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What to Eat at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, Resort and Casino?

Planet Hollywood is a young and hip resort themed on Hollywood Glamour, much like the famed restaurant the Hotel is branded on. Naturally, you would expect the dining scene to be equally down with the kids and a reflection of Hollywood allure. There are a large number of restaurants, bars, and eateries in the resort and these for the most part live up to expectations, and on top of this, the location of the resort means there are a whole host of fantastic dining options available to those staying at the Planet Hollywood Resort.

In this article, we take a look at what to Eat at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, Resort, and Casino, as well as pointing out the best restaurants in the immediate vicinity. We take a look at the Fine dining options, the more casual eateries, the Buffet options, and which are the best bars and nightspots to get your drink on!

While there are some fantastic options in the resort its location right at the center of the strip is what makes Planet Hollywood a great place to stay if you are looking for dining options.

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood Restaurant / Hollywood Cafe

Let’s get the confusion out of the Way. There is no Planet Hollywood Restaurant at the Planet Hollywood Hotel. But there is one in Vegas. You will find the original Planet Hollywood Las Vegas over in the Forum Shops. This was simply as the restaurant opened before the resort and casino and simply stayed over in that location.

Planet Hollywood no longer owns the Hotel and just licenses the Brand to Caesars, so moving the Restaurant would possibly mean they needed to give up ownership of that too so they have kept it over in the Forum Shops.

Instead, inside the Resort is the Cafe Hollywood. A completely unrelated, but remarkably similar concept restaurant, we will take a look at the below.

In House Restaurants

First, we take a look at the In-house options, these are all located in the actual hotel and casino.

Fine Dining

Koi #175

Koi Planet Hollywood Las Vegas
  • Japanese / Sushi
  • $$$ Expensive

Koi is the Flagship restaurant of Planet Hollywood and the brand is proudly marketed throughout the hotel. However, for a High-end Japanese restaurant, it is surprisingly accessible and fairly modestly priced.

The California Restaurant offers Cali Style sushi rather than authentic Japanese fare. The menu is quite limited and focuses mainly on Sushi, there are very few Entree options, so if you are not a fan of Sushi this is not the best choice. It should also be noted this is a fine-dining restaurant, not a quick-stop Sushi joint so take your time and enjoy the meal.

The menu has many shades of Nobu on the menu, Creamy Tempura Shrimp, Miso Black Cod, and Lobster Tacos which all seem reminiscent of the iconic restaurant. This is no bad thing however and there are plenty of house specialties such as the Koi Crispy Rice and Kobe Potstickers.

Prices are quite low for a high-end Sushi restaurant, with cut rolls around $12 and specialty rolls $12-27 Sushi and Sashimi prices range from $8-$18. With drinks, a quick lunch will be around $60 per person, and an indulgent dinner $100-200 per person. So definitely costly but reasonable considering this is experience dining and compared to the high-end Japanese restaurants in Vegas Koi can be nearly half the price!

The wait staff are incredible and can really help and advise you on the menu to ensure even if you are not fully up on Sushi Nomemcleture you can still have a phenomenal meal. They offer the perfect blend of friendly, professional, and expert!

Full Menu

Strip House Steakhouse #169

  • Steakhouse
  • $$$$ Expensive
Strip house Planet Hollywood

The Strip House is Planet Hollywoods Signature restaurant and offers high-end Steak cuts at High-end prices. The Striphoue just doesn’t make it onto our top 10 Las Vegas Steakhouses list but it’s damn close and does secure an honorable mention. The reason it misses out on a top-ten place is just that it doesn’t really do anything special. There is no unique selling point to elevate it to destination dining. However, what it does do, it does right and that serves fantastic steaks perfectly cooked.

We really cannot fault the restaurant in any way, it just comes up against some damn fine competition. If you are staying at Planet Hollywood and looking for a great Steak dinner you cannot go far wrong with the Striphouse. In fact, we would go as far as to say it’s the best Steakhouse in the Central Strip area. All the others on our list require you to travel to them (and they are worth it) but the Striphouse is pretty much just as good and right in the middle of the strip.

The decor is sumptuous with dark wood and red accents and has a really upscale ambiance. Steaks are all top-quality Prime offerings in all the famous cuts including our favorite choice, 32oz Porterhouse (to share). The sides are all ordered separately and cover all the basics… Goose fat Chips, Creamed Truffle Spinach, Lobster Mac and Cheese!

There are several desserts on offer, but don’t order anything but the 24-layer Chocolate cake. An icon of a dessert and utterly divine and indulgent. Make sure you save room or come back another time JUST for the cake. Not to be missed!

Overall we just cannot criticize the Striphouse, it is our go-to restaurant in central Las Vegas, it just does everything right, but even that is not enough to get on our top 10 list in Vegas…But trust us you will not be disappointed here!

Full Menu

Casual Dining

Looking for something a little more low-key and slightly easier on the wallet?…

Gordon Ramsay Burger Las Vegas #203

  • Gourmet Burgers
  • $$$ Moderate
Gordon Ramsey Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Ok first up, we are British, but don’t let that make you think we will give our compatriot an easy ride. This British TV Chef has a real love/hate thing going on over in the UK and we are not particularly sure which side of that we settle on.

The fact is, when Gordon is doing what he does best, he is one of the best chefs in the world. Unfortunately, that is when he is developing menus for some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. When it’s just casual dining, such as this, we are far less enamored. Gorden Ramsey Burger is ok, but not much else.

Other than the name there is very little to set the joint apart from the other 4 million burger brands spread across the states. Honestly, we would rather head to Shake Shake or In-And-Out Burger than to Gordons.

Prices are pretty reasonable for a signature celebrity restaurant right in the heart of Vegas, but it’s not enough to get us excited about this pretty average experience.

Full Menu

YOLÖS Mexican Grill #325

  • Mexican
  • $$$ Moderate

Yolo’s is a typical Tex-Mex style restaurant and not really one of the best we have encountered. The vibrant color palette, giant Margs, and large portions should be a real winner. But we find the restaurant is a little lifeless and not the fun and exciting dining experience we expect.

The food is a little on the bland side for Mexican food. Everything is as expected but it lacks some of the kick you want from a great Mexican diner. Overall it’s hard to really put your finger on what isn’t quite there with Yolo’s we should love it but find ourselves walking by.

Full Menu

P.F. Chang’s Las Vegas #236

  • Chinese
  • $$$ Moderate

Changs is a large Chain restaurant serving Chinese and Asian dishes all over the United States. The chain is definitely one of the better Chinese food outlets and the Vegas branch is as good as any. The smells emitting from the eatery are enough to entice anyone in, and we are rarely disappointed with the offering.

It’s not very Vegasy though and we tend to eat here to satisfy hunger rather than to get the authentic Vegas Experience. There is nothing wrong here but you don’t need to come to Vegas for Changs. It does always smell so insanely good though!

Full Menu

Pin-Up Pizza

  • Pizza
  • $$ Budget

One of our top choices for casual dining in PH. Pin-up Pizz offers giant Newyork Style Pizza served by the Slice. The menu is basic but the Pizza is every bit as good as New York, practically irresistible once you catch a glimpse of the pies!

Full Menu

Ringer Wings, Pizza & Sliders Sports Bar

  • American
  • $$$ Moderate

This is the Bar and food option for the Sports Book at Planet Hollywoods Casino. And to be honest, it is not a place we would recommend unless the sportsbook was the main reason for the visit. If you are hunkered down betting on sports and just looking for some fuel and some drinks then it’s perfect, or if you are looking for somewhere to catch the game. But we can’t really advise you to head here just for the food itself. There are just so many better places nearby.

The Pizza is really good, but then it comes from Pin-up so that’s to be expected.

Café Hollywood #260

Cafe Hollywood Las Vegas
  • American
  • $$$ Moderate

We mentioned above many people expect to find a Planet Hollywood Restaurant in the Planet Hollywood Hotel. Due to licensing issues, this is not the case but the Cafe Hollywood is remarkably similar.

The Menu is not just similar it’s almost exactly the same, and not just the same dishes, they even have the same names. High Roller Sampler, Hollywood Bowl, World Famous Chicken Crunch, etc… This is just a PH restaurant but with a different name. Really we think this is a good thing, people really expect a PH restaurant in the hotel and it’s good to see one even if the name is missing.

One big difference and one of the best parts of Cafe Hollywood is they serve breakfast here, and it’s a good breakfast too. Filled with classic American Staple it’s a great place to start your day with eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, french toast, Corned Beef Hash, and even some international staples such as Mexican HUEVOS RANCHEROS and the bizarre and utterly awesome Hawaiian Classic Loco Moco!

Overall the Menu is a little better and more extensive than a PH Classic Menu and offers a number of extra choices and differing cuisines. We really like the Cafe and it’s a fun a fitting place to dine when staying at Planet Hollywood.

Full Menu

Spice Market – Buffet

Spice market Planet Hollywood
  • World Foods
  • $$$$ Expensive

The Spice Market was once one of the best Buffets on the strip, however, suffered some heavy water damage and was never the same again. It’s now been closed down since 2020 with no scheduled re-open date. It focused heavily on World foods and has the opportunity to be one of the best on the strip… fingers crossed it will eventually reopen!

Snacks / Cafes


We don’t need to tell you about Starbucks. However, sometimes stays at Planet Hollywood offer you Breakfast Credit. While it’s called Breakfast Included, what it really means is you get a little credit to spend at Starbucks. It’s barely enough for a coffee and a muffin, but still, it’s a nice little pick-me-up to get the day going if you are offered it.

Earl Of Sandwich

It’s Earl of Sandwich, it sells sandwiches!

Miracle Mile Restaurants

One of the best things about staying at Planet Hollywood is direct access to the Miricle Mile Shops. Along with a huge number of shops and entertainment Venues, the Mall has a huge variety of restaurants too, all of which are right on your doorstep.

Ocean One Bar and Grille

Ocean One Bar and Grill is one of our top picks in all of Vegas! But not really for the food. This is one of our favorite bars and their 3 for $10 cocktail deal is legendary. We come for the drinks but the food is pretty good if you are hungry too.

Buffalo Wild Wings

A great casual restaurant if you are looking for some wings. A huge array of sauces. BWW is a pretty big chain in the US but it just feels right on Vegas and we really like this location.

Pampas Las Vegas – Brazilian

If you have never experienced a Brazilian Rodizio BBQ you are really in for a treat. The concept is simple, all the grilled meat you can possibly eat! Different Meats, including copious amounts of Beef, are grilled on a rotisserie Grill, then servers walk around the Tables offering you the meat directly off the skewers.

This is a real Carnivours paradise with endless meat delivered right to your plate. Make sure you save room for the BBQ Pineapple and don’t skimp on the Caipirinha’s one of our favorite Cocktails in the world!

Cabo Wabo – Mexican

We have been a little unkind to Yolo’s, Planet Hollywoods Mexican Cantina. And this is one of the reasons why. Just outside the PH and right on the strip is the lively and fun open-air Cabo Wabo Cantina, offering everything you would expect from a Mexican Restaurant. It’s great fun and the food is excellent.

Taco Bell Cantina

While we would not usually recommend a fast food joint like this the Las Vegas Taco Bell is a bit different from every other outlet in the country. This is their flagship restaurant and the only one we know of where you can actually get booze at a Taco Bell!

Nearby Restaurants

Planet Hollywood has one of the best locations on the whole strip and one of the joys of this is being so close to so many great hotels and resorts. This gives you the opportunity to dine in many of the best Las Vegas Locations right on your doorstep, there is no need at all to say in the PH property for your dining.

Beer Park – Paris

Beer Park Paris Las Vegas

A really fun rooftop Sports bar. The park offers a huge array of beers on tap including giant pitchers to share and many other bottled and canned options. It is quite a dizzying array. With great views out over the Bellagio and the Eiffel Tower, it’s a great place to relax and catch a bit of sport. The food is decent if not exceptional but you come for the atmosphere and beer rather than the food.

Eiffel Tower Restaurant – Paris

One of the most Romantic Restaurants in the City the Eiffel Tower Reatraunt is one of the top choices for upscale dining anywhere in the City. Modern Frech Cuisine is worthy of Michelin Star Status if the guide were still rating the City. This is definitely a splurge meal, but with some of the best views in the City and some of the finest food, it’s one you will not forget in a hurry.

Sterling Brunch – Bally’s

The Sterling Brunch at Bally’s is a Legendary buffet that offers only the finest food items in an all-you-can-eat format that could only be imaginable in Vegas. This is the height of indulgence! Bottomless Lobster Tails, endless pours of Champagne, Fillet Steak, Rack of Lamb, Lobster Ravioli, Crab Legs, Jumbo Shrimp, Stone Crab, and Cavier, Delicate French Pariseries and a French toast Banana Bread Pudding that is literally on our last meal menu!

Oh and an eye-watering final Bill! but this is something you have to experience while in Vegas, the utmost word in luxury. UNFORTUNATELY, THE STERLING BRUNCH AT BALLY’S DID NOT SURVIVE THE PANDEMIC OR THE REMODEL OF BALLYS INTO THE NEW HORSESHOE HOTEL AND CASINO. RIP Stirling Brunch.

Read More here

Wicked Spoon – Cosmopolitan

If you can’t run to the $120+ per person for the Sterling Brunch, then the Wicked Spoon is not so far behind but a lot more affordable. The choice is incredible at the Spoon, and while the quality is down it’s still a phenomenal buffet. We particularly like the strong Asian tilt, along with the Amazing Dessert Station and bargain All-you-can-drink option!

Read more here

Bars and Nightlife

There are no Night-Clubs in Planet Hollywood, which is a surprise given the young crowd the Resort tries to lure in. There is even a distinct lack of good bars to drink in the evening. However, being so central there are some great options just outside the actual Resort that you can indulge in during your stay.

The Heart Bar

The Main casino bar is called the Heart Bar. Most casinos ars are at best average, they serve a captive audience and just get by doing the basics. That describes the Heart bar pretty well. We only get drinks from here when they are free, and as such, they are ok at best, but free ok drinks are good with us!

Blue Moon Bar

Located at the entrance to the Miricle Mile Shops, the Blue Moon bar is a branded bar offering a selection of beers from the Blue Moon Brewery. This is a great place to grab a Craft ale from an interesting and varied selection, it has sports on the Big Screen TVs and is a generally fun place to be. Happy hour is 11 pm-1 am and offers two for one, which helps as the $12 price tag of the beers is pretty steep!

Beer Menu

The Extra Lounge

A small bar near Gordon Ramsey burger touted as a celebrity hot spot, we find it as a completely missable bar with a few TVs and some video Card games.

Ocean One Bar and Grill

We mentioned this above and as it is one of the best places to drink in Vegas, let alone at Planet Hollywood, we just thought we would slip it in again! 3 for $10 Cocktails …and they are good cocktails!

Beer Park

Again mentioned above but it’s a really good place to get drunk… err…have a relaxed drink!

Have Your Say

What are your favorite spots to eat at Planet Hollywood? What are your favorite fine-dining restaurants? Which easy-going casual joints do you enjoy? and which is your favorite place to grab a drink? Let us know in the comments below. Have you dined anywhere you really fell out with? Again let us know below, good or bad. And if you have any questions just fire away!

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