How to Visit Miami on a Budget? – Our Tips and Tricks to Save Money in Miami, Florida

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Miami is a stunning city filled with a melting pot of cultures, Latin influences and steamy hot weather year-round. It is a city full of superlatives, however, one thing we seldom here Miami described as is cheap! Prices, for most things, in Miami can be very high. Hotels, Attractions, Food, drinks, even parking can all … Read more

The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure Review – Disney California Adventure – Disneyland California

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When we first rode the little Mermaid ~ Ariels undersea Adventure we had no idea the Rides Age, it felt a real Disney classic and the sort of ride that would have been built for the Disneylands opening day back in 1955, but then the film was not released until 1989 and Disney California Adventure … Read more

Go Cancun Pass Review 2019- Is the Go Cancun Pass Worth getting?

Cancun is one of America’s top vacation destinations outside of the united states themselves. The close proximity, fantastic weather, especially in winter, and low prices draw in millions of tourists each year. The stunning coastline of the Riviera Maya is a stones throw away, backed up by lush tropical jungle and a bustling city filled … Read more