Go City Las Vegas Pass Promo code 2023 – Spring/Summer Sale – Get Up To 15% off the Go City Las Vegas / Las Vegas Explorer Pass

Las Vegas is a real Adult playground, packed with amazing sights, sounds, attractions, and things to do. However, the cost of packing as much as possible into your Vegas trip can really mount up. Everything in Vegas has a price and the City is basically an expert at getting cash out of your wallet!

A great way to save money, see more, and keep a lid on your expenses is with a Las Vegas Attraction pass! The Go City Las Vegas Pass is one such Pass and it offers fantastic value, However, with our Go City Las Vegas Pass Promo Code, you can save, EVEN more, making the pass better value than ever. Read on!

Go Las Vegas Pass Promo code
Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas!!!

Go City Las Vegas Pass Review

The Go City Las Vegas Pass is really one of Our favorite Passes. There is so much more to Vegas than just Gambling and Drinking and the pass really opens up a whole load of attractions and entertainment While saving quite a lot of money. We often hear people who didn’t know an attraction existed in Vegas until they saw it on the Pass.

It is quite easy to save over 50% without really cramming too much in and possibly even more if you have a very busy trip. The Premium attractions (on cards for 3 days or over) are also really great additions and add tremendous value. With Attractions such as the Night-time Helicopter Flight or a tour of the Grand Canyon, there is a lot to get excited about.

We have written an in-depth review into the Go City Las Vegas Pass as we appreciate this is a serious outlay but it really can help take your trip to another level, and save a bucket of cash at the same time. It’s not for everyone though. We Really suggest you read the review and then come back to this page to save even more if you feel the Pass is for you.

These Codes will also work for the Go City Las Vegas Explorer pass if that is more up your street

Pandemic Shutdown

Vegas is now pretty much back to usual with the grim months of lockdown and severe Covid restrictions all but gone. You can now visit most of the City Mask Free with little or no fear of the Virus or Covid restriction ruining your fun. We just got back from an awesome trip where we tried out the Go City Las Vegas Pass and generally had an awesome time in the City.

With so many Shows, restaurants, and Clubs shutdown, Attractions are now one of the most important parts of the Vegas Experience so anyone not wanting to just spend their whole trip in the Casino, and let’s be honest who can afford that, A pass makes perfect sense right now.

Go City Las Vegas Pass Promo Code


10% off in the Spring/Summer Sale 2023

Save an additional 10% off in the Spring/Summer Sale 2023

Currently, we have a 10% Code off all Go Las Vegas Passes and Explorer Passes. Click the Reveal Code Button below then Click the “Have Promo Code?” in the checkout to add your 10% code and save even more.

10% off is over $46 extra Discount if you bought 2×3-Day Passes, making the pass even better value and freeing up just a little more Gambling money!

2 x 3-Day Pass ($234) = $468

$468 – 10% = $421.20 or $210 per Pass

Saving $46.80


Remember this is on top of the already incredible savings, if you are going to buy the pass anyway, our code really helps bring the price down even further, check out our review to see how much you could save.

You can always get 5% off using the E-Mail Sign up below even if the code doesn’t work.


5% Extra – Email Sign up

Sign up for Go City’s Email list and receive a 5% discount on any Go Las Vegas pass or any Go City All-inclusive or Explorer pass. Their Mailing list is pretty infrequent so you are not bombarded with mail. And they won’t sell your details to anyone else. But check the terms to make sure you are happy with them.

How to Get it?


Scroll to the bottom and fill in the Email form. You will then be mailed a confirmation including your 5% Promo Code. Buy a Pass and enjoy even better savings.


2 x 3-Day Pass ($189) = $378

$378– 5% = $359.10

Saving $18.90

Not a Huge Amount but it is $20 you can throw into a slot machine, grab a free drink and try and win $1000‘s! And remember this is on top of the already potentially Massive Savings!


Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour Night Flight

Las Vegas Nighttime Helicopter Tour – Included on the PASS

Have Your Say

Let us know if you have tried any of our codes? Did they work? did you receive the discount expected? Just drop us a comment below. We would love to hear about your experiences with the Go Las Vegas Pass too but prefer it if you left comments on the actual pass on our review page to help others decide if the pass is right for them or not.

8 thoughts on “Go City Las Vegas Pass Promo code 2023 – Spring/Summer Sale – Get Up To 15% off the Go City Las Vegas / Las Vegas Explorer Pass”

  1. I’ve always wanted to travel to Vegas but unfortunately it just seems to expensive, and such a money drain. It’s good to know that there are methods to control your spending! Is there a time limit to these? As in a certain date you have to use them before?

    I like how you mention that there are other things to do in Vegas than just gambling and drinking. What are some of these ideas? I would love to hear your top choices.

    • Hi Danny,

      Hope this inspires you to head to Vegas soon, it’s such a great city and a pass can really help keep on top of things. The Pass has a one year limit from date of purchase but most people don’t plan on purchasing a card until they have their travel plans in date, we normally buy about a month out.

      Check out our top things to do in Vegas for all of the best things to do, or check out some of the options available on the Pass!

      Thanks for reading and do hope you get to Vegas soon!


  2. Just used your 15% off code to purchase a 3 day all inclusive pass for 3 of us. It saved me an extra $105 off Go City’s sale price! Thank you!!!!!!!

  3. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: If purchasing an EXPLORER type pass with GoCity, your pass immediately appears on your phone for prompt, convenient usage, inclusive of the indication that is it valid for “one year” directly beneath the QR code you will be scanning at every attractions/show. While technically it is mentioned if your dive into the details, albeit in the most briefly subdued way possible, your pass will indeed ONLY truly be valid for 30 days from its first usage within one year of purchase. I find it misleading that such 30 day limitation is indeed conveniently left out from the face of the actual pass. When I contacted the GoCity office, they declared it is indeed in the deep details of the purchase, but remained speechless and without explanation at my suggestion that wording is a bit misleading on the actual pass face itself when leaving out the 30 day limitation…a half-truth. They likewise failed to disagree and offered no comment with my thoughts that other patrons must have called in with the same complaint. (Hmmm?…How about fixing that GoCity?)

    Additionally, if purchasing the ALL INCLUSIVE Pass, beware that while a nice variety of “Premium” options are listed, your pass is only limited/good for ONE Premium selection per pass, not all seven…and that is ONLY if you purchase 3+ days. Further, regardless as to number of days you purchase your All Inclusive Pass for, if your dive into the details, tucked in is a clause indicating that you may only see ONE SHOW PER DAY of your pass. If you are show oriented (or perhaps with physical limitations that prevent you from alot of walking/physical activity), forget seeing an afternoon show and an evening show on the same day. Also, be sure to note that All Inclusive Pass days MUST BE USED ON CONSECUTIVE DAYS! (No break due to illness or to rest poolside for a breather!) So there exists some restrictions that the average patron like myself and others have discovered minimized in mention. How about the face of the Explorer Pass state “Valid to ACTIVATE One Year from Purchase, Must Be Used 30 Days Once Activated/Initially Used”?? The passes remain useful to the point of knowing such facts in advance to determine true value, however some details require diving into deeper to discover. While I have previously utilized both pass types mentioned, I sadly wish such facts were more forthright and apparent to the consumer by GoCity. (The actual pass face indicating :Good for One Year” without further explanation is inexcusably misleading and it appears GoCity is aware of such when contacted. While the passes can still indeed be useful, Buyer Beware!

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      While everything you say is true, we definitely take the time to point all of this out in our review. The Pass offers huge savings but there are certain limitations.

      We certainly agree that in some instances the information could be clearer, and why we go to great lengths to point the pitfalls out, but it’s all there in black and white, The Explorer pass says very clearly on the top of the first page of the website “Save up to 60% on attraction ticket prices. Visit any of the 50+ attractions included over 30 days” We think that is pretty clear? And remember this is the SALES literature, the “valid for 1 year” is on the pass which means you have already bought the pass and must have read how it works before buying it?

      Again with the Premium Attractions, it’s all front-page stuff, that could maybe be clearer but it’s not “hidden” before buying the pass.

      The Show restriction is a little more hidden but for us, it has never been an issue we don’t see “that” many shows in Vegas if you are really only buying for shows and don’t dig a little deeper it can be disappointing.

      On the whole, we think the positives out way the negatives but we do these in-depth reviews to make sure the buyer knows exactly what is and isn’t possible with these passes and if they are RIGHT for them!



    • GOEXTRA seems to still be working for us? But only on 3,4,and 5 day passes or 5 and 7 attraction explorer passes. The code doesn’t work for lower value passes though. If you could let us know if that’s the case for you?

      You can try GOEXPLORE which gives 10% off all passes




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