures with the PASS

      Have a great trip wherever and whatever you choose


  40. I would love to visit America one day and especially Los Angeles, who wouldn’t? So I was figuring out how to get something more affordable if I want to visit lots of attractions and I came across your site. I think that because I want to visit so many attractions, I will be way better of buying this pass. I want to stay for 2 weeks in Los Angeles, which pass would be the most worth it for me to buy you think? thanks

    • Hi Lizzy, 

      Two weeks is a long time in L.A. but there is loads to do in the surrounding area, head to San Diego for a few days too maybe? There are several great attractions on the L.A. pass in that area

      An All-Inclusive pas is a great option as the days are non-consecutive, so you can do a day of attractions on the pass then hit the beach the day after and you don’t lose a day, so you could stretch a 5 or 7-day pass over two weeks with ease without burning yourself out…you could even head to Disneyland for a couple of f days. 

  41. Well, I have to say that this has been a very interesting read, as this is a place that I have always wanted to visit if I ever make it to the united states (which I plan to do at some point soon). Unfortunately, as I’m on the other side of the pond in Scotland, it is a bit far for now. But hopefully soon.

    Good to know there are options for saving some cash while I am there! 

    • Hi, 

      Hope you get out to LA soon, it’s an incredible city. We are sure you will have a great time exploring the States

      Just so you know we are UK based too, just down the road in Sunny Manchester, it’s only an 11-hour flight to L.A, and the prices can be pretty reasonable! 



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