Best Cheap Drinks in Las Vegas – Offers, Happy Hours and Tricks!

Drinking and Las Vegas go hand in hand. After Bright lights, the sign, Gambling, and maybe a certain set of fountains the next image that Vegas brings to mind is a Martini, preferably dirty. Drinking is everywhere, bars, restaurants, Casinos, heck even Taco Bell serves alcohol in Las Vegas. However, like many things it is not always cheap. $10 Budweisers, $20 Cocktails, $500+ Bottle service. If you have it to spend they will take it!

But also like most things in Vegas, if you hunt around a little. If you are smart and a little savvy, you can find some awesome places to drink for very little. Here is our round-up of all the best Cheap Drinks in Las Vegas. Places where you can leave legless with only a tiny dent in your wallet. From incredible happy hours, bottomless drinks packages, $50c beers, and bargain cocktails. Here is everything you need to know to drink in Vegas on the Super-Cheap. Starting with the cheapest of all …FREE!

do you still get free drinks in las vegas Casinos

FREE Drinks in Casinos!

Yep, the Cheapest drinks you will find are the ones you get from Gambling. Sit at a slot machine, play away and simply wait for a waitress to take your order and then for your free drink to arrive. Ok it might cost you a tip, and you will only get well spirits, but other than that it is free…You know apart from what you lose to the casino!

Full guide on Free Drinks here

Of Course, this requires you to gamble and not everyone is confident or willing to, so where do you head instead of the floor to get some bargain drinks?

CVS, Walgreens, ABC Store

Everyone knows you can walk into a drugstore and pick up a can of beer or pre-mixed cocktail, even a bottle of hard liquor. Not everyone knows, in Vegas, you can head outside, crack it open and start drinking Legally! Even Fewer people know, you can head straight into a casino with an open drink and wander around, gamble, whatever. Honestly, you are in Vegas, no one will bat an eyelid.

Fat Tuesdays – Various Locations

Fat Tuesdays Las Vegas

While on the face of it, there are not cheap, they are huge and if you pick overproof liquor you are going to get a lot of buzz for the buck. There are many imposters some good some overpriced and watered down. We head to Fat Tuesdays as we know we are getting good strong drinks.

Ocean One Bar and Grill – Miracle Mile 3 for £10 Cocktails or $3 Beers

Situated in the Miricle Mile shops this is one of our favorite bars in Vegas. All day every day they have the 3 for £10 Cocktails deal running. It is a seriously good deal. And we are not talking crappy mixed cocktails but real hand-poured cocktails in a glass. They are strong and use decentish liqueur. The Server will bring you one at a time so you are not left with your third drink going warm at the bar. They are totally Mix and Match and they will even make your third drink to go!

Ocean One Bar And Grill Las Vegas

In fact, the only downside is you can’t share, you have to drink all 3 yourself and as we said they are strong, you can be a bit squiffy by the time you are done…

Bird Bar at the Flamingo – $50c Beers

Yep, a Vegas institution $50c Beers! Between 5-6 pm, beers are only $50c, that’s cheaper than a free beer+tip! expect it to be BUSY though, for some reason $50c Beers are pretty popular! There are also normally a $1 specialty Cocktail and other happy hour specials. Prices are pretty decent outside of happy hour and the bar is super fun with bartenders straight out of “Cocktail”

Casino Royale – $2/3 Beers

Casino Royale is up near the Mirage, just across the road and it brings a sparkle of Oldschools Las Vegas to the Strip. The casino gas the feel of Downtown without the hassle of heading all the way down there. Penny Slots, low table minimums busy energetic atmosphere, and footlong hotdogs. The Whole casino has the feel of how Vegas used to be.

It is a great place to score a free drink while playing the penny slots but should you want to avoid this then the Casino bar is one of the cheapest on the strip. Sure the $2/3 Beers are more than the $50c at the bird bar but these are all day every day and are not small plastic cups but real 12os bottles. Other drinks special are excellent too and any liquor is a real heavy pour.

The Casino Royal is a great place to get that old-school Vegas vibe, cheap drinks, and while the night away without losing your shirt…Unless you gamble your shirt…obviously.

Stage Door Casino – $2 Beer and $1 Hotdogs

Another Oldschool Casino, a little more central but slightly off-strip the bar has a real rough and ready vibe. It’s not the upscale glitz and glamour Vegas is now known for but you are looking for cheap booze so what do you expect? Most people describe the bar as a Dive, but in a complementary way.

It’s a proper bar, with locals and cheap beers and other specials. If you want fancy cocktails or good vintage wine, go somewhere else if you want a lively and fun place to grab a drink that is cheaper than Walgreens then you have hit the jackpot.

Buffets – All You Can Drink

Buffets are not the obvious place to get cheap drinks and indeed most drink prices are very high at any buffet bar. However many buffets offer an all-you-can-drink Package. Some are included in the price such as the MGM Buffet, others are add-on fees ranging from $13-20.

Obviously, this is an expensive way to get drinks. But if you are planning on doing the Buffet anyway, then the drink add-ons are seriously cheap. At the Wicked Spoon on our last trip, we put away three bottles of fizz between us. Priced at roughly $50 each on the a la carte Menu, the bubbles just kept flowing until WE decided we were lubricated enough, the server was intent on carrying on!

Some only include beer or wine, with the wine being of questionable quality, certainly not for the connoisseur but is usually of a drinkable level. Check out our Best Buffets Page for more details of the drink options available at the different buffets on the strip. Unfortunately, all the buffets do require you to purchase the buffet as well…you can’t JUST get the bottomless drink…shame.

High Roller Observation Wheel – Open Bar

Another less obvious one here. At up to $50 for an open bar, it is certainly not a cheap option. However, this is about adding drinks to an experience you are going to do anyway, If you are only doing this for the drinks it is a bad plan, if you want to see some of the best views in Vegas and get sloshed at the same time, it is great value. The upgrade over the standard cabin ranges from $13-18 depending on the time of day and ticket choice. That is not too bad for unlimited drinks for the entire duration, 30 mins.

The Bartenders are superb. They are there to get as much liquid over the bar as possible and are drilled to get the drinks out. They ask you to keep it simple and order in batches, all so they can pour the drinks faster to get you the most. We had 4 drinks during our half-hour and really we took it easy, others were going harder and the Bartender definitely able to supply more.

Stratosphere 108 Drinks – Happy Hour 3 pm-7 pm

SkyBar 107 Stratosphere

Menu – Happy our Detail at the bottom

This used to be one of the best Happy Hours in town. Why, because you could get buy one get one free cocktails and access to the Stratosphere Observation deck for the same price as access only. Well, the Happy hour offer has changed…For the better! Now it’s half-price Cocktails which is even better as you can order the drinks you want, rather than being forced to buy two the same.

The Cocktails are really good and when you consider where you will be drinking them and the fact you have access to the observation deck afterward at sunset it is a seriously good value little excursion.

Prices are around $17 so $8.50 with half off! and there are select beer and wine offers and special sharing appetizers in the happy hour too.

Fremont Street – Downtown Las Vegas

Freemont Street is the home of cheap drinks, from huge beers from the street bars to bargain cocktails in pretty much every casino bar. The competition is fierce and everyone has an offer of some kind. So just wander around, explore, and experience this awesome Old-School Las Vegas Attraction.

Have Your Say?

Where do you go for Cheap Drinks in Las Vegas? Have we missed a killer deal? Do you have a favorite bar to get cut-price drinks? Or another tip to cut the cost of Drinking in Las Vegas? Have you tried any of our Bars or recommendations? How did you like them? excellent or awful? Maybe an offer has changed and we missed it?

If you have anything at all to say or add to our article feel free to let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you. Ans as Ever if you have any questions just fire away and we would be happy to help.

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